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How May 9th Became The Chief National Holiday In Modern Russia (RT)
Stormy Daniels Day: Alvin Bragg Lights Dumpster Fire in Manhattan
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A tale of Two Sovereigns, a Lackey and a Nanny (Pepe Escobar)
Being An US “Ally” Means Silently Watching Your Own Destruction (Dionísio)
Zuckerberg Considered Buying Associated Press (RT)
MTG Initiates Ouster of US House Speaker (RT)
Hapless President Biden Caught Between Unhappy Base, Unrepentant Israel (Sp.)








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It’s been 79 years.

How May 9th Became The Chief National Holiday In Modern Russia (RT)

WWII Victory Day, celebrated in Russia on May 9, has become a special holiday. The war was both the greatest trial and the greatest triumph in Russia’s modern history. However, the celebrations acquired their current shape and form not so long ago, and some important traditions were established quite recently. The Act of Unconditional Surrender of the German Third Reich was signed by Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel on May 8, 1945, at 22:43 Central European Time. In Moscow, it was already the early hours of May 9th. That very morning, Russians found out that the war, which had claimed 27 million Soviet lives, was finally over and the enemy had surrendered. The first celebration of victory in WWII – or the Great Patriotic War, as it is known in Russia – took place that very day.

Army reports instantly dropped their official tone and described how the residents of Prague pulled the troops off their armored vehicles to dance and drink together. In the provinces, people ran out on the streets and congratulated each other. Indeed, some fanatical Nazis continued to put up resistance, Europe was full of mines, and reports stated that there were many losses throughout the month of May. But the big war was over, and to the sound of fireworks, people returned home. No one doubted that victory in WWII was an incredibly important event. However, people were grieving the deaths of their relatives and friends, and their pain was great. May 9 was immediately designated a national holiday. However, lavish celebrations seemed out of place as the country was in ruins, and mentally and physically crippled soldiers, concentration camp prisoners, ‘ostarbeiters’ and refugees returned home.

In Western Ukraine and the Baltic States, battles against nationalist partisans continued. In those years, the Victory Day Parade was held only once, in the summer of 1945. During this grand spectacle, Wehrmacht and SS banners seized in Germany were thrown in front of the Kremlin. But in the following years, the celebrations became more modest. Every year on May 9th there was a fireworks display, but otherwise, from 1947 it was a regular workday (even though a festive one), and veterans usually celebrated it with friends. Things changed in 1965. By that time, 20 years had passed since the end of the war. New Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, himself a WWII veteran, decided to once again make May 9 a day off. From then on, military parades were held on Victory Day jubilees, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier memorial was opened by the Kremlin wall, and the tradition of laying wreaths at the memorials was established. In short, the holiday acquired a grand scale and became quite solemn after the nation’s pain had somewhat subsided.

The country is gone, but the memory remains . The annual large-scale celebration of Victory Day, with parades held across the country and a military parade on Moscow’s Red Square, is a fairly new tradition. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, an obvious question arose – what should be done with the country’s communist legacy and symbology? For example, the Day of the 1917 Revolution was observed on November 7. It was replaced by another holiday, associated with Russian national heroes Minin and Pozharsky, who lived in the 17th century. But no one ever considered revising May 9th as Victory Day.

However, the authorities wanted to separate the holiday from socialist ideology. In the Soviet Union, ideology and victory were inseparable. But in the 90s, a new era had dawned. The USSR had collapsed. Moreover, many war heroes fell prey to new conflicts. For example, Vladimir Bochkovsky, a hero of the battles in Ukraine and Germany, became a citizen of the unrecognized Republic of Transnistria, which started a bloody uprising against the former Soviet Republic of Moldova. Meliton Kantaria – the standard-bearer who had hoisted the Soviet flag over the Reichstag – was forced to flee from Abkhazia when an ethnic conflict broke out between the Abkhazians and Georgians, even though by that time, he was a very old man. At that time, a question arose – what does Victory Day mean for the new republics?

Opinions differed. In the Baltic states, national elites believed that in the 40s their countries had been held hostage by two totalitarian regimes. Moreover, unofficially, the Nazis were preferred over the communists – for example, in Latvia, the memorial day of the Latvian SS Legion was officially celebrated for some time. In many other former USSR republics, Victory Day is celebrated in one way or another. In Russia, Victory Day has remained one of the most important national holidays, and a key moment in Russian history. However, the holiday has lost some of its political meaning. For example, Lenin’s Mausoleum is draped on May 9 in order to avoid ideological ties, and a new symbol has been added to the celebrations – the black and orange St. George ribbon, which resembles both the ribbon of the Order of St. George (the highest military decoration in Imperial Russia) and the ribbon of the Order of Glory – a WWII soldier’s award.

Russian communists and leftists didn’t like the fact that the Soviet symbols were replaced. However, for the majority of Russian people, other aspects turned out to be more important. WWII impacted almost every family in Russia, and most people consider the Soviet era as simply one period in the country’s history. Therefore, national motives are considered more important than Soviet symbology.

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“The court was told that this would happen, it happened, and now the court wants to ask the jury to pretend that it did not happen..”

Stormy Daniels Day: Alvin Bragg Lights Dumpster Fire in Manhattan

Before the start of the Manhattan prosecution of former president Donald Trump, I characterized the case of District Attorney Alvin Bragg as based on a type of obscenity standard. In a 1984 pornography case, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart wrote “I shall not today attempt further to define [obscenity]. . . . But I know it when I see it.” Bragg has refused to clearly define the crime that Trump was seeking to conceal when payments for a non-disclosure agreement were listed as a legal expense. We would just know it when we saw it at trial. We are still waiting, but this week, Bragg seems to be prosecuting an actual obscenity case. The prosecution fought with Trump’s defense counsel to not only call porn star Stormy Daniels to the stand, but to ask her for lurid details on her alleged tryst with Trump. The only assurance that they would make to Judge Juan Merchan was that they would “not go into details of genitalia.”

For Merchan, who has largely ruled against Trump on such motions, that was enough. He allowed the prosecutors to get into the details of the affair despite the immateriality of the evidence to any criminal theory. Neither the NDA nor the payment to Daniels is being contested. It is also uncontested that Trump wanted to pay to get the story (and other stories, including untrue allegations) from being published. The value of the testimony was entirely sensational and gratuitous, yet Merchan was fine with humiliating Trump. Daniels’ testimony was a dumpster fire in the courtroom. The most maddening moment for the defense came at the lunch break when Merchan stated, “I agree that it would have been better if some of these things had been left unsaid.” He then denied a motion for a mistrial based on the testimony and blamed the defense for not objecting more.

That, of course, ignores the standing objection of the defense to Daniels even appearing, and specific objections to the broad scope allowed by the court. This is precisely what the defense said would happen when the prosecutors only agreed to avoid “genitalia.” There was no reason for Daniels to appear at all in the trial. Even if he was adamant in allowing her, Merchan could have imposed a much more limited scope for her testimony. He could also have enforced the limits that he did place on the testimony when it was being ignored by both the prosecutors and the witness. Merchan said that he is considering a limiting instruction for the jury to ignore aspects of the testimony.

But that is little comfort for the defendant. The court was told that this would happen, it happened, and now the court wants to ask the jury to pretend that it did not happen. Merchan knows that there is no way for the jury to unhear the testimony. More importantly, the prosecution knew that from the outset. Daniels appeared eager to share the stories for the same reason that she was eager to sell her story. While she said that she “hates” Trump and wants him “held accountable,” Daniels is no victim.

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“..Trump and other defendants argued that McAfee was wrong not to remove both WIllis and Wade, writing that “providing DA Willis with the option to simply remove Wade confounds logic and is contrary to Georgia law.”

Keeping Fani On RICO Trial Under Scrutiny By Appeals Court (ZH)

One day after former President Donald Trump’s classified documents trial was postponed indefinitely after we learned that the DOJ mishandled evidence in the case (with Judge Aileen M. Cannon citing a mountain of ‘outstanding’ pre-trial matters that would make a May 20 trial ‘imprudent’), another Trump case appears to have no chance of going to trial before the 2024 election. On Wednesday, a Georgia appeals court agreed to review a lower court ruling which allowed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to remain on the Trump RICO prosecution despite being highly conflicted. To review, Atlanta Judge Scott McAfee of Fulton Superior Court, who donated to Fani Willis when she was running for office, ruled in March that the Fani simply had to kick her lover, Nathan Wade, off the case after she paid him more than $600,000. The two notoriously took several lavish vacations together on Wade’s dime (which Fani swears she repaid in cash).

According to McAfee, while he found the “appearance of impropriety,” no “disqualification of a constitutional officer necessary when a less drastic and sufficiently remedial option is available,” adding “that the prosecution of this case cannot proceed until the State selects one of two options.” And now, the Atlanta Court of Appeals has agreed to hear an appeal from the defendants over whether McAfee erred in his decision. Willis indicted Trump and 18 other defendants last August, accusing them of a wide-ranging scheme to attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in the state. All of the defendants were charged under Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, or RICO, law. Trump and most of the other defendants have pleaded not guilty. In their appeal application, Trump and other defendants argued that McAfee was wrong not to remove both WIllis and Wade, writing that “providing DA Willis with the option to simply remove Wade confounds logic and is contrary to Georgia law.”

Most recently, Willis has defiantly refused to appear before a Georgia Senate Investigative Committee, telling reporters earlier this week (via RedState): REPORTER: Would you appear before a Georgia Senate committee without a subpoena? WILLIS: Well first of all I don’t even think they have the authority to subpoena me, but they didn’t learn the law. REPORTER: Will you appear, yes or no? WILLIS: I will not appear to anything that is unlawful. I have not broken the law in any way. I’ve said it, you know, I’ll say it amongst these leaders—I’m sorry folks get p***ed off that everybody gets treated even. FAITH LEADER STANDING NEXT TO HER: I think she answered that very well.

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Is it still there?

RFK Jr. Had ‘Dead Worm’ In Brain in 2010– NYT (RT)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. once thought he had a brain tumor but the dark spot on the scans turned out to be a dead parasitic worm, the New York Times has reported citing legal documents. President John Kennedy’s nephew, who is currently running an independent presidential campaign, has argued that he is both younger and healthier than incumbent President Joe Biden and his chief rival Donald Trump. In 2010, however, RFK Jr. was experiencing “brain fog” and memory loss so severe, he turned to top neurologists for advice about a possible tumor, according to the Times. One New York doctor gave him a different opinion, however: a dead parasite. The anomaly seen on the scans “was caused by a worm that got into my brain and ate a portion of it and then died,” Kennedy said in a 2012 deposition.

In the same legal interview, Kennedy said he “clearly” had cognitive problems, including short-term and longer-term memory loss. In a subsequent interview with the Times, however, he attributed those to mercury poisoning, caused by his fish-heavy diet at the time. Blood tests found mercury levels 10 times higher than the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers safe, Kennedy said, adding that he fully recovered after undergoing chelation therapy to remove the heavy metal from his body. According to the Times article, the cyst containing the dead worm remained in Kennedy’s brain and did not require treatment, nor did he have any aftereffects from it. He said he did not know what type of parasite it may have been or how he contracted it, though he suspected it was on a trip to South Asia.

The 2012 document was related to divorce proceedings from Mary Richardson Kennedy, RFK Jr’s second wife. Kennedy argued at the time that his earnings potential had been diminished by cognitive struggles. Kennedy has been outspoken about another obvious mental condition, a neurological disorder called spasmodic dysphonia that causes his voice to become hoarse and strained. RFK Jr. initially launched a primary challenge to Biden within the Democratic Party, but switched to an independent bid after several months of stonewalling from the party apparatus. Biden, 81, is widely believed to suffer from several cognitive impairments due to his age and prior medical conditions – though his doctors have insisted that the oldest US president ever to be inaugurated was just fine.

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Another dead worm.

Von der Leyen Facing Growing Discontent In EU Capitals – Media (RT)

EU elites are growing increasingly disenchanted with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Swiss newspaper Neue Zurcher Zeitung has claimed. Bloomberg reported last month that French President Emmanuel Macron, widely regarded as a key backer in von der Leyen’s rise, is eyeing a replacement for her. Although she is unelected, von der Leyen’s fate still indirectly depends on the outcome of the European parliamentary elections scheduled for next month. She remains the main candidate for the center-right European People’s Party (EPP), which has the most seats in the European Parliament. Despite an expected right wing surge in the upcoming votes, it is expected to reinforce its dominant position in June. Any EPP nominee would still require the backing from an absolute majority of MEPs and von der Leyen has refused to rule out a coalition with right wing groups in order to secure another five-year term.

In an article on Wednesday, Neue Zurcher Zeitung claimed that “in the capitals, many are dissatisfied with [von der Leyen’s] record, with her excessive climate policy [and] the weakening economy.” The media outlet added that “accusations of nepotism and non-transparency” have also cast a shadow on her prospects. According to the Swiss newspaper, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, along with French President Macron, are considering alternatives to von der Leyen, including former European Central Bank president Mario Draghi. Citing anonymous sources, Bloomberg also claimed in April that Macron was discussing potential replacements with other EU leaders. The media outlet likewise named Draghi as a possible candidate.

Macron has taken several thinly veiled swipes at von der Leyen in recent months. In March, he complained that while the “commission presidency is there to defend the general interest,” it has become “over-politicized.” Von der Leyen’s standing has also been shaken by several high-profile scandals. Last month, the commission president found herself in hot water after giving fellow German MEP Markus Pieper the lucrative job of “special adviser” on a reported salary of €17,000 ($18,000) a month. EU heavyweights such as the bloc’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, and Commissioner Thierry Breton have sounded the alarm over “questions about the transparency and impartiality of the nomination process.”The commission, however, insisted that the “process [to appoint Pieper] took place in full compliance with procedures.”

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“’s idle to dwell on what can only be described as suicidal stupidity..”

A tale of Two Sovereigns, a Lackey and a Nanny (Pepe Escobar)

Startling mirror images swirl around two major developments this week directly inbuilt in the Grand Narrative that shapes my latest book, Eurasia v. NATOstan, recently published in the U.S.: Xi Jinping’s visit to Paris and the inauguration of Vladimir Putin’s new term in Moscow. Inevitably, this is a contrasting tale of Sovereigns – the comprehensive Russia-China strategic partnership – and lackeys: the NATOstan/EU vassals. Xi, the quintessential hermetic guest, is quite sharp at reading a table – and we’re not talking about Gallic gastronomic finesse. The minute he sat at the Paris table he got the Big Picture. This was not a tete-a-tete with Le Petit Roi, Emmanuel Macron. This was a threesome because Toxic Medusa Ursula von der Leyen, more appropriately defined as Pustula von der Lugen, had inserted herself in the plot.

Nothing was lost in translation for Xi: this was graphic illustration that Le Petit Roi, the leader of a third-rate former Western colonial power, enjoys zero “strategic autonomy”. The decisions that matter come from the Kafkaesque Eurocracy of the European Commission (EC), led by his Nanny, the Medusa, and directly relayed by the Hegemon. Le Petit Roi spent the whole of Xi’s Gallic time babbling like an infant on Putin’s “destabilizations” and trying to “engage China, which objectively enjoys sufficient levers to change Moscow’s calculus in its war in Ukraine”. Obviously no pubescent adviser at the Elysee Palace – and there’s quite a crowd – dared to break the news to Le Petit Roi about the strength, depth and reach of the Russia-China strategic partnership.

So it was up to his Nanny to volunteer out loud the fine print on the “Monsieur Xi comes to France” adventure. Faithfully parroting Treasure Secretary Janet Yellen in her recent, disastrous Beijing incursion, the Nanny directly threatened the superpowered hermetic guest: you are exceeding in “over-capacity”, you are over-producing; and if you don’t stop it, we will sanction you to death. So much for European “strategic autonomy”. Moreover, it’s idle to dwell on what can only be described as suicidal stupidity.

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“..if anything is falling, it’s American hegemony, whose containment strategies have so far only resulted in even stronger and more capable opponents..”

Being An US “Ally” Means Silently Watching Your Own Destruction (Dionísio)

The Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, once said that the formula used by the European Union to manage its relations with China is “impractical”, “it’s like driving a car to an intersection and looking at the traffic light and seeing the yellow, green and red lights on at the same time”. I would say more… In addition to the confusion with the traffic light indications, the driver — for the Chinese only — still has to watch out for nails, oil and potholes in the road, which can lead to a crash or damage to the vehicle.

And who would cause such dangers along the way? Given the desperation of the actors involved and the unidirectional nature of the actions… Consequently, the exasperated and catastrophic tone that we find in the Western press, as opposed to a more triumphalist tone that was still in force six months ago (maybe even less than that), tells us everything we need to know. It’s incredible how Western emotions run riot, going from one extreme to the other in very short periods of time. From certain victory in Ukraine against Russia, we move on to widespread panic, in which Sullivan, Biden, Borrell or Macron, who as recently as September were already bathing in the good waters of Crimea, have now moved on to the certainty that Russian troops will not stop at the Dnepr and perhaps not even at the Danube, Rhine or Elbe.

During 2023 we all watched the unstoppable succession of predictions of the fall of the Chinese economy — remember, the Russian one was already “in taters — only now to be panicked by the flood of high-quality, low-cost products that the lazy West can’t even dream of competing with. It’s happening in cars, as well as semiconductors and agricultural machinery, and we’re gradually discovering, from the hysterical tone of Janet Yellen and Blinken, that if anything is falling, it’s American hegemony, whose containment strategies have so far only resulted in even stronger and more capable opponents. After all, it’s hard work that shapes character. The rentier capitalist elite of the West is too used to the easy money of royalties to be able to compete with those who have never abandoned industry, agriculture and truly productive activities.

The fact is that, in the Washington Post, David Ignatius, a researcher linked to the U.S.’s largest think thank, based on work by the Rand Corporation itself, says that analysts say the U.S. is entering a decline from which few powers have recovered; it is also RAND that provides us with an article entitled “U.S.-China rivalry in a new middle age”, pointing to the need for decision-makers to develop a neo-medieval mentality, namely by having to wage war in the knowledge that the “public” doesn’t want it; Borrell says that the U.S. is no longer hegemonic and that China has already become a superpower, something that Brzezinski had promised would never happen again; or the statistics on the U.S. economy, which say that it grew by only 1.6% in the first quarter of 2024, which shows a slowdown compared to the forecast. A big slowdown, considering the 2.7% predicted by U.S. broadcasting networks such as the IMF.

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To speed up its demise?!

Zuckerberg Considered Buying Associated Press (RT)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg considered acquiring or taking a major stake in the Associated Press news agency, Business Insider reported on Tuesday, citing sources. The potential deal was mooted after the social media giant faced accusations of influencing the 2016 US presidential election. Now known as Meta, the company’s role in the election, in which Donald Trump was voted into power, faced intense scrutiny from Washington amid claims that the platform had helped spread fake news. The moral panic worsened after Facebook disclosed that a Russian agency had spent $100,000 on social network ads that allegedly attempted to incite divisions during the presidential campaign.

Moscow has denied any attempt to interfere in the US election, while Facebook’s vice president for advertising, Rob Goldman, later revealed that the Russian spending had in fact come after the election. Zuckerberg, however, was still forced to make significant changes to Facebook’s services and privacy policies, and even officially apologized to the US Congress in 2018 for his management of the platform. According to Business Insider, the CEO had the idea of acquiring a news outlet around the same time. Sources said Zuckerberg had planned to use it as a reliable source of information to create high-quality news posts and tackle controversy over the platform’s content. The billionaire reportedly discussed the idea extensively within Facebook. While Zuckerberg is said to have considered several media outlets for acquisition, he eventually focused on the Associated Press (AP), the major international news agency based in New York.

The AP is a news cooperative, which made an outright acquisition difficult, sources claimed. Instead, Zuckerberg reportedly focused on the potential permanent subsidization of the agency. According to the report, the tech boss was set on acquiring the AP and even involved Facebook’s mergers and acquisitions team in his plans. He ultimately dropped the idea, however, supposedly fearing even more regulatory scrutiny over the move. Later, Zuckerberg reportedly mulled the idea of launching Facebook’s own news organization to produce original content, and considered luring top journalists from other outlets with financial incentives. This idea was also said to have been abandoned amid concerns about the lack of public trust in the social media giant at the time.

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Too late now.

MTG Initiates Ouster of US House Speaker (RT)

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has filed a motion to vacate the chair of the US House of Representatives, accusing Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana of betraying his party. According to the text of the resolution, made public by fellow Republican Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Johnson “has not lived up to a single one” of the seven tenets he announced when he was elected speaker last October. Johnson’s tenure “is defined by one self-serving characteristic: When given a choice between advancing Republican priorities or allying with Democrats to preserve his own personal power, Johnson regularly chooses to ally himself with Democrats,” Greene said. The House leadership responded to Greene’s proposal with a motion to dismiss the resolution. The final vote was 359 in favor (196 Republicans and 163 Democrats) to 43 opposed, saving Johnson’s speakership.

Only 11 Republicans and 32 Democrats voted to support Greene’s resolution, indirectly proving Greene’s point that the speaker is aligned with the “uniparty” in Washington. Among the things Greene and Massie – who backed her proposal – blamed Johnson for was the expulsion of Congressman George Santos in December. His seat was taken over by a Democrat in a special election. Johnson counted on Democrats to pass the omnibus government funding bill in March and the $61 billion funding package for Ukraine in April; on both occasions, the majority of House Republicans voted against. “By passing the Democrats’ agenda and handcuffing Republicans’ ability to influence legislation, our elected Republican Speaker Mike Johnson has aided and abetted the Democrats and the Biden administration in destroying our country,” Greene added.

Bills that Johnson worked to pass funded all of President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ agenda, Greene argued, including the “deadly border invasion,” the “energy-killing Green New Deal climate agenda,” the “weaponized” FBI and the Department of Justice, the “trans agenda on kids,” continued full term abortions, and the “fueling of foreign forever wars.” Greene’s resolution called Johnson’s excuses for these actions “pathetic, weak, and unacceptable,” noting that even with a razor-thin majority in the House, the GOP still has the power of the purse. Johnson also trampled his previous record as a defender of civil liberties to vote against requiring a warrant for FISA spying on Americans, Greene said, and funded the Democrats’ “witch hunt” against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

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They never expected the blowback.

Hapless President Biden Caught Between Unhappy Base, Unrepentant Israel (Sp.)

Six months out from November’s election, US President Joe Biden continues to flounder on a key foreign policy issue. “We’ve made clear our views about operations in Rafah that could potentially put more than a million innocent people at greater risk,” said White House spokesman John Kirby Monday. “[Biden] also made clear that we continue to believe that the hostage deal was the best way to avoid that sort of an outcome while securing the release of those hostages.” Days later, the IDF’s operation in the southern Gazan city of Rafah continues with no apparent progress on a deal to bring it to an end. The incident is characteristic of the White House’s relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, claimed analyst Hasan Unal, which leaves the US president with the impossible task of attempting to please both pro-Palestine elements in his party and Israel’s far-right leadership. The professor of political science and international relations at Bashkent University joined Sputnik’s Fault Lines program Wednesday to discuss these latest developments and their strategic and humanitarian implications.

“I think Israel would’ve wanted to see Hamas rejecting any deal on that,” said Unal after reports emerged the Palestinian group had accepted a proposal negotiated with the help of the US, Egypt and Qatar. “That would have cleared the way for Israel, particularly the Netanyahu government, to undertake that awful military operation in Rafah… It has certainly placed Israel in a very difficult corner in that sense. So Hamas has won the tactical game.” “That doesn’t mean that that is going to stop Israel,” he explained. “Don’t forget, the United States is the only country perhaps in the world that has so much leverage over Israel. On the one hand, yes, there is the Israeli lobby, which is very powerful in the United States. But at the same time the United States has enormous influence and leverage over Israel.”

Unal recounted the United States’ efforts to rein in Israel in the past, such as during 1956’s Suez Crisis in which the US, the Soviet Union, and international authorities ordered Israel to end its occupation of Egyptian territory in the Sinai Desert. The US again forced Israel into a compromise during the 1978 signing of the Camp David Accords and once again when former President Ronald Reagan ordered the country to end its bombing of Beirut in 1982. In 1991 US Secretary of State James Baker succeeded in delaying US loan guarantees to Israel until it agreed to pause illegal settlement building in Gaza and the West Bank. Baker and former President George H.W. Bush faced strident opposition for the move from AIPAC and other pro-Israel interests. Bush lost reelection the following year, and US leaders have shown little willingness to challenge Israel ever since.

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    Pieter Bruegel

    He paints like a bad acid trip

    Dr. D

    Maybe Brugel needs to lay off the gruit beer? Or leave the nightshades out of it?

    I have to kind of lay off this, the supply of stupid people is infinite, but:

    Putin Is in Big Trouble! – Denmark Just Gave Russia a Devastating Blow” –The Military Show

    Denmark. Denmark??? Wow, who knew? Should have sent them in there before. Wonder how they’ll occupy all 12 time zones.

    “How Ukraine’s Refinery Strikes Destabilize the Entire Russian Economy” Times Radio

    Bombshell! Walls are closing in. Um, say, are any of these refineries in the center/east? Like, a LOT? Does the U.S. shut down refineries/pipes/shipping regularly for hurricanes?

    Putin’s ‘meat grinder tactics killing between 900 and 1000 Russian soldiers a day’ Philip Ingram — Times Radio

    Greeeeeeat… So how many is Ukraine losing? Because to be at par they need to lose 1/10th as many.

    “Why the next six years could be Putin’s last term in power | Mark Galeotti — Times Radio

    Regime Change! Yeah, he’ll only be there til he’s 80. (without aging) That’s much, MUCH younger than anyone in the West. #Winning! See? We did what we said, Putin’s gone (As he dies of old age in a nursing home at 91)

    It’s all over in Crimea! 8 May: Russians Witness Power of Ukrainian Navy! Russian cruisers desperately flee”

    What the…?

    Prepare for Russian COLLAPSE! General Hodges on Retaking Crimea, NATO in Ukraine and Russian Collapse | Ep. 21 Gen. Ben Hodges”

    Uh-huh. A whiff of grapeshot and the whole Russian army will disperse. Trust us. Is there ANYTHING that can bring these guys back to reality, get through to them?

    Oh, I bet there is, and it’s coming shortly.

    A little ominous? “What happens when Ukraine Wins. Why Russia Won’t Use Nukes in Ukraine | Peter Zeihan”

    And It’s the End of the World as We Know It. Oh well, that’s this world over.

    “UK Moves Against Russian Diplomatic Personnel & Sites ‘Used For Intel Purposes’

    Like I said. London will escalate forever until Russia nukes them. They think they’re untouchable. The people may not like it but they’re not alarmed and concerned enough to take the required risks, just like people of Ukraine haven’t. We’re “further away” but like I said, zero reaction or concern here. ZERO.

    “RFK Warns That The WHO Is On The Verge Of Passing Its Pandemic Treaty

    The WHO is not a government. They don’t pass treaties. Neither do they have an army. They also have no money. Make Me.

    “Democrats Join Republicans To Block Greene’s Bid To Oust Speaker Johnson

    There you go: Johnson is officially a Democrat, and the Speaker of the Democrats. Say it like it is.

    “None of what she had to say was relevant to any of the charges”

    Trying to catch both sides, I clicked this looked like “Freedom Toons”:

    Great setup, nice art, cool direction, and ….nothing. Wtf is this? W.T.F is this????? They are every meme about how the Left can’t meme! Freedom Toons himself often fixes all their memes FOR them, which is funny it’s so feckless, and top reason is, they go on and on and on with words. They think a meme is a snappy short piece about the length of “Das Kapital”. That’s it: just cut-paste Das Kapital + picture = meme.

    So that’s it here, the whole quote of Stormy Daniels, verbatum, unedited, which as they say is pointless and unedited, is a “Cartoon” that “Saves Democracy”. All I can think from her quote is “What’s wrong with the other guy that a guy like this has no trouble beating him????” What’s really going on here? You lost to an 80 year old game show host? Daniels, keeping up her end: She said PAY ME EXTORTION OR ELSE I’ll trash you with stupid, salacious comments on TV, andshe kept her promise.

    Now I really respect that. Does it take a extortion, blackmailing, racketeering porn star these days to be the only woman who is a man of her word? Nobody else is. So yes, I don’t care, and sadly, as it’s blackmail, I’d probably have to indict and press for jail time. But I STILL appreciate her being honest! …In this weird way, the only way we have left, I guess.

    Okay, not in their stuff but the direct quote, classic woman! The Matriarchy! WHYYYY do you make me say these things?? Although she’s already legally said this didn’t happen, AND legally paid penalties for it… she says he “Pressured” her. And? No – Gasp – he said he’d make her famous in a beauty show. And? No – gasp – he leaned in on her in their hotel room to convince her to sleep with him. And? And – Gasp – she said she didn’t want to BUT DID IT ANYWAY.

    Uh, that means “consent”? I don’t know how else you figure that. But – gasp – she didn’t want to do it A LOT. She only said okay and wanted to a LITTLE. AND?

    And – gasp — she didn’t know his STD status and didn’t want to without protection. And? AND THEN DID IT ANYWAY, without protest or further discussion, according to her. So what’s the “Classic” part here, (and it pains me to say it, please stop) she says – Quote – “But he should have known.” YOU GAVE CONSENT. HTF is he supposed to “Know”? He “Should have known” you felt not a little strongly, but slightly higher than a little strongly, but not very strongly, at which point you would have told him, said something, done anything? A: Yes. AND THAT’S A CRIME, the creep!!!

    This is what I’m talking about nationwide here: you GAVE CONSENT, and It’s Still Rape. If I didn’t like it, after. Maybe I regret it in a few days, a week, a month. Let’s do it I guess, and find out, maybe I WILL like it, but probably not. I give consent but also Not-Consent. W.T.F.? Backsies! Happened but didn’t happen!

    Great! Feminine-masculine aside, How does that work legally? Can I give you my old lawn mower, regret it next week and have you arrested? Is that where we are? And then un-regret it and say nevermind? Legal, logical actions follow, so legal, logical things need to start.

    Anyway, EVEN what she said wasn’t a crime and make her look like a lunatic. Makes me wonder what planet she lives in that this is supposed to work.

    “build +50,000 of these things when a majority thought it was a crazy endeavor since an EV future was such a distant dream”

    Are you high? Government PAID him to do this which was a money loser and Government SAID they were outlawing all Combustion cars by now OR ELSE. They had non-stop PR day and night about how this wasn’t a distant dream but ready today for everyone. I remember because I had to post all the cobalt, lithium, grid, substation numbers to slow down their fantastical lies. But now nobody said that. We were always at war with Estasia.

    The sad part is that there haven’t been improvements since then, esp in self-driving which is going backward but still killing everyone regularly. It seems likely there won’t be improvements, if you look at energy-density physics.

    “”I can’t imagine how the Court of Appeals in New York that reversed the Harvey Weinstein conviction, which was as harder case to reverse, wouldn’t reverse this conviction if it got up there.”

    You’re kidding, right? The same NY State that brought this case to begin with? And upheld all their Covid rules? And rules daily that the NYS Constitution which requires gun-rights is just reversed? There is no Rule of Law, you people. We Make S—t Up.

    ““providing DA Willis with the option to simply remove Wade confounds logic and is contrary to Georgia law.”

    No kidding, but it’s perfect as it shows the overwhelming illogic and corruption at the highest level. Thanks. Never stop talking. Couldn’t do it better myself, and don’t you find that suspicious?

    “Well first of all I don’t even think they have the authority to subpoena me,”

    I’d be very interesting in finding out how they wouldn’t have the ability to oversee corruption in the State of Georgia to the level at which they’re not even allowed to ask questions. I guess Fani is the Governor now! …Who the Legislature can also subpoena.

    ““was caused by a worm that got into my brain”

    Maybe doctors want to pipe up here and tell me how it crosses the blood-brain barrier and how many such species of parasites there are.

    “you are over-producing; and if you don’t stop it, we will sanction you to death.”

    I say great: China, stop sending Europe anything.

    “who as recently as September were already bathing in the good waters of Crimea, have now moved on to the certainty that Russian troops will not stop at the Dnepr and perhaps not even at the Danube, Rhine or Elbe.”

    From the (Volga) River the Sea. ‘Cause Russia needs more land. They need some Leibensraum. 12 time zones can’t contain 100M people. Or they want the economic powerhouse and love-fest that is grenade capital of the world + the 2nd most miserable country on earth. But yes, Toss Logic right out of here. That was Yesterday, you understand? That was almost 5 minutes ago, what are you bugging me about that for? Now it’s the #OPPOSITE. Like Daniels we changed our minds without telling you. RussiaPhrenia: Russia is BOTH a 3rd world gas station with the GDP of Holland AND is controlling every election and taking over the world.

    “Borrell says that the U.S. is no longer hegemonic and that China has already become a superpower, something that Brzezinski had promised would never happen again; or the statistics on the U.S. economy, which say that it grew by only 1.6% in the first quarter of 2024,”

    Everything in this paragraph is relevant. I’ll just say we’ve been in stiff contraction of +1% since 2001. It could be reversed any time. We’ve been vaporizing all production and all talent and productive workers since 1971. It could be reversed any time. Too soon? Waiting for a special invitation? These things add up. What’s even 1.5% compounded 25 years? 25% drop in GDP covered by Bond-kiting?

    Again, it’s THEIR country. They are the owners and managers. If things work smoothly, productively for the factory machinists, the call center workers, the OWNERS are richer. I constantly hear “Capitalists!” “They’re in it for the money.” No. They are not. They are making LESS money than ever and getting POORER. They have LESS power than ever, less ability, control, influence. If they make THEIR country stronger and I dunno, able to produce shells, then THEY become rich and important. They’re doing the #Opposite. That’s half what we’re pissed off about down here. Suppose the country was awesome and just I wasn’t getting well-paid. Seriously I wouldn’t care nearly as much. Not like the country being invaded, burned, and ceasing to exist.

    “392 year old Greenland Shark”

    EXACTLY 392? How can you tell? And happy birthday, I’ll get you a blunderbuss.

    Snow Leopard looks hungry. But they’re always hungry in nature. As Rogan said about a bear, “Killed something yesterday, killed something this morning, kill something else tomorrow…” That’s how it works.


    What’s even 1.5% compounded 25 years? 25% drop in GDP covered by Bond-kiting?
    45% gain actually.

    From yesterday:
    Clearly there is a very powerful, very high-level, 1st order attack on Boeing. Why or from who I don’t know, or why. Like: why??? Sure they’re douchebags, and they’ve been dropping, but not like this. This is clearly someone planting/bribing/forcing. And it’s odd there are no suspects at all.

    The suspects are bean counters. They only know to reduce redundancy and nothing about engineering. Redundancies are never to be tolerated. They are a waste of profit. Streamlining the corporate system is the only way to more profit and safety is a form of redundancy. Gotta cut some of it now, the share holders agree. But you’re right blame the workers not the management. Domestic travel? Will not be required in five years because we’ll all be soooo green, amirite? or fucking dead.

    Dr. D



    Today was a windy day, so I was out on the water windsurfing. On one run, I reached planing speed, put my front foot into the footstrap, put my back foot in to its footstrap and …. I missed the back footstrap, so my back foot fell off the back of the board, then I started to fall off the board, then my front foot came out of its strap and went under the board to be hit by the board fin.

    FUCK … I screamed. The fin is sharp and it cut my foot to the bone. I sailed back to the shore before my foot expanded into a huge bloated lump. I could see that it was not a cut that would stop bleeding, so I had a warm shower, got changed then walked to the local hospital. The hospital put a bandage on it – mostly to stop me dripping blood everywhere – then the doctor told me to get an x-ray – for possible shit in the wound – then then they gave me sutres to fix the wound. All in all it took two hours, but then I was out of there and down the local bar.

    It cost me I80 HKD (18 UK pounds or 22 USD). That is in Hong Kong, where I pay the flat rate 17% income tax, but only on local earnings, not on foreign earnings and no purchase tax.


    Go to this website. Check out the enlil video partway down on the right. see what happens as the 10th turns into the 11th of may.
    Turn off your computers and unplug everything. Better safe than sorry.
    Here’s Ben discussing it. He’s going to the grocery store.
    And if people don’t shield their phones, oh, well.


    I noticed this article on RT …

    I then decided to look up the history of the “Boy Scouts” on wikipedia. Man, that was a job and a half, but eventually I discovered what I was looking for. Wikipedia – the reality deniers, paid for by your local oligarch – will not allow any group to be called the “Boy Scouts” so they call it The Scout Association … “

    They also inform us that …

    The organisation’s programmes are open to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and other (LGBTQA+) young people and adults.

    No wonder they don’t call it the Boy Scouts. Looks more like pedo scouts.

    Ian Graham

    “Planet is headed for at least 2.5C of heating with disastrous results for humanity, poll of hundreds of scientists finds…

    ““I think we are headed for major societal disruption within the next five years,” said Gretta Pecl, at the University of Tasmania. “[Authorities] will be overwhelmed by extreme event after extreme event, food production will be disrupted. I could not feel greater despair over the future.””


    Near 500 years later, that painting is as apt for us as it was for them. Demonic forces running the shitshow. Pharaohs and kings to banks and corporations. Masters and slaves. Nothing really changes much…just the shadows on the cave wall.


    with Icarus wanna bees flying high over the West who is Daedalus?

    the quest for power has no basis in logic. making money is the carrot used to guide the gullible to relinquishing their autonomy. Some really drink deeply at the capitalist punch bowl.
    put rather coarsely:
    You can never have what you want and we will help you get it.

    you can’t serve two masters, but there is a cornucopia of ass kissers willing to give it a go

    When you have the power to alter the tidal flow in the oceans get back to me.
    32 Power jockeys on the field:
    We can kill every human being on earth!
    golf clap

    best and brightest:
    best – the most salacious economy class prostitutes
    brightest – the ones who know exactly what they are selected and encouraged to know and not one thing more.

    Darwinists, who completely disregard the depth of the micobiome, will never understand how life on earth is sustained. or how it works
    The desire to be the Apex Predator has the need to eliminate competition baked in. Sapiens Sapiens, ignorance exceeded only by arrogance. There does seem to be some relationship between the number of predators and the number of prey. The Last Man Standing, who will sing the paeans of glory!
    always enjoyed Lyle Lovett – Bears

    Debbie did Dallas – what a piker

    John Day

    Cysticercosis, likely from eating poorly cooked pork somewhere south of Texas…

    US presidential candidate had ‘dead worm’ in brain


    History, Memory, Associated, Ideology, Opinions, Belief, Control, Ignorance, Hate, Fear.
    There was no reason for Daniels to appear at all in the trial.
    Daniels is no victim.

    One day after former President Donald Trump’s classified documents trial was postponed indefinitely after we learned that the DOJ mishandled evidence in the case.

    Politicians “brain fog” and memory loss, Not me, Not my fault, They did it, Not in my control.

    was caused by a worm that got into my brain and ate a portion of it and then died,”

    cognitive problems, including short-term and longer-term memory loss.

    John Day

    @MPSK: Yeah, could be some electrical disturbances, and should at least be internet disturbances Friday and Saturday. Quadruple-Tap 😮


    Management is deranged.

    I’m still in contact with someone at my former employer. She told me they went to a new ah… “business model” for customer care – let ALL inbound customer calls roll to voicemail, then call them back. (NO. God, no. Dumbest idea ever. Do you hate your customers? Hate their money?)

    Her summary of this new approach: “everyone is miserable.”

    I’m starting to think certain people at this employer are there purely there as sabotage? Like another version of burning their food production facility down?

    Best case scenario, I see the people in charge over there as 5 year olds standing in their dad’s size12 wingtips, wearing his trenchcoat but half of it drapes on the floor, oversized fedora pushed back on their head, dad’s spare briefcase in hand, gazing at themselves in the mirror with a triumphant smirk, then turning to boss the other kids around, won’t hear a word from anyone else.

    I managed a training bay of 35 people, which is over 3x their entire Care workforce. My friend who still works there was the director of an entire call center! It was reassuring to meet up with her on Zoom after work and find that we had the same horror, amazement, and bafflement at how the company was doing everything and the same best practices to fix it.

    The best they could do is just #$%&ing SURRENDER. Give up for god’s sake. Go the fuck away. Put the couple competent people you already have in charge. It certainly could not be worse. Instead, your super competent people who ALSO have some humanity therefore know how to provide some actual leadership slave away at the oars deep in the bowels of the galley, watching, knowing what to do, while “leadership” does their best caricature of their parents – upgraded with the latest bossgirl stuff from Disney.

    The entire time they were being jerks to us in self-contradictory, incompetent, mean-spirited 1-on-1’s and other coachings, they were WELL AWARE of our resumes. They were the ones doing the hiring, after all. Nevetheless, sitting there making random shit up on the fly, grasping for something, anything to tell us we were wrong about to keep us on the back foot while KNOWING the person they are talking to is about 1000x more competent than them.

    Same fractal fuckedupness at the national and international level- the managerial class making up a whole damn new religion to lord over the poors, the working class, the competents, something, anything, no matter how self-contradictory or self-defeating, to keep them on the back-foot. I don’t know what to do and constantly fuck everything up. Oh yeah? Your very EXISTENCE is evil! See, now we are EVEN, I’ve Got Something On You too.

    Aside from any evil secret societies religions or whatnot, maybe a big part of the current Troubles is what we can see, just permeating EVERYWHERE. Aging, senile leaders who will not step down and/or don’t have the energy anymore to manage, be aware of what they used to, surrounded by handlers. Nobody around that knows how to captain a ship. All competent people consigned to the oars. Sorcerers apprentice just keeps going, maybe if I “manage” even more… No. Just surrender. Stop. Go away.


    “Planet is headed for at least 2.5C of heating with disastrous results for humanity, poll of hundreds of scientists finds…

    ““I think we are headed for major societal disruption within the next five years,” said Gretta Pecl, at the University of Tasmania. “[Authorities] will be overwhelmed by extreme event after extreme event, food production will be disrupted. I could not feel greater despair over the future.””


    We’re predicted to be headed for a LESSER warming event than 850ad.

    We might ALMOST be able to grow grapes in Greenland again.

    No, a temperature increase LESS THAN THAT would be horribly catastropic!

    Have it your way. We’re all dead since 850. Dead people cannot post alarmist fake BS about the climate to internet forums. You claim you’re dead, so act like it.


    Lord Baden-Powell

    Profile – Lord Baden-Powell
    Lord Robert Baden-Powell, (February 22, 1857 – January 8, 1941) was a soldier, writer and founder of the world Scouting movement. He was the sixth of eight sons amongst ten children. His father served as the Savilian Professor of Geometry at the University of Oxford and died when Robert was just three years of age.
    His first introduction to scouting skills was stalking and cooking animals, and avoiding teachers, in nearby woods, which were strictly out-of-bounds for the school that he attended. He also played the piano and violin, was an ambidextrous artist of some talent, and enjoyed acting. Holidays were usually spent on yachting or canoeing expeditions with his brothers.

    Baden-Powell served in the British Army from 1876 until 1910 in India and Africa. In 1899, during the Second Boar War in South Africa, Baden-Powell successfully defended the town in the Siege of Mafeking. A Boer army of in excess of 8,000 men surrounded him and his troops. Although wholly outnumbered, the garrison withstood the siege for 217 days, and much of this is attributable to some of the cunning military deceptions instituted at Baden-Powell’s behest as commander of the garrison. As a result, Baden-Powell became a national hero back home.

    On his return home, Baden-Powell found that his military training manual “Aids to Scouting” had become something of a best seller, and was being used by teachers and youth organizations. Following a meeting with the founder of the Boys’ Brigade, Sir William Smith, Baden-Powell decided to re-write Aids to Scouting to suit a youth readership, and in 1907 held a camp on Brownsea Island for 22 boys of mixed social background to test out some of his ideas, which is now seen as the beginning of the Scouting movement.

    “Scouting for Boys” was subsequently published in 1908 in six installments. Boys spontaneously formed Scout troops and the Scouting movement had inadvertently started, first a national, and soon an international obsession.

    Although he could have continued his military career, Baden-Powell decided to retire from the Army in 1910 on the advice of King Edward VII, who suggested that he could better serve his country by promoting Scouting.

    Under his leadership, Baden-Powell brought Scouting to the youth of the world and the world Scouting movement grew. By the end of 1910, there were over 100,000 Scouts in England. In 1922, there were more than a million scouts in 32 countries and by 1939; the number of Scouts had grown in excess of 3.3 million.

    It was the Boy Scouts in my day and it was Lord Baden Powell’s project. Try this:


    Kerry Wilson

    That would have been $6000 in a US emergency room.

    John Day

    Qouth TBOC:

    “You can never have what you want and we will help you get it.

    you can’t serve two masters, but there is a cornucopia of ass kissers willing to give it a go…

    ..Darwinists, who completely disregard the depth of the micobiome, will never understand how life on earth is sustained. or how it works
    The desire to be the Apex Predator has the need to eliminate competition baked in. Sapiens Sapiens, ignorance exceeded only by arrogance. There does seem to be some relationship between the number of predators and the number of prey. The Last Man Standing, who will sing the paeans of glory!”

    D Benton Smith

    Ahh, Civilizations and Empires! Such wondrously dazzling things. Of course they do come with certain costs attached.

    The hidden costs (extremely high and as often as not deliberately hidden) of living by way of organized involuntary division of labor (i.e. “civilization”) that is so hyped in the history books and force fed into our brains (from cradle to grave) as the cure for human deficiency ( I guess the millions of years we survived prior to that were just a fluke) that brought us the miracles of centralized electronic surveillance and computer assisted mass murder by psychotic elites, is indeed a pretty high ticket item.

    Here are some of the the things that are stolen from us at gunpoint to pay for its blessings:

    Except for the small and narrow field of their own respective specialties the vast majority of civilized people don’t really know how to competently do anything else. They can’t grow their own food, make their own clothing, build their shelter or defend their families from dangerous predators. God help any of them if they are ever required to do anything important by themselves.

    They don’t KNOW anything for themselves either. Ask any of them (high and low born alike) practically any materially important question that might be vitally critical to their own survival and they will either give you a ludicrously wrong answer (Such as: boys can become girls or vice versa. Epstein shot himself. Covid-19 was an accident. The vax is safe and effective.) or they will turn to another source (who they utterly depend on for everything the questioner doesn’t know for themselves, which is most things) who they trust with their lives to provide vital information. . . . . . are told by those vaunted experts a package of utter bullshit that is a blatant and knowing conspiracy of lies which might have literally FATAL consequences if believed. And all too often (meaning, most of the time) they still believe it. And consequently die.

    All or most of the real, actual, technical knowledge and skills that are, in fact, vitally necessary to the survival of our selves and our kind, are all but lost because the preceding generations who had been passing them along to every new member of the next generation who was capable of being taught . . . . stopped doing so. Traditional parent-to-child transmission of knowledge about what those individual parents believed to be true, was more or less FORCIBLY terminated and the job was handed off to experts and other people who tell you that they know better than you but really don’t ( and I mean REALLY don’t.)

    And so we find ourselves adrift in a sea of fools, led by ignoramuses who don’t even know the difference between right and wrong, much less the wisdom of the sages.

    Having lost the knowledge and skills and motivation to procure survival and happiness the “old fashioned way” of insisting upon knowing and doing the steps of work that will (truthfully) produce healthy survival and the supreme happiness that only true love can provide, humanity now tries to fill the void with perverted substitutes that they think will come close to giving them those feelings that they obsessively crave, and yet can never attain because of how they are trying to attain them.(that is, by paying other people to do everything for them, rather than doing everything one possibly can to make their own loved ones truly secure and happy.)

    They have become, in a word, ADDICTS, complete with all of the horribly and horrifying behaviors and consequences which addiction entails.

    Imagine that. We are adrift in a sea of fools, captained by ignoramuses, and crewed by addicts


    Bill Gates has plans.


    After the murdering of +35,000 Palestinians, Jewish students say they don’t feel safe from antisemitism …

    Global News › news › jewish-students-campus-…
    16 hours ago — Jewish students from major Canadian universities appeared on Parliament Hill Wednesday to raise the alarm about a rise in antisemitism on …

    Counter-protesters call on U of T to dismantle pro- …

    Jewish students say they don’t feel safe, as MPs probe …

    CityNews Vancouver › 2024/05/08 › jewish-stu…
    20 hours ago — Students and pro-Palestinian activists have recently set up encampments at schools to protest Israel’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.


    On: At tale of 2 sovereigns, by Pepe Escobar (at top post.)

    …about Xi, quote. The minute he sat at the Paris table he got the Big Picture. This was not a tete-a-tete with Le Petit Roi, Emmanuel Macron. This was a threesome because Toxic Medusa Ursula von der Leyen… (was there..)

    Macron is furious, humiliated, and is lashing back, because of France losing much of its grip on parts of Africa — inevitable re. the sweep of history, + Sarkozy’s stupid moves, which Hollande didn’t / couldn’t repair.

    Macron called on, or smatrly submitted to, Ursi von der Lugen (Lies) to be there because he is aiming to be the first Prez. of a ‘POWR’ EU Union with a Great Army. So he has to appear in public with her, showing there is ‘continuity’, they share a common vision, goals, but, heh, he will replace her.

    She was not there to supervise him, in fact almost the opposite pertains. Ursula has no command powers over any military forces (not a head of state, not elected, poster admin role, etc.) while Macron…is still the head of heh (?) best milit. in EU.

    The only EU country that has veto powers at the UN Security Council is France, a big card in the pocket. (> Brexit.) What the hopes are Idk, illusory for sure.


    What is going to happen next?

    Can You Guess What It Costs To Live “The American Dream” After 3 Years Of Inflation Under Joe Biden?

    THURSDAY, MAY 09, 2024 – 04:45 AM
    Authored by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog,

    If you are like most Americans, the cost of living has been going up much faster than your income has been. Right
    According to a brand new report that was just released, it now takes over $100,000 a year for the typical family to live “the American Dream” in all 50 states, and in 29 of those states it actually takes over $150,000 a year…

    A household would have to spend more than $150,000 a year to live the dream in 29 of the 50 states, according to an analysis published in April by the personal finance site GOBankingRates.

    According to the report, the optimal American lifestyle would cost $137,842 a year in Ohio, $147,535 in Texas, $159,932 in Florida, $194,067 in New York and $245,723 in California.

    I had no idea that the cost of living “the American Dream” had gotten that high.



    I see I was a bit cryptic (John Day knew, however.)
    Four coronal mass ejections in a very short period of time, and they are headed our way.


    What to do about the irrationalities, cruelties of civilization?

    First, we should keep in mind that primitivism is a concept of the elites and upper middle class. Everybody from Tacitus to Rousseau. City dwelling upper classes – when it wasn’t the aristocracy – waxing poetically about the bucolic simplicity of the shepherd’s life throughout the Hellenistic period. But they never once slit an animal’s throat, midwifed a breach-born lamb, fought off a lion, etc. Yet this body of ignorant “knowledge” builds up over several thousand years to be dropped on us. Aristocrats and upper middle class copying other aristocrats and upper middle class and so on.

    Perhaps the single most Holy Writ of that type for the modern West – Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. A consolidation and re-marketing to the modern West of all these ideas. Now just considered to be part of assumed background knowledge for wokeists and just any blue square voter.

    We assume a better age of the noble savage because WE are the ones who write down and reflect on our deeds. We assume “less” bad things happening because lower populations and population density?

    Like… there was the same, maybe worse, we don’t really know, per capita awfulness, but it was spread more thinly over more acreage. The DIRT was happier even if humans weren’t? Dirt is holy and the less it is sullied by human sin, the better or something? Dirt > Humans?

    More and more evidence comes out all the time that these people were no better. It was various moderns with an axe to grind, inserting their ideologies and agendas on an absence of data. Wherever Europeans showed up and started writing down the awful things that were happening locally – see the corrupting influence??!?!?! Riiiight.

    Idunno man. We must tend our gardens. Haven’t been able to come up with anything substantially better.

    What if incompetent jerks take over the gardens? Then alternate, parallel gardening. And if they maniacally, obsessively pursue the gardeners, penetrating into every nook and cranny no matter how petty? Then gardens hidden in the forest. Or gardening tools, books, and seeds cached underground or inside cornerstones, waiting for the next change, for the antigardners to starve themselves out.

    My grandmother survived the Bolsheviks as a young kid in this way: You put a stick over the hole at the top of your chimney. You tie a string to that stick and lower a bag of food to dangle inside your chimney. You can do a whole string of them and multiple strings. Even if they burn down your house, what’s the one thing that doesn’t burn? (insert picture of Richmond post-fire 1865…)

    A favorite scifi series of mine by Timothy Gawne (Old Guy/Cybertank Series) solves the problem. Humanity transforms, sort of, into intelligent giant 800-metre long battle tanks. They have their own manufacturing capabilities. They can build their own networked armies, their own industrial base. If their neighbor is bugging them, they can start mining operations, build factories, make the heavy lifters they need, and blast off for some other planet.

    Ultimately, some oppressor or busybody has nothing they need or want that they cannot furnish for themselves. You can try dominating them, but they are super tough, no profit in trying it. Fighting them is a nightmare, and they can always run away.

    He solves the problem by making each individual human into a civilization. I enjoy that he found a specific way to make the hand-wavy post-scarcity world of Star Trek possible. The only way out is through and up, I suppose. Yeah, a savage knows everything he needs to live his life, but emphasis on HIS life. He has no Plato, no cathedrals, no Renoir, no cassette copy of Queen’s Greatest Hits, no Moon Landing, no Rousseau nor modern marxist “ethnographers” (activists) to extol the wonders of savage life to him, to meatsuit it and say “WE are that thing now. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. Your technology, biology, and culture will be adapted to service our needs.”

    Johnny Tremaine, 1700’s silversmith apprentice, doesn’t know fuckall about how to reshoe your plowhorse. Nor does Shakespeare. Nor does the monk copying Ovid in 1200. Nor the Roman inkeeper in 300. Nor does the Athenian building a trireme to fight the Persians in 450bc. How far back do we need to go to make things ok? Into complete and total darkness; that is, into the absence of record keeping, where we are warm and safe; safe, from our current vantage point, from ATTAINING such a miserable-desirable state and safe from any facts to deny our assumptions. We need a golden time, a perfect way of life that we definitely, positively won’t be trying out for ourselves. It has to be sufficiently unattainable to require no effort on our part.

    AFKTT understands, if you go with the Noble Savage reasoning, then you end up going ALL THE WAY back to a man standing naked in a jungle. That’s just the sort of man who will devote immense time and pro bono effort to building an airfield to bring in civilization without anyone even asking him to.

    John Day

    AIPAC-Funded Congressmen Push for ‘October 7th Remembrance Curriculum’ to be Taught in Schools

    John Day

    @DBS & jb-hb: Yeah! Go for it!
    “Nobody here gets out alive.”

    John Day

    ‘We Also Slaughtered Innocent People in Massive Numbers’: Gen. Milley Gives Bizarre Defense of Israel


    We must tend our gardens.
    At 81yrs, there is not enough energy and/or time to survive from crops from your garden.
    Requires at least a family unit of 12 workers sharing the work load.

    John Day

    Pfizer to Sell Drugs Online to Consumers, Bypassing Doctors and Pharmacies
    Pfizer is developing a direct-to-consumer platform to sell some of its drugs online, including Paxlovid, which costs $1,400 for a five-day dose, and a migraine nasal spray, the Financial Times reported.

    John Day

    @Zerosum: Water and propane tanks, beans, rice, onions, garlic, salt, olive oil, canned tomatoes, maybe salt-pork…


    Zerosum, I bet you tended your garden quite a bit – in the metaphorical sense.

    The Irish got along on just potatoes uh, until the famine that is. Maybe it’s worth guerilla gardening a mass of potatoes all over the place at this point.

    There’s a surprising amount of wild versions of edibles in the local parks here – garlic, asparagus, etc. I know there were some Life After The Oil Crash forum people here in Denver who were into the spread-out guerrilla gardening approach. I always wonder if it was one of them responsible.

    I should see if there’s a potato like tuber I can add to the mix – or figure out what they would have planted, maybe it’s already out there.

    Aw who am I kidding, when TEOTWAWKI, it’s the other other white meat.

    The ol SHTF classic list – originally from that one guy from Bosnia in the 90’s

    How I survived a year of SHTF in 90s Bosnia


    “Another dead worm.”

    Rofl, killed it.


    Look I am no Billy Graham but sex doesn’t happen while a woman is lying in bed completely naked but still wearing her bra!
    A man doesn’t become a man until he first figures out how to disconnect a woman’s bra!
    And no self respecting woman would ever skip this affirmation ritual.
    Ski instructors don’t decorate bra trees for nothing!

    Stormy was lying as usual.
    No man would have sex with her while she was still 9wearing her bra.
    Just saying.

    Look I took Accounting 101 and 201 in college and was excused from writing both final exams because I didn’t make simple math mistakes.
    I clearly remember the balance sheet part about how to classify “legal protocol fees”.
    It said that Stormy Daniel’s would be available to lie about having sex when you did this balance sheet maneuver!


    @John Day
    A good choice for gardening.
    Later …
    Trade good that are desired/sellable/tradeable are a must.
    If you don’t have a buyer for your gold it might be the cause of your death,
    Still later
    Quite defenses, stealth, (arrow, fire, traps), are preferred to using noisy gunshots.


    Red said

    Lord Baden-Powell

    Thanks for the link.

    Baden-Powell was still a well known name even when I was in school. Back in those days the Boy Scouts, as they were known in the UK, were considered a good, if not somewhat weird (probably because of the uniform), thing. We had the Boy Scouts for the boys and the Girl Guides for the girls.

    Wikipedia tries to tell the story of the Boy Scouts yet tries to manipulate it into something that was pro LGBTA+. It was not pro PGBTQ+, it was for boys and it started in London in the days when people were not being intimidated into pretending they do not know how to define a woman. Of course, as with all such groups in the west, it now has to conform to government intimidation or die.

    Wikipedia is pure nonsense, it is part of the intimidation machine, its job is to spread the government message far and wide, a message that few people want, a message that few people really believe. It is intimidation to get you to behave the way they want you to behave, to give you something to moan about while they steal your stuff.

    D Benton Smith

    There is certainly plenty of uncertainty in human affairs but for the larger part survival depends more on competence than it does on random events. You’ll generally get better results, more dependably, by doing things right than by doing them wrong, despite the vicissitude of good fortune or shit luck. This is especially true in human interactions with other humans, and even more especially especial in the matter of getting along with them.

    The bottom line of getting along with others is that what goes around comes around, primarily because what goes around is the only thing around that CAN come around, so if you ain’t being treated as well as you would like then there is at least one thing you can always do about it for dependably immediate improved results. Do it better (if you know how) or find out how and then do it that way instead.



    Sadly only in Washington, DC, have people not forgotten how to set snares/traps.
    Of course their specialties are honey/sex traps!

    Before noisy guns, natives depended on snares and traps for food.
    Bows and arrows were nice but how often did the prey spot the hunter first?
    And you missed breaking your best arrow?
    Imagine going a week between arrow shots?

    In today’s world where you need permission, from on high to hunt for food, snares and traps give you plausible deniability.
    The same for gorilla gardening, especially a little weed.
    Afterall if you do the work of planting a big garden, you are just asking for people to steal the rewards of your efforts!
    Just ask Venezuelans that tried to avoid starvation by planting gardens!
    Oh, sorry you can’t ask them because they all starved to death!

    Ah, nice to know blueberry season is just around the corner!
    And our psychopath rulers hate us when peace breaks out over the land!

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