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New Yorkers Silently Worrying Over Ramifications of Trump Ruling (ET)
Jack Smith’s Case Against Trump Appears to Be Falling Apart (Margolis)
House Formally Invites Biden to Testify in Impeachment Inquiry (Turley)
Elon Musk Accuses Democrats Of ‘Importing Voters’ (RT)
NYC No Longer Differentiates Between Illegal Aliens and US Citizens (PCR)
NYC Begs Supreme Court to Allow Over 800,000 Illegal Immigrants Vote (TH)
The British Government Trips On A New Lie About The Skripals (Helmer)
The West Has Created A Frankenstein Monster On Its Own Doorstep (Bhadrakumar)
Imperium: Decline on the Way to Fall (Patrick Lawrence)
Europe Is In ‘Pre-War Era’ – Polish PM Tusk (RT)
Ukraine Being Destroyed from Within by Zelensky Government Corruption (Miles)
Zelensky Changes Stance On Talks With Russia (RT)
US Political Support for ‘Terrorist’ Ukraine Regime Evaporating (Miles)
Oh Say Can You See? (Kunstler)
It Could Take HOW LONG to Rebuild Francis Scott Key Bridge??? (Green)
Why I Don’t Spend A Lot Of Time On The Republicans (Matt Taibbi)



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These people have no idea of the damage they’re doing. Completely blind hatred. Should not be allowed anywhere near a justice system.

“I have never heard of a victimless civil case that even won $500..”

New Yorkers Silently Worrying Over Ramifications of Trump Ruling (ET)

Monday’s dramatic bond reduction for former President Donald Trump did nothing to dissipate the dark cloud that his civil-fraud case has cast over New York business deals. Although investors won’t publicly admit it, the case is having a chilling effect, said Charles Trzcinka, professor of finance at Indiana University-Bloomington. “If you talk to people in this market, they are very, very upset … and these are people who are neutral or even opposed to Trump,” Mr. Trzcinka told The Epoch Times. “They’re just angry about it.” In his role at the university, Mr. Trzcinka said he places students in the corporate lending market in New York, making him aware of trends in that sphere. An appeals court’s decision to slash the bond by about 60 percent, reducing it to $175 million, still left a massive penalty intact while President Trump continues a legal challenge of Justice Arthur Engoron’s ruling.

Judge Engoron ruled that President Trump and his associates fraudulently overvalued their assets. But Mr. Trzcinka said anyone who thinks President Trump’s activities in that case were irregular or fraudulent may lack an understanding of typical New York business transactions. A source familiar with the case explained to The Epoch Times that, normally, business-related cases are handled in the New York courts’ commercial division. There, cases are decided by judges who have specific, “sophisticated” knowledge of commercial law and business practices. But the case didn’t go that route because New York Attorney General Letitia James found a novel way to use New York’s anti-fraud law. Researchers examined other alleged fraud cases in New York over a 70-year period and found the Trump case stands alone. The Trump Organization was the only company that confronted the possibility of being forced out of business despite no victim suffering major financial harm.

Because of Ms. James’ unusual application of the law, the case was channeled to a court that would rarely, if ever, handle business-related matters. Thus, the source said, “This case proceeded in just a highly irregular fashion from the start.” Legal scholar Jonathan Turley agreed the case is atypical and its repercussions far-reaching. “This has really done great damage to the New York legal system … Businesses are looking at this with a degree of horror—that a judge could come up with a figure so large you have to sell parts of your business just to get an appeal,” Mr. Turley told Fox News. However, people who dislike President Trump are cheering on Ms. James. She ran for election on a promise to prosecute the former president if she won the post of attorney general. Before the court-ordered bond reduction, the original $464 million bond amount included a $363 million judgment that Judge Engoron levied against President Trump and his associates, plus 9 percent interest.

Speaking to reporters after the March 25 appellate court’s decision, President Trump called Judge Engoron’s original decision a “disservice” to New York. “Businesses are fleeing,” he said. The case promises to continue discouraging investors from doing business in the Empire State, Mr. Trzcinka and two other knowledgeable sources told The Epoch Times. That’s not only because of the crippling dollar amounts involved, the sources said, but also because President Trump and his associates were behaving within the bounds of normal business practice and victimized no one. “All the parties under this civil case were satisfied,” Mr. Trzcinka said. Yet Ms. James “brought a case without a victim” and secured a judgment approaching $500 million. “I have never heard of a victimless civil case that even won $500,” he said.

Businesspeople are afraid to express concerns about the ramifications aloud. Doing so would paint targets on their backs—an underlying reason why President Trump was unable to persuade bonding companies or banks to cover the original $464 million bond, Mr. Trzcinka and the sources said. “I don’t think a bonding company [or a bank] is willing to be associated with Donald Trump … because the attorney general could turn around and sue them, go after them,” Mr. Trzcinka said. Judge Engoron ruled that President Trump and his associates committed fraud by overvaluing his properties. Parties involved in real estate transactions tend to exaggerate values in one way or the other, and they “hit each other over the head” with dueling appraisals, Mr. Trzcinka said. And, in a case such as this one, “everyone had the same information and just came to different conclusions” as to the valuations, he said. Then the parties negotiated figures and agreed to them. Even before interest was added, Judge Engoron slapped President Trump with “the largest penalty in history” for a case of its kind, said Mr. Trzcinka.

He had never heard of such a high penalty imposed for a “syndicated loan,” which involves civil contracts between a corporate borrower and corporate lenders. About $355 million of the total order specifically applied to President Trump. In addition, the judge ordered $4 million to be recovered from each of his sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., and $1 million from former Trump Organization finance chief Allen Weisselberg. Even the ultra-wealthy would rarely, if ever, have rapid access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in liquid assets, Mr. Trzcinka and other financial experts say. Marshaling that much cash to post the bond in just 30 days proved to be a daunting task for President Trump; the appellate court’s ruling granted him 10 more days to post a reduced $175 million bond. That decision moved the amount from “the realm of the impossible” into a different category; “it’s expensive but it’s feasible,” a source said.

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“Special Counsel Jack Smith could be blocked from using evidence against Donald Trump contained in grand jury investigation files, which were transferred to the former president’s Florida classified documents case,,”

Jack Smith’s Case Against Trump Appears to Be Falling Apart (Margolis)

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s efforts to imprison Donald Trump for mishandling classified documents have hit a few snags recently, and the latest snag is, indeed, a big one. “Special Counsel Jack Smith could be blocked from using evidence against Donald Trump contained in grand jury investigation files, which were transferred to the former president’s Florida classified documents case this week, a former prosecutor has suggested,” reports Newsweek. “In 2023, a grand jury in Washington, D.C., heard evidence from witnesses—including Trump’s attorney, Evan Corcoran—while considering whether charges should be brought against the former president and others for hoarding classified documents. However, Trump and his co-accused were later indicted in Florida and, under federal rules, the grand jury files were transferred on Monday to Trump-appointed judge, Aileen Cannon’s court.” According to former prosecutor Bill Shipley, the transfer of the case from D.C. to Florida gives Judge Cannon control over what evidence can be included—especially testimony that may have violated attorney-client privilege. More from Newsweek:

“On March 24, 2023, Corcoran was forced to testify before the classified documents grand jury in Washington D.C. It was his second time giving evidence. Corcoran was called to give evidence because he wrote a letter that was sent to the Department of Justice in June 2022 that stated that there had been a “diligent search” for classified documents. Along with the letter, he sent the Department more than 30 documents with classified markings that were found on Trump property. […] Department of Justice Special Counsel Smith announced on Monday that the Washington, D.C., court had transferred the grand jury files to Cannon. Trump is facing 40 federal charges over his handling of sensitive materials retrieved from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, after leaving the White House in January 2021. He is accused of obstructing efforts by federal authorities to return them. The former president has pleaded not guilty to all charges.”

Leftists have been routinely triggered by Judge Cannon’s rulings—probably because she’s not a rabid leftist like Judge Engoron, who literally ruled that Trump should pay a civil fine of nearly half a billion dollars for a non-crime with no victim. Jack Smith’s prosecution of Trump has been widely criticized as selective prosecution, especially in light of the release of the Hur report last month, which found that Biden “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen,” and that his actions “present[ed] serious risks to national security.” Despite Biden’s actions, former special counsel Robert Hur declined to prosecute Biden because he would present himself as an “elderly man with a poor memory” and it would be difficult to convince a jury he was guilty of a serious felony because to commit such a crime “requires a mental state of willfulness.” The report elaborated by pointing out that Biden couldn’t even remember when he was vice president and or when his son Beau died.

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“Yet, the White House responded, again, with mockery — a sense of impunity that only exists due to an enabling media.”

House Formally Invites Biden to Testify in Impeachment Inquiry (Turley)

House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer has sent a seven-page letter to invite President Joe Biden to testify in the Republican impeachment inquiry. The letter is the latest, and best, reduction of the glaring contradictions in the President’s past statements on his family’s well-documented influence peddling operation. President Biden is not expected to testify. However, the media should be interested in his answering the questions presented by the Committee. It is now clear that the President lied during his campaign and during his presidency on his lack of knowledge of his son’s business activities as well as his denial of any money gained from China. Yet, the White House responded, again, with mockery — a sense of impunity that only exists due to an enabling media.

Chairman Comer reduces the past testimony and evidence acquired by the Committee in the corruption scandal. In the last hearing, Democratic members simply refused to acknowledge that evidence. There was a bizarre disconnect as members mocked the witnesses for not supplying evidence of the President’s knowledge or involvement. They then did so and the members declared that there was no evidence.

Various members also misrepresented my earlier testimony during the hearing on the basis for the impeachment inquiry. Members like Rep. Jamie Raskin (D., Md.) stated that I joined other witnesses in stating there was nothing that could remotely be impeachable in these allegations. That is demonstrably untrue. My testimony stated the opposite. I refused to pre-judge the evidence, but stated that there was ample basis for the inquiry and laid out various impeachable offenses that could be brought if ultimately supported by evidence. I also discussed those potential offenses in columns. The purpose of the hearing was not to declare an impeachment on the first day of the inquiry. Unlike the two prior impeachments by many of these same Democratic members, this impeachment inquiry sought to create a record of evidence and testimony to support any action that the House might take.

Now, the Committee has laid out the considerable evidence showing that the President had lied, knowingly and repeatedly. Interspersed with specific evidentiary findings, the Committee presents ten questions that the President should be able to answer directly and unequivocally:

1) Have you met, spoken to, or otherwise interacted with Jonathan Li of Bohai Industrial Fund and/or Bohai Harvest Rosemont?
2) Have you met, spoken to, or otherwise interacted with Ye Jianming of CEFC?
3) Have you met, spoken to, or otherwise interacted with Henry Zhao of the Harvest Fund?
4) Have you met, spoken to, or otherwise interacted with Vadym Pozharskyi of Burisma Holdings?
5) Have you met, spoken to, or otherwise interacted with Mykola Zlochevsky of Burisma Holdings?
6) Have you met, spoken to, or otherwise interacted with Kenes Rakishev of Novatus Holding?
7) Have you met, spoken to, or otherwise interacted with Yelena Baturina?
8) Have you met, spoken to, or otherwise interacted with Yuriy Luzhkov?
9) Did you ever ask your brother James Biden about the source of the funds he used to pay or repay you?
10) Did Eric Schwerin have insight into all your bank accounts until December 2017?

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“1. Get as many illegals in the country as possible. 2. Legalize them to create a permanent majority – a one-party state..”

Elon Musk Accuses Democrats Of ‘Importing Voters’ (RT)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has accused the US Democratic Party of opening up the country’s borders in order to “import voters.” Earlier this week, Politico reported that President Joe Biden was considering offering permanent residency to millions of illegal immigrants. Commenting on the report, Musk declared on his X platform that “The Dem Party goal is to import voters.” According to Politico’s sources, Biden is considering expanding access to the US’ so-called ‘Cancelation of Removal Program’ for illegal immigrants who have lived in the US for more than ten years and whose removal would negatively impact their citizen or resident friends and relatives. The program is currently available to lawful residents who have been ordered to leave the US for various reasons, and for some illegal immigrants. A successful cancellation can take years to make its way through the legal system, and around 4,000 cancellations of removal are issued every year, according to the US Justice Department.

There are thought to be around 10.5 million illegal immigrants living in the US, according to data compiled by Pew Research in 2021. However, at least 6.3 million more have entered the US in the years since, according to figures from the Department of Homeland Security, potentially bringing the total to almost 18 million. An earlier Pew study found that approximately two thirds of illegal immigrants in the US had been there more than a decade. Counting only those immigrants present in the country in 2021, the removal program reportedly mulled by Biden could result in around six million of them being made permanent residents. Only US citizens can vote in federal elections. However, permanent residents can apply for citizenship after five years, or three years if married to a US citizen. Biden’s first actions as US president included signing a raft of executive orders repealing almost all of former President Donald Trump’s immigration restrictions.

He has since unsuccessfully lobbied Congress to pass a bill offering a path to citizenship for more than 10 million illegal immigrants, and sued the state of Texas for attempting to enforce federal immigration law. “Biden’s strategy is very simple,” Musk tweeted in February. “1. Get as many illegals in the country as possible. 2. Legalize them to create a permanent majority – a one-party state. That is why they are encouraging so much illegal immigration. Simple, yet effective.” In the US, racial minorities typically vote Democrat. Aside from potentially creating future voters, illegal immigration can give certain states greater representation in Congress, as the number of seats assigned to a state in the House of Representatives is determined by its overall population, which includes those present illegally.

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“..before long the illegal population in America will exceed in size the actual citizens of the country..”

NYC No Longer Differentiates Between Illegal Aliens and US Citizens (PCR)

The New York City Council is begging the New York state Supreme Court to permit the council to ignore the New York state constitution that only permits citizens to vote. The city council says that allowing illegal immigrants to vote can only strengthen democracy “by increasing civic engagement.” Think about this for a moment. For the NY City Council, the only difference between an American citizen and an illegal alien is that the alien is discriminated against by not being allowed to vote. It was obvious from the beginning that this is what happens when a country allows immigrant-invaders to settle among the legal population. The illegals become part of the population and, thus, denying them the vote is discrimination. It was totally obvious from the beginning that accepting illegal entry would create an untenable situation: a population partly illegal and party legal.

As it has proved impossible to prevent entry of multi-millions of immigrant-invaders and impossible to remove them, before long the illegal population in America will exceed in size the actual citizens of the country. It is curious that the US, whose government is so anxious to go to war over the borders of foreign countries has no concern for its own borders. So what is the purpose of US national defense? Is it only to protect Ukraine’s border and Israel’s border, but never America’s border? That seems to be the case. It is extraordinary that if you ask this sensible question you are branded a racist. In the United States it is now racist to defend the US border. And of course, the Democrats do not defend the border which is so porous that it doesn’t exist.

The federal government, the government of America, is using the judicial system to prevent Texas from defending its and America’s border. The obvious question is: why does the federal government represent immigrant invaders instead of American citizens, and why do federal courts come down on the side of eliminating any difference between an American citizen and an illegal invader? Why are long-established websites such as being suppressed by government authorities simply for pointing out what is at stake? Something is seriously wrong with the mentality of the American people who clearly are incapable of recognizing that their country is being stolen from them to the point that many offer to sponsor immigrant-invaders.

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“There is nothing more important than preserving the integrity of our election system, and in today’s age, the government should be working to create more trust in our elections, not less..”

NYC Begs Supreme Court to Allow Over 800,000 Illegal Immigrants Vote (TH)

The New York City council is asking the state’s Supreme Court to allow illegal immigrants to vote in the city’s municipal elections. In 2021, then-Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a law that would have allowed 800,000 non-citizens with green cards, visas, and work permits to vote as long as they have resided in the city for at least 30 consecutive days. However, the controversial law was struck down last month by an appellate court. New York City Council spokesperson Rendy Desamour arrived in court on Tuesday to beg the Supreme Court of the State of New York to override the rulings and allow the council to start authorizing illegal immigrants to vote.

“Today’s filing to appeal the Second Department’s recent decision seeks a determination from the state’s highest court that the law is consistent with the State Constitution, Election Law, and the Municipal Home Rule Law,” Desamour said. “Empowering New Yorkers to participate in our local democratic process can only strengthen New York City by increasing civic engagement.” The council argued that illegal immigrants living in the city should be able to vote because they pay taxes and make contributions to the community. Breitbart News noted that: The ordinance was set to massively influence local elections while diluting the votes of American citizens living in the city.

In 2021, for instance, Mayor Eric Adams (D) won the Democrat mayoral primary by less than 7,200 votes. Former councilman Rev. Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx) said that the ordinance would dilute the votes of citizens while shifting electoral power to foreign nationals with ties to the United Nations, Wall Street, and the global financial system which has long been based in New York City. Staten Island President Vito Fossella is challenging the case, stating that, according to the New York State Constitution, only U.S. citizens have the right to vote in elections. “There is nothing more important than preserving the integrity of our election system, and in today’s age, the government should be working to create more trust in our elections, not less,” Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) said.

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The Skripals are back! Or are they?

The British Government Trips On A New Lie About The Skripals (Helmer)

For the first time in six years, the British Government has officially told Moscow that Russian citizen Yulia Skripal, one of the victims of a nerve spray attack in Salisbury on March 4, 2018, has “rejected the offer of consular assistance” from the Russian Embassy in London. A British diplomatic note, delivered to the Foreign Ministry in Moscow this week and made public by the Ministry spokesman, also claimed “the Russian woman has the contact details of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in London in case of need.” Omitted from the document is that the British have not allowed Yulia Skripal to sign a document, send an email, or make a telephone call since 2020. The new Foreign Office paper failed to identify the whereabouts or wishes of Yulia’s father, Sergei Skripal, a dual Russian and British citizen who was also the target of the 2018 attack.

The calculated omissions, and the record of subterfuge and faking which British officials, coroners, and judges have been making since 2018, indicate that, in fact, Yulia Skripal is imprisoned and incommunicado, and that Sergei Skripal is dead. “The British authorities,” said Maria Zakharova at her ministry briefing on March 27, “do not say a word about the fate of Sergei Skripal. It is completely unclear why. I would like to ask the British if he is alive? Can you at least tell me that?” After years of stonewalling in London, the new lie appears to indicate that Sergei Skripal has died in British captivity. Since the Skripals slumped unconscious on a Salisbury town bench and were kept in hospital under police guard, three British prime ministers — Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak — have continued the story that three Russian military officers attacked the Skripals with a Novichok nerve agent they had brought by plane into England, and sprayed on to the door handle of Sergei Skripal’s home; that was several hours before he and his daughter showed sudden symptoms and collapsed.

The British have presented no evidence of Novichok on the Skripal door handle; in the blood, skin, and urine testing of the Skripals in hospital; or in subsequent court proceedings. The alleged Russian attack weapon – a perfume bottle atomiser – did not materialize for months until July 2018, when police claim to have found it on a kitchen bench in the home of another alleged victim, Dawn Sturgess, ten days after exhaustive police searches of the premises had failed to find it. Sergei Skripal has not been seen in public since the day of the alleged Novichok attack, March 4, 2018. He has not been heard on the telephone by family members since June 26, 2019. Yulia Skripal was last seen in a government-directed interview at a US bomber base in England in May 2018; her last telephone call was heard on November 20, 2020.

The full story of what happened and didn’t happen, and of the High Court and coroners’ court hearings which have followed since 2018, has been documented in the book published in 2020; then in reports of the ongoing cover-up by a retired Appeal Court judge, Lord Anthony Hughes. In March 2022 Hughes announced he had appointed a London lawyer, Adam Chapman, to represent the Skripals; but the judge, his spokesman, and the lawyer have repeatedly refused to confirm how the Skripals communicated to them, if at all. The lawyer refuses to answer press questions; in court he has said nothing on the Skripals’ behalf. Timed earlier this month on the sixth anniversary of the disappearance of the Skripals, the Russian Embassy in London sent the Foreign Office a new request for what the Embassy had described last June as a “demand that the British authorities allow us to ascertain they are safe and sound. London carries full responsibility for their well-being.”

Zakharova revealed the reply on Wednesday. “It’s hard to believe,” she said, “but the Russian Foreign Ministry has received a response from Britain to the request on the Skripals. The Russian side continues to make efforts to clarify the circumstances of the incident that occurred in Salisbury in March 2018, with the participation of citizens of our country: S.V. Skripal and his daughter Y.S. Skripal. It’s been almost six years. All this time, the Russian Foreign Ministry has been sending dozens of diplomatic notes. In response, we received nothing but ‘non-subscriber notices.’ For the first time since mid-2018, a response note was finally received from the British Foreign Ministry in response to another note from the Russian Embassy in London. With some reservations, it can be considered a kind of belated official reaction. They say they have been waiting for the promised three years. It took twice as long here.”

“In this note, it is reported that Y.S. Skripal allegedly took note of the offer of consular assistance, but rejected it…According to the assurances of the British Foreign Ministry, the Russian woman has the contact details of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in London in case of need. In addition, responding to the demand to provide information on the official results of the investigation into the incident in Salisbury, British diplomats said they would not comment on this topic, since ‘the relevant legal procedures are still ongoing.’”

“The British authorities do not say a word about the fate of Sergei Skripal. It is completely unclear why. I would like to ask the British if he is alive? Can you at least tell me that? We consider the forced reaction of the British side as an unsuccessful attempt to justify itself for the inexplicable and unlawful long-term concealment of information about Russian citizens. This is another information manipulation. We will continue to methodically seek comprehensive information about the fate of Russian citizens who disappeared without a trace in Britain six years ago, clarify all the components of the Salisbury incident and, in general, insist on justice in this case.”

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“Simply put, the storyline that this was an ISIS attack won’t fly..”

The West Has Created A Frankenstein Monster On Its Own Doorstep (Bhadrakumar)

With hindsight, it was not a coincidence that the retirement of US Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was announced on March 5 so soon after her return to Washington from Kiev, where after consultations with top Ukrainian security officials she announced dramatically: “I leave Kyiv… more confident that, as Ukraine strengthens its defenses, Mr. [Vladimir] Putin is going to get some nice surprises on the battlefield and that Ukraine will make some very strong success.” Nuland did not divulge what those “nice surprises” might be, but her superiors in DC were certain to have been curious to know since they know her ingenuity is limitless. At any rate, we now know that within hours of the superhawk’s premature retirement on March 5, instructions went out from Washington to the American embassy in Moscow to issue an advisory that “extremists have imminent plans to target large gatherings in Moscow, to include concerts” and warning US citizens to “avoid large gatherings.”

The wording of the March 7 advisory suggests that Washington was in possession of some information credible enough in terms of its source. Meanwhile, the UK embassy in Moscow also issued a similar advisory cautioning British citizens against visiting shopping centers. However, the State Department scrambled to issue a statement within two hours of the horrific attack on the mall in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall on March 22, declaring that Ukraine was not responsible. Yet, the very next day, President Putin stated in his address to the nation that what happened was “a premeditated and organized mass murder of peaceful, defenseless people,” harking back to the Nazis – “to stage a demonstrative execution, a bloody act of intimidation.” Importantly, Putin disclosed that the perpetrators “attempted to escape and were heading towards Ukraine, where, according to preliminary information, a window was prepared for them on the Ukrainian side to cross the state border.”

Plainly put, the perpetrators’ Ukrainian mentors or handlers gave them instructions to exit Russian territory after their mission through a particular route. What remains in the realm of the ‘known unknown’ pertains to the chain of command. Precisely, does the trail end with Kirill Budanov, the chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (GUR) since August 2020, who had previously served as deputy director of the country’s Foreign Intelligence Service and specialized in covert operations inside Russia? Or – the big question is – does it go all the way to President Vladimir Zelensky, considering the far-reaching, explosive nature of the operation? This is the first thing. Secondly, the perpetrators did not behave like vintage ISIS killers on suicide missions nor were they answering the call of ‘jihad’. They were ethnic Tajiks who admitted that they were lured by money.

Expert opinion based on the published videos is also that their movements inside the mall during the operation did not show battle skills characteristic of well-trained fighters, and they had ‘poor muzzle discipline’, which means they had only minimal rifle training. Simply put, the storyline that this was an ISIS attack won’t fly. It is intended as a red herring to confuse dumb-witted folks abroad.

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“Moscow, perfectly aware of these connections, now concludes that the CIA, along with Britain’s MI6, were behind the Crocus Town Hall attack..”

Imperium: Decline on the Way to Fall (Patrick Lawrence)

However long the Biden regime goes on saying the war in Ukraine is “at a stalemate,” and however faithfully our corporate media repeat this nonsense like ventriloquists’ dummies, if the Kyiv regime is losing ground daily and there is no realistic hope of regaining it, the word we are looking for is “lost.” The question it is time to ask: What will the U.S. and its European vassals do when the make-believe wears out and defeat, while never admitted on paper, is too obvious to deny? Nothing good. As a negotiated peace on any terms acceptable to Moscow is out of the question, and as subverting “Putin’s Russia” remains the objective, the U.S. is likely to intensify the sorts of covert ops and “hybrid warfare” that have been on Washington’s menu for decades. This stands to get very dangerous very fast. Did we have a preview of messes to come with the shocking attack on the concert auditorium and shopping arcade near Moscow on Mar. 22? This is my read.

The U.S. “intelligence community” was quick to make public an “assessment”—a flimsy term that commits no one to anything—that the attack was the work of a group of militant Islamists and there was no evidence Ukraine had anything to do with it. Soon enough an offshoot of the Islamic State, ISIS–Khorasan, claimed responsibility. President Putin, who had been cautious from the start about assigning blame, eventually declared that Islamic terrorists were indeed culpable for the deaths of 137 innocent Russians and for setting the Crocus City Hall ablaze. Identifying ISIS–K as responsible is a complicated business, we must bear in mind. After the collapse of Washington’s client regime in Kabul three years ago, many members of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, finding themselves suddenly homeless, joined ISIS–K as shelter from the storm. These were CIA–trained intelligence and counterinsurgency operatives, and they reportedly went over in considerable numbers. There were subsequent reports, never verified, suggesting that the CIA was using unmarked helicopters to supply ISIS–K with weapons and matériel.

A year ago last week, Foreign Policy described it as “arguably the most brutal terrorist group in Afghanistan.” Moscow, perfectly aware of these connections, now concludes that the CIA, along with Britain’s MI6, were behind the Crocus Town Hall attack, with the Kyiv intelligence agency, the SBU, playing a supporting role on the ground. The chief of Russian intelligence unpacked all this last week as he outlined Moscow’s findings. “We think the act was prepared by the radical Islamists, but, of course, the Western special services have aided,” Alexander Bortnikov, the FSB’s chief, asserted. “And the special services of Ukraine have a direct hand in this.” There is too much circumstantial evidence supporting this case to dismiss it. The CIA’s “assessment” assigning responsibility to ISIS can be taken as perfectly true but only half the story. The same day Bortnikov spoke, Russia sent a hypersonic missile—the kind that eludes standard air defense systems—to destroy the SBU’s headquarters building in Kyiv. This is what I mean by things getting very dangerous very fast.

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Graceful loser.

Europe Is In ‘Pre-War Era’ – Polish PM Tusk (RT)

Europe has entered a “pre-war era” in which any scenario is possible and the threat of war is no longer a thing of the past, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said in an interview with European media outlets on Friday. Tusk was asked whether war is inevitable in light of recent remarks from a number of Western politicians about Russia potentially attacking NATO. He replied that “literally any scenario is possible.” “I don’t want to scare anyone, but war is no longer a thing of the past. It is real and in fact it started over two years ago,” Tusk said. “I understand that it will sound devastating, especially to the younger generation, but we have to mentally prepare for the arrival of a new era. We are in a pre-war era. I am not exaggerating.” The Polish prime minister went on to say that the West needs to do everything it can to provide Kiev with equipment and ammunition, because the world is now in the most critical moment since the end of World War II.

“The next two years will decide everything,” Tusk said, adding that if the bloc does not provide enough arms for Ukraine and it is defeated, “no one in Europe will be able to feel safe.” While urging the cultivation of “transatlantic ties” regardless of who the next US president is, Tusk argued that the EU should be more independent from NATO and self-sufficient in terms of defense. “We will be a more attractive partner for the United States if we are more self-sufficient in defense,” he said. Claims by Western officials that Russia may attack NATO are “nonsense,” President Vladimir Putin stated on Wednesday. He noted that Kiev’s backers have tried to drum up support for additional aid by claiming that Russia will not stop if Ukraine is defeated on the battlefield.

US “satellites” in Eastern Europe have no reason to be afraid, Putin said. Talk of a potential Russian attack on Poland, the Czech Republic, or the Baltic states is just propaganda by governments that seek to scare their citizens “to extract additional expenses from people, to make them bear this burden on their shoulders,” he added.

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“..people have no other choices than to flee the country – not from the war, but to save themselves because they have nothing to feed themselves on.”

Ukraine Being Destroyed from Within by Zelensky Government Corruption (Miles)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made comments recently acknowledging Ukraine’s declining birthrate, which is now the lowest in the world. “We need not only financial incentives, because in my opinion, finances help, but they do not stimulate birth itself during war,” said the embattled leader. “Help, yes. But as for births, it seems to me that it’s mainly a matter of security.” Zelensky called for more foreign assistance to rectify the problem, claiming Ukraine needs “the latest technologies when it comes to air defense.” The comments provoked discussion on Sputnik’s Fault Lines program Friday, where host Jamarl Thomas noted Ukraine’s population has been in steady decline since its independence in 1991. Former Ukrainian diplomat Andrii Telizhenko joined Thomas to discuss the issue. “Ukraine’s population, first of all, dropped not only since 2014, it dropped dramatically since 1991 when Ukraine got its independence,” noted Telizhenko. “We had 52 million people living in Ukraine, and then within almost the 25-year range it dropped to… 45 million people. 7 million people died or left Ukraine within 25 years of its independence.”

The same trend emerged in other post-Soviet nations as governments implemented so-called “shock therapy” economic policy under advisement of the West. Populist leaders maintained significant support, but US-backed political interference broadly ensured neoliberal policy was implemented. Populations sharply declined as a result as Western capital bought up assets at fire sale prices. “Now, of course, there’s much, much less people,” Telizhenko continued. “Eight million left to Europe, 1.5 [million] went to Russia… and Belarus. So this is a huge, staggering number of people leaving because, first of all, they don’t see prosperity, they don’t have security – not only because of the war, but, first of all, from the government itself.” “Pensions are not being paid,” the former diplomat explained. “They’re asking that money to be paid from abroad. Zelensky – when he was going into this war agreeing not to support the Minsk agreements, the Istanbul accords, the peace deal – he should have understood that the country doesn’t have the money, the capacity, the economic capacity to sustain itself.”

“Now he’s asking for US taxpayers’ money to [finance] Ukrainian pensioners, Ukrainian government officials, and more than 25%, 30% of pensioners in Ukraine are basically not getting their pensions,” Telizhenko emphasized. US aid to Ukraine has become highly controversial in the United States as Americans are asked to fund the basic government services of a country halfway across the world. But even with American largesse Ukraine’s government has found itself in a state of near-constant collapse. Critics warn that millions of dollars in foreign aid is likely being pocketed by corrupt officials; Ukraine has long been identified as the most corrupt country in Europe in international rankings. “They can’t even feed themselves anymore,” said Telizhenko. “So they have no other choice [but] to leave or to just die in Ukraine. This is what Ukraine has become. It was getting worse and worse throughout the last 30 years and over the last two and a half years it’s being destroyed totally,” the ex-diplomat stressed.

“The salary of a teacher is $100 and they’re cutting it to $50 right now,” he added. “Can you imagine? This is what is happening in Ukraine today. The teachers aren’t getting paid, the pensioners aren’t getting paid. And this is just destroying the country from within and people have no other choices than to flee the country – not from the war, but to save themselves because they have nothing to feed themselves on.”

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Sort of.

Zelensky Changes Stance On Talks With Russia (RT)

President Vladimir Zelensky has indicated that a return to Ukraine’s 1991 borders is no longer a precondition for holding peace talks with Moscow, even as he continues to push forward with his so-called peace formula, which has been dismissed by the Kremlin as absurd. Zelensky banned all negotiations with the current leadership in Moscow back in 2022, after four former Ukrainian regions overwhelmingly voted to join Russia. Since then, he has been rallying Western support for his 10-point ultimatum, which includes the full withdrawal of Russian troops and a return to Ukraine’s 1991 borders, including Crimea, holding Moscow accountable and forced to pay reparations, among other conditions. However, in an interview with CBS this week, Zelensky suggested there was no need to recapture the territory “exclusively by military means,” claiming that the Ukrainian forces should at least restore the 2022 status quo.

“We will not have to de-occupy all of our territories exclusively by military means… I am sure when he [President Vladimir Putin] loses what he has occupied since 2022, he will fully lose the confidence even of those countries which are still in doubt whether they should support Ukraine or not,” Zelensky said. The Kremlin has repeatedly stressed that it remains open to meaningful discussions and has blamed the lack of a diplomatic breakthrough on the Ukrainian authorities, who refuse to accept “reality on the ground.” Despite the failure of Ukraine’s counteroffensive last year and recent gains made by Russian forces along the frontline, Zelensky claimed that once Russia suffers battlefield setbacks, Putin will “lose the power within his country” and will be forced to seek dialogue. “And when he will be ready for the dialogue, undoubtedly the international conditions should be the liberation of our territories, the territorial integrity of Ukraine,” Zelensky added.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba suggested on Friday that Kiev could engage in diplomacy with Moscow following the Swiss-hosted peace summit, a date for which is still to be announced. However, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Kiev is contradicting itself, and that Moscow will not accept a set of rules “developed by someone else.” The last meaningful negotiations between Moscow and Kiev were held in Istanbul in the spring of 2022 but broke down, with each side accusing the other of making unrealistic demands. President Putin said the Ukrainian delegation had initially agreed with some of Moscow’s terms, but then abruptly reneged on the deal – allegedly after then-UK PM Boris Johnson advised Kiev to reject a truce and “continue fighting,” promising full Western support. Ukraine’s Western backers insist that a peace settlement can only be achieved on Kiev’s terms and have vowed to continue weapons deliveries for “as long as it takes.” Russia, meanwhile, has stressed that no amount of foreign aid will change the course of the conflict.

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“..the US will not be in a position to say no to Russia and will have a very hard time continuing its political support of Kiev..”

US Political Support for ‘Terrorist’ Ukraine Regime Evaporating (Miles)

Russian media has revealed new links between the Ukraine regime and last week’s horrific terrorist attack at a concert venue outside Moscow. “Investigators have verified information that large amounts of money and cryptocurrency that the perpetrators of the terrorist attack received trace back to Ukraine,” reported the Tass news agency Thursday. “The funds were used in preparing the crime.” As the increasingly desperate Kiev regime launches attacks on Russian civilians in Belgorod and other regions, speculation has intensified that elements within Ukraine’s military and intelligence service may have played a role in last Friday’s incident. Independent journalist Dan Lazare joined Sputnik’s The Critical Hour program Friday to weigh in on the claim.

“I look forward to the Russian government laying this evidence out – I hope they do,” said Lazare. “To me, the fact that four of the accused were apprehended while making a dash for the Ukrainian border and were caught just a short distance away – I mean, to me that speaks volumes. It’s not absolute proof, but it certainly strongly suspects that there were collaborators on the Ukrainian side, and that Ukrainian bodies were helping them with this crime.” “We can’t help but harken back to the assassination of Darya Dugina in 2022. That was the daughter of the Russian political philosopher Aleksandr Dugin,” the author added. “She was killed in a car bomb in Russia. At first the Ukrainian government denied any involvement whatsoever, and the US backed it up. And then a few weeks later the US admitted that the act was done by the SBU, the Ukrainian intelligence service.”

The incident prompted little attention in the West, where Dugin is a highly vilified figure. But a terrorist attack killing almost 150 people is significantly harder to ignore. “I strongly suspect we’ll learn the same thing here,” said Lazare, suggesting Ukrainian officials may have played a role in the “act of brutal terrorism.” “And, if that is true, if my suspicions prove correct, this will be a real game changer.” “Russia will feel justified in responding… and the US will not be in a position to say no to Russia and will have a very hard time continuing its political support of Kiev,” he claimed.

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“The fluttering wings of this black swan already throw a chill on spring’s incoming zephyrs..”

Oh Say Can You See? (Kunstler)

While the awesome spectacle of the bridge collapse traumatized the country, it also brought to mind the fantastic flow of ten-thousand illegal border crossings a day, stage-managed by the “Joe Biden” Homeland Security team. Did you kind of wonder how many in that 10K-a-day flow might be the same species of Central Asian mutts who volunteered to slaughter over 150 (so far) Russian concert-goers? Nobody is checking who they are, you realize. They just step on US soil, get issued smartphones, loaded debit cards, walking-around cash money, airplane and bus tickets and, voila, there they are in your home town tomorrow, looking for something to occupy themselves. Thanks a bunch, Alejandro Mayorkas! Are you wondering what sort of mayhem they might be capable of unleashing any place from Bangor to Burbank in the weeks and months ahead? (And, while you’re at it, think about all the food processing plant fires, train wrecks, and other mysterious tribulations around the country the past couple of years.)

Consider that this very week alone, following the SSK Bridge disaster, absolutely nothing has been done by our government to stem that flow of countless potential saboteurs into the country. The news media isn’t even talking about it (of course). The prospects might look a bit unnerving, wouldn’t you agree? Things catching fire, blowing up, and falling down here, there, and everywhere. . . more of those thousand cuts adding up. Just maybe, the dazed-and-confused (possibly hypnotized) American public, a.k.a., the “voters,” might put together that “Joe Biden” and the Party of Chaos that owns him, are actually responsible for the on-going take-down of our country. After a certain point — now apparently passed — sheer incompetence is no longer a plausible explanation for what you are seeing.

Oh, one other thing, look out for on-the-ground economic reverberations from the FSK Bridge disaster. For instance, Baltimore is the USA’s top port for importing and exporting automobiles. Also, earth-moving and large farm equipment, fertilizer, lumber, coal, and steel. Other arrangements must be made, for years ahead, considering the trucking links. It’s especially an interruption for trucking between the mid-Atlantic / New England states and much of Dixieland. It will affect the transport of fruits and vegetables to the Washington-Boston corridoer. Things are going to cost more and we are already in an inflationary trouble-zone. How will this thunder elsewhere through an economy which, despite the japes of “Joe Biden’s” statisticians, is actively disintegrating? The fluttering wings of this black swan already throw a chill on spring’s incoming zephyrs.

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“Welcome to 21st Century America, where everything is needlessly time-consuming, expensive, stupid, or (most likely) all three..”

It Could Take HOW LONG to Rebuild Francis Scott Key Bridge??? (Green)

Could it really take twice as long and four times as much money to replace the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge than it did to build it in the first place? The Key Bridge was built at a cost (adjusted for inflation) of about $200 million. Replacing it could take a decade and cost $400 million to $800 million dollars, according to experts in what has become a dismal field. “To actually recreate that whole transportation network” could take a decade or more, structural engineer Ben Schafer told USA Today on Wednesday. Huge projects, Schafer said, now take “rarely less than 10 years.” Well, they didn’t use to. By comparison, the Apollo program that put a man on the moon required seven years, eight months, and 23 days. And — this is the really exciting part — everything about Apollo, from the massive Saturn V rocket to the “tiny” flight computer, had to be created from scratch. Those seven-and-a-half years included a monthslong delay following the tragic loss of astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee during an Apollo 1 dress rehearsal that ended in a deadly crew capsule fire.

Construction began on the Hoover Dam on July 7, 1930, and five years later, it was complete. It started generating electrical power on Sept. 11, 1936 — exactly six years, two months, and four days after the first shovelful of dirt was moved. The Empire State Building was fully erect (heh) after just one year and 45 days of construction. But those were all 20th Century projects, back when we used to get things done. Welcome to 21st Century America, where everything is needlessly time-consuming, expensive, stupid, or (most likely) all three. The timing “all depends on factors that are still mostly unknown,” the AP explained. “They range from the design of the new bridge to how swiftly government officials can navigate the bureaucracy of approving permits and awarding contracts.”

Let me help you out on this one, fellas. You have the original plans stashed somewhere, I’m sure. Those plans have already been run through the bureaucratic torture test — and the bridge stood without any problems for almost 50 years until a massive container ship struck one of its vitals. So just get started ASAP building the same bridge, but with concrete “dolphins” or fenders around the new supporting piers to avoid future disasters like the one that collapsed the original.

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X thread.

Why I Don’t Spend A Lot Of Time On The Republicans (Matt Taibbi)

1) There is a enormous army of MSM reporters already going after them from every angle, with most major news organizations little more than proxies for the DNC, to the point where stations hire Biden spokespeople as anchors;

2) The Republicans have very little institutional power nationally. It’s not their point of view prevailing in schools, on campuses, in newsrooms (where over 90% of working reporters vote blue), and especially in the intelligence and military apparatus, which has openly aligned itself with Democrats. Even if Donald Trump were a “threat to Democracy” he lacks the institutional pull to do much damage, which can’t be said of Democrats;

3) The Democrats’ ambitions are significantly more dangerous than those of the Republicans. From digital surveillance to censorship to making Intel and enforcement agencies central players in domestic governance — all plans being executed globally as well as in our one country — they are thinking on a much bigger and more dangerous scale than Republicans. I lived in third world countries and the endless criminal indictments of people like Trump and ongoing lawfare efforts to prevent even third party challenges are classic authoritarian symptoms. The Republicans aren’t near this kind of capability;

4) Last and most important, the Democrats are being organized around a more potent but also much dumber, more cultlike ideology. People like Yuval Harari and his Transhumanist “divinity” concept scare me a lot more than the Rs, and I was once undercover in an apocalyptic church in Texas. Ask your average Russian or Cuban what overempowered pseudo-intellectuals are capable of.

I have a pretty good record of picking dangerous phenomena ahead of time. I feel confident on this one, and that’s before we get to the demographic/class shifts in the parties.

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    Ciseri Ecce homo (Behold the man) 1670   • New Yorkers Silently Worrying Over Ramifications of Trump Ruling (ET) • Jack Smith’s Case Against Trum
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle March 30 2024]

    Dr. D

    “New Yorkers Silently Worrying Over Ramifications Of Trump Ruling
    Business insiders won’t say it out loud, but many worry that they could face financial ruin if they run afoul of the politically powerful in New York.”

    Stop making Ayn Rand right: in Atlas Shrugged, although background, without dramatic quotes (That I remember) the crappy businessmen found out it was easier to bribe the government than work for a living, so they did that. A generation or two and guess what? Because of them, the Government was now all-powerful. As soon as that happened, even CRAPPIER men used that power and took over the businessmen, arresting and crushing any who resisted. Mr. Mooch was now in charge, and doing whatever he liked, then liquidated and consumed the billionaires, because Fair’s Fair, right? Look at these people, they need help! So pay your now $500M in taxes, levied-whenever-we-get-the-itch.

    “Illustration by The Epoch Times, Getty Images “

    Our Lord and Saviour Donald Trump. Um, better save yourselves, people. Ain’t nobody going to do it for you. That’s not what America is about.

    Google: Yeah, we all know. When will it matter? Not ’til they personally feel pain.

    P Diddy Panic:

    I bet! Biden is arresting Biden donors in an election year. Anyone want to ask about that?

    Okay, he’s an “Informant”? As far as I can tell, that just means, “Government sanctioned drug cartel” which “We will never arrest nor end and remove, ever.” At least around here, the DEA, State Police, Locals, Probably FBI and Hunter Biden personally, have the same high-level drug dealers – which even I know – sit around selling drugs in front of the school for DECADES. No arrests. They’re “Investigating.” Ohhhhhhhh! “Investigating until everyone retires to Florida nursing homes.” Soooooo….methinks you are COMPLICIT in the crime? You SUPPORT and DEFEND the international drug cartels and the serial rape and murder of minors? What other conclusion is there? So P. Diddy probably WAS an “Informant” meaning he got a paper from the FBI to do any crime he wants. The End. The surprise here is someone actually started doing their job and it’s getting everyone freaked out. Okay, and why? How? Why now?

    Speaking of, let’s translate Cohen’s story from yesterday: Cohen and Daniels were “Having an affair” for which Cohen “Paid hush money”, but money Trump didn’t know about. Really? Puh-lease. Let’s not be 5 years old. Jesus, Daniels is not IN LOVE with Cohen. She hasn’t found her Soul Mate. Cohen is PAYING her, a high-price girl, over and over. But he can’t afford it! And she ain’t comin’ back unless he pays each time. So? Cohen is EMBEZZLING Trump’s money to PAY for Daniels, which is “Soliciting Prostitution”.

    I don’t know why I have to spell this out for you, but the media won’t I guess, so there you go. His scheme, which looks better on paper, is if Trump finds out and does anything, to tell the newspapers it’s hush money. He didn’t count on what happens if Trump says “No.” Then Cohen has to go through with it, and sure it’s a thorn in Trump’s side, but so what? Can he just let every two-bit embezzle him all day? Then he won’t be a billionaire long! And Cohen’s cost is: he’s ruined. He’s no longer a lawyer AND his blackmail mark won’t pay. AND Daniels isn’t sleeping with him. …Guess you should have thought of that.

    Let me get this straight, you think that your client, one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante, who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands, and your plan is to blackmail this person? Okay then…” –Batman, Dark Knight

    If a guy is doing this to you, screwing him is its own reward, and worth a lot of time, trouble, and money to watch.

    ““1. Get as many illegals in the country as possible. 2. Legalize them to create a permanent majority – a one-party state..”

    There is talk of amnesty. Also many levels of such. Like $$ Support for citizens, IF they also take on 5 family members. …Oh wait: is that still direct support?? That say, Black America gets screwed by? But you import them, there are so many possible uses, like the one yesterday: shut off food and just let them run amok! I’ll be safe up here in my Castle on the hill, drinking wine from the walls, watching the many fires. “1,000 points of light!”

    “• NYC Begs Supreme Court to Allow over 800,000 Illegal Immigrants Vote (TH)

    Okay, interesting. Why? Maybe you don’t grasp the details here: NY gives ALL electoral votes to whoever wins the state. The State is Blue. So…why make it 800k MORE blue, when you already own the state? It adds nothing and is bad PR. To me, only reason is: NY isn’t that Blue. NY CITY is demanding this, because they KNOW they have totally lost to UPSTATE, which is Pure Red. Now isn’t that interesting? They’re not disenfranchising “Americans”, abstractions, blah blah, they’re RIGGING ELECTION against their OWN PEOPLE. Like Dave Collum of Cornell. Kunstler of Saratoga, and so on. That is: they’re LOSING everywhere. Maybe even losing NYC now, who knows? Probably. NY looks Liberal Blue, but for 300 years they straddle the fence, flipping back and forth from DeBlasio to Giuliani for lifetimes. Right now Mr. Mooch is getting run out of town and he’s breaking the law to prevent it.

    ““Moscow, perfectly aware of these connections, now concludes that the CIA, along with Britain’s MI6, were behind the Crocus Town Hall attack..”

    Yes, since if we stop lying, ISIS-K is the CIA/MI6 to begin with. Always has been. When you say “ISIS-K” you’re pointing at yourselves, morons.

    “• Europe Is In ‘Pre-War Era’ – Polish PM Tusk (RT)

    It’s Europe: there are only three eras. In War, After War, or Pre-War. You are Here. Europe makes Africa look like a calm, well-regulated place. “Twice the genocides in half the space!”

    “It is real and in fact it started over two years ago,” Tusk said. “I understand that it will sound devastating, especially to the younger generation, but we have to mentally prepare for the arrival of a new era. We are in a pre-war era. I am not exaggerating.”

    Yes, but the war is against YOU. And NeoCon NeoLibs like Hillary Clinton and Nikki Haley. But I repeat myself. Hey, Cameron is Foreign Secretary: who wants to sign up and die for him? Any takers? He approved all those roaming rape gangs your sister is dodging, how about you, Blackpool, Newcastle? Join the British Navy, famous for Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash.

    “..people have no other choices than to flee the country – not from the war, but to save themselves because they have nothing to feed themselves on.”
    • Ukraine Being Destroyed from Within by Zelensky Government Corruption (Miles)

    In a nation of nothing but food. This is what they have planned for us. Russian Rev 2.0. Red Bolsheviks in the cities, White Bolsheviks outside. All carefully staged like the textbooks say.

    “• Zelensky Changes Stance On Talks With Russia (RT)

    Tables have turned. Kiev says they can end the war if Russia unconditionally surrenders. Uh-huh. Sure. So now it’s other way ‘round, as everyone always knew from the start. I just can’t get over it: again, this is like Canada attacking the United States, then reporting breathlessly every blow as if Canada is winning. No. That’s just impossible. Not only that, Calgary probably can’t take even Minnesota – no offense Calgary. And that’s what we have here. Russia hasn’t even activated and deployed Texas yet. That’s what “Ten-to-One” means. 10:1 odds against a fully-armed, military nation means something.

    “large amounts of money and cryptocurrency that the perpetrators of the terrorist attack received trace back to Ukraine,”

    They are very careful though. A lot of generic crypto-pirates work through Ukraine, don’t read it as “Ukrainian Government” (although it probably is.) What’s the point of being sloppy and jumping to conclusions? Where does it get you?

    I’m guessing that’s a fallow deer? English?

    Dr. D

    On Easter:

    For the Last Supper, what you don’t know, but should be obvious on reflection is, they all knew each other. They had made family plans, as we all do this time of year, as it was Passover. Jesus was in town already, as revealed himself on Palm Sunday. He’d already run out the money changers. But things were still normal rabble-level, with Nicodemus setting up the supper and they had a rented Bar mitzvah hall in our terms, sectioned off from the public. What kind of rented room? Well one for the homeless, basically. It was for anyone not already with family at the holidays, open and charity.

    Nicodemus and Arimathea owned the house, and as at the time, what KIND of house? These houses were large, business centers, like Roman villas. Think of Ben Hur’s “house” which seems like a walled castle to us, beyond a mansion. Now where? The city isn’t that large, it was on the south end, by the Citadel of David, which is by the Jaffah Gate.

    To us it’s like 100 yards from The Mount of Olives and Gethsamane. And the Dome of the Rock, etc. Small place. Like not NYC, but smaller than Greenwich Village. And yes? They didn’t take an Uber, they’d have to walk, so of course.

    The house was also old, as…of course. They’re all built out of enormous stones, you don’t just pop them up and down. Takes as long to un-make one as make one. And it’s not really that long after other events in Jewish history either, not in our terms. So this was also King David’s house, existing back then, although probably not ‘his house” – which is like Buckingham for a king, but a normal Villa where Generals, State actors live, and: One location for the the Ark of the Covenant. Not just like the Free Methodist Boy Scout Dinner Hall. What does that mean? ALSO a house Solomon, ALSO a house of former prophets, like Malachi, etc. History. If you’re an American or Australian, you have no sense of it, walking by, I dunno, The Tower of London every day, or the square where they chopped up King Louis.

    What’s more, Anne adds that – again, same people, small place – the all met here AFTER the crucifixion from time to time and for years or decades. They were all friends, allies, sharing something. A story, a goal.

    Anyway, as a rich guys’ house and public center, they’re not eating dirt and sleeping on rocks, ““The halls had been decorated for the feast. They were hung halfway up with beautiful matting, or tapestry, and the aperture that had been opened in the ceiling was covered with blue gauze, shining and transparent. The rear end of the hall was cut off by a curtain of the same kind of gauze.” Which is no doubt better than you can rent today.

    But as a different, Roman place, they also had couches along the walls, and bedding rolled up like Japan, for when people would sleep there.

    But anyway, they’re having dinner, there, with friends and some ceremony, so the break out the dishes, which for us is – drum roll – the Holy Grail. It’s just a cup. But also not, as it’s not “This is the cup of a carpenter” in “Indiana Jones” (great line by the way) but remember: this place is old. Everything is connected, history, stories, people. So as they are David’s house, do they:
    Archaeologists Finally Discover Holy Grail, Confirm It Was Actually Just Tiny Plastic Cup –Bbee

    No, it was an ANTIQUE, even to them. A cup with meaning, for the occasion. A mega-antique in fact, even in a place wehre things are old and time changes slowly. “a very wonderful and mysterious vessel that had lain in the Temple for a long time among other old and precious things, whose use and origin even had been forgotten, just as with us many ancient, holy treasures have through the lapse of time fallen into oblivion.  Frequently at the Temple, ancient vessels and precious ornaments whose use was no longer known were reset, made over anew, or sold. It was in this way, and by God’s permission, that that holy vessel (whose unknown material prevented its being melted down, although frequent attempts had been made to do so) had been found by the young priests in the treasury of the Temple. It was stowed away in a chest along with other objects no longer of use, and when discovered was sold to some antiquaries. The chalice and all the vessels belonging to it were afterward bought by Veronica. It had several times been made use of by Jesus in the celebration of festivals, and from today it became the exclusive possession of the holy Community of Jesus Christ.

    “ On a flat surface out of which a little board, or tablet, could be drawn, stood the large chalice surrounded by six small beakers. The chalice itself contained another smaller vase. I cannot remember whether the tablet held the Holy Thing or not. A little plate was laid upon the chalice, and over the whole was a convex cover. In the foot of the chalice was a place for keeping a spoon, which could be easily drawn out. All these vessels in fine linen coverings were protected by a cap, or case of leather, I think, which had a knob on top. The large chalice consisted of the cup and the foot, which latter must have been added at a later period, for it was of different material. The cup was pear-shaped, and of a brownish, highly polished metal, overlaid with gold. It had two small handles, by which it could be raised when its contents rendered it tolerably heavy. The foot was elaborately wrought of dark virgin gold, the edge encircled by a serpent. It was ornamented with a little bunch of grapes, and enriched with precious stones. The small spoon was concealed in the foot.”
    So again, like the couches, it’s both familiar and foreign. It’s a “cup” in that it can be picked up, but its purpose is more that of a punchbowl. It was said to be older than that, as owned by Abraham and Melchizedek, and therefore Moses, and so on. Why wouldn’t you? If you see the Mona Lisa do you melt it down to make a linen shirt?

    Now again, they’re not taking an Uber, and walking takes time. So ““Judas spent the whole day in running around among the Pharisees and concerting his plans with them.  The soldiers that were to apprehend Jesus were even shown him, and he so arranged his journey to and fro as to be able to account” Busy-busy!

    Apparently Jesus and Mary discussed this, about Judas and what was probably about to go down. Wouldn’t be much of a prophet if you could be so easily surprised. So he’s giving the Apostles last instructions, and even telling them they’ll be eating his flesh and blood directly, which we already know they thought he was being metaphoric about Passover again. I mean, the guy speaks mostly in parables, so…

    Of course, again, but familiar and strange, they sacrifice the lamb, butcher it, for real right there in the room. So it is tied to a board, then stabbed in the neck, and the object here, if you know what you’re doing, is to get the blood in a basin and not everywhere all over the floor. Then you do the Hyssop like a paintbrush and the doorframe. Then you put the fat itself on the fire to start cooking dinner, and in their case, the hearth where the Ark of the Covenant used to be.

    Cooking takes time and you could get all messy with blood before, so at this time, they all change clothes. Then there’s a low Roman table, Middle eastern flatbreads, salad, the cup, and divided up so each pair of apostles each share a cup. Very familiar in that part of the world, only stange and therefore special and different to us. Like Northern Europeans who would be eating cabbage from a pot and rye, not pita, salad, parsley, and oil.

    If you think about it, it’s not just 12, and even that’s a lot at my house. There’s everyone’s family, lesser friends and so on, so for example the women are in a room of their own such as Veronica and Mary and Mrs. Hali, Peter’s wife, etc, other related people are in their own rooms, I mean, that’s what the rented hall is for! And they don’t have catering, the point of it is to do the action, be with your people and “family”. If you’re not at Jesus’ table – ‘coz, room – then you’re at Eliacim and Cleophas table, who aren’t like gas station attendants, they’re disciples of John the Baptist. And probably your cousins once removed. Jesus and John were.

    Anyway, the communion was a little habit of hello and farewell in those parts, now elevated from sort of a “Sit down and have coffee” into something ritualized as we know it now.

    Well, this is long enough. Just again trying to give some context to what we all see at this time and distance completely in the sense of Blah, blah, blah, Churchianity.

    Why do people pick on this? ‘Cause they want to just criticize that everyone’s stupid when they can’t be arsed to ask somebody and crack a book. When I put it this way, does it SOUND stupid? No, it sounds real. And also not very ripe for “Religion is the opiate of the masses” it’s “A power control grid.” Well, yeah, but so is Amway if you do it right, and that’s just selling soap. You’re doing it wrong, and out of ignorance and lack of reflection and integration. If you ASK it becomes clear, and also without leverage, it’s “becoming conscious” as Jung or New Age people would say. Sweeping the same room, but while conscious is “Enlightenment.”

    So? Don’t be unconscious. Ask and find out. Everyone hates Christianity while knowing literally nothing about it. Aren’t you embarrassed by that? Don’t you feel stupid AND arrogant? Ask.


    Here is my latest track just published on Substack. Not on the censor tubes yet. It is too triggering for AI. It’s hip hop coz I’m in my 50’s not my 70’s.


    Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of Guyana scares me. I think he must have Larry Fink and all those NAC and ESG dudes in his ears moving to the tax of all humans for natural services model. And they get to ship oil too! That looked set up to me.


    Hey Ozy, you do realize Milton Mayer was a fuckinjew. Programmed history is not history, whether it’s Mayer, moonlandings or any other crock of shit we’ve been spoon fed from carttoon tv to high ed Phd.

    John Day

    @Oxymoron: 50s is “the young guy” around here.

    John Day

    Sabotage Simplified

    We are having a garden party today, and I am cooking and getting ready, but I watched this video last night as I was nodding off, which explains how the Dali could have been guided into the bridge pilings by just having rudder control and engines freeze at the right time, because of a specific cross current coming from the right as it approached the bridge, which it had to counter by steering right just before everything froze up.
    The Dali was traveling at 8 knots with no wind, and the tide going out from Baltimore Harbor, so there was a flow of current going out in the deeply cut channel beneath it, like a tailwind. As the Dali approached the bridge it crossed another deeply cut channel, coming from its right side, which facilitates ships coming out from another part of the broad harbor. The flow of current in this cut channel pushed the Dali to the left (port), so it had to steer right to go straight. The pilot set the rudders to steer it right, and the power went out, freezing the rudders. The Dali passed the channel with the side flow, still with frozen rudders, so it started to turn right. The power came on and went off again. Still heading right, towards the piling. The port (left side) anchor was dropped and dragged to pull the ship to the left, port side, away from the piling, but it was too late to do that.
    This situation does not require extensive programming of navigation systems to override a pilot. This only requires freezing the controls of a ship, any big ship, as the tide is going out, causing the side current and the necessary steering correction at just the right moment, when the ship is counter-steering to the right.
    It is conceivable that some form of directed radio impulse or signal could be focused on the ship to shut down the electrical system and engine, and then sent again when those were started back up. This is exactly the kind of intervention to disable a ship which militaries study most intently. It would probably leave certain signatures. There are 2 minutes missing from the ship’s recording “black box”. That might be a fingerprint. There would be other fingerprints, but not something like hardware on board tied into the system. Any big ship coming that way at that time could have been weaponized by such a technique.

    The video is set to about 22 minutes, where the side current from the other channel explanation starts. The whole 31 minute video is carefully detailed.


    Result of end of growth …

    (except for lies, hate, fear, war, financial debt, inflation)
    (See Ukraine, Haiti, Gaza, Baltimore bridge disaster)
    “They can’t even feed themselves anymore,” said Telizhenko. “So they have no other choice [but] to leave or to just die in Ukraine.

    “Moscow, perfectly aware of these connections, now concludes that the CIA, along with Britain’s MI6, were behind the Crocus Town Hall attack..”

    a red herring to confuse dumb-witted folks abroad.

    John Day

    @Oxymoron (again): The intro hit me in the Frank Zappa place.

    I should listen to this on a bigger system, because I think there’s more bass and midrange than I’m hearing.

    I hope that deep stab didn’t cut your femoral artery.

    John Day

    @Dr. D: Thanks for painting the story of the Last Supper with some color.

    Ian Graham

    “Copernicus online portal offers terrifying view of climate emergency. Looking at the mass of information, there is only one conclusion: we are running out of time…

    “…it seemed to this observer that scientists have been underestimating for some time how quickly the situation is deteriorating.”

    John Day

    Pro-Palestine activists confront Biden, Clinton and Obama (VIDEO)
    The trio of US presidents were interrupted multiple times during a fundraising event in New York


    New definition of democrats – Trinity

    Biden, Clinton and Obama – The doctrine of the Trinity means that there is one God who eternally exists as three distinct Persons

    D Benton Smith

    What would you like to bet that the investigation and harbor repairs in the Key Bridge destructo-festival evolve and grow into a clusterfuck of historic proportions?


    As Scott Ritter recently said the entire Ukronazi officer corp (maybe not Lts and Capts) was totally corrupt from at least 2014 and probably earlier.

    All of them knew from the start they couldn’t prevail against Russia militarily and were counting on the economic sanctions working and Russia economically collapse first, not on the battlefield.

    Didn’t happen.

    Worse for them yet, they were stealing and grifting as fast as possible the last 10 years and staching the loot in Swiss bank accounts.

    But now the money hose is sputtering from the Empire of Lies and the Gravy Train is about to go off the tracks so many are simply vanishing from their posts at the front and getting out of Dodge, leaving the geriatric conscript enlisted men leaderless, ammo-less and food-less as the Russian Juggernaut crashes down upon them.

    Get a whiff of this:

    Director of UA Energy: “Russian Missiles Wrecked Our Grid: Their Accuracy is Amazing

    The damage is colossal: The accuracy of Russian missiles attacking the energy infrastructure is impressive, — the executive director of DTEK (Ukr Energy dep.)

    Missiles land within a radius of approximately 1 meter from the target.

    Think about that for a moment, 1 meter, that’s in your lap.

    The Russians can send cruise missiles into mountain railroad tunnels and have them detonate deep into the tunnels, from both ends at once, and collapse the tunnel trapping whole trains inside the mountain.

    The damage is colossal.

    For example, all units of the Burshtynskaya and Ladyzhynskaya thermal power plants were damaged as a result of the attack on March 22,

    8 missiles arrived at each station at the same time, said Sakharuk.


    I have no evidence to support it but I’d like to think the Baltimore Bridge Clusterfuck was the result of a Russian FSB op.

    Yah Baby, in-your-face.

    On DC’s doorstep

    An MMA master kick to the groin for the Pedo Joe Circus.

    Irreparably Crushed Duh’merican Transportation Gonads



    “Copernicus online portal offers terrifying view of climate emergency. Looking at the mass of information, there is only one conclusion: we are running out of time

    “…it seemed to this observer that scientists have been underestimating for some time how quickly the situation is deteriorating.”

    So naturally, you’ll be VPNing in behind the lines of China’s firewall to fight The Real Enemy, the prime source of Climate Emergency – Communism, the world’s largest CO2 producer BY FAR, right?

    This is your: “I’m goin’ in boys!” before you head into action? Or are you here to crusade just against Apsnaz or something?!?

    Or you’re HERE complaining to westerners who are already reducing CO2 output despite rising population and GDP BECAUSE China is already communist, right?


    Minnesota rebuilt its bridge in a year.
    The FSK bridge would no doubt take longer- but it wouldn’t have to.
    But I’m going with DBS. It will turn into a bigger metaphorical tangle than the literal one that now rests in the harbor.
    Think Big Dig sort of mess, and costs, and screw-ups, with the added modern benefits of DEI. In the meantime, some hazardous stuff will make its way into the 895 tunnel….

    Who wants a contract? Who wants a contract? …everybody gets a contract!



    D Benton Smith

    From Wikipedia (of all places!):
    “The Copernicus Climate Change Service[1] (abbreviated as C3S) is one of the six thematic services provided by the European Union’s Copernicus Programme. The Copernicus Programme is managed by the European Commission and the C3S is implemented by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF).

    The objective of the Copernicus Climate Change Service is to build an EU knowledge base in support of mitigation and adaptation policies for Climate Change and Global Warming. The goal of the operational Climate Change service is to provide reliable information about the current and past state of the climate, the forecasts on a seasonal time scale, and the more likely projections in the coming decades for various scenarios of greenhouse gas emissions and other Climate Change contributors.”

    Copernicus. EU Climate Change Program implementation. Need anyone say more?




    Seriously, what do you want The West to do about CO2, nuke all of China’s industrial centers? Threaten to hold our breath until China stops?

    Well, we’re probably making tons of CO2 with the Ukraine war. Nothing is probably coming over on the slow boat, but being shipped over in cargo planes. Even Taylor Swift isn’t producing THAT much carbon. Plus there is presumably additional resource, industrial, and transportation activity going into it from all sides.

    So we will see Climate Change believers protesting against the Ukraine war to stop the massive CO2 it is producing in 3… 2… 1… Not to mention demanding answers on Nordstream, the biggest release of greenhouse gasses by humans ever.

    Wait no they are all except for a little statistical noise, from a practical standpoint universally, wearing ukraine pins, putting ukraine signs in their front yards and chanting Slava Ukrainia…

    Oh hey. Just like the European Union, of whom Copernicus Climate Change Service is a tentacle


    …almost like CO2 isn’t actually the thing that is important

    Dr. D

    “What Does Woke Mean?”

    It means the same as Global Warming: Worldwide Global Communism. I didn’t know everybody didn’t already know this, but he acts like they don’t, so…

    And what he doesn’t follow up on is, every step, all Marx, then all race, than all gender, then all Climate, always means “Murder”. You are in a zero-sum death cage match with … everyone. So the logical inevitable conclusion of all Critical Theory is: Murder. Murder Early, Murder Often. Always Be Murdering. Murdering Spread Widely. Murder By Numbers.

    And you’ll see in their historical and history of actions, this is entirely true. Right after that, you’ll see the OTHER answer is “Here, you can’t handle that, why don’t you let us rich, powerful, well-meaning guys run it for a while. It won’t hurt a bit.” Just the tip.

    Dr. D

    On better news, what’s this doing here?

    A Guest on The View says “Enough with the Race Stuff!” It’s really CLASS. Dividing people is against everyone’s interests. …Of course 100% of the View pile on in direct opposition of Martin Luther King, and smear him with “So I heard you beat your mother” wait: — I — didn’t say that! I’m saying EVERYONE ELSE says that.. All day long…. I just repeat them on national TV for the public good. …Yeah, talk to your media lawyer about that, it’s Libel.

    Anyway, if we’ve lost and there are no good guys, what’s this guy doing here? Not on like Dore, but on The View? Setting the stage for everyone to have gone too far and be sick of it? Right on schedule?

    And Dore brings up what I don’t add in sentences enough: “Racism” and “White Supremacy” “And Then a Miracle Happened” suddenly appeared a day after Occupy Wall Street. Mentions in NYT, Google, WSJ and ALLLLLLLLLL the other Rich Peoples’ magazine suddenly rose 20x. One day after. All those Obama voters, like in MI and WI … by gosh they hit themselves on the brow and said, “What am I doing? I can’t vote for Obama! I’m a White Supremacist!” Just like “Black Klansman” Yup!

    Yup, that’s exactly how it happened. A DAY AFTER LEFT AND RIGHT, a day after BLACK AND WHITE, a day after ALL BUSINESSMEN, came together against Wall Street fraud and $23T bailouts, then back-paid to Congress.

    And what pissed me off Lo! These 15 years is: IT WORKED. It was sooooooooooooooo stupid, so transparent, so illogical, so against everything Left, Right Center, and it STILL WORKED. Slap me with a biscuit.

    And guess who else had trouble the DAY AFTER joining not a BLACK march, but a POOR MAN’S march? MLK. A month after coming out against the war and uniting race against class extraction, he was dead, dead, dead. May God have mercy on his soul.

    Back to today: Hey, what’s this doing here? Who called a truce on Critical Race Theory on National TV?

    D Benton Smith

    The Blob is so abysmally stupid that they think making terrifyingly unjust examples out of people (like they’re doing to Assange, and in Gaza and Ukraine, and many many others) will discourage opposition to the Blob’s nefarious plans. They think these acts of blatant terrorism will act as deterrents, and thereby serve the Blob’s purposes. They actually do believe that making examples out of heroes is DIFFERENT than making martyrs out of them, or, better yet, new LEADERS for the rising mob of victims, lessor martyrs and other potential warriors in the armies of Truth.

    There are enormous numbers of fine people who for one ill-advised reason or another have served in the ranks of the Blob. Perhaps they just like the money, prestige or security of membership in the upper classes of civilization. It is GUARANTEED that these salvageable souls will be EJECTED from the Blob (I think “cancelled”, “Law-fared” and “Arkancided” are the new terms for that sort of involuntary retirement plan.

    Some of those folks will remain jerks, but some (the better among them) will NOT remain jerks. They will repent and reform, and as they do so, the size and scope of the conflict will deepen and broaden accordingly. Those folks aren’t peasants with pitchforks. They’re grownups who still know how to prepare for and win fights, but even they are not ready for what comes next after they enter the fray. Like, what happens AFTER the system itself gets so damaged in the slug-fest that it fails to operate as expected? It’s the same system that they depend on as much or more than everyone else, so what will they do when that functioning system stops functioning to the extent and degree necessary to keep the house of cards upright?

    I honestly don’t think that any “AI” battle planning/wargame software outfit has the chops to war-game much of that out, at scale. It is heretofore uncharted territory, and as such will play out in the only way that it can. The REAL way, and THAT means that there is still one helluva lot more waking up to do, for everyone.

    D Benton Smith

    Kunstler made a good point about the FSK Bridge collapse fiasco that I had overlooked: INSURANCE. Insurance of many many kinds. All SORTS of insurance policies held by countless parties who just lost a LOT of money (probably trillions, if you add it all up) and every one of them is going to turn to their insurer in expectation of being paid for their insured losses.

    Frankly, I don’t see how the Insurance Industry itself can survive paying out those kinds of legal and legitimate insurance claims all at once. Layer upon layer of the “nested” system of investors and underwriters of the Insurance Biz are effected. It boggles my imagination trying to picture how far and deep the knock-on effects will go. Looks kinda like a 250′ tall tsunami of falling domines from where I’m standing.

    What mitigating effects of human self-preservation instincts and financial/legal countermeasures could slow or stop this bringing down the whole frigging system? Is this THE Black Swan everyone’s been anticipating, or am I just having a fever dream?


    Read a good book on risk and insurance like Against The Gods, and you’ll see a pretty good case that all modern progress – of EVERY type, even the progress that people who hate “progress” value most highly – was enabled by insurance at some basic level – ie being able to properly manage risk.

    Insurance assumes consistent rule of law, equality under the law and NOT a corrupt, continually chaotic society. No insurance then.

    Just look at what happens in Discworld when Twoflower introduces In-Sewer-Ants-Polly-Sea in Ankh-Morporkh for the first time. (It has something to do with, er… Echo-Gnome-Omics? The subterranean acoustics of gnomes?!??) A society totally incapable of HAVING insurance. Results in the city burning down. (Start with The Light Fantastic if you’ve never read Terry Pratchett, it’s basically fantasy Douglas Adams.)


    What mitigating effects of human self-preservation instincts and financial/legal countermeasures could slow or stop this bringing down the whole frigging system? Is this THE Black Swan everyone’s been anticipating, or am I just having a fever dream?

    Tom-Lord Alge, the man at the forefront of the Loudness Wars, THE mixing engineer most responsible for super-uber-mega-compression ruining all popular and rock music starting in the very late 90’s/early 2000’s once admitted in an interview, that compression ruins the dynamic AND sonic properties of music. (the compressor is intended as a dynamic processor, but can seriously mess with equalization) ie RUINS MUSIC and then said:

    “…but I can fix it. …with even more compression.”

    The “mitigating effects” are to pump more printed money from somewhere into whatever is determined requires it. Centrally planned economy via printing/spending. Our opinions, information, decisions are neither required nor wanted. Enough printed money can overwhelm ANYTHING.

    (“I have never known a fortress or city to stand that possessed a postern gate large enough to admit an ass laden with gold” – Philip of Macedon)

    And if printing threatens to skyrocket the price of gold or silver, no worries, we can print even MORE money, create some financial instruments for gold and silver, and pour the printed money into them to drive gold/silver prices DOWN with money printing.

    But as Ayn Rand points out, once you take control of everything, you have to RUN everything, MANAGE everything. But maybe you can tell AI to tell you what to do. THAT won’t get weird.

    D Benton Smith


    The “mitigating effects” are to pump more printed money from somewhere into whatever is determined requires it. Centrally planned economy via printing/spending. Our opinions, information, decisions are neither required nor wanted. Enough printed money can overwhelm ANYTHING.”

    Yes, I reckon the One-Trick-Pony will do it’s single trick for as long as it can get away with it. After all, doubling down is the only trick they’ve got.

    The big question is how long they can get away with it. Doubling down only works when the sucker is willing to accept whatever you’re using as money. Even a trillion “Dollars” ain’t worth much when a dollar is worth nothing. Reichsmarks and Confederate Dollars spring to mind.

    D Benton Smith

    It’s always nice to have more proof, even when you have no emotional or intellectual need for further proof.

    Ukraine paid the perpetrators for the Crocus City Hall massacre in Moscow.

    Dr D Rich


    Figmund Sreud

    Kunstler made a good point about the FSK Bridge collapse fiasco that I had overlooked: INSURANCE. – D Benton Smith
    I don’t think insurance/reinsurance is fretting much. On that Tuesday’s trading, reinsurers’ stock weren’t much affected. Arch Capital Group fell -0.4%, AXIS raised +0.1%, Everest Group fell -0.9%, RenaissanceRe raised +0.6%. Hannover Rueck raised +1.0%, and Swiss Re flat at 0%. Most losses should go to the International Group, … unless, of course “Joe Biden” group – as promised will pick up a tab!


    Figmund Sreud

    Interesting, I have been looking at multiple waterways for ship movement and I see that tug service currently is not as prolific as I remember. Here is a typical (Hamburg, Germany) shipping channel and I see employment of tugs
    very spotty. And so, Baltimore Harbour practices are not uniquely unsafe:


    Figmund Sreud

    Same ship as above, … arriving in another port:


    I think Mile Guo has an axe to grind with the CCP, so a whisle blower is suspect, and I have doubt about “tow” technology, but ya never know…


    Mish picked up on this close call, there’s nothing magic about open source being immune to back doors.

    Critical Backdoor Internet Security Breach Accidentally Found Before Implementation


    They won’t have to win the election
    With ballots unsigned or entangled.
    They just need a muddied selection,
    To ensure the results will be wrangled.

    Contesting every lost result
    Will be the next war’s catapult.

    Happy Easter, everyone!

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