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    Inge Morath Paris 1954   • Australia Hedge Fund Returns Cash To Clients Citing Looming Calamity (SMH) • Hong Kong Throngs of Thousands Defy Bid t
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    Really impressive!
    The chap in the middle is checking his smartphone, Paris 1954!

    V. Arnold

    @ garob

    LOL, not likely; but a nice take on 21st century observation and interpretations…

    E. Swanson

    Here’s a commentary from today’s WaPo:

    Donald Trump just threatened Germany over trade

    The author suggests a direct link between trade and national savings using classical economics, ignoring the fact that the banking system provides much of the new money added to the economic system thru loans. After reading that piece, it occurred to me that Steve Keen would have quite a bit to say in reply…

    Ken Barrows

    On US oil production: year over year, about 128% increase in rigs versus 10% or so increase in oil production. That cannot be good, can it?


    That picture of a Paris café in 1954 with the Pantheon in the background made me quite nostalgic. Thank you. Of course, Paris today is not a scratch on what it used to be IMHO. The monuments are still there, but the population is a different. It is amazing that the cachet of French fashion has not entirely disappeared.

    I am just beginning to make sense of what is really happening with the AGW story. I think this version is the right one.

    Global Warming is a war driven by oil and gas against coal …?

    Exxon and its rivals are now just as much in the gas business as the oil business. In any case, fake Renewable Energy is not a threat to the transport (i.e. oil) business.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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