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    “OK. I give up. Somebody tell me just who we are then.”

    “The United States of America is a rotting corpse being consumed by maggots. Democrats are cheering for the maggots. Republicans are cheering for the corpse.”

    We are a Nation of lies and liars. We are thieves, murderers, torturers, rapists and abusers.

    More than half the Nation is obese, more than half the nation is on psychotropic drugs for mental illness. We have the highest prison population per capita, highest cost for ‘health care’ and education.

    We have an over educated field of ‘expert’ critical thinkers without basic logic and reasoning skills. We are experts at stealing resources through unregulated predatory capitalism backed by militarism that profits from sustained conflicts, just as our health care profits from sustained illness.

    Our media is nothing more than paid advertisers for the corporate and political thieves. We are the most heavily brainwashed and propagandized society on the planet. We are a surveilence state that punishes truth tellers, truth seekers and whistle blowers. We have a militarized police state aligned with a military budget that increases every year, without fail.

    We are a Nation of ignorance combined with arrogance. How many States do we have? Can you find this country on a map? What is our Constitution? Branches of Govt? Basic history? Oh but you know about the latest cell phone model, tv show, hollywood gossip and sports news. USA numba one.

    We are a Nation of eternal five year old’s stuck in a fantasy star wars loop, super heroes, my favorite line from that movie, my favorite scene…. hahaha isn’t it all so funny? Game of Thrones- the ultimate fantasy, rape, torture, backstabbing, monsters, violence show. Based on a novel you say?

    We are a Nation that despises ‘reality’ because it is ‘so depressing’ they say. Incapable of realizing that living in fantasy and delusion is the root of internal angst. So we medicate ourselves into constant multi tasking distractions to hide from truth and reality. We consume- we consume garbage food, garbage entertainment, garbage work in the guise of meaningful life?

    We operate form the bottom chakras- feed me, entertain me, pleasure me with blood lust, revenge and violence at our core.

    Women can’t be defined and men are toxic and entitled they tell me. Children are now gender fluid and parents applaud self mutilation so they can be non binary things. Mutilated sex dolls.

    ‘No worries’ and ‘no problem’ now represent thank you. “I appreciate you” now stands for a basic action. “Have a nice day” is empty rhetoric and my pronouns reflect deep mental illness.

    We are a Nation led by irrational fears and phobias… lock downs to keep us all safe. Lock you up to keep us all safe. Perpetual Wars for profit to keep us all safe, perpetual vaccines to keep you healthy.

    When a Nation as ours has been at war for 98% of its existence, it will consume itself along with anything in its way. Americans don’t like Americans much these days, but collectively we’re always ready to hate the next enemy we’re told to hate. We hate ourselves, each other, the other and we now hate certain concepts or words, so I’m told anyway. Burn that Russian book.

    We can’t vote our way out of this and we can’t vote our way into anything better. As a nation we are incapable of admitting mistakes and learning from them. The excuses are as endless as our mistakes. We are not misguided. We are intentional and ruthless, morally and spiritually bankrupt.


    It was good to find the link Barenboim Beethoven Seventh over at NC ; I’ll watch (or only listen, as the case may be) when my computer cooperates. I’ve wanted to hear DB’s Beethoven recordings for awhile, but haven’t done it.

    Reiner / CSO is my favorite so far in the Seventh- disciplined, taut in a way that suits the piece, and in *very* good sound. Early stereo was often the best stereo.


    @ citizenx
    “OK. I give up. Somebody tell me just who we are then.”

    Pick the problems that you did not cause.
    Pick the problems that you can fix with the solution.

    1. Great Depression 2.0./recession
    2. Inflation100% .
    3. Great Stock Market Crashes, FTX bankruptcy
    4. Supply line disruptions/delays/failure
    5. Bank failure/financial crisis/rising interest rates/credit card failure/lending failures/rising taxes
    6. Increase Death and misery/drug overdose/suicides/vaccines/long covid/addiction
    7. Restructuration
    8. Real estate crash/re-evaluation
    9. social instability
    10. Wars (trade/information/propaganda/chemical/biological/emp)
    11. Mass migration
    12. deindustrialization
    13. pension funds totally collapse
    14. layoffs/bankruptcies
    15. Jubilees/canceling debts
    16. increase in crimes
    17. increase police activities
    18. freeze and seize assets
    19. censorship
    20. increase emergency use/war measure acts
    21. Failure of educational institutions
    22. unreliability/fudging/lying of statistics
    23. Increase of wrong opinions and lack of facts
    24. increase of disinformation/misinformation
    25. Increase of …. Quiet Quitting, decrease of assuming responsibilities, increase of fault pointing, avoiding responsibility
    26. loss of electrical energy. ( Too many functions to list that are needed/required for the operation of war, finance, and the operation of social/economic/political structures
    27. Decreasing cheap natural resources
    28. Global weather extreme/fluctuations
    29. Worldwide food insecurity
    30. Political instability


    I wonder what’s happening in The Ukraine.


    Losers backing losers = catastrophic losses.


    As a white person, and therefore an assumed supremecist, I am feeling completely left out of this FTX scandal … from AA, loved by fact checkers as a home-boy nazi, rather than a Ukronazi.


    This bit of info surfaced about a week ago.

    Today, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Sunday announced the US will sanction a transnational network that’s been illicitly supplying Russia with military technology to support its war in Ukraine.

    She identified that 14 individuals and 28 entities will fall under the sanctions, following widespread allegations particularly against Iran and North Korea. In the former case, advanced Iranian-manufactured suicide drones have been observed used with greater frequency by Russian forces on the Ukraine battlefield. Tehran has since admitted to selling Moscow drones; however, Iranian officials have claimed this was done before the invasion and the deal had nothing to do with the Ukraine conflict. (source: zerohedge)

    Many western companies are knotted up with Russia’s military supply chain, particularly Germany.


    Roughly 100 missiles launched a quarter hit their target. It’s estimated that 10 million Ukrainians are without power. It has been reported that Russia will be receiving/ have received these from Iran. They are more precise and more difficult to take out with the air defense systems they currently have.



    I seriously doubt only 25 out of 100 hit their target!

    Most of them hit their target!


    And we should note that in the middle of the inland floods in Australia’s eastern state, insurers have had enough, advising residents who live on floodplains (most of the good agricultural region) that their insurance won’t be renewed.’



    It’s not 100 and it’s not zero. There are sites that track these things, they rarely tie up with each other but 25% seems to be in ballpark. The Iranian missiles are bad boys, designed to whack Jews. They have pretty good air defense systems. The takeaway is that if Russia uses them, what will be the response. Crimea is pretty vulnerable in the moment. It’s just a pathway to escalation, that’s all.

    V. Arnold

    Formerly T-Bear

    A week plus and still counting? There must be a considerable fraction of the population that does not remember there was one at this point.

    Indeed, apparently nothing works in the U.S. in wonderland…
    Good to see you here; just got the internet back after a day with-out…rodent chewed through the fiber-optic line…


    @afktt #121131

    Everything you wrote is right, and put very succinctly. Thanks for the input.


    @citizenx #121158

    You are also right and you paint a sad and dismal picture. Unfortunately the cancer you describe has spread throughout the world and we all suffer from the consequences. Even so we are grateful for the honest outstanding Americans who share their views on this forum and to the many fine Americans that we’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

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