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    Max Ernst Ubu Imperator 1923   • Germany Promotes Moderna Shot As The ‘Rolls-Royce’ Of Covid Vaccines (RT) • German Politicians Refuse To Rule Ou
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    Formerly T-Bear

    It is nice to see Boscohorowitz, Triviality4eva, Dr D(uh), Phoenixvoice and several other interminable wannabe essayists and other serial commentators share their bandwidth with you for your offerings. (/sarcasm)

    Starting to look like the splitting point where the species become separated into two (or more) incompatible species: the vaxxed; the unvaccinated; the trans-vaxxed (yet to be determined).

    V. Arnold

    Max Ernst Ubu Imperator 1923

    Yuck! I don’t like it…
    …however; I do recognise the skill required to produce art such as this…

    …an art teacher I once knew told me that art was what ever he said it was..
    we were at a college art show at that time and I had questioned a few of the pieces…
    I thought long and hard on this……and in the end I agreed…

    The covid tyranny will bring us to the brink…
    Have we the guts to go to the streets to fight this? To the end?
    …I do not know…


    V. Arnold

    Formerly T-Bear

    It is nice to see Boscohorowitz, Triviality4eva, Dr D(uh), Phoenixvoice and several other interminable wannabe essayists and other serial commentators share their bandwidth with you for your offerings. (/sarcasm)

    And spot on observation…
    As long as RIM refuses to censor posters this will likely continue…
    Frankly; I’m in favor of no censorship; especially in light of the present global situation regarding the covid facisti blitzing the intertubes…
    That said; those named posters abuse their rights granted here by Ilargi…

    Keep on keeping on… 😉

    V. Arnold

    I would exclude Dr. D
    I’ve come to respect what he does…


    Dude if Dr D ever gets censored I’m off to meditate in a cave. At that point it’s game over.
    Also – how much does CJ Hopkins absolutely nail it! It’s like he reads Dr D or sommit.
    Got myself a few good workarounds going at the moment so got that good-looking’, underground vibe.

    But yeah violence is happening. Best to stay a few feet away for now.

    Dr. D

    Totally pointless post that goes on far too long. So, same as usual:

    Biological Female Prisoners Sue California After Officials Altered Complaints Over Trans ‘Male’ Sex-Offenders”

    The problem is more here: “have one blanket term that covers all who don’t fit into the usual mold”. Because the Natives could see “reality”, what was out there in the daily world, they didn’t have the western sense of “usual mold” in my opinion. Things were what they were, and if Bob acted like something, Bob was Bob and he’s also your cousin so you’ll have to deal with him. This is the nature of small communities quite probably, not creating an abstract demographic bell curve someone’s not conforming to. …While missing the whole point that EVERYONE on the Bell Curve is ‘normal’, as all bell curves have tails, and no bell curves have only the middles.

    Some people are “Two spirits” but that word has a specific meaning too, the meaning is more not-sexual-descriptor but spirit-descriptor, and most people aren’t that. It might be easier to take a gradation as most aspects of reality are. Some people are born highly polarized into their gender (whatever THAT is either), some are middle, some are comfortable either way so it would never occur to them if not barraged with persuasion. Some are further out, and even to a point where they have to choose, which may not mean much to “choose”, just push your emphasis, soft or hard. And some will probably be born and remain that way and could probably still be changed using deep shamanic measures, but why would you? What would be the point unless “God made a mistake” in the first place, and isn’t that rebellion? “I know why God created me and the world so I’m going to uncreate it”?

    My point in bringing it up is that these guys are dissolving reality itself. Gender both exists and is the most important thing in the world, and also doesn’t exist and can be picked new each morning. You’re both born gay, so there’s no choice and we must have tolerance, AND you can choose your gender any time you like, or fluid non-genders, like waterkin no one’s heard of. It’s infantile. You ARE something. We don’t have to define it, it doesn’t have to fit a stereotype, but it exists. The point of “gay,” “straight,” ‘waterkin’ or whatever is to make OTHERS behave in a pre-established way towards you. That I neither care nor obey them, is therefore a furious, unforgivable act – even though I have the same behavior and opinion to straight people and don’t involve myself in their sex lives either.

    Don’t you know where I put my penis is the most important thing in the world? I simply MUST tell you all about it, and you MUST treat me accordingly. …But I don’t care about you, your penis, or what you do with it. We’re not best friends and it’s rude and pretty off-color to force this private, unnecessary information on me. You’re Bob, bagging my groceries, and that’s enough for me. In addition, your penis is the LEAST important thing in the world, and it makes me think less of you that you attach so much importance to it and not your goodness, morality, and immortal soul which ARE important aspects, and although I’m polite, it kind of makes you seem pretty shallow to me, sorry. In addition to an astonishing and dangerous (medically) round of sleeping around to come to this focus and enlargement of this minor aspect of self. …Which as ego is ALSO minor. So a minor of a minor, turned into your whole identity.

    So it’s a multiple form of violence: to impose it on you, to demand a canned behavior, and to go nuclear if you don’t get the reaction you have no reason to demand from me. And that part has nothing whatsoever to do with your person and your orientation. It’s gotten so bad the straight world has had to form a careless and unconscious response to it “I don’t care what you do, just don’t put it in my face”. Pretty similar response as the world had to Christian evangelizing. Identical maybe. The key part is the first one: “I don’t care,” “Leave me alone”, but they only hear the second part as: “you can’t express yourself” “you’re not allowed to be.” Which CAN be what they mean, but you can see my diagnosis, isn’t REALLY what they mean. Imagine a world where people are relatively private and formal. No one would care because they’re not going to your parties or your bedroom. It’s already a crime to assault someone. Seems like everything’s settled. BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT WE’RE GETTING. And I’m afraid – in fact too late – that antagonizing the majority in weird, cruel, and outlandish ways will cause a terrible backlash that will put “gay rights” (whatever that means – remember, there are no genders so there is no orientation) back to 1960.

    We also have the problem that this sort of thing is notorious for appearing at the end of a culture, when it collapses. There’s a vague unease then that it causes collapse, or the moral rot is represented by it, but I really think it represents something different. As people are on a gradation, how do you get more people to orient and push themselves opposite to their, well, supposed birth gender, whatever that is/means? And I really think being grounded in the earth, into life, reality, causes you to see and feel and express that innate, universal voice that is very subtle. And you may think being a woman is stupid and men have it all, which is visible, intellectual, and drive your body that way, into being more man-like and man-being from your mind. But when you see and feel the subtle earth, the power of yin or yang, whichever you are, you might also say “Ah, this day has made me understand it – my gender, the self type I was born with – connect with it, and think it’s pretty good after all. Maybe I’ll go with it. Tie into it stronger.” As you know, the focal point of TV and advertising is to make us perennially discontented with all we have and are, and that something we show you is always better. Which it isn’t. For YOU. Because you are you and not a TYPE, and the box and limits of that TYPE would crush and confine you.

    Because strangely gender isn’t born so much but people come about it, grow into their “gender”– whatever that is — especially when they’re young, hearing the voice of What Is, or I Am, comes from quiet, grounded places and cultures. So if you unmoor and unground a culture, it’s so frentic, so loud, so overmentalized, and therefore so screwed up that the ungrounding draws people away from who they are and what they would be into some plays and stories, ideas and ego abstractions instead of going deeper into discovering their whole selves. Then they attach to this IDEA of something, IDEA of gender, what is gender? A stereotype? From the ‘50s? From the 80s? Of Soviet women on the Eastern Front? What? This is all mental. The IDEA of what it is instead of a body that includes so much MORE than ideas, mentalism, abstractions. Which are fun, sure, and seem big, but ultimately are hollow and make you deeply unhappy and unfilfilled.

    You can see that now when, arguably the world has never been more permissive or tolerant of genders since Rome, gay people or especially trans are deeply unhappy, measurably, statistically unhappy, and neither coming out, nor gender changes, nor anything seems to work, suicide rates are significantly higher, long-term relationships are less common, assault is high — and usually from partners — dangerous sex and drug use are rampant, and instead of looking at the beliefs and paradigm that led them there, blame straight people they never met for their free-floating unhappiness. It’s not a road I would choose, for myself or anyone near me. If you’re capable of choosing. Most people I know who have chosen it are noticeably more unhappy, and have more difficult relationships and more difficult lives. If you must, you must, I guess, and very personal, no business of mine, but since history seems to suggest the wild majority have a choice, you can most probably choose not to make life additionally hard on yourself. And what would be the point? The purpose, the gain? But you can. Go ahead. Just don’t blame me for it and claim favors from me afterwards. I would have told you to go this other direction, follow this other, deeper voice, and be happy. I had to, to find out, to choose how respond, same as everyone else.

    Denninger is correct in my opinion. Unfortunately, it’s not simple to discuss nor has a magic bullet, so no one will read. This is matching 10 years of mRNA failure (or success, depending on your goals) where it might cause protection, but then immune collapse and killing everyone when presented with any similar wild strain. This may go further into more different flus or diseases than expected, but remains to be proven. The cancer numbers are not promising. And “not promising” in this environment means “almost certainly true.”

    CJ Hopkins is describing self defense. An inalienable right given to us at birth by our Creator.

    “Ukraine Boasts Of Blocking Nord Stream 2 Pipeline (RT)”

    Does self-defense apply to people trying to freeze and starve you out? For profit?

    “Even Reuters Tripping Out On 55-Year Delay To Release Pfizer Vax Data (ZH)”

    I will consider taking the vaccine when I can read the Pfizer data. Which is in 55 years.

    I guess there’s going to be a lot of families walking over the Alps and fleeing to Vermont this year. Hope they can sing.

    I don’t know, I feel like the comment section is half the interest. Didn’t T-Bear comment himself, back in the day?

    The posts are being scanned harder, denied as bots more. I have to log out/in, and when refreshed will revert instead of showing latest. So it’s the software.


    “Kirsch may be taking it a step too far. It’s not a game show.”

    Prove it. 😉 Winky aside: prove it.

    Financial incentives for getting vakzinated. Silly “public awareness” market campaigns involving grownups dressed in costumes that would win 1st Prize at a The Price is Right cosplay convention. Talking head experts on TV reducing public discorse on the topic to “science saysz’ ala “Survey says!”

    If there’s a model that describes contemporary Euromerican reality, it’s Game Show. I say this with absolute absence of facetiousness.
    My ego wants to respond to V. Arnold and T-Bear, but then I remember the adage: don’t feed the trolls.

    Field Able

    Michael Gunner goes full Cactus

    As far as I can tell from his own statement, this prick is largely rounding up Aboriginals/native Australians for internment at the Howard Springs “Center for National Resilience”.

    COVID Update: Media Statement, 21 November 2021

    He has; 1) directly targeted the most vulnerable and powerless social/cultural group in the country, 2) stripped them of their autonomy and basic human rights in order to 3) impose forced transport by the military to 4) isolation/imprisonment in a built for purpose concentration camp.

    What a piece of…work.

    Formerly T-Bear

    V. Arnold at # 93303
    Had I omitted Dr D from mention concerning bandwidth an accusation of discrimination could be leveled, no defensible reply could be made. I use the D(uh) as a relic of my first impression of the Dr’s early essays those many years ago, when reading one would come across some assertion, either narrowly or excessively broadly drawn that was arguable and reading would halt at that point, the greater fraction of the piece unread. However, over the years, practice has tended to smooth those obstacles slightly. Recently the good Dr produced a short essay that was concise, focused AND coherent, drawing a posted comment from me (IISRC). Your milage obviously differs but I can live with that.


    @Tim Groves,

    Thanks for the “in Japan” perspective. I would post a link to the song “Turning Japanese” by the Vapors but it’s pretty cheesy.


    I would exclude Dr. D
    I’ve come to respect what he does…”

    I’m with V.A. on DD… even his “Totally pointless post that goes on far too long. So, same as usual” stretch my thinking. It’s like reading Jonathon Turley (but different!).

    Denninger says: “UM (Ann Arbor) is reporting a wildly-virulent outbreak of “the worst flu ever” but the testing for Covid is coming back negative. They’re claiming its a strain of flu but that’s even worse because that strongly implies that the immune damage isn’t Covid-19 specific.”

    Operative word most often seen in MSM: “claiming”. says “”We quickly identified these cases as influenza A(H3N2) virus infections,” Lindsey Mortenson, University Health Services medical director, said in the November 15 news release. “Partnering with the CDC will accelerate our understanding of how this flu season may unfold regionally and nationally in the setting of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

    And they then go on to discuss the family tree of flu viruses, symptoms, etc.


    Speaking of bandwidth: if one feels compelled to dialog with another at TAE regarding one’s opinions on others at TAE, rather than deal with the myriad issues that TAE is designed to address, I recommend one exchange eddresses with those whom with one wishes to engage such petty gossip.

    Oh, the bandwidth! (insert Hindenberg in flames)

    those darned kids

    as if scrolling were difficult..

    each of the slighted commenters brings something very unique and, in my view, very important, especially in these times where finding someone who has not gone mad is becoming ever more difficult.

    doc d brings slicing edge insight, bosco brings humour and a compendium of facts, references and titillation (winky!), phoenix brings empathy and soul, and thanks to trivium i now have a use for all those old pennies (¡crunch!).

    on this lifeboat of sanity, patience is certainly a virtue, and each voice is a welcome voice in my most humble opinion. i mean, electrons is cheap..

    now, if only bender (deflationista) could/would/should/might grow a soul…

    those darned kids
    those darned kids

    fun times (a study of german states with government stats):


    Looks like we have ourselves a Woke Global Citizen(troll): @formerly-t-bear. I was wondering how long it would take someone from the Blue Church to show up and slap some righteous censorship around TAE!


    Ok this is scary, but insightful. It looks like they Global Elite are following this game plan from Biderman’s Chart for Coercion:

    Biderman's Chart for Coercion

    At least we know where are ware in the process 🙁


    “Don’t you know where I put my penis is the most important thing in the world? I simply MUST tell you all about it, and you MUST treat me accordingly. …But I don’t care about you, your penis, or what you do with it. We’re not best friends and it’s rude and pretty off-color to force this private, unnecessary information on me. You’re Bob, bagging my groceries, and that’s enough for me. In addition, your penis is the LEAST important thing in the world, and it makes me think less of you that you attach so much importance to it and not your goodness, morality, and immortal soul which ARE important aspects, and although I’m polite, it kind of makes you seem pretty shallow to me, sorry. In addition to an astonishing and dangerous (medically) round of sleeping around to come to this focus and enlargement of this minor aspect of self. …Which as ego is ALSO minor. So a minor of a minor, turned into your whole identity.”


    I’ve been loath to tell my brother (who is gay), for fear of the very reaction Dr. D describes, that his orientation is secondary to his humanity. Also that we all would be wise to think of ourselves as human first, our identities last. Our identities are only good for seeking those with similar traits for warmth, not as a battle cry to war. Our orientation toward cooperation is what has ensured our survival for hundreds of thousands of years, and our fixation on our “place” has been destructive. Perhaps we’ll learn this again.


    Lie Booster

    Psychologically how well adapted are people into admitting they were lied to about the vaccine?

    Anecdotally, it appears that there is a streak of schadenfreude attitude in the Vaxxed. “I took one for the team; now it is your turn.”

    I’m not sure if we have the commonly shared values to “Do the right thing” vs. “Do the popular/expected thing” in today’s society.

    As JHK often says: “We live in a world where anything goes, and nothing matters.”

    What do some of the members of TAE think? Will there be a more significant proportion of society who took the Jab say “Enough is enough,” or will they be forced to get in line behind the official narrative?


    “White Noise” is what you don’t agree or support
    Totally pointless post that goes on far too long.
    What student is willing to challenge the opinions of the professor that hold the keys to the future
    Who has time to research, read, understand papers that don’t support the opinions of Fauci
    Get in step or get out of this parade
    Say nothing, don’t feed the trolls – Fauci
    The official narrative according to Fauci


    The Ireland graph that Raul linked this morning reminded of the chart that was associated with the “What happened in Central Europe” tweet that was mentioned last night in the comments. The basic premise is that this wave was being triggered by a significant drop in relative humidity. Here are vaccination statistics (% fully vaccinated and % bolstered) for those countries (also included Ireland which is not part of Central Europe)

    Croatia 40% / 0.0%
    Slovakia 42% / 0.0%
    Slovenia 46% / 0.0%
    Czechia 56% / 0.2%
    Hungary 58% / 9.2%
    Austria 62% / 1.6%
    Germany 65% / 1.4%

    Ireland 75% / 1.4%

    Potential trigger(s) for latest wave

    Humidity drop

    Late summer/early fall rollout of boosters

    Rush to get school age children jabbed for school



    Maybe you can be forgiven because you are new here, but T-Bear is my long term personal friend, and most certainly not a troll.

    Maxwell Quest

    I came across this gem yesterday and felt it might be helpful to some in the TAE community who are struggling to adapt to recent changes in their level of awareness:

    Climbing The Ladder of Awareness

    And being the non-compliant (stubborn) type, unwilling to be classified or forced into a box, I seem to have gone down both the “outer path” and “inner path” to cope with my own newly acquired awareness, although the inner path has always been my default, or innate preference.

    Keep in mind that this “Ladder of Awareness” is a crude representation of a process that is extremely complex – the evolution of consciousness. Using myself an example, I’m certain that in most areas I am still “Dead asleep” (Stage 1), whereas in some others I am approaching a system-level (Stage 5) awareness.


    I’ve provided my email several times. Anyone wants to bash me, or gossip about others, let’s get a room, ok?

    I have critiqued posters here, particularly Dr. D. (to the point of wondering if he wasn’t a pro paid to sow division; but he responded as a genuine generate human being in a live-and-let-live manner that ended those suspicions). I’ve critiqued logic and data, not the posters themselves.

    A troll is as a troll does. Today, T-Bear ascted like a troll, barging in from nowere with pointless ad hominems. ThIs is true regardless of how many shots of ouzo he and Rauil may have tossed back together. Same for v. Arnold although this is a recurrent pattern for him so his version of troll-is-as-troll-does moves closer to something like trolls-b-trolls.

    I vowed “personality silence” a week or so ago, and have stuck to news/questions/pertinent analysis since then, but as always in my life, the best way to be disrespected and bothered by others is for me to mind my own business. People can’t STAND someone who is sufficient unto themself and is free to do as they will per the Crowley dictum (“Do What Thou Wilt”).

    So I’ll resume just being my own happy-ass-self, dedicating the following to those who feel the need to take a pot-shot at me and others:

    Vacant Holsters

    Stop trolling and it’s all good. If you must troll, please: get a room.

    Figmund Sreud

    Because strangely gender isn’t born so much but people come about it, grow into their “gender”– whatever that is… – Dr. D.

    Gender madness:



    On the mystery of Africa not being decimated by Covid (prev. thread):

    quote…But there is something “mysterious” going on in Africa that is puzzling scientists, said Wafaa El-Sadr, chair of global health at Columbia University. “Africa doesn’t have the vaccines and the resources to fight COVID-19 that they have in Europe and the U.S., but somehow they seem to be doing better,” she said.

    Just a news article so who knows. If covid ‘scientists; aka gvmt. / corporate / other sleazy spokes-persons were sincere in their analysis, they would glibly mention:

    — much, much, younger population

    — few oldies over 70 or so with serious co-morbities

    — less fatties and obese ppl (in most places)

    — less travel, more time spent outside, more ‘natural’ activity (walk, bike, weed etc., do laundry, etc.) perhaps less food / fast food, dangerous meds, and more.

    — maybe: vaxxed against TB (BCG vax), taking ivermectin for parasites, other (if effective or not no matter)

    Reportedly Bill Gates waved his hands and said he didn’t know…here an older article (where ‘young’ is mentioned by him)

    They can’t pontificate / jaw around about this, because they know the COV deaths in the West are due to corruption, control of Med. regulatory circuits, financial incentives thrown at compliant and greedy admins and docs, old ppl being locked up with controlled med. staff / rules (perhaps even killing some off by isolation and opacity of poor care/treatment protocols), statistical cheats, and so on, so they just pretend to be dumbfounded.

    A naive person would mention the points laid out above. (South Africa has had the most problems and deaths? Afaik?..)


    But wait! There’s more! Follows is an exchange I had this morning in private with a TAE irregular inspired by a meme shared by our host in today’s TAE:

    bosco: health crisis or natinal insanity?


    TAE irregular: “Neither one. The term you’re looking for is premeditated murder. When it’s done on this scale, however, it’s usually called genocide. You might think I’m using gallows humor to make a really really dark joke, but I’m not. I’m deadly serious. What we’re experiencing is the most carefully planned genocide in the history of the world. Defense against it is quite difficult because the “benefactors” planners and executives are not accessible for us to shoot . They live high up and far away, surrounded by well armed security. Their minions and henchmen are too stupid and ignorant to positively identify as knowingly culpable enough to shoot on sight . . . and the lowest level killer-goons are just too fucking numerous ( like TENS OF MILLIONS ) to eliminate by any means short of WW2 style mass combat. Solution : just go on living until further notice, and when the crisis hits your doorstep (i.e. when you have been backed into the last corner and must either kill or be killed) then do what ya gotta do. It’s just a war in the oldest fashion sense of the word. Non-humans have been living (and thriving) under those rules since life emerged on the planet and seem to be doing pretty well overall. Why should humans be any exception?”

    bosco: Premeditated murder is another example of Blaming the Boss. We allow this to happen. We fund it and enshrine it. I don’t believe it is ” the most carefully planned genocide in the history of the world” although my belief is just that: my belief. The data fit the Premed Murder genocide case as well as the collective insanity case.

    Either way, crises will affect our doorsteps.

    Also, I don’t think comparison of homo saps with general life on earth fits here. None of them have the cognitive prostheses we have (beginning with rational symbolic language). While we share with other species a basic biological armature of instincts and such, from there we veer rapidly away, beginning with our departure from the Law of the Jungle: destroy-and-consume only to maintain life. We consume everything we can find.

    This comes from the guy who actually believes there is a high probability of dark Satanic Overlords/ET manipulators/exploiters involved in all this somehow. Said belief is useless in functional reality; it only serves the philosophical curiosity and anxiety of my soul. What use there is in nurturing my soul this way is a vast topic, so I’ll just say that it helps me and encourages me to be good amid espair, and who knows? Maybe the Lord does guide my path when I devote my consciouesness to him. If I heard voices in my heads I’d follow them but I don’t so I follow Dah Lawd.

    Knowing that the likes of Soros/Gates are what I’ll call Functionally Evil doesn’t provide any useful knowledge for me other than to remind me to exercise what I already know: don’t trust anyone with whom you don’t know or have a contract to deal fairly and benevolently with you, and be prepared to back up contract agreements with enforcement, be it attorney, public shaming, or baseball bat.

    The most carefully planned and efficient genocide in modern history was the Shoa, and that developed out of provisional arrangements over the course of less than 20 years.

    I think that The Powers That Be are just fucking up as selfishly and blindly and deludedly in their exercise of the enormous powers available at their level, as we are fucking up selfishly, blindly, and deludedly on our level.

    Jesus, confronted by Satan, didn’t fight or fixate on the little fucker. He said, “Get thee behind me, Satan” i.e., sniff my farts and eat my dust. He (and I) focus on following God, the probable source of all this and, I choose to believe, a reliably benevolent entity.

    So yeah, they’re rounding up, in Australia’s Northern Territory, a community suspected of, er, ‘harboring covid virii’ even though they are already self-isolating way out in the middle of nowhere: Kowa Bunga, Dude , and yes, these are the line of white supremacists who’ve run Australia since the day it graduated from penal colony to Asshole Nation # 1 of the planet, but that’s opportunism, in my book, just like making a ton of money via the covid pretext has become THE global industry of choice.

    Genocide? Class genocide by the uber-wealthy on the more or less rest of us? BIologically nuking their customer base? That’s a job for evil aliens and malevolent demiurges, not bimbos like Gates who’s stupid enough to get sucked into Epstein’s kompromat machine:

    What? Me Worry?

    This guy does the worst impression of Dr. Evil ever. It’s like Woody Allen playing Darth Vader.

    Either way, we’re nationally insane and, one way or another, we have brewed one helluva health crisis:


    @ Tim Groves
    Much appreciation for sharing how it is on the ground in Japan.

    @ Dr D
    Enjoyed your rant today re gender, et al.
    My daughter has gravitated towards the gender non-conforming crowd at school. Apparently, in a new school in the middle of second grade it was the older, lgbtqi kids who were immediately kind to her and befriended her. (It was a multi-grade classroom.) That was nearly six years ago. So now I’ve witnessed some in her friend group as they are navigating puberty and taking on various lgbtqi identities. My daughter is doing the same. And I’m hearing her perspective on her friends. Interestingly, last year most of my daughter’s friends were female; this year most are male. I observed her doing what I would consider “flirtatious” behavior with a male friend last week, yet in her mind she is only interested in girls that way. Definitely odd to tell kids that their identity is a matter of choice…when I don’t see it that way, identity bubbles up, and is discovered/realized over time, although cultural taboos and other issues can cause it to become suppressed. I suppose that I am trying to understand this lgbtqi phenomenon. I think that it is good to accept folks as they are…I see it problematical when lgbtqi is almost seen as a “hero badge,” or something that teens need to “figure out” so that they can announce their preferences. I think that the way lgbtqi is being expressed culturally promotes stress in teens who feel obligated to sort it all out. (There are so many things that teens need to sort out in our culture — why pressure them in this area?)

    The blanket statement: “ gay people or especially trans are deeply unhappy, measurably, statistically unhappy, ” doesn’t conform to my anecdotal experience. However that may be because when I sought out a “religious home” as a functional atheist it was with a congregation with a large percentage of lgbtqi folks. Overall, those I interacted with there had stable lives and relationships — just as much as the hetero-normative folks that I know. I suspect that stable people were more likely than most to seek out the congregation and attend regularly than those who were not stable. (The biggest exception was a trans-man who clearly had severe issues, on disability for bipolar personality disorder…kept life stable for himself and his two daughters just barely. He is kind, but cannot emotionally handle the stress of regular employment. I respected that he maintained a stable life for his kids, including good schooling, extra curricular activities, and family therapy.). I suspect that people with stability issues often try out lgbtqi identities as “solutions”…making it difficult to know the source of the instability — the lgbtqi lifestyle/identity? Or other issues that may co-occur? I found the same instabilities present when my ex insisted that we (i.e. he) get involved in the local polyamory and related subcultures — many of those involved were not very stable, although there were a handful who had been in the community a very long time who who were stable, with stable relationships.

    @ Bosco “ If there’s a model that describes contemporary Euromerican reality, it’s Game Show.”

    I appreciate the varied voices. If I’m not up to all the reading that day, I scroll.

    The OAS — an institution that needs to go:

    “No Mas!” Nicaragua Quits OAS as EU Tries to Undermine Venezuela Elections


    Repeated link to petition signed by Canadian lawyers against vaccine mandates. Very well- argued. Concerned citizens are also invited to sign. It was launched by a law professor at Queen’s University.

    Visits here at TaAE are like reading the best selection of news altogether and then going to the virtual coffee shop (or doggie park with your coffee) to share insights into the news or commiserate about life or share a laugh or a tune.



    Mr. House

    I’ve got a week to get jabbed or bye bye work


    @Bosco, we don’t have to guess. The Money Power Monopolist families FINANCE their agendas — they control the money, who gets it, and where it goes. Not every dollar, but every dollar that matters to their agenda! They don’t care where lots of the money goes as long as THEIR AGENDA IS IMPLEMENTED.
    They KNOW their agenda is immoral, SO THEY WON’T DO IT. Rather, they hire pathological money seekers they consider to be Luciferian trash to do the dirty work.
    So, in a very real sense, both you and your TAE irregular are BOTH CORRECT, but you are looking at different layers of the system, as opposed to the system as a whole and breaking down multiple layers within the single Money Power Fascist system.
    They reveal how it works… in imagery. Look at the back of the $1 bill the Money Power designed to mock us. It is a pyramid of BRICKS. Layers of BRICKS. Then there is a GAP to the NON-BRICK ALL SEEING EYE. The Money Power is at the top, AND LAYERS OF BRICKS BELOW THEM.
    The bricks are insane, even the well paid ones. Sure, they have it good when it comes to getting paid now, but they work for a degeneracidal system… genocide via self-inflicted degeneration.
    “My people perish for lack of knowledge” is viewed as a mandate, not from a Pants Pooper, but from “Source.”
    Oh, and I don’t support the disrespect sent your way — you deserved to have you name mocked. Using your actual nick was insulting, when an emo is trying to insult you based on their own Fe-ars and insecurities. You at least deserve the respect of irrational ad hominem when someone is emoting because they can’t handle the Ugly Truth, and can’t wield logic any better than a set of nunchucks against Bruce Lee and his nunchucks…


    “Africa doesn’t have the vaccines and the resources to fight COVID-19 that they have in Europe and the U.S., but somehow they seem to be doing better,” she said.

    There is no mystery. The average person in Africa isn’t eating iron fortified foods, and their matrilineal line hasn’t been eating iron fortified foods for generations.

    CovFeFe, whatever it really is, CAUSES TOXIC IRON STORED IN INTRA-CELLULAR FERRITIN TO “BUST OUT OF JAIL” and drive oxidative stress… and cytokine storms (the storm that ended the calm… oh, the Money Power loves to mock you to your face through their operatives… all to prove in their own minds we are unfit, and deserve to die because only the fit survive, right? Natural Law, and all.

    Ferritin explodes in the serum of the worst CovFeFe cases because it gets ejected from the cell after the iron does its jailbreak routine.

    Why is iron so key? Read Daniel 2:43 — the Money Power have, and they believe God has sanctioned any type of iron related damage they can inflict on the Scripturally ignorant debt-based money moron classes.

    It really isn’t complex… once the emo-blinders are removed, anyway.


    I’ve got a week to get jabbed or bye bye work

    Read Title VII if in America. Rothschild told you you have the responsibility to KNOW your rights — and stop depending on others to defend yourself (they won’t do it).

    Athiests can have a religious exemptions — base it on “natural law.” This is your belief that the world works a certain way, and you believe you are supposed to work within the constraints of “natural law.”

    Spend time over at Peggy Hall The Healthy American on Youtube. You can get an exemption in many cases. There may be a few where you can’t, but MAKE SURE YOU KNOW, BECAUSE OTHERS WILL MISLEAD YOU.

    Stand for your unalienable rights. A religious exemptions is NOT a gift, it is YOUR RIGHT, so claim it as such, using the data and logic to support your case. I bet your company HR has never even read Title VII.


    The Money Power Monopolist families FINANCE their agendas — they control the money, who gets it, and where it goes.

    Currency (current) flows through banks (guiding the currency/current) to where the Money Power want it to flow… Hidden in plain language.

    “When has a displacement technology ever been welcomed? Particularly when it would completely undo the entire world structure of financial slavery and oppression!
    Energy IS the global economy! You do understand this!
    Mr UK enquired about a utopia world. Free energy makes this an immediate reality. Tesla already did the heavy lifting, He was a true genius, and note that he is seldom discussed in the educational system anywhere in the world.
    I can’t imagine why!
    Laughing out loud!
    Zippy, do you think you can be the energy messiah? Is that your destiny?
    Note: Don’t count on going to your local bank branch for working capital!
    Laughing out loud!

    I will tell you, Zippy, that all the information is publicly available to create free energy. The problem was that Tesla forgot to design in a METER!
    Those wacky engineers!!
    Laughing out loud!
    Edison had the good sense to invent a light bulb that is about 2% energy efficient! Good Edison!
    Laughing out loud!
    Get to it, Zippy! Times a wastin’! YOU can create the utopia that Mr UK longs for!
    Laughing out loud!”

    He can’t be any more clear about their ability to direct money in order to accomplish their goals.


    Unvaxed sperm commands 400% premium

    The young un-vaxed will have Golden DNA and no one will marry or even date the vaxed before long, much less have sex and exchange any bodily fluids.

    The depopulation agenda behind the Plandemic is counting on sterilizing an enormous quantity of young adults who were already previously experiencing a steep decline in viable sperm and eggs.

    Now, the young adult with any sense who wants to have children would NEVER mate with a vaxed (contaminated with spike protein bio-weapon) possible mate if they wanted any chance at healthy children.

    I already have two first hand accounts of young engaged couples within my direct circle of friends who broke up because one party discovered the other had enormous student loan debt and they didn’t want to start out married life with a huge burden of debt. It’s hard enough to afford a home and car etc without starting off owing hundreds of thousand of dollars in student loans.

    Well, add to that a deformed genetic makeup because you took the spike protein bio-weapon Clot Shot, and it become a real DEAL BREAKER in the long term relationship department.

    Wait until the full scope of the mRNA damage to reproductive capacity becomes obvious and Un vaxed sperm will reach 40000% premium, up there with The Children of Men nose bleed level.


    I like to hear from all voices. It broadens my view, just as seeing the world did when I was younger. So if someone talks about Rome’s three traffic rush hours each day, I know what they are talking about!

    Please keep those voices coming! Yes, bender needs to gain a soul!


    I don’t think it will take the natives in northern Australia very long to figure out, to not alert the authories by getting tested! One can see that behavior change coming a mile away!


    Re Henry, Biderman’s chart
    “Makes resistance more “costly” than compliance.”


    @ Ctbarnum
    “… orientation is secondary to his humanity.” and: “ Our orientation toward cooperation is what has ensured our survival for hundreds of thousands of years,”. Yes! And yes!

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