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    René Magritte The endearing truth 1966   • Harsh Penalties Mulled For Resisting Compulsory Vaccination In Austria (RT) • DeSantis Says Lockdowns
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    This year’s must have Christmas toy.

    Table football: Pfizer edition 2021.


    V. Arnold

    Table football: Pfizer edition 2021.

    LOL, so true…and no…it is not funny…but, the absurdity of todays reality is sad beyond measure…and a dierct measure of our place in history…

    Dr. D

    “White House Quietly Delays Vaccine Mandate As Another Federal Judge Objects”

    Lies, and this from ZeroHedge. No, they didn’t “delay” they stopped. They didn’t CHOOSE to do it, they were MADE to do it, because it’s completely illegal (pending review). That’s USUALLY how we describe these things.

    “UK Bureaucrats Abandon Term “Christmas” Over Fears It May Offend Minorities”

    People who believe in Christmas ARE the minority. But like Orthodox Jews, they’re the GOOD minority, the kind you can mock, jail, oppress and feel good about.

    “Moderna Boss Says Vaccines Likely No Match for Omicron (F24)”

    Oh noes! Now we’ll all have a mild head cold! Actually if it similar they should MAKE people get it, because it probably gives natural immunity.

    would be dangerous to shift all production to an Omicron-specific shot with other strains of the virus still in circulation.”

    Is that ‘cause your vaccine doesn’t work against anything, including any variant ever seen? Yeah, it’s “not a vaccine” then. Also “Vaccines” provide “Lasting immunity”. Yours don’t last 90 days. So it’s “Not a vaccine.” Check a dictionary.

    “Pfizer Systematic Deployment in USA (Paardekooper)”

    “In the first cluster, we have 12 highly toxic batches all appearing in close temporal proximity – and all within a defined range of 2000 to 3000 x base toxicity. In the second cluster, we have 3 highly toxic batches…” etc.

    Ding ding ding! Now how does the Docktor know this, almost immediately when it comes out? Because he looks? At any facts and data? A teeny bit? And bet ya, bet ya, the other companys’ all accidentally, coincidentally, do the same thing. Which accidentally, coincidentally would have the effect of killing the maximum number of people. “Cause everything’s a coincidence in #AntiLogicLand.

    “There won’t be a new lockdown if everyone gets vaccinated and takes booster shots, and masks up indoors, does exactly whatever they are told forever, US President Joe Biden said” Fixed it.

    so we reduce the number of people who aren’t protected to such a low degree that we’re not seeing the spread”

    Wow! Me too! I’m so glad we agree. However, were are seeing a sharp RISE in spread instead, exactly wherever people are vaccinated. So want to stop yanking me now?

    “Biden’s ban on travel from Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, Malawi and South Africa – imposed in response to the Omicron variant’s appearance in that region – went into effect on Monday morning.”

    So much here. So the RACIST travel ban. Because it’s on southern Africa. Which according to the media have “brown” people. And of course the white Africans can come but the black ones can’t, right? No? Huh. And we put the ban into effect meh, 3-5 days after we discover it, because, hey, the ‘Rona takes weekends and holidays off. …You know, just like it respects curfews and is only out after 10pm and not on the subways at 6 in the morning. It’s kind of an alkie, I heard. Scienz! The obvious solution is to fire all the health care workers. That’ll fix ‘er.

    “US has registered almost 777,000 deaths from Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic, 384,000 of them since Biden was sworn into office.”

    Clearly all 384,000 are Biden’s fault. I mean, that’s what I heard under Trump, amirite? ANd that means his lockdown/mask/vaccine/immigration responses are workin’ wonder. Moar please.

    “Fauci Blasting ‘Dangerous Criticism’ Sets Off Rand Paul (RT)”

    Geez, RT, biased headline? What are you, MSNBC?

    How can somebody say they’re The Science incarnate and anyone take them seriously after? Think they’re not mentally ill?

    “Dorsey, the rare CEO who not only has a conscience…”

    Does he keep it under a rock like Gollum’s treasure? I’ve never seen it.

    CEO Dick Costolo’s 2010 claim that “We’re the free speech wing of the free speech party.”

    Hahahahaha! Don’t make milk come out my nose! I heard “CEO” and “Free” and that’s all it took. 1A + CEO. You slay me!!! What a Joker! Like the one who stabs around Gotham with Harley Quinn.

    “a “Gang of 500” in Washington really decided the presidency.”

    Yeah: not a conspiracy. Time Magazine published the same thing. It’s well known and exists. …Until the next minute, when it doesn’t. Goldfish! Squirrel!

    “which at various times pulled out stops” …Um, “Pulled out stops” means “not just sometimes.” It’s English: try it sometimes.

    “Conservatives Against Trump” Because he’s not Conservative, not Right-wing, but Center-LEFT, pro abortion, gay marriage, and for gun control, having Bill Clinton’s platform including trade and immigration.

    “Trump throughout his political career benefited from free corporate media coverage,”

    Yes, it was called the “Pied Piper” strategy and Hillary Clinton ordered the media to do it. Reporting it is why Assange is in jail dying. Show some respect.

    Etc. Why bother? We expose things, clear the record and: Goldfish! It all didn’t happen again. Like RussiaGate. #AntiLogic at its finest.

    So just like soccer deaths: “No it isn’t!” All fixed.


    Greece makes vaccination mandatory for everyone over 60, or a €100 monthly fine.

    Stealing people’s pensions. They will just become more determined.

    Basseterre Kitona

    The government would also decide who was considered “vaccinated” and whether people who have recovered from Covid-19 should be counted as “vaccinated” as well.

    The war of words. A pet peeve of mine is the use of the word vaccinated to describe people. Recall a few weeks ago when I delved into the etymology of vaccine & its bovine origins with Jenner? To be vaccinated is to be cowed, i.e., frightened into submission.

    Thus every time one reads a sentence like the quote above, consider substituting in the word cowed instead like this:

    The government would also decide who was considered “cowed” and whether people who have recovered from Covid-19 should be counted as “cowed” as well.

    They could use terms like inoculated instead or speak of the various forms of immunity or other inherent protections…yet instead we get the constant barrage of vaccinated / cowed.

    Bit out of left field: “These batches may be Hot Lots by design.”

    The quality control of the injections is another aspect that I’ve been wondering about lately too because it could easily explain some of the anecdotal discrepancies that we are seeing with the vaccines. That is why do some people complain of numerous adverse events near them whereas others find that there’s been no problem within their communities.

    One might recall, that before these vaccines it was generally considered logistically impossible to try to inoculate the entire planet…or that it’d take something like 5–10 years. So how are they suddenly producing billions of these doses in such a short time? Are they pumping this shit out of Coca-cola factories? And what about that big issue of -40 degree storage & transportation?

    I’m not in favor of the vaccines, but to give them the benefit of the doubt, it could be that many of the adverts events are simply a result of defective product. But that brings us back to why the vaccines advocates don’t seem to care about any critical data simply stonewall everything. Hardly reassuring to the hesitant.

    And, of course, that’s assuming the poor quality control is an honest mistake. In these times, I wouldn’t put it past these bastards to be deliberately experimenting with various formulas in different population because we all know that they have a sick, anti-human streak in their scientific minds.


    Greece just ceased to be a democracy. This is a tragic decision. Coming soon to your country

    For the younger than 60 years old it’s coming too in a couple of months.

    This has nothing to do with science or public health.

    This is a tyranny by any other name.

    John Day

    @WES, V. Arnold and VP Gary, from late night comments.
    Thanks for the encouraging words. The clay is still sucking-mud this morning before dawn, so not full work on the framing will require wading boots. We’ll see if it starts. I think tomorrow will be a better day to start framing. Avoiding mistakes is important, and screws are good in a lot of places, but people also use nail-guns a lot these days, another thing to be careful in the presence of…

    Polder Dweller

    Austria and now Greece, too – surely the unjabbed can bring a class action against the government citing UN, UNESCO, ECHR, Nuremberg Code etc? I can’t see how they could fail to win without exposing massive corruption.

    Füllmich wrote recently that he expects to have his tribunal set up by the end of the year, so that would be timely. Meanwhile the speaker in the Dutch parliament has banned the use of the word ‘tribunal.’ I think it’s because it makes her feel uneasy.

    “ This molecular epidemiology study coupled with structural analysis of the spike protein indicates that the balance between facilitating and neutralizing antibodies in vaccinated people is in favor of neutralization for the Wuhan strain,alpha and beta variants, but not for gamma, delta, lambda and mu. The evolution of SARS-CoV-2 has dramatically affected the ADE/neutralization balance which is nowadays in favor of ADE. Future vaccines should consider these data to design new formulations adapted to SARS-CoV-2 variants and lacking ADE epitopes in the spike protein. ”

    From what I’ve understood, the GoF research used AI and masssive computing to game out likely mutations of the virus and in particular the spike. So what if the whole point of the mass jabbing programme is to provide the right selection pressure to get the virus to mutate “naturally” into a serious ADE disease – kind of a human Marek’s disease? This would put the manufacturers in the perfect position to sell the world their shots and boosters forever, as without which them will die. Governments can then give the shots free of charge provided you are a good little citizen, with your QR code or biochip, who follows every mandate the government cares to demand of you.

    Following that scenario you will probably quickly own nothing, but be unlikely to be happy.

    Unfortunately, Geert Vanden Bossche seems to be pointing to this scenario being a possibility or even likely:

    “Abs that are still capable of binding to the virus without neutralizing it are at risk of causing Ab-dependent enhancement of disease (ADE). Even though the intrinsic virulence of the virus is unlikely to change (as there is no evidence of immune pressure being placed on virulence genes), the occurrence of ADE would have the same effect because it enhances and accelerates viral pathogenicity. When this happens, we’re likely to generate a situation that resembles the one described for Marek’s disease, although using a different pathway to cause devastating disease (2). Whereas Marek’s virus is so virulent that it breaks through the innate immune defense of the host (poultry) and stays ahead of protective adaptive immunity in unvaccinated chicken, an allosteric SARS- CoV-2 variant would not only break through the innate immune response of vaccinees (due to vaccine- mediated suppression of relevant innate Abs) and resist vaccinal Abs (by bypassing traditional receptor domains within ACE2), but also become more pathogenic due to ADE.”

    In this scenario, resistance will not be enough; whether jabbed or unjabbed, everyone will have the choice either to comply or die.

    Just Some Randomer

    A classic example of ‘Fact Checkers’ in action.

    Someone posts some flyers (admittedly made to look like they are official) stating that booster shots will be required in order to maintain the validity of one’s vaccine passport in Ireland. This is currently being discussed as EU policy for travel and is also being discussed by the Irish Government for domestic use.

    However, the fact checkers deem this to be ‘Misinformation’ because the poster itself is not produced by the official body (HSE) – hence it is ‘Fake’.

    Doc Robinson

    I prefer calling it “imprinting” instead of the confusing “original antigenic sin,” but it explains how the vaxxes could backfire when faced with variants like Omicron.

    The Original Antigenic Sin: How the vaccines might be making COVID-19 worse

    From that article: “I argue that the corners cut in the vaccine trials and manufacture under Operation Warp Speed (OWS), in order to reduce the timelines, may have resulted in sub-optimal harmful vaccines being brought to society.”

    If fast-tracking the vaxx development from the usual 11+ years to only one year (as done for the existing vaxxes) was achieved by “cutting corners” in the trials and manufacture, then I would expect more corners to be cut to develop an Omicron vaxx in 3 months..

    10 days discovery + 30 days trials + 42 days manufacturing = 82 days, according to this graphic:

    Dr D Rich


    I’m glad this Stanford PhD is really good at math since my people outnumber his people in the United States, his country, by about 200 million. It’s also a good thing that I know my people in this country, his too, never act as a single voting block, well, since time immemorial. Additionally, the Stanford PhD ought to know only my people, white people, ever caused me problems as you would expect from a people he tars and feathers with the racist label. Then again, would the maths inform this Stanford PhD that his native country doesn’t quite present the same economic opportunity to my white people as my country gave him? So correct me if I’m wrong. I doubt Stanford PhD feels as much affinity and conviviality as me for my country’s Black brothers and sisters and paying dues to BLM via his PayPal account doesn’t qualify as bonafides.


    “Fauci blasting ‘dangerous criticism’ sets off Rand Paul ” – RT

    Rand Paul is a senator from Kentucky, not from Kansas. Paul (R) – Kentucky.

    Just Some Randomer

    Continuing my perusal of the Irish MSM this morning, I see that the efforts to normalise sudden heart failure among young, otherwise healthy, people continues apace with articles such as this, dredging up historical examples (from 2015 in this case) for no obvious reason other than to create the impression that this is a common event and nobody should pay any attention to it.

    It’s not even subtle anymore – they explicitly call out the recent example of Danish footballer Christian Eriksen purely to use the sad death of this other chap in 2015 to deflect suspicion – ‘See? It’s always been going on – you just haven’t noticed before’.


    We made the rules.
    You picked the boss and he picked his enablers.
    Shut up!
    Four years are not up!
    You are not allowed to change horse in mid stream.
    Omicron/Omygod is causing unintended questioning of the vaccine narrative.


    Moderna CEO Repeats That Vaccine Won’t Work For Omicron; Antibody Cocktails Also Need Modification

    Omicron is a blessing for Moderna and Pfizer, because ultimately it will enable them to sell more jabs.

    The current crop of vaccines (including Moderna’s) focuses on the spike protein, which is why the large number of mutations seen in omicron could render the jabs ineffective at stopping it, even for patients who have received both the vaccine and the booster.

    More data detailing whether omicron causes severe disease in vaccinated patients are expected to be released within the next two weeks, Bancel added. Once they have the new data, Moderna expects to have the next batch of vaccines ready in a matter of months.

    It’s worth noting that Bancel wasn’t the only Moderna executive to reiterate concerns about omicron.


    There were more Nazis per capita in Austria than in Germany.

    I see the tradition goes on.

    And Der Fuhrer was Austrian just to round out the observation.

    The arm bands with little yellow corona virus can’t be far behind.

    Opening, brazenly trashing the Nuremberg Code

    Austria Uber Alles

    Pick your tribe.



    It’s raining, it’s pouring
    The old man is snoring
    He went to bed and he bumped his head
    And couldn’t get up in the morning
    And the water is rising


    Those pharma/country contracts must really be something.
    The lethal dosing video- wow. wow. Here is a copy of it you can enlarge.


    Fauci represents (and doles out) the bulk of grant funding for biosciences. He who pays the piper calls the tune. He’s not the piper (the scientists). Fauci does not represent science. He represents The Money that funds The Science(tm) he wants. imho. Big difference.


    “PS: The narrative is collapsing and so is the willingness to put up with the bull****. Notice the hospitals who have been forced to close ERs due to firing jab-refusing nurses? What happens when you have a heart attack and the ER is closed? The chorus of medical folks who have had enough with the lies is also becoming louder by the day and that which was previously unknown when it comes to the risk of these jabs has without exception come up on the wrong side of the ledger. We now have formal published medical studies showing durable harm from the jabs and the number of physicians and others speaking out on this is rising.

    In addition both the 6th Circuit (which is hearing the OSHA mandate case and has not, thus far, dissolved the 5th Circuit’s stay) and now the CMS Mandate, which hit health care workers, has been hit with a preliminary injunction — which puts any medical center that fired people up to now for refusing in a very difficult spot with potential civil and, if discovery proves collusive action between medical centers then extortion is on the table which is a predicate to civil and criminal racketeering. If you think the Biden administration doesn’t at least suspect they’re ****ed at this point you’re dumber than you look. This, by the way, means those who “implemented” such things ahead of the government are utterly and completely ****ed. As in “you have a purdy house and it will soon be mine” level ****ed — or worse.

    What’s even better is that by delaying the mandate dates to after the New Year Biden’s Administration has admitted that there is no “emergency.” You don’t let half the town burn to the ground by sitting on your ass for yet another month, right into the maw of cold and flu season, if there is an emergency with a respiratory virus. Never mind CMS, OSHA and all the other organs of government who sat on the issue for months. If you think the 6th Circuit won’t take note of all that — oh yes they will, and there goes the government claims. And your employer’s, by the way.”

    I had to get my hearing checked yesterday for two purposes; to see if the recent middle ear infection (now healed) had led to any further damage, and to get data for a new set of hearing aids that is upcoming. While Florida does not have mask mandates for most places, health care is still exempt from the “mask choice and vaccine passport” rules. So imagine my surprise when (for the fourth time in a row) the audiologist did not ask for my vax status, and did not say a peep when I spoke freely with the mask under my chin. Another hopeful sign and sort of agree with Karl when he says the jig is up for these Gray Poupon Karens.


    Fauci declares he represents “Science”.

    What Fauci has actually done to science:



    Hence, doesn’t exist. Unless sniffles are a disaster.


    Denninger today
    DeSantis may be one leader, based on Denninger’s criteria.
    Regardless, he makes good points.
    The Arizona legislature passed laws that included provisions against mask mandates in schools, vax mandates in schools, etc., but they did it improperly and the provisions were struck down. The politicians here that added those provisions might be willing to put them all into proper bills. I’ve been to a couple of local rallies and met at least a couple local, young “shakers and movers.” It is going to take more than a few rallies. To make laws, large pressure needs to be brought to bear on current state legislators and the governor. (Doesn’t matter if we like the current ones or not, they are the ones with the job right now.)
    The current AZ attorney general started one of the lawsuits against the OSHA mandate rule. He might fit the criteria as a leader as well. Regardless, he needs to be supported and pressured to do more — such as join the CMS lawsuit with the other 10 states.


    Question: Does this also apply to public media figures who encourage and threaten to dox private individuals who don’t fall for the “Vaccine” lies?


    Kids are being vaccinated
    What level of vitamin C and zinc would not be harmful to under 12 years and be helpful in combating covid problems or vaccine problems?


    Sniffles are a disaster.
    Drippy noses are also a problem for senior


    Ok, the hair on the back of my neck just stood up.

    It’s ironic that America the erstwhile victor of WWII should finally fall victim to medical experimentation carried out by Germans (mic drop). Craig Paardekooper

    …and Israel?

    Interesting kat.

    Craig Paardekooper is a researcher of great intellect. His work on the connection between genetics and the prime number 37 is fundamental to modern theistic mathematics and an earth shaking scientific discovery.

    This is the problem of aging. The problem of time. The inevitability of aging and death causes some people to simply give up the effort. They feel that they have missed their chance, or had their turn, and now all that remains is the slow decline towards death. They literally dont give a s**t any more about themselves. As I said, they are just waiting to die.

    But for those who keep up-to-date with science, there is a ray of hope that grows ever brighter. We know that aging itself is now malleable. It is now possible to slow it down. Simply Google and read for yourself what is known. So there is hope. For those who are brave and strong, there is a challenge – a task – something that they can do.

    Face death as you would a high peak – as something to conquer – as any other challenge. Bring your mind to bear upon its mechanisms and causes. Define it, delay it, slow it down….reverse it.

    The time is now. And through the conquest of aging, people will no longer only live for today – nolonger be short-sighted and self-serving – because the future will matter.

    It is a curious fact that the secret to slowing aging lies in plants and trees – so we need to protect the garden of our world.


    Open your mind to another possibility

    COVID Cases In South Africa’s Omicron Epicenter Decline As Hysteria Rattles Global Markets

    “Omicron” is better than IVM in fighting the negative effects of covid and covid vaccines.



    Denninger can’t stand DeSantis (and frequently calls him “DeSatan”) on the reality that it’s political theater because (1) signs and promotes legislation that, while scoring political points, has holes you could drive a truck through, (2) Fails to enforce provisions of said legislation that calls for fines against violators (see Tampa Ampitheater COVID 19 rules, and (3) Fails to pursue or appeal court cases when challenged on legislation relating to the above and first amendment protections of people on social media.

    The people here have done more to change the direction of this b.s. than our esteemed “leaders” while said leaders take the credit for the change. When I see some significant enforcement or court wins, I’ll change my mind. Until then, he’s still “DeSatan” to me. The sad part is he’s just the best of a bad bunch.

    John Day

    Picture of blogger cleaning up under pruned oak tree on Thanksgiving , and more…

    Does a failed-narrative fail without a helpful push? Just askin’…

    The control-narrative promulgated in our world is something like “COVID will kill worthy-vaccinated and unworthy-doubters unless everybody gets vaccinated frequently forever and locks down whenever we say it’s necessary”. This is different from the original advertising “Vaccines Save!”, of course.
    This narrative has no limit to how harsh it can become, when a critical mass of people comply with it, no limit at all. See “HISTORY”, please.

    We have some interesting tribal characteristics, which don’t always get studied, and which are different in nature from our individual characteristics, which get studied a lot, all the time. Carl Jung and Hannah arendt did have the full-immersion opportunity to study Mass-Psychosis, which is also called “Mass Formation” in the case of a scared and anxious group of people being made to focus all of their fears and anxieties upon one specified threat, and one way to fight that threat, in order to prevail and survive.
    Mass Psychosis is well explained in this 20 minute illustrated video, which I have posted before.

    Survival of a human group primarily depends upon the group working together in concert, which is a thing we do well. It seems that we do even better when we correctly understand the problem, and work together with a rational plan to overcome the adversity, but that seems to be optional for group cohesion. The predominant form of “reality testing” employed by humans is to ask those around you what they think. That seems to illustrate that group cohesion is more important of a trait than brilliant factual analysis. Brilliant factual analysis, or even a pretty good assessment of facts and mechanisms at play, give a tremendous advantage to a cohesive group, working from that template, over a cohesive group working with “bad facts”.

    Our “owners” usually have “better facts”, information-asymmetry, because they can hire good analysts. When the interests of the owners and the common people diverge greatly, the condition of “Class War” arises. Class War recurs in our history, but the winners write history, so it is often presented in a way which just makes it look weird and mysterious. “Why did people do that back then? They were crazy back then.”
    The difficulty for the “owners”, the ruling elites,is that they have to get “half of the people to kill the other half of the people” in order to maintain their position of control. This is always horribly bad for both halves of the people, but it is repeatedly accomplished through “Mass Formation”.
    It goes bad for the elites a lot of the time, too. They are quite happy to stab each other in the backs, whenever they can safely do so, and many times, when there is “blood in the streets”, a group of elites will lose command of the dominant narrative.

    The current dominant narrative is really weak, and has faded from being merely incorrect, to clearly the opposite, in terms of facts. mRNA vaccines, in particular, had a lot of deaths and side effects, which were glossed over, because they “saved lives” (more often than not, for 2-3 months or so), but it appears that they actually drive coronavirus infections and hospitalizations higher after 6 months, and they seem to about double the “excess deaths” in a cohort which receives them. I have been covering those trends, and they are well covered here at The Automatic Earth, “It’s Time To Dump Pfizer”.

    Dominant narratives are easier to break at some times than at others. I keep coming back to “We Are Winning The War In Vietnam”, which was the instructive narrative failure of my childhood and teen years. Dad was over there for a year, a US Marine, and we lived on bases and in military towns, for the most part. I was a kid who paid attention and thought for himself (“problem child”). The Tet Offensive of early 1968 really rubbed people’s faces in the not-winning ugliness.
    Walter Cronkite broke ranks and began gently considering that body count “winning” might never lead to “victory” as we had thought of it in WW-1 and WW-2. The TV news anchors cannot do that again, but the internet has not yet been fully brought under control at the small-blog and email level.

    What is organically coalescing is a more factual narrative among those who reject the dominant narrative. there are 2 levels. The more accessible level is that crony-capitalist corruption has led to the situation where Pfizer got a lead, kept the lead by getting captured government regulators to suppress any solution other than “vaccines”, and that this ha continued, even as “vaccines” are now seen to become counterproductive to survival after 6 months of time. The second level, which is not very inconsistent, posits that this is at least partially intentional, if not originally, then as an adaptation to the lab leak spreading a weaponized viral pathogen uncontrollably in our highly connected world.

    We are not starving. We are not in as bad an economy as we were in the late 1970s and early 1980s. I think that’s about to happen, and for some similar reasons. Faith-based-money ahs been debauched, and the default is under way, as Nixon had to default on the gold standard when the Vietnam War drained America’s vast treasure chest. America reached peak oil that same year of 1971. Consequences were felt for a dozen years after that. Now, the global finance markets and all national currencies are debauched, and the whole world has been wringing out more oil from expensive reserves, paid for with faith-based “investment” money.
    We can again expect a failure of currency and a big increase in the price of oil, but globally, not just nationally. Global elites see this, appear to have gotten sold a narrative plot at Event 201 in October 2019, and are trying to stick with it.
    I think the “Vaccines Save, Do As We Say” narrative is already failing in some places. It’s a Swiss Cheese. It’s hard for me to judge, because I don’t get all of the actual facts about things.
    The elites really don’t have clear information either, not right now. They are sheltered from bad news from the information battlefields. We who are firm and resolute with the more factual narrative are not losing ground. They are also widely separated in the world, and need to look to their personal and regional and national survival first. They know not to trust each other, but not to open themselves to attack by an intact alliance of other elites. That can collapse fast.

    We can’t see how many of us there are, but we can see the “better facts” and firmness of resolution within our smaller groups of socialization. We need to prevail in this narrative contest. This is our historical window of opportunity. Yes, for winning we will get a period like the decade from 1973 to 1n83, likely worse, since energy-based industrial economy will be in terminal decline. We will have to reconsider every single aspect of how we spend our time and energy. We will need to do this cooperatively and adaptively. When we get together on this realistic narrative track, we should be able to start solving the real problems in our real lives, and not killing each other for the failing paradigm of the parasitic and wasteful elite owners.
    They should learn to ride bikes and grow vegetables, too. It will be good for them.

    Look for every opportunity to demonstrate the truth and to demonstrate the ridiculousness of narrative falsehoods, Brothers and Sisters!

    “Joe Biden”:
    “I expect the new normal to be, everyone ends up getting vaccinated and the booster shot, so we reduce the number of people who aren’t protected to such a low degree that we’re not seeing the spread of these viruses,” he told reporters.​ [Not how these “vaccines” work, is it?]
    People who are fully vaccinated “can celebrate the holidays much more safely than where we were last year,” Biden said, adding
    “That’s a blessing none of us should take for granted.”
    He also urged Americans to “wear your masks when you’re indoors in public settings around other people to protect you, to protect those around you.”

    John Day

    Thanks for this, Dennis:
    And another federal court rules against another Biden vaccine mandate – this time for health-care workers​
    ​“Plaintiffs are likely to succeed in establishing that the CMS vaccine mandate is arbitrary and capricious.”

    ​We are prone to think of any word as a “thing”. Our minds find that convenient. Some “things” are actually complex and changing internally. We should think of them differently than a brick. The Pfizer mRNA vaccines are like that. Look at the graph and analysis of Pfizer vaccine batches.
    Pfizer Systematic Deployment in the USA, Craig Paardekooper
    If the separate companies were deploying high toxicity batches systematically, then the patterns of deployment could be confused and clouded by mixing data for all of the companies. – So, instead of combining all of the VAERS data for Moderna, and for Pfizer, I decided to separate them out. – ​​Here is the complete output for Pfizer only – showing adverse reactions for each sequential batch. – Pfizer deployed about 9500 batches to the USA…
    ​ ​If the production of toxic batches was an accident, we would expect their temporal appearance to be random and more scattered. The production of large numbers of toxic batches in close temporal proximity to one another shows that such “accidents” are repeated dozens of times, sequentially ! –
    ​ ​In addition to this, these clusters of toxic batches are separated by clear periods of harmless batches – then the sudden appearance of another cluster. –
    ​ ​The toxic batches are also clustered into a narrow range of toxicity, rather than having a random spread of toxicity – which is odd if these batches were accidents. – ​ ​Finally, the toxicity of these clusters decreases in steps, linearly over time – again, not what we would expect from the accidental production of toxic batches. – These batches may be Hot Lots by design.

    ​Steve Kirsch:
    ​45% of deaths after COVID vaccination happen in the first 2 weeks
    It’s 59% at 4 weeks and 63% at 5 weeks.

    ​Austria, not Australia: ​
    People repeatedly snubbing Covid-19 vaccination summons in Austria after immunization becomes compulsory there might face fines of up to $8,100 or several weeks behind bars, according to a draft that was leaked to the media.

    The UK is suddenly moving to every 3 month COVID booster shots. Use what doesn’t work more and more often!
    UK’s minimum gap for Covid booster jabs to be halved to three months
    Vaccines watchdog advises speeding up of vaccination scheme to tackle new coronavirus variant

    John Day

    There were 2 variables at play here, which is not good study design. The vitamin-D treatment group also had comorbidities, things like diabetes and heart disease. They still did twice as well as the low vitamin-D group without comorbidities, in terms of hospitalizations and deaths.
    The level of treatment was not to “optimal” but to “barely normal”.
    This looks like a study designed to fail or be unimpressive, which turned out to be impressive , anyway.
    Rapid and Effective Vitamin D Supplementation May Present Better Clinical Outcomes in COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Patients…​
    ​Results: Our treatment protocol increased the serum 25OHD levels significantly to above 30 ng/mL within two weeks. COVID-19 cases (no comorbidities, no vitamin D treatment, 25OHD <30 ng/mL) had 1.9-fold increased risk of having hospitalization longer than 8 days compared with the cases with comorbidities and vitamin D treatment. Having vitamin D treatment decreased the mortality rate by 2.14 times.
    Conclusions: Vitamin D treatment shortened hospital stay and decreased mortality in COVID-19 cases, even in the existence of comorbidities.
    Vitamin D supplementation is effective on various target parameters; therefore, it is essential for COVID-19 treatment.

    Omicron Is “Extremely Mild” Says Doctor Who First Discovered Strain

    There is also no evidence that absence of vaccination will prevent severe disease from Omicron.
    There is no apparent evidence that Omicron causes severe disease. Quite the contrary.
    COVID vaccination also protects very well from severe disease caused by thinking about baseball.
    (At least there’s no “evidence” to the contrary.)
    Oxford University Says “No Evidence” Vaccines Won’t Protect Against Severe Disease Caused By Omicron

    Dr Alexander is a good medical analyst and writer.
    Are We Overreacting to Omicron?​ Paul E. Alexander Ph.D.​

    Are We Overreacting to Omicron?

    John Day

    “SCIENCE” becomes momma’s apron for Toddler Fauci, who cannot mount any rational arguments.
    He has “bad facts” like lying to congress about not funding gain-of-function research, and natural immunity being much better than vaccine-immunity..
    He calls names. Senators Ron Paul and Ted Cruz (ugh!) are being mean and anti-science, which is very dangerous. Fauci is THE SCIENCE.
    Nothing factual does he present.

    Twitter was initially sold as peer-to-peer free-speech. Now bad ideas will be banned, and pictures of riots, and people committing crimes against other people and/or property. Tony “the science” Fauci is still a public figure, but there is bound to be room to explore the evolution of this not-first-amendment-bound “private platform” under the new manager.
    New Twitter CEO’s First Decision: Ban Mean Memes

    This is the page comparison I mentioned in the last blog post. Ilargi, the blogger at The Automatic Earth first accessed the version that included the B.1.1.529 mention, dated 7/12/21, and when he returned to the site, that had been deleted. The official story is that it was just “updated”, which he caught, then un-updated.
    (There are more and more hints that this viral strain may have been in circulation globally for months, already.
    There is such a range of presentation of COVID from minimal symptoms to severe illness and death.)

    Debt Rattle November 27 2021

    A South African COVID variant was described last March, which did not get as much global traction as expected, but was different enough that it evaded antibodies in the serum of people who had recovered from a prior strain.
    SARS-CoV-2 501Y.V2 escapes neutralization by South African COVID-19 donor plasma


    @ ctbarnum
    I don’t disagree.
    However, to enact a law, our hands are either our elected officials or the rules regarding citizen’s initiatives (and the like.) Citizens initiatives can be a useful tool (although they, too, can be gamed by the powerful,) but they are slow. The only means to enact a law quickly is through executive order or the legislature. Personally, I don’t like the executive order route…it is far too capricious and misused. Legislatures *can* act quickly, but usually drag their feet.
    I don’t trust DeSantis…he is saying things publicly that need to be said, and that is useful.

    Maxwell Quest

    “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo. “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

    With due respect to those who have already fallen victim to the vaccine rollout, I can’t imagine a better stroke of good fortune than having the actual vaccines be the weakest link in the Great Reset plan of a global digital ID system. That, and the fact that Fauci’s Wuhan bioweapon turned out to be a dud.

    Just think of where we’d be if either the bioweapon was more dangerous or pharma’s jabs actually worked? There would’ve been little time and even less justification to mount an effective resistance to their Great Reset blitzkrieg. Before we knew what was happening, we would’ve been run over by the WEF steamroller. Instead, we’ve been handed a gift, an opening in which to gather our forces and mount a defense.

    Sure, like you, I would much rather be doing something else with my precious time, instead of going over battle plans every day and flying through thick layers of propaganda flak. But this is our time. This is our great battle. Wishing it were not so will not make it go away.

    Behold the equivalent of the digital ID system:

    Eye of Sauron


    Is anybody going scrub Paardekooper‘s analysis in case we are being linked?






    @Maxwell Quest – I agree with your sentiment and often have similar thoughts, though the overwhelming darkness of the times we find ourselves in is sometimes greater than my ability to stay optimistic. This is a gift, if nothing else it awakens us to that which is important.

    Lord give us the strength to encounter that which is to come
    May we be brave in peril,
    Constant in tribulation,
    Temperate of wrath,
    And of all changes of fortune, and down to the gates of death, loyal and loving to one another.
    – Robert Louis Stevenson

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