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Classification of Omicron (B.1.1.529): SARS-CoV-2 Variant of Concern (WHO)
This Is How Scientists Detect New Variants Of Covid-19 (WEF)
New Covid-19 Variant Could Show Immune Evasion, Enhanced Transmissibility (CNN)
Big Pharma Unveils Plans To Tackle New ‘Omicron’ Strain (RT)
Biden Delayed Africa Travel Ban On Advice Of Advisers Led By Fauci (NYP)
Decolonize This! (Kunstler)
Why The Retail Industry Is Fighting Vaccine Mandates (NYT)
A Pandemic Of The Vaccinated Or Ivermectin Ignored? (Hope)
Florida Reports Lowest Daily Coronavirus Cases Per Capita In Nation (Fox)
Pharmacy Chains Found Liable For Opioid Crisis In Ohio (PM)
Ukraine Says It’s Ready To Defend Itself Against Russia (RT)
US Stonewalls Probe Into Firm That Spied On Assange For CIA – Spanish Judge (Y!)



All 4 cases of the new variant in Botswana were in fully vaccinated people.



Zuby Tucker





McCullough Oz



Dr. Doug Corrigan @ScienceWDrDoug
1) Unleash billions of leaky, mono-antigenic vaccines that create the perfect pressure to generate Spike variants/vaccine-escape mutants.
2) Track variants globally, and when a vaccine resistant strain is found, create media hysteria and blame the unvaccinated.
3) Repeat 1-2.

Something curious about the dates. The WHO on Nov 26 2021:

Classification of Omicron (B.1.1.529): SARS-CoV-2 Variant of Concern (WHO)

The Technical Advisory Group on SARS-CoV-2 Virus Evolution (TAG-VE) is an independent group of experts that periodically monitors and evaluates the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 and assesses if specific mutations and combinations of mutations alter the behaviour of the virus. The TAG-VE was convened on 26 November 2021 to assess the SARS-CoV-2 variant: B.1.1.529.The B.1.1.529 variant was first reported to WHO from South Africa on 24 November 2021. The epidemiological situation in South Africa has been characterized by three distinct peaks in reported cases, the latest of which was predominantly the Delta variant. In recent weeks, infections have increased steeply, coinciding with the detection of B.1.1.529 variant. The first known confirmed B.1.1.529 infection was from a specimen collected on 9 November 2021.

This variant has a large number of mutations, some of which are concerning. Preliminary evidence suggests an increased risk of reinfection with this variant, as compared to other VOCs. The number of cases of this variant appears to be increasing in almost all provinces in South Africa. Current SARS-CoV-2 PCR diagnostics continue to detect this variant. Several labs have indicated that for one widely used PCR test, one of the three target genes is not detected (called S gene dropout or S gene target failure) and this test can therefore be used as marker for this variant, pending sequencing confirmation. Using this approach, this variant has been detected at faster rates than previous surges in infection, suggesting that this variant may have a growth advantage.

There are a number of studies underway and the TAG-VE will continue to evaluate this variant. WHO will communicate new findings with Member States and to the public as needed. Based on the evidence presented indicative of a detrimental change in COVID-19 epidemiology, the TAG-VE has advised WHO that this variant should be designated as a VOC, and the WHO has designated B.1.1.529 as a VOC, named Omicron.

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And the WEF 4 1/2 months ago, on Jul 12 2021. B.1.1.529 wasn’t just discovered.

This Is How Scientists Detect New Variants Of Covid-19 (WEF)

Scientists in South Africa have discovered a small number of cases of a new COVID variant. They’re working to understand its potential implications but told a news conference that it had a ‘very unusual constellation’ of mutations. They’re concerned that they could help it evade the body’s immune response and make the variant – named B.1.1.529 – more transmissible. These scientists are part of a global network of government scientists and academics searching for new strains of COVID-19, like this and other previous variants – like Delta.

[..] Viruses are microscopic parasites that can’t survive for long outside the body of a host animal. As living organisms, they are much smaller than bacteria – the polio virus, for example, is 10,000 times smaller than a grain of salt. But they do have their own DNA or RNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid and Ribonucleic acid), the building blocks of life. This allows them to mutate into new forms. In the case of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, scientists have so far identified four variants that have been classified as being of concern because they spread more easily, are more virulent or resistant to vaccines.

[..] It’s too early to tell whether vaccines will offer the same level of protection against B.1.1.529 as they do against previous COVID variants. But, vaccine makers, like Pfizer, have been preparing for a scenario where a new COVID variant is able to evade immunity established by existing vaccines and previous infection. However, existing vaccines have continued to offer protection against other variants, such as Delta. “The good news is that all of the WHO emergency use-listed vaccines do protect against developing severe disease, hospitalization and death due to the Delta variant,” said Dr Soumya Swaminathan, the World Health Organization’s chief scientist, on 1 July.

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Or it could not. We just don’t know. Do let’s panic.

New Covid-19 Variant Could Show Immune Evasion, Enhanced Transmissibility (CNN)

South Africa’s health minister announced Thursday the discovery of a new coronavirus variant that appears to be spreading rapidly in parts of the country. “Initially it looked like some cluster outbreaks, but from yesterday, the indication came from our scientists from the Network of Genomic Surveillance that they were observing a new variant,” Minister of Health Joe Phaahla said, stressing that it is currently unclear where the variant — currently dubbed B.1.1.529 — first emerged. It has so far been detected in South Africa, Botswana and in a traveler to Hong Kong from South Africa, Phaahla added. During a news briefing, genomic scientists said the variant has an unusually high number of mutations, with more than 30 in the key spike protein — the structure the virus uses to get into the cells they attack.

Professor Tulio de Oliveira, the director of the Center for Epidemic Response and Innovation, said the variant has “many more mutations than we have expected,” adding it is “spreading very fast and we expect to see pressure in the health system in the next few days and weeks.” He advised the public to “try to avoid super spreading events.” Officials also expressed concern that the mutation could result in immune evasion and enhanced transmissibility of the virus, but added it is too early to tell what kind of impact the mutations will have on vaccine efficacy. More studies also need to be conducted to understand the clinical severity of the variant compared to previous variants, officials said. “The full significance of this variant remains uncertain and the best tool we have is still the vaccines,” De Oliveira said. He added that lab studies still need to be carried out to test vaccine and antibody evasion.

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200-300 days of Delta: nothing.

But after 100 days of Omicron a tailor-made vaccine is supposed to be available.

Let me guess: $1,000 a pop?

Big Pharma Unveils Plans To Tackle New ‘Omicron’ Strain (RT)

A number of the world’s largest pharmaceutical firms have announced strategies to address a newly identified Covid-19 variant, dubbed Omicron, including plans to alter existing vaccines and develop new boosters. With the World Health Organization (WHO) designating Omicron the latest “variant of concern” following an emergency meeting on Friday, warning that the highly mutated strain could be more infectious than those seen before it, Big Pharma quickly launched into PR-mode, as several firms rushed to outline how they would combat the new variant. Pfizer – which has produced one of the world’s most commonly used Covid immunizations alongside its German partner BioNTech – told Fox Business that it is “remaining vigilant” and “constantly” monitoring new variants that could “potentially escape protection” from its vaccine.

“In the event that [a] vaccine-escape variant emerges, Pfizer and BioNTech expect to be able to develop and produce a tailor-made vaccine against that variant in approximately 100 days, subject to regulatory approval,” the company added, though did not say whether any specific research had been conducted into Omicron so far. BioNTech, in a separate statement, noted that Omicron “differs significantly from previously observed variants as it has additional mutations located in the spike protein,” referring to the mechanism by which the coronavirus gains access to host cells and causes infection. The company also said that a so-called “escape variant” could “require an adjustment of our vaccine if the variant spreads globally.”

Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, two other major Covid vaccine developers, issued similar missives on Friday, with the latter company stating that it’s already testing a booster shot for healthy adults that contains twice the vaccine dosage than what is currently approved. Moderna also said that it is now studying two booster candidates specially designed to “anticipate mutations such as those that have emerged in the Omicron variant.” J&J, whose single-dose vaccine differs from the others on the market, also told Fox that it is testing its Janssen immunization efficacy against Omicron and “closely monitoring” mutations in the virus’ spike protein.

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“Obviously as soon as we find out more information we’ll make a decision as quickly as we possibly can.”

Biden Delayed Africa Travel Ban On Advice Of Advisers Led By Fauci (NYP)

President Biden said Friday that he delayed implementation of a new ban on travel from southern Africa on the advice of his medical advisers, who are led by Dr. Anthony Fauci. A reporter asked Biden why the emergency precaution will take effect Monday, rather than immediately to contain the potentially more contagious Omicron version of COVID-19. “Why not do it now like other countries have done?” the journalist asked Biden, who is spending a long Thanksgiving weekend in Nantucket. Biden said “because that was the recommendation coming from my medical team.” Fauci is Biden’s chief medical adviser and led a half hour briefing for Biden on Friday.

Biden said “we don’t know a lot about the variant except that it is of great concern and it seems to spread rapidly — and I spent about a half hour this morning with my COVID team led by Dr. Fauci and that was the decision we made.” But Biden seemed to have a poor grasp on the travel rules. He misstated the number of countries impacted and said the policy would bar people traveling “to and from” the region, despite official releases only noting restrictions on travel from — but not to — southern Africa. “I’ve decided that we’re going to be cautious and make sure there is no travel to and from South Africa and six other countries in that region, except for American citizens who are able to come back,” Biden said. The eight countries covered by the ban are Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

Biden also attempted to reassure spooked financial markets. He called a steep drop in stock values during the holiday weekend-shortened session “expected” because of prior drops after poor pandemic news and said he was “not at all” worried. Just hours before the new travel ban was announced, Fauci, the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, gave the impression he wasn’t recommending such bans and cited a need for more data. “There is always the possibility of doing what the UK has done, namely block travel from South Africa and related countries,” Fauci said in a CNN interview. “That’s certainly something you think about and get prepared to do. You’re prepared to do everything you need to protect the American public. But you want to make sure there’s a basis for doing that.” Fauci added in that interview: “Obviously as soon as we find out more information we’ll make a decision as quickly as we possibly can.”

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“..the blue mommies of America follow Pied Pipers like NPR and Sanjay Gupta holding hands with Big Bird to vax-up the kids.”

Decolonize This! (Kunstler)

Now that Thanksgiving with all its racist trimmings is put to bed, will Americans be able to “decolonize” their minds? Not if the masters of universal hysteria can help it. Here it comes, just in time to reignite the limbic channels in your brain with pulses of cosmic terror on the runway to Christmas: The B.1.1.529 Covid-19 variant out of Botswana. It’s a beauty, with thirty-two mutations on its decorative spike protein, supposedly making it a deadly hazard to the already-vaccinated. Except the already-vaccinated were already catching the boring old Delta variant that so energized the year 2021, with its Fauci-inspired affronts to the Bill of Rights, working needle-in-arm with the mystery managers of “Joe Biden,” the cigar-store Indian who has decolonized the oval office from the brutish grip of western civ and all its dastardly legalities.

Yes, I am sorry to tell you that the mRNA “vaccines” are just not working that well. The already-vaccinated millions, marinated in the goodness of their obedience to authority, live in terror of the unvaccinated, who so knavishly spread disease to those vaccinated against it. Say, what? Something ain’t workin’ right here. Half the nation can’t think straight, and for a good reason: The relentless mindfuckery abroad in this land courtesy of your politicized news media, the despotic social networks, the bottomless greed of the pharmaceutical-makers and their errand boys in the CDC, plus the malevolent generosity of sponsors like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and George Soros. Thus, the blue mommies of America follow Pied Pipers like NPR and Sanjay Gupta holding hands with Big Bird to vax-up the kids.

It’s just a cult initiation ceremony, you understand. Vaxing the kids reinforces the psychotic mass formation intoxication of the blue mommies. It does absolutely nothing good for the kids, who realistically have a near-zero chance of being harmed by Covid-19 — but have a fair chance of being harmed by the mRNA “vaccines,” which will mess with their still-developing immune systems and their various organs. All the authority of Anthony Fauci’s officialdom presses remorselessly toward the ever-receding horizon of max vax. It begins to look like enough parents are onto the game and will refuse to go along with it.

Dr. Fauci and his evil network are in the process of being smashed at long last. First, there is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s book just out, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. I was up reading it at two-thirty in the morning. The Kindle version is $2.95, cheap. Get it. It’s a seamless, gripping, and lucid legal brief against a bureaucratic monster who was allowed to run amuck in forty-plus years of power-seeking, malicious money-grubbing, and death-dealing, and who has capped that career by destroying the economies of the western world and our accustomed liberties with it. RFK lays out exactly what Dr. Fauci has done, footnoted to the max with fact and numbers to back it all up, so that the people still capable of thinking cannot avoid the conclusion that they have been viciously played.

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Survival instinct.

New York Times through a local Greek paper.

Why The Retail Industry Is Fighting Vaccine Mandates (NYT)

The holiday shopping season has arrived, and retailers are ringing it in by doing everything from cutting prices to stocking showrooms to lure back customers who stayed at home last year. What the biggest of them are not doing is the one thing the White House and many public health experts have asked them to: mandate that their workers be vaccinated. As other industries with workers in public-facing roles, like airlines and hospitals, have moved toward requiring vaccines, retailers have dug in their heels, citing concerns about a labor shortage. And a portion of one of the country’s largest workforces will remain unvaccinated, just as shoppers are expected to flock to stores. At the heart of the retailers’ resistance is a worry about having enough people to work.

In a tight labor market, retailers have been offering perks like higher wages and better hours to prospective employees in hopes of having enough people to staff their stores and distribution centers. The National Retail Federation, the industry’s largest trade group, has estimated that retailers will hire up to 665,000 seasonal workers this year. Macy’s, for example, said it planned to hire 76,000 full- and part-time employees this season. The retailer has offered referral bonuses of up to $500 for each friend or relative whom employees recruit to join it. Macy’s asked corporate staff this fall to be vaccinated or test negative for COVID-19 to enter its offices. But store workers are a different story.

“We have a lot of stores that have a lot of openings, and any ruling that we have to mandate those colleagues be vaccinated prior to Christmas is just going to exacerbate our labor shortage going into a really critical period for us,” Jeff Gennette, Macy’s chief executive, said in an interview. The industry showed how strongly it feels about the issue this month when the Biden administration directed companies with 100 or more workers to mandate vaccines or weekly tests by Jan. 4. Five days after that announcement, the National Retail Federation sued to stop the effort.

“We all agree with the premise that vaccines are good and vaccines save lives,” Stephanie Martz, chief administrative officer of the NRF, said in an interview Monday. “But by the same token, you can’t just say, ‘OK, make it so.’” The order is now held up in litigation, challenged by a number of lawsuits from a broad coalition of opponents, and could make its way to the Supreme Court. Court filings by the administration warn that blocking the rule would “likely cost dozens or even hundreds of lives per day.”

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The anti-IVM campaign will continue.

A Pandemic Of The Vaccinated Or Ivermectin Ignored? (Hope)

Gibraltar is the most vaccinated place on the planet with more than 99% of its population fully vaccinated, and with many also having received a booster. A total of 94,019 vaccine doses have been administered to Gibraltarians. Considering Gibraltar has a population of some 30,000, that works out to an average of three shots per person. Newsweek reports that Gibraltar has administered enough shots to have vaccinated about 140% of its population. One might expect that they have no COVID-19 cases. After all, the rest of the world is led to believe that the Holy Grail of herd immunity will come once we have sufficiently jabbed enough people with vaccines and boosters.

However, the truth of the matter is much simpler. Attempting to vaccinate into an active pandemic involving a rapidly mutating virus is not working. It does not prevent transmission, nor does it prevent infection. While smallpox is a DNA virus that is very slow to mutate, COVID-19 is caused by an RNA virus that is prone to rapid mutation. While the vaccines were highly protective against the original Wuhan strain of SARS-CoV-2, they are no longer as effective against the Delta variant. Gibraltar is not alone among highly vaccinated populations exhibiting massive virus surges. According to the CDC, Vermont has a higher vaccination rate – at 72% – than any other state, yet it also has one of the highest rates of new COVID cases, according to an ABC news report.

Where do we find low or no rates of COVID-19 cases, you might ask? Perhaps we could observe those countries or areas and note what they are doing differently to account for their success. For example, we know that India has eliminated its COVID-19 Pandemic after implementing a national Ivermectin policy in the protocol. As a result, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi have no more problems with pandemic surges. Over the last 75 days, Delhi has recorded less than 10 COVID-19 deaths. Likewise, Uttar Pradesh, with more than 230 million people, has recorded fewer than 20 COVID deaths in the past 60 days, while the United States, with a roughly similar population, has recorded some 87,300 deaths – more than 4,000 times as many.

India’s only remaining hotspot remains the highly vaccinated state of Kerala, which continues to pay the price. Over the last 30 days alone, Kerala has logged over 10,000 deaths. The main difference between Kerala and the rest of India was its lower use of Ivermectin, as I wrote on August 23, 2021, in an article published in the Desert Review. Out of India’s 267 deaths reported on November 19, 2021, fully 204 came from Kerala. With 36 million people, tiny Kerala represents only 2.5% of India’s population of 1.399 billion. However, they have 76% of India’s daily COVID-19 deaths. In other words, it is 30 times more likely for an Indian resident of Kerala to die from the virus compared to a resident outside the state.But look at other cases. For example, Indonesia adopted Ivermectin and saw their COVID-19 cases drop from 45,000 in July to 347 cases per day in November of 2021 – a drop of 99.2%.

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“Since then our cases are down by over 95% with no restrictions on people’s freedom.”

Florida Reports Lowest Daily Coronavirus Cases Per Capita In Nation (Fox)

Florida is reporting the lowest amount of coronavirus cases per capita in the nation after Gov. Ron DeSantis was widely criticized by media outlets for his handling of the virus. The Sunshine State reported a daily average of 1,393 coronavirus cases as of Friday, six per 100,000, which was a two percent decrease over the last two weeks. DeSantis has been slammed by critics in the media since the start of the pandemic over his opposition to government-imposed mask and vaccine mandates. In 2020, DeSantis was accused by a Democratic politician of going on a “killing spree” for opposing mask mandates and a Vanity Fair headline from September of this year referred to the governor as an “angel of death.”

At the same time Florida reported the lowest amount of new cases in the country per capita, coronavirus cases are surging in many states where strict lockdown orders were issued by Democratic governors. Michigan, where Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer imposed some of the most controversial restrictions in the nation during the height of the pandemic, leads the nation in daily coronavirus cases per capita. New York is reporting a daily average of 6,666 cases which amounts to 34 per 100,000. Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat who resigned in disgrace earlier this year, was widely praised by the media for his handling of the coronavirus and even received an Emmy Award.

“It just shows once again the success of Governor DeSantis’s science based and data based policies,” DeSantis Press Secretary Christina Pushaw told Fox News Digital about the case levels in Florida. “He’s always made decisions based on the data and that continued even during the Delta surge this summer what he realized would help was not mask mandates in school or lockdowns but provide treatment that actually works.” “He opened the 25 state-supported monoclonal antibody sites and provided that treatment all over the state free of charge to over 150,000 Floridians, saved thousands of lives, and that happened starting in August,” Pushaw added. “Since then our cases are down by over 95% with no restrictions on people’s freedom.”

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Next: Covid vaccines.

Pharmacy Chains Found Liable For Opioid Crisis In Ohio (PM)

Walgreens, Walmart, CVS and several other pharmacy chains have been found partially responsible for the opioid crisis in Ohio. According to The Daily Wire, the chains were found liable by a federal jury. “This decision was the first-ever ruling against the retail pharmacy industry and could set the tone for countless other lawsuits across the country that seek to hold pharmacies responsible for the flood of highly addictive opioid pills into communities,” The Hill reported. “For decades, pharmacy chains have watched as the pills flowing out of their doors cause harm and failed to take action as required by law. Instead, these companies responded by opening up more locations, flooding communities with pills, and facilitating the flow of opioids into an illegal, secondary market,” said the plaintiffs who want a payout of about $1 billion to both Lake and Trumbell counties in Ohio.

The opioid crisis is a significant issue in the state of Ohio. J.D. Vance, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Ohio, has even highlighted the crisis in his campaign. “Opioid addiction has devastated my family and my community. More and more Ohioans are falling victim to addiction, which means an entire generation of children orphaned, and another generation of grandparents forced to step up for our community’s kids,” Vance says on his website. As noted, J.D Vance’s family has had a history with opioid addiction, which is visualized in his biographical Netflix film, Hillbilly Elegy. The pharmacy chains also responded to the decision. CVS has expressed interest in appealing the ruling. “[T]he simple facts are that opioid prescriptions are written by doctors, not pharmacists; opioid medications are made and marketed by manufacturers, not pharmacists; and our health care system depends on pharmacists to fill legitimate prescriptions that doctors deem necessary for their patients,” Mike DeAngelis of CVS said in a statement.

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They’re capable of starting a war in their own territory, and blame Russia.

Ukraine Says It’s Ready To Defend Itself Against Russia (RT)

The Ukrainian armed forces are preparing to use all available resources to hold the front line against any Russian invasion, the country’s foreign minister has insisted, as the war of words between East and West ramps up. Speaking during a closed online discussion with French foreign policy think tanks and reporters, Dmitry Kuleba said that Kiev, with Paris and Berlin, continues to stress the importance of negotiating a political and diplomatic solution to avoid a potential conflict with Russia.The top official claimed that his country and its partners are now focusing all of their efforts on deterring Moscow from hostile actions. “At the same time… no one should have any doubts that in the case of a new stage of full-scale aggression from the Russian Federation against our state, Ukraine will be protected by all available means,” he insisted.

Kuleba’s comments come amid rumors of a buildup of Russian troops and military hardware near Ukraine’s border. Several publications have published stories in recent days about a possible armed conflict breaking out between the two Eastern European states after Kiev’s domestic intelligence agency published a theoretical plan of how Russian troops could invade. Ukraine’s top diplomat sounded the alarm earlier this month in communication with his French and German counterparts, urging the two nations to be prepared for the possibility of a Russian attack against his country. “If Russia starts acting, you simply won’t have time physically to coordinate, to go through all the bureaucratic procedures, to coordinate decisions.”

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied the allegations and derided photographs purporting to show military hardware stationed hundreds of kilometers from the border, accusing the US of being behind a disinformation campaign designed to inflame tensions. President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, hit back by arguing that “the movement of some of our military equipment or army units across the territory of the Russian Federation is exclusively our business.”

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US Stonewalls Probe Into Firm That Spied On Assange For CIA – Spanish Judge (Y!)

The Justice Department has failed to respond to multiple requests from Spanish authorities for help in an investigation into a local security firm suspected of being used by the CIA to conduct aggressive — and potentially illegal — surveillance of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. “I am not so pleased about it,” said Santiago Pedraz, the investigating judge in charge of the case, in an exclusive interview with Yahoo News, when asked about the failure of officials in Washington so far to cooperate with his probe. “They have absolutely not answered anything.” Since June of last year, Spanish judges have sent three requests for information to the Justice Department primarily seeking information about the ownership of IP addresses believed to be in the United States that had access to files documenting Assange’s activities while he was holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, according to copies of the requests reviewed by Yahoo News.

Despite a mutual legal assistance treaty (MLAT) between the U.S. and Spain pledging to assist each other in criminal investigations, none of the Spanish requests have yet elicited any substantive responses from the United States, the judge said. Instead, Justice Department lawyers have asked Spanish authorities for more information about the basis for the inquiry before taking any action. Chief among those puzzle pieces is whether U.S. intelligence officials — as Assange’s lawyers have alleged — arranged for the Spanish security firm UC Global to violate Spanish privacy and bribery laws by installing cameras and hidden microphones inside the Ecuadorian Embassy, including in a women’s bathroom where Assange would sometimes take meetings.

This in turn allowed the company to secretly record or otherwise eavesdrop on conversations that Assange had with his lawyers, doctors, advisers, journalists and others, including in one case a U.S. congressman, according to internal documents from the Spanish case.“We want to find out what was done with this material,” Pedraz said. He pointed to the CIA’s potential role as a principal “theory” that “we are trying to investigate.” He did not rule out, however, that there could be other explanations for the alleged data transfer.

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    Henri Rousseau The waterfall 1910   • Classification of Omicron (B.1.1.529): SARS-CoV-2 Variant of Concern (WHO) • This Is How Scientists Detect
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 27 2021]

    Formerly T-Bear

    Too late for yesterday’s Debt Rattle.

    Youngsters have been having heart problems on the pitch well before this virus and its untested experimental goop showed up. Some of the times the collapse on the pitch happens is due to an undiagnosed Atrial Fibrillation that may have many causes. The French have a saying that one digs their grave with their teeth; curiously enough, autopsies have indicated in genetic assays that carries protein has been present in the heart, possibly involved in the fatal incident. Some folk wisdom the French have. Even before the SARS C-virus, it would have been advisable to have a defibrillator that could be connected to a local hospital and controlled by phone and special training given to the coach or staff who would be present at all or most of practices or matches; this is even more urgently needed now in all sporting activities everywhere.

    Mister Roboto

    Paul Kingsnorth weighs in on “The Vaccine Moment”. This is something that broaches all the concerns of the consensus here but is at the same time something one could conceivably post on Facebook.

    Mister Roboto


    And the WEF 4 1/2 months ago, on Jul 12 2021. B.1.1.529 wasn’t just discovered.

    Article was updated 26Nov21 and the linked article from the portion referenced in the section relating to B.1.1.529 was created 26Nov21.

    if you follow some of the tweet streams from academia the allocation B.1.1.529 was only allocated in the past couple of days, after the sequencing was submitted.


    So, I am getting just so much clearer that concerns around health, the vaccine damage or not, the variants of concern and the media madness around case numbers etc. are now to be largely a concern of the past. The digital slavery certificate and all it’s ensuing social credits is the meat on the bones. This is what we need to masticate on with gusto and real hunger now. The window is closing and the compliance is making the next round of free bodily autonomy that much more difficult.
    The original Oil Drum/TAE focus of intersection between energy and finance is sooooo back on the table. The Powers That Be have a great deal of leverage. They can turn off food and water with various instruments and levers. They can make cash and a range of transactions illegal and hard to do. There is no where near enough numbers of independent satellites of self-reliant hubs to get us through this. The only way in mother-fucking non-compliance.
    We wont be thanked and people will tell us with great kindness how the war was won and we will nod like we are being told new information. It will suck because we held out and they complied out of fear and ease but humility hurts (for my ego) – still you gotta do it for the kids like Louis CK says.
    The masks, the QR codes (like I am some product to be scanned at a supermarket), the tests, the DNA farming. DO NOT COMPLY.
    If we do, we are saying the new digital blockchain-backed social credit system of indentured slavery is good and freedom of natural movement and organic self-organising systems and cultures are bad.

    Oh and be like it’s not serious because if we get toooo serious we are bummers and right now no one needs bummers



    The Merchants of Moral Panic

    “This social sector’s cultural empresarios are no longer content, as they were for so long, to try and induce conformity and obedience through sneering and derision.

    “No, they are now demanding that we offer up our bodies and those of our children to them, not as they claim, or in some cases might even absurdly believe, as a way of ensuring the safety of all, but as a palpable sign of our conformity with their idea of How the World Should Really Be™. ”

    The Merchants of Moral Panic


    Article was updated 26Nov21 and the linked article from the portion referenced in the section relating to B.1.1.529 was created 26Nov21.

    The WEF is updating its articles without notifying readers? That’s pretty.


    So this is why we have to localize. Centralized power has no soul and when it parties like it is here in the current non-locked down portion of Austria you just know to stay away – todays leaders aint cool bro


    here’s another one they missed, with cases from 2013, 2017 and 2018:

    Ummmm. I guess you missed mt post from November 5 that included this link.

    What point are you actually trying to make?


    Also @those darn kids.

    You do grammar checks now? Who is grasping at straws?


    Looks like Bender is on a bender again today. Your jabs don’t work, Bender.

    “Never mind that with vaccines we have more Covid-19 deaths this year than last. How is that possible if the jabs work? Yes, not everyone has gotten them. So what? There should be a more than ratable decrease with vaccinated population percentage since we know the most at-risk were the most-likely to get the vaccines the earliest and thus if they prevented critical and fatal outcomes those vaccinated should be zero and zero when it comes to such outcomes. If the virus kills 0.1% of the people who get it but the people who can get it are 200 million instead of 330 million because the rest have been vaccinated and are immune then the death count should drop by much more than a third since the most-vulnerable got jabbed first.

    Instead the death count went up.

    Across sample sizes of hundreds of millions of people this is extraordinarily strong, indeed irrefutable evidence that the net societal impact of the vaccines is negative. The exact reason why is immaterial; dead is dead.”

    Dr. D

    designed to “anticipate mutations such as those that have emerged in the Omicron variant.”

    Uh, whut? They’re creating vaccines for viruses that don’t exist yet and never will? Is it a mandate to take these products to prevent something that isn’t real yet, or whut? (A: don’t ask questions. Do what you’re told.)

    What the biggest of them are not doing is the one thing the White House and many public health experts have asked them to: mandate that their workers be vaccinated.”

    Maybe because they have the common sense of a boiled potato and noticed your vaccines don’t stop any spread at all, AND don’t seem to stop the disease either? What year will people notice that, um, Covid still exists? ESPECIALLY in Ireland, Israel, UK? Not NOT in Africa, India…

    Point being: the halfwit running the register at the local gas station is smarter than the NYT and all the CDC doctors combined. We noticed. Or at least some people did.

    Update: a year later still no one, anywhere, knows why people won’t work. There’s no theories, there’s no stereotypes, there’s no guess as to how they’re paying for life, no guess as to who they are as a group, nothing. That’s far more curious than them not working. There’s a whole group doing something, but nobody’s heard of them and they have nothing in common? Go on…because this would be the first time in history.

    Actually reminds me of when all the homeless disappeared from NYC one day and nobody knew why for that either. …And still don’t, although years later some amazing theories involving mobile smokestacks have appeared at least. I’d just give them a bus ticket to Pelosi’s house.

    But by the same token, you can’t just say, ‘OK, make it so.’”

    Again, we have to ask the Retail Foundation how laws are passed? Because Lawyers no longer know? Nobody’s watched “I’m Just a Bill” from Schoolhouse Rock? Apparently not, as I say every day. Not-Laws like vaccines are real, and Real Laws, Like not stealing everything EVEN if it’s sub-$950, are not real laws. The spirit of #AntiLogos is worldwide. Of course last time they used the more common name: “The Spirit of Anti-Christ”, against all his principles and purposes of love, forbearance, peace, and tolerance. This goes back to the original list from Nostradamus concerning Napoleon, but the next round was “Hister” and this one is “Mabus”, as in “MBS”. Point is, the world loses its mind and kills everyone regularly. Then of course, it was those OTHER bad guys, we weren’t involved in keeping the trains running, nobody knowd nothing, etc. The pure joy people show in harming and oppressing others – having power over them – is the emotional energy that keeps it all going. They’re doing God’s Work. Purging the world of vermin for a new, 1,000 year age.

    Doctors joining first, usually, and the other ‘smart’ people, but definitely politicians and the mob.

    God’s Work as when you erase religion, as they’ve done, there’s a religion-shaped hole, and this holiday had to listen to people’s breathless discussions of “How were you baptized? In the Church or in the river? By John the Baptist or Jesus Christ?” Except their religion was Fear, undying love of Covid, and they were eager and filled with joy and elation about whether it was Moderna or J&J, and how quickly they could ingest the seed of Christ and be Mother Mary again by getting a booster. Really. Weird.

    “Hey, did you take Benedryl or Claratin?” “Oh, I took Claratin! It’s the most bestest!” “Yay!!! You’re great and good person, I took Benedryl and love it because it was there that day. But you understand, we must all take something and they are all the very bestest.” “…I took aspirin and a kleenex.” “Shut up, freak, nobody was talking to you.”

    And you wonder why we think they’re the cult and not us. Yes, the messaging is what set off the detectors.

    “ Florida Reports Lowest Daily Coronavirus Cases Per Capita In Nation (Fox)”

    Yes, but since it works, we won’t do it. We do what DOESN’T work, like the DOCTORS say, not the Doctors. That is, anything Doctors say in the most failingest fails like NY, we do; while what Doctors say in the winningest wins, like TX and FL, we DON’T do. Just common sense you see.

    Fauci will be handing out medals to NY, MI shortly. As they are the HIGHEST deaths, which is good, while FL now has the LOWEST deaths, which is bad. Logic. Golf clap from the Media, “Good show old boy, you really gave him the what-for!”

    “It just shows once again the success of Governor DeSantis’s science based and data based policies,”

    Right. But we use the SCIENCE, not the Science. And the DATA, not the Data. I’m sure Deflationista would agree. Because: don’t we use Science and methods from places that succeed? Or was it from all the places that don’t succeed. I forget.

    Pharmacy Chains Found Liable for Opioid Crisis in Ohio (PM)”

    That’s a tough case, I’m surprised they could make it. However, when you have pills like 100,000 for towns of 3,000, it’s hard to say “nobody knowd.” EVERYBODY knowd. Just like with Covid. We all know 20k people were intentionally, purposefully harmed by 5+ governors. We all know their high-pressure responses don’t work anywhere, ever. We all know the tests don’t work and never did. We all know the vaccines are having no effect either. But we refuse to prosecute, refuse to remove the erroneous deaths, refuse to reverse the fake tests and test numbers, refuse to address the vaccine that has stopped and slowed nothing. Still at every one of these known, published, official lies and failures. If I were Abraham, I couldn’t make a case. There are not 10 good men among them. Let the brimstone begin.

    They’re capable of starting a war in their own territory, and blame Russia.”

    Sure, but they’re like an unhinged, psychotic ex-girlfriend. They can’t conceive that Russia doesn’t want them, doesn’t think about them, and couldn’t care less. It’s going to be real hard to start a war when Russia won’t show up. Note they just gave citizenship to all Donbass, official or no, and took 100% of their youth, power, and talent. And UKR can’t get into the coal area, can’t make the country function, and are bleeding the USSA and ESSU bone dry. It’s hilarious. Gives me joy with every new day. “What would happen if they threw a war and nobody came?”

    OBVIOUSLY the Boomers who coined that phrase are ‘blood and guts and veins in my teeth” PRO war, but it’s good the Russkies at least can be the Peaceniks. Any way, any day, any article like this on Ukr means it’s costing the West money and they’re squealing like little pigs. They can get up off the thumbtack anytime they like. They’re just too stupid not to nail their hand to the picture frame and blame the hammer.

    Remember that: Had a war. Nobody came. Like 30 years of the wildest appalling, murdering, tank-burning antagonizement on Conservatives worldwide, anything to make the Redneck Deplorable Gillet Jaunes throw a punch. They won’t.

    Yeah, I haven’t been jumping in on sports deaths because it DOES happen, and in order to be sound on that you’d have to run good numbers on before/after, which are all squishy and most present numbers have been proven lies. I expect you’d find it pretty easily to prove, but detractors are hilariously not in good faith. They don’t entertain ANY argument, just say, “Forgot to dot an “I”, one person on this list 30% longer than all previous years is reported differently by one guy on the internet, this hamster has a pancake on his head, therefore, your argument is false.” I mean, it’s the epitome of bad faith, and therefore the forefront of being Totally, totally #AntiScience, #AntiReason.

    But what can I say? I can’t get those numbers in an airtight way. …You know, like I can lists of the most vaccinated nations being the most Covid-high, blinding medical failures in the poor, sad, history of Planet Earth. So if they can’t understand: Vaccines 100% = rising covid, no vaccines = covid safety, which is a stat so large it can be seen from SPACE, why bother with these details?

    You’re a failure, your argument is a failure, your medicine is a failure, everybody that follows it is both a failure and dying of failure. Would you like to revise your argument now?

    A: No. Because there was no argument presented to begin with. It was “You’re a stupidhead and I’m right.” “But: Data? From the CDC and national governments?” “Your data is stupid too.”

    Hey, here’s an idea: let’s look at the nations and areas that WIN, and have SUCCESS for a change. Do they have anything in common? Yes, they don’t do a Single. Thing. the CDC and Pfizer say. Other than that, they’re Not. Vaccinated. Other than that, I’ll let you keep screaming and rocking in a corner as to the drugs and protocols most of them seem to have in common.

    I’m safer licking bathrooms in Lucknow Pradesh than the lobby of the CDC. Explain please?

    John Day


    Here’s the money: “Preliminary evidence suggests an increased risk of reinfection with this variant…”

    Australia bought 14 vaccines per person, and will have to do it again, all over again…

    What are the terms of that Pfizer contract, and how could they possibly be enforceable against Australia?

    those darned kids



    “I’m safer licking bathrooms in Lucknow Pradesh than the lobby of the CDC.”

    Money shot.



    They’re starting to make mistakes.

    WHO just said that “Omicron” was first reported by South Africa on 11/24/21.

    However, WEF reported this EXACT same “variant”—B.1.1.529, out of South Africa—way back in July.



    What a coinkidink.



    So it appears Covid-19 can spread outdoors, and it now seems to have a host outside the human population.

    White-Tailed Deer Test Positive For SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

    I wonder if the new Xi(Omnicon) strain had so many mutations that it is an example of the virus crossing into an animal population and then back to humans?

    those darned kids

    people have been speculating as to why american athletes aren’t collapsing at the rate of european athletes.

    well, american athletes are overwhelmingly african-american, whilst european athletes are a mixed bunch of all types.

    african-americans are amongst the lowest vlaccine victims recipients AND those athletes who have had them have only recently done so. in europe, intake has been much broader and much earlier.

    i guess…

    John Day

    Germ said:
    “WHO just said that “Omicron” was first reported by South Africa on 11/24/21.
    However, WEF reported this EXACT same “variant”—B.1.1.529, out of South Africa—way back in July.”

    I looked carefully through the link and did not find anything to suggest that the sequence was first detected in July. Maybe it’s the rong link…

    John Day

    Oops, I see the source of my confusion, revision of awkward data to assure narrative continuity.

    Carry on…


    Its amazing.
    The news of B.1.1.529 spread faster around the world than the virus
    Published: 02 March 2021
    SARS-CoV-2 501Y.V2 escapes neutralization by South African COVID-19 donor plasma
    SARS-CoV-2 501Y.V2 (B.1.351), a novel lineage of coronavirus causing COVID-19, contains substitutions in two immunodominant domains of the spike protein. Here, we show that pseudovirus expressing 501Y.V2 spike protein completely escapes three classes of therapeutically relevant antibodies. This pseudovirus also exhibits substantial to complete escape from neutralization, but not binding, by convalescent plasma. These data highlight the prospect of reinfection with antigenically distinct variants and foreshadows reduced efficacy of spike-based vaccines.


    Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s Statement regarding the new SARS-COV-2 virus variant B.1.1.529

    Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s Statement regarding the new SARS-COV-2 virus variant B.1.1.529
    On 25 November 2021, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) in South Africa announced the detection of a new variant of the SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, following genomic sequencing. This variant is currently labelled as lineage B.1.1.529.

    The emergence of this new variant coincides with a sudden increase in cases in the Gauteng province over recent days and is accordingly being closely monitored by the health authorities in South Africa.

    Details of the new B.1.1.529 variant

    By 25th November 2021, the B.1.1.529 variant had been detected in 77 samples collected between 12-20 November from Gauteng province in South Africa, 4 samples from Botswana and 1 sample in Hong Kong.
    The B.1.1.529 variant displays multiple mutations across the virus genome, including more than 30 in the region which encodes the spike protein responsible for virus entry into host cells.
    Some of the mutations have been detected in previous variants, such as Alpha and Delta, and have been associated with increased transmissibility and immune evasion.
    Many of the other identified mutations are not yet well characterized and have not been identified in other currently circulating variants.
    More investigations are underway to determine the possible impact of these mutations on the capacity of the virus to transmit more efficiently, to impact vaccine effectiveness and evade immune response, and/or to cause more severe or milder disease.

    A top priority is to follow the variant more closely as it spreads: it was first identified in Botswana earlier this month and has since turned up in a traveller, (note: must be fully vaccinated and test negative to be able to fly), arriving in Hong Kong from South Africa. Scientists are also trying to understand the variant’s properties, such as whether it can evade immune responses triggered by vaccines and whether it causes more or less severe disease than other variants do.

    Penny Moore, a virologist at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, whose lab is gauging the variant’s potential to dodge immunity from vaccines and previous infections. There are anecdotal reports of reinfections and of cases in vaccinated individuals, but “at this stage it’s too early to tell anything”, Moore adds.


    those darned kids

    i wonder where that train is going, germ..


    “… Pfizer and BioNTech expect to be able to develop and produce a tailor-made vaccine against that variant in approximately 100 days, subject to regulatory approval,”

    I can see how this would soothe the fear of my friends in the covidian cult. However, those of us not in that cult have learned a great deal about the human immune system during the past couple years. If any new, shiny vaccines are designed to create the omicron spike, due to OAS the human immune system is unlikely to mount a response that is significantly different than the response the previous Covid spike-inducing vaccines. Now that I know about OAS, I’ve realized that my “gut feeling” that I have no need for a flu vaccine was correct all along — despite the hype about tailoring this year’s flu vaccine to this year’s flu strains, the efforts are likely futile. I noticed during the past couple decades that when I am very stressed, I get sick more. Now I am beginning to understand how vitamin D and zinc, etc., come into play as well. I don’t like the idea of being infected with Frankenstein corona viruses, but it is outside of my control and I have an immune system to protect and defend me.


    Aramco to use seawater for the Saudi pressure maintenance

    A decade ago, oil analysis Don Coxe pointed out that Aramco had purchased equipment to inject seawater under the oil bed and oil equipment to extract the seawater.

    I wonder if all this hoopla over the earth ending in 12 years has to do with the Saudi’s running out of oil?

    What would a member of the elite class do?
    * Reduce plane travel
    * Slow the global economy down
    * Encourage electric vehicles.

    I don’t want to panic the herd, but if Saudi even slows down a bit, we will be in a world of hurt.


    A wonderful way to start today!!!🌞✌️


    “It’s too early to tell whether vaccines will offer the same level of protection against B.1.1.529 as they do against previous COVID variants.”
    What an interesting way to put it.

    “…our health care system depends on pharmacists to fill legitimate prescriptions that doctors deem necessary for their patients,” Mike DeAngelis of CVS said in a statement.

    John Day

    I am listening, and sorry I do not respond more to what you are being subjected to in the Penal Continent of Oz.
    This is the-real-thing , tyranny, actual tyranny.
    You are resisting by withholding consent.
    You are a steadfast fellow.

    I salute You.

    The US is losing the war in Vietnam, no matter what McNamara’s body counts say!
    Paradigm-shift is primed to occur.
    mRNA vaccines are killing and weakening and increasing cancer, strokes and heart attacks.
    Help stage the paradigm shift.
    Help make the new Omicron vaccine business plan fail!

    those darned kids

    If any new, shiny vaccines are designed to create the omicron spike, due to OAS the human immune system is unlikely to mount a response that is significantly different than the response the previous Covid spike-inducing vaccines.

    well, done!

    a special treat for thee:


    Yes….we had to vaccinate the Global Village in order to save it


    if they change the vaccine to accommodate the new variant don’t they have to retest it?
    can’t see how that’ll be manageable in 100 days really


    “if they change the vaccine to accommodate the new variant don’t they have to retest it?
    can’t see how that’ll be manageable in 100 days really”

    They’ll just call it a booster and say everyone needs to get it now, no matter the time frame from the last “booster”. And 3 months later would be near six since the rollout of the last “booster”.

    And then they’ll have new “boosters” that we all must take every time a new variant occurs. Jabs weekly at this rate.


    “I noticed during the past couple decades that when I am very stressed, I get sick more. Now I am beginning to understand how vitamin D and zinc, etc., come into play as well. “

    I lucked out that my doctor had recommended vitamin D a decade ago. What I got wrong was the dosage. So when the COVID-19 struck, we learned that an adult amount needs to be 10,000 IU, not 1000 IU…



    I’m seriously wondering when we get to hear them changing to the Iraq War analogy.

    We don’t do body counts.

    Though with vaccine related deaths, it appears that has already come to fruition.


    NY’s new governor, Hochul, has declared a state of emergency for NY hospitals already. No elective surgeries, only emergency needs will be met, until at least Jan 15th. No, they will not bring back the unclean unvaccinated health workers who got fired, even though we know that the vaccines did not prevent Delta from spreading and they sure as hell can’t prevent anything newer than that (according to the vaccine manufacturers themselves). What the hell kind of reasoning is used to come to such a decision?

    Parts of the U.S. have begun an all-out assault against the new, highly transmissible Omicron variant of COVID-19 as Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that the variant is likely already circulating in the country.
    New York Gov. Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency Friday, limiting hospital capacity to emergency needs as of Dec. 3 and arranging for the purchase of medical supplies. The emergency state, which temporarily bans elective surgeries, will remain in effect until at least Jan. 15.
    “We continue to see warning signs of spikes this upcoming winter, and while the new Omicron variant has yet to be detected in New York State, it’s coming,” Hochul said. […]


    It’s beginning to look as though I may as well resign myself to continue to play the roll of trying to warn folks, in this reality version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, until I see my double in the last pod.

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