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    Dorothea Lange Country filling station, Granville County, NC July 1939 • The Golden Age Of Central Banks Is At An End – Time To Tax And Spend? (Guardi
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    This is the golden era of Debt-Money Monopolist central banks and the mega-banks that control them (ultimately the OWNERS of the mega banks control the whole thing… making the circle complete right back to the Debt-Money Monopolists).
    They are the political cover and enforcement arm of Debt-Money Tyranny, which is engineered to put people into inextinguishable debt (through “bonds” – don’t think that isn’t a random word applied to tying people down with inextinguishable debt… the oligarchs so love to mock their nescient or ignorant prey) and then systematically asset strip society based on their control over god-like mammon (or money, debt-money in this case).
    This is the most critical time in central bank history – can they keep the Muppets distracted as the Debt-Money Monopolists begin to sheer the sheep in earnest?
    Will the media continue to stand down and parrot the Fed’s false narrative as a counterfeit to the truth? We shall see…


    After the pain…..what then??

    It’s time to start looking ahead to what our new world could look like…..

    I was very interested to read this article on a Debit Tax – seems fairer and easier all round…..

    Sounds good !!


    So, what’s next? No one knows, but I can give this “Neo New Deal” scenario some credence.

    Sea change is over due here. Likely there will be a massive chopper drop in the forms of infrastructure boondoggles and war in combination, with some hefty redistribution as a side.

    There is no international Central Banking cartel that is omnipotent in the long run. They all can only operate as long as enabled by the governments of the world, and these governments are vulnerable to turns in public sentiment. When consent is finally withdrawn and the pitch forks come out, all will change.

    Certainly, the day will come when official currencies are no longer accepted and the so called “illuminati” will be dethroned. Likely they will chop each other up beforehand.

    Meanwhile, accumulate “Things Real” while they are still cheap and available. You will need them on the other side of this.


    The CIA backed fighters include al Queda associated groups. Moderates compared to ISIS I guess. Show me a case in history when irregular warfare was ever carried out by “moderates”. The entire concept is insane. The moderates opposition to Assad in Syria are those who are leaving for Europe so the term moderate Syrians is past tense.

    It’s astounding that people are buying what is being sold here 30 years after Osama and the al Queda boys were on our payroll in Afghanistan. International jihad was invented by the US and the the Saudis. Of all the things that can be said about Salafi jihadists the term moderate isn’t among them.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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