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    Henri Matisse Nu Blue IV 1952   • Hospital Bombing A ‘Massacre’ And ‘Genocide’ – Palestinians (RT) • Arab Leaders Refuse To Meet Biden As Protest
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    V. Arnold

    This is the world we live in.
    We’re unable/unwilling to change it…
    Real change takes courage and action/violence (in a sense, most action is violence of one sort or another…)
    Fear is a thief; don’t let it steal from you…


    Israel claims it didn’t bomb the hospital, Islamic Jihad did it. A couple of days ago, when people were being warned to evacuate that hospital because it was going to be bombed, I guess that was Islamic Jihad impersonating the Israeli military.

    It’s lucky Israel was not in the Korean War. MASH would have been cancelled in its first season!

    Dr. D

    100 Russian tanks blown in the first few days and 2k dead. That is what it is. With 300,000 first tier ready, that’s not 1%.

    Since apparently the concert shootings didn’t happen, anybody want to find out if this hospital bombing happened the way they said? It probably did, but it reminds me of the White Helmets on TV (TV crew appears first) then tosses kids down and washes the chemical weapons off them with a common garden hose. Then like a Monty Python sketch, disappear into the night. Or the Hospital bombing in Donbass? Where everyone had been evacuated first and the only people left were the UAF fire control forces? I need not go on.

    I don’t want the puppets, I want the puppetmasters.

    Mr. Fish: WHAT deeply rooted racism? By the Brown people? Statistics show White Americans are the ONLY group nearly on the PLANET that do NOT have an in-group preference. That is, they are racists who hate themSELVES and all WHITE people merely for being white, and love all Brown people, merely for being Brown. Statistical fact. And PS #Opposite of everything MLK stood for. If supporting scores of black billionaires, police, congressmen, surgeons, doctors, scientists, TV stars, Judges, Mayors, presidents, if the overwhelming flood of interracial children doesn’t communicate this to you, maybe statistics do? Nope. My Feelz. ALL of history, during my ENTIRE LIFE, never happened. Someday we’ll get rid of those second drinking fountains.

    But go on: that just means it’s “Tuesday” in America.

    Poilievre same thing: ask for any facts, any details – at all – they melt. AND they think they are in the superior position of it.

    So it took two minutes of wandering circle-jerk for this guy to ask a normal question. And more, all the questions up to then – all of them – were merely pejorative, lead-the-witness, tell-him-who-he-is things that are the #Opposite of finding out. The last question, once put into an incredible corner, finally the reporter asks: “Who are you”, and LISTENS as Poilievre tells him, “I am this.” So it takes 90% of our time wasting time, wandering around assuming and deprogramming, when we – reporters – could just you know, “report” what was “Actually said.” (Translation: You’re Fired)

    Israel Map: Donald Trump Plan. Yup. Doncha know he’s a Nazi Antisemite though? Antisemites always give Semites everything they want and more.

    Gag Order. Hmmm. Actually this is pretty similar to their life-long career tactics. They “Say” the defendant did this. Because apparently people are government-licking morons, they actually BELIEVE the same police who lied about everything and nothing with their last 10 police encounters, perjuring themselves daily right down to traffic court, then BELIEVE the Judge and lawyers, who are the same as lied, made stuff up, screwed them, ruined their lives, stole their income, and abused their kids in Family Court. “But he was ARRESTED. But he was PROSECUTED. He must be guilty of SOMETHING.”
    Hahahahahahahaahahahahahaa!!!! Sure, pal. You just keep waiting for the Easter Bunny. They’re JUST HUMANS. And that job attracts psychos like flies to s–t. AND YOU’VE MET THEM!

    Anyway, so all these guys do this for their entire careers. Want something, just prosecute and fall back on the moronic public just believing you like the abused child codependent to your abusive narcissism. Sure the moron defendant protests: WHO CARES??? No one will believe him, and the local paper’s in out pockets, those idiots lick authority more than anyone.

    So what happens if – FIRST TIME EVER! — you run the same play you’ve run for 25 years but people believe the defendant? His message DOES get out? Then for the first time ever, they believe the ABUSED and not the Narcissist, HIM? Well you lose your mind a little. Disoriented, you thrash about. And thus just do the obvious for narcissistic psychopathic abusers: you shut them down, and having neither humanity nor brains, your instinct is to do it with force and violence. That is, the LAW. I MAKE them. Or else. Back of my hand, woman!

    …And here we are. “The Narcissist has passed a law saying you cannot criticize him.” You cannot talk back, nor signal to passers-by for help. Like any kidnapper or abuser. This ain’t rocket science. Because they’re not capable of human thought. New meaning to “Special” Council. Like riding the short bus with a helmet “special”. Go on: show us all who you are. Never stop.

    ““Those who were in front of the hospital were forced to leave their homes under the evacuation order. They can’t even afford to evacuate to the south.”

    Alexander pointed this out. Again with just twisting the law. “Well we TOLD them…” Narcissistic abuser TOLD them to stop looking at me this way, to stop breathing. Israel TOLD 1M people to move to a place where 1M people already were. Alexander said, he hardly sees how this is reasonable as there is no cease-fire agreement in EITHER location, the only thing that happens when moving then is to get shot in the streets, right? This is over and above ordering them to leave Gaza altogether when 1) They can’t, it’s a prison. 2) They bombed the exit station for the few that had papers and were trying. Ha. Ha. Ha. A Hearty Har-Har.

    Hey Israel! Hey America, as that guy yesterday said. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You’re making everything worse and making Israel, your economy, and in fact all Jews worldwide, LESS SAFE. We all know you can bomb them, you’ve been bombing them for years. But I guess when everyone approved that’s not enough and you need to pick up their bodies and put them in a stewpot, or some kind of impossible, over-the-top event so someone will stop it? Beg someone to make it end because you can’t? You’re caught in a loop and need to crash so someone will intervene? Probably.

    “Street protests literally everywhere in the world.”

    Aaaaaaand remember Israel FUNDS these protests, as they created Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, (With us, MI6…) ISIS, the Taliban, Boko Haram, and like everybody else we’ve ever read. Qatar funds them. So wow! Paid people obey orders! Amazing! Knock it off…

    Yes, there is a root to all this. But don’t fall for it, or the “Pick Sides.” “Let’s you and him fight.” Let’s me and him stop watching the puppet show and go get the puppetmasters. We can always fight later.

    Also note: unlike America where these drooling morons thought they would BOTH have merging integration for 40 years, AND a race war on command after, the Israel thing is kinda working. That is, to keep it piping hot so that at any time they can jack the amygdala of the people and get the planet to war-on-command, their greatest achievement, I’m sure they’re creaming themselves. Last move – unlike us – was to laboriously and expensively IMPORT Muslims to all the target nations like France to collapse the very idea of “Nationhood” itself. Leaving the corporations and think tanks they own to roam without restraint. It cost Trillions and now you know why I was against the refugee boats but for solving the original issues like CIA/MI6 killing everyone in Sudan and Cote d’Ivorie as the original cause. Africa can be safe and wealthy, and THOSE are the people who would do build it. Instead, they’re all in Sicily making trouble. No. You can’t come. But also No. We can’t and won’t d—k around in your politics and your nation. It’s yours and none of our business.

    As if I need to say it, Don’t import 5 million people of another culture from war zones all over the world. It won’t end well.

    “Failure of Biden’s Israel Trip Would be ‘Curse’ on 2024 Election Campaign (Sp.)

    Like the stairs Olympics, everything Biden does is the #Opposite. High gas prices, not low. Yes Ukraine corruption, etc. In this case, we’re following Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan the media refused to report. No Biden will go and fail at the same thing. …And tell me this is not a puppet show and Biden isn’t an Actor, in a stage-set White House across the street which has different windows, as seen on TV?

    Here’s the problem, to all you Good Guys arranging this: No one cares. No one notices. #Reality is irrelevant to them. My Feelz. So personal opinion: why bother?

    “Traditionally, the United States is the custodian of Israel and they have unlimited support for Israel.”

    Yes, if by “Support for Israel” you mean making Israel “Less safe” – a U.S. and Anglo specialty! Shapiro is losing his mind so he got in the news here. He’s like “Well, point of fact, if Israel goes Gaza, then Hezballah goes in, if they go in, Syria and Iran go in, if they go in, Russia and the U.S. go in…so WE, the U.S. have no choice but to give Israel everything they want.” True. Quite so, sir. However, I DON’T THINK SO. That’s called us being your b—h. But that’s how and WHY it was all set up this way at great expense, to create this laborious hostage situation so we’re all at the mercy of the world’s most pointless, irrelevant State. So GFY. We can subvert all 5 levels of that chain to prevent the outcome, Russia and We ultimately have the same interests, and THAT is why they put Ben Shapiro on TV and keep him there, unbothered, while they attack everyone around him. His position is useful enough it can be worked with. Like Ramaswamy’s foreign policy, I think. He’s soft enough, and it’s close enough to NeoCon foreign interventionism that they can work with the inconvenience. Not that I don’t love Ramaswamy, but like Bernie it will be no good if he’s weak.

    “the international community will prepare the infrastructure, you know, tent cities, with food and with water – you know, just like for the refugees of Syria that fled the butchering of Assad a few years ago”

    Uh-huh. And so Israel (actually U.S. taxpayers) will pay for the WAR, and make the rest of us pay for the PEACE, providing nothing for themselves. Must be nice. And the Assad thing never happened, so I know where you are on that. It was the same people – let’s say U.S. NeoCons who CAUSED the million refugees, just like Gaza today.

    And now you’ve got me doing it: paying attention to a puppet show when I should be watching something real and actually useful, like bond rates. Didn’t we learn this lesson in Covid? If they say it, it’s a lie. They are a blizzard of lies to white-out that buffalo of truth. When the Truth is that big it takes a lot of words to hide it.

    Btw have you ever seen a buffalo up close? It’s unbelievable.

    “the two frontrunners for the presidency are believed to be criminal actors by many voters.”

    1) Erase governments, 2) Replace with corporations. Monsanto is tired of all the pretense. It’s expensive and boring. Cut out the middle man and let Blackwater and Raytheon run the world. It’s only logical.

    Oh and P.S. Suuuuuuure I believe all official media polls. When have they ever lied?

    Just like Putin and Prigozhin. He hasn’t seen your $6B dollars but he’ll ask around.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Terminate Zionist occupied Palestine, NOW!

    Formerly T-Bear

    In short order thew public must be hearing from any sitting on a courtroom bench whether that judge supports the turkey sitting in judgment on the Trump case agrees with the propriety of what is occurring or finds a definite abuse of the legal process. Those keeping silent should be removed as well as those agreeing. NO COMPROMISE!

    V. Arnold

    Formerly T-Bear
    In short order thew public must be hearing from any sitting on a courtroom bench whether that judge supports the turkey sitting in judgment on the Trump case agrees with the propriety of what is occurring or finds a definite abuse of the legal process.
    Terminate Zionist occupied Palestine, NOW!

    Damned straight!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Claire Daly on Israel:

    Tulsi Gabbard and RFK on Israel:

    See wha’Imean?


    One has to wonder if the sole purpose of Muslim Brotherhood supporter Biden’s visit to Israel is to protect Hamas by delaying or stopping the ground invasion of Gaza by IDF ?

    MofA thinks all of the US military build up in Israel is focused solely on kicking Assad and the Russians out of Syria ?

    Guess we will soon find out!

    John Day

    The answer to “?” is not knowable, as the value of each of the different appearing pigs is not defined. It is not defined as being equal or different. One unknown value is removed in the last equation.

    It looks, and especially sounds like the hospital in Gaza was hit by a JDAM, which is an add-on precision guidance kit for US “dumb bombs”, of various sizes. It is dropped from a plane. It is not a “missile.


    Today: Netanyahu once again blames terrorists for Gaza Strip hospital incident


    Congratulation to TAE for presenting the reaction of the bombing of the Gaza hospital.

    Keep watching … hoping
    The Biden team cannot take the necessary step.
    Biden should be in a care home.


    • Pfizer May Go Bankrupt, Financial Markets Realize

    This was planned

    Grab as much money as possible from the corporate scam

    Hollow out the assets of the corporation

    Ditch the debts and liablities

    Double tap – two shots to the back of the corporate cranium

    Leave for dead on the side of the Wall St trail

    It’s a formula for Organized Crime

    Fingered out millennia ago

    Perfected in the last few centuries


    Dr. D

    Media revue!

    Operation Warp Speed: The Untold Story of the COVID-19 Vaccine” “Vanity Fair · 29 min
    How an unlikely group of scientists, generals, and government officials supercharged the effort to get us back to some kind of normal.”

    Yes, because nobody’s ever heard of “The Covid Vaccine”. Shhh, sooper-secret. They are also the same people who said, “We’re never going back to normal.” So were they lying? Or are they just bottomless failures? So many options. Maybe they could do an article asking why Fauci created the virus on purpose in a substandard, unprotected lab? One run by “Our enemies”?

    I’ll spare you some of it, but it starts with the non-journalist’s credo: “It was a dark and stormy night” “Suddenly, a shot rang out!” as they recite the weather, the writer’s feelings, or anything else on the planet except the subject at hand.

    Kidding? “On a chilly day in mid-April 2020, Moncef Slaoui, the retired head of the vaccine department at the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, was sitting by his unopened pool in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania” Ooooh! Tell me more about his pool! What color was it???

    Next requirement, bring us all up to speed on who’s the good guys and bad guys according to a precise scientific measurement of how much they like Trump. Who? Trump hasn’t been President in three years. Lay off the juice, Beavis. Kidding?

    “The caller was Jim Greenwood, a former Republican congressman …He was no fan of Donald Trump. …Slaoui had never even been a Republican.” So maybe good guy for this article, but only on the short leash the reporter allows?

    “Slaoui’s memories of high school in Casablanca included frequent student strikes followed by army clampdowns.”

    So…brown person, non-white, non-American. Therefore the VERY good guy. Hero. Hercules, in fact.

    “When he headed to the Free University of Brussels, he became part of the Moroccan Student Union, a Marxist group that wanted to make Morocco a more populist and democratic country.”

    Take that back: A GOD INCARNATE. Perfection in the flesh. The topmost super humany-human every born on earth. Not the MERE being brown. Not the MERE being foreign. Not the Hat Trick of also being Marxist. But a Marxist who also doesn’t want the government running things but who wants its #Opposite, of populist voting instead! That is to say, a #RealClearThinker here, someone whose ideas have never happened even once in history! He’s our hero, believe everything!

    “After finishing his PhD in 1983, he spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard”

    Creamgasm!!! All this and Harvard too??? The institution that lost $4B in trading and also is against free speech everywhere? Be still my heart. Please be gay. Please, PLEASE tell me he’s also gay.

    “Slaoui realized that the world needed a way to support the development and manufacture of vaccines that didn’t depend on publicly traded companies trying to maximize shareholder value.”

    That is, to MAKE them do it. Using FORCE. Okay, maybe that might help make up for him not being gay. He goes on about mega MNC billionaire GSK Corp shopping around outside of government for Billion dollar handouts rather than selling to market. Oh, not trying to “Profit” or “increase shareholder value” at all! That would require “Selling”. We don’t want to “sell” we want to “Order/demand/require”.

    But wait! We’re adding facts here. Vanity Fair catches themselves!
    “ Three days later, when Trump unveiled Operation Warp Speed in the Rose Garden, Slaoui thought to himself, There’s nowhere to hide.


    Stick Save! Yes!!! We divided America AND wasted your time so you won’t get facts! That’s what I call a win-win.

    “That May 15 press conference marked one of the few times Trump had any significant involvement in Operation Warp Speed. That may help explain why it was the administration’s one true COVID-19 success story…”

    Again! Carpet-bombing the fact-free politics! Pow, “To da Mooon!”

    “congratulatory call to Alex Gorsky, the CEO of Johnson & Johnson. BARDA, which is part of HHS, had agreed to give J&J $456 million”

    They were so public-minded, we handed out a taxpayer Billion to everyone! $500M for this, but THEN they still sold it at full price! “Azar wasn’t worried about how much Warp Speed would cost. “We’d already spent $3 trillion,”

    Yup. To Corporate Welfare. Whoops! Facts are slipping in again, fire at will! “Azar also needed to get the White House on board. During a meeting with Jared Kushner, Azar brought up Warp Speed…” ‘Cuz we hates Kushner SO. Much! Amygdala Attack! Then a cabinet meeting where everyone from Trump was stupid and wrong! Yessssss! Trump ASMR! No facts. Another 3 paragraphs down!

    “Nevertheless, Moderna’s stock, which had sold for less than $30 a share back in April, shot up to $80…In total, Moderna received about $10 billion from the federal government.”

    Awwww, what civic-minded philanthropists! However do they do it?

    “In normal circumstances, phase three trials take years. Slaoui wanted them done in a matter of months.”

    Um. I don’t think that word mean what you think it mean… I don’t think that “Science” exists if it denies the reality of “Time” itself or moves forward in advance of receiving “Data”.

    “Slaoui was in his hotel in Washington, DC, when Bourla called him with the news.”

    Really? What was the weather? How was his pool doing?

    “I was expecting high efficacy, but it was an unbelievable joy,” he later told Science magazine. “It may have been 5 a.m., and I remember telling myself, ‘I’m not going to scream.’ When I think about this now, it gets emotional. I just realized, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to control this pandemic.’ ”

    …Vanity Fair doing a victory lap…which is why we still have Masks, Vaccines, and Lockdowns to this day. I think Maine hasn’t bothered to officially reverse yet. Because they were so perfect, and the pandemic was totally controlled, We are still taking more vaccines today, and the vaccinated remain terrorized and afraid of getting it, often taking test positives and social isolating for 5+ days. Does that spell Success or what?

    “Pfizer announced the good news on November 9, 2020—a week after the presidential election.”

    Whew! What a relief! After all that worry that it was all political, that the FDA, Pfizer, were all going to drag their feet ‘til after the election like you said above and Trump feared. Boy that Trump sure is a dummy, amirite? At least we can trust Vanity Fair not to be political.

    “The markets reacted joyously. The S&P had its best November since 1928. Both Pfizer’s and Moderna’s stocks soared. “I’m an ornery cynic,” says one Wall Street trader who had previously bet against Moderna’s stock. “But thank God for the believers, the people who are willing to fund companies like this.”

    You mean, “People” like “The Taxpayers” who had no choice and would immediately experience double-digit inflation? Taking the money they already lost and doubling it again?

    And for a bunch of guys who totally don’t care about money and profit, they sure talk about it a lot. Every other paragraph. Must be there’s still a mansion open up the road from Bernie Sanders between Al Gore and BLM.

    Slaoui faced a reckoning of his own. In March 2021, soon after leaving his government post, he was fired as chairman of the board of Galvani Bioelectronics over sexual harassment allegations brought by a woman with whom he’d worked years before at GSK, which co-owns Galvani. Slaoui did not deny the allegations and issued an apology.”

    All men are bad. Triple exclamation! ! ! ! Even Brown, Communist, Harvard ones. Otherwise, tell me what exactly is the point of adding this to the article? It happened after, 1, and is unrelated, 2. Are you going to tell me how his pool is doing today as well? Esquire, Fortune, Newsweek, Bloomberg, NPR, NY Times. “”Nocera compared “Tea Party Republicans” with terrorists, and wrote that they “have waged jihad on the American people” and suggested that they “can put aside their suicide vests”. A Truely objective reporter. Goldman Sachs, Vanity Fair. She did not see corruption at Enron, but did see it at 200% Naked-Shorted


    Your reality depends on you believing your liar/manipulator.

    Michael Reid

    October 17, 2023 at 10:27 pm#144876REPLY

    The United Nations says 12 of its staff have been killed by Israeli air strikes, 21 out of 22 UNRWA health facilities in Gaza have been damaged and hospitals lack basic medicines and supplies.

    Every Jew and every American is morally responsible for this. America could have stopped this years ago, instead depravity reigns and nobody does depravity like the Israeli owned USA-Israel team, staffed by the Jews and Christians. Hitler, he was a mere amateur, the Jews are going to show us how genocide really should be done, how extreme racism works, how brain-dead jihadism works, how extreme they can be to get their own way, how complete amorality works. Meanwhile the American people just don’t care, they have been brainwashed by the Jews and even the Christians are supporting this mass murder aimed at the theft of a nation.

    The world would be a better place without Israel, the USA and their rulers.

    Consider this:

    We are individuals.

    Exterminate the individuals responsible for the crimes.

    Exterminating everyone in a group is the wrong solution.

    Very unlikely everyone in a group is responsible.

    Just Some Randomer

    Maybe it’s just me, but it really feels like we are sliding into a major war nobody really wants, or indeed expects. Rather like the run-up to beginning of WWI in fact. Just as then, we see conflicting regional power alliances facing off against each other in a very tense and unpredictable environment, with all the attendant danger that some action against one party (real, perceived or false flag) will drag it’s allies, and by implication, the parties of the other alliance into an all against all war.

    Also like back in 1914, since nobody in power seems to expect the situation to explode into war, so nobody’s really doing anything specific to prevent it happening. Waiting for the modern-day Archduke Ferdinand to arrive on the scene….


    Biden goes full Team America !

    Biden during his first meeting with Netanyahu since the crisis began sided with Israel’s narrative of events. “Based on what I have seen, it was done by the other team, not you,” Biden said.

    If there is any semblance of sanity remaining in the Regimes DC halls- Biden should immediately be removed from office. Along with his Liberal Team and their money laundering Pandemic of endless War funding bankrupting the Nation. Democrat policy of waging endless Wars against its own people and around the globe will have deadly consequences.

    The US and Israel Regimes- behave as if they have a choice of when and who to Wage War on, bully and threaten.

    The US Regime does not realize that it is only a matter of time before War is declared ON them, and they will have no choice, and they will lose. Most of the World is fed up with the US Regimes bs.
    The American Exceptionalist global bully is about to be knocked the fuck out- permanently.

    Remove Team Biden Now.

    Just Some Randomer

    “Exterminate the individuals responsible for the crimes.

    Exterminating everyone in a group is the wrong solution.

    Very unlikely everyone in a group is responsible.”

    Wise words. Has anyone made this point the authorities in Israel? It would appear not, on the face of it.


    Piers Morgan “Uncensored”, interviews Bassem Youssef (an Egyptian comedian, wiki below) on ‘Isr-Hamas-war.’ 33 mins.

    There isn’t much comedy or parody, Youssef just makes some points (how to joke about such awful happenings?) after some pointed fakey exagerations (e.g. his wife uses his children as human shields so he can’t ‘take her out.’)

    At time of posting this vid had 81K comments on YouTube. Amazing.


    ‘Russian interference in American elections’ seems to be getting more sophisticated.”


    Hey Israel! Hey America, as that guy yesterday said. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You’re making everything worse and making Israel, your economy, and in fact all Jews worldwide, LESS SAFE.

    Hey Biden, watch your step ! Hahahaha

    Team Biden need a mutha f’n intervention. Like now.
    Rehab and therapy will take a long time for the Team Liberal ass clowns.
    Remove these fuckers now- for their own protection and the safety of the World.

    Republicans and Neo-cons need not apply- you’re fired too.

    John Day

    The Other Team

    JDAM is a precision guidance package, using military GPS, which is attached to large US “dumb bombs” of 500 to 2000 pounds (not a “missile”). The US and Israel both employ bombs with this modification and either could have used a fighter-bomber to deliver one to the hospital in Gaza yesterday, either “team” one might say, but teams on the same side.
    ​ COVER UP: Israel DELETES Video They Claimed Showed Islamic Jihad Rocket Hit Hospital; Sound Analysis Suggests Israel Used Powerful JDAM Missile

    ​ Netanyahu once again blames terrorists for Gaza Strip hospital incident
    ​ Outrage must be directed “at the terrorists,” who bear responsibility for this incident, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after the meeting with US President Joe Biden, who arrived in Israel.
    ​ He once again expressed an opinion that the Hamas radical organization operating in Gaza “commits a double war crime” by aiming at Israeli civilians and using its own civilian population as a human shield.
    ​ “We have seen the price of this horrible war crime yesterday when a missile, launched by Palestinian terrorists, misfired and fell on a Palestinian hospital. The entire world was appropriately outraged, but this outrage must be aimed not at Israel, but at the terrorists,” Netanyahu said.

    ​Is the US military the “other team” Biden alludes to? “Based on what I have seen”, he says. What was Biden shown in the meeting with Netanyahu? This stages for Biden to later use the excuse that “he was not shown all the information”. That was a big JDAM that blew up the hospital. Israel can deny culpability and the US can deflect suspicion.
    ​ Biden In Israel, Agrees With Netanyahu: Looks Like The “Other Team” Did Hospital Strike
    ​ Breaking from other allies like France’s Macron (and some Europeans), who appeared to condemn Israel for the deadly al-Ahli Baptist Hospital bombing, Biden instead during his first meeting with Netanyahu since the crisis began sided with Israel’s narrative of events. “Based on what I have seen, it was done by the other team, not you,” Biden said.​…
    ..Later in the day, in a meeting with Netanyahu which also included members of his war cabinet in Tel Aviv, Biden as expected pledged that “We will continue to have Israel’s back as you work to defend your people.”

    John Day

    Gaza hospital strike ignites riots in Muslim countries (VIDEOS)
    Pro-Palestinian protesters clashed with police and attempted to storm US and Israeli diplomatic missions

    ​Even Canada’s Trudeau blames Israel. Russia asks pointed questions about whether Israel or US is responsible. (Which would be worse?) Many governments have comments.
    World reacts as Gaza officials say 500 killed in Israeli strike on hospital

    ​There are lots of Heads of State making statements here. Their citizens are outraged at the injustice. Long thread with lots of updates since yesterday.
    Arab Leaders Refuse To Meet Biden As Protests Rage Around The World After Gaza Hospital Strike

    ​ With the bombing of Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, which killed over 500, and is being BLAMED on Israel and the U.S., the black flag is risen on Razavi Shrine in Mashhad, Khorasan province, Iran, shown above.
    This is in Islamic Scripture!
    “When the black flags come from Khorasan go to them, even if you have to crawl on snow, for among them is the Khalifa from Allah, the Mahdi”
    — Abd al-‘Alim in al-Mahdi al-Muntazar​ …
    ​..Embassy Attacks ​(by protesters have been been) reported at:
    – Israeli Embassy in Turkey
    – Israeli Embassy in Jordan
    – US Embassy in Lebanon
    – Embassy in Iraq
    – French Embassy in Iran
    – British Embassy in Iran

    ​ Still “humans” though; not “animals”:
    ​ Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday that the Israelis who were killed or wounded in Israeli settlements as a result of the attack by Hamas militants could not be considered civilians.
    ​ “The people who live in Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories are not civilians because most of them have weapons,” the IRNA news agency reported him as saying.

    John Day

    ​ Weapons of mass migration: Egypt is actively resisting pressure from the EU, which is trying to persuade it to accept Palestinian refugees, the Financial Times reported.
    ​ “You want us to take one million people? Well, I am going to send them to Europe. You care about human rights so much — well you take them [the refugees],” the ​(Financial Times) quoted a senior Egyptian official as saying to his European counterpart.
    ​ According to an EU official who took part in the conversation, “the Egyptians are really, really angry” at Brussels for trying to force Cairo to accept refugees from Gaza. The Financial Times noted that the Egyptian authorities have made clear their position on the issue, which is that “forced displacement” of Gaza residents will not help solve the humanitarian crisis in the region, nor will it help resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
    ​ UN Under-Secretary-General Martin Griffiths told the Financial Times that Egypt had “been very constructive” from the beginning on the issue of providing humanitarian aid to Gaza residents, but was strongly opposed to opening the border to refugees. “What Egypt is very, very clear about is that they will not allow Palestinians from Gaza into Egypt, because they fear for a great influx which they will then have to take responsibility for, for an indefinite period.”

    ​Ukrainian Dnieper Operation Has Started. The Russians Are Waiting. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.10.18

    These helicopters were in the general area of Kherson, and were hit just before Ukrainian forces crossed the Dnieper in that area.
    ​ Ukraine fired ATACMS missiles against Russian forces for the first time on Tuesday, and claimed to have destroyed nine helicopters and damaged runways in strikes well behind the front lines, in the Luhansk Oblast and in Berdyansk, a city on the Azov Sea in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

    John Day

    From Cat: Kevin Barrett’s contact informs him that: Four (4) Carrier Strike Groups Deployed! WW3 Imminent!
    ​ War-watchers know that the US normally keeps two aircraft carrier strike groups deployed. When a third is sent out, war is likely. Four means “start digging a bomb shelter.” The US just sent out its third and fourth.
    ​ Today, a few cheap anti-ship missiles can easily take out a $12.998 billion dollar carrier. That’s ominous in light of the fact that next Monday, October 23, is the anniversary of the 1983 Marine barracks bombing that killed over 300 people and wounded over 100 more.
    ​ The two carriers heading for Gaza, the Ford and Eisenhower, carry more than 5,000 sailors each and are sitting ducks for anyone who can get their hands on a few of the latest anti-ship weapons. Someone angry at Israel and its US backers might sink one or both ships, killing up to 10,000 Americans. Or Israel might sink them and blame Palestinians or Iranians in what could become a USS Liberty Incident II.

    ​ NATO begins nuclear exercises​ Thanks Christine.
    ​ The Alliance emphasises that the Steadfast Noon exercise is “a routine training activity that has been conducted annually for over a decade.”
    ​ This year, manoeuvres over Italy, Croatia and the Mediterranean Sea will involve various types of aircraft, including modern fighter jets and American B-52 bombers, which will arrive from the United States.

    Putin preparing Russians for World War III with nationwide NUCLEAR WAR DRILLS​ Russia stocked and renovated all bomb shelters last year in all cities.

    ​ Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told CNN on Monday that he was drawing up an authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) against Hamas, Hezbollah, and other groups in the region if the Gaza war escalates.
    ​ “I hope I never have to mark this bill up. But we have a situation in the Middle East that’s growing day by day with intensity and if Hezbollah gets involved, Iran has already threatened if Gaza is, you know, if Israel goes, you know, if IDF (Israel Defense Forces) goes into Gaza that they’re gonna come out,” McCaul said.

    McCaul Preparing Authorization of Military Force If Gaza War Escalates

    Saudis Issue Urgent Warning To Leave Lebanon “Immediately & Now” As US Embassy In Beirut Begins Evac​ (Is H​ezbollah in Lebanon the US target?)

    John Day

    Trend toward mutually beneficial cooperation unstoppable — Xi Jinping​ ​(This equitable global trade format would choke the $US empire down to just a country.​)
    Addressing the participants of the forum, the Chinese president said that cooperation in the Belt and Road project pursued development goals, was aimed at yielding mutual benefits and carried “a message of hope”

    ​ From Christine , On December 8th, 2016, the Kairos Center hosted “The Land Belongs to God: The Bible’s Commandment Against Wealth and Poverty” at Union Theological Seminary. Our featured speaker was Dr. Michael Hudson, an economist who has studied the history of debt
    ​ Some of the Qumran [Dead Sea] scrolls really proved that what was at issue was debt. The most important scroll is 11q melchizedek. “Q” is for the Qumran cave where they were found, cave number 11. And in this scroll collects everywhere in the Bible that talks about debt cancellation: deror.
    ​ Leviticus 25 is about the year of the jubilee: “Each of you will return to his possession.” In Deuteronomy 15: “Let every creditor release that which he’s lent to his neighbor.” In Isaiah 61: “Release the captives, release the bond servants.” In Psalm 82, the Psalms of David: “God stands in the divine assembly, he’s going to give his judgment. God will judge his people and punish the wicked.” There’s a whole collection and there’s no question that this is what is meant by the idea of debt and sin and obligation.
    ​ Well, you can imagine how upset most religions were when they found these scrolls. They said they must be by this sectarian group, the Essenes. They must be a radical group, sort of like the Trotskyists. We can just sort of ignore them. But it turns out now that biblical scholars have found that the Qumran caves seem to be the library of the Temple of Jerusalem. During the wars with Rome they moved the library to the caves of Qumran in order to keep them from being destroyed when the Temple was sacked and burned down. So these scrolls were the very core of Judaic religion.
    ​ The fight of Jesus against the Pharisees was about this. At first Jesus said: “Good to be back in Nazareth, let me read to you about Isaiah.” In Luke 4 says it that this was all very good, and they liked him. But then he began talking about debt cancellation, and they tried to push him off a cliff.

    The Land Belongs to God: A conversation on debt and the Bible

    The stock market may be waking up to the possibility that Pfizer may go bankrupt due to the upcoming Covid vaccine claims. Many parallels can be drawn between the corporate behaviors of Pfizer and Purdue Pharma, another pharmaceutical concern that dishonestly and aggressively marketed harmful products. Purdue Pharma went bankrupt due to the greed and depravity of its leaders, as their “legal protections” evaporated. The same may happen to Pfizer…
    ..Ed Dowd, a former asset manager, was one of the first people to realize that. He explained that legal protection granted to Pfizer by the PREP act will cease to protect it if significant fraud on the part of Pfizer is discovered.

    Pfizer May Go Bankrupt, Financial Markets Realize


    Joe Biden-

    Israel needs a ‘safe space’, I identify as a Zionist…50 years ago as a Senator I was born a poor black child…America is a Nation that can be defined in a single word….AFFFASUFUTIMAEHAEHFUTBW…don’t (you forget about me).

    A Safe space….

    Biden- falls UP stairs, down on a stationary bike, can’t put his jacket on, doesn’t know where he is, can’t speak, can barely walk… This is the leader of America?

    Dear NSA, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security…. aren’t you getting tired of the retarded clown show ?
    Or have you also fallen ? Read the Constitution lately that you swore to defend?
    Not Israel or Ukraine- both foreign enemies. WTF is wrong with you bitches ?

    Dr. D

    Since they WANT a war, NEED a war Bibi will be removed and imprisoned without a war, the U.S. will collapse without a war, the Muslims aren’t MAKING a war…

    …Well then bombing a hospital to get things going makes perfect sense.

    Why not remove Biden, yon CIA/MI6 lettermen? Because we’re supposed to LOSE this war. Only LOSING the war will erase the Constitution and all human rights worldwide. SO they are happy, elated, pleased, overjoyed, singing in harmonious union of an angelic choir to discredit the United States, their rival, the American people, the government which is the only counterweight to Corporations, and so on. It is REQUIRED for everyone to hate the government and, say, Buy a Coke (or a Heckler and Koch) instead.

    If the people are self-regulating, if they merely demand and enact honest judges, tell the truth, hold their leaders to account, go out and work and trade voluntarily, these guys are helpless. They will lose. That is, if we are AMERICANS, and act like AMERICA. Getting up, working, selling, building, helping, and not fighting.

    So although not nearly so simple: They a’gonna lose. The markets are not in this being a big war. BRIICS were sidelined, but continue on. It’s over, but it’s a long way from Normandy to Berlin.


    Arab leaders announced they were unwilling to meet with Biden, given the US is Israel’s biggest funder and supporter.

    And protector from consequences in the UN and with their military, demonstrating their approval of Israel attrocities yet again. It is not Biden paying for this, it is the USA tax payer, yet the tax payer blames Biden in order to make their consciences feel that they had nothing to do with it. The USA and Israel need to go, we need a century without these criminals free to kill at leisure. Of course, it is the Jews doing this to the USA, but the people of the USA don’t seem to mind being ruled by external forces as long as they are not Muslims. Replace Biden with Trump, RFK jr, DeSantis or any of the others and you will still get the same criminal pro Israel policies, because the American people are run by the Jews and they just don’t care.

    D Benton Smith

    The Cabal has been waging war against the human species since time immemorial, but ALWAYS through proxies and NEVER through its own identity, forthrightly, because to do so (to stand up and fight for themselves AS themselves) would expose them as specific enemies, in other words TARGETS. Being publicly visible, rather than invisibly secret, they become vulnerable to attack and destruction. Indeed, they are so few in number, and so utterly despicable to virtually everyone else, that should their individual identities ever become known, their eradication would be virtually guaranteed and instantaneous.

    In other words, once their individual names and deeds are fully known they will be tracked down, and eliminated ….. but first (of course) there remains the necessity of identifying them, precisely, exactly and accurately.

    The defeat of underlings, minions and executive captains (although practically unavoidable) is not in itself sufficient though, because so long as the source of evil remains it will simply regenerate replacement underlings, minions and executive captains.

    Here’s the thing about using proxies to fight wars. There’s a dangerous catch. The catch is that if and when a proxy FAILS then it becomes existentially necessary to throw that proxy to the wolves AND replace it with a new proxy to divert the wolves’ energies and distract their attention (otherwise the wolves will just stay focused and keep on ravening their way all the way to the top of the food chain.)

    Therein lies the dangerous “catch” to using proxies to fight wars (note that the phrase, “using proxies to fight wars”, is in itself just a deceitful and distracting way of saying “using henchmen to steal everything”). The catch is that when the proxy is defeated then the people who hired them MUST STEP CLOSER TO THE DAYLIGHT in order to put a new distracting henchman/proxy/criminal into place to continue stealing the stuff that’s needed to finance the Cabal’s lavish lifestyle and to use to fight (and distract) the onrushing wolves.

    We are witnessing precisely that dangerous transitional attempt quite clearly now in Israel and Ukraine, and scheduled to play real soon in a theater near you in the USA and Europe.

    As the so-called friends of Israel step forward in lock step to support the Jewish state of Israel’s sovereign right to “protect itself” by means of enormous and perpetual war crimes against the entire population of the country that the Israeli’s stole the country from, these “friends of genocidal psychopaths” expose themselves as being in direct opposition to literally EVERYBODY else’s human right to defend self and family from outright murderer, and (most importantly!) as being Zionist rent-boys willing to sacrifice the lives of MILLIONS OF JEWS and non-Jews alike for no reason other than the morally and legally unjustifiable preservation of the “sovereign right” of the ZIONIST government of Israel to commit unspeakable crimes as its primary method of preserving its uniquely self-proclaimed right to go on committing unspeakable crimes as a perverse sort of accepted way of doing business.

    Is this psychotic arrangement still a bit confusing? Well, yes, of course it is, and largely because it is presented to you in the most false and misleadingly confusing manner possible by the perpetrators themselves (they do, after all, own the schools, media and government) but it is a LOT less confusing than it was a minute ago, isn’t it? A gang of criminals are using their criminally attained authority to retain criminally attained authority. Simple.

    This particular gang (I call them the Cabal, for lack of a more definitive moniker) is using a bunch of purportedly “ZIONIST” Khazarian Mafia (who are a VERY small subset of Jews en masse) to claim the sovereign right to arbitrarily negate and remove the human rights of whoever they choose, by proclamation, and to demand upon pain of death that other people, and entire nations, to go along with it.

    Clearly, they are “Zionist” Khazarian Mafia first, and anything else second, at best. Whether or not they are all (or even mostly) Jewish remains to be determined by actual investigation and DNA testing, but regardless of how that all sorts out in detail there sure as hell is one helluva connection dontcha think?

    The proxies (most of whom “identify” as Jews, and their hirelings) are failing at an accelerating rate, so they are now being set up to be thrown to the wolves (in yet another pogrom) to protect the empire itself, and the directors behind them have been forced to move one giant step further into the daylight.

    Who the fuck ARE these guys?

    I think that would be a VERY good question to get answered, and advise anyone similarly curious to press forward to do so.

    Israel (much like Ukraine) has been quite a playground for these bastards for quite some time. Until very very recently they have been empowered, carte blanche, to lie, cheat, steal and kill with wild abandon and total impunity. But as they lose, and are driven further and further back toward their flimsy stronghold (Byzantine “money magic” and straight-up crime) , they are necessarily forced to step out of the shadows to protect “their” territory from impending defeat.

    For examples, Trump, RFK Jr. and even sweet Tulsi G have each publicly sided with the State of Israel by explicitly repeating (and even amplifying) the immoral, illogical and ILLEGAL position of the criminal (Zionism is, on its face, explicitly criminal) government of Israel.

    They are also each and all IDIOTS for doing that because now they are each and all on the record as having unambiguously pledged allegiance in support of deliberately pre-planned and welldocumented war crimes and crimes against humanity. That’s not going to play very well in the VERY near future.

    And yet, that’s what they did and despite the obvious progression of current events in which the empire of lies (that they just went “All In” for) is already getting it’s ass handed to it on a platter.

    It’s one thing to side with a winner (lot’s of people do that, it’s practically standard issue human behavior) but to bet the farm on a dead-certain LOSER is WAY not smart. Yet all three of those jokers (who are plenty smart in many other ways, including raw IQ) just did the dumbest thing in their lives, live and on-camera. WHY would they do such a thing?

    My opinion is that they were somehow FORCED to. Someone or something very very very evil, made them do it. The nature of that force and the identity of that someone is of paramount importance for us to learn, because because betting everything on a dead horse that’s rotting away back there in the Starting Gate, just doesn’t strike me as Trump-like. And as for experienced pols like Kennedy and Gabbard, ya just gotta wonder how professionals like them could forgot how to side step and look great without really saying anything that they could be held accountable for later. Nope. They both just stood up on their hind legs and screwed themselves for no apparent reason. Well there IS a reason, regardless of how secret it is, and it must be a real doozy. Triplle that in Trump’s case.

    In any case, the Cabal is being compelled by well armed and rather testy opponents to show us who they individually are, one putrescent layer of scum at a time. As they continue to do so (which they WILL, because they MUST) we must pay close attention and take names. As the ass kicking shifts into higher gear, we will be glad to have the list of names already handy.


    Jews have destroyed your culture, your identity, your race. Now they are ushering you into WW3. How people do not see this, or refuse to see it, boggles my mind. All you need to do is read the Talmud, then you will understand why they do what they do. Lie, cheat, steal and kill. The Palestinian is the canary in the coal mine.

    Mr. House

    “Biden- falls UP stairs, down on a stationary bike, can’t put his jacket on, doesn’t know where he is, can’t speak, can barely walk… This is the leader of America? ”

    It’s almost like he was installed by a hostile foreign power to trolls us.


    Michael Reid said

    Consider this:

    We are individuals.

    Exterminate the individuals responsible for the crimes.

    Exterminating everyone in a group is the wrong solution.

    Very unlikely everyone in a group is responsible.

    Why do you want to exterminate anyone? All Americans are responsible, you vote for an Israel supporting politician and you are responsible. You can’t say that you voted for RFK jr because of his vaccine policy then say that the effects of his Israel policy is not partially your fault? You have to take responsibility for what you do. The rejection of pro-Israel politicians never happened in the USA because the USA people were happy with the Palestine crime. The concentration camp has been there a long time, this is not a recent crime, this is a crime that has been perpetrated for most of my life. You avoid criticising Jews and you are acquiescing to their crimes, you don’t resist, push back. Now the USA is totally pro Israel because the people allowed it to happen, they permitted the crimes and now you are claiming it is not your fault.


    Little tidbit of trivia from Larry John’s blog comment section:

    An interesting piece of history:

    “Jerusalem was not founded by King David.

    It was founded between 3000 BCE and 2600 BCE by the Canaanites, the common ancestors of Palestinians, prior to the arrival of the ancestors of the Israelis, the Amorites, from Iraq in 2400 BCE.

    Jerusalem is not a Hebrew word, nor is it 3000 years old, rather it is 4500 years old and Canaanite, meaning the ancestors of the Palestinians.

    The original inhabitants of Jerusalem were Phoenician Canaanites.

    Jerusalem was originally a village.

    The name “Urushalim is first found on Egyptian statues, circa 2500 B.C. E. “Urushalim”, in fact is a word of Canaanite derivation; the prefix “uru”, meaning “founded by”, and the suffix “salem” or “Shalem,” Phoenician Canaanite god of dusk.

    This evidence is reinforced by archaeology and by tablets found in Elba, Syria, dating back to 3000 B.C., on which the god Shalem being venerated in a city called Uruksalem is mentioned.

    The old name of the city Urushalim figures also in the Egyptian texts called Texts of Proscription of XII dynasty ‘ws’mm pronounced in Akkadian language Urushalim city of god. ~ Denny Roberts

    Contrary to what the Zionists claim that the Apartheid State of “Israel” invented the name “UrShalim”, the fact is that this name is so ancient, it even predates Judaism.

    And it certainly is many thousand years older than any Zionist.

    “Ur” is an Aramaic word for city. “Shalim” means peace. Salam in Arabic. “Ur-Shalim” is then the “City of Peace” (Madinat al Salam).”

    -Paul Jay Solerno

    D Benton Smith


    All Americans are responsible . . .
    . . . Now the USA is totally pro Israel because the people allowed it to happen”

    So all of the Palestinian kids killed by Israelis down some days ago (and as we speak, I guess) had it coming to them because their “people” are all responsible for it from having allowed Israel to steal the country from their grand parents?

    I dunno for absolute certain, aspie, but it sure looks like your reasoning process still dips to the lazy/sloppy side of the tipping point when it comes to making broad sweeping generalizations about entire populations who are of one nationality or another by accident of birth, and never got willingly closer to a voting booth than you ever got to a church.

    How about in your own particular case? Do you take unexcused responsibility for the crimes of all of your ancestors and fellow citizens? And why stop at national borders, (which historically are pretty shifty-changey anyhow) as arbitrarily set boundaries of social responsibility. Does being Uyghur (for example) excuse them for Mao’s Great Leap Hellward, or are they all irredeemably guilty as well because, technically, they’re still Chinese?


    Biden Says He Was Born In Israel

    The Empire of Lies Duh’merican Version

    Here’s your demented pedophile buttplug of a ‘leader’ ritually humiliating the entire country top to bottom with his word vomit.


    You know who owns them by the flag behind them. That satanic blue star was on Brandenburg Gate, the White House [who hate Whites\ , etc. Symbols are more important than words because every word they say is a lie.

    Michael Reid

    Bracing for Impact

    John Michael Greer

    I think it was Lenin who said that there are decades in which nothing happens, and then there are months in which decades happen. It’s a useful reminder that the pace of historic change is not smooth. We’ve all seen immense changes take place over the last few decades, but in the industrial world, at least, most of them have happened slowly. Recent headlines suggest, though, that the pace is picking up to a remarkable extent. A brief survey of the landscape of crisis ahead of us may thus be helpful.

    Bracing for Impact


    Mexican Space Alien Revealed



    Light-up highway road work warning sign

    Biden was not elected

    He was installed

    Like a toilet

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