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    John Vachon Beer signs on truck, Little Falls, Minnesota Oct 1940 • 25 European Banks Fail Stress Test (NY Times) • Testing Europe’s Stress Tests (Blo
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    V. Arnold

    Well, you got the numbers exactly correct. 25 banks failed! Good sources, no?
    We’re in the era of circus maximas of the Roman games.
    We’re such fools…


    as the fracking bubble explodes out from the U.S. to China, China’s emissions will come down switching from coal to gas while America enters the poverty of unsustainable sustainable wind and solar power in a post gas bubble implosion. we now expensively treat inexhaustible thorium as radioactive waste while we extract the heavy rare earth elements our hi-tech sustainable energy needs. if we use thorium to pay for the sheer thermodynamic idiocy of green power, we perhaps have a chance to use thorium to clean up uranium. are we just too stupid to live? yes.

    Formerly T-Bear

    The progressive Firedoglake has a post by a operationmindcrime with a number of links to the MH-17 assassination/murders. I recall one photo showing the purported cockpit floor completely awash with blood. Since the voice and flight recorders ended up in CGHQ/MI6 custody, figure on missing minutes of recording no less important than Nixon’s 18+ minutes. Count on the relevant Ukrainian ATC tapes never seeing the light of day as they would verify whatever radio transmissions occurred after the cockpit voice recorder’s recording went missing.

    Just to think Russia published whatever information they held within days of the incident, the Oaf in the White House is still lying like a poorly woven carpet, and the msm is fixated on unwitnessed, non-existant BUKs (but provides a superb marker for there being propaganda spewed therein).

    It is beyond comprehension that the Government of the Netherlands is complicit with the murder of (NATO) so many Dutch citizens and coverup of this crime. About the only redeeming factor may be it’s only a short taxi ride to the ICC The Hague for those responsible.


    Formerly T-Bear – yes, it is beyond the Netherlands, especially, and beyond Canada and all of the other criminal, psychopathic NATO country leaders. The people want to know the truth, but who cares about those little insignificant peasants!

    If what John Day and I posted yesterday re Ebola and AIDS is even remotely true, how convenient to bring one of them “on” when they need a disaster to cover up the secret trade agreements and all the rest of the thievery taking place.

    Unless they get answers, the people of the Netherlands should bring their government down to their knees.

    V. Arnold

    @ Formerly T-Bear

    I barely listen to or watch any U.S. media (Democracy Now excepted).
    I refuse to listen to anything from Obama, Kerry, Clinton (both), or Cameron. I turn off the sound as their voices are offensive and insulting to any sentient soul.
    I find RT to be quite refreshing for the most part; but one must listen with a very keen ear…
    The Saker and Orlov are worth a visit as is TRNN (The Real News network).
    Our world is enveloped in a very toxic atmosphere…

    Formerly T-Bear

    @ Raleigh
    @ V. Arnold

    Acknowledging your responses:
    Although both Ebola and AIDS are horrific diseases, neither is an existential threat, other than to individuals and it is not beyond the range of possibility that some manipulation has happened, nonetheless, nature is still capable of producing what is observed. More information is needed to arrive at judgment, I’d fear conjectures only add to doubts and confusion.
    No traditional media remains trustworthy per se, this includes much appearing on the internet, the integrity of much has been compromised by the basic needs of economic survival. That is not to say there are certain sources about specific issues that on the balance tend to retain their integrity. These have to be sought, evaluated and assessed. The numbers of such founts of information in the western media are diminishing at an alarming rate nearing negligible (with occasional commission of information). This gathering void is somewhat tempered by heterodox reporting through internet and social medias in haphazard fashion. After that becomes compromised, few options remain to be discovered and utilized, that future has great fogs obscuring those possibilities.

    Both these comments address to differing degree and manner an issue that has definite existential threat. That threat has become the credibility of governing institutions to manage their political/social economies. Once the ability to competently manage complex networks is lost, it is near impossible to reestablish those networks using status quo methods without employing ever increasing compulsion, either through artificially manufactured consent or through brute force of authority. Neither bodes happiness. The (now) Ancien Régime will not surrender power until it is taken from their cold dead hands and all that implies and entails. Your milage may vary.

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