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    Michael Reid

    Dying of “vaccination” (along with his mother),
    Pascal Najadi, son of WEF co-founder,
    calls for the ARREST of
    Gates, Schwab, WHO leadership, Big Tech, Pfizer


    Tried to warn you. Y’all thought I was nuts.

    Veracious Poet

    Ho ho ho!

    And. here. we. go!!!

    Sounds like some nice science fiction you got there 😉

    Can I get some AiRobots + a Galaxy Class Star Ship with that *fantasy*? ‘Cause thus far “humanity’s choices” have *always* devolved into sacrificing their lives, labor, creativity, “civilizations”, property & *children* into the *absolute* control of monsters & other assorted villainy 🙄

    Until then:

    Stultus tam stultus est.


    Cronus ate his kids but Rhea saved Zeus by spiriting him off to be reared by Amalthea, and feeding her husband a stone wrapped in baby clothes, instead. Zeus later made Cronus vomit up his siblings (Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter…). Gods are different from you and me.
    This artistic tearing apart of the offspring doesn’t work.

    The new baby boy was as cute as could be-
    Looked just like his father, we said.
    But his dad became sad and said all he could see
    “Is just my replacement, instead.”

    Is this what’s going on in this war-hungry world? Old men trying to devour their sons because of envy? Even a bit of jealousy?

    D Benton Smith


    Thank you for the step-by-step on posting photos here. Now all I need is more inspiration and less procrastination.


    If you are here commenting about Hamas, Gaza, Palestine, the Jews , Israel, the US….

    Then you owe it to yourself to watch this short interview 3yrs ago w/ Abby Martin. Painfully enlightening.

    Yeah, and Trump is sub-human trash. He’s a fucking fraud.

    Israel, and the Zionist Jew scum- will not exist this time next year. Amurica…doubtful.
    Maybe there is a God. But he ain’t a fucking JEW.

    Take Heart- You’ll never walk alone- 3 days ago- Celtic fans support Palestine, beautiful !

    The media does not represent the Worlds views.


    For what it’s worth-

    5,000 US Troops Involved in Israeli Land War on Gaza: Exclusive
    October, 28, 2023

    Around 5,000 American military forces have been engaged in the ground operation the Israeli army launched in Gaza on Friday night.

    Dr. D

    The Oh so it was RUSSIA that set the trap! And Israel was just there, doing nothing, and it didn’t take a year or more to plan this, long before Russia could have known and asked.

    It’s a trap alright, but Russia didn’t set it. It’s like organic s—t the West does TO THEMSELVES, because they have no principles, are diabolically insane, and flip flop because of it. …Like other mentally ill patients do.

    We certainly seem to have three choices this season: We can choose to be run by Israel, Israel, or Israel. Oh and with Speaker of the House? Israel. And here I thought we were an American nation. #AmericaLast. Not until every other nation has everything they want or dream of first, then and only then can we get drinking water to OUR brown people. In Flint and Baltimore.

    Israel can do whatever they want: keep me out of it.


    America has a problem, it is called the Jews.

    What will the American people do about it? Nothing. Same as always, they will go to their basements, polish their guns, masterbate over how they are so tough having a gun, then do nothing. Meanwhile the Jews of America will be using the wealth of America to terrorise the world.

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)
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