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    Edward Hopper Sailing 1911   It’s a development that has long been evident in continental Europe, and that has now arrived on the shores of the U
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    ‘deliver the will of the people’

    You are in Greece. What is the will of the people?
    Food on the table????

    Does who gets elected matter?

    Greece …. USA …. UK ….

    ‘deliver the will of the people’????


    Not my term, zero


    I may/must be an idiot, and many peope will say I am, but really, House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler DID say as recently as Tuesday July 23 that Mueller has ‘Very Substantial Evidence’ Trump Is ‘Guilty Of High Crimes And Misdemeanors’. Today is the 25th. Where the f**k is Jerry Nadler? Where’s his press-op? Where’s his apology?

    No, I’m not a Trump fan or supporter, but I have resisted the temptation to fall into the MSM Dump Trump camp for up to three years now, because I saw early on it wasn’t kosher, they were making it up all along, and I didn’t want to be associated with it. I have no doubt it cost me a lot of money in donations and ad revenue too, and TAE is a major money loser by now with ad revenues down 85%, but I still wouldn’t change a thing. Without full honesty there is nothing.

    The whole narrative has been sickening, and I would like to return to just writing about how I look at what’s going on. But is that still possible? What is Nadler’s next step? He’s in a very deep credibility hole, along with most if not all of the Dems’ who’s who, and there’s no way out anymore, so all they can really do is to double up and down.

    The Democratic Party is strongly linked to all the major power US structures, the press, the military, weapons manufacturers, the media, Silicon Valley, Detroit, you name it they got a slice. And now they’re faceless and powerless. This scares me, I tell you. Cornered animals and all that.


    Trump is agreing with you.
    ( Too bad he won’t remember and will say something different tomorrow.)
    In other news ,,,,
    Is China doing anything to protect its supply of oil?

    Is China leaving the protection of their oil supplies to the USA? Dumb idea.


    Politicians must believe the propaganda to sell themselves and receive the money afterwards on the dresser. The last vestiges serving the people is gone. There are two factions of oligarchs (nationalists/globalists) fighting over the loot. The people are like Jimmy Carter. Western ideology has become so centered on greed and tribalism that you must leave the church (institutions) that you belonged to all your life to stay true to your innate moral values. All we can do is duck for cover and pray we are not stomped flat in the maelstrom. The one thing I know is if I have a chance to vote in the 2020 election I cannot vote for Joe Biden due his complicity in restarting the Cold War that I served in and which killed and maimed people I knew.

    V. Arnold

    Edward Hopper Sailing 1911
    Beautuful day sailer.
    Great painting; I can feel the sailboat heeling over, sailing to windward…

    Western governments are riding on a mobius strip.
    I can no longer muster the precious life energy to waste on insanity.
    Capitalists will ride their delusions to their grave…


    So tired of the way both parties are servants to the greedy war dogs imagine what we could do with all those trillions. The Dems really need to pull it together. Maybe they will wake up and actually let Gabbard run a campaign . Trump looks like the princes lap dog in his veto of the Saudi arms deal. One of the few things that both the house and senate agree on is not selling arms to Saudi. Yet here’s Trump actually using a veto to keeping the slaughter machine going. There’s even a picture in the article


    I believe it is an error to think that personalized messages or letters created by AI from a “data-driven” maven influence people with an IQ above 60.

    Just like spam e-mail or stupid pop up ads, who pays any attention to them? You seem to think that because the e-mail has my name on it and knows that I buy frappacionos at Starbucks that I will suddenly be influenced by anything that it says?

    Really. You can fool some of the people some of the time. But that’s where it ends.

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