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    DPC Boston and Maine Railroad depot, Riley Plaza, Salem, MA 1910 I got to admit, Paris and Charlie have thrown me off a bit. Can’t be just me who noti
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    Diogenes Shrugged

    “We just go about our days knowing that jobs reports are nonsense, that price discovery has been put six feet under, and that if we’re really smart, we can still make money off of other people’s misery. And isn’t that what Darwin said the purpose of life is? Or was that Ayn Rand? I’m sorry, Charlie threw me off a bit.”

    Threw you off a lot, I’d say. And what calumny! Darwin never said any such thing, nor did Ayn Rand. As it happens, I would know, having read nearly everything Rand and Dawkins ever published. (Richard Dawkins is a preeminent evolutionary biologist who has written at great length about everything Darwin.)

    And what, exactly, is the link between a few killings in Paris and stock market prices?

    If stock markets “ethically” dived every time there was a murder, then prices would remain permanently at $zero for all equities. Or are you saying that some murders are more important to stock prices than others?

    That said, I’m having trouble figuring out how increasing interest rates will make bankers rich from loans that can’t be repaid. Unless, of course, all those loans to emerging economies are backstopped by the American taxpayer. And even then …

    John Day

    All the suspects are dead in France.
    Case Closed.
    What seizure of property from Muslims are we about to see, and where?


    Had me all fired up,,,’till I read Diogenes post. Pretty much all I was going to say is there.

    May I suggest, Ilargi, picking up a copy of Atlas Shrugged and reading it, not just assorted biased reviews of it?

    On Darwin, maybe those who don’t believe in his evolution theories just haven’t been part of the process? Such as those who “shot up” Charlie, I mean?


    Oh, and rate rises at this juncture? Sheesh, now THAT would bring new meaning to the phrase “Price Discovery,” ya think?

    John Day

    @ Professor…
    “First by inflation, then by deflation…”
    It has been what bankers have done over the centuries to hasten the inevitability of their owning everything, isn’t it?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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