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    Ray K. Metzker Europe 1961   The true face of the EU is presently on display in Greece, not in Germany or Holland or France. Brussels must first
    [See the full post at: The EU Is One Big Fatal Flaw]


    I intended to go to Lyttelton today and listen to Nicole but when I looked it up to see what time it was I saw the admission fee was $300.00!! Sorry Nicole that is way too much for me!


    Curry Christy Mann & Pielke go at it

    If someone who has no idea of or preconception about the AGW hypothesis were to review this entire video (2+ hours), he/she would know for certain who it is who does not use the scientific method in his/her research. It is absolutely scandalous that this person gets so much support from the media and a large part of the population of the USA.


    That’s too bad Patricia. I had no idea. That’s for the whole ”Expo” I suppose.

    Nicole Foss

    Hello Patricia, the $300 is for a whole three day event, with catering included. It’s organised on a non-profit basis, with the fee covering the space, three days worth of food and the cost of brining other speakers in from the round the world. I know it sounds like a lot of money, but it only covers costs. I’m paying to be here like everyone else, and I don’t get paid for my contribution. Neither does anyone else, including the huge number of volunteer organizers. When I do solo events, the cost is very low and usually voluntary, but solo events are small, simple and cheap to organise. If I do a solo event in the area at any point, that would be more affordable, then I’ll let you know.

    At this event, the organisers did make provision for people to attend only part of the event for a reduced fee, or even to cover their registration by helping out with things that needed to be done. Perhaps that wasn’t clear from the registration page. Sorry about that.

    Stephen Maturin

    Yes, the power structure must go, but not necessarily the EU. The world view of the power structure –“Let’s put our own power and profit before people and ecosystems” –must go. And will go. But it would be handy to keep what is useful (social institutions are hard to build), install radical transparency, let the banks fail, substitute well-managed public finance, and get on with cooling the planet –the Green New Deal.


    Thanks Nicole and Ilargi.

    V. Arnold

    Since, apparently, nobody makes any money from this; why not do an online conference for free?
    In this day and age, very few of us could afford $300 – $600 (wife included) no matter how important the information to be disseminated.
    Clearly, some progressive thinking is in order, no?
    Just to be clear; I fully understand the costs incurred by a physical get together, cheers…

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