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    DPC Provision store. Caracas, Venezuela 1905 Once again, a look at Greece and the Troika, because it amuses me, it angers me, and also because it warm
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    The Greeks like the Russians are Orthodox. Almost no Greeks are Protestant or Roman Catholic. Wars were fought by the Catholic Church against Orthodox countries and regions as the Roman Catholic/Orthodox split is the only true Christian schism.

    If the religious stuff is long forgotten by most Europeans who have lost religion for the most part, probably totally among the EU bureaucracy, these religious traditions still comprise the core of the cultures of each country and Europe as a whole. Of course Americas strongly fundamentalist form of Christianity is extremely powerful politically. Most Europeans and all Americans probably have no conception at all that enmity towards Russians and Greeks is based upon religious tradition

    I read somewhere recenly that Greeks were eager to join the EU because they never felt European. Of course they didn’t. They come out of what was considered Christian heresy.

    Ukraine is a very mixed religious bag with various flavors of Orthodox comprising half the population. My understanding is the Nationalists, are nominally Roman Catholic or Protestant. If not actually religious at all they call upon this ancient difference to stoke hatred against their foes.

    This all is the very root of the goings on with Russia and Greece now. America is leading a new Crusade against the heretics. If you don’t feel or know this stuff your missing a core of the story.


    @ Ilargi,

    Speaking of WWII:

    Not saying you’re wrong to suggest atrocities were committed during the period of WWII, but this documentary got me wondering if Germany (and Germans) take way more flak than they deserve for that unfortunate period of history.

    On the plus side, watching an Albert Bartlett interview the other day, I was happy to hear him suggest that we simply do not have enough petroleum left on the planet to re-fight WWII. The down side of that, however, may be that instead of shipping boatloads full of people across the world to fight wars, perhaps everyone will just fight with each other.

    Hello, civil unrest.



    ….. atrocities ….
    Is that why The canadian air force is bombing a gravel truck???
    Is that the best use of our money? (It does cost something to put a jet in the air and to drop a bomb.)
    OHHH! I remember there was a journalist who was executed unfairly by having his head cut off.

    OHHH!!! I had forgotten, the + 200,000 people killed in a civil war and the millions of people driven from their homes. Maybe that is why we call it a civil war and not ….. atrocities ….

    Why are we going after a little fish called ISIS …. for ….. atrocities ….

    John Day

    So Merkel and Tsipras must have talked, after “Godmother” Victoria Nuland had a word with Tsipras the other day, and made a point of “hoping Greece made a good deal with the institutions”, seeming to imply some quid-pro-quo still unsettled.
    There’s a lot unsettled…


    That’s so far beyond left field I don’t even understand it John.

    What I do know is that the European Commission has suddenly uncovered €2 billion in ”unused” funds which will now go towards Greece’s poor. Or so is the narrative.

    Formerly T-Bear

    @ Raúl Ilargi Meijer reply # 20003

    Simple answer to correct question: The European Commission did not discover €2,000 millions. The Greek Finance Minister demanded the receipt of the monies. The German Finance turd absolutely refused. These were points happening in the last fortnight of reporting, here at TAE. Are memories becoming as truncated as the Yanks are? That €2,000 millions was overlooked by the Troika in their dissembling (look up the meaning). Remember the European Commission is comprised of the political Molls bought by the banksters. Einstein’s insanity paradigm applies. That €2,000 millions fund much needed relief is the only use it should be put. V. Nuland’s fabulous “Fuck the EU” is most appropriate in this case.

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