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    Without the broken poker, which is
    put up or shut up for you, but not for me, and
    not simply because of empty creditors
    (Henry Hu / Univ. of Texas,)
    or even just because of shorting your own
    original hand, but potentially even packing
    your own hand as a loser, getting others to
    buy into it, and then shorting it (I’m not alleging
    any particular entity has done that,)
    then (where it’s NOT broken poker) the other
    people in the game would by implication have
    real oversight in the maintenance of fair rules.

    The purpose of that would be rightful goals.

    If we analogize the above to sectors and nations,
    we wouldn’t have heads I win, tails you lose
    policy-making, and the nations’ goals would
    be strong currencies and
    high wages, the two reflecting the high
    worth of their citizens.

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