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    Field Able

    it’s not the Super Bowl for me,

    Don’t flatter yourself Chooch, your lazy use of the term “Z-tards” & overwhelmingly pro US Proxy war links shows a bias.

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    Field Able

    “So the fat lady hasn’t sung and Ritter is no longer a Z-tard.”

    Ritter’s is not “flipping” as he was never a “Ztard” to begin with.
    He is questioning the unrealistic attempts by the Russian command to limit the conflict to a “SMO’ when the US led NATO coalition is openly running a proxy war aimed squarely at destroying the Russian state as it exists now.

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    Field Able

    Michael Gunner goes full Cactus

    As far as I can tell from his own statement, this prick is largely rounding up Aboriginals/native Australians for internment at the Howard Springs “Center for National Resilience”.

    COVID Update: Media Statement, 21 November 2021

    He has; 1) directly targeted the most vulnerable and powerless social/cultural group in the country, 2) stripped them of their autonomy and basic human rights in order to 3) impose forced transport by the military to 4) isolation/imprisonment in a built for purpose concentration camp.

    What a piece of…work.

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    Field Able

    Dr John Campbell with some info on ivermectin efficacy studies with links to papers;

    New Pfizer drug and ivermectin

    John is amusingly understated throughout no doubt on purpose to avoid being struck off Youtube.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 2 2021 #91394
    Field Able

    When I cant be bothered explaining why I oppose the Brave New World / new normie mandates and forced state vaccination etc I have decided instead to use these exact words from “Dennis Denuto” in the Aussie classic The Castle;

    The Vibe

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 7 2021 #89388
    Field Able

    Amusing development in Z-land; turns out drug dealing gangs do not let lockdowns get in the way of their lifestyle. Who knew?

    Mr Hipkins has confirmed patched gang members are among the current cluster of cases, without confirming precise numbers.

    The Mongrel Mob disputes this, with the group’s Waikato spokeswoman Louise Hutchinson telling Radio NZ they are being used as a scapegoat.

    “This has become politically motivated,” she said, insisting all gang cases were historical.

    “We’ve had every member tested and every member of their whanau (family) tested.”

    Gangs in New Zealand are often linked with methamphetamine distribution and use.

    Newshub reports members of the tight-knit community of Kawhia, which reported a new COVID-19 case on Wednesday, believe the virus has spread into their town from a gang member selling the drug – something the gang disputes.

    At the same time, the government has approved travel exemptions into locked-down Auckland for two gang leaders to help further vaccination efforts.

    Associate Health Minister Peeni Henare said the government was “engaged with the gang leadership to make sure that we can support vaccination rollout, testing and adhering to the rules”.

    NZ is rife with ethnic based criminal gangs, the “Mongrel Mob” being the largest. The NZ police have treated the gangs with kid gloves thruout the crisis, deliberately avoiding confrontation even when members openly flout lockdown mandates.
    So people are wondering now; have the gangs have been dealing meth to customers all over NZ from the start of the lockdowns?
    Hard to believe they sat on their hands and just used their savings all these months.

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