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    René Magritte The human condition 1935   • Le Pen’s Conservative National Rally Crushes Macron, Socialists (ZH) • Orban Announces New EU Parliame
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    Dr. D

    “Are MTA Subway Tracks In Queens Being Held Together By Zip Ties

    Well thank God government is in charge of Mass Transit. Finally competent people with unlimited money able to cut through the red tape and get things done. I sure hope they do health care.

    Now LePen is in, makes you wonder what it was all for. Like, fought a lifetime, plus her father, to…? Better taxation policy? They must also be enlivened by the middle process, eating dinners, calling people, shaking hands.

    “2020 telling him Italy stole the election,”

    Okay, we also know. Since Nov 2020. Although thanks for a specifics. First, what do you do? Start a civil war and shoot them? And also out on this side, these allegations aren’t new. But they’re so false we definitely refuse to look into them and put them all to rest. How do we know Italy wasn’t a front for Russia? Without looking? So Hillary must be all over this, correct? Track it through courts, prove she was right all along? No? Why?

    Now they had Exec Order, like 2018 to check the election and share, internally at a minimum, with all the 17 agencies. Which they did, if you remember, but we the public did not. But we have heard all this anyway, if not “officially”. From Larry Johnson, Gen Flynn, who all have access, isn’t that knowing? Officially? Well… Let’s give them incredible latitude and say it isn’t.

    So…here….the system is designed to respond to ONE broken election or candidate at a time. Right? One, a couple rogue actors. That’s because the OTHER electees are by process go down to Congress and register their official protests of 7 states to hold an investigation, etc. But what if 250 electees are ALREADY owned by this “President-flipping” organization? And all the “policemen”, the FBI? If you hold any investigation for one election, all the other compromised all rally ‘round and deny. Then what? Again, shoot them all? They ARE the government. Since 1913, 1947, 1963…

    And you think things haven’t been tried before now? We need to do something different, the new system already has defenses in place to deny and cover this corruption, as we’ve well seen, and they work great, as we’ve well seen. WE HAVE THEM ON CAMERA running ballots through 20 times. No interest. Why didn’t Trump, etc tell us? HE DID. Just like Covid, etc. No one listened, made fun, no traction with the public, etc. Okay then, I can take a hint. Now is not the time. But as being the Good Guys it was our duty to TRY. And THEN we start shooting you. Right?

    Okay, since she can prove all we, the White Hats, knew all this all along, what did they do? Surrender and go play golf? Sure looks like it. No, probably not, but IF they looked like this, then what are they ACTUALLY doing? Why wasn’t the LePen election thrown, since Italian intel was right in there next door. Hmmm…seems like maybe they had PATIENCE, like the Russians and Chinese, and are making chess moves to shut off their system one by one, then ALSO get it out to the public that “This is real” so when you bring it up next time, someone believes you. “Greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to make people think he wasn’t real.” Kaiser Soze.

    Elias: I agree, they are not defending Democracy, but for different reasons. These cases continued the limp-along status quo and did NOT support or reinstate the Constitution and limited government. Elias obviously would not like my interpretation.

    “Piers Morgan: You’re not willing to die to defend democracy in Ukraine?”

    WTF kind of question even is that? Here’s a rifle and a bus ticket, Piers, good luck. What are you still doing here, in London in a £5M flat eating out at 5-star with famous actresses? Don’t you believe in Democracy?

    And Piers isn’t sending HIS children – heavens no – just like the Bush girls. He’s sending the POORS, from Lancashire. The annoying rabble who won’t do what they’re told. Piers’ big point here is to defend Stormy Daniels’ honor to the death. That’s his go-to. Well, he is a whore. Professional courtesy.

    Democracy: And what if you’re a democracy where the minority they’re lynching is the other party? Okay, now what if the lynch mob isn’t even the majority? (they wouldn’t be, btw, almost no lynch mob is the majority of their TOWN that day, only a self-selected action sub-committee). Yes, even so the Democrats are not a democracy, as they are also not the majority. Not even 50% +1. They’re like 30%, and Most of each Left, Middle, “Right” don’t vote.

    …Why would you after seeing the testimony in Kansas?

    “new EU Parliament alliance, in cooperation with right-wing parties from Austria and the Czech Republic.”

    The Pro gay marriage, pro gun control, pro environmental, high taxation, socialized health care, anti-riot “Far Right.” Got it.

    “If any country has a lot of sanctions against it, they would hurt the country for a while.”

    Not really, they’ve been enormously and pivotally helpful, critical, to complete the last stage of Russian independence. Couldn’t do it without you. One: always cheaper and better to import German, etc. But leaves them vulnerable, and no internal jobs, etc. The paradox of being a commodity state like Saudi. So now? Oligarchs were all cut off from London and had to choose. Impossible to invest overseas even if they still existed and wanted to. Had no choice but to invest torrents of capital, billions, domestically. Wait: WHY did they all still have torrents of cash flying into Russia that they couldn’t, was safe to, invest in London, etc like before?


    THEY caused the capital torrent into Russia, which thanks to THEIR sanctions, couldn’t leak back out and could ONLY build factories in Russia. And fact, there’s probably TOO MUCH capital and capital investment internally, it’s dangerous but they’re doing okay. Thanks West: throwin’ us in dat br’ar patch since 1783.

    So Rogers isn’t wrong, if you want a Sony Walkman, you’re out for a short while. However, medium-term Russia just built a Sony Walkman FACTORY, with all the chips, and you now work there and have a new high-paying job and remodeled your house. Nothing else could have caused this.

    What else? Thanks to them, they were also able to take another slice off DoD arms corruption with top generals. Again, capital flows leaking out, not being applied to their written purpose. Where do you put your corrupt payoffs? London, Guerney, Geneva…Nevada. There is always corruption, everywhere, but the less there is the better. Only the WEST could accomplish this last attack on oligarchs and crime, and stop all that money from reaching London.

    So…whose plan is this, exactly? Since this is the #Opposite of the liquidation of the 90s, where they ADDED oligarchs, encouraged them to base in London, siphoned off military corruption, devolved the State, you think no one noticed? The minute the money stopped flowing London was on the phone to the PM saying “What do you think you’re doing??” And? Explain.

    “• Major Democratic Donors Weighing Biden’s Future – NYT (RT)

    Lots of meta-admitting going around every day now. Ze says he needs “Permission” to take any military action, since he’s not in control of ATACMs or bombing Crimean beaches. Really? Who does then? Biden is admitting here, the PRESIDENT DOES NOTHING, and is owned and run by his donors. Right. Thanks for the confirm.

    Do the Democratic base, the PEOPLE have any say in this? (A: No, Bernie in California. As Kunstler says, they MUST take every illegal action. It’s now in the DNC founding charter.)

    “• Biden Campaign’s Future Hinges On His Wife – NBC (RT)

    Meta-admitting: BIDEN IS NOT IN CHARGE. Of anything, not even yes and no, not even of his campaign, future, or his own life. He is non compis mentis.

    “And again, you want to have war, just let Putin go ahead and take Kyiv…Then you have a war.”

    THEN you have a war? THEN? Yes, we’ll stop war by having a war, but the war “Over there” so it’s not “over here” which is not a war, that’s a war, that’s not a war. Right?

    So THIS war, is in Europe, but not THAT part of Europe, it only matters and is a war, that’s a war, and not a not-war, if it reaches Poland. The Ukrainians who die aren’t dead because that’s not a war. So we have to f—k, f—k so hard, for virginity. We have to have the thing SO HARD, so we don’t have the thing, BothNeitherAi. More helpful takeaway than that they’re all quite literally insane? Ukrainians are not people. Ukraine is not now, nor ever will be, Europe. Not to “Them”. Now go, and die in the way seems most fitting for you.

    “Kiev is not ruling out peace talks with Moscow”

    …He passed a LAW. Remember? There’s a law on the books you can’t talk with Russia, honest. I did not write that law and told you not to pass it. “Officer! Arrest this man!” Russia also said you already passed your last chance. The Pace is now not 600 soldiers a day, but 2,300. They are not wrangling over one site, they are taking +5. They aren’t doing small-arms fire in Bakhmut, they are dropping FAB3000’s hourly. Why would they stop? After all that work of getting through the tight window of upping arms production, stockpiling Kinzals, taking a year to train 1M men? Making 1,000 more helicopters and tanks?

    Russia’s a big place, and when they build a Walkman Factory, they build two and keep have empty and idle in case they need a ‘surge” or military contract. Now all those places are finally humming and you want to stop? C’mon, where’s your spirit? We just started this party, don’t go now!

    In contrast to PCR, Russia just LEFT the dangerous part for them. Begin so big, Russia takes forever to mobilize and if you gallop on Moscow right then, first day, you can probably reach it like Hitler and Napoleon did. And once Russia is directed and mobilized…

    Speaking of though: What’s Trump’s Plan for this? Yeah, we’re going to just “Freeze the conflict”, keep everything we own and put in in NATO…but not this week. In a while. Backsies!! So that is still where the West is mentally. “Well we win because we win”.

    ALSO Trump: that actually is NOT his plan at all. That was REPORTED by a media you can’t trust to count 5 paper clips without lying about it. Those are several General ADVISORS to the President. THEY made up this document. They then HANDED it to Trump. Trump said, “Sure, thanks I’ll read it or something maybe” and then they put it in the news it was all commissioned, agreed, official.

    …Thanks news media. You’re a pal. “The problem with cynicism is you just can’t keep up” – Lily Tomlin.

    ““The new McCarthyism is by young people, and it represents our future. So we have a dark future unless we can reverse this new McCarthyism.”

    That’s actually true, so I wonder what they’ll make of it when it’s not 1953 anymore. What of all the people they killed in 2020? I already know. It never happened. I emotionally can’t look at it. Like my 4 abortions and now I’m a childless cat lady, dying my hair and marching in the streets for company.

    “We are absolutely slouching towards a tyrannical dictatorial Banana Republic where the law becomes a joke,”

    Time exists, buddy, time exists. And the Alien and Sedition, Espionage Acts?

    “It now seems like the insurrection increasingly looks more like a legal case of mass trespass and unlawful entry.”

    Good, but it’s actually not Trespass either. You have to “Be trespassed” that is, informed. When you’re talking selfies with police, doors open, they’re waving you in, then shake hands with a long talk on your way out, like the Shaman, that’s clearly the indication of NON trespass. If I come on your porch, you say “Hi Bob” invite me in, I stay for coffee, talk for an hour, meet your wife, check my watch, shake hands and leave, you wave as I get in my car and drive out of sight, that’s not “Trespass”.

    Like “Very Fine People” and the BLS, once the political part is accomplished, there’s no need to defend the lie, so they back-rev it out of history again. McCarthyism never happened, and the Progressives weren’t all Southern Democrat KKK members in 1919. “Save the womens!”

    This is what happens when you don’t arrest FIRST. Then don’t arrest DURING. Then don’t arrest AFTER. I know you’ll be super-surprised, but they do it again!

    So how many lawyers pushed this unconstitutional, Civil Rights abuse, as the USSC just said is totally illegal? Retire or be removed. As a favor to us not arresting you on the spot for human rights abuse. But…Republicans, so this will never happen.

    “his behavior as more awkward than menacing, but inappropriate for a leader,”

    This is it. Really? THIS is what you’re going with? Like Cuomo, he complimented somebody or made a bad pass? NOT the 5,000 people he personally oversaw being put in the ovens?

    Fibonacci is probably to do with the angles of expression in magnetism, which is probably the root attraction of the universe, not “Strong/Weak Force” and “Dark matter.” So from this invisible template, the physical world tends to want to radiate up to, like your Wooly Willie:



    Does Rene see our condition as an inability to discern reality? It’s no wonder we are so easily ruled, conned and led to slaughter. Plato’s cave wall. Thousands of years, techniques change, but the ruling method is constant. Deception. Most people spend a whole lifetime, never knowing or understanding themselves, let alone the world around them. Money itself, the driving force, the key to all of it…is just illusion. Amazing. A talmudic/satanic death cult sinking its teeth into 8 billion souls using a weapon called money, which is’nt even real, just a painting of the view.


    • Russia Will Recover, ‘Not Disappear’ Due to Sanctions – Jim Rogers

    I take great exception to Roger’s tone.

    He is a propagandist and mediawhore when he says “Russia will recover”

    What a condescending pompous prick.

    The West’s ‘sanctions’, which have as much worth as a bucket of lukewarm spit, have functioned like Russia imposing a stiff tariff on Western products and services and made Russia magnitudes more self sufficient and confident they can do anything the West-tards can do or make, but even better.

    The sanctions are a phenomenal flop of the Collective West. What number are we up to, 14?

    What a pathetic joke.

    Russia’s real economic growth is probably 5%+

    It’s actually in danger of growing too fast.

    Russia is now the 4th largest economy in the world, shooting by DeutschTardistan®, the rapidly de-industrializing Teutonic Girlie-man of Eurotardistan.


    Boy that must be some big Butthurt for many German Burgers!

    The West=tards and Duh’merica’s growth are barely at 0% if that.

    The Empire of Lies saves it’s biggest lies for the Duh’merican Sheeple by gaslighting them that they actually have any growth and with a dramatically FALLING Purchasing Power Parity

    Some kid on Twitter found his grocery order from two years ago at Walmart. 45 items totaled about $130

    He re-ordered the exact same 45 items recently = $420

    In two years

    There goes Duh’merica’s PPP

    And Rogers is speaking about “Russia will recover”

    Hey Rogers, Turdmonger, Duh’merica will NOT be recovering but sinking like a cinderblock in the Deep Blue Sea.

    The Empire of Lies has an industrial base of about 11% of the ‘eConomy’

    How you gonna make anything of value the rest of the world wants much less provide your own people with affordable goods will an 11% industrial output?

    And how much of that 11% does the Military Industrial Maggots suck up with useless overpriced ‘weapons’ that look like diddly squat compared to battle tested Russian ones?

    Probably at least 5-6% of that pitiful 11%

    Cat got your tongue Rogers?

    You sad being on a losing team?



    Opps, wrong Rogers!

    John Day

    Holding out for a better offer: Biden’s family encourages him to stay in the race as they discuss whether top advisers should be fired


    Real Death Knell for Duh’merica

    The real oak stake through the heart for the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation is the interest on the out-of-control-national-debt is now LARGER per year than the Military Industrial Mafia’s budget.

    That is historically the Point of Asphyxiation© for ALL empires.

    When that moment arrives it will be like that old expression, “they shit the bed”

    BRICS will bury you

    German man moves to Russia with his family


    Empire of Lies Greatest Hits

    A mentally incompetent population is the Perfect Match with a mentally incompetent leader

    A match made in Heaven



    Dr Jill, the Queen Bee of the Biden Crime Family, wants to shake down “the Donor Class” cause she wants to be a Billionaire.

    A Queen Billionaire Bee

    John Day

    BREAKING NEWS: Secret Negotiations! Jill Biden’s Demands for $2B Library, Legal Immunity, and $100M Book Deal to Protect Biden Family Before Joe’s Exit

    BREAKING NEWS: Secret Negotiations! Jill Biden’s Demands for $2B Library, Legal Immunity, and $100M Book Deal to Protect Biden Family Before Joe’s Exit


    Nazilensky & Company

    The Empire of Lies is going to bail on you soon

    Better start getting your ducks in a row…..


    Field Able

    “Since the Forum’s earliest years, staffers say women received warnings about Schwab: If you find yourself alone with him, he may make uncomfortable comments about your appearance. They describe his behavior as more awkward than menacing, but inappropriate for a leader,”

    No fan of the WEF or Schawb but just being “awkward” around chicks is grounds for complaint?



    OVERWHELMING motivator excuse
    Not in my control
    Not my fault
    Blame someone else
    Some economies will slow down and some countries will not be as prosperous as they have been,” Rogers said. “Whenever people have economic problems they blame somebody and that always leads to change.”
    Aging population and sluggish productivity present risks to growth in the medium term.

    Joe Biden weak democratic candidate.

    Biden’s performance described in the media as “incoherent,” “stumbling” and “unclear”. Senior Democrats and their donors are now actively pushing for his withdrawal from the race, according to multiple reports.
    • Nikki Haley Urges Republicans To Prepare For Biden’s Replacement (RT)
    There is no way that there will be a surviving Democratic Party if they allow Joe Biden to continue to be the candidate,” she said.
    The Democrats “are going to be smart about it: they’re going to bring somebody younger, they’re going to bring somebody vibrant, they’re going to bring somebody tested,”

    “The Democratic party elites started to think of ways to get Biden out of the way,” according to one Moscow source. “so sending him into a long debate, so early in the campaign, was exactly meant to achieve this – he will look bad but there is enough time to replace him.

    Joseph Biden, handicapped as he was by Parkinson’s Disease and Lewy body dementia,

    • Supreme Court Downsizes the “Insurrection” to Largely Trespassing (Turley)

    Members of Congress such as Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) claimed a conspiracy of “armed and organized insurrectionists.” The claim is legally absurd but politically advantageous.

    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz from yesterday, comment #162534

    “Why do the Israelis organize and support such people? Why did the Israelis organise and support Epstein? They have no morality, they believe in fucking over anyone who is not supporting Israel. They are not looking for a better world, they are looking for a Jew-run world. They like to intimidate and the Guardian will help them to get their intimidation message out there.
    It is all part of the fabric of the constant gaslighting that we get these days. Of course, what they don’t mention is who is funding them; it is claimed that they are “crowd funded”, but that doesn’t tell us which government is funding the crowd, that is just an excuse to close down that line of enquiry. Just the Guardian trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Same old shite.”

    Overall your analysis is right on the mark. Very astute. The only slip-up is when you say, “They are not looking for a better world, they are looking for a Jew-run world.”, and even there you are mostly right, they are definitely not looking for a better world. The only error is your assumption that the Jews are at the top of the dung heap. They are not. They are not even Jews (no matter what name they have stolen to call themselves THIS time.). So, I guess that my only advice to you on this point is to not stop there, but to continue digging. Don’t stop with the ostensible self-proclaimed “Jews” (They are non-Semitic Ashkenazi Khazars, in point of fact). Keep digging, and don’t get tripped up by labels. The labels are intended to mislead you, and those Ashkenazi Khazars are the world’s slickest experts on labels, trickery and name stealing.


    Who is controlling the narrative?
    My google search has the first 15 pages, (I stopped), debunking/ myth, Ashkenazi Khazars as the origin of jews.

    One persistent question that continues to resurface is whether Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of the Khazars, a Turkic people from Central Asia.


    Quick, pass the bottle of glue!
    Biden’s Family Urges Him To Fight On, Blames Debate Disaster On Advisors And CNN


    67% on CNN pole said Trump” won”the debate. My math says 33% thought Biden did. How is that possible that 33% are so deluded?. Neither won the debate. The US lost.


    The narrative is falling apart. Pass the bottle of glue!
    Tucker: Obama Is Privately Lobbying To Get Rid Of Biden

    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz , and several others who have comparable attitudes towards the so-called Jews.

    I cannot help but feel (and hope, I suppose) that you are on the cusp of an epiphany. Let me be perfectly frank so as to save a lot of superfluous verbiage. The enemy are not Jews. They are Satanists. by “Satanist” I mean to say the quite real, actual and explicitly organized religion that worships Satan.

    Before you dismiss that charge out of hand with a derisive scoff (as we have all been socially programmed to do), consider that the OTHER side of the coin (those people who believe in and worship God) have religions and churches and high public visibility all over the world. So, why don’t the believers in evil have such high public visibility? Indeed, why are we led to believe that they don’t even REALLY exist?

    The answer to that is almost self evident. It is because lies, and secrecy, and foul play are their sacraments! They DO them, for real, and they do them well. Hiding things (such as hiding the truth) is what they do best. They’re professionals, and they have every intent to prevail.

    You must have noticed that the word Satanic has come up with dramatically increasing frequency recently. This is because they are losing control of their pervasive censorship apparatus and the truth is coming out. The top of the Blob consists of Satanists. That is a fact. If you don’t believe me that’s because you’ve been bombarded since birth with propaganda aimed DIRECTLY at engendering that opinion.

    Even a cursory review of history establishes beyond the shadow of a doubt that the largest and worst of nations and empires have always devoted themselves to evil. And as often as not they eventually come right out in the open and say it.

    When that happens all Hell breaks loose and you have stuff like the Aztecs cutting the hearts out of virgins on an industrial scale. You have enormous atrocities and genocides such as Gaza where a physically captive population (every man, woman and child) is systematically slaughtered like animals.

    Soon thereafter, when the worship of evil is openly adopted and proclaimed as a worthy goal to be sought after (as in the United States, England, Israel, and the NATO states) then the final battle is fought, the Satanists are crushed, and the faithful return to their natural (God ordained) state of being.

    These Satanist have infiltrated and exist like a cancerous cyst within all of the World’s organized religions. The Jews have it worst. The Catholics have it almost as bad (The “Pope” in the Vatican is a known practicing Satanist), but none of the others are immune either. It’s a mess.

    It’s also time to choose your side because it’s happening, now, and you do NOT want to be the last guy who sees that.


    About the stolen election X-twitter clip, normally I’d think the lady has read too many spy thriller novels. Except, the Democrats have been acting crazy since 2020, and really crazy this year, I think maybe they have done something awful they’re trying to keep secret. Maybe the lady in the clip is right.


    Wow! I can’t believe the vehement attack on Jim Rogers.
    Is it really for reasons listed in the comment or is it because of his history of working with George Soros?

    D Benton Smith

    What a terrible demand! To be forced by conscience to do the right thing every time and thereby enjoy the fruits of doing what works best for yourself and everyone else, and to never do the wrong things that always end up in horrible failure and no solace to be found in having done things your way instead of the right way.

    D Benton Smith

    It’s because Jim Rogers believes that the value of a currency depends upon the armed forces of its issuing government, and invests accordingly. Talk about amoral. He must be the aged Poster Child of the association of amoral capitalists.


    Dr Jill practicing being a Billionaire Queen Bee

    Shakedown Cruise 2024

    Biden Crime Family hits the Jackpot of extortion schemes

    “Joe” will leave for a ‘couple billion in cash’ plus blanket family criminal immunity

    Sold to the women in the light cream overcoat, the Color of Money

    She is going to convert ‘Joe” into a coat rack for her vestibule!



    Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Ass on Your Way Out







    Turds in the Punchbowl



    Matt Taibbi:
    We’re All Living Season 5 of “The Wire”
    The oft-criticized last season of the acclaimed series, a satire in which institutional America is totally overrun by fraud, now looks ahead of its time
    Machiavelli wrote that “cruelties ill committed are those which, although at first few, increase rather than diminish with time,” and this has been the burden of Trump-era Democrats. Once they committed to the phony story about Trump as a Russian agent, which necessitated the lie about Biden’s cognitive state, they made inevitable a whole series of bigger future offenses, including a primary season in which the party just struck competition from the ballot and/or canceled votes in states like Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

    How big did the lie get? Democrats held a primary in New Hampshire in which real people voted, disallowed the state’s delegates, then restored them via a second, unannounced “nominating event” on Saturday, April 27 that was attended by “a few Democrats casting ballots listing only Biden.” Yet Barack Obama’s Svengali David Axelrod this weekend just made the preposterous (if carefully phrased) claim that a candidate handed the ticket via such processes was “nominated by voters in primaries across the country”:


    Getting Real in the Empire of Lies


    I hear you brother….

    “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

    – H.L. Mencken



    She could have never imagined a Billion Dollar Payoff back in the early days



    MacGregor gives update on Ukraine War casualties.

    MacGregor’s sources estimate the real Ukronazi death toll at 600,000k with over a million wounded and very poor medical evacuation or treatment on the Ukronazi side

    He puts Russian dead around 50,000

    John Day

    Secret Negotiations Underway

    Like everybody, I have been looking out for clues as to what the DNC will do for a Presidential Candidate and VP candidate, who will need to be able to raise funds (now suddenly cut-off) and to gather crowd support. Their best candidate would be already-earned-it-twice Bernie Sanders, but he’s too honest (a relative term) for them, especially about Israel.

    After Thursday’s debate, many voices, including Democratic bigwigs, called for Joe to resign or be removed. Obama paid Joe and Jill a visit, along with some other “trusted advisors” and suddenly the DNC was officially “standing behind Biden”. That casts them in a “faithful” light, which is better for public relations, but Biden has lost voter support.
    The Biden family huddled over the weekend and is “backing Joe and considering firing top advisors”. That seems to me to be a bargaining position. They want a better offer for Joe to bow out quickly and gracefully, well before the Democratic Convention, August 19-22, and in time to upstage the Republican Convention in just 2 weeks.

    The DNC needs better information about who can garner donations and votes, and they need to appear virtuous, a tall order. If they pay off the Bidens with pardons, cash and assurances of future immunity, Joe can depart gracefully during the Republican Convention, and Kamala will be the first female President for some months. That will pay her off. Gavin-the-Vampire Newsome can become VP and the POTUS candidate, and potential Democratic voters and doners can respond to that, as he looks more presidential. (There is a rumor that something big and bad will happen to capture the news cycle in the next few days. Perhaps Donald Trump will murder Joe Biden in a knife attack.)

    ​ Seymour Hersh Asks The Question On Everybody’s Mind: WHO IS RUNNING THE COUNTRY? Biden Insiders Speak On Record “They’re Trapped”
    Hersh Makes This Column Available With No Paywall​

    ​ Biden should be removed as president – US House speaker
    The 81-year-old president’s condition puts the country in a “very dangerous situation,” Mike Johnson has argued​

    Biden’s Family Urges Him To Fight On, Blames Debate Disaster On Advisors And CNN

    BREAKING NEWS: Secret Negotiations! Jill Biden’s Demands for $2B Library, Legal Immunity, and $100M Book Deal to Protect Biden Family Before Joe’s Exit​

    John Day

    Simplicius, Biden’s Unraveling Sets New Course for Ukraine Suddenly Zelensky is preparing a real negotiating position to deal with Russia by the end of the year.

    ​ John Helmer presents the Russian media/government take on the debate:​ WHAT RUSSIANS DIDN’T MISS — BIDEN BEAT TRUMP IN THE SPINACH DEBATE
    ​ In presenting himself as the more effectively violent of the two, Trump reversed the Gaza genocide and used a racist slur against Biden. “Israel is the one. And you [Biden] should them go and let them finish the job. He doesn’t want to do it. He’s become like a Palestinian. But they don’t like him, because he’s a very bad Palestinian. He’s a weak one.”
    ​ Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, claimed that Putin slept through the live broadcast of the debate. He did not say Putin has not watched a replay. “I don’t think that you can expect the Russian president to set his alarm, wake up early morning and watch the debate. This isn’t a main event for us.”
    ​ A summary of the mainstream Russian media concluded that Russian officials and analysts saw what they already thought they knew. “There are several reasons Moscow would prefer a Trump presidency — the Republican candidate has threatened to pull the U.S. out of NATO and is skeptical of American aid to Ukraine — and Russian coverage generally maintained a neutral tone toward him [Trump], while being less generous with his opponent [Biden].”
    ​ Vzglyad, the semi-official security platform in Moscow, editorialized with a commentary on Biden’s medical condition, headlined “Biden confirms Alzheimer’s victory”, with a lengthy analysis of the medical treatments and the conclusion: “this does not mean that he cannot be elected president. Dementia is, again, a long–term disease. The question is when its progress will become impossible to hide or interpret as the malicious machinations of​ enemies.” ​ ​

    There It Is: Biden Family Now ‘Expected To Discuss Future Of Campaign’ After Disaster Dementia Debate​
    And so, while the party is still virtue circling the wagons, they clearly want Biden out – and are ‘giving him space’ to “determine next steps. They believe only the president, in consultation with his family, can decide whether to move forward or to end his campaign early — and that he won’t respond well to being pushed.”
    ​ So that’s on the table.
    ​ “The decision-makers are two people — it’s the president and his wife,” said one of the sources familiar with the discussions, adding “Anyone who doesn’t understand how deeply personal and familial this decision will be isn’t knowledgeable about the situation.”​ (Ahem​; don’t forget Barack Obama.)
    ​ According to another person ‘familiar with his mood,’ Biden is “humiliated, devoid of confidence and painfully aware that the physical images of him at the debate — eyes staring into the distance, mouth agape — will live beyond his presidency, along with a performance that at times was meandering, incoherent and difficult to hear.” “It’s a mess,” the person said.

    ​ Can Democrats Replace Biden? It’s Complicated.
    ​ Amid the Democrats’ chaotic meltdown over President Biden’s Thursday night debate performance, one image stood out: A shrewd observer on posted a video of a baseball pitcher just off the field dramatically engaged in big, arm-circle warm-ups.​ “Gavin stretching in the bullpen,” the observer commented.
    ​ The pithy remark itself wasn’t too much of a stretch. Gavin Newsom, in fact, was already on deck, albeit figuratively. Before the debate, the photogenic 56-year-old California governor with the slick hair and silver tongue worked the pre-debate spin room as Biden’s top surrogate.​

    ​ Replace Biden With Gavin Newsom? Polls Show Democrats Would Still Lose​ (Where is Kennedy? Kennedy could win​ the popular vote in November.)
    ​ Convention rules are not legal requirements, they are simply rules dictated by the DNC and by tradition. Delegates that already voted for Biden are supposed to continue their support, but there are avenues by which they can change their minds and trigger an open nomination process on the convention floor. It’s telling that far-left media outlets like Time Magazine and Politico are already war-gaming the possibility of Biden stepping down; that’s how poorly received his debate performance was.​..
    ​..A March Rasmussen Reports survey of 912 likely voters found that former President Trump would lead by 17 points (51 percent to 34) if Newsom were the 2024 Democratic nominee.
    ​ In February 2024, an Emerson College Polling survey of 1,225 showed that Trump would win in a hypothetical White House race against Newsom by 10 points (46 percent to 36).
    ​ A November 2023 Fox News poll of 1,001 registered voters found that Trump would win an election against Newsom by four points (49 percent to 45).
    ​ Other candidates fare even worse. Trump crushes Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (also a potential alternative to Biden) by 12 points in Emerson polls.
    ​ Kamala Harris loses by 6.6 points in Real Clear Politics polling. Meanwhile, former first lady Michelle Obama also trailed behind Trump in a hypothetical matchup (50 to 43 percent) according to Rasmussen.​

    John Day

    ​ All Eyes on Kamala (Make her a really good offer.)
    ​ On Friday, Harris’ team dismissed the notion that the Democratic ticket won’t include Biden.
    “Vice President Harris looks forward to serving a second term with President Joe Biden,” said Harris spokesman Ernie Apreza in a statement.
    ​ Harris, who launched her career as former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown’s side-piece, ran for President in 2019 – dropping out before the Iowa caucuses due to polling in the single digits and reports that she treats her staff like shit.
    ​ “This is my third presidential campaign and I have never seen an organization treat its staff so poorly,” said former staffer Kelly Mehlenbacher in a blistering resignation letter.
    ​ Should Biden step aside, Democratic strategists have downplayed the notion of an open convention – arguing that Harris would be the logical choice, and warning of the risks of passing over a black woman already on the ticket for another candidate such as California Governor Gavin Newsom – who would be viewed as a ‘white male savior’ inserted into the race.
    ​ As Vice President, Harris has been an abject disaster – failing miserably as Biden’s ‘border czar’ who presided over the influx of tens of millions of illegal migrants flooding into the United States. She’s also failed at criminal justice reform, voting rights legislation, and administration’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.
    ​ Harris also met with Central American leaders to address the root causes of migration, which did not result in any significant policy changes or improvements in the situation.
    And again, she’s polling worse than Biden vs. Trump.​

    ​ The Federal Reserve is already insolvent.​ Simon Black
    ​ According to its most recent annual financial statements, the Fed has just $51 billion in equity, versus a whopping $948 billion in mark-to-market losses. This means the Fed is insolvent by roughly $900 billion.
    ​ This is a big problem. Remember that the Fed is still a bank, i.e. it has financial obligations, liabilities, and depositors that it needs to pay.
    ​ For example, commercial banks like JP Morgan and Bank of America have deposited a total of $3.4 trillion of their customers’ money, i.e. YOUR money, with the Fed. And the Treasury Department holds another $700 billion deposit at the Fed.
    ​ The Fed owes money to foreign governments. They owe trillions of dollars from repurchase agreements to banks and businesses across the global financial system.
    ​So, yeah, the insolvency of the Federal Reserve is a pretty big deal. Yet, at least for now, no one is saying a word about it.
    ​ But just like the Bank of England in 1992, sooner or later, someone is finally going to say something… and do something… about the Fed’s insolvency.
    ​ There’s a good chance that means betting against the dollar… just like speculators bet against the pound three decades ago. And that would ultimately reduce the value of the dollar, increase inflation, and trigger a new ‘Bretton Woods’ agreement in which the US dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency.
    ​ George Soros became known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England”.​

    ​ Status of US Dollar as Global Reserve Currency: Central Banks Diversify from USD-Assets to Other Currencies and to Gold​, by Wolf Richter
    Long, slow erosion of the US dollar’s dominance. China’s renminbi keeps losing ground, many other currencies gain, as does gold.​

    West Loses $257 Billion on Trade Restrictions With Russia​

    ​ Ukraine Conflict Slowing Down EU Economies, Some Will Not Be as Prosperous ​(Jim Rogers partnered with Soros to beat the Bank of England.)
    ​ The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is slowing down the European countries’ economies and some will not be as prosperous as they used to be, renowned US investor Jim Rogers told Sputnik.
    “​ It [the Ukraine conflict] causes economies to slow down and some countries will not be as prosperous as they have been,” Rogers said. “Whenever people have economic problems they blame somebody and that always leads to change.”
    ​ Rogers said the issues facing the global economy will affect not only Europe but also other parts of the world in the next couple of years.
    “There are many countries in Europe that will try to get around the European problems. So there may be more countries that will leave the European Union,” Rogers said.​—us-investor-1119199702.html

    John Day

    ​ Hungary’s Orban announces new EU Parliament alliance
    ​ Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has announced the creation of a new EU Parliament alliance, in cooperation with right-wing parties from Austria and the Czech Republic. The announcement comes a day before Budapest takes on the rotating six-month EU presidency.​ ​ (He’s in this morning.)
    ​ The new group, presented as “Patriots for Europe” comprises Fidesz, the party led by Orban; the Czech Republic’s largest opposition bloc, ANO, chaired by the country’s former prime minister, Andrej Babis; and the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO), headed by Herbert Kickl.
    ​ “Today we are creating a political formation that I believe will very quickly become the largest faction of the European right-wing,” Orban said​…
    ​..According to the current rules, 23 members are needed to form a political group in the European Parliament, and at least one-quarter of the member states must be represented within the alliance.
    ​ In a statement to the media, the leaders of the three parties expressed hope that the new group would be joined by many other European parties in the coming days.​ (France?)
    Hungary is set to take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union on July 1 and will remain in charge until the end of the year.​

    ​Andrew Korybko, Keep An Eye On Ukraine’s Military Buildup Along The Belarusian Border
    Ukraine’s potential Belarusian operation appears predicated on Kiev’s calculation that Russia might overreact in some way that prompts the conventional NATO intervention that Zelensky is hoping for or redirects troops from the existing front lines to this new one and thus creates an opening to exploit…
    ..In brief, Russia has already won the “race of logistics”/“war of attrition” with NATO, being so far ahead that it’s now producing three times as many shells as that bloc at a quarter of the cost. Russia is therefore poised to achieve a military breakthrough across the front lines, which its fresh push into Ukraine’s Kharkov Region is expected to facilitate by stretching the defender’s forces even further. In that event, however, NATO might conventionally intervene in order to asymmetrically partition Ukraine.
    The reason why this escalation sequence is so dangerous is because Russia might fear that any large-scale NATO invasion force that potentially crosses the Dnieper could be preparing to attack its new regions. The NATO-Russian security dilemma is so serious right now as a result of the previously enumerated escalations that such intentions couldn’t confidently be ruled out if that happens. Russia might therefore resort to tactical nukes as a last resort out of self-defense, ergo its recent drills.
    President Putin would prefer for that dark scenario not to unfold, which his why he recently shared a generous ceasefire proposal in an attempt to avert it. ​

    ​ Just $5 million per disposable air-defense missile. Hurry, supplies are Running Out! US signs new $4.5bn Patriot Missile contract
    Lockheed Martin will produce over 800 missiles and associated hardware under the deal​

    ​ Extermination, destruction in Gaza can only be ‘genocide’: UN expert
    ​ UN Special Rapporteur Tlaleng Mofokeng says the situation in Gaza exhibits characteristics of an apartheid regime and a prolonged occupation, meeting the definition of genocide under international law.​–destruction-in-gaza-can-only-be–genocide—u

    ​American Friends Service Committee: C­o­m­p­a­n­i­e­s P­r­o­f­i­t­i­n­g f­r­o­m t­h­e G­a­z­a G­e­n­o­c­i­d­e

    John Day

    ​ US responsible for continued Israeli starvation policy in Gaza
    ​ The situation in Gaza has become tragic, senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan emphasized on Saturday, warning of imminent casualties due to food shortages, which are pushing the Strip toward famine.
    ​ During a press conference touching on the developments of the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza, Hamdan said UN estimates indicate that 70% of Gaza’s population is at risk of famine, adding that “Israel’s” policy of siege, through the blocking of crossings, has led to a liquidity (cash) crisis exacerbating the famine crisis in Gaza.
    ​ He highlighted that Israeli occupation forces are systematically destroying roads, water networks, and sewage systems, denying the people of Gaza access to drinking water.
    ​ The Palestinian official pointed out that the Israeli government ignores notifications from humanitarian organizations, which makes relief work extremely dangerous, emphasizing that the Israeli occupation’s measures resemble an advanced form of “Nazi detention and extermination camps, even worse.”
    ​ Hamdan considered “Israel’s” policy of starvation in Gaza as one of the brutal methods of warfare targeting innocent civilians, making it tantamount to genocide, adding that “Israel’s” policies in cutting electricity and water constitute acts of genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza.​

    Saudi Arabia condemns Israeli approval of illegal settlement expansion in West Bank​

    ​ More war will kill more Jewish Israelis, also. State comptroller warns there’s no evacuation plan for North in case of war
    Englman tells Netanyahu to settle an ongoing squabble between Defense Minister Gallant and Interior Minister Arbel over responsibility for evacuees​.

    ​ Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati urged Israel on Saturday to cease its “repeated attacks” on Lebanon and to end its deadly war on the Gaza Strip, Anadolu reports.
    ​ While touring the southern region, Mikati said, “We consistently advocate for peace, and our preference is to pursue peace and implement UN Resolution 1701,” according to the Lebanese National News Agency.
    ​ On Aug. 11, 2006, the UN Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 1701, which demanded a full cessation of hostilities between Lebanon and Israel.
    ​ “Israel should cease its ongoing attacks on Lebanon, halt the war on Gaza, and all parties should adhere to Resolution No. 2735,” Mikati said.
    ​ Resolution No. 2735 advocates for achieving a comprehensive cease-fire agreement and facilitating a hostage exchange deal, ensuring the provision of sufficient and sustainable humanitarian aid to all areas of the Gaza Strip.
    ​ “This visit expresses our solidarity with the southern region and its residents. We stand in full solidarity with them and closely monitor their situation,” said Mikati.​

    ​ Arab League says no longer deems Hezbollah a ‘terrorist organization’​ The Arab League Assistant Secretary-General says the member states agreed that the label of Hezbollah as a “terrorist organization” should no longer be employed.​–terrorist-orga


    Meanwhile back in Duh’merica they’re workin’ Smart


    John Day

    ​ ​Peter McCullough MD, BREAKING Publication–Are COVID-19 Vaccines in Pregnancy as Safe and Effective as the U.S. Government, Medical Organizations, and Pharmaceutical Industry Claim? Thorp and Colleagues in First of Three Manuscripts
    ​ “The CDC/FDA’s safety signals were breached for all 37 AEs (adverse events) following COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy: miscarriage, fetal chromosomal abnormality, fetal malformation, cervical insufficiency, premature rupture of membranes, premature labor, premature delivery, placental calcification, placental infarction, placental thrombosis, placenta accreta, placental abruption, placental insufficiency, placental disorder, fetal maternal hemorrhage, fetal growth restriction, reduced amniotic fluid volume, preeclampsia, fetal heart rate abnormality, fetal cardiac disorder, fetal vascular mal-perfusion, fetal arrhythmia, fetal distress, fetal biophysical profile abnormal, hemorrhage in pregnancy, fetal cardiac arrest, fetal death (stillbirth), premature infant death, neonatal asphyxia, neonatal dyspnea, neonatal infection, neonatal hemorrhage, insufficient breast milk, neonatal pneumonia, neonatal respiratory distress, neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, and neonatal seizure.”​

    ​ ‘Unprecedented Censorship’: Autopsy Study Linking COVID Shots to Deaths Finally Published, After Lancet Removed It
    A systematic review of autopsy-related literature following COVID-19 vaccination finding that 73.9% of the 325 deaths were linked to the shots was published on June 21 in the peer-reviewed journal Forensic Science International.​

    ​Meryl Nass MD, Fed-State tussling over raw milk, which will hopefully end once the fallout over Chevron lands directly on FDA’s Rockville office with a bang.

    ​ Slightly more completely-evil-and-toxic. This Artificial Sweetener Is More Damaging to Human Health Than Aspartame
    Neotame, an artificial sweetener that’s chemically similar to aspartame, may seriously damage the human intestine and overall gut health. Not only does it cause cell death in intestinal cells but it also damages bacteria commonly found in the gut.​

    ​(Poor trade-in value, ​too, I hear) “The Ultimate Uncertainty”: Nearly Half Of EV Owners Want To Go Back To Gas-Powered Cars​

    D Benton Smith

    The average 12 year old understands that fights to the finish are won by the bigger stronger side, allowing for the additional fact that spiritual commitment to the goal can also heavily influence outcomes regardless of the numerics. However, when both the numbers and the esprit des corps are all on one side, then the outcome is a foregone conclusion

    So look at the game board. How is this particular battle in the Great War going to turn out? Are the losers getting desperate? Sure seems plain to see from where I’m fighting.

    D Benton Smith

    Just as a Pope who was knowingly against the spiritual essence of the Catholic faith when he fraudulently swore allegiance to it is LEGALLY NOT the Pope, then a President who knowingly betrayed his oath of office even as he mouthed the words is LEGALLY not the President.

    The essence of any institution has nothing to do with materialistic holdings or spoken claims. It is determined solely by TRUTHFUL INTENT, which is spiritual in nature, not materialist. All else is criminally deceptive and fraudulent, of no legal bearing or force whatsoever.

    Restoration of truthful intent will heal all institutions who manage to do it, just as failure to do so ensures their annihilation.

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