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El Greco Dormition of the Mother of God 1565-1566



Not the kind of thing I would do often, making a video the protagonist of an article, but here’s an exception. Now, I know that -thank God- most of my readers are familiar with the ivermectin topic, but you too, watch the 13:38 min of this. Take that time.

You see, I think we owe it to the doctors who have lost their jobs, their reputations, to this, and who nevertheless have kept on pushing. G-d knows how many people died because these doctors were banned and censored, maybe they would have a better estimate than me. We’re talking millions of human lives.

Personally, I have had ivermectin at my disposal since April 2020, ordered from India, and still use it now. But when I offer it to others, they are not sure. Because they don’t read what I do, they read the MSM, and wherever you are in the world, Pfizer et al have the MSM covered. It’s horse paste.

I’ve always written here that if you up your vit. D level enough, that is about 50% of the game (boost your immune system) . Zinc (+quercetin) is the next 25% (virus can’t enter cells) . And ivermectin will fill in the rest. There’s no guarantee that if you’re severely obese, or you’re 90 years old, or both, ivermectin will keep you from getting infected. But if you’re either -or all- of those, you have bigger issues.

Mike Yeadon, Paul Marik, Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Robert Urso, Pierre Kory, Simone Gold, Tess Lawrie, and dozens of others (thank God), sorry for leaving many of you out. These doctors are very brave people, they have lost their jobs, their reputations, their pensions, everything, after mostly stellar careers, because Tony Fauci and his Big Pharma backers wanted it that way, because they wanted to make billions of off untested “vaccines”, for which there was never any need -let alone evidence-. And we owe the doctors a huge thank you. You guys deserve medals. And tons of recognition.

As we move into fall and winter, Big Pharma has already got their pills lined up, of course. They claim to have an “Omicron Special”. Don’t fall for that nonsense. Take Vit. D and zinc, and ivermectin if you can get it. In the US, the NIH just sneakily added ivermectin to its list of covid cures very recently, would you believe it.

At the same time, there are ever more reports of more people dying from the vaccines than from covid. You take your pick. As booster number 8(26) comes.





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