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El Greco Dormition of the Mother of God 1565-1566



Not the kind of thing I would do often, making a video the protagonist of an article, but here’s an exception. Now, I know that -thank God- most of my readers are familiar with the ivermectin topic, but you too, watch the 13:38 min of this. Take that time.

You see, I think we owe it to the doctors who have lost their jobs, their reputations, to this, and who nevertheless have kept on pushing. G-d knows how many people died because these doctors were banned and censored, maybe they would have a better estimate than me. We’re talking millions of human lives.

Personally, I have had ivermectin at my disposal since April 2020, ordered from India, and still use it now. But when I offer it to others, they are not sure. Because they don’t read what I do, they read the MSM, and wherever you are in the world, Pfizer et al have the MSM covered. It’s horse paste.

I’ve always written here that if you up your vit. D level enough, that is about 50% of the game (boost your immune system) . Zinc (+quercetin) is the next 25% (virus can’t enter cells) . And ivermectin will fill in the rest. There’s no guarantee that if you’re severely obese, or you’re 90 years old, or both, ivermectin will keep you from getting infected. But if you’re either -or all- of those, you have bigger issues.

Mike Yeadon, Paul Marik, Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Robert Urso, Pierre Kory, Simone Gold, Tess Lawrie, and dozens of others (thank God), sorry for leaving many of you out. These doctors are very brave people, they have lost their jobs, their reputations, their pensions, everything, after mostly stellar careers, because Tony Fauci and his Big Pharma backers wanted it that way, because they wanted to make billions of off untested “vaccines”, for which there was never any need -let alone evidence-. And we owe the doctors a huge thank you. You guys deserve medals. And tons of recognition.

As we move into fall and winter, Big Pharma has already got their pills lined up, of course. They claim to have an “Omicron Special”. Don’t fall for that nonsense. Take Vit. D and zinc, and ivermectin if you can get it. In the US, the NIH just sneakily added ivermectin to its list of covid cures very recently, would you believe it.

At the same time, there are ever more reports of more people dying from the vaccines than from covid. You take your pick. As booster number 8(26) comes.





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    El Greco Dormition of the Mother of God 1565-1566     Not the kind of thing I would do often, making a video the protagonist of an article,
    [See the full post at: Ivermectin: The Truth]

    D Benton Smith

    The continued push of provenly murderous injectables seems just too stupid for words, doesn’t it?

    So just how stupid (in the “extremely unwise” sense of the word rather than the “low IQ score” sense of it) really are our elite leaders, anyhow?

    Well, read this over and tell me what you think.

    Once upon a time long long ago, in a far off Kingdom somewhere around Central Europe, the significantly-less-than-noble elite ruling class started to think (and I use the term loosely) that the activities of human populations were putting such a strain on the ecosystem that the system might, predictably, break down some day so catastrophically as to kill all or most of humankind. At least that was the general gist of the grift (the REAL problem was that their herds were getting too big and prosperous to manage or even keep under control.)

    Notice that I had to throw in the qualifying word “predictably” just to make the silly notion of “population overshoot” ( what horseshit!) to even make GRAMMATICAL sense as a hypothetical assertion, because let’s face it, nobody knows the future. The defining (and possibly most unfortunate) characteristic of the future is that NO ONE knows very precisely or for certain what it is going to be, or what is going to happen in it. The best anyone can do is “predict” what will happen, and we all know what the odds are on that sort of crap shoot. The ratio between right predictions about the future and wrong predictions about the future is not very encouraging for those who want to make their living “predicting” things.

    As Yogi said, “Predicting things is really hard, especially about the future.”

    So, anyhow, getting back to the subject. These elite “Predictors” folks reckoned that the only way to avert the “predicted” ecological disaster was to reduce the number of humans who they said were causing it. They backed this slack-brained claim with lopsided, prejudiced and generally unconvincing evidence that their delusion was the SCIENCE, so that’s what they set about doing. They’re been at it quite a while, and have been remarkably overt in statements about how to accomplish their aims. I don’t know how I could say, or re-say in different words, or interpret what they have said in a way that would make it any clearer or more understandable than the way they have said it themselves. They mean to reduce our number, and they aren’t kidding.

    They intend a world population of around 500 million. Just because the intention is crazy doesn’t mean that they don’t mean it, and just because it’s unbelievable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t believe it, either. That number may have been tweaked upwards or down by a little, but not much. They intend to achieve that number by wrecking the civilization’s functionality down to the point where 500 million is about all that such a tiny number of surviving population could be expected to support. Side Note: thinking that so few people could maintain an advanced High Technology civilization is good evidence of how literally stupid ( in the low IQ sense) they really are. Not too bright, and that’s a fact.

    So what is expected to happen to the people who the system used to support, but will now not be able to support because it has been wrecked?

    The elites won’t say that quiet part out loud, because what is “expected” is that those people will just DIE, too bad so sad and end of story. Turning off life SUPPORT is turning off life. It just means killing. Circumspective rhetoric might make it sound a little less cold-sweat-terror horrifying. . . . but at the end of the bloodbath it’s still just killing.

    The fastest and most dependable way to kill off “excess” people (us useless eaters) is to cut off the the food, and the water, and the heat and the etc that the civilization both requires and provides to keep the current 8 billion people alive and kicking.

    “Build Back Better”, for example sounds alright on its surface, but it contains a sinister implication. The slogan implies that what was previously there is now GONE, because only after a thing is gone can it be built “back”. In the same vein, for a new thing to be “better” than a previous thing is the unsaid presumption that the preceding thing is or was “worse”. Thus the silent implication of the “Great Reset” is even more chilling the one in Build Back Better. The quiet part regarding the “Great Reset” is that it must begin with The Great Shutdown. In other words, deliberate stoppage and dismantling of working installations.

    Resetting something is a proactive, willful sort of thing. It involves deliberately stopping an operationally productive activity and then starting it back up again later with new or refreshed settings.

    Hopefully, that is, because there is an existentially important point here that should not be gone past too quickly. That point is that the entire program is a very big gamble. It truly is betting the farm on the “predicted”, but theoretical and untested, ability to start an advanced technological society back up from a stopped, wrecked, ‘nothing works any more and the repairmen are all dead or moved away’ set of conditions. Such a restart is highly unlikely when everything is starting off from a stopped, wrecked, ‘nothing works any more and the repairmen are all dead or moved away’ state of existence.

    Now all of this discussion about the niceties of a few phrases might sound like pseudo-brainiac way-too-subtle distinction between mere words like “back” or “better”, but I would point out that there’s nothing subtle about death. Purposely shutting down the flow of energy into Europe is not subtle. Industrial collapse, famine, and death from exposure are not exactly subtle either.

    But that is precisely what the willfully imposed sanctions against Russia are. (to use just that one discretionary crisis as illustration). Nobody is making the Western Empire shut it all down. They are doing it volitionally as a matter of considered choice, and for the stated purpose of forcing Russia to bend the knee to the Dollar System hegemony and consent to go on being robbed blind by that system until further notice. Problems arose from the fact that Russia has the actual tangible goods, and sees no good reason to give those things to the West for no payment other than the privilege of continuing to be robbed blind and/or “paid” with the worthless counterfeit currency which the West uses like a bludgeon to subjugate its victims and remain king of the hill..

    This reluctance to being sodomized is viewed with alarm by the Empire of Lies & Murder as an existential threat to its dollar denominated hegemony. The sanctions and the consequent war are neither more nor less than an attempted “re-set” of the power game, forcing Russia back into subservience. The Cabal means to turn the energy back on after they destroy Russia and are back in control of new and improved NWO social, economic and political conditions. . . . . . and with a much much much much smaller weaker herd to control for their own personal benefit regardless of how many have to die to make that possible.

    So, long story short, the Cabal and its minions are mostly earnestly sincere in their noble intention of saving mankind by killing mankind, down to the last useless eater. And they are not all that subtle about it now that the the chips are down, push has come to shove, and the dead humans are starting to stack up in serious numbers.

    The fight has worked it’s way out from behind doors that are usually closed and into the public arena where everyone can see the whole sordid mess in plain sight. I think part of the reason for such public indiscretion is that the elite leadership actually just could not possibly care less about what the peasants think. We are now officially IN the down and dirty stage.

    As a side note, incidentally, that level of stupidity is in itself pretty good evidence that their prediction of anthropomorphically caused & ecologically catastrophic “Climate Change” is also wrong in numerous important ways. Predictions made by greedy incompetent delusional arrogant stupid people have a tendency to be wrong. At best they are highly suspect and should therefore be very carefully examined for booby traps, ESPECIALLY when examination is forbidden.

    There are two stages to resetting. The first stage is turning the thing off. That’s the stage now in progress. The “solutions” are not meant to work. They are intended to wreck the place. Luckily for us they are SO stupid and SO incompetent that they are failing even at that, but breaking things is relatively easy (compared to building them) and much has been broken already. The damage done so far is certainly going to kill millions, possibly billions, of people who would otherwise have survived but now will not survive because the civilization has been intentionally downsized, and downsized for the purpose of making it impossible for those now condemned people to survive.

    Therefore, whenever you see yet another absurd “solution” being touted by the tainted, and wonder how anybody could possibly expect such a hare brained “solution” to fix anything you should understand that they don’t expect it to work. They expect it to fail with catastrophically lethal consequences , and to make it impossible for ordinary people to live, and for those people to consequently die, and then Voila! Human population down to the vaunted 500 million. Simple. Slobbering Banshee howling at the moon insane . . . . but simple.

    So who are these guys trying to reset us? Lemme at ’em , I ‘ll tear ’em apart!

    Well, that’s the thing, see? We’re already looking right at them, and although there are nefarious secret king pins lurking behind the facades and decoys at the top (some hide, some don’t) their existence doesn’t really change the dynamic. It doesn’t change the power game. It’s still just the same old “ Own-er at the top, own-ed at the bottom” arrangement. Doubtless hitherto unknown monsters will emerge from under their rock when the threatened of loss of their power compels some of them to come out into the open to defend their turf directly after underlings have failed to do so. Either that or lose their power, wealth and possessions by default. But as for “secrets”, well, there just aren’t that many secrets. It’s all there for those who care to see. There’s just a lot of folks who don’t want to know what they’re looking at.

    When that doddering old corpse Joe Biden stands up and reads the message his caregivers put up on the teleprompter, declaring that everybody not part of his team’s government is a grave threat and must therefore be destroyed (Vote For Joe / Or To Prison You Go!) I think that’s a pretty clear message from an easily traceable source. I don’t know any other way to say it except to say that we’re looking right at them. They’re not hidden. It’s just that you don’t want to see them for what they OBVIOUSLY are : “they” are the people who personally believe that they have the right to use lies and coercion and even physical force to make you do what they want you to do (and it’s pre-guaranteed that what they want you to do will be something that is good for them and bad for you.)

    If history is any lesson (although one might wonder what good is a lesson to inattentive students) the process of exposing and punishing the bad guys is ultimately boring because by the time big shot bad guys fail their way far enough down the power hierarchy to where they actually CAN be sent to prison they are so faded, weak and passe’ that nobody knows or cares eben what their names were. The Ottoman Empire? Who the fuck were they?

    Nations do not exist as the products of “Government” commanding them into existence or forcing people to behave according to a set of preset rules written and enforced for the benefit of the rulers. When rulers start talking that way it’s just more evidence that they’ve reached the end of their reign.

    Nations don’t exist because their governments say so. Nations exist because people say so. People who consider themselves (for many and various beneficial reasons) to be a group with shared identity and values that are really and truly WORTH fighting for. Nationhood is CREATED by people thinking that way. It ends when the people stop thinking that way. Regardless what a dying effete degenerate governments blather about.

    It may seem that people on occasion rise up and overthrow an oppressive government, and on the surface it often looks and sounds like that’s what is happening. But on a more fundamental level what is ACTUALLY happening is that the “government” . . . . by including smaller and smaller numbers of members, and EXCLUDING larger and larger numbers. . . . . is overthrowing itself, in a weird sort of self-erasure and is entirely self inflicted.

    Keep your eyes peeled, steer clear of kinetic scuffles when possible, and let them get on with it.


    The signs of a mind-controlled fool:

    1. Believes what the government tells them.

    2. Believes what the mainstream media tells them.

    3. Refuses to read anything or look at anything that would increase their chances of surviving the meltdown that is underway.

    4. Does not know the meaning of the word ‘research’..

    5. Does not know the meaning of the term ‘scientific evidence’…

    6. Describes anyone who opposes government-promoted scams as a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

    By the way, it is official; the data confirms what we have experienced: the winter of 2022 was the warmest and wettest ever for NZ. I can see for myself because the previously-intermittent stream that runs across my property has flowed continuously,, and the land to the south still has lakes where there were grassy paddocks..

    At 8 am this morning I reduced to just two [thin] layers of clothing when working outside. It’s going to be very warm. And it’s only the third day of spring.

    With the Jet Streams having been thoroughly messes up by the overheating of the oceans, and the previously long-standing thermal incline being thrown out of balance:


    the poor people of Europe who survive the jabbing can expect to be subjected to periods of quite mild weather interspersed with terrible periods of freezing cold, as air moves down from the Arctic. Ditto the US.



    Here’s an amusing example of government-promoted lunacy

    What also struck me was the shabby state of Hollywood, and the number of businesses that are already shuttered -before the Great Economic Collapse even gets into full swing..




    Thank you, RIM. I haven’t watched the entire video yet but, like you, purchased ivermectin from India back when it was cheap and not held up in US customs (especially in NYC). Before that I had horse paste and was more than willing to use it, if need be.

    I shared my ivermectin (free) with several families and have taken it myself when needed and didn’t die (although not prophylactically as I didn’t feel the need). All that said, it’s a sad sad sad state of affairs when drs can’t prescribe a drug off-label that has almost no side effects and might, just might, work against a disease that might, just might, kill you.

    AFKTT: you literally turned a post about ivermectin into a debate about climate change. Knock the shit off already. It’s way past old, no matter what others on here (more tolerant than I am) might say.


    “In the US, the CDC just sneakily added ivermectin to its list of covid cures very recenty, would you believe it.”

    Where are you seeing that Raúl? I can’t find it.


    In BC the TV news just said that recently, 4 out 0f 10 deaths were due to covid.
    40% of everyone that has been vaccinated.


    I watched The Highwire yesterday and it talked about a large study (almost 200,000 people as I recall, although don’t quote me on that as I don’t pay all that much attention since I’ve believed in ivermectin for over 2 years) … that showed that people taking prophylactic ivermectin were less apt to get infected, and those given ivermectin early in the disease were less apt to die than those who were not. I’d post the link if I had it handy. Worth looking up. Yes, it’s pre-print, but at what point are we going to bag that nonsense and just start paying attention to the data.

    One of the more interesting points Desmet talked about in his Tucker C Today interview is “why” leaders promote harmful things. Yes, partially the power and money … but Desmet also states that they believe the “ideology” even though they don’t believe the “narrative” they’re spouting.

    Think about that for a bit.


    RIM: Thanks much for the video!

    @DBS: A lucid and clearly stated piece, very well written. I differ on a few details, but I’m definitely on the same page with the overall theme.

    : I too bought IVM early on from India, and have had it at the ready. Although I have not needed it myself, my wife took some as a prophylactic before taking a flight overseas last year, and I have shared a bit with some friends who needed it.


    I’m different. Just in case.
    My doc and pharmacist supplied me with Ivermectin.
    I still got it.


    willem: yes, the stuff doesn’t seem to harm a person in the least. I had/have lyme and struggled with some ongoing symptoms (“long lyme” is not widely believed in the med community – I envy the “long covid” folks since that’s a well-believed health issue) …anyhow, I took ivermectin here and there early on, just for the heck of it, and realized one day that the arthritic type pain and fatigue lyme left me with were just sort of gone when I took ivermectin.

    Having said that, I didn’t keep up with taking ivermectin because I had no idea how much, how often, or how long it needed to be taken for a “long term” condition.

    Cheers! 🙂


    D Benton Smith

    ‘just to make the silly notion of “population overshoot” ( what horseshit!) to even make GRAMMATICAL sense as a hypothetical assertion’

    Yoi appear to have missed (or is it ignored?) the detailed explanation provided just two days ago of how the human population went into severe overshoot long before any of us were born, and how it managed to do so by the drawdown of natural capital, the mechanisation and chemicalisation of food production and food distribution that occurred between 1830 and 1930, and the discharge of eventually, but not instantaneously lethal pollutants into the biosphere..

    All that happened between 1930 and the present is that the money-lenders, the corporations and the professional liars (politicians) doubled-down on the stripping the Earth of resources, of destroying natural systems, and burdening the biosphere with manmade toxins. That was primarily in order to keep their various Ponzi schemes going.

    So now we have almost hit the end of the line, hurling [metaphorically] at 100 miles an hour towards the buffers that denote the end of the line, the civiliation, and, very likely in a short time frame -a couple of decades, the end of almost all vertebrate life on this planet. That is 100% certain and backed by irrefutable science.

    I take it you have not read Jared Diamond’s ‘Collapse’.

    ‘the activities of human populations were putting such a strain on the ecosystem that the system might, predictably, break down some day so catastrophically as to kill all or most of humankind’.

    ‘some day’ ?????

    How long have you been asleep, and why are you not awake now? People are dying right now by the tens of millions per annum, as a direct consequence of industrialism and overshoot! The jabs are just speeding up the process.

    As of 2022:

    Severely overheated and getting worse by the day).
    Lacking the insects that are required for ecological balance on land.
    Exterminated almost all large mammalian species that cannot be easily used as food sources.
    Stripped of all large species in the oceans to the point of collapse.
    Insufficient forests and jungles to process CO2 emissions -chopped down in a rampage of deforestation- and those that remain going up in flames on a regular basis.

    Whether the scumbags at the top of the power pyramid are smart enough to even understand any of that is debatable. Certainly most of the genral populace do not, and a large portion of the commenters on TAE do not.

    You really ought to become informed about all this stuff. Here is a good place to start.

    Over the past 20 months since the video was made, all the factors have been made worse by the plague of industrial humans


    TAE site is the club and you’re not in it. Apparently.

    John Day

    Dude, you left my name off the list of revered martyrs!
    That’s sorta’ ok, ’cause I haven’t been able to send any bread since I got fired last October, planting winter-vegetables at the clinic.

    OTC COVID Rxs For Omicron is still a useful reference article. Vitamin-D, a little zinc (12.5 mg or so) daily, then 3 time-per-day zinc, quercetin and lecithin when you catch the bug. Lots of other helpful things have been studied, too.


    @DBS good post. You imply it is a war of survival of the fittest, the weakest are those who give into their scams, such as the Covid vaccine and green energy, as they will be culled and the strongest will be those who can steer clear or mitigate. Absolutely agree with that, there are no limits to what they will do and it will only get worse for the west. The big question is what will happen to the east? The BRICS+ are sailing along realigning themselves with the east while the west self destructs. How can the elites see a global population of 500m without involving China and India? Are China and India just biding their time, will their turn come in the future? Are the elites leaving them out of it simply to not bite off more than they can chew? If China and India are not going to play then why are the western elites still persuing this plan? Are the BRICS+ are in on the scam or are they genuinely outside the scam and will simply reap the benefits?


    @ AFKTT
    I suspect and most likely true, that some of the posters “in the know” on this site are like that kid in the class, from Gary Larson’s cartoon few days back, asking a teacher to be excused because his “brain was full”.

    Veracious Poet



    Ivermectin was the primary tool used to fight my August 2021 case of Covid/Delta. You can feel it working almost immediately following the FLCCC protocol. Intuitively I knew this was the answer and ordered a huge quantity from India – and have been sharing with family and friends. Most all who have taken it did well, experiencing less severe outcomes and faster recovery.

    It is important to have access to the most up to date protocol for Covid. The FLCCC protocol answers key questions: like how much Ivermectin to take. There are now 5 protocols, including one for those who are vaccinated. Checking this site often is important (I print out the latest version and hand it off to all of my Ivermectin recipients). Go to:

    COVID-19 Protocols

    Thanks Ilargi. The video says it all. LOVE to You and your circle of friends.

    LOVE to all.


    kultsommer: “AFKTT
    TAE site is the club and you’re not in it. Apparently.

    I don’t get it. What are you saying?


    Susmarie: “Ivermectin was the primary tool used to fight my August 2021 case of Covid/Delta. You can feel it working almost immediately …”

    The stuff has some interesting properties, and I’m not a “pharma” fan in the slightest.

    D Benton Smith


    Here I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt on that whole arrogantly presumptuous ignoramus image you’ve been working on, and then you just had to speak up and remove all doubt.

    Why study bullshit beyond the point where the founding hypothesis is falsified as impossible on initial inspection? It’s a “First Principles” kind of thing. In other words, so-called “population overshoot” does not exist because it cannot exist, which should be obvious to anyone with chops the first time they even hear the words. It’s clearly malarkey, out of the gate, because even the word “overshoot” betrays its foundational underpinning of sophomoric (rookie) logical error.

    Talk about stillborn or Dead On Arrival ! The subject title itself, “Population Overshoot”, contains the logical fallacy known as “begging the question” by pre-supposing (without supportive evidence) that there is such an established ideal size population which is of course absurd on its face. There is no ideal in a set of data. There are normal distributions of data, but the shape of a bell curve has no moral element. It’s just math. Calling a rapidly expanding population “overshoot” is simply nonsense. It presumes that there is a “right” size, without even stipulating what that size might be or why it is right or even IF it is right for some REASON. It’s just another unfounded opinion based on little more that the druthers of the arrogant assholes who presume to know . . . . without consulting anyone else’s druthers. . . . that there is some “Goldilocks” number of people which is not too many and not too few but juuuust right. Just right for who, might I ask? Some club of overprivileged inbred dingbat Satanist Malthusian aristocrats and sycophants with an elitist agenda? They make such great scientists and moral leaders ya know.

    Scientific methodology is a means for discovery of the causes of effects. It does not sell solutions to arbitrarily designated socio-political problems. That kind of con is more in the line of politicians, snake oil salesmen and the WEF. Calling that kind of claptrap pseudo-science or even commercialized Pulp Fiction would be too kind. Fraud is closer to the mark.


    Veracious: … “if we could keep the troll spam funny …”

    Now THAT was funny.


    The companion to’ The signs of a mind-controlled fool’:

    The signs of being a member of the Club of Scumbags in the Empire of Lies:

    1. Sociopath having no empathy for the plight of others.

    2. Psychotic -detached from reality.

    3. Connected to ‘old money’ or bought-and-paid-for by ‘old money’.

    4. Selected for position by psychotic sociopaths further up the power ladder.

    5. Lie incessantly about everything, and when caught out ‘cannot recall’ the incident.

    6. More than happy to sabotage whatever nation or community they were born in for money and power..

    7. Promote completely fake narratives via incessant lying.

    8. Generally financially illiterate and scientifically illiterate, and unable to answer any serious questions relating to finance or science.

    9. Richly rewarded by the Empire of Lies for sabotaging communities or entire nations.

    10. Awarded ‘honours’ (Knighthoods etc.) for lying incessantly for the Empire, and given perk positions as ‘Ambassadors’, positions at the UN, or on the boards of organsations engaged mass pollution, theft, desecration of the environment and charging interest on money that does not exist etc.

    We see such people occupy positions as prime ministers, as government ministers, as heads of government departments, as government advisors, as CEOs of councils, as mayors, as heads of various government-connected or government appointed boards and commissions.

    D Benton Smith


    re: The 10 item list of fools.

    Now that’s more like it, or are you just trying to get on my good side?


    ‘In other words, so-called “population overshoot” does not exist because it cannot exist, which should be obvious to anyone with chops the first time they even hear the words.’

    Sorry DBS, you have now exposed yourself as a complete ignoramus.

    ‘The story of St. Matthew Island’s reindeer population from 1944 (29) to 1966 (42), featured in today’s Anchorage Daily News, is a potential metaphor for our times.

    During World War II, while trying to stock a remote island in the Bering Sea with an emergency food source, the U.S. Coast Guard set in motion a classic experiment in the boom and bust of a wildlife population.

    The island was St. Matthew, an unoccupied 32-mile-long, four-mile-wide sliver of tundra and cliffs in the Bering Sea, more than 200 miles from the nearest Alaska village.

    In 1944, the Coast Guard installed a loran (long range aids to navigation) station on St. Matthew to help captains of U.S. ships and aircraft pilots pinpoint their locations. The Coast Guard put 19 men on the island to operate the station.

    In August 1944, the Coast Guard released 29 reindeer as a backup food source for the men. Barged over from Nunivak Island, the animals landed in an ungulate paradise: lichen mats 4 inches thick carpeted areas of the island, and the men of the Coast Guard station were the reindeer’s only potential predators.

    For many generations of reindeer, St. Matthew Island was literally a land of plenty. The reindeer population on the island exploded following its introduction. By 1963, the population had grown to more than 6000 reindeer. Two years later, 99% of that herd had died of starvation, having destroyed the environment that sustained them, depleting their primary energy source.’

    I suggest you become informed about issues before your knee-jerk response urges you to hit keys on a computer keyboard and post garbage.

    Read the whole article here

    St. Matthew Island — Overshoot & Collapse

    It is just of thousands of articles on overshoot and the consequences of overshoot that have already occurred!.


    D Benton Smith

    I’ve said it in the past, I’ll say it again: he/she is an underrated commenter here. Thumbs up!!! You’re hitting it out of the park on this RIM post. 🙂


    AFKTT: so … should we all just go slit our wrists, is that your answer? What’s your point with this god awful beating the drum at least a dozen times a day about population overshoot, CO2 levels, climate change catastrophe, etc.?

    Seriously, I’m asking. What are you driving at?


    My response to AFKTT:


    John Day: I’m surprised you don’t see the similarities between Deflationista and AFKTT.


    Never did I say, back then, that Deflationista was a bot (don’t think he/she was), and I’m not saying that with regard to AFKTT.

    I’m saying both focused on one topic and wouldn’t leave it alone, whether it related to the events/stories posted that day or not, and each of them beat on that same topic day after day after day after day … no matter what RIM posted.

    It’s a distraction. Follow it all you want. I don’t have the time or energy. 🙂


    DBS said

    In other words, so-called “population overshoot” does not exist because it cannot exist

    Indeed. Nature shows us this on a regular basis. Natural plagues, although sometimes a mystery why they are triggered, are always supported by the food supply: obviously. When the food supply is demolished then the plague subsides. With insects this happens very quickly, with frogs less quickly, with mammals even less quickly. Nature enforces its rules, nature allows huge increases in population then nature cuts back the population. Nature does not have a fixed number for the population of anything, but of course, humans know best so they try to squeeze nature into their rather simple mental models of the world. The human need to be arrogant, to pretend you know how it works and that you can correct nature. It always ends in failure, hence possums in NZ, cane toads in Australia, but there is always a bunch who cannot learn from those lessons, they insist they know better and the result will be better next time. Tiresome.


    upstateNYer said

    I’m saying both focused on one topic and wouldn’t leave it alone, whether it related to the events/stories posted that day or not, and each of them beat on that same topic day after day after day after day … no matter what RIM posted.

    As I said in a post a few days ago “a sloganizing political extremist”.


    aspnaz: I’ve appreciated your comments. 🙂 I can’t respond to all here who have very pertinent insights or I’d overwhelm the board. Yes, you are quite on the mark many times.


    In a zerohedge article, it shows US life expectancy has been falling in the last 2 years. On the graph shown, it looks like the average US life expectancy has fallen from above 78 years down to about 76 years. Or a fall over over 2 years in the last 2 years.

    Ivermectin could have prevented that from happening but profits for a few people is much more important than deaths of millions of people.

    Joseph Stalin: One death is a tragedy but the death of millions of people is just a statistic.

    P.S. Ontario hydro finally restored power after 3 days!


    Oscar Wilde’s cynic “knows the price of everything and the value of nothing”, Upton Sinclair’s “It’s difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it”, plus “Profits over Lives” are simple descriptions of the current western political/economic system. This describes the Ivermectin saga. Anything that could challenge the profits from injecting over 12 billion mRNA shots were ignored. Then, actively buried if the treatment gathered notice outside of corporate media. This is the very essence of the current ruling western ideology. It allows the enriching of oneself at the expense of everyone else. “Greed is good.”

    This also accounts for the strange behavior concerning the proxy world war in Ukraine. Anything that suggests the West is at war is ignored. Europe is totally unprepared for the cut-off of piped cheap natural gas from Russia. The West is treating the conflict solely as a profit opportunity for military contractors.

    Only restoration of sovereign democratic national governments that serve their people can halt the inevitable collapse of western civilization that will occur, if left unaddressed.


    Either the Internet is failing or TAE is under attack for publishing ‘unacceptable’ truth.


    I think I have it. The system does not like the link to the TAE Spartacus article

    Try again


    On the matter of Ivermectin, you have posted numerous articles over many months pointing out the obvious benefits of using this well-established medication, which has very few negatives.

    I relayed this information to friends long ago, and one purchased some ‘just in case’.

    When a friend (unjabbed) had early signs of a possible respiratory infection, he used it, and recovered very quickly.

    Unjabbed, and not wearing masks, I have not been infected with anything, despite being ‘within the danger zone’ of hundreds of people over many months.

    On the other hand, totally paranoid mask-wearers, ‘social distancing ‘freaks’, who had been double (triple?) jabbed, went down with it.

    If, indeed, TPB are engaged in population reduction, what better way to do it than offer lethal jabs with a delayed action that kills many weeks or many months later? (yes, there have been near-instantaneous deaths but not too many)

    The generally dumbed-down populace are then less likely to make the connection, especially if the deaths are recorded as being ‘mysterious’.

    “Mysteriously dropped dead, cause unknown.” -especially if you don’t look for the cause.

    We recall that many tens of thousands died as a consequence of totally inappropriate early treatment protocols, as detailed in the famous ‘Spartacus’ article on TAE a year ago.

    Against that hypothesis is the generally true observation that those ‘in authority’ are incompetent fools who don’t know what they are doing, but just think they do…..Dunning-Kruger Effect, and all that.


    aspnaz & DBS: since y’all discussed this a bit earlier … do the “elites” actually worry about countries like China and India? I’m not being a racist American with that question. Despite how American are presented in the MSM, we mostly aren’t racist. Honest.

    I ask that because: mono-cultures are weak. Full stop.

    Is China as strong as it appears from the outside looking in? No. Mono-cultures are weak. Just ask anyone who grows produce professionally or in backyard gardens. China – out the window. No worries there.

    India is a caste system where the majority of people live in conditions that most westerners wouldn’t allow their pets to live in.

    Seriously … do the global elites worry about the several billion people in these two countries? I’m not trying to be mean, but I’m known in my immediate circle to be blunt … do you think the “lowly” people in these countries even cross their minds?


    Last comment tonight and then I’m off …

    Did you know angels are here?

    Love to all



    You can slit your wrists if you want. I don’t recommend it. Not until the day life becomes intolerable and you just cannot bear it anymore. And then, there are probably better ways of ending life.

    I had a friend (very intelligent and very informed (the top biologist in NZ) who became obsessed with ending his own life in the most comfortable way possible, in the face of the ongoing collapse of everything. His recommendation was a bottle of helium, which causes oxygen starvation and coma without any of the nasty side effects associated with car exhausts or lengths of rope etc.

    ‘Seriously, I’m asking. What are you driving at? ‘

    1. Collapse is inevitable.

    2. The longer civilisation continues, the worse tomorrow’s living conditions will be, the worse next year’s living conditions will; be, the worse it will be for our progeny, as long-term survival prospects decline by the day..
    as a direct consequence of insane actions taken now and in the immediate future.

    3. A population die-off is inevitable. The more babies born, the greater the suffering to come. That was Robert Atack’s big thing back in the early 2000s, when all of this nasty stuff -Peak Oil, Abrupt Climate Change, The Sixth Great Extinction, Political Corruption etc.- began to emerge. Don’t have babies.

    Of course, he was pissing into the wind on that one, despite it being the best advice ever.

    After putting his heart and soul and thousands of dollars and thousands of hours into trying to wake up the ‘sleepers’ and those in denial, Robert gave up in 2012.

    Mike Ruppert committed suicide for similar reasons -depression despair, powerlessness etc. in the face of the enormous strength and gigantic propaganda capacity of the Empire of Lies.

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