Jul 192011
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Fracking Our Future

Detroit Publishing Co. Networking 1905 “Fisherman getting ready for a trip, Gloucester, Massachusetts”Stoneleigh: Last week, in Get Ready for the North American Gas Shock, The Automatic Earth evaluated the prospects of shale gas, a supposedly plentiful and clean fuel upon which many have placed their hopes of both energy supply and handsome profits. The first part of our shale gas analysis concentrated on supply and EROEI (energy returned on energy invested), pointing out that reserves are very much overstated and

Jul 082011
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Get Ready for the North American Gas Shock

Detroit Publishing Co. Squeaky Wheel 1904. "Michigan Central Railroad engineer oiling up before the start" Stoneleigh: In this era of global bubble-blowing we have seen speculative fever flourish in relation to many different asset classes. At the peak of a bubble the euphoria can be palpable, and the perception that 'it's different this time' confers a sense of invulnerability that justifies throwing caution to the wind. Speculators cease to worry about how much they pay for an asset, since they