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Nicole and I did an interview with Reverse Engineer at the Doomstead Diner a few nights ago. I haven’t listened to it yet, but he seems to think it was, let’s say, entertaining yet insightful. Cheerful in the face of collapse.

Here’s what Reverse Engineer wrote about it on the DD site:

Reverse Engineer: Recently, Nicole Foss of The Automatic Earth returned to blogging after taking something of a hiatus over the last year. I caught one of her recent pieces on the situation in China, and her writing partner Raul Ilargi Meijer has been covering the situation in Greece extensively. Besides those two ongoing clusterfucks in China & Greece, there’s quite a bit of ongoing collapse related to climate, the recent publication by James Hansen on Sea Level Rise, and of course the Encyclical by the Vicar of Christ on Earth, His Holiness Pope Francis, Chief Spokesperson for some 1.2B members of the Holy Roman Catholic Church…. clearly no shortage of Collapse Topics to discuss! 🙂

It’s been about 2 years since I first got together with Nicole to talk about Energy & Inflation & Deflation. So this seemed like a good time to do an update, and I nailed her down for another chat this week. She happens to be visiting with Raul in the Netherlands, so as a bonus in this conversation we got his input as well. Now, for those of you expecting to get the normal “Just the Facts, Ma’am” type of presentation from Nicole in this Podcast, you may be slightly disappointed.

There definitely are a lot of facts jammed into this hour of KollapsnikTM chat. However, because Nicole was chatting with both me and Ilargi, we kind of went off the rails a few times, and hilarity ensued. I decided to leave some of it in there for a little entertainment value. 🙂 The stuff I cut out is even funnier, but sadly not for public consumption. LOL.

Additionally, Nicole currently has a DVD in post production, discussing parameters of where you want to live, what kind of choices you can make moving ahead and so forth. We currently have up a Doomstead Diner SurveyTM on places your DON’T want to live, still OPEN. We’ll have a new survey up next week on places you DO want to live. Anyhow, crack open a bottle of your favorite beverage and enjoy the latest in Collapse from the Collapse CafeTM on the Doomstead Diner and the folks from The Automatic Earth.



Just that the people need to understand that this is the model that we’ve been suggesting as to what’s going to happen is not a theory, it’s actually happening exactly the way we said it would. It’s just not happening everywhere at the same time because systems that are predatory pick off the little sick ones first. They work from the periphery towards the center as you said. But where we’re seeing things move more and more to the center now.

And China has been the the global engine of liquidity for the last while, and drives demand for absolutely everything. That’s now tipping over the edge and we are going to see those same consequences manifesting in countries in the center that do not see themselves as being in any way comparable to Greece, but they are, they’re just not there yet. The same dynamic ends up operating there. But when we tell people what’s happening people, they tend to think “oh well that’s just my theory”, but it’s not a theory, it’s actually happening and will in the future a lot more places…


Yeah it’s an ongoing phenomenon it’s definitely not something that you know is projected or you know happening in the future or something like that, collapse is ongoing now, it’s happening and you can watch. You can watch it progress, you can see all the different places where it manifests itself. Greece is one of course and Puerto Rico now as well…


Civil War…That makes me think… People think the French are very good at protests right? But they haven’t seen the Chinese. The Chinese do protests like nobody else does. (RE: Yea…they get serious about it…) because it’s very bloody, very violent and I’ve been writing about this for years. I don’t see how China can not end up in that kind of thing…

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    Nicole and I did an interview with Reverse Engineer at the Doomstead Diner a few nights ago. I haven’t listened to it yet, but he seems to think it wa
    [See the full post at: TSHTF Podcast with Nicole Foss, Raúl Ilargi Meijer & RE]

    Nicole Foss

    In case anyone would like to go over our discussion on the definitions of inflation and deflation, as referred to in the podacst, here is the TAE primer on the subject, from November 2008: Inflation Deflated (

    Rogue Economist

    Just thought I would drop by and pass on the latest Stats on this podcast. Currently at 1237 Listens on Opening Day. 🙂

    I had to re-register here with a new ID, so I am now Rogue Economist on TAE. That was my original handle on Peak Oil before I got booted off there the first time. LOL.

    Great to chat with Nicole and Roel.



    How things are playing out are interesting. Pricing of stuff around the world is controlled almost like governments agreed on forcing everything to be stable like they really believe a full economic depression is at its roots the fault of the public.

    I first saw this a number of years back when I was trucking. A huge fuel shortage happened but pricing didn’t change. Over a weeks period random stations ran out of fuel. It was more memorable for me because driving a semi truck stops started running out of fuel. We didn’t get stranded but trucks with smaller tanks were. Trucks with bad timing were. During this whole time nothing happened to price. Stations ran out but never increased there price. It was like there was a very strict pricing control amongst competition.

    But now today its more interesting. China has place strict pricing controls to stop a run on their markets. According to new laws set out if you own a certain percentage, you a large player in ownership of that company, you are not allowed to sell or move more than a minor amount of shares out of that company for the next 3 months. All big plays, by law, must stay put.

    Ok, what should we expect from a large communist country? Of course they put into play restrictions that are not in fair play with capitalism.

    Although I had been watching China I missed Greece. They have shut down for 5 weeks only opening today. Down 15%.–sector.html

    So is this the pricing system around the world? Maybe prices already are stable but volume is cut. Meaning your ability to have access to your money makes no difference it will now be about timing. Consumers may be left with targeted purchasing.

    Use to be said that you should have at least a months worth of normal consumption cash sitting in your account to handle wealth. Wealthy people know costs rise considerably when you run low on capital. Beyond that now it appears it may be in your interest to have a storage of consumption that allows you not to enter the market for a week possible a month – might be the strategy to allow us to thrive.


    Very good interview. Scary re the thoughts about civil war in China (yikes), the Ogallala Aquifer depletion (just stupid), and derivatives taking priority position (bastards)!

    Nicole, your intellect knows no bounds. But from the interview it was apparent you also wear another hat – that of a very effective mediator!

    Job well done. RE, you know your stuff too!


    I enjoyed the podcast…

    At the 30 min mark you state that “Physical systems do not change that quickly…” with respect to climate change.

    There are MANY peer reviewed papers from creditable scientist on this subject, referred to as “Abrupt Climate Change”, one that comes quickly to mind is Dr Jim White, from the University of Colorado. Director of the Institute of Alpine and Arctic Studies.

    This is a link to a presentation that he did at the Weather and Climate Summit in 2014.

    Another lecture you many want to watch in this series is Dr David Titley, part of his resume includes “Dr. Titley’s career included duties as Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command, Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy, and Deputy Assistant Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance. He also served as Senior Military Assistant for the Director, Net Assessment in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. While serving in the Pentagon, Dr. Titley initiated and led the US Navy’s Task Force on Climate Change.”

    National Security is taking Abrupt Climate Change very seriously…

    His work is NOT junk science nor is it “cherry picking”…


    Hello again, TAE .. it’s been a while. (I thought Orlov had the trademark on ‘Kollapsnik’, heh)

    .. The revolution will not be televised. It will be tweeted. And blogged. But the blogs will be mostly noise, ..

    Nice podcast. I especially enjoyed Ilargi’s contributions — kinda filled in the background a bit 🙂

    LRacine, what Nicole is talking about when she says climate change will be slow, is by comparison with financial change. Now that the whole world of ‘finance’ is linked, along with all the people, the economy can fail overnight.

    Climate change will be a lightning strike on the time scale of geological change, but it will almost certainly take decades to unfold. Of course, like the other changes, it is going on now. We can see it in melting arctic/antarctic ice sheets, retreat of glaciers, and alpine ecosystems moving to higher elevations. It is happening. And will get worse, but over a span of decades.

    Rogue Economist

    Just thought I would let everyone know, this podcast with Nicole and Roel set all sorts of records in terms of listens. Over 4000 Listens in the first week.

    Far as Kollapsnik goes, I own that URL, not Dmitry. 🙂



    It’s that charm thing.

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