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John Singer Sargent Palmettos, Florida 1917



I’ve been trying to write this for a week or so, but every time I start, new things happen. The virus landscape has changed enormously, which we of course don’t see reflected in the media. They report only on increases in infections and panicking politicians. Which can all be nicely packed together in “the Delta variant”.

But there should be much more attention -and questions- with regards to those rising numbers, more often than not occurring in highly vaccinated countries, UK, Israel etc. We might learn a thing or two if we don’t look at this through the same glasses we’ve used for a year and a half now. They grossly distorted our view. Here goes:


What do the substances sold to us as “vaccines” -even if they’re not in the general sense of the word-, actually do? They don’t limit the risk of infection, we know that now, but we could have known it already, the producers told us. Of course the politicians and their experts said otherwise for as long as they could, but with recent rapidly rising infection rates among the fully vaccinated, we’ll hear much less of that. That story died.

So what do they do? The one thing left, and which the producers DO claim, is they make (Covid-related) illness less severe. But has anyone seen any irrefutable proof of that? If so, please send it. Not some hint at proof, nothing halfway, we’re not interested in that, but absolute and irrefutable. Like Godot.

Something we do know the vaccines do, the mRNA ones but also AZ and J&J, is they induce your cells to produce spike proteins. And it’s those spike proteins that PCR tests recognize, leading to “positive” test results, also with people who’ve never been infected by the virus.

Which makes me wonder how many people in the wave of the new “infections” test positive because they’ve been injected, not because they’ve been infected. Though the difference may not be easy to detect, other than the first group never getting sick, but then again, 80% of people have natural immunity against Covid to begin with, says Nature Magazine.

So all your victims come from 20% of the population. If you go through the sites that count “cases”, like Worldometer, you can see that there is no country (that I could find) which has seen more than 10% of people test positive. And after 18 months, chances are that percentages won’t rise much, let alone above 20%. In India, 67% of people have antibodies, it was announced today. Those people need no vaccines, their immunity is stronger than a vaccine can offer.

Now, how do you tell those groups apart, the 80% vs 20%? It’s hard enough to begin with but once you inject healthy people with a substance that causes the human body to make (cyto-) toxic spike proteins, telling one from the other may become impossible (cytotoxic means it kills cells).

In short, after some 7 months of the vaccines being used, we know they are useless for preventing infection, even if loud voices keep insisting the world will come to an end if not everyone gets vaccinated. They may lead to a huge number of false positives though, meaning that once your cells start producing spike proteins, you may well get sick anyway. Sort of like a self-fulfilling prescription. Solution from industry and experts: boosters, induce cells to produce more toxic proteins. Hmmm.

I’m not sure you would call the ensuing disease Covid-19, even if it has the same spike proteins, but it will have many of the same symptoms: pulmonary issues, myocarditis, other heart problems, blindness etc.

And death. By now you must have seen some numbers, even if the media and politics keep them from you. The latest count in the US is about 11,000 deaths from the vaccines, and there is a court case being filed that claims the real count is 45,000. It could well be much more, but it’s hard to prove. All we need to know really is that in the past, 25-50 deaths was all it took to shelve a vaccine.

Adverse reactions other than death are if possible even harder to get a grip on. The VAERS system says there are presently some 450,000 reported, but the UK’s MHRA yellow Card system was already well above 1,000,000 there two weeks ago, so you can pick any number you like. These systems typically register between 1-10% of events.

Question is, do you want to pick that number AFTER getting jabbed? I’ve said before, you must count on your immune system being strong enough to fight the vaccine, not just the virus. 80% of people have an immune system that can do that. The 20% who don’t are mostly old, obese or suffering from another disease.

That the 80% is nevertheless also targeted by vaccine salesmen including politicians is pretty strange, even if we’ve come to see it as normal. But that it can actually worsen the health prospects of those involved is another story altogether. We will have to find out from the large numbers of “fully vaccinated” who are now testing positive, but who may simply have started producing spike proteins without getting infected. It will be very difficult to tell the difference, but we should no longer accept anything less.

Not after accepting the failed policies of lockdowns and mask wearing and vaccines. How do we know they failed? Look at the numbers in mid summer! And compare them to last summer. Delta, yeah, yeah, I know, but how deadly is Delta? And how much have the vaccines contributed to the appearance of Delta?

It’s very popular these days to talk about the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated, but what if what we’re really looking at is a Pandemic of the Vaccinated? When the breeding ground for a virus doesn ‘t change much, there is not much reason for it to mutate. That reason comes for instance in the form of a vaccine, especially one that is non-sterilizing (doesn’t prevent further infection) and is used on an enormous scale.

Instead, they’ll have you believe the opposite: that the unvaccinated (80% of whom are safe to begin with) cause a virus to mutate, and the vaccinated stop that mutating, even if they continue to infect people around them. There is no logic in that.

And there’s that question again: what DO the vaccines do? What do they do that is beneficial to us, and which vitamin D and any of an assortment of fully harmless repurposed drugs, research into which was suspended or banned to make the vaccine EUA’s possible, could not have done, and possibly better? For one thing, the vaccines don’t grant you immunity. None. If that’s not enough yet, let’s at least start there.




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    Mr. House

    Investigate covid, from top to bottom. We wasted years on RussiaRussiaRussia and now we’re going to waste time on Jan 6th. But something thats allegedly killed 600,000 americans, we won’t investigate? In what world does that make sense? Please someone who believes everything we’re being told, explain that to me. We’ve had the worst outcome of any nation in regards to alleged deaths, yet instead of stopping and wondering why and looking into it, we call our healthcare workers heros while they tiktok dance. Yinz guys gotta get off the crazy pills and start acting like adults.

    madamski cafone

    ““Acknowledged side effects of the J & J vaccine is blood clotting with low platelet count in young women and also both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines cause heart inflammation in young men and adolescent boys.”

    If you believe those are the only side effects you need to spend some time in the VAER system.”

    *sigh* He said “acknowledged, which obviously refers to mainstream acknowledgement. He in no way excluded other possible side effects. Do we read others’ words here or substitute our own?

    I think democracy was invented as a way to absorb slave revolts.

    “OK, you can vote,” they say. Then watch as all the slaves split hairs until they’re balder than Borges’ comb.

    Mr. House

    “Well, speaking as an adult to an obviously small child: fuck you and the whore you rode in on. YOu want civility, be civil.”

    Wow, short fuse today? I apologize for offending your sensibilities. Again, i’m not doing any of this to anyone, i’m just the messenger

    Mr. House

    Yves is that you?

    madamski cafone

    “Masks identify that you care about the health of others in your community. Opening up the nation and ending masking and social distancing without exterminating the virus first is criminal malfeasance.”

    I disagree in this case. Masks, per gubmint mis/dis-information, have become symbols of political division. If someone tells me to wear a mask again, I’ll tell them they need to put a sock in their mouth first.

    Masks and lockdowns are only useful in the very early stages. We went over this ad nauseum on the early covid phase with excellent tutelage by Raul. After that, they are a hindrance and bad for physical and mental health.

    I’m old enough to remember polio too.

    Yeah, I’m a bitch.

    madamski cafone

    ” Again, i’m not doing any of this to anyone, i’m just the messenger”

    Oh take responsibility for your actions for once. I’m in a fine mood. Narcisstic negative projection of self onto others grows old if not up.


    Years ago I found my self in a seedy little bar in Tacoma Washington. Me and my pal had seated ourselves in a booth with our back against the wall so as to see the dynamic interactions of the patrons, I’m joking, more for security than anything. Anyway, two gals came in and took up a booth on the other side of the floor. After a while everyone in the bar realized that they were either lesbians or liked each other a whole bunch. They were cuddling and petting and some very passionate full open mouth kissing. Right there in front of all of us. We were all trying to sneak a look now and then as not to interfere in their fun. Except for one big bad ass biker dude at the bar. He just swiveled his stool around and watched the show, sipping his beer, laughing and shaking his head. The more dominant one of the gals took notice and said something like, “what are you looking at yah big palooka”. He just smile and continued to look. She came over and got in his face, yelling a bunch of stuff that was probably correct about his behavior. He took it for a minute or so, saying nothing. Looking back I think she misinterpreted his passivity as an advantage. He turned back to the bar, set down his beer and smoothly spun his stool around and clocked her square on the jaw. She flew back about six feet landed on her back out cold. He calmly got up walked over and gave her one more pound square on the nose from the standing position and the blood started spurting. Flattened that pretty little nose right into her face. A lot of gasping going on in the bar and then silence and crying from her very beautiful friend. Took her away in the amby. Nobody was willing to take on the biker dude so he just kept drinking.

    Not sure why that memory surfaced just now? Hmmmmm. Recounting that story always makes me think of the old aphorism about ‘might makes right’ and the idea that it is a fallacy. Our old pal Winston Smith might have something to add in the larger social context I would bet. If he survived that rat in the face that is.


    John Day and others – I believe I was one of the ‘early’ ones to buckle here to the feelings of walls closing in and the time horizon folding back in on it self with a future nearly impossible to see. I am reporting that although I am coping, the feelings you expressed are my own and they are not going away. It seems that every day is a new mental strategy, a new defensive plan, a new thought experiment and none of them offer the comfort of years gone by. One of the reasons I am excited by Denninger and others of a similar tone is their pushback springs HOPE but then despair seems to creep because their loud voice gets drowned by a sea of batshit-crazy chatter and fear.
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings as I know how necessary it is to not feel like you are mental in this http://www.cognitive.disonance world


    @madam: “*sigh* He said “acknowledged, which obviously refers to mainstream acknowledgement. He in no way excluded other possible side effects. Do we read others’ words here or substitute our own?”

    You are correct. Let me restate. If you believe the acknowledged side effects are the only side effects you need to spend some time in the VAER system.

    Is that better?

    Seems we’re getting down to the technical level of wording required by governmental agencies to ensure we acquiesce to their ridiculous, mandated minutiae.


    Good morning, oxy! 🙂 Hang in and hang on. That’s what I keep telling my unvaxxed daughter (with granddaughter). We will get through this.

    “Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.”

    Marcus Aurelius


    Congrats to you House. You butt hurt the great “ski”. What was it Roboto said the other night?


    @Mr House: ” Yinz guys gotta get off the crazy pills and start acting like adults.”

    Kinda agree with Madam’s push back on this. Who exactly are “yinz guys”?

    Saying once again … so tired of people telling us “idiot sheeple” that every blessed thing going on is all our fault. Well, just wft did YOU do? What did you ACTUALLY do differently than the rest of us?

    There’s lots of blame being tossed about. YOU did this. YOU allowed that.

    Ok, y’all, you blamers, so step right on up … tell us exactly what it is that YOU did, you personally, to change the trajectory of what’s going on.


    Evening upstateNYer! – another lockdown another day with the kids – I am 50 in November (sharing too many traits with Scorpio Gates) and have a 3 year old and an 11 year old. Too many years of too much fun and live gigs (and the rest) and now I am reaping the late sowing. Playing with lego (CIA will be on me any moment) and working with Zoom crap for my eldest son’s schooling.
    It’s okay here in this StrawBale house with the fire on, but the future is not as bright. I just know it. I am a fast metaboliser (still skinny) and I am digesting this trend and it is going to just. get. worse.
    Which is why I keep focusing on the spiritual – in a lame and lazy way.
    I am really glad to have fellow ‘narrative-questioners’ around me and I like all of them – even when we are throwing shade.
    Re the masking I read recently that viral particles are 500000 times smaller than cloth masks aperture and is like shooting marbles at scaffolding.


    I guess I worry about Petrol, food and money. If the unvaxxed thing gets crazy enough – coz ‘Vaxxed Lives Matter’ that is where they are gunna get me. I need the fuel to run the chainsaw and the car. I need the food because self-sufficiency is toooo hard when you don’t have tribal interactions and I need the money for the subscription-based phone etc – soon to be medicine.

    I have read about Fascism and Totalitarianism but living through it is so weird – especially when everyone thinks it is fine and the right thing to do.


    Hey oxy! Glad to hear back. 🙂 I actually should be cooking dinner because I’m a fast metabolizer, too, and I’m too thin. Dinner can wait. Food can always wait when it comes to spending time in thoughtfulness, ay?

    Had my two kids young so can’t imagine little ones in my 40s. Energy needed for raising kids? Lots. On the flip side, you have way more going for you emotionally/philosophically/stability-wise than I did raising mine when I was young. So there are positives to age.

    Quit playing with the legos. Dangerous game these days. 😉

    I guess the trend is going to get worse, but what does that mean? What exactly is *worse*? In what way? Try to keep focus on here and now. What needs to be done today? What can I enjoy today?

    Ignore as best possible the cacophony blaring from outside. At this point I’m not precisely certain that it is existentially real. (don’t tell anyone I said that – I’ll get stoned. 😉 )


    @oxy: “I guess I worry about Petrol, food and money.”

    I go through this, too. Often. Frequently. A lot. When I do … I just stop.

    Yup. Seriously. (And I don’t meditate, btw. Tried many times. Suck at it.) We need to stop feeding the beast with our energy. Just. Plain Stop.


    Going to sign off now, Oxy, cause I need to eat. But thinking about it, just in reading TAE comments we can see many different perspectives about what is going on. If this were indeed an existential threat, wouldn’t we all see it in relatively the same way? I won’t pretend to know the answer to that, but I think it’s worthy of consideration.

    Go harvest a mushroom, spend some time contemplating, let me know your thoughts.

    madamski cafone
    absolute galore

    upstateNYer wrote: I don’t watch news, haven’t listened to a president speak in decades, am not on twitface. Didn’t experience Trump first-hand at all. Watched from the sidelines and gleaned things from headlines. Read some news stories if they weren’t Russia hysteria and didn’t lead with a twit. Er, tweet. He did some things right, some things wrong. Like most people. He also was egocentric and juvenile. Not good qualities in a president.

    This is pretty spot on for me, too (maybe it’s an “Upstate NY thing?!although where I am only counts as Upstate if you are from NYC or LI.)

    Anyway, I have not been able to tolerate the voice of any president since…ever, actually. I literally cannot stand to hear them speaking words. Bush, Clinton, omg Obama! Come to think of it, you can add Fauci, Cuomo, etc. to that presidential hit parade. I can not abide.

    I don’t have a TV, although that no longer offers the same kind of media isolation/ quasi sanity it once did. Another factor in my favor–during the big run-up to the 2016 elections, I was recovering from major eye surgery, so even if I had wanted to pay attention, I was completely involved in my own stuff. I could not have cared less. Afterward, I got disinvited to a weekly dinner gathering because I was too indifferent about Trump. Also because I thought the Russian crap was crap.

    I commented on this a few days ago but it came up again here somewhere in the posts on the Debt, so I will mention it again: The idea that they will push through the full authorization on the vaccines ASAP. Kind of an emergency full approval of an emergency use only. Very Orwellian. This will eliminate a lot of the “vaccine resistant” legal fallback, which is one reason I never liked it as a reason not to get vaccinated. ( I note a language shift starting, from the demure “vaccine hesitant” to the more obstinate “vaccine resistant”or “willingly unvaccinated”)

    It’s entirely possible I will lose more friends and acquaintances over my pro choice vaccination stance than I did over my meh reaction to The Donald. But I think I can handle whatever my TAE buddies dish out without having to break out my kung fu on yuz all. Not that I don’t appreciate the company–on the contrary, I enjoy it more each day, and it is good for the soul to know there are like-minded people out here questioning the craziness. ‘Cause I am not bumping into many in real life. And when I do, it’s by no means a spitting image of yours truly. (Thanks be to god;^)

    absolute galore

    Oops, left an open ital tag there somehow. Sorry bout that!

    madamski cafone

    My butt is fine. My ego is out of this. I just call bullshit when I see it. This isn’t high school.

    What’s great about me? What’s great about anybody? We’re here discussing major life/death/personal autonomy vs political coercion issues, and we’re discussing individual egos?

    I know: let’s elect a class president and name that person Overlord of the Cool Kids. C’mon, it’ll be fun.


    “Nobody was willing to take on the biker dude so he just kept drinking.”

    People generally avoid dealing with genuine reality. Anyone remember Kitty?

    But the woman who got punched was asking for it. Not for getting in his face, but for wasting more than a second to say, “Eat shit, pervert.”

    Still, the biker had it coming and no one, of course, did shit, although a bar stool will put a big man down with ease.

    We deserve the shit we put up with.

    madamski cafone

    “Ok, y’all, you blamers, so step right on up … tell us exactly what it is that YOU did, you personally, to change the trajectory of what’s going on.”

    I ran away from home and joined a gypsy circus.

    John Day

    Y’all ran-offTAE Summary today 🙁

    : You’re welcome, Mate. Sorry I can’t necessarily do more. Look at everybody be divided. Next we’ll be conquered. We need to all get together and support Bernie, or Donald. At least they’re not Hillary or Jeb. Upstate NYer and I are sympatico.
    Probably everybody else would be sympatico, too, but it’s easy to project when you’re under so much unrelenting stress. See what I’m saying about history, how you can’t understand it looking back from a comfortable spot, but maybe we can grok Weimar Germany a little better today than we could in 2018?

    : I’ve never been in a bar fight, but I saw some on TV. I kinda like those 1 liter heavy-glass mugs in Munich. Those look like they could really deliver a good wallop.

    madamski cafone

    “You are correct. Let me restate. If you believe the acknowledged side effects are the only side effects you need to spend some time in the VAER system. Is that better?”


    “Seems we’re getting down to the technical level of wording required by governmental agencies to ensure we acquiesce to their ridiculous, mandated minutiae.”

    Just practicing rhetorical hygiene. (We wouldn’t wanna talk dirty.;) )

    madamski cafone

    “@Madamski: I’ve never been in a bar fight, but I saw some on TV. I kinda like those 1 liter heavy-glass mugs in Munich. Those look like they could really deliver a good wallop.”

    Bar fight over some stupid pool game. Big dude smacks a big beer mug into wicked glass stalactites with a stabbing handle, starts going after the other dude. Gonna get blood all over the nice clean floor of my favorite dump and maybe ruin a few people’s lives.

    Amazing what grabbing someone from behind in a good arm-lock (I don’t now what it was; my friends said it was some kind of “voodo chokehold” can do. I’m scrawny not short, so I could get traction and run his ass from behind straight out the front door, deciding at the last minute I didn’t want responsibility for slamming his head into a heavy metal streetlamp post, so I just let him fly free.

    He didn’t come back in.


    “Sorry I can’t necessarily do more. Look at everybody be divided. Next we’ll be conquered. We need to all get together and support Bernie, or Donald. At least they’re not Hillary or Jeb. Upstate NYer and I are sympatico.”

    Me, I think we need to stop supporting anyone and start organizing ad hoc governance locally, like, yesterday. We need to stop supporting heroes, I believe, and begin supporting each other locally. There is no safe way out of this. This is not something we can vote into successful resolution. Begin forming underground resistance now while it’s not extremely dangerous.

    I Repeat…

    madamski cafone

    Sure, Upchurch is pandering big time to a certain demographic. But that’s part of building a base whether it’s music subscribers or underground resistance. Here, we see both, which is excellent marketing, I feel.



    “…the great ski”.

    I meant that sarcastically, Your prodigious posts are giving me carpal tunnel as I scroll through them.

    madamski cafone

    TAE SUmmary plugged in earlier on this morning’s omnibus:

    * Covid Daily
    – Australia has kablooied the curve
    – FDA presentation showed the vaxx kills and maims but luckily the data is subject to change
    – Delta is more transmissible
    – Don’t talk to people; CDC now classifies Covid as an STD (Speechually Transmitted Disease); When you talk with someone it’s like talking with everyone they ever talked with
    – J&J less effective against Delta in Holland
    – US causus belli: Vaccination without representation

    * Bits and Pieces
    – Media is unfaithful; We’ve been had; The galoots have one
    – Gates funds lies
    – Big Pharma Patents Genocide, sues US Military for infringement
    – Voters will elect Republicans in 2022 and Trump will be elected Ranter of the House
    – Taco Bell ingredient shortage results in Naked Chicken Chalupa
    – All power is solar power
    – WW 3 is coming but future historian will find that World Wars were like Star Trek movies: The even numbered ones were great but the odd numbered ones sucked

    * Mathematical proof that Covid is almost over : Let f(u) be a gain-of-function. Then the limit of f(u) equals zero if for every epsilon variant there is some delta variant such that if u < delta, then f(u) < epsilon

    * The Venn of Covid Vaccines
    – BE DE-AD, BC, DE ADE

    * Embarrassing Presidential votes you might have cast:
    – Goldwater or Johnson in 1964
    – Nixon or Humphrey in 1968
    – Nixon of McGovern in 1972
    – Ford or Carter in 1976
    – Reagan or Carter in 1980
    – Reagan or Mondale in 1984
    – Bush or Dukakis in 1988
    – Bush or Clinton in 1992
    – Clinton or Dole in 1996
    – Bush or Gore in 2000
    – Bush or Kerry in 2004
    – Obama or McCain in 2008
    – Obama or Romney in 2012
    – Clinton or Trump in 2016
    – Trump or Biden in 2020

    * When I use a word, Fauci said in rather a scornful tone, it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.
    – The question is, said Senator Paul, whether you can make words mean so many different things.
    – The question is, said Fauci, which is to be master, that’s all.

    madamski cafone

    “I meant that sarcastically, Your prodigious posts are giving me carpal tunnel as I scroll through them.”

    I gathered that, Archie. I was kneecapping your idea that “great” means squat, sarcastically or otherwise, regarding a buncha hominids squawking about their fate.

    Don’t read my posts if you don’t like ’em. It’s a free country, the expression goes. Also: use the up&down keys. 🙂



    Thanks for pointing out the arrows. My wrist is grateful. Have you considered starting you own site?

    Mister Roboto

    Trump, imo, kept us out of major confrontation with Russia during a period when our fathead Pentagon was in denial that Russia is now the new “Global Policeman” and we’re just another international perp.

    Yeah, if Hillary had won in 2016, I think we might all be dead right now with our corpses glowing in the dark. As unfair as the Electoral College system is on its face, I could never wholeheartedly support ending it because I really think it saved all our lives. Seriously, I think with Hillary at the helm, it would have been all over on the weekend of April 14, 2018.

    Mister Roboto

    I will not deny Trump his desire and ability to be heroic. We all have it. I just note that Trump is incapable of effectively doing anything with it because he is a weathervane driven by the bloviations his ego demands. What Trump knows does not necessarily collate with what Trump says.

    There.is.no.Trump.derangement.syndrome.at.TAE. Mister Roboto had some and has repented, publicly and profusely. No one here blames Trump for this stuff. Please: let it go? Like Mister Roboto has?

    Hmmm. I had the coronapansy virus for a while (come on, I’m a type 2 diabetic in my fifties, and also if Chris Martenson seems pretty freaked out about something, then I’m probably going to be freaked out about it, too), but I don’t think I ever had real TDS the way a lot of my peers on my Facebook feed do. In fact, I disdained the whole TDS from pretty much Day One. But I still found it very easy to dislike Trump personally for the reasons you describe in the quote, and I maintain that he behaved very irresponsibly at the outset of the pandemic. (You can pretty much ignore the second half of the video I linked because mostly that part is just “Trump didn’t support locking down the way he should have”, and I certainly don’t fault anybody for not supporting lockdowns.)

    Mister Roboto

    And I still think this article on Defector.com really said it all about the whole Trump phenomenon.

    madamski cafone

    I used TDS loosely, Mister Roboto. Yes, Don-Don messes up EVERYthing he touches… including the well-laid plans of the Duopoly. Like I said, he was useful as a loose cannon for awhile. I would’ve preferred a real leader, but those seem to come along maybe once a century. I didn’t vote for him, fwiw. I held my nose and voted for Jill Stein, a quixotic waste that has the one benefit of allowing me to tell people that I voted.

    Trump and Fauci were a helluva tag-team for making sure covid became chaos.

    madamski cafone

    “Have you considered starting you own site?”

    Not in many years. The internet is soggy toast any more. The blogosphere is more mummified than not. I have no interest in ‘spreading the word’, except among real life associates; to me the benefit of that is mostly illusion. Y’all here aren’t real-life associates, but the place is kind of homey, and it’s nice, in a retro-post-modern kind of way, to have a place to send money to feed the poor and actually feel confident it’s happening in an honest and efficient manner.

    Which reminds me to ask the ex-Mrs. Colonel Sherburn if it’s safe to throw some money Raul’s way today. The check should’ve cleared the bank by now: it entered the premises with no mask and no vakz passport. Run for your lives!


    from Mister Roboto’s Defector article:

    “One of the most important things to know about Trump is that he never has a plan. He barely has an itinerary. He simply moves from one flubby gilded hustle to the next, dedicating each moment to whatever feels good or whatever he thinks looks strongest.”

    That’s our loose cannon right there.

    Now we have Biden, who is bolted down tight… except the mountings are made of mental Jell-O.

    Mister Roboto

    I voted Libertarian on the Federal level in 2016 for the simple reason that I could vote a straight ticket for national government as they offered a candidate for the presidency, the House, and the Senate in Milwaukee and its “blue” suburbs (Wisconsin’s Fourth Congressional District, which has to be one of the safest if not the safest Democratic seat in the entire Midwest). However, it’s interesting to note that Jill Stein received 31,000 votes in the Badger State, whereas when a Green candidate is on the ballot for president here, they usually get just under 8,000.

    2016 was weird in the Fourth here because there was no Republican running against Gwen Moore but two libertarians were: One was the official Libertarian Party candidate, the other a local political gadfly named Robert Raymond. Gotta love a guy with two first names, even though I voted for the other Libertarian!


    @John Day: “I think I personally feel anxiety and desperation and frustration, anger, judgementality, and I don’t think I’m alone.”

    Yep, and I feel like it’s getting worse every day and I live in France. I went to the demonstrations and the vileness of some people hurtling insults at the crowd was highly disturbing if not scary. The thought of being forced to get the “vaccine” scares me more that having to deal with this crap. I guess I did not pick the right time to decrease my antidepressants. Sigh

    Mister Roboto

    The emotional energy (which comes from what occultists call the “astral level” of existence) you’re all describing is really only a finely concentrated version, thanks to the pandemic cray-cray, of what has been happening astrally since 2016. Certain kinds of psychically sensitive people (though not all such people) such as myself have been having huge problems sleeping well since that time. If you’re thinking I just have sleep apnea, I actually do, and this…2016 energy significantly reduced the benefit I received from using my CPAP device. In fact, I the sleep I get is so shallow now that I’m not able to keep the CPAP mask on my face when I try to use it. And this energy is so overpowering and consistent and not-budging-an-inch that there’s just nothing I can do about it.

    But some good news on the sleep front: It turns out that I just tried to renew my sleeping pill prescription a bit earlier than I was supposed to and it will be filled…when my pharmacy finally receives those pills from their supplier, which isn’t happening right away because supply-lines are so stretched and tenuous and dysfunctional right now.

    madamski cafone
    Dr. D

    I think everyone was incredibly tense and depressed yesterday. I was too and today as well. I hear, on Vlogs and stuff other people are too, and their moods track together. Present theory: totally predictable (look in history), but mechanism is probably either we spin 22,000mph through bands of space-stuff, or the sun puts out heartbeat magnetism on the same clockwork (roughly 70 years, with higher cycle 200y). It causes too much outside energy to be injected into human systems worldwide. Every individual at once. If they are anything less than enlightened, it overheats them and blows their circuits into violence. This is precisely what was said by Washington and in the 30’s, which fall on war cycles like clockwork. And yes, dead-matching the sun and weather (famines/disease). We are EVERYTHING less than enlightened, so it sucks to be us.

    Because of the mechanism, that goes beyond “Mercury in Virgo” or something, but right down to the minute, solar winds whack us and distort the magnetosphere three earth distances out. So deep breaths, give yourself and your brothers a break, it’s hard on everyone and looks to get harder.

    “They” need to get this vaccine done before the normal, predictable Covid/flu season comes in next month and ruins the party with facts and evidence. So just hold out for your beliefs. At that point, we’ll have chaos of several varieties that won’t be nice: Antietam-size battles in vax/case narrative, failed currency/market, AND election audits popping up like wildfires. There aren’t any solutions to these, really. It will have to be discussed and worked out.

    Winter then holds supply halts, food prices, and banking/currency blow-ups, which may have people stop coming into work bc not worth their time, or can’t fix/fuel car, while yes: everybody you know is sick. Maybe not dead that much, but sick and not producing.

    But we’ll get through it. And as yesterday, or with later comments, local is the only thing that’s going to matter real soon. Federal is going to freeze while mouthing off, States are already broke, inert, and inept, and what can they do about flu/prices/China/supply anyway? Only your Church group or local Biker Bar is going to matter.

    Embarrassing votes: all of them. And yes, HRC openly declared she would start WWIII in Syria. Note although WE didn’t know what Russia had, it’s a dead-lock that they had all the same Sunburn/hypersonic missiles and supersonic undersea nuclear torpedo drones they have today. It wouldn’t have ended the world, but we’d been warned. That’s the only thing that could get the Pentagon White Hats to lift a finger after gettin’-along with 20 years of War-to-take-over-the-world in Iraq. …The anti-American cowards and fools. Now I’m supposed to support you ‘cause you stopped one inch from the cliff with the Constitution shredded in your tank tracks? It burns, I tell you. You can be an ally, but I don’t forget and we’ll discuss this later when the Pentagon has to open their books and is reduced to bake sales.

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