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Want Me To LAUGH AT YOU? Do Stupid Things (Denninger)
CDC Director: Vaccinated People ‘Safe’ From Delta Variant (Hill)
Rand Paul Cites 0.08% Delta Variant Death Rate Among Unvaccinated (JTN)
Man Dies of Severe Blood Clotting After Receiving Moderna COVID-19 Jab (TNA)
Myocarditis ‘Higher Than Expected’ In Male Service Members After Jabs (JTN)
Digital Travel Pass Comes Into Force In The EU (K.)
Censorship Kills (AIER)
‘Not A Healthy Environment’: Kamala Harris’ Office Rife With Dissent (Pol.)
FBI Fabrication Against Assange Falls Apart (Murray)
US & UK Know They Can’t Win WW3 – Putin (RT)



Why the Delta scare? As a virus mutates, it becomes more contagious and less lethal. And then eventually it disappears…



Richard Fleming



Key date: May 12



“Statistically a significant percentage of such young persons who get hit by this “all cause” wind up needing a heart transplant within five years..”

Want Me To LAUGH AT YOU? Do Stupid Things (Denninger)

Here you go folks, from a mainstream media outlet. “The US Food and Drug Administration added a warning about the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis to fact sheets for Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccines Friday. The warning notes that reports of adverse events following vaccination — particularly after the second dose — suggest increased risks of both types of heart inflammation. Earlier this week, vaccine advisers to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention heard that the agency had received about 1,200 reports of such heart inflammation after 300 million doses of the two vaccines had been given. CDC has confirmed about 300 of those cases, many of them among young men and adolescents.”

I will point out that the odds of a healthy under-18 person being killed by Covid-19 are approximately 1 in 250,000 in the US. Only a small percentage of the total 150 million or so “vaccinated” (note that most are 2-dose, so the 300 million number is an attempt to cut the actual risk in half) are in kids thus far, perhaps 15 million or so. It is thus roughly 20 times as likely as you will get hit by this if you’re a young person as you will die of Covid. Further, a material percentage of these cases have reduced ejection fraction detected and materially elevated troponin values, both of which imply serious cardiac compromise. That damage is likely permanent and the mortality rate from this condition is not encouraging. Clearly, for an underlying disease that is almost-never fatal in healthy people under 30 that’s a bad bargain.

“But patients are recovering quickly, Dr. Matthew Oster, a pediatric cardiologist, told the advisers.” That’s an assumption made without evidence; yes, they may be clinically recovering but we have no idea what the longer term impact of that condition is. Statistically a significant percentage of such young persons who get hit by this “all cause” wind up needing a heart transplant within five years; if there is no heart available then you die, and if there is you’re on anti-rejection drugs (which wildly increase your risk from other infections) for the rest of your life, all at hideous and permanent, recurring cost which will be yours to pay. Never mind the cost of the original hospitalization and treatment. Yes, the shot is free but the treatment for myocarditis is not; you get to eat that.

Even if insured it still sucks to be you as your deductible and co-pay is yours to bear. The vaccine companies do not pay for that and neither does the government. In fact, neither does “insurance” in that all insurance is a risk pool spreading event and as such you pay all of it — maybe not right now, but with certainty over the years. Oh, incidentally, as I will remind you again the first papers showing that the spike protein was pathogenic and thus quite likely to cause this sort of event was published in September of 2020; that spurred more research papers and by December, before a single young person had a single jab put in a single arm there were several more papers that documented the mechanism by which this damage occurred. In other words both the FDA and everyone else who was capable of reading and took the time to do so knew before a single person under the age of 50 got jabbed that these shots carried this sort of risk.

[..] In the meantime the virus itself has done what ever pandemic virus in recorded history did; it has mutated to be less-lethal and more-transmissible. Delta, by the NHS data out of England, is 1/10th to 1/20th as deadly as the original strain and the first mutations, while being easier to transmit. The statistical risk of death if you get Delta and are not vaccinated is between 0.08% and 0.15% which is statistically identical to the seasonal flu. All of you screaming about “variants!” were and are flat-out wrong.

What’s worse is that there is emerging data that leads to some very troubling implications via that is known as “OAS”; the NHS data shows that someone partially vaccinated (e.g. starting or in-process with the shots) has a similar risk of adverse outcome to someone who has not taken them at all, but beyond 21 days after the last dose the risk is materially higher. What we don’t have is a cohort match that’s worth relying on — but that’s a serious signal indeed. If it ended there it would be bad enough but it doesn’t — there’s emerging evidence in the lab at least of cross-reactivity outside of coronaviruses so the jabs may well screw you with cross-reactivity that actually enhances mortality from other viral infections. The data on this is evolving but if it turns out to be correct and the risk is not limited to coronaviruses then if you took these jabs you may be truly and completely screwed with nothing you can do about it from a whole myriad of other viral infections — including influenza.

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Delta’s been around for 3 weeks?! No way she can know this. Utter BS.

CDC Director: Vaccinated People ‘Safe’ From Delta Variant (Hill)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky said Wednesday that fully vaccinated people are “safe” from the current variants and do not need to wear masks, doubling down on CDC guidance as some others call for a return to mask wearing. The question of mask wearing has come back to the forefront given recommendations from Los Angeles County health officials, and from the World Health Organization, that even fully vaccinated people should continue to wear masks indoors in public as a precaution due to the rise of the highly transmissible delta variant of the virus. But Walensky said that the CDC’s guidance has not changed and that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks, echoing other health experts who note that the vaccines are highly effective even against the delta variant.

“If you are vaccinated, you are safe from the variants that are circulating here in the United States,” Walensky said on NBC’s “Today,” adding it was “exactly right” that vaccinated people do not need to wear masks. She responded to the WHO by saying they are dealing with a worldwide situation where far fewer people are vaccinated than in the United States, given global vaccine disparities, and are therefore issuing more cautious advice. “We know that the WHO has to make guidelines and provide information to the world,” she said. “Right now, we know as we look across the globe that less than 15 percent of people around the world have been vaccinated and many people of those have really only received one dose of a two-dose vaccine. There are places around the world that are surging.”


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He makes a lot more sense than Walensky. Just look at the UK/Israel graphs at the top of the post. Delta is very mild, according to all data we have so far.

Rand Paul Cites 0.08% Delta Variant Death Rate Among Unvaccinated (JTN)

Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul is telling Twitter followers to not let the ‘fearmongers’ win, amid growing concerns about the newest delta variant of the coronavirus. Paul, who is a doctor with a degree in medicine from Duke University, cited a study of the strain that shows only a 0.08% death rate among unvaccinated people. “Don’t let the fearmongers win. New public England study of delta variant shows 44 deaths out of 53,822 (.08%) in unvaccinated group. Hmmm,” he tweeted Tuesday to his 3.2 million followers. The variant, which has caused virus outbreaks in Australia and other countries, has resulted in officials reimposing recently lifted health-safety orders including mask-wearing.

Ron Paul

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And there we go again. It’s what you get if you don’t test.

Man Dies of Severe Blood Clotting After Receiving Moderna COVID-19 Jab (TNA)

One of the “the safe and effective” COVID-19 vaccines has claimed another life. Doctors in Pennsylvania revealed the first documented incidence of severe blood clotting suspected to be linked to Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, after a man died within days of receiving his second dosage. Writing in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, medics from the Allegheny Health Network in Pittsburgh have reported that an unnamed 65-year-old man, who had high blood pressure and elevated fat levels in his blood, developed so-called vaccine-induced thrombosis and thrombocytopenia (VITT), or thrombocytopenia with thrombosis syndrome (TTS), 10 days after receiving his second Moderna jab.

The doctors said their findings “fulfill the interim case definition of VITT or TTS” set out by the CDC and that further blood tests “[strengthened] the likelihood” of a vaccine-linked condition. The patient reportedly arrived at the hospital with an array of serious conditions. First, a computed tomography angiogram of his chest showed large, bilateral, acute pulmonary emboli — a blockage in one of the pulmonary arteries in lungs. Most often, the condition results from a blood clot that forms in the legs or another part of the body and travels to the lungs. The patient had DVT in both lower extremities, which is noted to be “acute.”

The man developed a right ventricular strain, or a right ventricular dysfunction, where the muscle of the right ventricle of the heart is deformed. This type of heart failure develops when the right side of the heart does not pump blood as well as it should, causing blood to back up into the veins and limiting how much blood the heart can pump. The patient also had severe thrombocytopenia, or low platelet count. Platelets (thrombocytes) are cells that help the blood clot. The report in Pittsburgh is the first confirmed case of blood clotting linked to a vaccine based on mRNA technology, which includes those developed by Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech. While a number of recipients of the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson shots have developed clotting, including some fatal cases, those vaccines use different technology and are instead based on a deactivated adenovirus.

In spite of this man’s death, Pittsburgh medics have stressed that the benefits of being immunized far outweigh any risks: “We believe it is important to note that many millions of people have received COVID-19 vaccines that use mRNA technology. This is the only report to date of possible VITT or TTS in those recipients, and such a rare event, even if confirmed by additional reports, should not prevent persons from receiving the benefits of these vaccines.”

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Prediction 8 cases, in reality 23.

Myocarditis ‘Higher Than Expected’ In Male Service Members After Jabs (JTN)

A new medical study finds a “higher than expected” number of myocarditis or heart inflammation cases among male military members after receiving their second mRNA COVID-19 shot. The study, published in the peer-reviewed JAMA Cardiology journal Tuesday, found that 23 males 20 to 51, presented “acute onset of marked chest pain” within four days of receiving the second COVID-19 vaccine dose, according to The Epoch Times. The case studied patients in the U.S. military health system from Jan. 1 to April 30. Seven received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and 16 received the Moderna vaccine. According to the study, more than 2.8 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were administered by the military health system.

“The observed number of male military members who experienced myocarditis after their second dose of mRNA vaccine, while relatively small, is substantially higher than the expected number,” reads the study. The authors cited a prediction of eight or fewer cases of myocarditis from the 436,000 male military members who received two vaccine doses. The report said all the members who tested for myocarditis, a condition that causes the swelling of the heart muscle and can cause difficulty breathing, heart failure, and death, were all “physically fit by military standards and lacking any known history of cardiac disease, significant cardiac risk factors, or exposure to cardiotoxic agents.”

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Vaccine, negative test or recovered from the disease. How do the assess that last one? What test is used? Is it only people who have been hospitalized? Or do they test for T cells, antibodies, memory B cells?

“Its use will be suspended when the WHO declares an end to the international health emergency caused by Covid-19.”

Digital Travel Pass Comes Into Force In The EU (K.)

The new EU-wide travel pass, aiming to facilitate movement across the bloc during the pandemic, came into force on Thursday. The Digital Covid Certificate — or Digital Green Certificate — is to be used as proof that travellers have been vaccinated against Covid-19, received a negative test result, or recovered from the disease. Its aim is to enable people to travel more easily for work and travel in the EU by reducing paperwork and skipping quarantine. The certificate is a temporary tool. Its use will be suspended when the World Health Organization (WHO) declares an end to the international health emergency caused by Covid-19.

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Popper is a good source for scientific integrity.

Censorship Kills (AIER)

Big Tech routinely censors reports of vaccine harm and alternatives to vaccines. Censorship is the product of an illiberal, anti-science, authoritarian mindset. Censorship kills because decision-making is distorted. Consider the knowledge of the disinfecting properties of soap and water. In a world where that knowledge was censored in favor of antibiotic treatment for all wounds, people would die needlessly, and antibiotics would be overused. Popper interprets Kant’s principle of autonomy as the “realization that we must never accept the command of an authority, however exalted, as the basis of ethics. For whenever we are faced with the command of an authority, it is always up to us to judge, critically, whether it is morally permissible to obey.” Popper allows, “The authority may have the power to enforce its commands, and we may be powerless to resist.”

Today we are not yet powerless to resist the censors. We can acknowledge our ignorance and engage in inquiry. We can still seek out and find alternative views and consider disconcerting evidence. We can resist the urge to self-censor and instead share what we are observing and learning. We can reject authority as the basis for our personal ethics. Popper writes, “If it is physically possible for us to choose our conduct then we cannot escape the ultimate responsibility.” Lex Fridman is a research scientist at MIT and the host of a popular podcast. Recently he had Weinstein on his show to talk about censorship. Fridman said this: “Science is the striving of the human mind to understand and solve the problems of the world, but as an institution, it is susceptible to flaws of human nature, to fear, to greed, power, and ego.”

To reduce uncertainty about the best solutions to Covid, Fridman argues, “No voices should have been silenced, no ideas left off the table. Open data, open science, open scientific communication, and debate is the way, not censorship.” Censors claim the moral high road; they assure us they are coercing others for our own good. Fridman dismantles their authoritarian hubris: “There are a lot of ideas out there that are bad, wrong, dangerous. But the moment we have the hubris to say we know which ideas those are is the moment we lose our ability to find the truth, to find solutions.” The conversation he had with Weinstein is larger than Weinstein’s ideas. Fridman warns that at stake is “the very freedom to talk, to think, to share ideas.” Fridman believes, “This freedom is our only hope.”

Censorship distorts decision-making and destroys hope. For some, Covid is a matter of life or death. Censorship challenges our ability to make responsible health choices for ourselves and those in our care. In 1644 John Milton wrote, “He who destroys a good book, kills reason itself.” Today, acknowledge the destructive consequences of censorship. Speak out now or we risk allowing Big Tech’s algorithms and community guidelines to continue to destroy reason, hinder science, and undermine hope for humanity.

Malone mRNA

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Why does Politico go after Kamala? For narrative control, damage control. If they have the scoop, no-one else has. And then they can lead the narrative where they want it.

‘Not A Healthy Environment’: Kamala Harris’ Office Rife With Dissent (Pol.)

When Vice President Kamala Harris finally made the decision to visit the Mexico border last week, people inside her own office were blindsided by the news. For days, aides and outside allies had been calling and texting with each other about the political fallout that a potential trip would entail. But when it became known that she was going to El Paso, it left many scrambling, including officials who were responsible for making travel arrangements and others outside the VP’s office charged with crafting the messaging across the administration. The handling of the border visit was the latest chaotic moment for a staff that’s quickly become mired in them. Harris’ team is experiencing low morale, porous lines of communication and diminished trust among aides and senior officials.

Much of the frustration internally is directed at Tina Flournoy, Harris’ chief of staff, a veteran of Democratic politics who began working for her earlier this year. In interviews, 22 current and former vice presidential aides, administration officials and associates of Harris and Biden described a tense and at times dour office atmosphere. Aides and allies said Flournoy, in an apparent effort to protect Harris, has instead created an insular environment where ideas are ignored or met with harsh dismissals and decisions are dragged out. Often, they said, she refuses to take responsibility for delicate issues and blames staffers for the negative results that ensue. While much of the ire is aimed at Harris’ chief, two administration officials said the VP herself also bears responsibility for the way her office is run.

“It all starts at the top,” said one of the administration officials, who like others requested anonymity to be able to speak candidly about a sensitive matter. “People are thrown under the bus from the very top, there are short fuses and it’s an abusive environment,” said another person with direct knowledge of how Harris’ office is run. “It’s not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated. It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like s—.” The dysfunction in the VP’s ranks threatens to complicate the White House’s carefully crafted image as a place staffed by a close-knit group of professionals working in concert to advance the president’s agenda. It’s pronounced enough that members of the president’s own team have taken notice and are concerned about the way Harris’ staffers are treated.

Symone Sanders, senior advisor and chief spokesperson for Harris, pushed back against the complaints and defended Flournoy saying she has an “open door policy” and that “Black women like me would not have the opportunity to work in politics without Tina.” Of the chief of staff’s anonymous critics, she added: “People are cowards to do this this way.” “We are not making rainbows and bunnies all day. What I hear is that people have hard jobs and I’m like ‘welcome to the club,’” Sanders added. “We have created a culture where people, if there is anything anyone would like to raise, there are avenues for them to do so. Whoever has something they would like to raise, they should raise it directly.”

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No better source than Murray on the topic.

FBI Fabrication Against Assange Falls Apart (Murray)

On the final day of the Assange extradition hearing, magistrate Vanessa Baraitser refused to accept an affidavit from Assange’s solicitor Gareth Peirce, on the grounds it was out of time. The affidavit explained that the defence had been unable to respond to the new accusations in the United States government’s second superseding indictment, because these wholly new matters had been sprung on them just six weeks before the hearing resumed on 8 September 2020. The defence had not only to gather evidence from Iceland, but had virtually no access to Assange to take his evidence and instructions, as he was effectively in solitary confinement in Belmarsh. The defence had requested an adjournment to give them time to address the new accusations, but this adjournment had been refused by Baraitser.

She now refused to accept Gareth Peirce’s affidavit setting out these facts. What had happened was this. The hearings on the Assange extradition in January 2020 did not seem to be going well for the US government. The arguments that political extradition is specifically banned by the UK/US extradition treaty, and that the publisher was not responsible for Chelsea Manning’s whistleblowing on war crimes, appeared to be strong. The US Justice Department had decided that it therefore needed a new tack and to discover some “crimes” by Assange that seemed less noble than the Manning revelations. To achieve this, the FBI turned to an informant in Iceland, Sigi Thordarson, who was willing to testify that Assange had been involved with him in, inter alia, hacking private banking information and tracking Icelandic police vehicles.

This was of course much easier to portray as crime, as opposed to journalism, so the second superseding indictment was produced based on Thordarson’s story, which was elaborated with Thordarson by an FBI team. The difficulty was that Thordarson was hardly a reliable witness. He had already been convicted in Iceland for stealing approximately $50,000 from Wikileaks and with impersonating Julian Assange online, not to mention the inconvenient fact he is a registered sex offender for online activities with under-age boys. The FBI team was in fact expelled from Iceland by the Icelandic government, who viewed what the FBI was doing with Thordarson as wholly illegitimate.

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“Because those who are doing this know that they can’t get out of this war victorious. That’s a very important thing.”

US & UK Know They Can’t Win WW3 – Putin (RT)

President Vladimir Putin has slammed the violation of Russian territorial waters by British warship HMS Defender as a “provocation.” He also claimed that London’s American allies had a hand in last week’s incident near Crimea. However, apparently casting doubt on NATO’s ‘Article V’ collective defense pact, the Russian leader claimed that, even if Moscow had sunk the vessel, it wouldn’t have led to World War III, because the “provocateurs” know they wouldn’t be able to win. Last week, the British naval ship HMS Defender entered the country’s territorial waters and traveled three kilometers (almost two miles) inside the frontier, near Cape Fiolent, in Crimea. According to Russia’s Ministry of Defense, the coastguard targeted warning shots at the boat. This has been disputed by the British, but video evidence suggests the Russian version of events is more accurate.

According to London, the destroyer was making a peaceful passage through the territorial waters of Ukraine in accordance with international law. The UK does not recognize Crimea as part of Russia. Speaking at his annual ‘Direct Line’ call-in show, Putin revealed that a US strategic airplane took off from an airfield on the island of Crete and flew towards Russia on the morning before HMS Defender entered Russian waters. However, despite the provocation, the two NATO members do not want a conflict, and it is not true to say that the world is now standing on the brink of a world war, he said. “Even if we had sunk that ship, it would still be hard to imagine that the world would be on the brink of World War III,” the president said. “Because those who are doing this know that they can’t get out of this war victorious. That’s a very important thing.”

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    CJ Hopkins’ “War on Reality”

    I follow him on Facebook and he had a post not long after he published his article lamenting he didn’t change the title due to a colleague who posted an excellent COVID summary of the same title on Tablet News. An excerpt:

    In reality, the rushed doomsday forecasts and commitment to politically correct pseudoscience prompted leaders to abandon decades of pandemic planning. This not only had disastrous economic consequences, but it also exacerbated the effects of COVID-19 itself. And rather than swiftly correct their errors, public health officials and politicians doubled down, manipulated data, and blamed ordinary people for the failure of nonsensical policies. The uncomfortable truth is that “The Science” did not protect vulnerable populations. Instead, “expert” advice served only to make the pandemic more deadly and replace the scientific process with destructive anti-science.


    “Now, the stories that were used to justify these hardships are continuing to unravel. Many of the people responsible will insist that the second-order consequences are the horrible symptoms of a magic virus and that the mistakes made in handling such a crisis were inevitable. But preventing young children from reaching crucial developmental milestones in the face of mounting evidence is not just a “mistake.” Forcing hospital patients to die alone without saying goodbye to their families is not just a “mistake.” Pushing millions of people into poverty and starvation is not just a “mistake.” These are crimes.

    The medical community has a lot to answer for.



    Goodness, what gets written while I am composing my bits!
    Rumsfeld dead! My mother always said people died in threes. So why is Hanky K still around?
    Who’s next?
    Aspartame and glyphosate- who needs a big giant meteor? or even a deadly plague?


    Re Kendrick and vit D:
    “The review also highlights the important link between vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. Vitamin D administration, which is part of certain clinical trials protocols for COVID-19, may induce short-term hypercalcaemia, resulting in an accelerated elastic fibre calcification and degradation.”
    From this.

    I got there looking for a connection with taking vitamin D and pseudoexfoliation syndrome (a kind of pre-glaucoma) that complicates cataract surgery.


    Well, I was wondering if this would happen, and this may be the start.

    I know a lot of people at the local retirement community. One woman has been my client for over a decade — in that time she has also become a friend. (She comes to see me when I sing.) I just got off of the phone with her. She has just begun to have heart problems. She has undergone her first battery of tests. She leans right politically, and is more aware of the problems regarding the covid vaccine than my left leaning friends. She suspects the vaccine. She had a terrible time of it after the second dose — she was feverish, had a migrane, and pressure/pain in her chest for three days. The heart problems are surfacing 4 months after her second vaccine dose, so there is no obvious link at this point. She asked her cardiologist if the vaccine could have caused this — she says that he got very quiet and said that he would find out what is going on.

    My aunt is schizophrenic and has been institutionalized the past few years after she could no longer manager herself in a subsidized “independent living” situation. Two Sundays past my mom mentioned that my aunt has had a problem with very bad tremors in her hands. (My aunt already had some minor “parkinson-like” tremors brought on by meds for schizophrenia, so this is a sudden worsening.) The insitution believes that her meds must be causing this, and are thinking about changing her meds again. I asked, Mom, was she vaccinated? And my mom realized that the vaccine could be the cause. Now my mom will be inquiring, when did the increased tremors start? And, what were the dates of her vaccinations?


    Denninger with another home run looking at Obamacare rates on the upswing with huge increases due to COVID and Vaccine claims. I think it will happen, but I also think the major area to watch for the vaccines is a rise in SSDI claims due to myocarditis on the premise that long term effects will result in many younger people being unable to work.

    “What are we doing right now, and what have we been doing since the start of 2021, in the people younger than of Medicare age with wild abandon, what does the data say is happening, but it is claimed to be “very rare”, and if its so rare why are Obamacare premiums going to skyrocket for next year?”



    Well…for young people contemplating a career in medicine, cardiology and neurology may be some very in-demand specialties for the next few decades. (Probably some other specialties that deal with Covid vaccine side effects…these were just the two that immediately came to mind. Oh, and the heart problem my friend is facing is, naturally, inflammation.)


    > In reality, the rushed doomsday forecasts and commitment to politically correct pseudoscience prompted leaders to abandon decades of pandemic planning. This not only had disastrous economic consequences <

    The above framing still makes the 10-20-percenter Covid response sound like an oopsie! accident. It does not look that way to me; not at all.

    Mr. House


    Read that strategic culture article i posted earlier, up your alley


    > Since a pandemic induced nations to lockdown their economies, rescue packages and unlimited money printing to keep people from literally starving<

    Thanks for the link Mr. House, but Ehret reminds me way too much of ‘Pepe Escobar™’: feeding its readers 60% self-righteous Truths in order to catapult the essential (for whom?) untruths like the above-quoted one..



    Meta: if it’s in the digital domain, it’s gotten-to, or will be.

    Mr. House

    True, but what i took away from it was the “plan”. And the technocrats building everything up towards their goal with the catalyst being it which shall not be named.


    > True, but what i took away from it was the “plan”. <

    We might read the same text and infer (and such) different things: I’m 62, and that plays into my take for sure. Too bad we’re not conversing face to face, as our overlords have deemed “unsafe” and “inauthentic™”.. funny times!


    mpsk said:

    “Re Kendrick and vit D:
    “The review also highlights the important link between vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. Vitamin D administration, which is part of certain clinical trials protocols for COVID-19, may induce short-term hypercalcaemia, resulting in an accelerated elastic fibre calcification and degradation.”

    Yes, this commenter has mentioned before that the quasi-hormone known as Vitamin D taken as a supplement is not an unmixed blessing.


    A year and half into the coronavirus pandemic, the very foundation of the West’s response that “mRNA vaccines are safe and effective” is false. They are not vaccines but gene therapy.

    Human beings are crash test guinea pigs with inadequate follow-up and compensation for the side-effects from the mRNA emergency use. To date, blood clotting with low platelet counts in young females and myocarditis in adolescent/young males are associated with mRNA jabs. Jabs continue in the USA with a label warning.

    There are increases in the COVID-19 reproductive rate in highly vaccinated nations in particular Israel.

    The asymptomatic vaccinated people may be passing the virus to the leftover unvaccinated. But this is a known unknown since there is no cheap accurate test to detect virus shedding individuals or surveillance and identification of coronavirus virus in the Western population. Federal masking and social distancing requirements were ended. There is no plan B. This is not science.

    In the Americas we have an acute case that the propaganda that the rulers believe to be true is in fact not reality. In the 20th century, the 1000-year Reich and the Soviet Union collapsed directly because to this.

    The Western Empire is withdrawing from Afghanistan too and has an economic disaster underway worse than the effects of Chernobyl. Politico is pointing out Kamala Harris is an unsuitable replacement for Joe Biden; except there is no Gerald Ford ready on the sidelines.

    There is one final frenzy to grasp the last shinning glimmer of wealth.

    When the climate changes, Siberia and North America will become choked in hot toxic wildfire smoke and more of Miami’s seaside condos will collapsed. Everyone will be on their own trying to escape.

    My alternative is to restore the US Constitution and government by and for the people, end inequality, and jail the criminals who got us into this. Enron’s Jeff Skilling in 2006 was the last CEO imprisoned for their crimes.


    VietnamVet said: “A year and half into the coronavirus pandemic..”

    Are you seeing clear evidence of said pandemic, Vv, and if so, where do you live?
    I have seen not even a hint of a pandemic (other than the lockdowns, masks, et c),
    and have been looking for signs of one with real interest. I live on the central coast of California, FWTW.

    I think it’s been noted here before that life insurance rates and underwriting requirements
    have been more-or-less unchanged since the “pandemic” was rolled out fifteen months
    ago. This is as solid evidence as there can be, since those actuary folks keep a keen
    eye on the numbers.

    John Day

    @Bill7, who quoted: “The review also highlights the important link between vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. Vitamin D administration, which is part of certain clinical trials protocols for COVID-19, may induce short-term hypercalcaemia, resulting in an accelerated elastic fibre calcification and degradation.”

    That is made up. Really. I have never seen hypercalcemia from normal blood levels of vitamin-D. Vitamin-D is truly a pure blessing.

    @Mr House: Yeah, I don’t know “the plan”, but I have your same suspicion that getting used to mRNA Trojan horsies into your body is opening your door to whatever somebody decides “your” body should be…

    : Go Girl!

    @Phonix Voice” I always listen to you. You are getting more and more open, and showing more and more of your intelligence. Deciding what is right nd following it. Yes Maam!


    Zerosum – on the hundreds upon hundreds of unmarked graves of institutionalized Aboriginal children: perhaps you have not followed the reporting. This was a government policy intended to delete Aboriginal culture. It was explicit. Also According to government records, children were removed from their families and kept as ransom in order to pacify their parents, whom it was argued would be more malleable if their kids were held in government custody. The children were housed in unheated residences in Canadian winters and they received practically no medical care when ill. No Zerosum, this is far from just a story to extract money. It is a story for Canadians to take stock of our sordid hustory with our indigenous people, Happy Canada Day.

    Doc Robinson

    John Day: “I have never seen hypercalcemia from normal blood levels of vitamin-D.”

    I believe you. Daily intakes of up to 10,000 IU “have not been linked to hypercalcemia or acute toxicity,” according to a big study done by the Institute of Medicine (now called the National Academy of Medicine.) They set their recommended upper limit at 4,000 IU per day, instead of 10,000 IU, to be extra safe (for ages 9 and older).

    The starting point for the current UL for vitamin D was 10,000 IU/d, because lower intakes have not been linked to hypercalcemia or acute toxicity.


    Veracious Poet

    Are you seeing clear evidence of said pandemic, Vv, and if so, where do you live?

    I have had 3 friends/acquaintances die from the China virus, another 20+ that survived the virus with varying levels of severity.

    Most of them last summer, with the last one dying in February 2 days after exhibiting symptoms…

    We’re in SoCal, & most of the survivors have taken the kill-switch vaccine, even after I warned many.

    The pandemic is definitely real, my wife (autoimmune disorder), mother (late stage cancer 2019) & I are still in iso with full PPE precautions since FEB 2020 ~ We are also part of the control group re: the “vaccines”.

    TAE Summary

    * The Covid Chronicles
    – Covid, the silent, unseen, absent killer
    – Opioids are the last Covid
    – Heatstroke is the next Covid
    – Covid picked the ripest, low-hanging, vitamin-D-deficient fruit
    – Covid prefers the fat and happy to the down and out
    – CDC announces Covid vaccine statute of limitations to be set at two weeks
    – Upswing in myocarditis among youth due to aspartame and glysophates
    – Pandemics don’t require excess deaths
    – The vaccinated are crash test guinea pigs engineered to infect the unvaccinated

    * Oh! Canada!
    – Wildfires
    – Burning churches
    – Destroyed records
    – Unmarked indigenous grave sites

    * Big brother is jabbing you; All rise for the two minutes of hate; Obey! Consume! Reset!; You will happily own being nothing

    * The Health Industry
    – They no longer test
    – $1000 per hour is what the market will bear
    – Do no harm only started 100 years ago
    – Healing is power and power corrupts; Absolute healing corrupts absolutely
    – Midazoliams are off the scale
    – Cardiology and neurology are promising careers

    * Knowledge is finite / Ignorance is infinite
    (Note: Knowledge increases sorrow and ignorance is bliss)
    – The bullshit must stop
    – There is no science only experts

    * Kamala elected through fraud, treats people like sh*t but can’t fill Joe’s slippers

    * Reality is no longer approved but only authorized for emergency use; Approval will require the torturing of sentient creatures

    * Climate change: We will all be on our own; The air will clear once the forests are all gone; We deserve worse and are getting off light

    * Rummy shuffles off his mortal coil. His unknown unknowns become known knows as he reaps his eternal reward

    * Timorati non carborundum



    Yes, I believe that there still is a coronavirus pandemic ongoing among the elderly and obese and for those with long-haul COVID. COVID-19 did overrun hospitals last year from New York to California triggering the rush to get rich with gene therapy jabs. Life expectancy in the USA for the last two years declined; 1.4 years for Whites up to 3.9 years for Hispanics.

    Today there are good arguments that this is no longer the case. The excess deaths in Europe and the USA are below historic averages. CDC says this is due bad reporting which may be the case, since the US mail service is still disrupted and I have not got my income tax refund yet. But coronavirus is not eradicated in the USA. My county is low risk right now. 50% of adults vaccinated and one death last week. But it had the highest number of deaths in Maryland; 1,597 . The elderly, overweight and unvaccinated are still at risk. Not to mention the bills if hospitalized. I maybe paranoid but I am still here. At this point, being cautious and avoiding the public, the risk of vaccination could outweigh the risk of not getting jabbed. It is fairly clear for young males the risks of a second mRNA jab outweigh the benefits. Yet only a label warning was added.

    Perhaps, the virus will follow the pattern in the past of becoming more contagious and less deadly. Hopefully this winter this comes true and the hospitals are not overrun once again. I wish the USA had a competent government that could provide a working public health system that would care for its citizens and eradicate the virus so the worry would vanish.


    JD said: “..That is made up. Really. I have never seen hypercalcemia from normal blood levels of vitamin-D. Vitamin-D is truly a pure blessing..”

    Ok. I’m not an MD, for sure (and by the way, the quote was mpsk’s, not mine; but that’s cool). Some think supplementation is an readily-available silver bullet, some like me think otherwise.

    My take is that low Vit D levels signal other, undiagnosed issues.. indicative, not causal.
    As I said above though, I am definitely *not* a Medical Doctor.

    Veracious Poet

    Oh, almost forgot:

    Sister-In-Law’s father went in for a procedure in April to clear a coronary artery, & the day after the procedure was successful he had a stroke due to a blood clot.

    Then a couple days after that he had a heart attack that put him on life support, which was pulled a couple of days after that when he became non-responsive in a coma…

    No previous history of stroke, cardiac problems ~ He was 68 years old.

    He had his second jab of the Pfizer gene therapy wonder drug a little over two weeks before the procedure, of course no effort will be made to connect-the dots…


    Vietnam Vet: thanks for your reply.

    > COVID-19 did overrun hospitals last year from New York to California triggering the rush to get rich with gene therapy jabs <

    Not in my region of CA (Los Osos, SLO County); not at all: the three hospitals here have been underwhelmed (and oddly understaffed) all through the ultra-deadly COVID “pandemic”. We have as well a substantial homeless population, but no big outbreak of Da Covid.. weird!

    The interested PMC-folk here tell me (emphasis on “tell”) : “We’ve been lucky!”. Ok: show me the places that have been unlucky, WRT the ultra-deadly Covid.

    The one thing I’m learned from the “pandemic” is that having the preponderance of
    public opinion on one’s side matters much, much more than facts do. This satisfactorily
    explains what we’ve all been subjected (good word!) to from various media
    for the last fifteen-plus months..

    Veracious Poet


    None of my friends that died were obese, but they all had underlying medical situations (heart/lung), no diabetes though ~ 63, 71 & 74 years old.


    To whomever here first linked to CJ Hopkins (was it Bill7?), I want to express my sincere thanks . He is cut from the same cloth as Joe Bageant.. I miss Joe a lot!

    V. Arnold

    The CJ Hopkins link to his essay on reality was spot on; my wife and I had a terrific 2+ hour talk on fear and reality in these times of covid, today…
    …and yes; fear is powerful, especially when weaponized…as has been done…
    We’re armoured up with a firm grasp on the “reality” of today’s propaganda of fear…
    What I fear is most peoples general ignorance of the life around them……

    Dr. D

    Bill: There are in fact Covid indicators. Hospitals and ICUs were actually overrun — probably in Fauci states — and not just with screening delays and 2nd effects. Here’s the thing though: suppose you have an ICU of 100 beds. Generally that’s tuned to run 80-90% capacity. That’s 20 beds open (or not really “open”, but people whom it’s even possible to shift to lesser wards). So 20 severe cases in an area maybe 1-2h drive, as hospitals are spaced, would overwhelm the hospitals. Needless to say it was more than that. But put that way, doesn’t sound like a crisis or an epidemic, does it? Sounds like the state voluntarily shut a lot of hospitals to keep up profits, while reducing the flexibility of the remaining wards and assets.

    At the same time, they shut off the screenings and surgeries of everybody else. But those cancers and heart attacks happen at home, so who cares? If we don’t count them, they’re not dead. Of course, that’s all based on encouraging terrible, terrible health, no exercise, overweight, no Vitamin D, Type II Diabetes, and so on for +60 years. But profits are LOST if that’s fixed. Answer? LESS exercise, Vitamin D, less O2, while sitting at home on the couch next to the fridge. Science!

    Now that we’re out, or had a break, did they say, “Hey, weight and health is the #1 risk factor, outpacing everything else by multiples, get out there and improve your health before fall flu season”? Not on your life! Cuz that’s Science!

    Hippocratic Oath: “We only give pills. Otherwise, f–k off!”


    Madamski, yes a different vax, which of course makes all the difference… you see the positive side where I am more suspicious.

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