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Pablo Picasso Bathers with ball 1 1928


Ukraine War Shows Emerging Post-American World (IC)
Russian Central Bank Eases Capital Controls As Ruble Erases Losses (ZH)
Pentagon: No ‘Offensive’ Bioweapons at US-Linked Ukraine Labs (Antiwar)
Booming Wheat Exports From India To Ease Global Shortage (BBG)
COVID Is Exploding, And Everything Is Fine (CS)
$1 Million Reward For A CDC or FDA Whistleblower (Kirsch)
Tennis World Shocked After Scores Of Players Drop Out Of Miami Open (FWM)
Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Dead At 50 (Kirsch)
Hospital CEOs Are Joining The Great Resignation (BHR)
Hunter Biden Scandal ‘Wasn’t Part Of ‘Left-wing Media’ Narrative’ – Maher (Fox)
Judge Strikes Down Corporate Board Diversity Law In California (JTN)







In trying to isolate Russia, the west isolates itself.

Ukraine War Shows Emerging Post-American World (IC)

In the late 1990s, at a time when U.S. global dominance still looked invincible, Singaporean diplomat and academic Kishore Mahbubani raised questions about whether a rising Asia might thwart American hegemony in the near future. The crux of Mahbubani’s argument — laid out in his provocatively titled 1998 book, “Can Asians Think?” — was that Western elites, then flush with their victory in the Cold War, had become overly comfortable with dictating the bounds of legitimate debate and sound policy to the rest of the world. That imperious relationship, which had existed since the colonial period, was about to come to an end, said Mahbubani. Asians and other non-Westerners had their own ideas about how the world should be run and would soon have the strength to implement them.

A few decades later, the war in Ukraine is revealing how right Mahbubani was. Despite the browbeating of U.S. politicians to take a side in the conflict, a growing number of Asian, African, and Latin American countries have charted a neutral path. China, India, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, South Africa, and even Mexico have remained aloof, resisting calls to diplomatically isolate Russia or join the campaign to sanction its economy. Asian companies have remained in Russia even as their Western counterparts have departed en masse. At the United Nations, meanwhile, a bevy of African states, largest among them South Africa, have abstained from resolutions aimed at ostracizing Russian President Vladimir Putin for the invasion. The neutral stance of these countries has evidently come as a shock to many Western elites, long accustomed to instructing other nations on what geopolitical positions they must take.

The way the West corralled support as the only superpower during and after the Cold War, in other words, is no longer effective. India offers the best example of just how much this posture of self-interested neutrality has caught U.S. elites unawares. Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, an exemplar of the U.S. foreign policy establishment, denounced India for its neutral stance. Haass, apparently unaware of his patronizing tone, said that India’s refusal to side against Russia proved that the country of 1.2 billion people “remains unprepared to step up to major power responsibilities or be a dependable partner.” President Joe Biden similarly criticized India for being “shaky” in its response to Russia, compared with European Union countries and Japan, which have rallied to the Ukrainian cause.

American leaders have long hoped that India would be willing to serve as a partner in helping the U.S. contain China and uphold the U.S.-backed liberal order. As it turns out, India has its own interests to pursue. It is a major customer of Russian arms and energy, enjoying a long relationship with Moscow going back to the Cold War. Morality aside, there are concrete, material reasons that Indians would not want to sacrifice these ties simply to win praise in Washington.

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Energy pegged to ruble pegged to gold.

Russian Central Bank Eases Capital Controls As Ruble Erases Losses (ZH)

Now that the Russian ruble has erased all of its post-incursion losses….the Russian Central Bank decided on Friday that it would loosen restrictions on the transfer of funds abroad, much to the relief of ordinary Russians (particularly the wealthy, as well as the Middle class, who have increasingly been turning to the UAE, Israel and other locales as havens for their capital and assets). CBR said it would allow Russians and non-residents from countries that don’t support sanctions to transfer up to $10,000, or its equivalent in another currency, each month. Shortly after Russia’s “special military operation” began last month, Russia’s central bank tightened restrictions on money flowing abroad, barring non-Russians from transferring more than $5,000 a month out of the country.

Transfer limits will be determined using the CBR’s official exchange rates for the ruble against other currencies, the bank said. Still, Russia will retain a tight grip on its currency market even with the easing of these capital controls. Russian brokerages still aren’t allowed to let foreign clients sell securities, one of a retinue of policies intended to support the ruble. CBR has also restricted the amount of dollars that Russians can withdraw from bank accounts denominated in foreign currencies. Russian banks have been barred from selling foreign currencies to Russians until early September as the Russian banking system continues to face the repercussions of the seizure by the West of hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of foreign-currency reserves held in accounts abroad.

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Bioweapons confirmation. But what are defensive bioweapons? Isn’t that what Pater Daszak was working on?

Pentagon: No ‘Offensive’ Bioweapons at US-Linked Ukraine Labs (Antiwar)

A Pentagon official told Congress on Friday that there are no “offensive” biological weapons in any of the dozens of US-linked labs in Ukraine. “I can say to you unequivocally there are no offensive biologic weapons in the Ukraine laboratories that the United States has been involved with,” Deborah Rosenbaum, the assistant secretary of defense for nuclear, chemical, and biological defense programs, told the House Armed Services subcommittee. The Pentagon funds labs in Ukraine through its Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). According to a Pentagon fact sheet released last month, since 2005, the US has “invested” $200 million in “supporting 46 Ukrainian laboratories, health facilities, and diagnostic sites.”

Moscow has accused Ukraine of conducting an emergency clean-up of a secret Pentagon-funded biological weapons program when Russia invaded. The World Health Organization said it advised Ukraine to destroy “high-threat pathogens” around the time of the invasion. For their part, the US maintains that the program in Ukraine and other former Soviet states is meant to reduce the threat of biological weapons left over from the Soviet Union. While downplaying the threat of the labs, Pentagon officials have also warned that they could still contain Soviet-era bioweapons.

Robert Pope, the director of the DTRA’s Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, told the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in February that the labs might contain Soviet bioweapons and warned that the fighting in Ukraine could lead to the release of a dangerous pathogen. The Biden administration has tried to portray any concerns about the labs as “Russian propaganda.” When the issue gained more media attention, Biden officials started accusing Moscow of plotting to use chemical or biological weapons, but the US hasn’t presented any evidence to back up its claims.

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Good for North Africa and the Middle East.

Booming Wheat Exports From India To Ease Global Shortage (BBG)

In a world where people are worrying more than ever about food shortages and rising inflation, India’s warehouses are brimming over with grain and the country’s farmers are gearing up for yet another record harvest. The country is the top global producer of wheat after China and has the potential to ship 12 million tons to the world market in the 2022-23 year, the most on record, according to the median of five estimates in a Bloomberg survey of traders, millers and analysts. That compares with shipments of 8.5 million tons in 2021-22, U.S. Department of Agriculture data show. Prices of farm commodities were already on a tear before the Russian invasion of Ukraine as drought shriveled global harvests and demand increased, helping send world food costs to the highest on record.

The war made matters even worse because it has choked shipments from one of the planet’s top producing regions, cutting off more than a quarter of the world’s wheat supplies. “Indian wheat exports help the market in a tight world supply situation,” said Vijay Iyengar, chair and managing director of Singapore-based Agrocorp International. “It helps to keep a lid on global prices as well. If India wasn’t exporting wheat in large quantities, prices would have probably escalated further.” Benchmark wheat prices in Chicago surged to an all-time high of $13.635 a bushel last month after the Russian invasion, compared with an average of only around $5.50 a bushel in the five years through the day preceding the attack.

Tightening supply and rising prices for grain from major exporting countries have made Indian wheat competitive for the first time in years. With ballooning inventories after five straight record crops, India has a huge exportable surplus. That will be crucial for importers in North Africa and the Middle East where soaring food prices sparked violent uprisings more than a decade ago. While India has tended to ship wheat mostly to neighboring countries such as Bangladesh and to some Middle Eastern markets, exporters are now likely to find buyers across Africa and in other areas of the Middle Eastern region.

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Mass psychosis.

COVID Is Exploding, And Everything Is Fine (CS)

New wastewater data collected by the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine shows that COVID-19 is on the rise again — but it’s not clear it’s making much of an impact. According to Cumming School of Medicine microbiologist Dr. Dan Gregson, “The wastewater testing has shown, especially in Calgary, that the number of cases is going up and the positivity rate in the people we are testing has gone up as well.” He further says that he believes hospitalization numbers could rise throughout April due to a brand new variant called the BA.2 variant — I guess they’ve dropped the Greek alphabet branding. Based on the wastewater data released on March 28, 2022, SARS CoV-2 RNA has risen to levels above the spike seen on September 19, 2021 — around the same time Premier Jason Kenney locked Alberta down, implemented a vaccine passport, and issued an apology for letting Albertans be free for the summer.

However, despite COVID being more prevalent in wastewater, hospitalizations remain significantly lower. At the time of writing, Alberta is only reporting 964 hospitalizations, with 47 currently in the ICU. However, on September 17, 2021, there were nearly 20,000 active cases, and the province needed to use surge beds as ICUs would have been at 155 per cent capacity. Regardless, Gregson says Albertans should be concerned, get more vaccines, avoid contact with others, and return to masking indoors only a month after Kenney dropped the mask mandate. “Get your vaccines up to date. If you are at risk of severe disease, try and limit your contacts, use a mask in most indoor settings and limit your contacts with people who may be infectious.” Despite this recommendation, he concedes that contracting the new variant for most who’ve had COVID or received the vaccine will be like a “mild to moderate infection similar to a bad flu.”

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Full anonymity. It’s like WikiLeaks.

$1 Million Reward For A CDC or FDA Whistleblower (Kirsch)

I wrote an article earlier on how the safety signals in VAERS were flashing red back in January 2021. Yet nobody at the CDC or FDA said anything even though they were watching VAERS like a hawk (as the FDA’s Steven A. Anderson admitted on video). It’s simply impossible not to see the safety signals if they aren’t corrupt or incompetent. Since everyone in authority says these organizations are competent, then there is only one alternative left: they are corrupt. I am willing to pay up to $1M for information that I can give to the DOJ and state attorney generals to bring criminal charges against these people. You don’t have to reveal your identity. All you need to do is supply information that we can authenticate that shows the corruption for how all the safety signals were ignored.

You can keep your job at the CDC or FDA. Nobody has to know. You can contact me at [email protected] and put WHISTLEBLOWER in caps in the subject line of your message and put in the body what evidence you have, why the evidence is credible, and we can go from there. Armed with this information, we’ll also see whether any members of Congress call for an investigation. This will allow us to identify corrupt members of Congress. Note to members of DHS: By seeking this information, I am not a “domestic terrorist” since my goal is to expose corruption to restore faith in government institutions. Here is a complete list of members of Congress who agree that the CDC must be either incompetent or corrupt:

< this space intentionally left blank>

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15 very fit individuals in 1 tournament.

Tennis World Shocked After Scores Of Players Drop Out Of Miami Open (FWM)

The tennis world reacted with shock after favorites Paula Badosa and Jannik Sinner had to retire during the quarterfinals of the Miami Open. Badosa, soon to be the number three in the world, became unwell during her match against Jessica Pegula and left the court in tears. Badosa, who was comforted by her American opponent, decided to stop after consultation with her physiotherapist. Pegula reached the semifinals of the Miami tennis tournament for the first time in her career after Badosa’s resignation, reported Yahoo Sports. In the men’s tournament, the Italian phenomenon Jannik Sinner was forced to withdraw.

He gave up after 22 minutes in the game against Francisco Cerundolo, the number 103 in the world ranking. “When I served at 3-1 and 30-0, I saw him bend over. It was very strange,” Cerundolo said during an interview. “I hope he’s okay, he’s a great player.” The 23-year-old Argentinian surprisingly reached the semifinals with his first participation in the master tournament in Miami. It was the second game in a row that ended prematurely for the tennis fans. Fans reacted with shock to the bizarre tennis day. “What is going on?” someone asked.”

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I stay away from celebrity stories, but what struck me earlier about this was that there was a full toxicology report, which included at least 10 substances, many of which were hard to trace and/or just old, within 24 hours. In Colombia! Ever seen such a report that fast in the US?

Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Dead At 50 (Kirsch)

Here is a summary of the evidence I’ve pieced together from both public and private sources (who knew him personally). You can draw your own conclusions. The evidence is consistent with the primary cause being vaccine-induced myocarditis. It fits the facts like a glove. No other hypothesis I’m aware of can explain the evidence. His drug use, which as far as I have been able to determine was limited to smoking weed, played only a minor role. [..] I find it interesting to note that the cardiologists I talked to ranged from “Normal size 350g. It’s vax myocarditis strikes again” to “it is impossible to rule out the vaccine as the proximate cause of death” [..]

He was found dead in his hotel room on March 25, 2022 after complaining about chest pains. Press reported he died of cardiac arrest. That is really important. The vaccine causes death by cardiac arrest. Marijuana and heroin and the other drugs aren’t consistent with the symptoms observed before he died. He appeared to be perfectly normal other than chest pains. Taylor Hawkins was all about the music and his fans. Those were his passions. He was not in it for the money or any other reason. He was just a great guy. [inside source] He was married for 17 years and had three kids: Shane, Annabelle, and Everleigh. He had everything to live for.

Toxicology reports from the Columbian authorities claim there were 10 substances found in his body including opioids, benzodiazepines, marijuana and antidepressants but there was no mention of the amount of each substance. People have mentioned that drug reports from Columbian sources can be unreliable. An autopsy also found Hawkins’ heart weighed at least 600 grams, as reported by Colombian publication, Semana. This is about double the size of a normal heart for a man of his age. We know that the COVID vaccine can cause a heart to double in size and then kill you. This can happen in as little as 5 days after injection. One of the most public examples of this is the death of the son of Ernest Ramirez. His son died just 5 days after his first dose of Pfizer and his heart was double in size at the time of his death.

I checked with one of the world’s top cardiologists (Peter McCullough) who confirmed that yes, your heart can double in size in just 5 days. McCullough looked at the medical records for Ernest’s son and concluded his death was due to the COVID vaccine. FEMA offered Ernest Ramirez a lot of money to change his story and say that the death was caused by COVID. Ramirez refused. Hawkins had a history of drug use, and a 2001 heroin overdose left him in a coma, according to the Los Angeles Times. However, he “made clear he learned his lesson in 2001, and had lived a solid family life with perhaps occasional drug use here and there.” So it seems unlikely that he just decided on a spontaneous heroin/benzo/cocaine bender right before a show, called for help, then died of an overdose. He still smoked weed. This was well known. This probably elevated his risk, but he’d been smoking weed for decades.

[..] My best guess is: He likely got vaccinated around May 2021 with his first two doses after pressure from Grohl and the band manager. His medical exam done after his first vaccination(s) showed he had an enlarged heart for the first time. This was our first clue of vaccine injury. But clearly the doctor wasn’t that concerned since he didn’t tell Hawkins he was at any risk at all. The booster on Feb 26, 2022 took 30 days to damage his heart for the final time. As I noted early, it took only one dose and 5 days to kill Ernest Ramierez’s son who was completely normal until he died. For Hawkins, it just took longer. Unfortunately, I don’t think there will ever be an autopsy by a competent pathologist who knows how to spot vaccine injury (or embalming by a vaccine aware embalmer), so we’ll never know for sure, but all of the evidence is consistent with the vaccine hypothesis. It fits all the facts like a glove.

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CEOs are strong, independent people. But no independent thought is allowed with Covid.

Hospital CEOs Are Joining The Great Resignation (BHR)

The number of departing hospital CEOs is on the rise as C-level executives are grappling with challenges tied to the COVID-19 pandemic. Twelve hospital CEOs exited their roles in January, double the number who stepped down from their positions in the same month a year earlier, according to a report from Challenger, Gray & Christmas, an executive outplacement and coaching firm. While some hospital and health system CEOs are retiring, others are stepping down from their posts into C-level roles at other organizations. At least eight hospital and health system CEOs have stepped down from their positions since mid-February.

The increase in CEO departures isn’t unique to healthcare. More than 100 CEOs of U.S.-based companies left their posts in January, up from 89 in the same month a year earlier, according to the Challenger, Gray & Christmas report. The uptick in executive exits shouldn’t be surprising given the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, experts told NBC News. CEOs and other executives aren’t immune to the pressures that are prompting people to leave their jobs. “It’s many factors — the burnout, the pandemic, the school closures, the need to take stock of life,” Julia Pollack, chief economist at ZipRecruiter, told NBC News in January. “It’s a whole wide range of shocks.”

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“He got, I think $4.8, yes, million from Chinese energy companies to sit on the board and consult. Yeah, that was his passion in life..”

Hunter Biden Scandal ‘Wasn’t Part Of ‘Left-wing Media’ Narrative’ – Maher (Fox)

“Real Time” host Bill Maher blasted the “left-wing media” for failing to report on the Hunter Biden scandal during the 2020 presidential election. During his panel discussion on Friday night, Maher offered a history lesson about how in the “John Adams day” the country had “different newspapers for different parties” and what “brought it home to me” was how The Washington Post as well as The New York Times authenticated the laptop the New York Post first reported on nearly two years ago. “I remember reading about this a couple of years ago, the New York Post came across… Hunter Biden’s computer, which he apparently left at a computer repair store. I didn’t even know they existed. And if anyone should not leave his computer with other people, it would be Hunter Biden just for the personal stuff,” Maher said.

“But it also had stuff about how, you know, c’mon, he’s a ne’er-do-well. I’m sorry, Hunter Biden, but you are… You made a living being ne’er-do-well who was taking money just because you were the vice president’s son and you had influence.” “He got, I think $4.8, yes, million from Chinese energy companies to sit on the board and consult. Yeah, that was his passion in life,” Maher quipped. His exploration, hooker exploration, was his passion.” Maher continued, “So the New York Post got a hold of what was in the computer. And, you know, because the New York Post is a Republican paper, and The New York Times and The Washington Post are the Democratic paper[s]… And the Republican paper, Twitter… canceled their account! They can’t even report on this story. And now two years later, The New York Times and The Washington Post have come around and say, ‘Okay, there was something there.'”

The HBO star conceded that the laptop story should have been taken with a “giant thing of salt” since the New York Post retrieved it from Trump allies Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon, but “not two years.” “It looks like the left-wing media just buried the story because it wasn’t part of their narrative and that’s why people don’t trust the media,” Maher said. Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang agreed, pointing to polling that showed trust in media “falls very sharply along party lines” where 69% of Democrats say they still trust the media while just 15% of Republicans and 36% of independents say the same. “This is part of the erosion of institutional trust, where one side feels like the media is on their side,” Yang said. “And it does seem like this Hunter Biden laptop story did get buried because of the timing. I mean, it was coming out during the height of the election in 2020. And they did not want that out in the mainstream.”

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Building backlash.

Judge Strikes Down Corporate Board Diversity Law In California (JTN)

A judge has ruled that California’s mandate for corporate boards to diversify with members from certain racial, ethnic or LGBT groups violates the constitution. The ruling Friday was a major win for the conservative legal group Judicial Watch, which challenge the law on the grounds that are violated the equal protection clause. “This historic California court decision declared unconstitutional one of the most blatant and significant attacks in the modern era on constitutional prohibitions against discrimination,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

“In its ruling today, the court upheld the core American value of equal protection under the law. Judicial Watch’s taxpayer clients are heroes for standing up for civil rights against the Left’s pernicious efforts to undo anti-discrimination protections.” The brief ruling granted summary judgment blocking the legislation that had been signed into law last year. The Legislature had wanted to require corporate boards of publicly traded companies to have a member from an “underrepresented community,” including LGBT, Black, Latino, Asian, Native American or Pacific Islander.

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    Pablo Picasso Bathers with ball 1 1928   • Ukraine War Shows Emerging Post-American World (IC) • Russian Central Bank Eases Capital Controls As R
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 3 2022]

    Veracious Poet

    Energy pegged to ruble pegged to gold.

    Sounds great!

    I just hope they use all those euros to buy/store some gold bullion, to put an invincible foundation under the ruble…

    One things for sure, the UK/EU will never part with their physical gold to buy energy from the Russians.

    That would blow up London’s ETFs overnight…

    Formerly T-Bear

    New views is beginning to emerge with the Ukrainian episode: One is the leadership of the West are not much more than sheeple and secondly President Vladimir Putin has joined the ranks of those entitled to the appendage “the Great”.

    Formerly T-Bear

    New views are beginning to emerge with the Ukrainian episode: One is the leadership of the West are not much more than sheeple and secondly President Vladimir Putin has joined the ranks of those entitled to the appendage “the Great”.

    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Bathers with ball 1 1928

    Interesting…a very similar Picasso painting was featured in Woody Allen’s movie Midnight in Paris…

    And kudos to T-Bears comment; One is the leadership of the West are not much more than sheeple and secondly President Vladimir Putin has joined the ranks of those entitled to the appendage “the Great”.
    Fully second that entitlement for Vladimir Putin…a leader for our times…


    Anyone have details on the mass tennis withdrawal? I just watched the NCAA tournament. 64 teams and there was not a single medical incident.

    Isn’t it inconvenient how the human body is so unique one can’t just run with a theory and be right all the time?

    Dr. D

    “Nickel is key to everything from electric vehicles to lithium-ion batteries. But the market for it just imploded” –CNN

    News here is it is reported on the front page of CNN, not-news central. So apparently they feel it’s been contained and safe to speak of.

    “MORNING JOE: Pentagon: Support is flowing into Mariupol” Huh. Like what? Tweets and moral support, I assume.

    Speaking of, thanks for the clarification on Russian conscription. I think that goes with the other Army stat that Russia is using like 1/3 of their troops to dismember Ukraine. Or 1/3 the forces of the Ukrainian army. Kind of showing the world they can do this with one arm behind their back. Not everything goes well, but it’s not at all like it is/was being presented in the media. Tim Pool picked this up, headlines: “Russia loses battle. Russia bogged down. Russia has no supplies.” Next day: “Russia takes more territory.” So tell me, if they’re feckless, terrible, and losing every battle against the valiant Ukrainians, how come they now control 1/3 of the country? Pick one, but there’s no sense in picking. Since they objectively control it and are winning in those areas, the first half about losing all the battles and being unable to supply – that is, everything western media reports – must be false. But everything and the opposite is reported. No gears turn. No one bats an eye. True and false are all equal because you can’t judge me. I built this world to be a world without consequences. For me. …All the consequences are paid by you instead.

    “a growing number of Asian, African, and Latin American countries have… have remained aloof,”

    It’s already over then. If vassal states refuse to obey the Empire, there is no Empire. This is what they don’t get – Charles Hugh Smith most recently yesterday – about the Yuan and there being no replacement for the US$. Let’s go two ways: One, fiat currencies never collapse to be replaced by another fiat currency. Unless this is the first time ever. No one trusts anyone in a collapse. They are replaced by gold. (and then later on hollowed out and cheated). Two, Russia has just done this. We may be paying attention to the Ruble part, but that’s just an accessory to the gold for oil deal. Like for like. GOLD is the reserve currency and always has been. Everyone has it. There is no issuing nation and no Triffin’s Paradox. But we’re in a digital world, so they are adding, as Russia, a link to Yuan, Rupees, Rubles, and yes, the US$/gold Price from LME in London. Those are only pricing mechanisms. The link is to gold, the underlying reserve currency. So if Bolivia wants to link to Bolivars per gram, they also can.

    I don’t see the problem or why bloggers are making it so complicated. And if all nations are using their home currency, which may or may not be firmly tied to gold, then how can the US$ be the reserve currency? Where’s the “exorbitant privilege” if no one takes them, but uses their own, which is easier?

    This doesn’t happen overnight, but the less accepted they are, the less ability the US/Fed has to export inflation of their reckless money-printing. That tidal turn compounds fast.

    India in the article is a good example. US weapons suck. They pay more than the rest of the world combined to lose every battle. The US has no manufacturing anyone would want. So therefore they buy weapons that work, from Russia, and goods they need, from China. What do they need from us? Why bother even talking to Blinken? Ignore the whole hemisphere; it’s pointless. Starting last week, they also can buy oil in Rupees which is great convenience to them. And as India, which has longstanding feud with China, how much more Brazil or Nigeria?

    Central Bank of Russia has also restricted the amount of dollars that Russians can withdraw from bank accounts”

    And so do the U.S., and Trudeau in Canada. We have striking capital controls, ruthless tracking, worldwide taxation, and constant compliance and interference. Those were our advantages, and they’ve removed them all. If it’s going to be like that, maybe I should bank in Rupees or Bolivars, as you’re doing nothing for me.

    “Russian banking system continues to face the repercussions of the seizure by the West of hundreds of billions of dollars’”

    No. The U.S., U.K., and Canada continue to face the deadly repercussions of seizing other people’s property. The Ruble wasn’t affected at all. It’s Biden who says we’re going to go hungry because of it.

    “I can say to you unequivocally there are no offensive biologic weapons in the Ukraine laboratories that the United States has been involved with,” Deborah Rosenbaum,”

    They said it. Therefore it’s a lie. To us ordinary people, IF YOU HAVE BUBONIC PLAGUE, it’s a “bioweapon.” They had it, and all the others, in the lab in vials. That’s not a shampoo testing facility. To us normal humans, that’s a biological WEAPONS lab. Because those are deadly weapons, and if there’s an accident or they get out, everybody dies.

    I guess that’s like saying it’s an arms depot, with an entire salt mine filled with RPGs and mortars (because the “bio”-arms are self-replicating). But they say we weren’t INVENTING the RPGs and Mortar rounds here. Therefore, it’s not an armory! Whaddya worried about, you silly billies?

    $13bu wheat is 35c a quart. Revelations 6:6 is looking for a quart at 1/10 ounce of silver, (A “measure” for a “denarius” 3g = 0.1oz) which is still $2.50 right now. Not far off. We’re getting there.

    that the number of cases is going up”

    Since 28 months now, what does “Cases” mean? “Cases” where no one has any symptoms? Cases where everybody lives? Cases where only 0.003% of healthy, non-78+ year olds die? I presently have a “case” of flu, rhino, RSV, and Corona. I “Have” cancer cells and e. coli. I “have” heart disease, arterial plaque, lead and mercury poisoning and god-knows-what. But is it RELEVANT? Does it have any medical effect? Is there a single symptom?

    Two straight years of this. No one notices. Science is dead.

    What do they recommend? Masks, which didn’t work anywhere. Masked states and nations were worse than the unmasked. NJ vs Florida. MI vs TX. Africa vs everybody. Their own research said all lockdown measures combined were a 1.5% gain, and zero for masking children (Aug CDC study). The most vaccinated states are the sickest. Ireland, UK, Singapore, VT. It’s as if Science is the #Opposite of their own facts, data, theory, and research.

    “$1 Million Reward for a CDC or FDA Whistleblower (Kirsch)”

    Thanks to Assange and “more whistleblowers prosecuted than all Presidents combined (Obama)” no one believes in Whistleblowing. Or “anonymous.” And I don’t blame them. That was the point, of course. We’re presently still holding scores of people in solitary for a year without trial. Just ‘cause.

    Tennis World Shocked after Scores of Players Drop out of Miami Open (FWM)”

    Don’t be silly: we’ve always stopped all tennis matches and halted all soccer games for players being removed on stretchers. Multiple 12-year-olds always dropped dead at football games. Don’t you remember?

    “Hospital CEOs Are Joining the Great Resignation (BHR)”

    If the nurses and staff are frustrated and not in charge, and the CEO’s are frustrated and not in charge, then who’s really in charge? (A: Follow the money. He who makes the rules) This has nothing to do with pandemic, I ran across a YouTube video from a doctor saying everyone was at the wall and quitting…in 2019. He’d go back to school and get an MBA. Make more money with essentially no stress. They’re not kidding. What on EARTH would possibly make you do that? Work in a hospital? Be on call, overnight, for years, people punching you and every patient actively trying to die? (Because otherwise they wouldn’t be in the “hospital”) Recent surveys say that 75% of health care people will have left…by 2025. Some 25% of them were leaving medical altogether. After all that training. Hey, you can stop this any time you like. Improving conditions is sooper easy.

    “Hunter Biden Scandal ‘Wasn’t Part of ‘Left-wing Media’ Narrative’ – Maher (Fox)”

    Because you just can’t say enough, one of the many things on the laptop were the “certificates”, that is, special encryption keys, for various U.S. Government secure access. Anyone with the laptop then has the keys to the door, and can deliver and multiply the keys to anyone worldwide. This is a national security breach, hazard, and depending on what those Certs were for, would be a breach of full access for Top Secret national security. You know, like HRC did.

    “and that’s why people don’t trust the media,”

    What’s the solution? Cancel them. “Do What You’re Told!” Personally, I think a year in solitary without trial for protesting such things is far too easy on them. Definitely, definitely the death penalty for treason and sedition as half the Congress says. Or erasing them and their livelihoods like Canada says.

    “ Judge Strikes Down Corporate Board Diversity Law in California (JTN)”

    Speaking of, they had a recent call (because Florida) for Disney to strike back by making half their characters gay. HALF. I know people are bad at math, but really… Now that’s fine I guess, but I heard that if the character isn’t the same color, gender, orientation, and political party as you, you can’t watch and understand them anymore and should boycott. That’s what the drive for “Representation” means. Okay then.

    Blue Cross Vax. Yes, but it’s the carrot and the stick. They really believe all corporations convicted of serial felonies for mass death, and that they are doing the right thing and helping people. That’s the more important part. Then the money is seen as “allies” (new buzzword these days) working together to increase national health despite them all being ignorant, paranoid retards who don’t know what’s good for them. People who do “research” while doctors with 100 patients (noted above) are too busy on the treadmill to do now. So we have those who don’t read or do research accusing those who do of being anti-science and uninformed. Convicted felons are trusted sources, while your own family is suspicious. If you hadn’t noticed.

    V. Arnold

    Interesting, Russia has pegged gold to 5,000 Rubles to the gram…
    How about them apples????

    Formerly T-Bear

    On the vast tracks of Nullarbor even an arbusto has stature. Likewise on the wastelands wrought by an artificially educated thought collective that first engulfed the traditional conservative and made neocon wastage , then engulfed the traditional liberal producing neoliberal artefacts and from this base has attacked and subverted a constituted republic leaving nothing but an empty shell of that edifice first erected to counter the wrongs of autocrats; first by subverting the exercise of legal enforcement, tainting the regulators of industry, gaining control of the appointive process to fill judicial office, destroying the associative protections of labour, subverting political policies through bribery and graft and controlling the executive administration through election fraud and ultimately eviscerating the constitution itself but not the image of its existence. A Hollywood movie set has been made of history, replete with actors mouthing their scripts – an illusion, a delusion all in one. The audience has been endlessly informed of the veracity and quality of the production and the professionalism of the leading actors, their performances perfected beyond criticism, what is not to like. This is a snapshot of the ‘Empire Productions’ whist backstage pickpockets are storing their take from the audience watching the performance and preparing to go back for more. The box office safe is long bare of cash. Your world?
    The ‘B’ team has followed the same plot in the European Union and its economic union heart and are now presenting the European version of the original. Would this be your world?


    Pepe Escobar pistol whips Eurotardistan the Empire of Lies with this one.

    ‘Rublegas:’ the world’s new resource-based reserve currency


    “The Russian ruble is sitting pretty right now, having regained its pre-sanctions value and set to become a major commodity currency. Photo Credit: The Cradle

    Saddam, Gaddafi, Iran, Venezuela – they all tried but couldn’t do it. But Russia is on a different level altogether.

    The beauty of the game-changing, gas-for-rubles, geoeconomic jujitsu applied by Moscow is its stark simplicity.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s presidential decree on new payment terms for energy products, predictably, was misunderstood by the collective west. The Russian government is not exactly demanding straightforward payment for gas in rubles. What Moscow wants is to be paid at Gazprombank in Russia, in its currency of choice, and not at a Gazprom account in any banking institution in western capitals.

    That’s the essence of less-is-more sophistication. Gazprombank will sell the foreign currency – dollars or euros – deposited by their customers on the Moscow Stock Exchange and credit it to different accounts in rubles within Gazprombank.

    What this means in practice is that foreign currency should be sent directly to Russia, and not accumulated in a foreign bank – where it can easily be held hostage, or frozen, for that matter.

    All these transactions from now on should be transferred to a Russian jurisdiction – thus eliminating the risk of payments being interrupted or outright blocked.

    It’s no wonder the subservient European Union (EU) apparatus – actively engaged in destroying their own national economies on behalf of Washington’s interests – is intellectually unequipped to understand the complex matter of exchanging euros into rubles.…”


    Eurotardistanis ….is intellectually unequipped to understand the complex matter of exchanging euros into rubles!!!!

    “Putin himself was forced to explain in writing to German Chancellor ‘Oaf’ Scholz how it all works.


    Stop it, you’re hurt me!!!


    Dummy’s guide for snobs – How to make friends

    1. Tell lies
    2. Don’t tell the truth
    3. Blame someone else for all problems
    4. Don’t take responsibility when the shit hits the fan
    5. Deny deny deny
    6. Pay to acquire friends
    7. Be mentored by a rich and powerful person
    8. Don’t believe the rich and powerful
    You were told, “WWII was bad.”
    You haven’t seen the results of modern warfare, WWIII.
    Ukraine’s Odessa comes under airstrike
    Ukraine accuses Russia of war crimes as air strikes hit Odessa
    Russia targets Ukraine’s Odessa, number of refugees tops 4.2M
    Red Cross trying again to escort evacuation convoy out of Ukraine’s Mariupol
    People who have managed to get out of Mariupol and through Russian lines to reach the city of Zaporizhzhia described their journey as an ordeal during which Russian soldiers repeatedly stopped them to check for the presence of Ukrainian fighters.

    “They stripped the men naked, looked for tattoos,” said Dmytro Kartavov, a 32-year-old builder, adding that the troops paid particular attention to the men’s knees.

    “I work, I do repairs, naturally my knees – these are working knees. They say – (you) climbed trenches, dug, and the like.”

    Russia has depicted its drawdown of forces near Kyiv as a goodwill gesture in peace negotiations. Ukraine and its allies say Russian forces have been forced to regroup after suffering heavy losses.


    The New World Order, correctly warned about by Alex Jones and others over the years, is not a united entity.

    It’s got factions, nasty, divided faction.

    Cut throat, run your grandmother over in a NY minute factions.

    Like the Crips and the Bloods, or the Jets and the Sharks.

    So in the Empire of Lies you have one faction that thinks if Eurotardistan strays into the Eurasian Camp for energy and resources, the Empire of Lies should try to leave them as damaged as possible out of infantile rage.

    Flood them with Middle East suicide bombers and ISIS types and Ukro-nazis armed to the teeth with all those new shiny NATO weapons and hell bent on revenge for being sold out by the West.

    What few Ukro-nazis survive the Russian assault on the Donbass Cauldron will be hopping mad and looking for someone to blame.

    “Hell hath no fury like a Ukro-nazi scorned”
    ~Shakespeare paraphrased

    Another faction in the Empire of Lies thinks they can still keep the Europoodle® bitch on a short lead and prevent it from breaking free of it’s Rhinestone Cowboy leather harness getup and running as fast as it’s wobbly little gams can manage to the safe bosom of the Rublegas.

    Run little dogies, run, cause Uncle Sam still wants to molest you some more!

    The Factions in the Empire of Lies, dancing and prancing in full glory

    Abner Doon

    What’s the source on the Covid hospital monetary remunerations and the BCBS bonuses?

    Mister Roboto

    If deflationista ever took on a job as a Democratic Party fundraising outreach director:


    Story you never hear in the west



    It was heading towards Mariupol for emergency evacuation of the Azov battalion’s leaders, who had abandoned their troops», he said, adding that the Russian military also downed one unspecified drone and two Ukrainian Su-24 and one Su-25 jets.

    «Forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) have, with help from Russian troops, managed to surround Mariupol, seizing its suburbs, including the airport, and started to clear the city of the remaining Azov nationalist battalion fighters,» Sputnik reported.


    Here is another version
    The NM of the DPR stopped another attempt to evacuate the command of the Azov regiment from Mariupol
    March 31 2022

    The Kiev authorities made another attempt to evacuate from Mariupol the command staff of the nationalist regiment “Azov” * (an extremist organization banned in Russia). As stated in Donetsk, Ukrainian helicopters did not reach the evacuation point.

    Kyiv does not stop trying to take out of Mariupol either the command of the Azov regiment, or someone else, whose destruction, and even more so capturing, is not included in the regime’s plans. Probably, among the “Azov” carriers of certain information are hiding, which should not fall into the hands of the Russian army.

    In recent days, two or three attempts were made to urgently evacuate the nationalists blocked in Mariupol, all of which ended in failure. First, the DPR forces spotted a Mi-8 helicopter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine flying over the Sea of ​​Azov towards the city, after which they shot it down. Another helicopter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was trying to get into the city, hastily retreated, having detected the radiation of the anti-aircraft complex.

    Today another attempt was made, and with two turntables at once. Judging by the statements made in the DPR, on Thursday, March 31, two helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed near Mariupol. One of the helicopters fell in the area of ​​the settlement. Rybatskoye. It is specified that one Ukrainian turntable was landed using a captured Stinger MANPADS. Bodies of nationalists from “Azov” *, as well as two survivors, who have already been taken to the competent authorities, were found at the site of the helicopter crash.


    Again …. one more
    Foreign military instructors were also in the helicopter of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down near Mariupol by a captured Stinger MANPADS
    March 31 2022

    After another failed attempt to evacuate the leaders of the nationalist formation “Azov” (* an extremist organization banned in Russia), the militants of the group are trying to reach out again to the Kiev regime with requests (or even pleas) for the “unblocking of Mariupol”. One of the leaders of the group, who claims to be in Mariupol (call sign “Kalina”), declares that there must be either a “heroic deblockade” or a “shame.” At the same time, the militant appeals to the fact that about 100 thousand civilians remain in the city. For some reason, when his subordinates were hiding behind these people, the militant did not say anything about the danger that exists for the civilian population of Mariupol.
    The situation is developing in such a way that the militants, losing the opportunity for full-scale resistance, hope that they will be able to escape from the city – for example, in small groups. But in most cases this cannot be done.

    It is noteworthy that today, while trying to evacuate the leaders of “Azov” *, a helicopter sent to help by a representative of the command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was shot down using the same weapons, which was recently supplied by NATO countries. We are talking about MANPADS Stinger. This is a captured weapon of the troops of the People’s Militia of the DPR, who quickly introduced it into their arsenal and now with NATO weapons they cause damage in manpower and military equipment to those to whom these weapons were originally transferred.

    When inspecting the crash site of the downed helicopter, the People’s Militia of the DPR found the bodies of foreign soldiers. This was witnessed by journalists working on the spot. As reported, we are talking about military instructors, whom, together with the Azov militants *, they tried to evacuate from Mariupol. Found patches from Tanzania, South Africa and Morocco.

    The very fact that they tried to carry out the evacuation taking into account information about the operation of the air defense systems of the RF Armed Forces and the NM of the DPR near Mariupol, to say that despair among the militants and those who helped them in this city has reached its climax.

    Two survivors of the helicopter crash of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will now tell a lot about this operation and who exactly they tried to evacuate from the city. Among the survivors is a machine gunner who was supposed to fire when trying to leave the vicinity of Mariupol.
    The helicopter itself was shot down near the village of Rybatskoe south of Mariupol. It is for the implementation of attempts to escape from the city by any possible means that the militants are trying to reach the outskirts of Mariupol.


    “ Judge Strikes Down Corporate Board Diversity Law in California (JTN)”

    The whole idea behind the US Civil Rights Act and the Equal Opportunity EEOC was and is to make the idea of the US as a ‘melting pot’, melding citizens who are from different countries of origin, religions, etc included in the One of citizenship and its rights, a more inclusive and whole polity, etc. It’s a great idea, “from Many, One”. Some of these social justice moves are going backwards, in the opposite direction…. “from One, Many”.


    Strange things have been happening in my neck of the woods (NW/Rockies). On Monday, a woman who worked in purchasing (early 50s) unexpectedly died of a heart attack in her sleep. Of course she had a “heart scare” more than a decade ago, but was extremely healthy at this point. People are devastated. My friend’s husband (62), an uber health nut/freak who works out 2+ hours every day and is a physical therapist had a prostate cancer scare. In prepping for surgery his heart study came back really weird, my friend said he had a crazy high amount of plaque in his heart that is unexplainable. It’s throughout his entire heart though, not concentrated anywhere in particular, and should be able to be “managed” somehow. He’s flipping out. One of my husband’s co-workers wife just started having serious heart issues (another woman in her early 50s) so badly the co-worker is considering early retirement to care for her. Another co-worker is on leave to care for a wife with “mystery illnesses”.

    Now, this could all be normal. It could also be the insane stress people are under. I’ve lost nearly 20% of my staff this year, all for different “reasons”, but all very suddenly and with drama attached. Not the normal way, if any of you know what I mean as a manager. I’ve been managing teams for more than 10 years now of a 25 year career and I am never experienced the staff stress/emotional issues over little things like this. My staff here works at about 30% the productivity of when I was working at larger/more prestigious companies in the SF Bay Area, and they are freaking out. It’s a different demographic here (mostly white, male, millennials) maybe that is it? I don’t know. They also want a trophy when they adequately do their job, so maybe the cultural thing is it. I worked with younger people at times in the Bay Area, but they were nearly all Asian, wicked smart and HUNGRY for money and to learn.

    Anyway, I’ve typed too much. I’m just trying to enjoy every day, and stay away from the propaganda, and get fitter. Work on my garden. It sure feels weird though, something big is happening.

    Michael Reid

    @ Kassandra

    From my notes

    Worldwide Exclusive: Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots
    Hey, what do you say to this sci-fi horror B-movie revelation?
    “They” had better get busy threatening Funeral Directors to STFU because word is ‘leaking out’ about the Clotshot side effects that’s in a different ‘vein’ than anything seen before.
    “unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials that are completely filling the vascular system….”

    Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots
    Funeral Director and embalmer Richard Hirschman reveals, for the first time ever, arteries and veins filled with unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials that are completely filling the vascular system. He has gone from seeing 50% of his embalmed cases with these types of blockages rise to almost 80%. It only started happening after the vaccines were rolled out.
    This doesn’t happen to everyone. Only those who die after vaccination. So he can tell who was vaccinated.

    Michael Reid

    @ Kassandra

    This originally from Grem explains it

    If that’s not sufficient:
    SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 induces fibrin(ogen) resistant to fibrinolysis: Implications for microclot formation in COVID-19
    SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone may cause lung damage
    SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE 2


    Hey, maybe our Deflated Member is filled with the rubbery clots clogging the veils and arteries of his Mind.

    That would explain a lot about his lack of communication skills.



    The New World Order’s darling intellect Yuval Harari think people [sheeple] are just ‘hackable animals’ that can be kept docile with drugs and video games.

    Hey, he might be on the something!

    Even a blind horse can find a carrot.

    Veracious Poet

    Interesting, Russia has pegged gold to 5,000 Rubles to the gram…

    Yeah that happened like last month, but some of us are slow on the uptake 😉

    When it was announced that Russia would sell gas for rubles and/or gold, but last minute allowed Gazprom to receive euros (for now), whereas Putin’s latest Decree created a “new” bank to convert said euro payments (digital no doubt) into rubles, I wondered exactly what counterparty FX exchange would jump ship to evade obvious sanctions hell from the United States of Sheeple?

    Then I realized that since “Russia has pegged gold to 5,000 Rubles to the gram”, all they had to do was employ the euros to buy gold & voila! Russia can instantly print legitimate new GOLD-BACKED rubles!

    This is how the Yuan/Rupees/Rubles monetary alliance will implode the West’s hyperinflated monetary game theory, rendering null & void the U$D FAKE fiat currency charade…

    Moreover, it’ll also give the LME ETFs malignant carcinoma if successful, because you know ~ Lying, cheating, thieving psychopaths aren’t able to humble themselves & admit when insane 😆

    Sure, the West owns probably a substantial amount of Ag/Au bullion, but the rehypothecation via paper Ag/Au is at least 50 to 1, if not higher, with no safe exit for the bag holders…

    I certainly hope that Russia is proceeding as I have mused, seems like London is already freaking out!

    Go, go! Putin “The Great” 8-):

    The (UK) government is preparing to nationalise Gazprom’s British supply arm within days amid a stand-off between the Russian state-controlled energy firm and a Wall Street banking giant.

    Sky News has learnt that ministers are drawing up plans to take Gazprom Marketing & Trading Retail (GM&T) into public hands if it fails to reassure financial counterparties about the nature of an apparent change of ownership signalled by its parent company last week.

    The move to take control of the UK subsidiary, which could cost taxpayers billions of pounds, may happen as soon as this week, according to one industry source.

    It would be among the most significant corporate repercussions so far in Britain arising from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions regime subsequently introduced by the government in an attempt to punish Vladimir Putin.


    Veracious Poet

    A Hollywood movie set has been made of history, replete with actors mouthing their scripts – an illusion, a delusion all in one. The audience has been endlessly informed of the veracity and quality of the production and the professionalism of the leading actors, their performances perfected beyond criticism, what is not to like.

    A top health official in New York City is facing backlash after a series of tweets she posted calling White mothers “birthing people” while referring to Black and Hispanic women as “mothers.”

    The comments from Dr. Michelle Morse, the chief medical officer at the New York City Department of Health, came in a series of tweets touting the city’s “birth equity” initiative to expand the “citywide doula program and midwifery”.


    Veracious Poet

    Well, looks like Putin is going to burn those contracts, after all…

    ‘Hostile environment!’ Germany left scrambling as Putin cuts off Gazprom gas supply

    Germany depends on Russian gas for about 40 percent of its needs, but has joined Western sanctions against Moscow over Ukraine, including by halting the Nord Stream 2 Baltic gas pipeline designed to double the flow of Russian gas direct to Germany.

    The Russian gas supplier said it had terminated its participation in Gazprom Germania GMBH and all of its assets, including Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd.


    A Russian government official has threatened that Russia will limit its vital food exports to only nations it considers “friendly”.

    Dmitry Medvedev, a senior Russian security official who previously served as the nation’s president, has threatened that Russia may soon cut off the West from food exports.

    A major player in the global market for wheat and other agri-food products, Russia will instead focus on keeping itself fed, according to Medvedev, alongside supplying its friends and close allies.

    Posting on his Telegram, Medvedev said that cutting off the likes of North America and the European Union from its agricultural produce would be a very good way of retaliating against sanctions imposed by the West.



    I don’t know
    How did the new media manage to motivate everyone to take the side of Ukraine vs Russia
    Why did the news media fail at motivating everyone to protect killing by guns in The USA.
    Why is Hunter still being ignored. (The Big guy is going to “pardon” Hunter for his weakness and addictions.)


    This guy in Germany is said to have taken 90 !!! shots of vaccine. If there is any validity to the belief that these shots destroy one’s immune system then how is this guy still alive.


    Why take 90? Placebos?


    “First of all, for those of you who commented, thank you for the maturity you showed in the tone of your comments. It’s really refreshing to us as fellow members of the human race to be treated that way!”

    (From a website called “protool” in a post about battery amp hours.)

    I just liked it.

    Michael Reid

    @ Kassandra


    From the document
    SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 induces fibrin(ogen) resistant to fibrinolysis: Implications for microclot formation in COVID-19
    (linked below)

    “Here we suggest that, in part, the presence of spike protein in circulation may contribute to the hypercoagulation in COVID-19 positive patients and may cause substantial impairment of fibrinolysis. Such lytic impairment may result in the persistent large microclots”

    My understanding is this is saying when you have spike protein in your blood these fibrin plaques form and they do not break down normaly so they persist/remain and continue to grow in the presence of spike protein. And you get spike protein in your blood when you are injected with vax/booster and/or when you have infected cells produsing it.

    My conclusion is eventually given enough passage of enough time with spike protein in blood, the plaques will continue to grow until you die.


    Figmund Sreud

    Delusional opinion by Niall Ferguson in bloomberg.com today. Worthy of a read, …

    Seven Worst-Case Scenarios From the War in Ukraine
    https://www.bloomberg.com › opinion › articles › niall-…
    19 hours ago — Putting out the fire with gasoline? Photographer: Fadel Senna/AFP/Getty Images. By. Niall Ferguson.


    Note: Im unable to provide an active link to above story, hence just simply copy and paste from a search engine ( … I just can’t capture anything from Bloomberg. Ever. Any hints?)

    Veracious Poet

    Why did the news media fail at motivating everyone to protect killing by guns in The USA.

    Oh, believe me they’ve tried 😕

    The problem is, not really about the guns, it’s about the monsters created by a predatory society, that are caught & released constantly into gen pop, when they should have been locked & had the key lost for about 20-50 years…

    Lately, the guns the criminally insane (+ other assorted murderers in waiting) have been using are stolen, unregistered and/or ghost guns, many from across the border.

    It’s not the laws, it’s failure to enforce them.

    Natural Law properly applied would put a HUGE dent in it, eventually protecting developing minds from violent perversion, but serial psycho paths are gonna be psychos & they seldom use guns anyways ~ Plenty of homicidal maniacs across the globe throughout millennia, not just in U$ Empire Inc. 🙄

    Here’s an example of how violent, sadistic sickos are allowed to roam freely in “America”:

    Samuel Little (June 7, 1940 – December 30, 2020) was an American serial killer who confessed to murdering 93 people, all women.

    Little moved to California, where he stayed in the vicinity of San Diego.

    In October 1984, he was arrested for kidnapping, beating, and strangling 22-year-old Laurie Barros, who survived.

    One month later, he was found by police in the back seat of his car with an unconscious woman, also beaten and strangled, in the same location as the attempted murder was of Barros. Little served two and a half years in prison for both crimes.

    Upon his release in February 1987, he immediately moved to Los Angeles and committed at least 10 additional murders.


    Of course, “America’s” got plenty of mass-murderers that haven’t been stopped yet, like the Clintons, Bushes, Obamas & Bidens…

    Veracious Poet

    Zero, you’ve been poisoned by the koolaid…

    Of course we all have, in one way or another, I’m not surprised when the psyop propaganda shows up even on TAE.

    Disarming an innocent, kind, loving 105lb. woman is throwing her to the wolves in 2022 “America”…

    To point: If you don’t have the ability to RIGHT to protect one’s Life, Health, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness from ALL threats, did you have the RIGHT to begin with?

    Michael Reid

    Regarding batteries to make your offgrid battery bank,
    I reccomend a single series string of 2V Flooded batteries
    with an amp hour capacity such that
    only 10% of the amp hour capacity is discharged over night.

    These are the batteries that I use in my system


    Veracious Poet

    Zero, it’s also illegal for felons to posses & carry firearms, components, ammo in “America”, but of course you already knew that, right? 😕


    Michael Reid:

    My brother (UofW) did a work term with Alcan in Kitimat, B.C. The power plant had a battery room so they could restart the water powered turbines should they all go down at the same time. They used lead batteries that required distilled water top ups. Since these batteries were really old, they wanted to replace them. After studying all options they replaced them with the same style of lead batteries!

    P.S. We sure haven’t been getting very many sunny days!



    Gun control laws are a big asset for armed criminals.
    They know their prey are unarmed and easy pickings!
    Like Chicago!

    It isn’t the same in Houston!
    There the prey are assumed to be armed!


    Veracious Poet
    Zero, you’ve been poisoned by the koolaid…
    It’s unbelievable how we are so easily manipulated by the experts.

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