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Caravaggio I musici 1595-96


Russia Gains More Ground in Donbas Region (WSJ)
Should Russia Pay Reparations For The Ukraine War? (Barry Eichengreen)
Effort to Force Russia to Pay Reparations to Ukraine Faces Uphill Battle (WSJ)
Global Nuclear Arsenal Set To Grow For First Time In Decades (R.)
Army Official Predicted Vaccines Might Be Paused Over Myocarditis (ET)
99% Certain Justin Bieber’s Facial Paralysis Caused By Covid Vaccine (Kirsch)
USS Liberty: A Forgotten Anniversary (Moglia)
Greens Unlikely To Survive The Coming Winter (CoS)
Freeport LNG Explosion Raises Risk Of European Winter Energy Crisis (CNN)
Jan. 6 Committee Caught ‘Lying and Altering Evidence’ (TH)
Cost of Living Crisis a Result of Lockdowns, Experts Tell MPs (DS)
Elon Musk’s Twitter ‘Best’ Offer Looks Bogus (Gasparino)
Henry Kissinger At 99: How To Avoid Another World War (Ferguson)










Tulsi woke





Are the leaders of France, Germany and Italy going to talk some sense into Zelensky?

Russia Gains More Ground in Donbas Region (WSJ)

The leaders of France, Germany and Italy plan to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv this week, officials said, as reports showed Russia making gains in the country’s east and Ukrainian officials urgently sought arms from Western nations to hold Russian forces at bay. French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi were planning to visit the Ukrainian capital on Thursday, said two European officials, who cautioned that plans could yet change. The trip would be the first to Ukraine since the beginning of the war for the three Western leaders.

News of the planned meeting came as Ukrainian officials said Russia had made fresh gains in its efforts to encircle and capture the city of Severodonetsk, which would bring Moscow significantly closer to its goal of controlling the Donbas area in the country’s east, its foremost target recently in the war. Serhiy Haidai, the Ukrainian governor of the Luhansk region, which includes Severodonetsk, said on Sunday that Russians had destroyed a second bridge connecting Severodonetsk to Lysychansk, a Ukrainian stronghold just across the Siverskyi Donets river. Russian forces also shelled a chemical plant in the city’s industrial section, where civilians had taken shelter in bunkers, Mr. Haidai said.

The battlefield advances were the latest evidence that Russia is outgunning Ukrainian forces, using its superior artillery power to steadily take territory. Its gains have thrown added focus onto Ukraine’s pleas for more powerful and longer-range artillery and other weaponry from the West, as well as on Ukraine’s lack of capacity to manufacture ammunition for the Soviet-era heavy weapons in its arsenal.

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Why would an economist want to opine on this?

Should Russia Pay Reparations For The Ukraine War? (Barry Eichengreen)

Russia’s war on Ukraine shows no sign of ending, but it is not too soon to start thinking about how to ensure postwar Ukraine’s stability, prosperity, and security. Already, two discussions are occurring: one about financing economic reconstruction, and the other about affirming Ukraine’s external security. The problem is that these discussions are proceeding separately, even though the issues are intimately related. Reconstruction costs are uncertain because the course of the war is uncertain. Ukraine’s prewar GDP was about $150bn (£120bn). Given a capital-output ratio of three, and assuming that a third of the capital stock will be destroyed, we are again talking about $150bn. As always, alternative assumptions yield alternative scenarios, but $150bn seems like a reasonable starting point.

This is not an impossible amount of aid for donors to commit. It is one-sixth the size of the NextGenerationEU program on which EU states agreed in July 2020. It is one-twelfth the size of the American Rescue Plan Act signed by Joe Biden in March 2021. Still, it seems wrong to ask the US and Europe to repair what Russia has broken. So, it is tempting to suggest that Ukraine’s reconstruction should be financed by garnishing Russian assets. At $284bn, the Bank of Russia’s frozen reserves would certainly fit the bill. True, there is a moral case for reparations: Russia started an unprovoked war and has almost certainly committed war crimes in prosecuting it. There is also an argument grounded in deterrence. As Volodymyr Zelenskiy put it at Davos this year: “If the aggressor loses everything, then it definitely deprives him of his motivation to start a war.”

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It’s a popular topic.

Effort to Force Russia to Pay Reparations to Ukraine Faces Uphill Battle (WSJ)

Since Russian forces swept into Ukraine on Feb. 24, swaths of the country’s buildings and infrastructure have been damaged or destroyed, leading to calls for Moscow to pay for the damage. As the leading western backer of Ukraine in the conflict, the U.S., which also holds some of Russia’s frozen assets, would likely be critical to any effort to get Moscow to pay for that damage. Yet even if Washington were to try to force Russia to pay reparations, the Biden administration would have limited options for making Moscow comply, particularly while the war rages on, according to former officials and legal experts. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on Russia to compensate his country, saying in early May the war had caused more than $600 billion in damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure. The figure has only grown as the war continues.

There is, in theory, a pot of money for the West to draw on if it wants to force Russia to pay. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said in March that half the country’s gold and foreign-currency reserves were frozen as a result of sanctions, denying Moscow access to roughly $300 billion, according to the TASS news agency. The share of Russia’s foreign-exchange reserves held in Chinese currency wasn’t affected. When the Biden administration in late April submitted its $33 billion supplemental funding request for Ukraine, the White House said it was “proposing legislation to streamline the process to recoup proceeds from seized and forfeited assets and use them to remediate the harm caused in Ukraine.”

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Cui bono?

Global Nuclear Arsenal Set To Grow For First Time In Decades (R.)

The global nuclear arsenal is expected to grow in the coming years for the first time since the cold war, and the risk of such weapons being used is the greatest in decades, a leading conflict and armaments thinktank says. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and western support for Kyiv has heightened tensions among the world’s nine nuclear-armed states, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri) thinktank said on Monday in a new set of research. While the number of nuclear weapons fell slightly between January 2021 and January 2022, Sipri said that unless immediate action was taken by the nuclear powers, global inventories of warheads could soon begin rising for the first time in decades.

“All of the nuclear-armed states are increasing or upgrading their arsenals and most are sharpening nuclear rhetoric and the role nuclear weapons play in their military strategies,” Wilfred Wan, the director of Sipri’s weapons of mass destruction program, said in the thinktank’s 2022 yearbook. “This is a very worrying trend.” Three days after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, which the Kremlin calls a “special military operation”, President Vladimir Putin put Russia’s nuclear deterrent on high alert. He has also warned of consequences that would be “such as you have never seen in your entire history” for countries that stood in Russia’s way.

Russia has the world’s biggest nuclear arsenal with a total of 5,977 warheads, 550 more than the United States. The two countries possess more than 90% of the world’s warheads, though Sipri said China was in the middle of an expansion with more than 300 new missile silos according to the latest estimate. Sipri said the global number of nuclear warheads fell from 13,080 in January 2021 to 12,705 in January 2022. An estimated 3,732 warheads were deployed with missiles and aircraft, and around 2,000 – nearly all belonging to Russia or the US – were kept in a state of high readiness.

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No, it’s too rare.

Army Official Predicted Vaccines Might Be Paused Over Myocarditis (ET)

A U.S. military official predicted a pause in the administration of the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines could happen if more cases of post-vaccination heart inflammation were detected, according to newly obtained emails. Harry Chang, a U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, made the prediction on April 27, 2021—the same day the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the agency was not seeing a safety signal when it came to heart inflammation experienced after getting a COVID-19 vaccine. Chang noted the pause in the administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine over blood clots and said an increased number of heart inflammation issues could trigger a similar action.

“A pause of the Pfizer/Moderna administration (much like the J&J blood clot pause) will have an adverse impact on US/CA vaccination rates; assessed as unlikely due to causes of myocarditis can come from multiple sources (eg. COVID, other conditions, other vaccines/prescriptions, etc),” Chang wrote in an email. Myocarditis is a type of heart inflammation. “However, increased reported #s & media attention is likely to trigger a safety review pause by ACIP/FDA,” he added, referring to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, which advises the CDC on vaccines, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which decides whether to clear immunizations. Chang was talking to Tricia Blocher, an official at the California Department of Public Health, and other California and military officials. He was reacting to a story about the U.S. Department of Defense detecting a higher-than-expected number of cases of heart inflammation in troops following COVID-19 vaccination.”


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Very rare,

99% Certain Justin Bieber’s Facial Paralysis Caused By Covid Vaccine (Kirsch)

The VAERS data shows that Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (RHS) is 160 times more likely after a COVID vaccination than for all the other vaccines combined in any given year. And if you exclude the anthrax vaccine from that comparison, the likelihood is simply too high to calculate (0 cases in 32 years). So the COVID vaccine should definitely be considered as a possible cause for this rare disease because when you’ve been vaccinated, it’s no longer rare. For example, one doctor tweeted he say 4 cases in a month, but had never seen any cases before in the 32 years he’s practiced medicine. All the cases had gotten the COVID vax 3 to 4 months earlier.

I show below that the estimated rate of RHS after COVID vaccination is likely at least 338 cases per 100,000. The medical literature says it occurs naturally in 5 cases per 100,000. Therefore, because it is much more likely after vaccine than by chance, it is 99% likely that Justin’s RHS was caused by the vaccine, and only 1% chance that he got “unlucky.” Sadly, it’s unlikely Bieber’s doctors will ever acknowledge that so it’s unlikely he’ll get the care he needs (treat both the RHS and the vaccine injury). He’ll simply assume he is just unlucky. The mainstream press isn’t doing its job if they don’t report this (which they won’t).

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“..the attack on the Liberty dramatically demonstrates the nature of who exercises actual power in the United States.”

USS Liberty: A Forgotten Anniversary (Moglia)

It is a property of the past to sink into oblivion, and of unpleasant truths to fade into evanescence. To such past belongs the attack on the USS Liberty. When to the session of sweet silent thought I summon up remembrance of things past, Israel’s 1967 war of Middle East invasion is/was for me but a negligible blip compared to other important personal events. Such as my getting ready to read the thesis for my degree in Electronic Engineering, in Genova, Italy. Therefore, without particular consciousness I submitted to the sentences of the official media without examining the authority of the judge. My first doubts arose not long later when I decided to visit the Eastern Orthodox Saint Catherine’s Monastery, located on the Sinai Peninsula at the very foot of Mt. Sinai. It could then only be reached from Tel Aviv via Sharm-el-Sheikh and a bus trip.

On welcoming the tourists on the bus the guide announced with pride that the Sinai was “now and forever an unalienable part of Israel.” I found the declaration irrelevant, if not odd, but I consider that moment as the beginning of my associated historical interest. The official US line is that, on Jun 8, 1967, the Israelis mistakenly attacked by air, and torpedoed by sea, an unarmed US intelligence ship, killing 34 sailors and wounding 171 others. 2022 marks the 55th anniversary of that attack. Following are some details of the ship, of the episode and of its aftermath. For, similar to occasions that perhaps we all have felt, a detail that uncalled-for returns to mind, rekindles fuller memories of a larger connected event, not otherwise spontaneously recalled. The detail is the inspired arrogance of the Israeli guide I mentioned. More in general, I think that the attack on the Liberty dramatically demonstrates the nature of who exercises actual power in the United States.

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“..there is simply no way of maintaining even a fraction of the western standard of living in the event that anyone were foolish enough to remove the fossil fuels..”

Greens Unlikely To Survive The Coming Winter (CoS)

By 2017, real-life James Bond Villain Klaus Schwab was inviting celebrities, representatives of the technocracy, the godzillionaires and the political class to fly their carbon-belching private jets to Switzerland to learn about The Fourth Industrial Revolution, and to discuss how they could get the little people to cut their carbon footprints. By 2020, this had morphed in to the Green New Great Reset in which we – but not they, of course – would own nothing, and allegedly be happy as we ate our insects, spent our central bank digital basic incomes, and were driven around in a new fleet of corporate-owned, hydrogen-powered self-driving cars. There was – to paraphrase Captain Blackadder – just one teensy-weensy problem with the Great Plan adopted by the Davos crowd… it was bollocks!

Only by ignoring the physicists, engineers and technicians who were expected to make it happen, and by listening instead to the siren voices of climate NGOs, bankers and economists, could the technocracy convince itself that the world could seamlessly transition to the proposed bright green future. And to our cost, politicians of all stripes who bought into this nonsense are now grappling with the inevitable economic consequences. The problem, at is simplest, is that much of what was considered “green” was largely a conjuring trick. States like Britain and Germany, which claim to be world leaders simply offshored their most polluting industries (and a large part of the waste) to less prosperous parts of the world where governments were happy to load the environmental costs onto the indigenous population in exchange for tradable foreign currency.

This was the only politically-acceptable means of hiding the fact that there is simply no way of maintaining even a fraction of the western standard of living in the event that anyone were foolish enough to remove the fossil fuels which make up some 80 percent of the energy mix in the UK, and 85 percent of the global economy. Even this is a simplification of the problem because each fuel source has its uses in specific niches of the global economy and so is not interchangeable. Wind and solar, for example, cannot generate the heat required to manufacture steel (although they can recycle it) or, ironically, to produce the silicon wafers and high-grade glass required in solar panels.

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In 2021, LNG was maybe 10% of EU gas. It will have to be much more going forward. Disaster assured.

Freeport LNG Explosion Raises Risk Of European Winter Energy Crisis (CNN)

A fire at one of the world’s biggest suppliers of liquefied natural gas has thrown Europe’s fragile energy security into doubt and spooked global gas markets. Freeport LNG, a liquefied natural gas (LNG) producer in Texas, will shut its doors for at least three weeks, the company confirmed to CNN Business. “The cause of the fire at Freeport LNG’s liquefaction facility on Quintana Island remains under investigation,” Heather Browne, a company spokesperson, said.
Europe has snapped up global stocks of LNG in recent months as it attempts to sharply pivot away from Russia’s natural gas exports. The region, including the United Kingdom, imported 28.2 million tons between February and April, according to Independent Commodity Intelligence Services — up 29% from the same period last year.

The United States is the world’s largest supplier of LNG, accounting for just over a fifth of global exports, according to data from analytics firm Vortexa. Output from the Freeport LNG facility makes up 18% of these exports. With no direct pipeline between the United States and Europe, American energy companies cool their natural gas for export to -260 degrees Fahrenheit and place the liquefied gas on tanker ships for overseas transport. That process, though more complex than land transport, has become crucial to Europe meeting its energy demands during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Freeport blast could deal a blow to that stopgap solution, particularly if the facility fails to come back online soon. “Despite the initial estimate of three weeks of downtime by the operator, the production impact is likely to stretch into July,” Felix Booth, head of LNG at Vortexa, told CNN Business.

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Adam Schiff is back.

Jan. 6 Committee Caught ‘Lying and Altering Evidence’ (TH)

The January 6 committee is facing pressure as details reveal it lied and altered evidence to favor Democrat’s radical narrative of the Capitol Hill protests. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) called out the committee for changing text messages between him and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows during an interview on Fox News. A spokesperson admitted that the messages Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA.) showed during the hearings had been adjusted to support the idea that Meadows wanted former Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the election results. In a statement, the spokesperson confessed that “the Select Committee on Monday created and provided Representative Schiff a graphic to use during the business meeting quoting from a text message from ‘a lawmaker’ to Mr. Meadows.

The graphic read, ‘On January 6, 2021, Vice President Mike Pence, as President of the Senate, should call out all electoral votes that he believes are unconstitutional as no electoral votes at all.’ In the graphic, the period at the end of that sentence was added inadvertently. The Select Committee is responsible for and regrets the error.” Jordan fired back saying “this committee has altered evidence and lied to the American people about it, so much so that they had to issue a statement which says, ‘We regret the error,’ which is government speak for, ‘We got caught lying.’” The “error” was that Schiff presented the message out of context by cutting out key words and ending it with a period.

According to the Federalist, the original text message was a summary of a legal briefing Jordan forwarded from lawyer Joseph Schmitz to Meadows the day before the Capitol protests, meaning that a “lawmaker” did not write the message at all. Jordan has been blocked from taking part in the committee by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA.). He is now undergoing his own investigation of the events that took place that day last year.

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“..the ability of governments to respond to this cost-of-living crisis via either tax cuts or increased benefits is limited due to the hit to public finances caused by lockdown-induced government spending.”

Cost of Living Crisis a Result of Lockdowns, Experts Tell MPs (DS)

The cost of living crisis and runaway inflation are a result of imposing ruinous lockdowns on society, experts have told MPs and Peers. The comments came in the latest meeting of the the Pandemic Response and Recovery All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG). Chaired by the Rt Hon Esther McVey MP, the group heard from experts about the societal consequences of closing businesses and schools, prohibiting healthcare, ordering the public to stay at home and unchecked money printing. One businessman told the group how government COVID-19 policies personally affected him, costing him £120,000, destroying his previously thriving business and leaving him in debt. Professor of Industrial Economics at the University of Nottingham Business School, David Paton, explained why lockdowns are at the root of the current crisis:

“Eye-watering sums of money were spent during lockdowns, on furlough and business support schemes which helped mask the inevitable economic consequences we are now seeing. Many of our current problems could have been avoided had the government carried out an effective cost-benefit analysis of lockdowns and other restrictions. Quite simply, the lack of spending opportunities during lockdown contributed to a build up of personal and corporate savings. As restrictions eased, people began to spend these savings and, combined with the supply chain issues that built up in the meantime, sustained inflation became the inevitable result. Even worse, having spent about £70 billion, paying healthy people not to work and some £150 billion in total on support measures, the ability of governments to respond to this cost-of-living crisis via either tax cuts or increased benefits is limited due to the hit to public finances caused by lockdown-induced government spending.”

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Gasparino doesn’t appear to like Musk.

Elon Musk’s Twitter ‘Best’ Offer Looks Bogus (Gasparino)

[..] here’s the viewpoint of two bankers, one who has worked with his Tesla board, and another at a firm involved in his Twitter financing machinations. They say virtually the same thing. Musk is telling people he still wants Twitter. He thinks he can make it work as a private company, clean up the bot problem and sell it at a profit sometime in the next five years. But Musk wants the company (like everything else) on his terms, which are always in flux. He doesn’t read balance sheets but goes by his gut and has no issue with flouting conventional banker norms (i.e. your word is your bond) to get his prize. His gut told him to waive due diligence. It’s now telling him that even though he signed a deal leaving him on the hook for the $1 billion breakup fee and maybe more in damages, he can get Twitter to the table and agree to his terms, aka a much lower purchase price.

He might be right. Twitter first said it would enforce the initial deal terms, maybe even go to court, but now appears to be playing ball with Musk. It recently said it will turn over more data on its bot issue — a move that means talks are back on. The bankers tell me the Twitter board knows that finding another suitor will be difficult even at around the $40 a share it’s trading at now. The board can’t just accept anything, but also can’t tell Musk to just pound sand. So the thinking among my two guys is that Twitter agrees to a lower price, possibly significantly lower, and Crazy Elon gets his public square, albeit for much cheaper. That means the deal is on, right? Seems so. But no one really knows with Crazy Elon.

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Kissinger and Niall Ferguson. Not my favorite people, but here goes…

Henry Kissinger At 99: How To Avoid Another World War (Ferguson)

Henry Kissinger turned 99 on May 27. Born in Germany at the height of the Weimar hyperinflation, he was not yet ten years old when Hitler came to power and was just 15 when he and his family landed as refugees in New York City. It is somehow almost as astonishing that this former US secretary of state and giant of geopolitics left office 45 years ago. As he heads towards his century, Kissinger has lost none of the intellectual firepower that set him apart from other foreign policy professors and practitioners of his and subsequent generations. In the time I have spent writing the second volume of his biography, Kissinger has published not one but two books — the first, co-authored with the former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and the computer scientist Daniel Huttenlocher, on artificial intelligence, the second a collection of six biographical case studies in leadership.

We meet at his rural retreat, deep in the woods of Connecticut, where he and his wife, Nancy, have spent most of their time since the onset of Covid. The pandemic had its silver linings for them. It was the first time in 48 years of marriage that the compulsively peripatetic Dr Kissinger came to an enforced halt. Cut off from the temptations of Manhattan restaurants and Beijing banquets, he has shed pounds. Though he walks with a stick, depends on a hearing aid and speaks more slowly than of old in that unmistakable bullfrog baritone, his mind is as keen as ever. Nor has Kissinger lost his knack for infuriating the liberal professors and progressive or “woke” students who dominate Harvard, the university where he built his reputation as a scholar and public intellectual in the 1950s and 1960s.

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    Caravaggio I musici 1595-96   • Russia Gains More Ground in Donbas Region (WSJ) • Should Russia Pay Reparations For The Ukraine War? (Barry Eiche
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle June 13 2022]


    “What does this mean for all of us? The UK should be planning to roll out boosters to the entire population this autumn, …”





    Geert Vanden Bossche is interviewed by Bright Light News at Bath:

    “The vaccines drive the variants.”




    “The Covid-19 injections take iatrogenicity to another level of horror.”



    Scroll down to: “Some of the deaths on the list include:” –

    New Zealand Doctors Demand Police ‘Investigate Deaths Following Covid Vaccinations’



    Immune suppresion is something you do not want!

    “Innate immune suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations”

    https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S027869152200206X 🤡☠️🤡


    The vaxx wrecks your immune system.
    What a hoot.


    An oldie, but a goodie


    Anybody getting vaxxed now is an idiot.




    How about this headline:

    Empire of Lies and Attack Poodle Ukraine Forced to Pay Repartitions to Rebuild Donbass at the Point of a Gun

    V. Arnold

    This is from Andrei Martyanov’s Blog; it’s one of the few worth their salt….

    Please listen to the very short dialogue; it is unique in it’s succinctness…

    This is what Douglas MacGregor and some alternative media person discuss here. MacGregor, as always, being to the point, professional and realist.



    One of life’s new dilemmas for the Empire of Lies is running up against a country that actually says what it means, and means what it says.

    Kinda like a Palindrome phrase.

    A pathological lying culture like the Neo-Con Jobs have metastasized in the Empire of Lies can not even comprehend the present Russia leadership.

    Greens Unlikely To Survive The Coming Winter (CoS)

    Russia looks like they are done ‘negotiating’ with the collective West.

    The collective West are really and truly ‘negotiation incapable’

    They actually think Russia is just bluffing.

    Actually no, Russia is not bluffing and is permanently turning East.

    Eurotardistan will be brought kicking and screaming to the brink of freezing and starving and violent social unrest this winter.

    It needs this lesson.

    It needs an ‘off with their heads’ moment.

    It’s going to get that wish.



    Victoria Nuland in her party dress


    Of all the words of mice and men the saddest are:

    Pay in Rubles


    V. Arnold

    Of all the words of mice and men the saddest are:

    Pay in Rubles

    …and just why is that?

    V. Arnold

    Happy birthday…
    I hope you’re still out there lurking…………..

    Dr. D

    I heard gut strings on YouTube. It was both familiar (an early guitar) and different. You can now watch lute songs to know what it sounded like in 1500. Or the ancient two pipes of Athens.

    Noirette, did you catch the whole Jacques Baud article?

    Jacques Baud: “The goal is not to help Ukraine, but to fight Putin”

    “Mr. Baud is a former colonel of the General Staff, ex-member of the Swiss strategic intelligence, specialist on Eastern countries. He was trained in the American and British intelligence services. He has served as Policy Chief for United Nations Peace Operations.”

    There was a lot more in there, but not enough to bring up again.

    Looking for inflation, trying to measure the arrow as it leaves the bow. I think – think – Powell will crash the economy and stall inflation in time for the election. So up – and remember, our inflation numbers are 30 days ago, rear-view mirror — and then flat/down for a short while before fall/election. Later, let’s not guess that far in the middle of a hurricane, although we know the end game: they try for CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) and they lose. We then come up with an organic people’s solution. Eventually. When the U.S. revolution was over, “eventually” was a very long time of constant independent bank currencies and runs. Like 20 years or so where many of the founders went to debtors prison.

    That’s for the problem of food costs in Athens, although their specifics may be different.

    Yes, buy EVERYTHING you can get. But yeah, storage. Americans have big houses, big cars, big basements. It’s easier for us.

    Half a million Monkeypox vacines bought, for a virus that can’t be transmitted and doesn’t kill anyone. The Mafia needed to shuffle some dough between operations. They did this by having the government arm funnel money into the Pharmaceutical arm, which most likely won’t make the product. No one will know since it will never be used, and if it doesn’t work and people get Pox anyway, that’s no different than Covid and everyone thinks it’s great. Once the cash is in Pharma, they can lose it in the accounting and “donate” to whoever needs fire support.

    “Russia Gains More Ground in Donbas Region (WSJ)”

    Everyday they lose by gaining more territory and destroying more Army. But having exported all the women in trafficking, Joe is now going to kill all the remaining women at the front lines. Somebody’s gotta defend Ze’s 5-star dinner guests.

    “ Should Russia Pay Reparations for the Ukraine War?”

    Possibly. How you gonna make them? Also Russia will equally make US pay reparations. For breaking every treaty for 30 years, leading to the same destruction and need to rebuild in Ukraine. Always “for the people”. The only difference is which criminal executes the plan and skims the vig.

    I see the same thing in the news “Ukrainians are trapped in (e.g.) Sievierodonetsk” Trapped? What will happen to them if Russia takes over? Nothing. They will live under a government that is slightly less corrupt. “Trapped” implies it’s dangerous and you need to go somewhere. Once the battle is won by either side, they don’t need to go anywhere.

    Video game thinking: if you “clear a room”, all enemies always die, are shot and dissolve into the floor. With clean, dramatic, movie-blood. None are captured, nor are civilians in a thousand different ways that you let go and go home. …Or who come back later and shoot you. So reporters think if Russia “Takes” an area, they execute 100% of the humans. No. That “capture” the humans, who are now “joined” to the Russian side, and now are part of the Russian/ruble economy/GDP. Look at the video on Maruipol, which is the worst of the attacks.

    Similar to bankruptcy, actually. No one destroys the company. Just a new person buys it and runs it better.

    But reporters back in the home countries are psychotic, with no contact to reality, so really no surprise. How are you supposed to gin up fake support for a war in which nobody cares who wins, who rules?

    “USS Liberty: A Forgotten Anniversary (Moglia)”

    But wait, that’s another unhinged conspiracy theory. That is in Wikipedia. I know it’s fake because I won’t read it. Like a rabbit, it’s not real if I shut my eyes and can’t see it.

    And for conspiracy theories, a new one becomes real every day: CFR promised we would have embedded, irremovable cell phones implanted in our bodies as a normal thing. …Wait for it… By “2030.” That’s tomorrow, dummies. Unless they’re in stores now, it’s not happening. Dore said maybe they’ll buy a land line, with a cord in the wall. That’s what Australia should do. No facial recognition monitoring bc no cell phone app. Oops.

    Visualizing the Global Decline of Fertility Rates”

    Constantly down. “Fewer” (2005) Fifteen years ago this was already obvious. https://www.amazon.com/Fewer-Demography-Depopulation-Shape-Future/dp/1566636736

    Experts wrong again. But only every single time.

    Let the madness begin: “Kremlin Responds after Polish EU Official Says West Should Give Ukraine Nukes”

    Here’s the totally unhinged stuff I was expecting. Like sinking all Russian ships worldwide or something equally stupid. When you want to wreck things, when you want a World War, it’s pretty easy. It’s building things that is hard. Let it remain as rhetoric since the West already lost a month ago.

    Like this? “Russian Army Will Be Deploying to Nicaragua for ‘Humanitarian Operations’

    A few miles out of local missile distance. Do you like it now?

    Smithfield Foods, Citing “Escalating Costs,” to Shutter California Meat-Packing Plant”

    No jobs, no supply. Tattooed people living in tents like Indians. Good Job Brownie. Go Green! And you thought it was hyperbole. Neither me nor Ayn Rand when she wrote about illiterate people skinning rabbits, living in the bushy shacks of a fallen Detroit. That was already happening in “Roger and Me”, Flint Michigan, 1989. Maybe you want that, and I don’t oppose. But in a world of surveillance and flying cars you’re just going to be complete slaves, entirely conquered and helpless like “The Hunger Games.” Like the original Indians, you need enough tech and cooperation to conquer all aggressors.

    Btw, if you do that, internalize those mores and choose that culture, you WILL have to fall back to Deagle’s population numbers. With private jet owning, heavily-armed genetic engineers on top. I do not recommend it.

    “…there is simply no way of maintaining even a fraction of the western standard of living in the event that anyone were foolish enough to remove the fossil fuels..”
    “Greens Unlikely to Survive”

    Or anybody else if they get their way. Again, electric cars for everyone? On what grid? That’s right, they know you won’t get one and everyone will die. They think THEY will get one for free and that’s all that matters. But if they don’t look, it isn’t real, like rabbits.

    Freeport LNG Explosion Raises Risk of European Winter Energy Crisis (CNN)”

    Pretty convenient for us. And like Russia, when prices spike, we make more money on the same product. The Enron plan. Europe now needs to drop gas usage 90% before tomorrow. I daresay that has never been done, even in all the wars in Europe ever. It would BE more destructive than all European wars, ever.

    “His gut told him to waive due diligence. It’s now telling him that even though he signed a deal”

    You cannot sell a product which you know is a fraud. Meaning, there’s a pretty firm level where you cannot waive due diligence. Also if his reluctance discovers it, or causes their overwhelming fraud to be known, the company can collapse and they can all go to jail. So maybe they don’t want to push their luck too hard? It that “crazy” to pay guys to know all that and get your product billions of dollars cheaper? According to this reporter, you have to walk in to the store, and like Sears, pay retail. The thinking of saps and losers.

    “We meet at his rural retreat, deep in the woods of Connecticut,”

    There is no “rural deep woods” in Connecticut. The whole state is the size of a township. What’s he’s describing is a “compound”. Armed, fenced, guarded with private security. It’s where Club members live. And you’re not in the Club.

    I was thinking yesterday about the Greenies. Or as we used to call them, the Hippies. Back then, the women all wanted to be round, barefoot, child-hugging home-birth earth mommas playing guitar with their man by a dog and a woodstove. Home schooling with a garden.

    Today’s Greenies want a Tesla, Amazon, sterile star-trek, non-gender life of no kids, no dogs, and loveless sex, alone with their careers, merely watching the biosphere from space on a tablet screen. That is to say, they acute biophobes, against all life. A strange kind of environmentalism that is against all messiness and participation in all life. More of the “Mentalism” and less of the “Environment.”

    Anyway, it really struck me since the women of today are mentally ill, neurotic, untrustworthy psychos who will both jab their kids with anything they’re told, AND sue the father out of custody to “marry” the State apparatus instead. Amber Heard comes to mind. This does not go well and create successful culture or successful children. Or happiness at all, for anyone, but most especially themselves.

    Sorry to be sort of hard on that but right now you couldn’t find a real earth momma if you looked 10,000 miles. That’s today’s “Diversity”. Everyone on the same phone, clicking the same stuff. Safe and sterile, in space.


    The total embargo of Russian oil and gas reminds me of a “government shutdown” here in the states… the FAA, air traffic controllers, etc still operate so the private jets and sports teams (among others) still play… but the national parks are shut down so the poor have to cancel their camping vacations.

    Same as it always was, no surprises there

    Dr. D

    From the other day’s anti-war song, which I’m certain would be Don Henley, brought to mind this one:

    “Well, ain’t it a shame That our short little memory
    Never seem to learn The lessons of history

    We keep makin’ the same mistakes
    Over and over and over and over again
    And then we wonder why We’re in the shape we’re in

    Good ol’ boys down at the bar
    Peanuts and politics
    They think they know it all
    They don’t know much of nothing

    Even if one of them was to read a newspaper
    That ain’t what’s going on
    Journalism’s dead and gone

    Frail grasp on the big picture
    Light fading and the fog is getting thicker
    It’s a frail grasp on the big picture
    Dark ages

    You my love-drunk friend
    All that red wine and candlelight
    Soulful conversations
    That go on until the dawn

    How many times can you tell your story?
    How many hangovers can you endure
    Just to get some snogging done?

    You’re living in a hormone dream
    You don’t have the slightest notion
    What long-term love is all about

    All your romantic liaisons
    Don’t deal with eternal questions like:
    Who left the cap off the freaking toothpaste?
    Whose turn to take the garbage out?

    Frail grasp on the big picture
    You keep on rubbin’ that, you’re gonna get a blister
    It’s a frail grasp on the big picture
    I’ve seen it all before

    And we pray to our Lord
    Who, we know, is American
    He reigns from on high
    He speaks to us through middlemen

    And he shepherds his flock
    We sing out and we praise His name
    He supports us in war
    He presides over football games

    And the right will prevail
    All our troubles shall be resolved
    We hold faith above all
    Unless there’s money or sex involved

    Frail grasp on the big picture
    Nobody’s calling them for roughing up the kicker
    It’s a frail grasp on the big picture
    Heaven help us

    Frail grasp on the big picture
    All waiting for that miracle elixir
    Frail grasp on the big picture
    I don’t wonder anymore” –The Eagles


    It is hard to write so much nonsense, even on purpose.
    The article quotes a degenerate “virologist” Dr. Shane Crotty, talking about “hybrid immunity” after multiple shots and multiple Covids.
    It’s called VAIDS

    “How Long Does Covid Immunity Last? Will a Second Illness Be Worse? How Can I Prepare”

    And to see just how clueless folks are about how these vaxxs damage the immune system, read the comment section.
    Levels of ignorance just off the charts.


    Wow – this is the headline story at http://news.com.au

    The establishment perspective is beginning to change if they are openly covering vaccine injury and running accusations that the TGA is lying and ignoring vax injury.

    ” ‘Outright lying’: Australian scientist hits out at TGA after ‘life-changing’ Covid vaccine injury”


    Armenio Pereira

    “Misinformation is dangerous. Silencing doctors is even more so.”
    (Texas “Truth” Foundation)

    (… two years and millions of jabs later…)
    Another Dr. who has started to warn us… He was getting ready to testify against the shots.

    For the most part, the doctors did a fine job at silencing themselves.
    (It’s kinda sickening – pun intended – to see the efforts to whitewash the medical profession role in the present mess.)

    Armenio Pereira

    Carbon-based life forms.
    Knowledge: coal fueling the vanity bonfire.
    Wisdom, a diamant needed to cut through.
    Not enough wisdom going around to avoid ending up
    being consumed.

    Veracious Poet

    Well, since John didn’t answer Michael’s request as to spiritual matters, I’ll end with this (My experience/opinion as of now):

    Spirituality is about perception ~ Arriving in the Now with a deflated mental (EGO) / emotional (Feelings) condition that enables a human to see beyond the physical to a higher plane of “your” consciousness.

    Until the person is able to release their clouded, self-centered perception, created & poisoned by EGO/Feelings, the journey seems as impossible as changing one’s eye color from green to blue…

    But the miracle is as close as the next breath ~ We just have to surrender being separate from everyone & everything, willing to be willing to admit where we were wrong, finally asking for help without “conditions”.

    I can’t tell anyone else how to arrive at their spiritual “connection”, but once you achieve that “moment” you’ll be compelled to journey towards Love, Healing, Creativity ~ Away from EGO thinking & emotional “feeling” addictions…

    It’s not about the miracles, the destination, even life itself, for you have already arrived to begin the journey, by letting go.

    Be Free. Be Safe. Be Grateful & Happy.

    Your brother,


    Mister Roboto

    Not only have those limits been reached, but they have also been exceeded to such an extent that a stagflationary economic depression is inevitable. And one of its many casualties will be that a long-duped public will never support so-called “green” policies again.

    Yeah, one of many realizations I have had over the past year is that Green Parties (called “watermelon parties” by some on account of being “red on the inside and green on the outside”) are about as useful as the proverbial wooden nickel. And besides, the Green Party in the USA isn’t a whole lot more than the equivalent of a collection of Facebook groups. The only reason Dr. Jill Stein did as well as she did in running for president in 2016 is because of how many people just couldn’t stomach Hillary Clinton.

    John Day

    @VP Gary and Michael Reid: Regarding instruction manuals for miracles, like life.
    There have been a lot of instruction manuals, most of which seem better at holding a group of people together (often following orders) than helping individuals work with the complexity and quirks of their own human existence.
    That being said, grandparents can be a lot of help sometimes, when even good parents are working a lot of things out themselves.
    There is an embedded self-paced-learning feature in human existence. “Seek and ye shall find.”
    I try to use that. Sometimes helpful people or helpful written texts show up.
    A “miracle” is usually a good thing, which is not adequately explained by one’s present model of “reality”, i think.

    John Day

    @Mister Roboto: Other Green Party candidates have included Congresswoman (former) cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader. A Green Party vote is a protest vote in the US. I voted for those Green candidates.
    Green Party in Germany is part of the political machine. If it gets big enough, the Borg will subsume it, right?

    John Day

    Thanks Germ: Why is the “vaccination” campaign not over?
    It seems that “they” have to keep up the aggressive vaccines-help ruse, have to stay on the offensive, and also keep getting paid more, because dealing with reality could be financially fatal for Pfizer et. al. and even potentially fatal for some of the human conspirators.

    Wanton, ongoing murder-of-the-duped.
    “Why do people think COVID is over?” “We’re all triple vaxxed and we have it again.”
    More people seem to be dying of cancer and having strange neurological ,maladies in my personal world. It’s sad, as I know there is nothing constructive that I can say to most of them, under the circumstances.

    What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?
    It’s like a shingles variant.
    Herpes viruses, like from Chicken Pox, hide from the immune system (somewhat) in the brain & spinal cord, but they are still suppressed there.
    If the immune system is weakened, as from stress or COVID “vaccination”, that immune-suppression weakens, and the virus can spread out a nerve root, so shingles rash and pain presents in the distribution of one nerve from the spinal cord.
    This can happen inside the brain to a nerve nucleus, and there is no rash, but the side of Mr. Bieber’s face won’t move, which can also be caused by Bell’s Palsy, through a similar mechanism, but an infected nerve root swells and gets choked/pinched in the boney hole where it exits the skull.
    Treating quickly with high dose acyclovir is always a good strategy. It is cheap and very safe. It may help. Sooner is better. Steroids to reduce swelling/inflammation are also often prescribed, but not necessarily for Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which is fairly rare, but I have caught and treated a few time “in the old days”.


    “…and they can all go to jail.” Hahahaha…

    I think “Hybrid Immunity” was developed by the same professors (aka “experts”) who gave us Modern Monetary Theory, teaching in the College of Backward Rationalization at Harvard University.

    Thanks for the morning chuckles

    Armenio Pereira

    – transmissible;
    – dynamic;
    – collective;
    – external;
    – hosted by the brain;
    – transient*;
    (determined by the) here.

    – intransmissible;
    – static;
    – individual;
    – internal;
    – dwells in the heart;
    – eternal;
    (happening) now.

    * e.g., we forgot how to make concrete (opus caementicium) – namely the water/cement ratio – the way the Romans did (circa 150 BC); we forgot (“misplaced the data”) how to go to the moon.

    John Day

    Dr. D wrote:
    “Looking for inflation, trying to measure the arrow as it leaves the bow. I think – think – Powell will crash the economy and stall inflation in time for the election. So up – and remember, our inflation numbers are 30 days ago, rear-view mirror — and then flat/down for a short while before fall/election. Later, let’s not guess that far in the middle of a hurricane, although we know the end game: they try for CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) and they lose. We then come up with an organic people’s solution. Eventually. When the U.S. revolution was over, “eventually” was a very long time of constant independent bank currencies and runs.”
    “I was thinking yesterday about the Greenies. Or as we used to call them, the Hippies. Back then, the women all wanted to be round, barefoot, child-hugging home-birth earth mommas playing guitar with their man by a dog and a woodstove. Home schooling with a garden.
    Today’s Greenies want a Tesla, Amazon, sterile star-trek, non-gender life of no kids, no dogs, and loveless sex, alone with their careers, merely watching the biosphere from space on a tablet screen. That is to say, they acute biophobes, against all life. A strange kind of environmentalism that is against all messiness and participation in all life. More of the “Mentalism” and less of the “Environment.”

    “Our House” was written by Graham Nash at Joni Mitchell’s piano, when they got back from breakfast and impulse-buying a vase she saw in a window.
    “Suite Judy Blue Eyes” was written by Stephen Stills, trying to get Judy Collins to come back to him.

    John Day

    Going for a bike ride; hope to get back before it hits 100.


    “Binance pauses bitcoin withdrawals due to a ‘stuck transaction’ as crypto sell-off deepens”


    A “stuck transaction” – Hahahaha!!

    Pull the other one !!


    A knotty problem. As always, the solution is in the hands of the winner.

    • Should Russia Pay Reparations For The Ukraine War? (Barry Eichengreen)

    • Effort to Force Russia to Pay Reparations to Ukraine Faces Uphill Battle (WSJ)

    “The vaccines drive the variants.”
    Destruction of the immune system by the injections

    `side effects’ were know by the vaccine manufacturers , they knew what would happen – and what will happen –

    Therefore, you assumed that it was not planned.

    ‘We regret the error,’ which is government speak for, ‘We got caught lying.’
    Its a lie. There is no regret.
    Its a good thing that Russia is only doing “A Special Operation”, “To Avoid Another World War.”

    • Henry Kissinger At 99: How To Avoid Another World War (Ferguson)

    Quote of the day:

    “living in a hormone dream”



    Don’t worry! Everything is going as planned
    COVID-19 in Israel: Significant spike in cases recorded over last week
    Over the last week, the country has recorded some 33,000 new coronavirus cases, marking a 105% increase in new cases compared to a week prior.
    By SHIRA SILKOFF Published: JUNE 13, 2022 14:51



    D Benton Smith

    Shaky times in the Ol’ Stock Exchanges, eh wot?

    And that ain’t the only place where the ground is unstable.

    That enormous and noisy unsettlement now being experienced is the sound and fury of the playing field being leveled.

    That could be either good news or bad news, depending upon which end of the playing field one has been standing on. The end with the stuff or the end with the money.

    Think of this great leveling as a sort of near-cosmic “Price Discovery” across planet Earth, to find out for reals what is the relative VALUE between the “Goods & Services” of those who make things vs the “Money & Finance” held by those who use money to make money (and not actually MAKE anything else except a mess). Which one is worth more: a loaf of bread or the symbol of a piece of paper containing the lie, “this symbolic piece of paper is worth a loaf of bread” ?

    We shall see. Got bread?

    Meanwhile, don’t walk under any Stock Markets on Monday the 13th. Something might fall on you.


    A service based ‘economy’ like the Empire of Lies vs a commodity based economy that makes actual useful products you can hold in your hand.

    Hmmm, level playing field……?

    The commodity, industrial production economy is going to LEVEL the service based ‘economy’.

    When price discovery rears it’s apocalyptic head in the Empire of Lies, well, it’s like a tsunami sucking all the water out of the deep port harbor. You’re going to see who has a bathing suit on.

    This is what real price discover looks like for the Empire of Lies


    D Benton Smith


    Love the tsunami pic.


    Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We

    Karl D


    “There are reports that Zelinsky is drafting women. You don’t do that unless you’re out of fighting-age men who can actually fight…..”

    Well duh

    some made lots of grift here…..

    “[The money] has been siphoned off by defense contractors and the families of politicians — like fuckface Biden.”

    Amen brother.

    “At the same time the so-called Russian Sanctions have blown up spectacularly in the western world’s face. Russia now has a stronger currency than it did before the war we instigated began. Oil and Natural Gas, never mind things like fertilizer, are nice and expensive which suits Putin just fine. He has negotiated long term interchange with China for both and is building out the capacity to wildly increase same. Europe is fucked down the road as a result and in the meantime they got nothing for all these “sanctions.”

    Truer words were never spoken.

    “If you’re flying a Ukraine flag, assholes, you are the identified enemy right here at home, thank you very much for wearing an enemy uniform openly in public and you deserve to be forced to pay every damned dime of the economic cost to this nation for that act of STUPIDITY. You ALL deserve the worst of what is to come AND IT IS COMING, like it or not. I and many others will do our level best to make sure YOU and your entire family eat that cost — every damn cent of it. You are the most-stupid follower of the “next shiny object” and frankly, you are too fucking stupid to consume oxygen that could and should instead be used by something like a hog that actually produces a useful end product — tasty bacon.””


    I love bacon!


    OMG, I’m seeing double



    @Dr D: reflecting with you on the Greenies of days gone by…we have arrived at the place you describe as: “A strange kind of environmentalism that is against all messiness and participation in all life. More of the “Mentalism” and less of the “Environment.” This is an abandonment of the HEART where LOVE/empathy/compassion reigns and abandonment of HANDS where doing/living/experiencing is the Way. It is now an all HEAD/Mind world (Mentalism) where fantasy rules.

    Some of us were too young to have been on the front lines, yet the TRUTH/AUTHENTIC aspects of the movement live on. I am a remnant of the Hippie Clan. We know at the core of our BEING that LOVE is the only Way.

    @ Gary: Please keep expanding the conversation on spiritual matters! I would like to challenge your view on the role of feelings, they are NOT the “problem” as per your posting. It is true that EGO feeds on/is powered by feelings. Please consider the role that MEMORY plays instead. The mind is the keeper of memories. The mind is also the greatest recording device of all time! And with input/impressions from the senses – of taste, sound, smell, touch, color/visuals – the “soundtrack” is rich and embedded with incredible volumes of multi-sensory “data”. NOTE: memory is the past.

    HEART = Emotional Response/Reaction (such as compassion, empathy, joy, sorrow – to name a few). The key is in how you RECEIVE, HOLD, TRANSLATE the response/reaction. The unbalanced/overactive MIND and memories are drivers, and their influence/interference on the translation can disrupt/corrupt and or enhance the process. The feelings you point to are not pure, from the HEART – they are the mind’s response. The EGO does not want the pure HEART to be heard. HEART is here in the PRESENT moment.

    I am purposefully present; my bare feet are planted on the wood floor as I write this. My mind is focused, it is a cool morning. GRATEFUL for the day.

    LOVE to All.

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