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DC Shifts To Damage Control As Ukraine Defense Fades (AT)
Russian Forces Cut Off Last Routes Out Of Sievierodonetsk (R.)
Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We (Denninger)
The US Is Still Importing Russian Oil Despite The Ban (FC)
Biden Admin Quietly Urging Companies To Purchase Russian Fertilizer (ZH)
Japan On Verge Of Systemic Collapse (ZH)
‘Lying’: Aussie Scientist’s Vaccine Outrage (News.com.au)
January 6th Committee Chair Says No Criminal Referrals Will Be Made (RS)
Capitol Police Debunk Jan. 6 Panel Allegation About GOP Lawmaker (JTN)
Society of Spectacle (Chris Hedges)
Sunday Shows Don’t Cover Attempted Murder of Supreme Court Justice (ET)
Proud of Yourselves? (Kunstler)
“National Security” Invoked For Epstein Meeting with US Senators in UK (Webb)
Julian Assange Extradition Rulings Could Be Annulled (Canary)





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“An armistice would allow Ukraine to deny that it had given up claims on territory held by Russia.”

DC Shifts To Damage Control As Ukraine Defense Fades (AT)

By late May, Russian artillery had begun to reduce Ukrainian forces in the Donbas, threatening to trap Ukrainian forces in a pocket around Severodonetsk – now all but under Russian control. Pentagon observers noted that the Russians had learned to coordinate artillery, infantry, armor and air power. Ukraine began to lose 100 to 200 killed in action per day. The first sign of a shift to damage-control in Washington came June 8 in a New York Times report by reporter Julian Barnes, quoting US intelligence officials who complained that “American intelligence agencies have less information than they would like about Ukraine’s operations and possess a far better picture of Russia’s military, its planned operations and its successes and failures.”

That is implausible, but not impossible; the United States has satellite images that reveal every detail of ground action, as well as 150 advisers on the ground as of January. Failure to assess the situation on the ground in Ukraine would imply a stupefying level of incompetence in the American intelligence community, which cannot be excluded. A former senior CIA official, Beth Sanner, told the newspaper, “How much do we really know about how Ukraine is doing? Can you find a person who will tell you with confidence how many troops has Ukraine lost, how many pieces of equipment has Ukraine lost?” Sanner formerly was deputy director of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence – and a presidential briefer during 2017.

“Everything is about Russia’s goals and Russia’s prospects for meeting their goals,” Sanner added. “We do not talk about whether Ukraine might be able to defeat them. And to me, I feel that we are setting ourselves up for another intel failure by not talking about that publicly.” Translated from spook-speak, Sanner’s warning about an “intel failure” means that the failure had already occurred and that the intelligence services hoped to blame the Ukrainians for it – just as Biden did in Los Angeles two days later. [..] One possible outcome that’s been floated in the American media and closely considered in Moscow is a Korean-style armistice, with an armistice line between East and West Ukraine but without a peace treaty.

Jong Eun Lee of American University wrote May 12 in The National Interest: “Nearly three months into a war, could Ukraine be convinced that a similar armistice is preferable to continued war? The burden is on the United States and the world to convince Ukrainians … that their security threats would not worsen in the future, and that their territorial losses could be restored in the future.” An armistice would allow Ukraine to deny that it had given up claims on territory held by Russia. Although the proposal has been studied in Moscow, Russia has little motivation to accept it while it is gaining ground.

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Talk peace now.

Russian Forces Cut Off Last Routes Out Of Sievierodonetsk (R.)

Russian forces cut off the last routes for evacuating citizens from the eastern Ukrainian city of Sievierodonetsk, a Ukrainian official said, as the Kremlin pushed for victory in the Donbas region. The last bridge to the city was destroyed, trapping any remaining civilians and making it impossible to deliver humanitarian supplies, said regional governor Sergei Gaidai, adding that some 70% of the city was under Russian control. Ukraine has issued increasingly urgent calls for more Western heavy weapons to help defend Sievierodonetsk, which Kyiv says could hold the key to the battle for the eastern Donbas region and the course of the war, now in its fourth month. Late on Monday, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said the battle for the eastern Donbas would go down as one of the most brutal in European history.

The region, comprising the provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk, is claimed by Russian separatists. “For us, the price of this battle is very high. It is just scary,” he said. “We draw the attention of our partners daily to the fact that only a sufficient number of modern artillery for Ukraine will ensure our advantage.” Russia’s main goal is to protect Donetsk and Luhansk, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Monday, after the leader of one of the separatist regions asked for additional forces from Moscow. Ukraine needs 1,000 howitzers, 500 tanks and 1,000 drones among other heavy weapons, Presidential Adviser Mykhailo Podolyak said on Monday. Moscow issued the latest of several recent reports saying it had destroyed U.S. and European arms and equipment.

Russia’s defence ministry said high-precision air-based missiles had struck near the railway station in Udachne northwest of Donetsk, hitting equipment that had been delivered to Ukrainian forces. Ukraine’s interior ministry on Telegram said that Udachne had been hit by a Russian strike overnight Sunday into Monday, without mentioning whether weapons had been targeted. Moscow has criticised the United States and other nations for sending Ukraine weapons and has threatened to strike new targets if the West supplied long-range missiles. The European Commission will recommend granting Ukraine official status as an EU candidate country, Politico reported late on Monday, citing several unnamed officials.

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“Putin’s folks lob artillery shells at the other guys; anything within 10-20 miles of their weapons gets pulverized.”

Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We (Denninger)

I predicted this, and now its happened. Oh yeah, it hasn’t been “recognized” yet, but it will be. There are reports that Zelinsky is drafting women. You don’t do that unless you’re out of fighting-age men who can actually fight. Note that the soyman who runs away or spends his time buttfucking and/or preening can’t actually fight, and you must have people who can. When you even contemplate drafting women you’ve made a statement that you’re out of competent fighting men. This is similar to what the NVA did after Tet and what Iran did, but both grabbed literal boys, shoved rifles in their hands and sent them out to die. Which they did, in size. The war was over in that case both times, but not yet admitted. In the former case we literally walked away from a win thanks to Cronkite and the stupidity of the American people buying his bullshit.

Thus it is here, except this time its just money, much of which has been siphoned off by defense contractors and the families of politicians — like fuckface Biden. Russia has employed a nasty and very effective strategy which our so-called “punditry” has entirely failed to understand. Putin’s folks lob artillery shells at the other guys; anything within 10-20 miles of their weapons gets pulverized. With satellite and UAV targeting and fire direction these are wildly effective — and cheap. He can do this all day long for almost no money. He blasts away until your force is cut in half, creating a no-go zone where if you stick your head up to try to return fire it gets blown up and then slowly does a pincer on one of the pieces, making the perimeter ever-smaller until they either surrender or are all dead. Then he goes after the next one, and so on.

Ukraine has proved incapable of hitting Putin’s field pieces as they do not have air superiority and man-portable stuff does not have the range to hit them. Thus Putin can do this with impunity — and is. Yeah, Russian soldiers are dying. But Ukraine is losing both men and material at a much higher rate, and slowly, one-by-one, all the places in the eastern part of the nation are having their Ukrainian troops removed. In pieces. At the same time the so-called Russian Sanctions have blown up spectacularly in the western world’s face. Russia now has a stronger currency than it did before the war we instigated began. Oil and Natural Gas, never mind things like fertilizer, are nice and expensive which suits Putin just fine. He has negotiated long term interchange with China for both and is building out the capacity to wildly increase same. Europe is fucked down the road as a result and in the meantime they got nothing for all these “sanctions.”

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“..several tankers have come to the U.S. from India since the war began, likely including Russian crude, and more are on the way..”

The US Is Still Importing Russian Oil Despite The Ban (FC)

Less than two weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine, the U.S. banned the import of Russian fossil fuels like oil and natural gas—a major source of funding for the war. But as the war drags on, some Russian oil is still making it to the United States, according to a new report that tracks the flow of fossil fuels from Russia. India has quickly increased the amount of Russian oil that it buys, and some Indian refineries have been re-exporting refined oil products to both the U.S. and Europe. “We can see crude oil shipments going into refineries that take Russian oil, and then we can see where the stuff goes that they produce,” says Lauri Myllyvirta, lead analyst at the Helsinki-based nonprofit Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air, which produced the new report.

The exact amount that has reached the U.S. is unknown, but the the report notes that several tankers have come to the U.S. from India since the war began, likely including Russian crude, and more are on the way. The loophole could be closed by making refineries that take Russian cargo ineligible to sell to the U.S. “That would have an impact,” Myllyvirta says. “That would face every one of those refiners with a choice…it’s a business decision to take whether you keep taking on Russian cargo even if that makes it unacceptable for you to ship to the U.S. market.” In the European Union, most Russian oil imports will be banned by the end of the year. Lithunia, Finland, and Estonia have already cut their imports from Russia by more than half.

While Russia has other customers, the EU could potentially impact some of them as well, because oil delivered to India and the Middle East travels on tankers from European countries. A sanction on those ships could make deliveries drop. More sanctions recently introduced from the insurance industry make it harder to insure shipments from Russia, which could impact other buyers like China. Russian oil now sells for around 30% less than oil from other sources—but because of the huge increase in global oil prices, it’s still making more money than it did last year. (Russia’s finance minister recently went on TV to announce that despite sanctions, the country expected to make as much 14 billion euros more this year than last year, and some of that would go to the “special operation” in Ukraine.) In the first 100 days of the war, Russia earned 93 billion euros from fossil fuel sales, the report says.

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“The Kremlin has insisted that the US provide assurances to global buyers that they won’t face sanctions, suggesting it as a condition to unblock any shipments of Ukrainian farm products now.”

Biden Admin Quietly Urging Companies To Purchase Russian Fertilizer (ZH)

The Biden administration has been quietly urging agricultural and shipping companies to buy and carry more Russian fertilizer, according to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the efforts. The move comes as fears over sanctions have led to a sharp drop in supplies, contributing to the ongoing ‘spiraling global food costs.’ The effort is part of complex and difficult negotiations underway involving the United Nations to boost deliveries of fertilizer, grain and other farm products from Russia and Ukraine that have been disrupted by President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of his southern neighbor. “US and European officials have accused the Kremlin of using food as a weapon, preventing Ukraine from exporting. Russia denies that even as it has attacked key ports, blaming the shipment disruptions on sanctions imposed by the US and its allies over the invasion.” -Bloomberg

With Moscow being a key supplier of fertilizer, the US and EU have included exemptions on sanctions against doing business with Russia – however many shippers, banks and insurers have been cautiously staying away out of fear that they might accidentally run afoul of the rules in an expensive lesson. Now, US officials are trying to encourage activity in the space. Exports of Russian fertilizer are notably down 24% YTD. As Bloomberg notes, the new push by Washington underscores the current challenge facing the west – which seeks to punish Russian President Vladimir Putin over the invasion of Ukraine, while also easing pressure on economy-damaging food inflation during an election year in America. Since the war began in February, already-high inflation spiked further – a point Putin regularly makes while railing against sanctions.

Earlier this month, the Biden admin sent a representative to UN-led talks with Moscow regarding supply issues – as insufficient deliveries of fertilizer could also negatively affect next year’s crops. The Kremlin has insisted that the US provide assurances to global buyers that they won’t face sanctions, suggesting it as a condition to unblock any shipments of Ukrainian farm products now.

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Bank of Japan buys all goverment bonds, and it’s still not enough.

Japan On Verge Of Systemic Collapse (ZH)

[..] with Japanese yields surging, the Bank of Japan today bought more than 1.5 trillion yen of government bonds to defend its yield curve control target as the 10Y JGB rose above 0.25%, the upper end of the BOJ’s YCC corridor. As Deutsche Bank’s George Saravelos shockingly calculates in a post this morning titled “The printer is on overdrive”, and available to professional ZH subscribers, if the current pace of buying persists, the bank will have bought approximately 10 trillion yen in June. To put that number in context, it is roughly equivalent to the Fed doing more than $300bn of QE per month when adjusting for GDP!

This is a “truly extreme” level of money printing given that every other central bank in the world is tightening policy. It is one of the reasons why we have been bearish on the yen. And as so many have argued, currency intervention in this environment is simply not credible given it is the BoJ itself that is the cause of yen weakness. More broadly, Saravelos echoes what we said in our preview of the end of MMT, writing that he worries that “the currency and Japanese financial markets are in the process of losing any sort of fundamental-based valuation anchor.”

The more global inflation picks up, the more the BoJ prints. But the more easing accelerates, the higher the need to press hard on the brake when the (inflation) cliff approaches and the more dangerous it becomes. As a result, we will soon enter a phase where dramatic and unpredictable non-linearities in Japanese financial markets would kick in, according to the DB strategist, who also notes that “if it becomes obvious to the market that the clearing level of JGB yields is above the BoJ’s 25 basis point target, what is the incentive to hold bonds any more?”

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“I know some people are getting misdiagnosed with anxiety or functional neurological disorder – that’s not what’s going on. It’s a physical injury.”

‘Lying’: Aussie Scientist’s Vaccine Outrage (News.com.au)

An Australian scientist, unable to work for eight months after a debilitating neurological reaction he blames on the Covid shot, has likened the treatment of people suffering vaccine injuries to that of returning veterans with health issues after the Vietnam War. Dr Rado Faletic has slammed the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) adverse event reporting process, saying the medicines regulator tasked with vaccine safety surveillance was “simply uninterested” in investigating his symptoms despite submitting multiple reports. “I’m similar to thousands of Aussies. After the vaccine I had a huge constellation of symptoms from head to toe,” the 46-year-old said, describing it as similar to “mutant long Covid”.

“The worst has been an oppressive brain fog. I’ve had headaches, chest pains, abdominal pains, unbelievable muscle twitching, issues focusing my vision. Basically I’ve been unable to work for eight months. I’m only now just starting to feel a little bit normal. This is not a mild side effect – this has been life-changing.” Dr Faletic said doctors and specialists were unable to find anything obviously wrong with him. “You go to the hospital, they take your blood, do an echocardiogram or X-ray or MRI and don’t find anything,” he said. “They say, ‘Well you look fine, go home and rest.’” He added, “I don’t necessarily blame the doctors. The problem is there hasn’t been a test to find out what’s wrong. I know some people are getting misdiagnosed with anxiety or functional neurological disorder – that’s not what’s going on. It’s a physical injury.”

Dr Faletic, who earned his PhD in hypersonic technology from the ANU and now runs an international research consulting firm based in Canberra, says his faith in the scientific and medical community has been badly shaken by his experience. He received his first Pfizer dose on October 19 last year and his second on November 9. He had a bad reaction to both “within hours”, but says the second was “dramatically off the charts”. “I waited a little while [to take the vaccine] – I work with technology and have a science background, so I understood that with a new product, new technology, there could be some things we don’t know about,” he said. “I thought, enough time has passed, surely our government would have flagged any reactions of concern. I took it and all this stuff happened to me. It’s not a matter of it being a coincidence – it all happened within hours of the shots.

Then I thought, surely the government would be interested in what’s happened to me? Nope.” Dr Faletic says it soon became clear to him that the TGA wasn’t interested. “I’ve done 50 rounds with the TGA on this,” he said. “They’ve said, ‘We can find no safety signals,’ which I think is disingenuous if not outright lying. In my small personal circle I know over a dozen people with different long vax problems, [ranging from] ongoing headaches, memory problems or brain fog to some people who were basically bedridden for months.” When he went searching for answers, he found “hundreds of people” in online groups who had experienced similar symptoms and submitted reports themselves. “The TGA still claims there is nothing to see,” he said.

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Schiff and Cheney don’t agree.

January 6th Committee Chair Says No Criminal Referrals Will Be Made (RS)

On Sunday, multiple members of the January 6th Committee proclaimed that they had enough evidence to support a criminal indictment of Donald Trump. That sent the media into a frenzy as another “the walls are closing in” moment unfolded. Their dream of seeing the former president perp-walked was at hand. That was…until Monday evening arrived. In a sudden turn of events, Rep. Bennie Thompson, who chairs the January 6th committee, is now saying that the committee will not make any criminal referrals at all, not just of Trump, but of anyone. [..] Here’s the money quote per CNN. “Pressed again on whether the committee would ever make a formal referral to the Justice Department, the Mississippi Democrat said, “No, that’s not our job. Our job is to look at the facts and circumstances around January 6, what caused it and make recommendations after that.”

This has been the story of the January 6th committee since its ill-advised, illegitimate inception. They over-promise and underdeliver — every single time. We’ve been hearing about bombshell evidence proving Trump engaged in a criminal conspiracy to cause the Capitol breach for over a year now. Where is it? When are they going to connect those dots they keep insisting connect? With two hearings down, there’s no sign any such evidence is coming. Now, Thompson basically says “Well, yeah, we’ve got the goods, but we won’t be making any criminal referrals.” Does that pass the smell test for anyone? I think what it shows is that you can expect more of the same in the hearings they have left. More emotional speeches, more interviewing irrelevant people like Chris Stirewalt, and absolutely no proof of what they actually allege.

And before some on the left try to cope by saying it’s not Congress’ job to make criminal referrals, the committee absolutely has the power to do so. Further, its own members have stated they have such power. How do I know? Because after Thompson’s comments, Rep. Liz Cheney immediately fired back, saying there has been no decision on any criminal referral regarding Trump. Rep. Liz Cheney, who serves as vice chair of the committee, released a statement contradicting the chairman’s comments. “The January 6th Select Committee has not issued a conclusion regarding potential criminal referrals. We will announce a decision on that at an appropriate time,” the Wyoming Republican tweeted. The comment marked a rare public break between the two leaders of the committee.

Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Elaine Luria also tried to walk back Thompson’s proclamation, with the latter directly undermining the chairman. “You know, I haven’t seen the chairman’s statements,” Schiff told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “We haven’t had a discussion about that, so I don’t know that the committee has reached a position on whether we make a referral or what the referrals might be. I thought we were deferring that decision until we concluded our investigation. At least that’s my understanding.” Rep. Elaine Luria, a Virginia Democrat, went a step further, tweeting, “Our committee has yet to vote on whether we will recommend criminal referrals to the Department of Justice. If criminal activity occurred, it is our responsibility to report that activity to the DOJ.”

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“..we do not consider any of the activities we observed as suspicious.”

Capitol Police Debunk Jan. 6 Panel Allegation About GOP Lawmaker (JTN)

In a major blow to one of the Democrat-led Jan. 6 investigative committee’s allegations, the Capitol police chief declared Monday there is no evidence that Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk led a group of protesters on a reconnaissance mission the day before the riots. Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger, appointed since the Jan. 6 tragedy, wrote in a letter to Congress obtained by Just the News, that an exhaustive review of security footage found no evidence that the Georgia congressman did anything other than give constituents a tour of some congressional office buildings. The Congressman didn’t even enter the U.S. Capitol with the group, Manger said.

“There is no evidence that Representative Loudermilk entered the U.S. Capitol with this group on January 5, 2021,” Manger wrote in a letter to Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Ill., the ranking Republican on the House Administration Committee. “We train our officers on being alert for people conducting surveillance or reconnaissance, and we do not consider any of the activities we observed as suspicious.” Davis, who led his own review of all security footage, demanded Monday night that the Democrats who besmirched Loudermilk’s name apologize and face an ethics inquiry. “The Democrats need to be ashamed of themselves,” Davis told the Just the News, Not Noise television show.

Manger’s letter undercuts allegations made a month ago by Reps. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., and Liz Cheney, R-Wyoming, the chairman and vice chairwoman, respectively, of the Democrat-led Jan. 6 committee. They sent a letter released to the media in May demanding Loudermilk volunteer testimony and explain why he was giving a tour of the Capitol the day before the riots, suggesting it could be part of an effort to help case the Capitol building before the Jan. 6 protests.

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“The gaping hole between the reality of what we have become, and the fiction of who we are supposed to be, is why spectacle is all the ruling class has left.”

Society of Spectacle (Chris Hedges)

The Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol, whose first of six televised hearings began last Thursday, is spectacle replacing politics. There is nothing substantially new in the accusations. The committee lacks prosecutorial power. No charges have been filed by Attorney General Merrick Garland against former President Donald Trump and none are expected. The choreographed hearings, like the two impeachment trials of Trump, will have no effect on Trump voters, other than to make them feel persecuted, especially with more than 860 people already charged (including 306 guilty pleas) for their role in storming the Capitol. The committee echoes back to Trump opponents what they already believe. It is designed to present inaction as action and substitute role-playing for politics. It perpetuates, as Guy Debord writes, our “empire of modern passivity.”

The committee, which most Republicans boycotted, hired James Goldston, a documentary producer and former president of ABC News, to turn the hearings into engaging television with slick packaging and an array of pithy sound bites. The result is, and was meant to be, politics as reality television, a media diversion that will change nothing in the dismal American landscape. What should have been a serious bipartisan inquiry into an array of constitutional violations by the Trump administration has been turned into a prime-time campaign commercial for a Democratic Party running on fumes. The epistemology of television is complete. So is its artifice.

[..] The gaping hole between the reality of what we have become, and the fiction of who we are supposed to be, is why spectacle is all the ruling class has left. Spectacle takes the place of politics. It is a tacit admission that all social programs, whether the Build Back Better Plan, a ban on assault weapons, raising the minimum wage, ameliorating the ravages of inflation or instituting environmental reforms to stave off the climate emergency, will never be implemented. Those who occupy the “sacred space” of “our constitutional republic” are capable only of pouring money into war, allocating $54 billion to Ukraine, and passing ever higher military budgets to enrich the arms industry. The wider the gap becomes between the ideal and the real, the more the proto fascists, who look set to take back the Congress in the fall, will be empowered.

If the rational, factual world does not work, why not try one of the many conspiracy theories? If this is what democracy means, why support democracy? The right-wing also communicates through spectacle. What were the four years of the Trump presidency but one vast spectacle? Spectacle versus spectacle. The aesthetic of spectacle, as in the dying days of the Roman Empire or Tsarist Russia, is all that is left. “Our politics, religion, news, athletics, education and commerce have been transformed into congenial adjuncts of show business,” Neil Postman writes in Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business. The current ruling class, blinded by their hubris and pomposity, however, is not very good at it.

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“It is stunningly unprofessional of major media outlets to consciously ignore news of the threat to Justice Kavanaugh..”

Sunday Shows Don’t Cover Attempted Murder of Supreme Court Justice (ET)

Many news networks on June 12 omitted mention of the recent attempted murder of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, even though some touched on issues facing the nation’s top court. All Sunday morning shows on CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC did not cover the attempted killing, which took place on June 8. Fox News covered the topic during “Fox News Sunday.” Several shows brought up the Supreme Court in other contexts. On CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Dana Bash noted that the Supreme Court is poised to strike down Roe v. Wade before asking Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) about the upcoming midterm elections. Bash also mentioned the nation’s top court declined to take up a case involving elections in Pennsylvania.

Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” only mentioned the Supreme Court once, when asking Rep. Elaine Luria (D-Va.) about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife. The Supreme Court was not brought up on CBS’s “Face the Nation” or ABC’s “This Week.” “It is stunningly unprofessional of major media outlets to consciously ignore news of the threat to Justice Kavanaugh,” Jeffrey McCall, a communications professor at DePauw University, told The Epoch Times in an email, describing what happened as “the journalism of omission.” The safety of Supreme Court justices is a highly important topic, especially with looming decisions on gun rights and abortion, McCall said.

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(“They were enchanted!”)

Proud of Yourselves? (Kunstler)

Are drag queens really the best interlocutors for the doctrine of Diversity and Inclusion? Have we nothing better on offer to occupy childrens’ minds, say, learning to bake bread or build a bird-house? Practical skills they will need when the economy of Western Civ completes its disorienting descent out of Modern Times into the New Medieval? Does anyone actually know what children think about a drag queen reading, say, My Princess Boy by Cheryl Kilodavis to a roomful of five-year-old boys and girls? I mean, apart from what the parents who take them there tell us their children think. (“They were enchanted!”) We know that the parents are pretending that this is a wholesome developmental exercise. And yet, let’s face it: is it not the whole point of being a drag queen to present a horrifying parody of an adult female human? Something like women-as-monsters?

Do any of the mommies who bring their children to the drag queen story hour present themselves in public as women the way the drag queens do? As, above all, sexually super-available? Would, say, the Palo Alto mommy of a five-year-old pause to twerk in the frozen food section of the supermarket on any given afternoon? In that context, what might be the reaction of other mommies shopping for hot pockets and Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby? Five-year-old children generally have no idea what adult sexuality is about. Should perhaps their first exposure to a realm so fraught and complex that many adults do not understand it be the presentation of women as monsters? And why are the mommies so avid for their children to be introduced to sexuality this way? Are some of the children perceptive and astute enough to suspect that drag queens on display are not really women?

That, for instance, they might be… men? (A beard can be a give-away.) And might they take that thought a step or two further and ask themselves: why does this man want to pretend to be a monster-woman? Why doesn’t he want to be a daddy? Are mommies monsters? Can they turn into something like this when I’m not around? Are daddies who try to act like mommies monsters? How exactly is a child supposed to process all of this? All on its own, without any inversions, distortions, and misconstructions, sex is difficult for some young humans to process. By the time they reach the threshold of puberty — say, age thirteen for girls — the onset of sexual development is so alarming that they attempt to starve their way out of it and cut themselves up.

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“..Epstein personally escorted the two women into the room where the two senators were waiting.”

“National Security” Invoked For Epstein Meeting with US Senators in UK (Webb)

In connection with Whitney Webb’s upcoming book on the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, One Nation Under Blackmail, Unlimited Hangout filed a Freedom of Information request asking UK law enforcement and the Ministry of Defence the identity of two sitting US senators who were present at Foxcote House in North Warwickshire, UK on September 1, 2002. UH contributor Johnny Vedmore had previously obtained information from eyewitnesses of that meeting that, not only were two US Senators present at that location that day, but that Metropolitan Police officers had supplied security for the meeting. The FOI request was filed to Metropolitan Police, the UK Ministry of Defence and North Warwickshire Police and only a response from the Metropolitan Police was received.

The motive for UH’s FOI request is as follows. It is known that Jeffrey Epstein, as attested to by Epstein’s flight logs, was present in this part of the UK during this same period (from August 31, 2002 to September 2, 2002) and eyewitnesses saw him attend this specific meeting at this location with two attractive and glamorously dressed women on each arm. One of these women was Nicole Junkermann, a former model and apparent intelligence asset as revealed in Vedmore’s previous investigative work. The other woman was described by eyewitnesses as a tall brunette. Per those eyewitness accounts, Epstein personally escorted the two women into the room where the two senators were waiting.

Notably the house where this meeting took place, Foxcote House, has been owned by the family of Leslie Wexner, specifically his wife Abigail Wexner, since 1999. Wexner’s role in financing much of Jeffrey Epstein’s activities, legal and illegal, is a major focus of Webb’s upcoming book and Wexner has encountered considerable difficulty in explaining away his relationship with Epstein, despite the largely servile posture of mainstream media in this regard. Given the circumstances, it seems highly likely that this meeting was a high-profile instance of Jeffrey Epstein engaging in the sexual blackmail of sitting American politicians. However, due to the well-known scandal around Jeffrey Epstein, his name was not used in our FOI request in order to avoid potentially “spiking” the response.

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“It could be argued that the [extradition] process was flawed because the right of defense was violated by the country requesting the extradition.”

Julian Assange Extradition Rulings Could Be Annulled (Canary)

UK home office minister Priti Patel is expected to rule any day on whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should be extradited to the US to face espionage related charges. But legal sources now say that surveillance of Assange’s lawyers may see the extradition case thrown out. Meanwhile, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the UK government illegally spied on one of Assange’s lawyers. The Canary has previously listed a number of defence concerns that could be raised in court. These include Spain-based firm UC Global’s surveillance of Assange’s lawyers in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. The Canary reported that meetings between Assange and some of his lawyers – including Melinda Taylor, Jennifer Robinson, and Baltasar Garzón – were monitored.

Surveillance also included the logging of visitors such as Gareth Peirce – another of Assange’s lawyers – as well as a seven-hour session between Assange and his legal team on 19 June 2016. Robinson subsequently commented that the surveillance was “a huge and a serious breach of [Assange’s] right to a defence and a serious breach of [Assange’s] fair trial rights”. Indeed, client-lawyer confidentiality remains a cornerstone of the English legal system. In this respect, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson commented: “The case should be thrown out immediately. Not only is it illegal on the face of the [extradition] treaty, the U.S. has conducted illegal operations against Assange and his lawyers, which are the subject of a major investigation in Spain.”

Evidence was presented in a Spanish court at the trial of David Morales, UC Global CEO, that surveillance which UC Global gathered was allegedly provided to a contact with links to US intelligence. The Canary also reported that during the extradition proceedings in London, the defence referred to “Witness #2”, a whistleblower who worked for UC Global. And according to Shadowproof, Witness #2 revealed that: “data was collected and uploaded daily to a remote server. That information was accessed by U.S. intelligence. Original recordings, including sound, were collected from several microphones every 14 days.” The Council of Bar and Law Societies of Europe, representing over one million lawyers, has issued a letter to UK home secretary Priti Patel. The Council points out that the surveillance on Assange and his visitors equated to a serious breach of client-lawyer confidentiality, as well as other concerns:

Letter from The Council of Bar and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) to UK authorities about the interception of communications between Julian Assange and his lawyers — Aitor Martínez (@AitorxMartinez) February 27, 2020 Indeed, the law in England on client-lawyer confidentiality is clear, as indicated by this 2018 judgement in the Court of Appeal. Now legal sources have told El Pais that the surveillance UC Global undertook may lead to the extradition against Assange being annulled. The newspaper reports that: “Proving that US intelligence services learned about Assange’s defense strategy by spying on his lawyers could annul the extradition by questioning the illegal methods used by the US to get Assange tried there, according to legal sources.” “It could be argued that the [extradition] process was flawed because the right of defense was violated by the country requesting the extradition.”

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    Joseph Mallord William Turner Teasing the Donkey 1827   • DC Shifts To Damage Control As Ukraine Defense Fades (AT) • Russian Forces Cut Off Last
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle June 14 2022]


    “In a little over five months in 2022 until June 7, with very high vaccination coverage, Australia has recorded more than almost three times the total number of deaths with and from Covid compared to the previous 22 months. The figure is more than twenty times higher for New Zealand.”

    Yet more ‘vaccine success’



    Paul Weston sees it. Do you see it yet?
    A terrific commentary:


    “Sharp rise in COVID-19 cases in Israel may be caused by BA.5 variant”


    “We ask you to make sure to wear a mask in closed spaces, not because it is obligatory – but because it is an act of solidarity and caring for others.”

    Israeli Health Ministry 🤡🤡😂😂😂🤡🤡


    “Binance paused bitcoin withdrawals for several hours Monday due to a ‘stuck transaction’”


    A “stuck transaction” – an electron got “stuck”?
    Pull the other one!


    “Ramsay Hunt syndrome following COVID-19 vaccination”


    “You buy the ticket, you take the ride”


    “Interview with Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche by The New American: Covid Infection, Disease to Aggravate in Vaccinated”


    Wait – WHAT” – Covid Infection, Disease to Aggravate in Vaccinated ??!!

    Quote – “The pandemic is anything but over”
    Hahaha. Actually, it IS over for the unvaxxed. For the vaxxed, it’s only just beginning.


    V. Arnold

    This whole covid-19 virus/vaccine episode, is an excellent example of the total failure of critical thinking by the majority of humans…
    The tripwire for this failure was/is fear.. so excellently played by all the powers with financial rewards waiting in the wings…
    Fear usurps reason almost every time…
    We pay the price for this failure to think!!!


    Concerning ZH’s breadbasket of the world, Id like to know where they got those numbers for the pie chart?
    If you go here:

    The Ukraine does’t show up very often on the lists. For the cereal production it shows up only once in third place for buckwheat. I don’t get the gaslighting that is so easily contested. Looking at world trade of grains for some decades now due to knowing that shortages would come at some point regardless of our present situation. I know WIKI isn’t all that reliable so we can go to the UN’s FAO and see this:

    “World trade in cereals is expected to fall to a three-year low estimated at 463 million tonnes, 2.6 percent below the 2021/22 level. This anticipated decline reflects a likely contraction in global trade of coarse grains and wheat, while prospects for rice remain positive. The FAO Cereal Price Index averaged 173.4 points in May, reaching a new all-time high and 39.7 points (29.7 percent) above the previous year’s value. Tighter supplies and market uncertainty, especially for wheat, maize and barley, as well as rising energy and input prices, will likely keep world cereal prices elevated, at least through the first half of the 2022/23 season.”


    No mention of war anywhere in the short report which was released on 03/06/2022.
    Brace for impact!


    HULL, UNITED KINGDOM — Cargill has announced it will close its rapeseed crushing plant in Hull, United Kingdom, by the end of the year, citing “current market conditions.”

    The plant has daily capacity to crush 750 tonnes of rapeseed.

    Cargill has operated the facility since acquiring it from Croda Premier Oils in 1985. The facility closing will impact 36 jobs.

    While rapeseed planted area in the UK is expected to increase in 2022-23, it is still well below historic levels due to the loss of pesticides, yield issues and volatile input costs, according to April’s report from the Foreign Agricultural Service of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

    Planted area is forecast to increase 17% from the previous year to 359,000 hectares, but is still down from the high of 756,000 hectares in 2012.



    “For Europe, the loss of Russian barrels creates a significant feedstock deficit which will need to be backfilled from elsewhere. European refiners will likely increase purchases from the Middle East, West Africa and United States, as well as local North Sea barrels, raising prices for these grades and further incentivizing Eastern buyers to increase Russian intake. Similarly, the loss of Russian products, most notably diesel will create further inefficiencies in trade. At this stage it is unclear how much Russian diesel might be diverted to markets such as Latin America and Africa, however what is clear is that Europe will have a significant deficit, not all of which can be served by increases in regional refining activity, pointing to steep increases in imports”, Gibson noted.

    Tanker Market in Changing Tides

    I see no mention of the fact not all oil is created equal. Simply switching the supplier doesn’t work for refineries. The chemical composition is different from source to source requiring changes in the processing and additives used. So importing more fossil fuels means already distilled products from who knows where. Good news if you own tankers. Lots more long distance contracts coming your way.

    Dr. D

    Bitcoin and ETH? You ain’t seen nothing yet. These are assets that are capable of going anywhere. Still waiting for the buy. Expect they will A) Knock out massive BTC fund margin call and steal his coins. In fact, this may have been the point of the rigging. B) Coinbase and Binance ALREADY stopped outflows with the usual trollop about “server errors”. But only 100% of the time like clockwerk. C) Test run on stable coins complete, take out a bigger one, possibly even Tether. D) Outlaw all crypto competitors to the Fed using the SEC, which laws are written up and waiting on desks right now. I haven’t got a feel on whether the banks will release their own (fake, non)coin Ripple/XRP instead, driving crypto holders on the ranch and into the corral, but it’s a good thought.

    Anyway, crypto is doing what it does, and general stocks and bonds are no different. It’s pretty amazing that A) Powell managed this with .50bp, while 20% behind the curve. B) Nothing in Europe or China has blown up C) with an instant dollar shortage faster than in world history, the USD and USD strength has not gone up more. Both USDX, and US$ vs Commodity prices, you see. I might expect US$ to tread water right now while the rest-of-world sank with 20% inflation, but that has markedly not happened. That means something. If commodities are a “Commodity currency” then that currency is the only one strengthening, indicating the rotation of the system to a new center/reserve currency.

    Anyway, got to be placid when this happens, unless you wanted to go all-in on reverse QQQ or crude oil and wheat, there was no place to “Save” your money. Although US$ is “dropping”, it’s obviously not dropping as fast as the Dow, S&P, Naz, BTC, Emerging Markets, and immediately upcoming right now, housing. You need that US$ to have something to buy the bargains with after the front edge of this storm.

    Always the way: when prices are low, nobody has any money. When they’re high, they’re too expensive to afford. So you need the money BEFORE, because no bank is going to give you credit at the bottom. …You’re not in The Club. They give that only to registered Cantillion Card Holders, like Pelosi and Hunter’s prostitutes. Since I’m just as happy with beans on the wood stove, my life is easy. Since I mostly bought them before all this, it’s also cheap.

    “Biden Admin Quietly Urging Companies to Purchase Russian Fertilizer”

    Why not? He doubled Russian oil imports and has no shame while letting Europe twist in the wind.

    “FBI Warns It Won’t Tolerate “Violence” Amid Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling”

    Huh. That’s weird. They expect the violent far-right to be mad that abortion is illegal? Or maybe they can admit the Left is who will burn down the country again. If they “won’t tolerate it” are they planning on ever arresting anyone? Or just letting them all go like the last 3 years? How about a group who claim to be “revolutionaries” and whose slogan is “Burn it all Down”? Who shot Congress and showed up to kill a Supreme Court Justice? Should we look into a group like that, or what? Nah.

    “Could America be Facing a Food Shortage?”

    No. It would be a food distribution problem. But then, it usually is. Just like with money. Break the money system and the cooperation machine breaks down. Unneeded goods pile up, necessary goods are ignored while people who do nothing get rich, and people who work go hungry. All from removing an honest money system.

    “An armistice would allow Ukraine to deny that it had given up claims on territory held by Russia.”

    Well that’s nice. Except Russia isn’t negotiating and won’t do it. No doubt the US will have the UN and Ukr sign something Russia never saw or agreed to, and call it another treaty. …That the UN and Anglos will ignore like all the others.

    “a stupefying level of incompetence in the American intelligence community”

    Another “Intelligence Failure.” Like Libya, Syria, Iraq, 9-11… Okay, fine. YOU’RE FIRED. Your department will be liquidated and rolled over to the people who DID see it. No? How many “failures” for how many decades do you get? Well, all of them, forever. Forever wrong, never in doubt and always profiting.

    “The United States has committed to deliver…”

    But the United States is an appalling bare-faced liar and has not delivered. Nor will they. Like Pharma, it’s enough to write the check to corporations; they don’t actually deliver the goods. Do work? What’s that?

    “Ukraine needs 1,000 howitzers, 500 tanks and 1,000 drones among other heavy weapons,

    Sure, pal. ‘Cause tanks grow on trees, and we’ll just go down to the tank orchard and pick some. How many parts do you think a tank has? Are some of them made from nickel and titanium? Maybe you think Israel or someone would like to give away their entire tank force and sit naked before their enemies instead?

    “we literally walked away from a win thanks to Cronkite and the stupidity of the American people buying his bullshit.”

    Cronkite went on to the Press Corp and was thanked publicly by the oligarchs for his complete cooperation from them. It’s a well-known quote, kind of like the WEF meetings. There’s probably a videotape as well. They needed the U.S. bankrupt and off the gold standard (for no good reason/for any reason) in order to get us ON a Wall Street Contillion standard. Nixon complied, although it could have been anyone, eventually, unless they “scatter the CIA to the winds” as his predecessor vowed. Anyway, once the mission was accomplished, the war could end. Nevermind about “Tin soldiers and Nixon coming” since we’re doing CSN this week. They’re of “Crooked-mind thinking”. Whatever they are doing, wherever they are going, they cannot do it straight. So whatever they’re saying, it’s not what they do. The only purpose of speaking is to lie.

    “The US Is Still Importing Russian Oil Despite the Ban (FC)”

    They’re super-mad because this means Americans aren’t being killed. It also means something else: the center is not in control. They say all kinds of things and none of them happen.

    “Bank of Japan buys all government bonds, and it’s still not enough.”

    If I’m not mistaken, that is now complete and pure MMT. Their economy has been on the skids non-stop since “Die Hard” in 1988. I guess we now know if FDR’s “New Deal” would have worked if they had just done it longer. Done more “helping”. Nope. They had to blow up every other factory on the face of the earth with actual atom bombs to get out of the monetary crisis they themselves created with crooked, unsafe money and the erasing of the gold standard.

    people suffering vaccine injuries to that of returning veterans with health issues after the Vietnam War.”

    No, Gulf War Disease is the almost perfect correlation. It may have been caused by rushed vaccines given against anthrax, etc we suspected Saddam might use. …Because Rumsfeld sold him the anthrax, and most of their other chemical weapons of mass destruction. He sold them to use on the Kurds, our allies.

    “his faith in the scientific and medical community has been badly shaken by his experience”

    Shaken but not stirred. He still goes to them for answers and believes whatever they say. Heck, I don’t know anyone who WAS cured by the medical community, but I’m an American. They both only prescribe symptom suppressors for long-term profit, and the patient won’t obey the doctor’s recommendations anyway. …So the doctors don’t bother to tell you to exercise, lose weight, lay off the Type II foods, etc.

    “I work with technology and have a science background, so I understood that with a new product, new technology, there could be some things we don’t know about,”

    So he wanted to be in the experimental rocket on the launch pad when Bugs Bunny lit the fuse? I guess you don’t really understand technology at all. Schmartz guyz usually don’t. The government then lied, ignored, covered it up to destroy your life? I guess although working with technology, you don’t understand government either.

    “ January 6th Committee Chair Says No Criminal Referrals Will Be Made (RS)”

    So many crimes were committed, we couldn’t find any. Again. (Mueller is coming.) They can’t have criminal referrals since that would mean they have to present legal evidence and the cases would fall apart in public. All innuendo and feelz.

    Hey, is this why we have warrants, due process, speedy trials, and a jury of our peers? Maybe somebody’s seen this sort of thing before.

    “Capitol Police Debunk Jan. 6 Panel Allegation about GOP Lawmaker (JTN)”

    “Arrest that man!” Everyone in Congress just ignoring us and arresting each other. Of course, the DNC has tried to impeach every President since Eisenhower. It’s just what they do. Most actually brought a motion day after election. “Anyone not willing to accept the election results is a threat to democracy” – HRC, a month before not accepting the election results for 4 years straight and even now.

    “will have no effect on … voters, other than to make them feel persecuted,”

    D.C. is now openly and daily attacking and insulting just the normal working American. Arresting and investigating them all often enough. How long do you think that leaves “consent of the governed” once you do that? Ask the CCCP.

    “but that Metropolitan Police officers had supplied security for the meeting.”

    Yes, the purpose of the police and the FBI is to assist in felony crimes. In this case, suspected bribery and prostitution, with a known or suspected child trafficker. Two words: Jimmy Saville :

    As I’ve quoted the long law last year, making something secret in order for the government not to be embarrassed and cover up fraud, theft, and crimes, is ALSO a crime. You can’t “National Security” me. I paid for that.

    “The wider the gap becomes between the ideal and the real, the more the proto fascists, who look set to take back the Congress in the fall, will be empowered.”

    Huh? I’ve heard this new phrase elsewhere, now that “Super-Maga” got laughed off the stage. So these are fascists with SMALL government, no police powers, no censorship, black gun rights, gay marriage, and no foreign wars? Strange kind of fascists, as that’s 100% the #OppositeLand of what “Fascism” means.

    Repeat after me: “Fascism is large government. If government lacks power and centralization, it is not Fascism.” Since that’s the entire GOP platform: low taxes, small government, you’d think they could notice and put this to rest after 30 years. N O P E. We don’t care if it’s true. It’s better if it isn’t true!

    No matter what happens, like giving gun rights to the people and not the state, it never matters. That’s reality. We only deal with visions in our minds that I just made up a minute ago.

    “ Sunday Shows Don’t Cover Attempted Murder of Supreme Court Justice (ET)”

    Yes, but an unhinged leftist tried to murder someone. That’s just a “Dog Bites Man” story, a “Sky is Blue” story and deserves no special note. And we approve. Right? Is that not what they’re saying?

    Proud of Yourselves? (Kunstler)”

    Hate to say this, but Drag Shows are to me the modern Blackface Minstrel Shows. They are a bizarre parody of what it is to be a woman, as they misunderstand it so, so badly. So when a woman wears pants, does she become a man? Is that how this works now, because we passed that line 100 years ago. Misunderstanding it so badly, thinking that “woman” is made entirely of lipstick and heels, says to me you’re both immature and deeply disturbed. And maybe that’s fine for you, and although you won’t return the favor, I won’t stop you. Maybe this is your way of learning that “clothes do not make the man” and imagining and imitating women still lacks the inside part that makes you actually a woman. Understanding that, perhaps you can move on.

    You did see that case in Texas where a teacher took a student to drag, and sat him next to a pedophile, right? That’s why we need sign-offs for that sort of thing. I mean adult teachers taking children to bars as if they’re on a date. LGBTQ writer and advocate, also teacher, but I repeat myself.

    Women harvest DNA. Yes, that’s why it’s so intimate, and sex is not bodily, it’s spiritual. You cannot just undo it and move on. I mean, if you’re an unfeeling psychopath, maybe, but it’s hard to make yourself one. Also why, although that’s also true for men, it’s much more true for women. In addition, women keep the DNA of their children, so they also are forever intertwined. Thus Mother Mary and her son, gaining a doorway to heaven when he ascended there. People do or say or believe things we don’t understand. Maybe later we come up with theories that can understand them.

    That sex is sacred and irreversible might be one of them. Not to be trifled with, or mocked.


    Following the ZH article the 25% is the combined Russia/Ukraine total what isn’t mentioned is the Ukraines contribution is 5% of that number. So it’s the sanctions that are the problem, self inflicted damage. I did find this at the IGC(https://www.igc.int/en/default.aspx):

    The declaration saying it’s the war and no mention of the sanctions.

    The rebuttal from the Russians
    Statement by the Russian Federation
    Further to the Council’s decision at its 55th Extraordinary Session on 6th April 2022 to adopt
    the declaration as circulated in document GEN(21/22)5:
    “The Russian Federation believes that the decision of the Council to adopt the declaration
    was made outside of its authority and not in line with its powers under the Сonvention. The
    Russian Federation stresses that the declaration does not present the views of all Council
    Outcome of vote on the Council Declaration (document GEN(21/22)5)
    In favour:
    Korea, Rep of
    United Kingdom

    Russian Federation

    South Africa

    Members that did not cast a vote:
    Cote d’Ivoire,
    Saudi Arabia
    Vatican City

    Members not eligible to vote:


    Again for a look at the growing list of growing food problems just scroll the headlines:

    14th June 2022 Today’s Round-Up of Economic News

    Yes Dr,D the digital currency thingy isn’t the holy grail of finance. It’s one more run on the unwary pie in the sky crowd. Which seemingly is most in the west. So are we to power all the infrastructure required to run this scam or plant some veggies? You know all the mines and transport needed to build all the hardware needed to run this particular old scam. Phones, power lines, roads and trucks and ships not to mention sever farms that aren’t going to run on non-renewable renewables, i.e. solar panels and turbines. These farms have big diesel generators for backup when the main lines go dark. The batteries in these places aren’t for storage as they are kept charged by the grid and are used to run the inverters so as to keep the sine wave stable. The grid power is dirty power, (sine wave fluctuations), which is harmful to sensitive electronics.

    John Day

    What circle of hell is Robert Reich going to for saying Liz Cheney is like Paul Wellstone?
    Just askin’ …

    John Day

    @Red: Rapeseed is what they (mostly) detoxify to make “Canola oil”, which is a confabulated name.
    It is also linseed-oil, a perfectly good wood-finish.

    John Day

    @Germ: “Keep on Rockin in the Free World”, Brother!

    (Or at least TAE Comments)

    John Day

    Picture of kitchen-cabinet reinforcing and installing project progressing @ Homestead Yoakum, some stories you may have seen and others you have not – https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/which-came-first?s=w

    This article from last summer looks familiar, but it may just be the meme that is familiar. The meme is that some crisis was needed to justify directly pumping trillions of dollars into global finance in 2020. This was already the case in September 2019, when the US Fed. pumped trillions of dollars into the overnight-lending “repo-window”.
    The biggest banks in the world could no longer trust each other overnight with T-bills as collateral. COVID was convenient, and all the planning was at the same time. See 2019 timeline in article, which is well documented. Thanks “Clueless Honky”.
    Joining the dots is a simple enough exercise. If we do so, we might see a well-defined narrative outline emerge, whose succinct summary reads as follows: lockdowns and the global suspension of economic transactions were intended to 1) Allow the Fed to flood the ailing financial markets with freshly printed money while deferring hyperinflation; and 2) Introduce mass vaccination programmes and health passports as pillars of a neo-feudal regime of capitalist accumulation. As we shall see, the two aims merge into one.
    In 2019, world economy was plagued by the same sickness that had caused the 2008 credit crunch. It was suffocating under an unsustainable mountain of debt….
    ..The repo market meltdown of September 2019 must be placed within this fragile economic context…
    .. In financial markets powered by cheap loans, any increase in interest rates is potentially cataclysmic for banks, hedge funds, pension funds and the entire government bond market, because the cost of borrowing increases and liquidity dries up. This is what happened with the ‘repocalypse’ of September 2019: interest rates spiked to 10.5% in a matter of hours, panic broke out affecting futures, options, currencies, and other markets where traders bet by borrowing from repos. The only way to defuse the contagion was by throwing as much liquidity as necessary into the system – like helicopters dropping thousands of gallons of water on a wildfire. Between September 2019 and March 2020, the Fed injected more than $9 trillion into the banking system, equivalent to more than 40% of US GDP.
    The mainstream narrative should therefore be reversed: the stock market did not collapse (in March 2020) because lockdowns had to be imposed; rather, lockdowns had to be imposed because financial markets were collapsing. With lockdowns came the suspension of business transactions, which drained the demand for credit and stopped the contagion. In other words, restructuring the financial architecture through extraordinary monetary policy was contingent on the economy’s engine being turned off. Had the enormous mass of liquidity pumped into the financial sector reached transactions on the ground, a monetary tsunami with catastrophic consequences would have been unleashed.
    As claimed by economist Ellen Brown, it was “another bailout”, but this time “under cover of a virus.” Similarly, John Titus and Catherine Austin Fitts noted that the Covid-19 “magic wand” allowed the Fed to execute BlackRock’s “going direct” plan, literally: it carried out an unprecedented purchase of government bonds, while, on an infinitesimally smaller scale, also issuing government backed ‘COVID loans’ to businesses. In brief, only an induced economic coma would provide the Fed with the room to defuse the time-bomb ticking away in the financial sector.

    A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Systemic Collapse and Pandemic Simulation

    Consciousness of Sheep writes…
    For as long as climate change was off in the distant future, governments have been able to trade warm words for concrete action. In a similar vein, a certain kind of green politician has been able to trade on the pretence that ending fossil fuel use would come at no cost. Meanwhile, the diesel fuel kept the arteries of the global supply chains flowing even as ever more coal and gas supplied the heat and power for the technological engines of economic growth…
    ..Well, that future has arrived, and the eco-austerity is only just beginning. Nevertheless, it is already creating big political waves. We might, for a while, get away with the myth that what is happening is all the fault of “Madman Putin” – but that narrative gets very old very quickly for households forced to choose between food and warmth in the depths of winter. And as Helm points out:
    “All of this matters because it means that the current price shock is not temporary, even if the gas price falls back. We are not going to get out of gas anytime soon. Indeed with the extra demand for electricity for transport, the digital technologies and heating too, the problem will get a lot worse before it gets better. The cost of energy will keep going up, and the energy strategy and other net zero problems will contribute to this rise in costs. Whilst the public have been led to believe that net zero is a free lunch (or at least a manageable 1% of GDP or less), it is very much not so. Important and worth doing, but a much bigger cost of living rise than our leaders, and the campaigners against climate change generally, would like us to believe. They fear scaring the horses, but they cannot stop us being confronted with the cost.”

    Greens unlikely to survive the coming winter

    John Day

    Ukraine War Update focuses some on the “Great Walk Back” in NATO about, “Ukraine fighting a long war” and “never surrendering” and “maintaining territorial integrity”.

    Sitrep Operation Z: The Great WalkBack

    Russian forces have taken Severodonetsk, the last city in Luhansk held by Ukrainian military forces.

    Russian Army Will Be Deploying To Nicaragua For ‘Humanitarian Operations’ (So what does it mean when the US does “humanitarian operations”? Similar?)
    The recent announcement by Daniel Ortega, the president of Nicaragua, that he will be allowing Russian troops, ships and planes into the region for humanitarian operations will certainly upset the current mainstream narrative that Russia has been “isolated” from the rest of the world by Western sanctions.

    I’m trying to keep an eye on Sri Lanka, the recipient of humanitarian oil-relief from Russia, and maybe more as the summer progresses. Andrew Korybko
    Sri Lanka’s Principled Neutrality Ensured Its Survival In The Economic Crisis Thus Far
    Shortly after, it was revealed that it purchased a 90,000-metric-ton shipment of Russian oil in order to restart its refinery, after which Prime Minister Wickremesinghe told the Associated Press in an exclusive interview this weekend that he’s interested in buying more from it if he can’t find other suppliers and is also exploring the purchase of Russian wheat too. These two literally live-saving options might not have been available to his country had it compromised on its position of principled neutrality by submitting to the US-led West at the UN…
    ..The Sri Lankan case is instructive for many Global South countries like Pakistan, which might soon find themselves in similar situations.

    John Day

    Russia is apparently able to project force in Syria now. When Russia says “unacceptable” it means “Russia will not allow more of this”.
    Russia Issues Unusually Bitter Condemnation Of Israeli Attack On Damascus Airport
    Following the Friday pre-dawn raid, ostensibly against Iranian weapons shipments and assets according to Israeli reports, Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Friday evening slammed the— “vicious practice” of Israeli strikes on civilian infrastructure, which it said were “provocative” and “in violation of the basic norms of international law.” …
    The statement from Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said, “We are compelled to reiterate that the ongoing Israeli shelling of the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, in violation of the basic norms of international law, is absolutely unacceptable.”
    It continued: “We strongly condemn Israel’s provocative attack on the most important object of the Syrian civilian infrastructure.”
    “Such irresponsible actions create serious risks for international air traffic and put the lives of innocent people in real danger.”

    The Israeli military’s Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi made a series of chilling threats to Lebanon while talking at Israel’s first National Conference on the Home Front on June 12.
    In his speech, Kochavi detailed the Israeli military’s strategy for responding to an attack that Hezbollah could launch from Lebanon.
    “We will deal very big strikes in the war, but we will warn the residents and allow them to leave the areas. I say to the residents of Lebanon: I advise you to leave, not only at the beginning of the war, but from the beginning of tension and before the first shot is fired. I advise you to leave those areas because the attack force will be unimaginable like you nothing you have witnessed before,” Kochavi said.
    Kochavi vowed that the Israeli military will target any rocket launcher or headquarters of Hezbollah, even if they were hidden in residential buildings.
    “Every target associated with missiles and rockets will be targeted in the next war,” the military leader said. “A house in which a missile is located or located near a missile, an activist who deals with a missile, a command headquarters that deals with a missile, or electricity connected to a group of missiles – all of this network will be hit on the day of the war.” …
    ..Kochavi threats appear to be a direct response to a recent speech by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, in which the Lebanese leader warned Israel against extracting gas from the disputed Karish naval field.
    The Lebanese-Israeli dispute over Karish heated up earlier this month when the Greek-owned Energean Power FPSO [Floating Production Storage Offloading] reached the field to extract gas. Lebanon claims that a part of Karish is within its exclusive economic zone.
    With the lack of any real progress in the US-backed talks on the demarcation of the naval borders between Lebanon and Israel, the two countries may be on the course for a military confrontation.

    Israel’s Chief Of Staff Makes Chilling Threats To Lebanon, Talks About ‘Big Strikes’

    Georgia avoids risk of new conflict by not giving weapons to Ukraine — defense minister (Georgia is promised NATO membership “some day”.)
    Georgia is giving no weapons to Ukraine to insure itself from the risk of a new conflict, Georgian Defense Minister Juansher Burchuladze said in parliament on Thursday.
    “That we don’t give Ukraine weapons – we believe we are defending the interests of Georgian citizens and insure Georgia from the risk of a new conflict,” he said.

    John Day

    Ellen Brown usually writes about healthy, non-parasitic banking models and practices, but she presents this good advice. Vegetable gardening is complicated by lots of things and critters that you have not thought much about, unless you have been doing it.
    Get started. Do the homework. Work out the kinks.
    The Food Shortage Solution in Your Own Backyard
    ..Permaculture is a gardening technique that “uses the inherent qualities of plants and animals combined with the natural characteristics of landscapes and structures to produce a life-supporting system for city and country, using the smallest practical area.”
    Russian families have shown the possibilities, using permaculture methods on simple cottage gardens or allotments called dachas. As Dr. Leon Sharashkin, a Russian translator and editor with a PhD in forestry from the University of Missouri, explains:
    Essentially, what Russian gardeners do is demonstrate that gardeners can feed the world – and you do not need any GMOs, industrial farms, or any other technological gimmicks to guarantee everybody’s got enough food to eat. Bear in mind that Russia only has 110 days of growing season per year – so in the US, for example, gardeners’ output could be substantially greater. Today, however, the area taken up by lawns in the US is two times greater than that of Russia’s gardens – and it produces nothing but a multi-billion-dollar lawn care industry.
    The Food Shortage Solution in Your Own Backyard

    Jessica Rose Ph.D.has the best researched piece on prions and amyloid plaques , related to COVID-vaccines, that I have seen.
    RSFIEDLLFNKV… are we looking at weaponized amyloidosis?
    And what of prions? An exploratory piece.


    Teasing the Donkey is safer than poking the bear.

    So I was talking with a friend (an old geezer like me) who has a military background and I said I had posted a typo mistake about the artillery rounds Russia uses a day in Ukraine. I said a thought it was 500,000 rounds but it’s ‘only’ about 50,000. He said 50k per day is still an ungodly amount of hellfire to be under.

    I asked what he thought the Russians would do as they pushed farther east into central and western Ukraine, to de-nazify the place.

    He said the Russians in the eastern Ukraine have been fighting with one hand tied behind their back. They had to hold back to avoid civilian causalities and completely trashing the infrastructure. And the chickenshit behavior of the Ukronazis constantly using civilians as human shields and hiding in kindergartens and schools.

    He said once they get into territory where the majority of civilians are Ukrainian, his guess was that they would really take the gloves off and waste any opposition with their short supply chain to their enormous military munition industrial base.

    Unlike the Empire of Lies , who had a 10,000+ mile supply chain in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, the Russian supply chain is incredibly short because the Russians don’t go around the world constantly invading other countries far from their Motherland.

    And he said, speaking of the Motherland, the Ukronazis drafting their women is a sign of utter depravity and desperation.

    In parting he said

    “Ukraine didn’t just lose, it has no future.”



    J.D. read your blog in my mail this morning, cabinets looking good. Permaculture is good, the difference between Russia and the rest of the west is population density. Russia has what 146 million people over 12 time zones. That seems lost on most. Lets look at say France at 65 million or Germany at 84 million both in the same time zone. Most citizens in those two countries live in cities with no allotments to speak of or back yards. I know time zones aren’t equal geographically but it’s mute for this point. “Victory” gardens aren’t going to cut it. It will even be difficult in the states or Canada due to the fact the best growing land is either corporate owned or paved over, think suburbs. Population density versus available land.

    Over at the Consciousness of Sheep a new post is up and states the difficulty of travelling 7 miles. Seven damn miles is an issue for them and it takes the best part of an hour! I know folks in this country that spend two plus hours each way to commute, and longer for some on public transit. This situation is unsustainable without cheap high density fuel. This is of course UK centric but can be applied elsewhere. Any who an excerpt:

    Unravelling begins
    Cast your mind back to the Spring of 2020, and the odds are you will have discovered that, like me, you are not an “essential worker.” Some 60 percent or so of us, it turned out, could sit around binge-watching Netflix all day without the wider world seemingly noticing our absence. Perhaps the most important thing we discovered back then though, was that a person’s importance to the maintenance of our way of life has little connection to the amount of money they are paid. Most of the highest paid people, it turned out, could take a year off and nobody would notice. But the absence, even for a single shift, of many low-paid workers resulted in chaos.

    Essential workers could be excluded from the lockdown measures imposed on the majority. But that was, if you will, a largely manufactured situation. The stagflationary crisis which is just beginning to break over us is a different matter – and it is far harder for the state to shield essential workers from its consequences. This is because the core structure of our way of life – what Dimitri Orlov calls the Iron Triangle – is unsustainable in the face of fossil fuel shortages and ever rising prices.

    One of the defining features of the neoliberal order has been the separation of work from place. That is, people are expected to work somewhere different from the place where they live. And in neoliberal economies like the UK, this can only be achieved through mass car use. Consider, for example, the changes in the small town of Caerphilly at the southern end of the ex-industrial Rhymney Valley. In the early 1960s, the town had been largely walkable:

    In Brief: Unravelling begins, Strike out, Inflation deception, Losing critical mass, Last orders, Bad driving and weak government, Boris stew.


    Don’t believe the lies.
    The USA proved, in Vit., and Afga., that having the “High Ground” does not mean winning the war.
    Connect the dots.
    Read the blogs
    Truth reveals the scams

    The whole world social/economic systems are one big fucking scam
    A page/scam from Russia’s book

    We send all our old shit in the warehouses/inventory to Ukraine, and buy shiny new stuff straight from our defense industry.
    Make a list of of the tools/ways of achieving “demand destruction”
    1. Inflation/price
    2. War
    3. lying
    4. Destroying/Kill/Death of middle class consumers
    5. Fear


    Agenda 21 Laid the Groundwork
    In 1992, Agenda 21 was created. That was the genesis of sustainable development. That’s where that doctrine was openly described. The Agenda 21 and the Biodiversity Convention that took place at the same time was the agenda for 21st century.

    As explained by Wood, Agenda 21 was foundational in the sense that laid out all the events being rolled out and changes being implemented today. It’s just that no one was really paying attention to where things were headed, the ultimate implications of it all. Of course, those who did see the writing on the wall were discredited as “crazy conspiracy theorists.”

    “There was a great book released in 1994 called ‘The Earth Brokers.’ The two authors were scholars. They were also the original environmental crowd. They weren’t on our side necessarily, but they went to the Agenda 21 conference in good faith, figuring there was going to be some negotiation to dial back the development that was messing with the Third World and try to get the planet back together.

    They went hoping to turn some things around, and they came away from the Agenda 21 conference completely disillusioned … In that book, they criticized the Agenda 21 process. They started out by saying something like this: ‘We argue that USAID — the United Nations conference on economic development — has boosted precisely the type of industrial development that is destructive for the environment, the planet and its inhabitants.

    We see how, as a result of USAID, the rich would get richer, the poor poorer, while more and more of the planet is destroyed in the process.’ What can we say, but ‘amen’ to that. Here we are today. It’s exactly what’s happened.”

    The Plan to Own and Control All Life
    “The Earth Brokers” also reviewed what they learned from the Biodiversity Convention, which ran parallel with the Agenda 21 conference. It had the same participants, just two different thought tracks brought together at the same conference.

    “They wrote about the biodiversity convention, which has become incredibly important today to the United Nations. They said the convention implicitly equates the diversity of life, that is animals and plants, to the diversity of genetic codes. By doing so, diversity becomes something modern science can manipulate. It promotes biotechnology as being essential for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

    They redefined the term biodiversity, for one, but they also said the main stake raised by the biodiversity convention is the issue of ownership and control over biological diversity. The major concern was protecting the pharmaceutical and emerging biotechnology industries. That was their assessment.

    To which, today, we can say, ‘Bingo!’ That is exactly what happened back then, and this is exactly the expression today that we see of the genetic takeover of life on planet earth. They’ve gotten the seeds, they’ve gotten the plants, they’ve gotten the animals.”

    Today, the technocrats are also moving in on the human genetic code. Chief medical officer of Moderna, Tal Zaks, for example, has stated that Moderna, a developer of the mRNA COVID jab, is “hacking the software of life.” He described the human genetic code as an operating system, and if you can change that operating system by introducing a new line of code, or by changing a line of code, you can change how the operating system functions.

    Since 1992, legislation has been created to protect Big Pharma. You could say the 1992 Agenda 21 was a pre-coup. They laid the groundwork back then to protect the pharmaceutical and emerging biotech industries they knew were coming. And, today, the very genetic makeup of mankind is up for grabs.



    Yesterday I was reminded of how profound the differences can be between little boys and little girls. I have a piano student, a girl just turned 6. There is a finger puppet game I play with her to teach her finger numbers for piano. She chose 2 flower puppets. Multiple times throughout the song she found opportunities for the flower puppets to kiss each other. I smiled, remembering the girly things my own daughter did at that age…and how my boys didn’t do those things…although one of my boys at that age loved to dress-up in dresses, and persisted in wearing a gold jacket and silver boots for quite a while. I remember how perplexed I was at the time by my son’s behavior, but decided against tying gender to it. Instead, I called him “a rockstar” by way of explanation. He eventually quit wearing shiny and sparkly clothes, (although I suspect that he still secretly likes the color pink.) He always also had many behavioral traits that are typically considered male. I’ve never observed him deviating from seeing himself as a boy, although I raised him in an environment that did not condemn trans people. I do believe that if I had suggested to him that his “girly” behavior might mean that he was *really* a girl, that it would have been psychologically damaging for him. Children look to parents as guideposts as they make sense out of life. One of the things I’ve learned through parenthood is that, yes, children need choices, but they need developmentally appropriate choices. For the vast majority of children, gender doesn’t fall into the category of a developmentally appropriate choice. Gender is an expression of their genetic makeup. It is wise to accept one’s body as it is, acknowledging that most changes we might do — lose or gain weight, deliberately build muscle, a tattoo or piercing, makeup and hair removal or styling — are cosmetic.

    Mister Roboto

    @phoenix: I definitely respect your approach of absolutely not shaming or punishing gender nonconforming behavior but at the same time not imposing the idea that these dalliances mean that the child may be a transgender. That is something the child needs to bring to the attention of the parent for discussion, and in this day and age, part of that discussion would be making sure they weren’t thinking their gender identity is the opposite of their biological sex on account of SJW zealots planting ideas in their heads at school.

    Michael Reid

    Canola oil is a vegetable oil derived from a variety of rapeseed that is low in erucic acid, as opposed to colza oil. There are both edible and industrial forms produced from the seed of any of several cultivars of the plant family Brassicaceae.

    Linseed oil, also known as flaxseed oil or flax oil (in its edible form), is a colourless to yellowish oil obtained from the dried, ripened seeds of the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum). The oil is obtained by pressing, sometimes followed by solvent extraction. Linseed oil is a drying oil, meaning it can polymerize into a solid form. Owing to its polymer-forming properties, linseed oil can be used on its own or blended with combinations of other oils, resins or solvents as an impregnator, drying oil finish or varnish in wood finishing, as a pigment binder in oil paints, as a plasticizer and hardener in putty, and in the manufacture of linoleum. Linseed oil use has declined over the past several decades with increased availability of synthetic alkyd resins—which function similarly but resist yellowing.[1]

    Linseed oil is an edible oil in demand as a dietary supplement, as a source of α-Linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid. In parts of Europe, it is traditionally eaten with potatoes and quark. It is regarded as a delicacy due to its hearty taste and ability to improve the bland flavour of quark.[2]


    Why do people lie
    Why do people not tell the truth

    Defensive: The most common reason for lying is to self-protect. There might be a real consequence or a perceived one that a person is trying to defend themselves against.

    Vindictive: Some people lie intentionally to cause harm to others because they feel harmed by that person. It is a way of getting back at another person.

    Disappointment: In order to avoid disappointing another person or even themselves, a lie might be told. The uncomfortable feeling of disappointment justifies the deception.

    Manipulate: An abusive person constantly lies in order to continue their manipulation. If the truth came out, the abused might leave.

    Intimidated: Sometimes a lie is done because the person feels intimidated by others. Again, this feeling of inferiority is so uncomfortable that they lie to cover it up.

    Attention-seeking: Unfortunately, there are people who lie just to get the attention of other people. The irony is that most of them don’t know what to do with the attention when they do get it.

    Curiosity: This is a very childlike behavior that some adults don’t grow out of. Instead, they lie just to see what will happen regardless of the harm it might cause others.

    Superior: For those with a larger than life ego and in order to maintain their superiority, they lie to make themselves look better than others.

    Avoid: Some lies are done to get out of trouble or avoid any consequences. This is especially true with children.

    Cover: Some people wear a mask and pretend to be something they are not. To maintain their appearances, they lie to cover up any attempt at revealing the real person.

    Control: Sadly, sometimes it all comes down to control. In an effort to control another persons behavior, a lie is told.

    Procrastinate: Passive-aggressively avoiding responsibilities is procrastination. This lie is more subtle in that the person knows they should be doing something but is intentionally putting it off.

    Bored: Some people like drama in their lives. So they lie to stir it up and watch the reactions of other people.

    Protect: There are some lies that are done to protect others. In some cases, a lie is told to take on responsibility for things they are not responsible for in an effort to help someone else.

    Habit: After a period of time and done constantly enough, bad habits can form. This is true for some lies that are said over and over.

    Fun: Some people lie as their form of private entertainment. For them, lying is fun because they like to watch how others respond.

    Desire: A person who wants a lie to be the truth has a deep desire to believe their misperception.

    Harm: People who want to harm others undecided, lie about who they are and what they are doing. This is a common tactic during the abduction of others.

    Sympathy: Similar to attention-seeking, a person is trying to get empathy from others by lying about a past or current event.

    Lazy: On occasion, a lie boils down to a person being lazy and not wanting to do the work, so they lie about it.
    Indifference: If a point or issue doesn’t matter to a person, they might lie about it and not see anything wrong with their deception.

    Perception: Some people believe their own lie. Their perception of reality is not accurate so in their eyes, its not a lie.

    Elevate: A person might want to elevate themselves to another persons level high morality, strong work ethic, or perfectionistic standards, so they lie to lift themselves up.

    Impress: As a way of trying to impress others and cause a better impression, a person might lie about who they are, what they have done, or where they are going.

    Covet: When a person wants what other have, they covet the item or person and lie about their jealousy.

    Minimize: As a way of reducing the damage, harm, or consequences that might otherwise occur, a person minimizes the truth in their lie.

    Maximize: On the opposite end, a person might exaggerate their lie and make things worse than what it really is.

    Suppress: In an effort to cover up a problem, a person might suppress the truth. This lie is intentional.

    Deny: Not every person who doesn’t want something to exist by denying the reality, is lying intentionally. Sometimes this is an unintentional.

    Hide: A person might hide themselves, others, or things and lie about doing so as a way to avoid accountability. This is commonly done in conjunction with addictive behavior.


    @John Day “Rapeseed is what they (mostly) detoxify to make “Canola oil”, which is a confabulated name.
    It is also linseed-oil, a perfectly good wood-finish.” If I am not mistaken, linseed oil — aka flaxseed oil — is a product of the flax plant: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linseed_oil


    It starts with a VISION for what is possible. With a direction, we can move from the vision to practicality – to designing, implementing, and inspiring.

    , high density (population) areas/cities need a different plan, so implement where the land is available – or make land available. US Gov. owns lots of land (Trinity County CA where I live is 82% US Gov/forest lands). Perhaps the opportunity to HOMESTEAD would appeal to the younger generations. US could do it at some scale. Suburbs could eliminate grass/lawns and implement a third plan.

    The article linked below came through following a John Day link (of today). Quotes from the article…we have
    Hippies Revival – Part II for ya:

    “Essentially, what Russian gardeners do,” he concludes, “is demonstrate that gardeners can feed the world – and you do not need any GMOs, industrial farms, or any other technological gimmicks to guarantee everybody’s got enough food to eat. Bear in mind that Russia only has 110 days of growing season per year – so in the US, for example, gardeners’ output could be substantially greater.”

    A Hippies Revival – would not be complete without the energy, practicality, and spirit of INDIVIDUALS who think/live/LOVE differently:

    “As Vladimir’s critical interest in these phenomena grow, Anastasia stresses the importance of the wisdom she offers, offering the vision of an emerging culture re-united with Nature. Letting the children grow up in orchards and gardens full of our love is the key to reclaiming humanity’s Creator role on earth, and this new Age of Co-Creation will be realized when we empower our dreams with the purity of thought that comes from living a natural life.”

    According to JKunstler, we are destined to end up here anyway. So why not build out models for what’s possible now? This vision will appeal to some; thankfully there are many paths to Peace.

    In 1999, 35 million small family plots produced 90% of Russia’s potatoes, 77% of vegetables, 87% of fruits, 59% of meat, 49% of milk — way to go, people!

    LOVE to All.


    Phoenix, I think the no.1 priority should be to not confuse your child about matters (s)he is necessarily only just discovering. Nothing before age 15, I’d say. Then maybe you can talk.

    Oils: I don’t know of any seed oil that is not potentially bad for you. But yeah, I live in the land of olive oil, I know. P.D. Mangan has libraries full about the topic.

    Still wonder why nobody tells Bieber where his paralysis came from, so he can do something about it, like at FLCCC protocols..


    Why do people tell the truth?

    John Day

    @Red: Thanks for kind words. This looks pivotal.
    “They redefined the term biodiversity, for one, but they also said the main stake raised by the biodiversity convention is the issue of ownership and control over biological diversity. The major concern was protecting the pharmaceutical and emerging biotechnology industries. That was their assessment.”

    and Susmarie108: Vegetable gardening, and especially storing what is grown, is so much harder than anybody understands without doing it. Russians keep a lot of potatoes, I think. You have to grow what will grow, when it will grow, tend it without fai, protect it from all hungry critters, harvest at the right moment and store it promptly, well and protected from critters, mold, heat, cold, whatever. It should still be done, but most people concede failure at their first mistake which destroys their first attempt.

    Reid and BoomerDoomer2: I am so embarrssed. Rapeseed oil is biodiesel, not a wood finishing oil.
    Flax is all good. sigh, no excuse. Just remembered wrong.

    : That was good, observant and conservative parenting, not reactionary or hierarchical.
    Style is not substance.

    D Benton Smith

    @JohnDay . “What circle of hell . . .”

    The one where the only thing he can hear, is what he has said. Forever.

    Figmund Sreud

    About “The Truth”:

    “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

    – Winston Churchill



    Brave browser won’t let me run netflix so here is the youtube trailer for the sundance short film jury award. It’s quite illuminating about life in rural Georgia.

    John D “They redefined the term biodiversity, for one, but they also said the main stake raised by the biodiversity convention is the issue of ownership and control over biological diversity. The major concern was protecting the pharmaceutical and emerging biotechnology industries. That was their assessment.”

    So if the jab changes your DNA by design do they now technically own you like the food from GMO seeds? You can’t save those seeds for planting in the future because it’s their intellectual property unless you pay them royalties as I understand. Been saving my own seeds for years.


    Thanks to everyone on the rapeseed lesson. Used lots of linseed oil in my time on exteriors of buildings. Here on the south shore of Nova Scotia it was mixed with cod liver oil to put on the shingles of the fish stores, back when the dinosaurs roamed. Those would be the buildings on or beside the wharves where the days catch was cleaned and salted down. It was typically cool inside as the were constructed over the water so spoilage wasn’t an issue. After twenty eight days in the salt they could be brought out and dried and would keep for a good long time. How long I’m unsure as there wasn’t any left by the next season. So at least that long.

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