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Edward Hopper Ground swell 1939


Vaccine Deaths Outnumber Covid Deaths in US Households (DS)
Russian MIL Declares Ukraine Origin of C19 (Clandestine)
US Prepares New Weapons Package For Ukraine (RT)
Pentagon Chiefs’ Calls To China Go Unanswered Amid Taiwan Crisis (Pol.)
Erdogan’s Diplomacy With Russia Alarms West – FT (RT)
Putin Says EU Should Thank Turkey (RT)
100s Of New Mines Required To Meet 2030 Battery Metals Demand — IEA (Mining)
Sanctions On Russia ‘Irresponsible’, Adviser To Brazil’s Lula Says (RT)
Elon Musk Accuses Twitter of Fraud: Countersuit (ET)
Elon Musk Says He Will Buy Twitter On One Condition (RT)
VP Joe Biden Met With Two Chinese Energy Execs In The West Wing (DM)
EDF Cuts Output At Nuclear Power Plants As French Rivers Get Too Warm (G.)
China’s July Coal Imports Surge 24% To Meet Peak Power Load (R.)





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BREAKING: Alex Jones has been ordered to pay an extra $45 million in punitive damages by a Texas Jury.

Robert Barnes @barnes_law: By law in Texas, this is reduced to $750K per plaintiff, so it’s actually $1.5M not $45M. Also, like everything else in the trial, a product of a court that denied Jones any evidence on his side or any witnesses at this stage, and should be set aside by Texas Supremes.





Based on Steve Kirsch studies/polls. How can you justify a mandate is the vaccines kill more people than the disease they “protect” from?

Vaccine Deaths Outnumber Covid Deaths in US Households (DS)

Polls of the U.S. public continue to show that up to twice as many Americans have lost a household member to a Covid vaccine injury as have lost one to Covid. The pooled results of five surveys of the American public, now totalling over 2,500 people, show that while 4.4% of respondents reported that someone in their household had died from COVID-19, 8.9% said someone had died as a result of Covid vaccination. The results also showed that 8.6% said they had been injured by their vaccination, 4.9% that they had sought medical help and 3.2% that they had been hospitalised, while 3.6% said that as a result of vaccination they were no longer able to work a full day or at all.

These are percentages of all respondents. If we look only at the 74.0% vaccinated with at least one dose then the figures, as a proportion of vaccinated persons, are 11.7% injured, 6.7% needing medical help, 4.4% hospitalised and 4.8% unable to work. While these figures are self-reported and there is no control group, since the unvaccinated were not asked about adverse events, they are still alarmingly high. The results also showed that, among those who reported a Covid death in their household, more than twice as many reported that it occurred after the person was vaccinated than before (2.8% vs 1.2%). The proportion who said they had contracted Covid before their vaccination (13.1%) was very similar to the proportion who said they contracted it afterwards (11.7%). These figures are not indicative of a highly effective vaccine against either infection or death.

The people polled were randomly selected, representative samples of the U.S. public, of whom 74.0% were vaccinated, so the samples were not inherently biased towards or against the reporting of vaccine problems, though as in all opinion polls (especially online ones) there may be an issue of self-selection bias.

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Russian MIL Declares Ukraine Origin of C19 (Clandestine)

New briefing from Chief of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defence Forces, General Igor Kirillov, on military biological activities of the United States in the territory of Ukraine. The Russian MIL have been studying biological samples from surrendered Ukrainian soldiers, and what they have been finding is beyond disturbing. Approximately 20% of them carrying West Nile pathogens, which were being studied “by the Pentagon as part of the Ukrainian UP-4 and UP-8 projects”. Suggesting that Ukrainian soldiers are being subject to involuntary biological experimentation and exposure to biological weapons (think Nuremberg). In addition to carrying pathogens, nearly all of the surrendered Ukrainian soldiers carried traces of a wide variety of narcotics and opioids, including Meth and Codeine.

Russia were sure to remind us of the Nazi’s usage of methamphetamines in WW2. I covered this 2 weeks ago, when the left-wing media tried to spin this reality as some sort of X-men mutant conspiracy theory. No, they are just Nazis, and historically, Nazis use drugs. Particularly as an advantage in war. Russia goes on to cite that this methamphetamine Ukraine are using, Pervitin, was also used by US soldiers during Vietnam and Korea. It’s designed to reduce the psycho-emotional burdens of war. However, an intended side effect is excessive aggression, which Russia alleges is one of the main factors for the Nationalist Ukrainian forces displaying “extreme cruelty” to civilians and the shelling of their own people in Donbas. Ukraine are using mind-numbing agents on their forces to make them more susceptible to carrying out heinous acts.

Next, we find perhaps the most explosive slide to date, in which Russia FINALLY comes out and DIRECTLY accuses the US of being responsible for the creation and release of Covid-19. What I have been saying from the beginning, is that this all leads to C-19, which will be the nail in the coffin and the red-pill that wakes up the world. The backlash the US are facing from Russia and the rest of Eastern world, is directly because the world found out THE UNITED STATES CREATED COVID. Specifically the “DNC/Liberal Globalists”, as the Russians allege. Not Trump. Russia clarifies they have record of over 16,000 biological samples, including blood and serum samples, transported from Ukraine to the US, Georgia, European countries.

[..] In conclusion, Russia have now DIRECTLY accused the DNC Globalists of: -creating and releasing new variants of Coronaviruses, and now Monkeypox, intentionally, for the purposes of political control and world domination. -using non-consensual experimentation on citizens of the world to create genome specific biological weapons for ethnic cleansing. -creation and usage of narcotics, such as methamphetamines, on Ukrainian forces to dehumanize them in order to carry out heinous crimes against humanity on civilians in Ukraine. Russia just confirmed my overall narrative; that the war in Ukraine is backlash for the Deep State’s creation and usage of C19. We are already in WW3 and C19 was the first weapon fired. The fact that Russia have now come out and openly called this spade a spade… suggests we are approaching the finish line. Russia claims final dossier will be complete in “Autumn”.

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Another $700 million straight down the drain.

US Prepares New Weapons Package For Ukraine (RT)

The US government is reportedly preparing its largest weapons transfer to Ukraine to date, with officials ready to authorize another $1 billion in military aid, including advanced rocket and missile platforms and additional ammunition. The new aid package could be announced as soon as next week, Reuters reported on Friday, citing three unnamed officials. It would bring the total US security assistance to Kiev to nearly $10 billion since Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24. While the officials said President Joe Biden has yet to formally sign off on the transfer, the current proposal would see $1 billion in arms shipped to Kiev, including additional munitions for the HIMARS rocket system, NASAMS surface-to-air missiles, and up to 50 M113 armored personnel carriers, allegedly the ‘medical’ variant.

A separate military aid package to Ukraine was announced on Monday, worth around $550 million, and also featured HIMARS rockets. Washington has so far sent a total of 16 HIMARS systems to Ukraine, longer-range platforms capable of striking targets inside Russian territory. Though Moscow has claimed to have eliminated some of the weapons from the battlefield, US military officials have disputed the Russian account, insisting Kiev’s HIMARS remain intact. The new massive arms transfer also comes after a Pentagon decision to allow US military personnel to treat wounded Ukrainian troops at a large US-run hospital in western Germany, though the logistics for that arrangement remain unclear, as the facility is more than 1,000 miles away from Ukraine’s capital and even further from active battle zones in the Donbass region.

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Thanks Nancy.

Pentagon Chiefs’ Calls To China Go Unanswered Amid Taiwan Crisis (Pol.)

Top Chinese military officials have not returned multiple calls from their American counterparts this week as a crisis erupted in the Pacific over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, according to three people with knowledge of the attempts. Beijing’s ghosting of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley comes as China continues launching missiles and positioning warships and aircraft in unprecedented military drills around Taiwan. Officials and experts say China’s silence is a shortsighted and reckless move that increases the risk of escalation in an already tense situation.

“If the [Chinese military] is operating more aggressively, and in closer proximity to U.S. forces with greater frequency, we’d need these mechanisms even more to promote a safe operating environment,” said Randy Schriver, who served as the top Pentagon official for Asia policy in the Trump administration. U.S. military leaders strive to maintain open lines of communication even with potential adversaries such as China to prevent accidents and other miscalculations that could turn into a full-blown conflict. But the last call Milley had with his Chinese counterpart, Chief of the Joint Staff Gen. Li Zuocheng, was on July 7, the Pentagon said. The two spoke by secure video teleconference about the need to maintain open lines of communication, as well as reducing risk, according to a readout from Milley’s office.

Austin, meanwhile, met in person with Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Wei Fenghe in June on the sideline of the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore. “The secretary has repeatedly emphasized the importance of fully open lines of communication with China’s defense leaders to ensure that we can avoid any miscalculations, and that remains true,” Todd Breasseale, the Pentagon’s acting press secretary, told POLITICO in an email. China on Friday announced that it was halting certain official dialogues between senior-level U.S. military commanders, including the regional commanders, as well as talks on maritime safety. The announcement does not specifically apply to Austin and Milley’s counterparts, and officials said they are still open to communication between those leaders.

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“..a NATO member since 1952 and an EU applicant since 1987..”

Erdogan’s Diplomacy With Russia Alarms West – FT (RT)

Western officials are “increasingly alarmed” that Turkey, a NATO ally and prospective EU member, is deepening its cooperation with Russia, the Financial Times has reported. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently returned from Sochi vowing to boost trade after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Six unnamed Western officials told the newspaper that they were “concerned”about the plans of Russia and Turkey to cooperate on trade and energy. One EU official said that Brussels was monitoring relations between Ankara and Moscow “more and more closely,” given how Turkey seems to be “increasingly” becoming a platform for trade with Russia. Following a four-hour meeting with Putin on Friday, Erdogan welcomed Russia’s role in building a nuclear power plant in Turkey.

The two nations aim for bilateral trade turnover of $100 billion, and are cooperating against terrorism and toward peace in Libya and Syria. Putin pledged that Russia would supply Turkey with oil, gas and coal “without any interruptions,” after the two leaders agreed that Ankara would pay for some of this gas in rubles. Another official told the newspaper that Erdogan’s behavior is “very opportunistic,”adding that “we are trying to make the Turks pay attention to our concerns.” Although a NATO member since 1952 and an EU applicant since 1987, Turkey has broken with both blocs on several occasions, most recently over the conflict in Ukraine.

Erdogan has described his diplomacy with Kiev and Moscow as “balanced,” and has refused to sanction Russia over its military operation. Turkey is the only NATO country not to impose such penalties. Erdogan also took the opportunity to host peace talks between the countries in March, which ultimately bore no fruit. Since then, however, he has won acclaim for overseeing talks that led to the resumption of grain shipments across the Black Sea from Ukrainian ports. As the Financial Times’ article went online on Saturday, the first ship carrying Ukrainian corn arrived in Istanbul for inspection by Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian and UN officials.

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“The Turkish Stream, unlike all other routes of our hydrocarbon supplies, works properly, works smoothly, without any failures.”

Putin Says EU Should Thank Turkey (RT)

Turkey has ensured a reliable supply of Russian natural gas to Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday, adding that European nations should be grateful to Ankara for that. During a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Sochi, Putin named the TurkStream pipeline as one of the most important arteries for delivering Russian gas to Europe. The Russian president praised the reliability of the pipeline, for which the Europeans should be grateful. “The Turkish Stream, unlike all other routes of our hydrocarbon supplies, works properly, works smoothly, without any failures. […] I think our European partners should be grateful to Turkey for ensuring uninterrupted transit of our gas to the European market,” Putin said.

TurkStream consists of two parallel lines running under the Black Sea from Russia and joins Turkey’s gas transportation network and sends Russian gas onward to Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary. The route has been unaffected by the developments around Ukraine and the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the EU but rejected by Turkey. The main pipeline between Russia and the EU – Nord Stream 1, which carries gas to Germany – has been operating at 20% capacity recently due to equipment issues caused by sanctions. Meanwhile, additional routes via Ukraine’s gas transportation network have been restricted by Kiev. Deliveries via the Yamal-Europe pipeline continue, although Gazprom stopped using the Polish leg of the pipeline in May due to sanctions.

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Included the Charles Vance video again. It’s good.

100s Of New Mines Required To Meet 2030 Battery Metals Demand — IEA (Mining)

Global battery and minerals supply chains need to expand ten-fold to meet projected critical minerals needs by 2030, a report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) has found. The report concludes the industry needs to build 50 more lithium mines, 60 more nickel mines and 17 more cobalt mines by 2030 to meet global net carbon emissions goals. Pressure on the supply of critical materials will continue to mount as road transport electrification expands to meet net-zero ambitions. According to the IEA, demand for electric vehicle (EV) batteries will increase from around 340 GWh today to over 3500 GWh by 2030.

“Additional investments are needed in the short-term, particularly in mining, where lead times are much longer than for other parts of the supply chain. In some cases requiring more than a decade from initial feasibility studies to production, and then several more years to reach nominal production capacity,” the report reads. The projected mineral supply until the end of the 2020s is in line with the demand for EV batteries in the ‘stated policies scenario’ of the IEA’s world energy model. But the supply of some minerals, such as lithium, would need to rise by up to one-third by 2030 to satisfy the pledges and announcements for EV batteries in the ‘announced pledges scenario (APS) of the same energy model.

“For example, demand for lithium – the commodity with the largest projected demand-supply gap – is projected to increase sixfold to 500 kilotonnes by 2030 in the APS, requiring the equivalent of 50 new average-sized mines,” according to the report. By 2030, nickel is facing the largest absolute demand increase as high-nickel chemistries are the current dominant cathode for EVs and are expected to remain so. For cobalt, the opposite is true as battery makers continue to thrift to lower cobalt content chemistries (and even potentially cobalt-free chemistries by 2030) to reduce costs and due to environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns. [..] “For the Announced Pledges Scenario, 60 nickel and 17 cobalt new mines are required in 2030, (assuming average annual mine production capacity of 38,000 tonnes for nickel and 7,000 tonnes for cobalt).”

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“..if he is elected, “Brazil will again become a protagonist on the international stage and we will prove that it’s possible to have a better world.”

Sanctions On Russia ‘Irresponsible’, Adviser To Brazil’s Lula Says (RT)

Celso Amorim, Brazil’s former foreign minister and current foreign policy adviser to presidential frontrunner Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, has condemned the West’s sanctions on Russia and said that should Lula take office, Brazil would chart a different course. In an interview with Bloomberg published on Friday, Amorim claimed that the West’s response to Russia’s military operation in Ukraine – sanctions on Russia and billions of dollars worth of weapons for Ukraine – have made nuclear war a real possibility. “For the first time since the Cuban missile crisis we see articles about the risk of nuclear weapons published on a weekly basis,” he said, arguing that “it’s irresponsible not to seek peace.”

Amorim’s argument mirrors that of Lula himself. Back in May the former Brazilian leader toldTime magazine that he sees Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky as equally responsible for the conflict in Ukraine, and condemned Washington for encouraging him to oppose Russia. “The United States has a lot of political clout. And Biden could have avoided [the conflict], not incited it,” Lula argued at the time. From the perspective of the US, Amorim questioned the logic of driving Russia into a deeper partnership with China, another economic and military rival of America. “I have nothing against China,” he stated, adding that both are part of the BRICS group, but said that he “can’t understand the interest of the US in strengthening the China-Russia relationship.”

This relationship aside, Amorim told Bloomberg that an economy as large as Russia’s is “too big and strategic” to isolate, and that Lula’s administration would not pursue such policies if the two-term leftist president is elected in October. Speaking to Time in May, Lula said that “many different countries” are having to “foot the bill” for Washington’s hardline anti-Russia policies, and that if he is elected, “Brazil will again become a protagonist on the international stage and we will prove that it’s possible to have a better world.” Lula is currently polling 11 points ahead of incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro, according to an aggregate compiled by the US-based Americas Society.

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Hard to read how the judge will see this.

Elon Musk Accuses Twitter of Fraud: Countersuit (ET)

Elon Musk in a countersuit has accused Twitter executives of fraudulently presenting an undercount of fake users, known as bots. Twitter in July sued Musk for withdrawing from a $44 billion acquisition agreement, alleging he breached the agreement. In the counter-filing, entered under seal last month and obtained by The Epoch Times on Aug. 5, Musk says he relied on statements from Twitter to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission about key components of the company, such as the percentage of fake and spam accounts and moderation practices. But once Musk entered the agreement, he found that the technology company refused to provide access to the company’s books and records to verify the information. “The more Twitter evaded even simple inquiries, the more the Musk Parties grew to suspect that Twitter had misled them,” the countersuit says.

One key statistic: 238 million monetizable daily active users (users who actually see ads on the platform and thus would be considered monetizable). But that number is an overcount because there are more false and spam accounts on the platform than Twitter says, according to the filing. There are just 173 million monetizable users and most ads are shown to less than 16 million, it says. Twitter has said under 5 percent of its users are bots. Musk, in a meeting in May, attempted to understand how Twitter reached that percentage. He “was astonished to learn just how meager Twitter’s processes were,” the countersuit says. Musk learned that human reviewers look at a sample of just 100 accounts, and that Twitter executives weren’t able to say how the accounts in the sample were selected.

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Clear that Twitter hasn’t been forthcoming with files. Less clear is if they had to.

Elon Musk Says He Will Buy Twitter On One Condition (RT)

Billionaire Elon Musk would go through with the deal to buy Twitter if the social media platform demonstrates how it checks the authenticity of user accounts, Musk wrote on Twitter on Saturday. Responding to a comment by another user, Musk said the deal to buy Twitter “should proceed on original terms” if the platform shares with him their method for sampling accounts to determine they are genuine. “If Twitter simply provides their method of sampling 100 accounts and how they’re confirmed to be real, the deal should proceed on original terms. However, if it turns out that their SEC filings are materially false, then [the deal] should not [proceed],” he continued, referring to the regulatory documents that companies must submit to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the sake of transparency and to provide information on operations.

Musk previously warned he would personally authenticate 100 randomly selected accounts on the platform. In April, the entrepreneur announced his intention to purchase the social media platform, of which he is an avid supporter and frequent user, for $44 billion. Then in May, Musk said he was trying to obtain information that would confirm that fake accounts and those used to send mass advertising messages on the platform comprise less than 5% of the total number of Twitter users. In early July, Musk’s lawyers notified Twitter that he no longer wished to go through with the deal because the company had failed to provide him with this information. Twitter, although initially reluctant to agree to Musk’s acquisition plans, filed a lawsuit against him on July 12 in an attempt to compel him to complete the purchase. On July 29, Musk filed a counterclaim against the company

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A new scandal every day.

VP Joe Biden Met With Two Chinese Energy Execs In The West Wing (DM)

Two Chinese businessmen with ties to Hunter Biden’s company met with Joe Biden at the White House and followed up with the VP’s son days later with a fawning email and invitation, records reveal. The meeting is the fifteenth to be uncovered between Joe and businessmen linked to Hunter. Executives for Chinese energy company Wanxiang secured a meeting with the vice president in the West Wing in July 2014 with just one day’s notice, according to White House visitor logs. A client of Hunter’s company Seneca Global Advisors partnered with Wanxiang in 2012 on a $1.25billion natural gas plant in China. The ceremony for the signing of the deal between Hunter’s client GreatPoint Energy and Wanxiang was attended by then Chinese vice president Xi Jinping.

Wanxiang is a major Chinese company, and also partnered with the North Korean state for a giant copper mine. Through his firm Rosemont Seneca Partners, Hunter also invested in a car company, Fisker, that was later bought by Wanxiang. After the company went bankrupt in 2013, Hunter was listed as a creditor on its filings. He bought one of its electric sports cars for $142,300. According to the White House visitor logs, Wanxiang America president Pin Ni met with Joe on July 25, 2014. Four days later, Ni emailed Hunter offering help servicing his Fisker sports car. ‘Last Friday when we visited DC, I heard that your Fisker is out of order and could not get serviced. Sorry,’ Ni wrote. ‘It would be our honor to get your Fisker fixed… I would like to give you a call to see what we could do as next step. ‘It would be our great honor to welcome you to visit Fisker or Wanxiang at any time.’

Joining Ni for the White House visit was Wanxiang Resources Co. president Youhong Han. Records show his meeting was at 11am and he left at 12.15pm, after scheduling the meeting with VP just the previous day. Han, 57, appears in the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ offshore leaks database, with a British Virgin Islands company called Elegant Sky Investments Limited that has a registered address in Shanghai. Emails between Hunter and his business partners show them monitoring reporting around the $1.25billion Wanxiang-GreatPoint deal. Wanxiang bought Fisker in February 2014. The luxury hybrid cars it makes were bought by celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber.

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When it rains it pours.

EDF Cuts Output At Nuclear Power Plants As French Rivers Get Too Warm (G.)

The French energy supplier EDF is temporarily reducing output at its nuclear power stations on the Rhône and Garonne rivers as heatwaves push up river temperatures, restricting its ability to use river water to cool the plants. The majority-state-owned company, Europe’s biggest producer of nuclear energy, said it would extend output cuts at several power stations on the two rivers as the hot spell continues – but that a minimum level of output would be maintained to keep the grid steady. EDF warned of potential output cuts at its nuclear power plants Tricastin, St Alban and Golfech in coming days due to high temperatures in the Rhône and Garonne rivers. It started imposing production restrictions in mid-July at Tricastin, St Alban and Bugey on the Rhône and Blayais at the mouth of the Garonne amid sweltering temperatures.

A spokesperson told the Guardian that the company was lowering production “for a few hours” where possible but not shutting the reactors completely. After the 2003 heatwave, France’s nuclear safety authority (ASN) set temperature and river flow limits beyond which power stations must reduce their production, to ensure the water used to cool the plants will not harm wildlife when it is released back into the rivers. Temperatures in southern France are expected to reach 40C over the next two days, according to the forecaster Météo-France. Since 2000, production losses due to high river temperatures and low river flows have represented an average of 0.3% of annual production.

However, half of EDF’s 56 nuclear reactors are offline due to planned maintenance and work to repair corrosion which was delayed by the pandemic, just as Europe faces an energy crunch following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As a result of the maintenance work, EDF estimates its power output this year will be the lowest in more than three decades. The company issued its fourth profit warning of the year last Thursday when it reported a first-half loss of €5.3bn. The French government, which owns 84% of EDF, is in the process of buying out minority shareholders to take full control of the business.

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Maybe this happens every year?

China’s July Coal Imports Surge 24% To Meet Peak Power Load (R.)

China’s coal imports in July rose by nearly a quarter from June to near the highest levels so far this year as power generators increased purchases to provide for peak summer electricity demand. Arrivals of the fuel totaled 23.52 million tonnes last month, up sharply from 18.98 million tonnes in June but 22% lower than a year earlier, data issued by the General Administration of Customs showed on Sunday. Over the first seven months of the year, China imported 138.52 million tonnes of coal, down 18% on the same period of 2021. Daily coal consumption in major coastal regions hovered around 2.2 million tonnes in late July, a similar level to last year, according to Shanghai Shipping Exchange.

A temperature spike across the country drove up the use of air conditioning. The government has vowed to avoid power rationing this year and has urged coal-burning power generators, which supply about 60% of the country’s electricity, to enlarge coal stocks. Data tracked by Refinitiv showed China’s seaborne coal imports from Russia would hit a record high of 7.38 million tonnes in July. However, analysts have expected coal demand will soon begin to ease as temperatures moderate, while industrial activity remains sluggish amid Covid-19 restrictions.

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Bill Maher: Fat celebrattion









Coke Machine





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    V. Arnold

    No response…more than an hour since the post; Debt Rattle August 7 2022…


    RIM- there you are over at ZH! Now I’ll go read their comments. Back in a bit.

    Dr. D

    RE-post of Lira article, Russia shuts off oil, gas, commodities on Sept 30. Luongo’s “September” again.
    As Lira says “this is the economic fall of the West.” …From bonds in NY, Sept 2019. I don’t see how that can be avoided, and they’ve set it up as soft as they really can, but then I’ve said that since 2000, when it would have arguably been better, or possibly worse. (Better in we hadn’t gotten deeper into tech, younger old-timers who can make things, fewer Unicorn-corp, and less building and fragility; worse because no one was awake, Bush/CIA clan firmly in control)

    But what can I say?

    $15/gal gas. But he says Europe will have African immigrants and the U.S. will be worse. I don’t think so, although he’s not wrong. The U.S. as Luongo says, has a LOT of rural things, counties, a LOT of stuff squirreled away somewhere. A LOT of options. It may be bad, naming the things that happen, like outages, riots, food, won’t be wrong, but it will be far less bad than the outside measurements might suggest. We HAVE to have a bad thing that people can point to and say “Fix it; Never again. I am in control.” We have a lot of karma from destroying every nation on earth and need to get our head right. They’ve been screwing the young white while keeping all money and power with the old. All these things need to happen. But not in a “collapse” or way that they think. If it happened the way they think, they’d make plans. It’s more like an army being sniped to pieces in the bush: it’s everywhere, from everyone, all the time, with nothing to shoot back at. And as your army gets smaller, then the rule of the land becomes whatever the peasants say it is. That is, We the People are the Government. There is no Government but Us.

    “The idea of going to war with them (China) is pretty stupid impossible.” – Colonel Douglas Macgregor

    We have a 10,000 mile supply chain over water. They are fighting outside the ammunition factory doors so close they can lob volkwagens with trebuchets into our carriers. Don’t bother: you’ll only embarrass yourself.

    Stalin called farmers the enemy of the people. Notice the similarities?”

    Yes, they’re both communists. That’s what “Stakeholder Capitalism” is. Everywhere Socialism is, misery, starvation, and mass murder follow immediately, and this is no different. We now have fully installed “Democratic” Socialism, with government directing and having a say in everything, actively shutting all small businesses, going for the books and guns, and we immediately have economic malease, contraction, collapse even, nobody working (which creates production, or even regular repairs) and therefore shortages and inflation. No production + paid consumption = nobody working and everybody taking. Shortages, even shortages of services (medical, construction) and inflation. Also a Black Market. This is the bane of Socialism 100% of the time. “FROM each according to his ability, TO each according to his need.” Now if I have ability, why would I do that? Why am I up at 5am in 100f heat so you can sit on the couch? If I VOLUNTEER, if I DONATE, that’s one thing: that’s my choice and responsibility. But if you MAKE me, I’ll stop working so fast you’ll have to get a stretcher to haul me away from dropping where I stand. So put another way: PUNISH production, REWARD consumption. #Oppositeland. I, the Little Red Hen, made the bread. You did not plant the wheat, you did not harvest the wheat, you did not grind the wheat, you did not chop the wood, you did not make the bread, you did not bake the bread, so the BREAD IS MINE. Go hungry. You’ll get whatever I let you, and only if you’re lucky. …But if tomorrow you want to help, I’m hiring.

    “We are already in WW3 and C19 was the first weapon fired.”

    Yes, I think so, and the minority of White Hats, military, intel people, all recognized it for what it was and reacted, although they “couldn’t” tell us. Actually, they DID tell us, over and over, and we said they were crazy, because 1) We were out here with no intel and no expertise in anything, 2) Presidents were inside with every piece of top secret intel 3) Therefore we are sooper-smart and they are stupid. (Like every other day since 1963) Therefore they did what was possible, not what would discredit them. That continues today with 40% all-causes death rate, insurance companies, undertakers, and still no recognition, plenty of buy-in for every new plan. MONKEYPOX!!! The world’s LEAST communicable disease!!! It’s everywhere, terr’sts under me bed!!!

    “Officials and experts say China’s silence is a shortsighted and reckless move”

    This is all about one elderly, demented idiot flying in for no good reason, and THEY are the shortsighted and reckless ones???

    “Western officials are “increasingly alarmed” that Turkey, a NATO ally and prospective EU member, is deepening its cooperation with Russia,”

    After pissing on them for 50 years, not “white” enough, they are surprised with them? Okay then, stupidity really is infinite.

    ““The Turkish Stream, unlike all other routes of our hydrocarbon supplies, works properly,”

    Bringing up TurkStream because they’re planning on shutting it off like Lira says?

    “Global battery and minerals supply chains need to expand ten-fold to meet projected critical minerals needs by 2030,”

    2030 again. That’s tomorrow. So we need to increase unrecycleable toxins tenfold immediately, when we already have a well-working system with more than enough capacity (gas gars). Got it. Why??? Again? We could drive sliiiiiiightly less, repair these existing cars slightly more, and keep them going for 30 years. Explain?

    “ Elon Musk Accuses Twitter of Fraud: Countersuit (ET)”

    They already won. The battle is to get this out in public with discovery, for Elon’s 25M followers. Twitter is either purchased and disassembled, or discredited, shrinks 2/3rds, and is bought up. Past tense.

    That would be SEC fraud, fines, and class-action suit that ALSO bankrupts them and has them disassembled and purchased by new owners.

    “When it rains it pours: “EDF Cuts Output At Nuclear Power Plants As French Rivers Get Too Warm (G.)

    Only because they want it this way, they can stop anytime they like. But then how would they kill 13 out of every 14 people? Someone would catch on instead of demanding it and volunteering, like now.


    I’ve had plenty of time to prepare but still don’t feel ready. Big storms are like that I guess.

    what’s on my mind..

    Teeth in good nick?
    Mortgage not quite paid off.
    Back up (electric) to pumping water without a petrol pump.
    2 years worth of chicken feed.
    1000 litres of Diesel for my small tractor
    Bags of Rice.
    Sources of fats and oils.

    Oh I’d like a gun too

    Dr D Rich

    Dr. D quotes others; weak paraphrasing or unimaginative plagiarism perhaps? Are you sure they weren’t channelling some astute analysis from Ritter, Lira, Greenwald or Sy Hersh?

    “We are already in WW3 and C19 was the first weapon fired”

    That’s 30+ months after the fact…on this blog alone, but okay.


    In the 70s, deep sea researchers found nodules on the Atlantic Ocean floor. The were made of manganese, nickel and cobalt. A quick search finds this article.
    No doubt the ancient remains of EVs from the last beings that built civilizations on earth, or perhaps God’s battery that runs the thermo-saline cycle. 😉
    You can bet they will once again gather attention.


    Oh- I see. Try to type “haline” and I am corrected. “Saline should be “haline”. (It did it again, but I caught it.)


    RIM- there you are over at ZH! Now I’ll go read their comments. Back in a bit.

    Haven’t read ZH comments in forever. Not brave enough.


    Lula of Brazil.
    He’s right…….yes, but he’s “leftist”….
    Yeah, but he’s still right……..I know, but he’s “leftist”..
    Boy, he’s, right……..too bad that he’s “leftist”…
    I know, but he’s right…….yeah, I know, but he’s “leftist”….
    …… …….
    I am not going to listen what he’s got to say……Yeah, me too.

    (Dialog in the cranium-sifters)

    D Benton Smith

    I love George Carlin.

    He was a sincerely earnest man with some very important ideas, deeply held. I think he discovered, as well, that the only way people would allow him to actually express those ideas in public was if he made them laugh as part of the bargain.


    RIM- it takes a lot of skimming, but I figure I get at least two guffaws from those comments each day.
    But yeah- if I give people a link to ZH I tell them comments (and some ads) are NSFW.
    Not a lot of wittiness in the comments on your post. People were actually inspired to discuss the topic.
    There are a LOT of comments.


    I must repeat …. the comments are the best at TAE
    Risk reward calculation

    ….. don’t know how our social/economic system works.
    …. don’t want to be responsible for the proper operation of our social/economic system.
    …. don’t want to know how our social/economic system works
    …. a no win/unpopular decision/situation – not enough supplies/resources for the demands/needs
    …. Avoid any miscalculations/liability/blame
    Taiwan depends on sea trade.
    Cuba depends on sea trade.
    USA is not China

    D Benton Smith


    I once had an uncle take me into a fairly tough bar. Just before going in he told me. “If there’s a fight move to the edge and don’t worry too much about the loud mouths. It’s the quiet ones to keep an eye on.”

    Farmers and family men have been the quiet ones, up ’til recent.



    Not a lot of wittiness in the comments on your post. People were actually inspired to discuss the topic. There are a LOT of comments.

    Sounds good. Had a look at Google Analytics earlier, first in months, I don’t really follow those numbers. Bounce rate is 26% (very good) and even with those 1 in 3 leaving as soon as they come in, session duration is 4.41 min. That makes me proud. People stay here on average almost 5 minutes. Which means they’re actually reading.

    ZH used to post many more of my articles -our link goes back 14 years!- but I also used to wrote many more articles. But from Feb to Jun, my upstairs neighbor jackhammered an entire marble floor away, which meant I could not be here. At the same time I could not be anywhere else either, b/c full lockdown for unvaxxed.

    One day maybe I will understand how I did the Debt Rattles anyway each day, and how I kept myself from beating the crap out of him. At first, it’s noise, but after 10 days or so, it’s torture. Add 12 weeks. All I want is to forget it, but he’s still hammering away from time to time.

    Anyway, TAE seems OK. We could try to make it bigger, but then people might try to go after us. We’re not exactly following the official line here.

    Figmund Sreud

    Edward Hopper Ground swell 1939

    Depiction of bad, bad sailors! Armatures. Realistic, … still happening every day! Modern version, example:

    Anyway, … love the composition. Idyllic , yet evidence of serious trouble. Ineptitude, …


    Dr. D

    I have to ask why bother, high tide is coming, but they know best. Everything’s a problem: can’t get close, can’t throw rope, can’t get your man chopped in the props, and this is good weather.

    I think what they need is a giant bag slipped under the hull and inflated. I think that shouldn’t be too hard to secure, inflate, and reuse without chopping it in the props. they do have for car rescue and for salvage operations. Wouldn’t want to pay for 3 tow boats instead.

    Don’t know why they’re all sold and these racing hulls, nobody’s living by winning races, however the shallow draft, beaching, and human space of a barge hull is always practical. Then you could go out in cold weather, if not bad.

    Dr. D

    “But Lula’s Left” Yes, and Right too. All those Far-Right Bernie Bros like Rogan. Yeah we’d pick Bernie but he’s too far Right. Have to go with war-voting Pelosi, Schumer, and Hillary instead. Instead of “Ultra-MAGA Far right” that’s for gay marriage, moderate gun control, and Black employment.

    Moral: “Left” and “Right” no longer mean anything. They just take measure of the audience and call them whichever will antagonize the audience more. That is: it’s a lie. Open mouth: therefore lie.


    Germany’s Largest Health Insurer Reveals 1 in 25 Clients Underwent Medical Treatment in 2021 for Covid ‘Vaccine’ Side Effects:

    Germany’s Largest Health Insurer Reveals 1 in 25 Clients Underwent Medical Treatment in 2021 for Covid ‘Vaccine’ Side Effects

    Many, all ? of the released Pfizer docs can be found at: (haven’t delved in)

    I well remember the first advisory re. the Pfizer vax, it stated,

    NOT recomended (not ‘safe’ / ‘tested’) for,

    children, young ppl under age 18

    pregnant women

    lactating mothers

    couples who are trying to have a child in the next year, so men also..

    vulnerable ppl (here it was a bit confused / my memory is poor) in the sense of having history of ‘allergic’ shock ..

    I bookmarked it but now it no longer show or … etc.

    First Pfizer roll out, Dec. 2020


    New from CJ Hopkins:

    John Day, thanks for the Rogers Studio 1 link. Spent quite a bit of time in small hifi shops myself, and I prefer phase-coherent speakers, too; usually minimonitors.


    Zerohedge is a high rise tenement with a lot of colorful residents. TAE is cozy cabin in the woods by a lake with people who fish.

    12 weeks? For that you deserve a good deal of sympathy.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Dr. D – nobody’s living by winning races

    Well, … some just have to own the records! Here is an extreme case – example of: sailing superyacht Comanche, it’s just fun to own one if you have means:

    3 speed records smashed by Comanche–26961

    … if you have means, … “there is no expense to spare to create this thing”:



    Your organization looks hopelessly corrupt.

    Smug retarded pos CNN MSM lying asshole. Waters is correct.

    Classic dumbfuck “journalist” laughing at anything that points to the truth. US SCUM govt has murdered millions around the globe for profit and for pleasure.

    The list is endless of US War Crimes, still being committed every fucking day all around the planet.
    Thankfully RF and China have had enough of the degenerate US filth.

    These propaganda clowns will face the reckoning- supporting Covid lies and war crimes.

    We have in our DNA a dissent against tyranny.

    Good men don’t follow bad orders.

    The Empire is collapsing. Enjoy these final days of peace. It’s coming.


    @Dr. D
    “””Moral: “Left” and “Right” no longer mean anything”””
    Check whom and what is called “left” nowadays (in the US) and and generally ACCEPTED as such, while everybody is appalled that “man can get pregnant”. Go figure!
    I was newer confused about terms. I quietly nod to the ghosts of untold thousands that stare at us from a grainy police archives photos, being clubbed, maimed or killed so the assholes who piss on their struggle and plight have eight hour work day five days a week. Assholes who are bit taken aback and shocked that moneyed are buying agricultural land by the million acres, while at the same time trying to process through indoctrinated brain molasses how that is perfectly all right based on the “laws of market” and and it is nobody’s business how person spend his or hers money.

    Figmund Sreud

    Re: Bill Maher screed – There’s a disturbing trend going on in America these days … , it’s not as bad. Just go to the beach and look! Go on, …


    Michael Reid

    China ramps up response to Biden White House, Taiwan visit blunder



    I feel your pain. Words however don’t mean anything as Dr D points out.

    Even being outraged at the status of world events has no gravitas.


    Coming up fast on interesting times


    And lastly, self respect and manners are a thing of the past



    “Words however don’t mean anything as Dr D points out.
    Only if you want it that way.

    Carlin, loved by the panel (to my surprise) actually. Who is the “club”, that he’s talking about, do you think is fu**ing us up?
    Words does matter.


    I thought this was good- again from C.H. Smith, ten-plus years ago:


    What many people fail to recognise (don’t even know?) is that the fraud that characterises western economic arrangements commenced with the establishment of the Bank of England in the 1690s. (Some would say the fraud commenced before then, but as far as I know it was not so institutionalised, nor so prevalent.)

    It was than that tally sticks -notched pieces of wood split lengthwise- were converted into shares in the bank that soon had control over the British government by way of loans. “Do as we say, otherwise we withdraw the funding for your trade and wars.”

    The issuing of more promissory notes than actual gold to be redeemed took the fraud to the next level.

    And the ‘closing of the gold window’ in 1971 took the fraud to an even higher level.

    For a while US dollars were notionally backed by oil, insofar as the recycling of US dollars through Saudi Arabia proved some physical backing for the fiat dollars.

    Money is a future claim on energy and resources. And when energy resources and mineral resources are in terminal decline, which they are, the only way out of the predicament is default.

    Hence the extreme ‘need’ for war, as a pretext to abandon/cancel the globalised financial system, which is clearly on its last legs.

    I believe we are in the ‘calm before the storm’, and that ‘hell’ will break out in a matter of months.

    Meanwhile, the ‘idiot’ economists who advise governments (tell them what to do?) insist that infinite growth on a finite planet is both possible and desirable!!!!!

    Figmund Sreud

    Well, … that didn’t take long to apologize for misbehaviour.

    KYIV, Aug 7 (Reuters) – Amnesty International apologised on Sunday for “distress and anger” caused by a report accusing Ukraine of endangering civilians which infuriated President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and triggered the resignation of its Kyiv office head. […]

    “This does not mean that Amnesty International holds Ukrainian forces responsible for violations committed by Russian forces, nor that the Ukrainian military is not taking adequate precautions elsewhere in the country,” it said.

    “We must be very clear: Nothing we documented Ukrainian forces doing in any way justifies Russian violations.” […]

    Amnesty regrets ‘distress’ caused by report rebuking Ukraine



    “Amnesty regrets ‘distress’ caused by report rebuking Ukraine”

    Amnesty does not regrets not reporting about the Israel preemptive actions that resulted in the exchange of +1,000 missiles that caused the death and destruction of so many lives.


    And sometimes TAE makes me laugh out loud, too. Thanks, Oroboros.


    Has anyone noticed the similarity between our politicians and the police? My initial observation was that a lot of very unintelligent politicians have become leaders of western countries and a lot of them are women. Why women? Why was a woman put in charge of the CIA, a woman who was willing to torture people? Why would any person with good values ever torture someone? Now it is nutsack Pelosi stirring up trouble with China, but who told her to do this? Are women more obedient at crossing red lines? Or is it that the people are more willing to go along with women? Less inclined to fight back. Maybe it is that the latest wave of women are more capable of getting into the good books of the owners?

    Notice how these politicians and senior managers in government are very much like the police, clever enough to follow orders, thick enough not to think for themselves. They pretend to listen then simply continue what they were doing – obeying orders. Anyone who has dealt with the police knows how this works. The farmers in the Netherlands are absolutely correct not to talk to Rutte, he will not disobey his owners and will only waste their time while trying to undermine their determination, same as the police.


    New Zealand is nominally led by a vicious sociopath, a professional liar, with low intelligence and even lower morals (but high level of cunning), trained for the position and put into the position by WEF agents, in order to fool and subjugate the ignorant masses.

    The trick to Adern’s success is that she is an accomplished speaker of Orwellian ‘doublespeak’. Her trademarks are “Kindness”, whereby she treats people cruelly, “Team NZ”, whereby she practices divide and conquer, “Follow the science”, whereby she totally ignores science and pushes ahead with unsustainable, undemocratic (anti-democratic) agendas, and orchestrates:

    1. the looting and polluting of the environment

    2. the impoverishment of the bulk of the populace and the transfer of wealth to banks, corporations and opportunists ( the top 1% get most of the benefits of the reign of terror)

    3. the destruction of the health of the populace via jabbing and the promotion of fast food etc.

    One major factor to her ‘success’ is the fact that the mainstream media are entirely bought-and-paid-for, and they sing her praises continuously, whilst promulgating a litany of lies on a minute-by-minute basis.

    Adern is just the latest in a long line of sociopaths and professional liars, dating back to the time of Norman Kirk, who died ‘mysteriously’ in 1974.

    Do not forget the Goff Whitlam affair, whereby an Australian prime minister -who looked to be set to implement policies that would improve the lot of average Australians- was ousted by the Governor General.

    It’s just a huge ‘farm’, and we are the livestock.

    Michael Reid

    Kim Iversen: Russia & China Benefited Most From Pandemic, U.S. Hegemony On Its Way Outcx3

    Kim Iversen discusses deplatforming, the culture of free speech, and why she’s hopeful. She talks about not being allowed to interview Fauci at The Hill, ultimately leading to her resignation in order to maintain her integrity. She thinks people are tired of the biosecurity agenda and believes Russia and China have benefited most from the pandemic. U.S. hegemony is on its way out as the new multipolar world comes about. As more people move away from extreme political polarization in America, she worries less about a 2nd Civil War.

    Kim Iversen: Russia & China Benefited Most From Pandemic, U.S. Hegemony On Its Way Out


    Does every living thing have a function in the circle of life?
    Did mother earth create a creature with the sole purpose of being a source of food for another creature? ( ie. mosquitoes)



    In Canada, sadly we humans are definately mosquitos bait!
    Not to mention black fly and horse fly bait too!


    Evolution occurs by random mutation. Most mutations are harmful and reduce the life-expectancy of an organism with that mutation. But a tiny portion of mutations provide benefits that increase the organism’s capacity to survive and reproduce.

    Occasionally, a series of mutations generate a new species that can occupy an ’empty’ ecological niche. Things are great for a while, until a predator evolves to take advantage of the food resource.

    Everything was basically in balance until the ‘clever’ apes got too clever for their own good and proliferated to the point of severely reducing (or exterminating) most other large life forms and modifying large areas of land to increase their proliferation.

    The most deadly step taken by the overly-clever apes was employing fossil fuels to extract yet more fossil fuels. That particular game is coming to an end, with the massive population overshoot facilitated by the use of fossil fuels still in place.

    Whilst no one in their right mind enjoys thinking about wide-scale suffering, the human species has gone so far into population overshoot and fossil fuel over-dependence that catastrophe in the near future is now inevitable.

    I often think of ‘Limits to Growth’ and how different the world would be if that fine work had been heeded.

    But I now understand why it wasn’t.

    The banks were running a Ponzi scheme at the time (still are) and needed increased consumption of materials and increasing consumption of energy and increasing population to keep their Ponzi scheme expanding.

    We now face the consequences of decades (actually centuries) instutionalised fraud.

    Regarding mosquitoes: they were around long before humans. The are just one of tens of millions of components of the web of life.

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