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Piet Mondriaan Self portrait 1918


Western Sanctions Are Great For Russia – Michael Hudson (RT)
Russia Eliminates Dozens Of Foreign Fighters In Ukraine (RT)
Russia Takes Out 45,000 Tons Of NATO Ammo – MoD (RT)
Only 30% Of Ukraine Military Aid Reaches Final Destination (JTN)
Finland Warns About ‘Imminent’ Downturn In Europe (RT)
UK Is Facing Dickens-style Poverty, Ex-PM warns (RT)
“We Regret Any Pain”: CUNY Apologizes, Deletes Article On Depp Lawyer (Turley)
A Glance Ahead (Kunstler)
Pink Floyd’s Waters Explains Why He Called Biden A War Criminal (RT)
Biden Administration Planning To Extend Covid Emergency Declaration (Pol.)
Brian Stelter: Hunter Biden Scandal ‘Not Just A Right-wing Media Story’ (Fox)
The Real Estate and Banking Crisis in China Is Spreading (
Paracetamol -Tylenol- Made This Pandemic Much Worse (Girardot)












The only real loser is Europe. And the heaviest losses are yet to emerge.

Western Sanctions Are Great For Russia – Michael Hudson (RT)

The economic war unleashed by the West against Russia has backfired and may bring the country much good, former Wall Street financier Michael Hudson has told the German news outlet Junge Welt. “The West’s sanctions are great for Russia. Any country threatened by US sanctions is forced to become self-sufficient,” Hudson said in an interview published on Saturday.He said that sanctions have effectively pushed Russia toward import-substitution, and the country is on track to becoming completely free of reliance on Western goods. “Instead of importing German cars, Russia is turning to China to develop its own automotive industry. Russia is now moving very quickly to replace its dependence on the West for manufactured goods with its own domestic production.

“The only things they can’t produce are Walt Disney movies and Italian handbags,” the economist said, adding that while Russia is unlikely to be able to mass produce some of the luxury items it used to import, its economy will become largely self-sufficient. Hudson also noted that sanctions, while aimed at reducing Russia’s profits from energy exports, instead “brought additional revenue to the Russian state budget.” “Russia is the big beneficiary of Germany’s energy embargo plans. The less gas Russia sells, the more money it makes,” he stated, referring to the skyrocketing energy prices that grow in correlation with the drop in Russia’s exports.

Sanctions targeting the Russian economy have also failed to destabilize the national currency, the ruble, and have sped up the de-dollarization process, the analyst said. “Even before the war in Ukraine there were efforts to de-dollarize [yet] no one expected the process to start so quickly… But […] Washington has frozen all accounts in dollars and euros, so Russia had to get out of the dollar system. And this is what helped the Russian ruble. The intention behind the Western sanctions was to collapse the ruble in order to make Russian imports more expensive…

Instead, the Russian government countered and decided: If we are not paid in euros and dollars for oil, gas, titanium and aluminum, the West will have to pay in rubles. And so the ruble has appreciated in value. It is fair to say that the West has shot itself in the foot.” Hudson noted, however, that “the biggest beneficiary” of Russia having been laden with sanctions is Washington. This is because Europe, which is heavily reliant on Russian energy, is faced with simultaneous energy and food crises, thus leaving it with little ability to pay attention to other matters. “Basically, Washington doesn’t care if Russia wins the war [in Ukraine], because the US has succeeded in eliminating its competition in Europe, especially Germany.”

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”most of the foreign fighters were eliminated “due to a low level of training and a lack of real combat experience.”

Russia Eliminates Dozens Of Foreign Fighters In Ukraine (RT)

Dozens of foreign fighters from Ukraine’s ‘International Legion’ have been killed by an airstrike in southeastern Ukraine, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Saturday. Providing a daily update on the progress of the military operation, Konashenkov revealed that “a high-precision strike” was conducted by the Russian Air Force on a stronghold of the International Legion in the village of Vyvodovo in Dnepropetrovsk Region. As a result, “more than 80 foreign mercenaries and 11 units of special equipment were destroyed,” the military spokesman said. Kiev’s international military unit was created in late February at the request of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, and is officially known as the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine.

While its members consider themselves “servicemen in the Ukrainian Armed Forces,”Konashenkov earlier stated that the best thing the foreign mercenaries could expect was a “long term in prison.” He also revealed that while hundreds of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine had been killed by Russian long-range precision weapons “shortly after their arrival,”most of the foreign fighters were eliminated “due to a low level of training and a lack of real combat experience.” In April, the Russian military estimated the number of foreign fighters at around 7,000, but a recent update suggests that less than 3,000 remain in Ukraine.

Apart from the International Legion members, over the past day, Russian forces have eliminated more than 400 nationalist fighters from the 46th airmobile brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces near the village of Belogorka in Kherson Region, according to Konashenkov. Over 70 fighters have been destroyed in three other Kherson Region villages, with about 150 personnel left injured, he added. Regarding its own casualties, Moscow has not updated the numbers since March, when it reported 1,351 military personnel killed and 3,825 wounded. Zelensky has conceded that his nation’s armed forces are sustaining heavy losses. In July, he said that Kiev was losing around 30 personnel in combat per day, which was significantly less than in May and June, when the death toll was around 100-200 troops per day.

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“Kiev [..] has decided to send to the frontline mobilized Ukrainian citizens from a training center, as well as wounded service members who did not have enough time to fully recover.”

There is a report circulating that says 191,000 Ukr troops have been killed.

Russia Takes Out 45,000 Tons Of NATO Ammo – MoD (RT)

The Russian military has taken out a depot in southern Ukraine that stored NATO-supplied ammunition, the Defense Ministry claimed on Sunday. “In the Voznesensk area of the Nikolaev region an arsenal that stored 45,000 tons of ammunition recently supplied to the Ukrainian Armed Forces by NATO countries has been destroyed,” the ministry stated, adding that Russian forces eliminated five other ammo depots. Meanwhile, the Russian army conducted strikes on the deployment point of units of Ukraine’s 72nd mechanized brigade at an agricultural facility in the Donetsk People’s Republic city of Artemovsk, wiping out up to 130 soldiers and eight transport and armored vehicles, the ministry’s statement read.

Moscow’s forces, the ministry continued, also used high-precision air-based missiles to attack a howitzer battery of Ukraine’s 95th Air Assault Brigade in the village of Dzerzhinsk in the DPR. According to the statement, the strike killed up to 70 service members, destroyed three 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled guns and four vehicles. The Russian Defense Ministry noted that faced with high losses, “the regime of [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky is taking measures to make up for the shortage of military personnel” in Donbass. Kiev, the statement said, has decided to send to the frontline mobilized Ukrainian citizens from a training center, as well as wounded service members who did not have enough time to fully recover.

On Tuesday, Zelensky said that the fighting in Donbass was “hell,” claiming that Kiev’s military remained heavily outgunned and even outnumbered by Russia. He appealed to the US and its allies for even more weapons, in particular the HIMARS rocket launchers. Moscow has repeatedly warned the West against sending weapons to Kiev, saying it only prolongs the conflict, increases the number of casualties, and will result in long-term consequences.

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CBS apologizes?! Amnesty has also apologized for its report on Ukraine. You write something that makes sense, you must apologize. Topsy turvy.

Only 30% Of Ukraine Military Aid Reaches Final Destination (JTN)

An estimated 30% of all Ukrainian military aid reportedly reaches its final destination, despite the fact that the United States has committed billions in aid to Ukraine since Russia invaded at the end of February. U.S. and NATO officials bring weapons and supplies to the Polish border, where Ukrainian officials take control and U.S. oversight ends. “All of this stuff goes across the border, and then something happens, kind of like 30% of it reaches its final destination,” said Jonas Ohman, founder and CEO of the Ukraine aid organization Blue-Yellow, which is based in Lithuania. Ohman told CBS News’ “Arming Ukraine” documentary that his organization needs to work around “power lords, oligarchs, and political players” in order to deliver the equipment through unofficial channels.

The CBS report finds that the problem is exacerbated by a “combination of Ukraine’s constantly shifting front lines with its largely volunteer and paramilitary forces,” plus “concerns about weapons falling into Ukraine’s black market, which has thrived on corruption since the collapse of the Soviet Union.” Retired U.S. Marine Col. Andy Millburn criticized the U.S.’s policy with regards to Ukraine. “If you provide supplies, or a logistics pipeline, there has got to be some organization to it, right? If the ability to which you’re willing to be involved in that stops at the Ukrainian border, the surprise isn’t that, oh, all this stuff isn’t getting to where it needs to go — the surprise is that people actually expected it to,” Millburn told the outlet.

“If United States’ policy is to support Ukraine in the defense of its country against the Russian Federation, you can’t go halfway with that. You can’t create artificial lines. I understand that means that U.S. troops are not fighting Russians. I understand even U.S. troops are not crossing the border. But why not at least put people in place to supervise the country? They can be civilians to ensure that the right things are happening,” he stated. In May, Congress approved $40 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine and its allies. Ukraine has also received billions in aid from global groups such as the World Bank.

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“..the trend may impact the concept of European unity..”

Finland Warns About ‘Imminent’ Downturn In Europe (RT)

An economic downturn is looming over the European Union amid the Ukraine conflict, Finnish President Sauli Niinisto warned in an interview with local media released on Sunday. “Even we in Finland are used to living with the idea that everything will get better next year. But now this is suddenly no longer the case,”Finland’s leader said to the newspaper Maaseudun Tulevaisuus, adding that the trend may impact the concept of European unity. “We are moving in a direction where self-sufficiency in a very broad sense becomes central,” Niinisto reiterated. “It means self-sufficiency in terms of security, despite the fact that we have the NATO process in motion, and self-sufficiency so that there is enough food.”

He also voiced concerns over a possible escalation of the Ukraine conflict. “This risk is ever-present, and it must be taken into account,” Niinisto said, without providing any details on what such an escalation might look like. According to the Finnish president, it “is impossible to imagine” what form a possible reset in relations between the West and Russia could take after Moscow attacked Ukraine in late February. Niinisto also believes that the Ukraine conflict will have far-reaching consequences. The Finnish leader’s warning comes after inflation in the Eurozone hit its highest level on record in July, reaching 8.9%, according to the European Union Statistics Office. The soaring inflation has largely been attributed to skyrocketing energy prices.

To mitigate the energy crisis, the European Council earlier this month approved a plan that would see EU countries reduce their gas consumption by 15% in light of possible disruptions of supplies from Russia. Poland and Hungary, however, reportedly refused to back this plan due to legal concerns. Earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban commented on the initiative, saying that energy rationing suggests that Europe is moving toward a “wartime economy.” In his telling, unless peace is reached in Ukraine, “we will not be able to solve any problems, there will be no energy, and the entire European Union will be pushed into an economic situation of war.”

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“The typical annual household fuel bill is expected to rise to around £3,500 from October, three times higher than last year.”

UK Is Facing Dickens-style Poverty, Ex-PM warns (RT)

People in Britain are facing “a winter of dire poverty” amid skyrocketing energy costs, former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Saturday, urging the government to approve an emergency budget. According to the Labour politician, the continued increase in fuel prices places “35 million people in 13m households – an unprecedented 49.6% of the population of the United Kingdom,” in risk of fuel poverty in October. Calling the situation a “financial timebomb,” he added that “there is nothing moral about indifferent leaders condemning millions of vulnerable and blameless children and pensioners to a winter of dire poverty.” This is why, Brown said, outgoing PM Boris Johnson, along with the Tory leadership candidates, former Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, “must this week agree an emergency budget.”

“If they do not, parliament should be recalled to force them to do so.” He added that if nothing is done, another fuel price rise in January will leave 54% of the population in fuel poverty. The former prime minister said the scenes he has witnessed in his home county of Fife in Scotland remind him of things he read about from the 1930s – undernourished children, “pensioners choosing whether to feed their electricity meters or themselves,” and nurses having “to queue up at their food bank.” Poverty is “hitting so hard” that charities are unable to ease the burden on people, Brown said, adding that “Britain is creating a left-out generation of young boys and girls,” whose childhoods “are starting to resemble shameful scenes from a Dickens novel.” [..] The typical annual household fuel bill is expected to rise to around £3,500 from October, three times higher than last year. The real household post-tax income “is projected to fall sharply in 2022 and 2023, while consumption growth turns negative,” the Bank of England said.

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More apologies. For another well written report.

“We Regret Any Pain”: CUNY Apologizes, Deletes Article On Depp Lawyer (Turley)

For many who watched the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial, some of the most outstanding moments involved his defense counsel Yarelyn Mena. It was an extraordinary opportunity for the 29-year old graduated from CUNY (2015) and she was praised for her tough examination of Heard. It was considered the turning point of one of the most famous trials in modern history. It is something that should be a matter of great pride for the CUNY community and, not surprisingly, the website did an article on their graduate. However, it has now been deleted with an apology after people objected that they were upset or traumatized by the recognition due to Heard’s allegations of abuse.

The now deleted article told the intriguing story of how a young associate out of CUNY became a global sensation as a key member of the defense team. Yarelyn explain “I am a third year associate and am fortunate to have worked a trial so early in my career. Most cases don’t go to trial.” It is an extraordinary story for a woman who came with her family from the Dominican Republic. She proceeded to graduate from CUNY and then received her law degree from Fordham University. That is a quintessential American story of achievement that any institution should relish and highlight. She noted in the interview that “(Law) was the first career that I knew of before I even really understood what it was.”

Apparently, CUNY graduates and students were outraged and unwilling to separate the act of representation from the rivaling abuse allegations in the case. It turned out that neither could the school. The school acknowledged the objections raised to “our newsletter featuring a recent CUNY graduate who worked on Johnny Depp’s legal team.” It then apologized: “We understand the strong negative emotions this article elicited and apologize for publishing the item. We have removed it from our CUNYverse blog. The article was not meant to convey support for Mr. Depp, implicitly or otherwise, or to call into question any allegations that were made by Amber Heard. Domestic violence is a serious issue in our society and we regret any pain this article may have caused.”

The “pain” caused by the article was an account of a graduate doing her job as an advocate. We have gotten to the point that people are incapable of recognizing that everyone is entitled to a rigorous legal defense and that the lawyers are fulfilling essential roles in protecting the rule of law. The only thing that matters is that the lawyer represented someone accused of abuse (even though the jury clearly found that Heard lied with malice in the trial). Even lawyers defending a client must now be cancelled to protect others from the pain of dealing with a trial on spousal abuse.

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“..the rest of the world will just kick back and witness the spectacle of our struggle as the lights of Western Civ flicker out..”

A Glance Ahead (Kunstler)

Meanwhile, the Party of Chaos is about to unleash its “Inflation Reduction Act,” which proposes to spend three quarters of a trillion dollars created from thin air into an economy already hyperventilating on three years of multi-trillion-dollar injections derived from no productive activity. At the same time, the act will raise taxes especially for low-end wage earners and small businesses, completing the regime’s destruction of the middle-class. The cherry-on-top is the provision to double the size of the Internal Revenue Service by hiring 87,000 new employees to harass ordinary American taxpayers. Is that what you voted for in 2020? I thought not.

None of that is going to work as intended. More likely, passage of the act will trigger destruction of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and a stampede out of dollar-denominated investments, which is to say, a very severe financial crisis. Credit will freeze, the distribution and sale of goods will cease, interest will stop being paid on virtually all outstanding debt, the bond market will implode, few will have anything identifiable as money, and there will be little in the way of everyday goods like food and gasoline to buy anyway. You realize, of course, that this is a description of economic collapse. If things roll that way, there will be absolutely no trust left in the US government.

It will be either ignored or opposed. And in places like my own New York, under the tyrannical and titanically incompetent accidental Governor Kathy Hochul, there will be no trust in state government either. Meaning, we’re on our own, community-by-community. This will be a very interesting experiment in the dynamics of emergence — the self-organizing properties of systems in chaos. I doubt that it will resolve in the direction of the globalists’ dreams of transhuman technocracy. Every macro trend now runs against centralization. But the process could conceivably invite an attempted Chinese takeover of the USA, if not militarily, then in a way similar to America’s asset-stripping operations in the collapsed Soviet Union of the 1990s, a looting spree — as seen many other times in history when empires founder. Or else, the rest of the world will just kick back and witness the spectacle of our struggle as the lights of Western Civ flicker out. (Europe will be right in it with us, by the way.) The other nations of the world are tired of us trying to push them around, with increasingly evil intentions. They will enjoy watching our tribulations. They will be convinced we deserve it.

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“23 million Russians died protecting you and me from the Nazi menace.”

Pink Floyd’s Waters Explains Why He Called Biden A War Criminal (RT)

US President Joe Biden is fueling the Ukraine conflict, which is a “huge crime,” Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters said in an interview released on Saturday. Waters sat down with CNN’s Michael Smerconish to discuss, in particular, the political views that the rock legend hasn’t shied away from displaying in his new concert tour ‘This Is Not A Drill’, which features a montage of alleged “war criminals,” including a picture of Joe Biden with the caption “WAR CRIMINAL. Just getting started.” “[Joe Biden] is fueling the fire in Ukraine for start. That’s a huge crime. Why won’t the United States of America encourage [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky to negotiate, obviating the need for this horrific, horrendous war, that’s killing [people]?” he asked.

Waters also pushed back against Smerconish’s argument that Ukraine was “invaded” by Russia, noting that the entire crisis should be analyzed in the historical context. “You need to look at the history… This war is basically about the action and reaction of NATO pushing right up to the Russian border, which they promised they wouldn’t do,” he added, recalling the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev’s talks with the West on the withdrawal of Moscow’s forces from Eastern Europe. Waters said that the conflict over Ukraine started as early as 2008, an apparent reference to the NATO summit in Bucharest at which the intentions of Ukraine and Georgia to eventually become full-fledged members of the alliance were supported.

The interview also saw Pink Floyd’s England-born frontman and Smerconish engage in a heated exchange over the American role in WWII. Waters insisted that the US cannot call itself ‘liberators’, adding that Washington entered the war only because of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor in late 1941. The CNN journalist, however, said the US would have joined the conflict regardless. Staying on the subject of WWII, the musician argued that the Soviet Union “had already almost won the bloody war” by the time the US entered, adding that “23 million Russians died protecting you and me from the Nazi menace.”

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Jim Rickards: “Biden plans to extent the COVID state of emergency. You know, so they can extend the mail-in ballot fraud and drop-box stuffing financed by Mark Zuckerberg. The order will be given just in time for another rigged election.”

Biden Administration Planning To Extend Covid Emergency Declaration (Pol.)

The Biden administration is expected to extend the Covid-19 public health emergency once again, ensuring that federal measures expanding access to health coverage, vaccines and treatments remain in place beyond the midterm elections, three people with knowledge of the matter told POLITICO. The planned renewal follows extensive deliberations among Biden officials over the future of the emergency declaration, including some who questioned whether it was time to let the designation lapse. Under the proposed extension, the Department of Health and Human Services would continue the declaration beyond the November elections and potentially into early 2023 — pushing the U.S. into its fourth calendar year under a Covid public health emergency.

“Covid is not over. The pandemic is not over,” one senior Biden official said. “It doesn’t make sense to lift this [declaration] given what we’re seeing on the ground in terms of cases.” An HHS spokesperson declined to comment, and the people with knowledge of the matter cautioned the situation could still change ahead of an Aug. 15 deadline for deciding whether to let the declaration continue. The Biden administration has increasingly pointed to the availability of Covid vaccines and treatments as evidence that Americans who are vaccinated and boosted can live with the virus in relative safety. But even with that new posture, many administration health officials remain wary of the message that ending the public health emergency declaration would send at a time when caseloads are topping 100,000 a day. “It will end whenever the emergency ends,” one senior administration official said, summing up the internal attitude toward the declaration.

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They want him not to run again.

Brian Stelter: Hunter Biden Scandal ‘Not Just A Right-wing Media Story’ (Fox)

During a segment on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday, host Brian Stelter discussed Hunter Biden being under federal investigation with his guest Michael LaRosa, the former press secretary for First Lady Jill Biden. The conversation was sparked when Stelter cited a New York Times column by Maureen Dowd urging the president not to run for re-election. He then brought up the Department of Justice looking into Hunter’s alleged tax violations and business dealings. “What about his son?” asked Stelter. “What about Hunter? Hunter under federal investigation, charges can be coming at any time, this is not just a right-wing media story. This is a real problem for the Bidens.”

“Could he decide not to run for re-election given his son?” Stelter asked. “Look, they make decisions as a family and they will make that decision when it’s time,” responded LaRosa. “Do you think they’ve talked about it yet?” Stelter asked. “No. The president’s doing his job, he’s doing his work. He’s not focused on that,” LaRosa responded. Stelter asked if “the press is getting ahead of the family on that.” “Way ahead, way ahead,” LaRosa responded, before reiterating that the president “intends to run” and urging the press to focus on his “substantive wins” in the past week.

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The percentage of money (“wealth”) locked in real estate is much higher in China than anywhere else. Everyone’s betting on the same horse.

The Real Estate and Banking Crisis in China Is Spreading (

In the West, and throughout most of the world, money is an economic good. Money in the West is governed by the philosophy of a return on investment which creates more wealth. Money is used as an intermediation between buyer and seller. In China, according to the geopolitician Peter Zeihan, money is considered by the CCP as a political good. According to Mr. Zeihan “Investment decisions not driven by the concept of returns tend to add up. Conservatively, corporate debt in China is about 150% of GDP. That doesn’t count federal government debt, or provincial government debt, or local government debt. Nor does it involve the bond market, or non-standard borrowing such as LendingTree-like person-to-person programs, or shadow financing designed to evade even China’s hyper-lax financial regulatory authorities.

It doesn’t even include US dollar-denominated debt that cropped up in those rare moments when Beijing took a few baby steps to address the debt issue and so firms sought funds from outside of China. With that sort of attitude towards capital, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that China’s stock markets are in essence gambling dens utterly disconnected from issues of supply and labor and markets and logistics and cashflow (and legality). Simply put, in China, debt levels simply are not perceived as an issue.” In China, money is a political good, and only has value if it can be used to achieve a political goal. That political good is maximum employment.

The concepts of rate of return or profit margins do not exist in China, and therein lies the danger; eventually the law of supply and demand will win out, and the Chinese economy will have to face a correction. The longer it takes to face this economic correction, the greater damage that the inevitable correction will cause to the Chinese economy.

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Fever has a function.

Paracetamol -Tylenol- Made This Pandemic Much Worse (Girardot)

In a not-so-distant future, I am quite convinced that the systematic use of Paracetamol during the COVID pandemic will be considered as one of the biggest failings in public health History, right behind the catastrophic COVID vaccines. Ancients used to consider fever as an indispensable ally in the fight against illness. “Fever is a mighty engine which Nature brings into the world for the conquest of her enemies.”said 17th century physician, Thomas Sydenham, also known as “The English Hippocrates”. Modern-day medicine focused on comfort – over therapeutic reason – has been systematically quashing fever for some time now, particularly during this pandemic.

I understand it can be scary to see one’s child feverish, but as long as it doesn’t become overwhelming (in time or level), fever should be embraced as nature’s defence at work. If evolutionary pecking order is a sign of therapeutic priority, and thus efficacy, fever is much more important than antibodies1. Too many view fever as a useless and painful by-product of the immune reaction, as if Evolution couldn’t have done away with such an incapacitating symptom. Let’s go back to basics here: “Fever-less people have been pruned from the evolutionary tree, only fever-prone people have survived.” Let that kick in… Another randomised controlled trial was held during millenia and fever – despite its painfulness and discomfort – held on and won. In other words, fever has to be an indispensable strategic tool in our fight against disease and suppressing it in a systematic fashion is as idiotic and foolish as suppressing the immune system.

What does fever do that is so important? By raising the temperature of the body and the acidity of the blood stream, fever likely acts as a systemic bomb impeding further infection and destroying all the circulating virions, putting an end to the exponential viral propagation early on. SARS-COV-2 sensitivity to temperature – as other corona viruses – is well documented. So while billions of immune cells go on a door-to-door guerilla, destroying one single infected cell at a time, liberating virions into the tissues and the blood stream, fever sends a systemic blast, similar to an immunity EMP bomb (for those of you who remember Ocean’s 12) that kills all circulating virions. As long as T-cells haven’t destroyed all infected cells, fever is required to stop the never-ending cycle of virus replication in the body.

[..] stopping fever is a recipe for disaster. Most healthy people who state they have had symptoms for 6-8 days (instead of 1 or 2) are people who have taken Paracetamol. Lowering temperature – and consequently acidity – is like tying your immune system’s hands behind its back. Circulating virions are let free for some more time to propagate and infect more healthy cells. Even if T-cells cut short virion production by systematically scuttling infected cells. Any virion left untouched by lowered fever will penetrate new cells and start replicating.

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West Texas storm chaser Laura Rowe captured the picture of a lifetime, fantastic shot of a mature supercell thunderstorm, illuminated at varying heights from the setting sun.



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    Piet Mondriaan Self portrait 1918   • Western Sanctions Are Great For Russia – Michael Hudson (RT) • Russia Eliminates Dozens Of Foreign Fighters
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    @afewknowthetruth “It’s just a huge ‘farm’, and we are the livestock.”
    Oh more than “just” livestock, we also make great cannon fodder!

    V. Arnold

    Muhammad Ali 1971
    My god; what a briliant, perceptive, and eloquent human being…
    I miss him; he’s so needed in today’s world…

    V. Arnold

    …and he knew the value of humor…


    Principles and consequence

    Under these extreme conditions, it’s necessary to remind ourselves of the ‘three principles, one consequence’ of economic reality.

    The first principle is that the economy is an energy system, because nothing that has any economic value whatsoever can be produced without it. The second is that, whenever energy is accessed for our use, some of that energy is always consumed in the access process. This ‘consumed in access’ component is known here as the Energy Cost of Energy, or ECoE.

    Third, money has no intrinsic worth, but commands value only as a ‘claim’ on the output of the material economy.

    These three principles lead inexorably to a logical consequence, which is that we need to think conceptually in terms of two economies – an energy-determined ‘real’ economy of goods and services, and a proxy ‘financial economy’, consisting of money and credit, which incorporates claims on material economic prosperity.

    The economy can’t be understood effectively unless this conceptual distinction is recognized.

    These principles are well-known to regular visitors to this site but, under current conditions, no apology seems necessary for their brief reiteration.

    Conventional economic models can’t possibly act as reliable guides to our predicament. Their foundation assumptions are fallacious. The economy isn’t entirely a monetary system; resources are not some kind of substitutable adjunct to the economy; there are material and environmental limits to economic activity; and the promise of infinite growth on a finite planet is a delusion arrived at by reasoning from false premises.

    Dr. D

    Says a comedian.
    News from Canada:

    So every Squirrely Dan can solve the Canadian energy, emissions, and food problem from their tractor in 5 minutes, but Trudy and all the Brain Trust in Ontario can’t. Yeah, our problems are real. Except it’s not an oil and environment problem: it’s a politician corruption problem.

    “the US has succeeded in eliminating its competition in Europe,”

    What was that quote? Plan A) was to harm or conquer Russia, but as that failed, they rolled seamlessly into Plan B) which was liquidate and consume Europe instead? Why you let us do that? If you stopped them, we’d have a much better chance of Congress and Oligarchs collapsing here and returning the country to Republic and away from Empire.

    “There is a report circulating that says 191,000 Ukr troops have been killed.”

    Biden’s Slavic genocide is going well. There are no Ukrainian men left alive. I mean, there’s Ze, but he’s not a man, nor clearly a real Ukrainian.

    ” Russia Takes Out 45,000 Tons of NATO Ammo – MoD (RT)”

    Modern warfare. Unbelievably easy. Push button: go bang. Bye bye $1B Taxpayer dollars! Congress raises taxes on people down to $30k, which is approaching the effective poverty line in some areas. Why bother raising taxes and not printing is a mystery, except that it’s certain to collapse the economy and the nation, and therefore the people, families, and society. Replaced by government, Argentine-Venezuelan style.

    So we got that to look forward to.

    Only 30% of Ukraine Military Aid Reaches Final Destination (JTN)”

    The rest is sold and the money recycled to Congress, just like all foreign aid for 50 years.

    Hey, we’re sending food for “We are the World” why are people still starving there? A: We’ll never know because like Amnesty International we won’t look or report on it. That was 40 years ago.

    Like Amnesty, if they tell the truth, they immediately retract and apologize. The only enemy is the Truth. #Logos. “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” . We sure don’t have any revolutionaries ‘round here! We’ll burn (the black areas of) 15 major cities but tell the truth? Never!

    “Finland Warns About ‘Imminent’ Downturn In Europe (RT)”

    A downturn where they no longer bake bread.

    “it “is impossible to imagine” what form a possible reset in relations between the West and Russia could take after Moscow attacked Ukraine in late February.”

    A reset where Europe tells the truth for once in 50 years and admits they were trying to sneak NATO into surrounding and first-striking Moscow. And that that didn’t work. It’s not that unusual between nations, and clearly between them someone loses. So apologize, eat some losses, and life goes on.

    “UK Is Facing Dickens-style Poverty, Ex-PM warns (RT)”

    They’re already in it, and have been for some time. You think it was English Channel to Firth of Forth last time? No: some rich, some middle, some poor, same as now. So +5 years after ads to rent the garden shed for sexual favors, “Children white with hunger” throughout the NW, “rape gangs” scandal for +3 years, what Britain are you talking about? Was it great in 1970? Thatcher’s 1980? Blair’s 1990? IT’S SUCKED THE WHOLE TIME. Or at least anywhere out of London. You’ve got no industry, all rapacious finance, tossers out of London driving up housing so no one can get it, same as S.F. and our 12 blessed cities.

    Anyway, they’re not going to pay their electric bills now, and I sort of understand that. But it’s not going to make electric and gas appear. The British people seem to have the same understanding of Economics that the EU does: that is, that they are a monopsony, a single buyer controlling the market. This didn’t work for s—t in Europe and it won’t work for the people of Britain. They think it has to do with “money”, but it doesn’t. The “Price” of gas reflects how many resources it took to create and deliver it. If you’re giving me less resources than it took to create it, I’m simply going to shut off the lights and go home: i.e. no gas at all. Otherwise, I’m going to do all that hard work to PAY YOU to use up my gas and my free time for more than free. Nuh-uh.

    Same as Dickens though: when was he writing? 1836-1870 with a bias toward the early years he grew up in. Corn Laws. Sex trade. Irish famine pulling food out of a colonial starvation, shutting down farmers for palatial estates. Crimean War. Opium War. Indian War. Egypt Ethiopia and Sudan. Sound familiar?

    ““We Regret Any Pain”: CUNY Apologizes, Deletes Article on Depp Lawyer (Turley)”

    Must attack successful women and all black men. Attack literally and personally, at their Comedy Shows. ‘Cause: Socialism? Literally that seemed to be the AWFL attacker’s point, they got a raw deal at work and so wanted to attack and kill successful black comedians.

    But all black people are White Supremacists now. And all Dominicans. White people said so.

    Also, what are trials for? Apparently it demonstrated Depp’s “innocence” or at least her culpability via the institution of law. And NOT the Jr. High School girls’ table. CUNY is run by the Mean Girlz, not rule of law, clearly, and it shows.

    That would be fine but their Mob Rule is running you too, at your house and job.

    “Meanwhile, the Party of Chaos is about to unleash its “Inflation Reduction Act,” which proposes to spend three quarters of a trillion dollars created from thin air into an economy already hyperventilating”

    It’s worse than that: they are doubling(?) the number of IRS agents, and raising taxes on families down to $30K income level. I’m sure Pelosi and Musk are doing fine, still with those tax breaks for developing farmland into condos and pumping oil in ND. Billion in tax giveaways to major corporations and their investors who turn food into gasoline and murder the poor.

    ““23 million Russians died protecting you and me from the Nazi menace.”

    The only enemy is the Truth. #Logos. God himself. Reality. I’m disappointed and taken aback that Waters is the ONLY rock star willing to take this up. Not that everybody always was, but for 50 years, we had “4 Dead in Ohio” “God Save the Queen/ the fascist regime” “99 Red Balloons” constantly. Now: sell your music catalog to BlackRock then nag and scold poor people.

    How is Biden not a war criminal? We presume Cheney is and he was only Vice President. Biden was in similar situation as Obama started 5 new wars against brown people and 15 escalations worldwide.

    “Jim Rickards: “Biden plans to extent the COVID state of emergency. You know, so they can extend the mail-in ballot fraud”.

    Obviously, but they suck so bad they’re being overrun. By the people, as per Sri Lanka. They did the same this week in AZ, counted, and when they lost, stopped counting and froze the election. Overnight, days. Why? Can someone explain how elections keep getting stopped all the time now, and only when they’re in one direction? But they couldn’t find a way to get away with rigging the vote, too many eyes on them, and Lake won. But this will be a far greater call to action for 2022’s vote rigging. So we’re going “Close polling”, “erase voters from voting locations” (already happened), and shut off the power election night. Another great reason for no electronic voting. I’ll vote in one of the big paper booths by candlelight.

    But the point isn’t to WIN, although that would be nice. The point is to DESTROY the election so no one knows who won and erase national legitimacy. This opens the door for corporations and corporate-interest groups like the WEF to run things instead.

    It’s EASY to screw things up. “For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.” Why? BECAUSE WE MADE IT SO. All quadrillion dollars in BlackRock, Vanguard, in Soros and Bayer, all focused on this ONE thing: to make a complete riot, a mess of culture, government, environment, gender, economics, medicine, law, everything. You have to break a few eggs, you know, to “Build Back Better.” Build back? From what??? From the complete universal collapse we paid for, silly.


    “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion. We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.” -Gen Pike to Italian communist Mazzini.

    It’s a RELIGION. By religious zealots. You can’t understand it without this, knowing that it’s just a plain-old cult. Boring, predictable. Just unusually well connected and funded.

    Quote above true or no? Who cares? It appears to be the present plan, whether this was written at the time or read by them later and adopted as a durn good idea. This follows that other horseman, the Club of Rome and The Green (Chloros) Horse of Environmentalism that kills as many people as War, Famine, and Pestilence.

    The Archdruid points out that the problem doesn’t have to be fake to do that. In fact, better that the environmental problem and limits to growth are real. (and caused by us, our corporations, our jets, and our policies) Only then can you sell the cure is to give more money and power to the same people who caused it,caused the environmental collapse with their existing money and power. Building nuclear plants, inflating money to make businesses run white-hot and waste money and resources, giving tax incentives to rich people drilling, paving farmland, starting wars. Using the same central bank money to remove distributed energy, conservation, and independence. The problems are REAL. They want them to be real: Poverty, Drug Overdoses and murders, no health care, chemical poisonings, starvation, violence, war. They’re just not affected by them, and in fact actively profit with every death, as is easy to verify.

    So they NEED the world to be the biggest mess ever seen, and it’s totally worth blowing $100 Trillion on the project so that they can Poof! Stop paying everyone to poison and kill each other when their hand-picked, pre-arranged savior arrives on the scene like Obama. And like Obama, talks real nice, while foreclosing on black families and starting wars in Africa for Wall Street. Then they finish the game and control it all. “You own nothing.” The game of “Monopoly”.

    But as those things are written, and if the interpretation is correct, this may also only last 3 years. With a V Passport. You can see why: it’s a s—t show that’s barely holding together now.

    Anyway, yes: mess things up is the plan. It’s the POINT. It’s not to “Win” in that way, it’s to “Ruin”, to “Destroy”, to fight and kill and hate. Which always makes the Devil real happy.

    The percentage of money (“wealth”) locked in real estate is much higher in China than anywhere else. Everyone’s betting on the same horse.”

    True and true, but China is not the West. They may have methods and customs that didn’t work when the same people tried the same capture operation here. We are collapsing, but they are in a difference cycle.


    Thanks, Dr. D, for the Canadian farmer’s video. The WEF has started its own Great Leap Forward. How many people will the WEF starve in the name of ideology?


    I’m betting on a Thirty Years War conclusion. If you’re lucky, you live in some place where the damage is minimal. Unlucky: Magdeburg 1631. All one can do is try and position themselves in the best location. Red states giving one the best chance. The EU…oh boy! Meanwhile we’ll have elites, like Gustavus Adolphus & Cardinal Richelieu mucking around to make things worse.

    If nothing else, the 30 year time frame may be right.


    Fixed it – stop worrying

    “Inflation Reduction Act,”

    the rule of law

    legal concerns



    Before penicillin syphilis was sometimes cured by infecting the patient with malaria!

    Syphilis could not survive the high temperature of malarial fever.


    In defense of Boris Johnson : He said Covid would be endemic and we have to live with it. He also removed all restrictions.

    When I read about the draconian measures still being taken in the US, Germany, China and elsewhere I am thankful to him for that as I live in the UK. In this respect it is like living in a civilised country reading about the barbaric wasteland outside.

    I still suspect it was because of this that he was removed by those in power. I hope the new leader will not re-impose this Covid barbarism.


    Who owns the land? important…

    In the Netherlands, I have read, farmers own more than half (idk if correct)…if so that explains a lot.. I posted before about the Tri-cities project which is driving the anti-farmer blitz in NL.

    In Ukraine the privatisation process of land started before the Maidan (see for ex. report from the Oakland institute + 2014 article by the Ecologist), and while the MSM tells us that Zelensky passed a new privatisation bill (he did), it followed on from one passed by Poroshenko, but I’m not going to go into those weeds.

    Obviously, foreign Joe6 buying a huge farm in Ukr. vs. Blackrock owning X % of shares in Cargill who owns Y shares in the biggest Ukr. land-owning Corp is etc. can’t be compared.

    Celada covers the history, 2020

    Analysis. Despite the moratorium on land sales to foreigners, by 2016, ten multinationals controlled 2.8 million hectares of Ukrainian land. Today, some estimates speak of 3.4 million hectares.

    Cohen, 2022

    It is the thesis of this essay that agricultural competition over land use between the U.S. and Russia—two gigantic capitalist countries with the most powerful nuclear arsenals in the world—is a neglected but important force driving the war in Ukraine.

    The articles cover similar ground, quote each other; the ‘facts’ are hard to verify. (I could not get the world bank data on Land Ukr to work today.)

    A list from 2019 of the top 10 *Ukr.* Land (farm holdings on agri land) from LaScala.

    They tally 2.5 down from 2.9 million ha for the top 10 altogether. (Total arable Ukr is 32 million ha.) All cos. held by Ukr. oligarchs, or in collab. with one other person, Cos. are lodged in Kiev, Lux., Nicosia, Amsterdam, NY. My take is that Ukr. oligarchs aka locals have been loosing badly (banking, holdings, ownership of xyz) for a while .. Again, the classification criteria just look at ‘one chunk’ and relationships aren’t detailed, etc.

    War – it is very costly – is about ressources, land, what is on top of it (e.g. grains, slaves) or under it (e.g. minerals, FF) plus now in 2022 human constructs that allow transport, processing, delivery of vital necessities, they are the essential arteries of profit.

    5 bitly links in next post.

    John Day

    @Bill7 (and off topic): The most natural sounding speakers I ever heard, and repeatedly, and always the same, no matter what I compared them to were Diatone full range speakers, 2 per large (3.5 cu.ft. approx) flat front box; in Tokyo’s Akihabara electronics district in the 1970s, when I lived in Kamakura (hence my “Avatar” of the Great Buddha of Kamakura).
    This write up compares the original (Mitsubishi) Diatone 5.5″ full range speakers, made for the Japanese government NHK broadcast network, to modern Chinese copies, which compare favorably. The writer also likes the Coral Flat-5, which I also liked quite well, but not as much as the Diatones. I liked the Coral “flat” series, but ended up buying a Coral 3-way speaker kit for my first pair of speakers that I built, using Thiele-Small parameters for a 4th order Butterworth bass roll-off. In college in the US, working in a hospital kitchen, I also built custom speakers for friends as a side job. In med school, I did not do this, but built some hot-rod Wankle/Mazda engines for myself when I had time and used parts.
    After med school and training I resumed speaker-building, assuming transistor or big p-p tune amps to drive them. My most natural set of speakers in this epoch (not counting big electrostatics I refurbished) was a copy of the Sonus Faber Extrema speakers, in an improved pyramid shaped floorstanding enclosure. The crossover design is really key, but the bass and treble drivers were excellent, now unobtainium, like Diatone.
    Reviewed here by the venerable Martin Colloms:
    After that I discovered Sound Practices magazine
    I concurrently flew back to my high school memories of Akihabara, where I always ended up listening at the places that had single-ended triode tube amps driving the speakers I mentioned, and Altech Voice-of-the-Theaters, a pair of which I bought, as I dove into the world of big speakers and exquisite little amplifiers.
    It turned out that the author/creator of Sound Practices, Joe R. lived in Austin, and so began our friendship and collaboration, until the internet killed his business model.

    Apologies to all except Bill7

    Figmund Sreud

    All of that happened – about a week ago – in the dark! Never done, … or known to be done before! Done in the dark, …

    Jeff Bezos’ $500 Million Megayacht Launches Under the Cover of Darkness

    A very controversial chapter in the multi-million saga of Jeff Bezos’ new sailing yacht has closed. Y721 from Dutch shipbuilder Oceanco launched earlier this week, under the cover of darkness, to avoid unwanted attention. […]


    John Day

    @Bill7: Here is the cheapest I could find for Chinese Diatone copies in alnico magnet version:
    The Vas is 60 litres, over 2 cubic feet, explaining my visual estimate of 3.5 cu ft vented box for the 2 driver cabinets which always held such an allure for me.


    @ anticlimatic

    Good point about BoJo. I remember that he was the first to blink last winter and lift restrictions. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what cost him his job.

    Mr. House

    Real good stuff, John Day- thank you for those posts, and the links. You were in much, much deeper than I was, in the early-70s through mid-80s when prices
    and marketing demographics started to quickly change things.. ahh, the Reagan Years. 😉

    I had to find acceptable and hopefully
    artful compromises among the budget hi-fi
    stuff. Had a few sets of Spicas that had
    some very nice qualities, and I always liked LS3/5As, even with their limitations. Always solid-state amplification for me- alas- though I got to hear a lot of nice tubed stuff. As I said, a relative piker..


    Request for help
    My son is starting 1st grade in a week and his pediatrician has recommended the vaccination for him. My wife (vaxxed) and I (unvaxxed) are divided on the issue. In her mind, a medical professional recommending it (and saying that they arent seeing side effects) outweighs what I say. He had covid (omicron in Jan) though no symptoms, only way we knew is we all had it and got tested.

    Can anyone help point me to studies from respected journals like BMJ, Lancet, etc, that show the risks and/or similar arguments against vaxxing kids?


    Adding: thanks in particular for the Sonus Faber review; there’s a lot in
    there about crossover and driver design that I’ve forgotten about, or never knew.

    My car rat-hole was a’67 MG Midget MkII with the 1098; lot of money went into that engine rebuild that could have been better spent.. fun car, though!


    I have read comments about James Kunstler here before. I still read him regularly, but I think the guy is a bit delusional. Most of what he says never seems to happen. Rather, he writes as thought what he WISHES would happen is somehow inevitable. In a sane world perhaps it would be.

    His offering today is so “optimistic” that I actually find it discouraging. That is because after the momentary pleasure I get from imagining things transpiring, I return to earth and realize that it just isn’t going to work out that way.


    Kunstler has been running the “the Perps will be brought to justice very soon!”
    thing for years, now.

    ’tis strange..


    Why don’t they call it Whitemail? They Lie too…

    Epstein- CIA- Mossad, they Lie too.

    Black Sheep, White Sheep, Lone Wolves

    Where does the term “lone wolf” come from?

    So really, a “lone wolf” isn’t one who wants to be alone because they don’t like being around others. They’re a wolf who elects to be alone temporarily as they try to find a mate and find a place to have a family. They are the key to the genetic survival of the species.

    Polder Dweller


    The big idea apart from ze bugz, of course, is vertical farming. The food factories can be built in the cities and so close to the consumer, which is green, right? Therefore the traditional farms can be done away with and houses built on them or returned to “nature”. What’s not to like? Well, pretty much everything really, as with all things WEF, it totally sucks.


    I would recommend RFK Jr’s latest: A Letter to Liberals: Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals (Children’s Health Defense). The kindle edition is $3.99 and has live links to all the data. It’s a quick read and was published only 6 days ago so it is up to date through June 2022 or so.

    From Amazon’s intro:
    Kennedy invites readers to look at the data in order to answer questions such as:
    Did COVID vaccines really save millions and end the pandemic?
    Why were the lowest COVID death rates in countries and states that relied on therapeutic drugs, and in countries with the lowest vaccination rates?
    Did vaccines prevent infection or transmission as officials promised?
    Why do COVID vaccines appear to show “negative efficacy”—making the vaccinated more susceptible to COVID.
    Why does the most reliable data suggest that COVID vaccines do not lower the risk of death and hospitalization.
    Should government technocrats be partnering with media and social media titans to censor and suppress the questioning of government policies?
    And why have so many liberals abandoned fundamental Constitutional principles in their headlong rush to embrace pandemic policies pushed by captured bureaucrats, feckless politicians, a compromised news media, and Big Pharma?
    In his November 2021 book The Real Anthony Fauci, which sold over 1,000,000 copies, Kennedy made predictions that have matured from “conspiracy theories” to proven facts. Among these:
    Masks Are Ineffective and Dangerous
    Social Distancing Was Not Science-Based
    School Closures Were Not Science-Based
    Lockdowns Were Counterproductive
    Vaccinating Children Causes More Harm and Death Than It Averts
    Officials Wrongly Used PCR Tests to Justify the Countermeasures
    COVID-19 May Have Come from Wuhan Lab
    Natural Immunity is Superior to Vaccine Immunity
    Kennedy throws down the gauntlet for the kind of vigorous scientific debate that liberals have long stood for and strives to ensure that unbiased honesty and well-researched thought is brought to bear on one of the most important and still unfolding chapters in human history.

    Ukraine’s first grain shipment gets snubbed
    The buyer in Lebanon refused to accept the cargo, citing delay of delivery terms.
    AUGUST 8, 2022


    Thank you ‘Red’.

    There are numerous terrible realities that are impinging on the fake narratives of politicians, economists, bankers and bureaucrats right now.

    1. Without energy nothing happens.

    2. Increasing amounts of energy are being expended to acquire useable energy.

    3. The pollutants that are generated when energy is acquired and used within the industrial system continue to accumulate. The geochemical-geophysical effects of pollutants are both instantaneous and cumulative.

    4. Whenever energy is utilised in the industrial system a substantial portion is ‘lost’ as heat. No industrial system is 100% efficient, and many operate at around 30% efficiency. All energy cascades down energy transition steps to end up as heat. Dispersed heat cannot be harnessed, and ends up radiated into space.

    5. The effect of greenhouse gases is to cause heat radiated from the Earth towards space to be absorbed and re-emitted back towards the Earth, creating an energy imbalance relative to previous (pre-industrial) conditions, i.e. atmospheric CO2 190 ppm above the long term average of 230 ppm. This result on long-term overheating relative to the conditions during which humanity evolved, and during which human civilisations emerged.

    6. The effects of overheating include: increasing atmospheric instability; increasing [thermal] expansion of oceans -leading to inundation of coastal regions where most human live; disturbance to growth of organisms and yields of crops etc.

    6. Every activity within the industrialised system exacerbates our longer-term predicament.

    7. There are no technological solutions to this complex mega-predicament because:

    1.Without energy nothing happens.

    2. Increasing amounts of energy are being expended to acquire useable energy.

    3. The pollutants that are generated when energy is acquired and used within the industrial system continue to accumulate…..

    Thus, we need to recognise that those of us alive right now are the last generations to live in complex societies with industrial systems (perhaps the last humans ever to live on this planet), and HOW WE LIVE is what matters.

    Just how fast the fraudulent systems of governments, banks, corporations and economists will last is anyone guess (up to a point) but I am planning on the basis of the whole ‘rules based’ (Anglo-American rules imposed on others by intimidation and force) system reaching the terminal collapse point within two years.


    I see that Europe, as well as being short of energy and resources, is rather dry at the moment.

    ‘More than 100 French municipalities have no running drinking water and are being supplied by truck, green transition minister Christophe Béchu said, adding: “We are going to have to get used to episodes of this type. Adaptation is no longer an option, it’s an obligation.”

    With surface soil humidity the lowest ever recorded and July rainfall 85% lower than usual, water restrictions including hosepipe and irrigation bans are in place in 93 of the country’s 96 mainland départements, with 62 classified as “in crisis”.

    ‘Amid rising food prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, France’s agriculture minister warned the corn harvest is likely to be more than 18% lower than last year, while farmers’ unions say a shortage of cattle fodder as a result of the drought could lead to significant milk shortages in the autumn and winter.

    The electricity utility EDF was last week forced to reduce output from one of its nuclear reactors in south-western France because of high water temperatures in the Garonne River, and has issued multiple similar warnings for reactors along the Rhône.

    Spain’s water reserves are at all-time low of 40% and have been falling at a rate of 1.5% a week through a combination of increased consumption and evaporation, according to the government, in what is likely to be the driest of the past 60 years.’

    I’m not a fan of The Guardian (terrible political bias) but they do sometimes report interesting aspects of our collective demise.

    FBI Raids Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Resort, Former President Says
    Nick Visser
    Mon, August 8, 2022 at 4:09 PM

    John Day

    @Bill7 : It’s good chatting DIY hi fi and cars with you. I never had the money in any of this that one might think, but we had a great electronics surplus store in an out of the way part of Austin that had a lot of military and spook electronics contractors, so good, weird stuff of all vintages. Likewise with the rotary engines, mainly used parts from various years and cutting my own street ports in the housings with a high speed grinder.
    I intend to set up a big listening system in the Yoakum homestead. I still have the tube amps and speakers stored in the garage here in Austin.


    @TDub My wife and I found this site to be a gold mine …

    John Day

    Any rocket can become a dirty-bomb if you can hit a nuclear reactor with it. Ukraine tried last night.


    @Dr. D: Thanks for the great video on the Canadian Fertilizer Ban.


    I enjoy it too, John Day, and wish I had done more DIY in audio. The Diatone (?)
    driver appears to be a full-range one, no? I was on the mailing list for a supplier of parts at one time, but got overwhelmed.. the crossover being typically in the ear’s most sensitive region sure makes for some problems, I think. At the moment I solve that by mostly listening through headphones (Sennheiser HD580s, usually) and age-related hearing loss “helps”, too.

    An old interview with John Bau of Spica, much of which goes over my head; but interesting about his wanting substantial baffle around the HF driver:


    > I intend to set up a big listening system in the Yoakum homestead. I still have the tube amps and speakers stored in the garage here in Austin. <

    There you go! Nothing like having a good system in adequate space..


    BoomerDoomer2 and Aspnaz – thanks for the links.



    Please realize that doctors are not allowed to say anything negative about the covid vaccine nor speak about ivermectin or they will lose their medical license.

    This is especially true in Canada. Same goes for pharmacists too. Bring up the subject and watch them quickly change the subject or walk away. They will say nothing.



    Please note that many doctors are paid extra money by the gov for each person they inject the vaccine into. Children probably bring in more money than an adult does. So keep this conflict of interest in mind.

    Dr D Rich


    Unfuckingbelievable. It’s approaching JFK Level shit coz nothing’s left except imprisonment and assassination.

    Desantis couldn’t have responded more fecklessly while imparting the notion his state Government participated in the raid.

    The FBI managed the impossible. Turned a completely unsympathetic character into a martyr

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