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Merkel Confirms Ukraine Ceasefire Was A Ploy (RT)
Germany Says Ukraine Can Strike Inside Russia (RT)
Putin: Risk Of Nuclear War Rising, Ukraine Operation To Be “Long Process” (ZH)
Ukraine Operation Could Take A Long Time – Putin (RT)
EU Has To Show It ‘Has Its Own Interests’ – Lavrov (RT)
Russia’s Mega Gas Pipeline To China Nearly Complete (RT)
Elon Musk: Data May Have Been Hidden And Deleted From The Twitter Files (PM)
Fight Over Officer Testimony Roils Proud Boys Sedition Case (AP)
Report: Those Who Died Suddenly Likely Killed by the Covid Vaccine (Jones)
Analysis Shows 26% Worse Mortality Among the Vaccinated (RVM)
Australia Concerned As People Dying At ‘Incredibly High’ Pace (Benzinga)
COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters For Young Adults (BMJ)
The Faux Urgency Of The Climate ‘Crisis’ (Curry)
Wikileaks Editor-in-Chief Warns Assange May Be Extradited “Within Weeks” (WSWS)
Julian Assange’s Family Pleads For Unity (AAP)









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She always acted in bad faith. Because she was going to blame Russia anyway: “..the Cold War never really ended because Russia was basically not at peace..”

And now, at some point, there must be new talks. How do you think Putin and Lavrov will act?

Merkel Confirms Ukraine Ceasefire Was A Ploy (RT)

The 2014 ceasefire brokered by Berlin and Paris in Minsk was an attempt to give Kiev time to strengthen its military and was successful in that regard, former German chancellor Angela Merkel argued in an interview published on Wednesday. In an extensive interview about her 16 years in power, Merkel told the Zeit magazine her policy towards Russia and Ukraine was correct, even if not successful. “I thought the initiation of NATO accession for Ukraine and Georgia discussed in 2008 to be wrong,” Merkel said. “The countries neither had the necessary prerequisites for this, nor had the consequences of such a decision been fully considered, both with regard to Russia’s actions against Georgia and Ukraine and to NATO and its rules of assistance.”

She described the September 2014 Minsk agreement as “an attempt to give Ukraine time.” France and Germany had brokered a ceasefire after the failure of Ukraine’s attempt to subdue the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk by force. “[Ukraine] used this time to get stronger, as you can see today,” Merkel continued. “The Ukraine of 2014/15 is not the Ukraine of today. As you saw in the battle for Debaltsevo in early 2015, [Russian President Vladimir] Putin could easily have overrun them at the time. And I very much doubt that the NATO countries could have done as much then as they do now to help Ukraine.” The defeat at Debaltsevo resulted in the second Minsk protocol being signed in February 2015. Merkel said that it was “clear to all of us that the conflict was frozen, that the problem had not been solved, but that gave Ukraine valuable time.”

Meanwhile, she defended the decision to build the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for Russian gas, since refusing to do so would have “have dangerously worsened the climate” with Moscow given the situation in Ukraine. It just so happened that Germany couldn’t get gas elsewhere, she added. Asked for any self-criticism, Merkel told Zeit that “the Cold War never really ended because Russia was basically not at peace,” and that NATO “should have reacted more quickly to Russia’s aggressiveness” in 2014. Pyotr Poroshenko, who became president of Ukraine after the 2014 US-backed coup in Kiev, told the domestic audience in August 2015 that Minsk was a ruse to buy time for a military build-up. He admitted as much to the West in July 2022, in an interview with German media.

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Guaranteeing the end of Ukraine. Why does Germany want that?

Germany Says Ukraine Can Strike Inside Russia (RT)

While the US distanced itself from Ukraine’s drone strike at two air bases hundreds of kilometers inside Russia, the German government’s spokesman said on Wednesday that Kiev doesn’t have to limit its war effort to Ukrainian territory. “Ukraine has a right to self-defense under Article 51 of the UN Charter,” Steffen Hebestreit told journalists, when asked to comment on reports of explosions at the Russian airfields. “Ukraine is not obligated to limit defense efforts to its own territory.” Two strategic bomber bases in Ryazan and Saratov regions came under attack by drones on Monday morning, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Three service members were killed and several more injured, while two airplanes suffered minor damage.

The attack did not disrupt the planned strike against Ukrainian military logistics later in the day. The attack came on the same day as revelations that the US had modified HIMARS rocket launchers so Ukraine could not use them for longer-range missiles, allegedly because the White House wanted to avoid escalation with the Kremlin. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters on Tuesday that Washington has “neither encouraged nor enabled the Ukrainians to strike inside of Russia,” but instead provided them with “the equipment that they need to defend themselves.”

Moscow has repeatedly warned the US and NATO that providing heavy weapons to Ukraine risks crossing Russia’s “red lines,” and involving them in the conflict directly. Washington and its allies insist they are not a party to the hostilities, but continue arming Kiev. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has pledged to invest much more into his military, so that Berlin can become “the guarantor of European security that our allies expect us to be, a bridge builder within the European Union.” However, German media have noted that it will take until 2026 to hit the NATO-mandated goal of spending 2% of the GDP on the armed forces.

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“Russia does not have tactical nuclear weapons in other countries, unlike the US.”

Putin: Risk Of Nuclear War Rising, Ukraine Operation To Be “Long Process” (ZH)

On Wednesday Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a wide-ranging public war update during a televised session of his Human Rights Council, which at least one independent regional outlet said was tightly controlled in terms of the kind of questions Kremlin officials could ask. Among the more important topics he addressed related to the now 10-month long “special military operation” in Ukraine was future plans for broader mobilization and the prospect of deployment of nuclear assets. On the latter point, Putin lashed out at the United States and NATO, saying “Russia does not have tactical nuclear weapons in other countries, unlike the US.” This was in reference to the fact that some NATO members in Europe, including extending as far east as Turkey, do act as host countries to many of the US’ tactical nukes under the NATO defense umbrella.

“Our nuclear forces are in a more advanced state than any other country in the world,” he boasted at one point. Importantly, given the ratcheting US-NATO arms pipeline to Ukraine’s forces, which has lately involved transfer of increasingly sophisticated and longer range missiles, Putin warned that the “risk of nuclear war in the world is rising.” He further took the opportunity to restate Russia’s ‘defensive’ nuclear doctrine, stressing that nuclear weapons would be considered as a response to an attack on Russian territory, while also stating that he stands ready to defend Russian territory “using all available means”. According to a translation of Putin’s remarks in Sky News: “We didn’t speak about usage of nuclear weapons.” Then, he said: “Russia has not gone mad.”

“We have the most advanced weapons, but we do not want to wave it around.” But in taking a swipe at Washington’s nuclear deployments in Europe, he seemed to suggest that it’s precisely the US side doing the nuclear saber-rattling. “Yes, we will do this by various ways and means. First of all, of course, we will focus on peaceful means, but if nothing else remains, we will defend ourselves with all the means at our disposal,” Putin said. Western mainstream media will more than likely run with the comments as a fresh “threat” that Russia stands ready to conduct a nuclear attack if cornered in Ukraine, and yet just like the previous time he made similar statements, the Russian leader was in fact articulating the defensive nature of the country’s official nuclear policy against ‘existential’ threats to Russian territory.

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“..Paris and Berlin later negotiated a ceasefire between Kiev and the Donbass republics in Minsk, but did nothing to uphold or promote it.”

Ukraine Operation Could Take A Long Time – Putin (RT)

The military operation in Ukraine may go on for a while, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday, in a meeting with the Council for Civil Society and Human Rights. Addressing a question about the duration of hostilities that escalated in February, Putin said that achieving all the objectives will take time, but pointed to several major gains already won. “Of course, this might be a lengthy process,” Putin said, pointing out that the conflict really began in 2014, when the US backed a nationalist coup in Kiev. He explained that Moscow had little choice but to intervene in February, to defend the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk – which have since voted to join Russia, along with most of Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.

“These new territories are a major gain for Russia,” the president said. “Even Peter the Great sought access to the Azov Sea, and it is now an internal sea of the Russian Federation.” “Most importantly, the people who live there showed in a referendum that they want to be in Russia and feel themselves part of our world,” Putin said. “They are now with us, millions of them, and that is the greatest outcome.” Putin also said there was “no point” in discussing additional mobilization measures, as the more than 300,000 reservists called up to fill the ranks of the military were quite sufficient. In fact, some of the Donbass students who have been fighting for years are in the process of mustering out so they can finish their studies.

The Russian president also revealed that Western European leaders now objecting to the military operation “fall silent” when he reminds them their countries were supposed to guarantee the peace process in Ukraine since 2014. France and Germany negotiated a peaceful end to the Maidan turmoil just before the US-backed nationalists violently seized power in February that year. Paris and Berlin later negotiated a ceasefire between Kiev and the Donbass republics in Minsk, but did nothing to uphold or promote it. Earlier this year, former Ukrainian president Pyotr Poroshenko openly admitted the ceasefire was a tactic to buy time so Kiev could build up an army for a military solution.

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“..the European Union will be able to participate in these processes on an equal footing when it realizes that it doesn’t have to say 100% ‘yes, sir’ to the United States.”

EU Has To Show It ‘Has Its Own Interests’ – Lavrov (RT)

The European Union could have a place in a new multipolar world but it has to first free itself from excessive dependence on its allies across the Atlantic Ocean, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has argued. He added that the bloc needs to learn how to stick up for itself in areas that are important to it. Speaking on Wednesday at the Primakov Readings, an international forum of experts, diplomats and decision-makers held in Russia, Lavrov said: “the European Union will be able to participate in these processes on an equal footing when it realizes that it doesn’t have to say 100% ‘yes, sir’ to the United States.” He added that the bloc needs to demonstrate that it “has its own interests.” The minister also noted that, of late, voices calling for this have been emerging in European countries.

Lavrov stressed that Moscow is by no means trying to drive a wedge between Washington and Brussels, arguing that it is obvious that not all of Europe’s interests are necessarily in line with those of the US. “That Europe cannot defend these interests is, in my opinion, for now also a medical fact,” the official quipped. Lavrov pointed to the apparent lack of any meaningful results from French President Emmanuel Macron’s meeting in Washington last week with his US counterpart Joe Biden, as proof of his assertion. Addressing the guests at the Valdai Discussion Club meeting outside Moscow in late October, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that sooner or later “new centers of power in the multipolar world and the West will have to start talking as equals about our common future.”

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“The East Route is part of a $400 billion, 30-year agreement between Russia’s Gazprom and the China National Petroleum Corporation, signed in May 2014..”

Russia’s Mega Gas Pipeline To China Nearly Complete (RT)

A crucial section of the East Route natural gas pipeline between Russia and China has been completed, Xinhua News agency reported on Wednesday, citing construction company PipeChina. It will allow gas to be transported from Russia to China’s eastern economic powerhouse Shanghai, according to the report. The 5,111 km cross-border pipeline reportedly enters China via the border city of Heihe in northeastern Heilongjiang Province, and runs through nine provincial-level regions, supplying natural gas to areas along the route, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin. It is part of the East Route project, connecting to the 3,000 km Power of Siberia pipeline in Russia. The East Route was partially launched in December 2019, becoming the first pipeline to supply Russian gas to China.

The mega project, which is expected to be completed and become fully operational by 2025, will provide China with 38 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas annually, starting in 2024. That could help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 164 million tons per year, according to PipeChina. The energy corridor will boost the energy security and economic development of the eastern regions of China, the company said. The East Route is part of a $400 billion, 30-year agreement between Russia’s Gazprom and the China National Petroleum Corporation, signed in May 2014. The two companies are also working on a western gas route, which involves the construction of a pipeline to China through the territory of Mongolia. The route will be capable of delivering as much as 50 billion cubic meters of gas, once operational.

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Why didn’t @jack release the files himself?

Elon Musk: Data May Have Been Hidden And Deleted From The Twitter Files (PM)

On Wednesday, Twitter CEO Elon Musk revealed that important data in the Twitter Files releases was “hidden” and “deleted,” but vowed that “everything we find will be released.” “Most important data was hidden (from you too) and some may have been deleted, but everything we find will be released,” the Wednesday afternoon tweet read. The tweet came in response to a post from former Twitter CEO and company cofounder Jack Dorsey demanding that all information related to the Twitter Files be released “without filter.” “If the goal is transparency to build trust, why not just release everything without filter and let people judge for themselves? Including all discussions around current and future actions? Make everything public now. #TwitterFiles,” the tweet read.

On Tuesday evening, Musk also tweeted out the phrase, “Oh, what a tangled web they weave, when first they practice to …,” referencing the 1801 poem by Sir Walter Scott Marion: A Tale of Flooded Field, with the complete line ending in “deceive,” according to the Daily Mail. In Tuesday’s release of the Twitter Files, it was revealed that now-former twitter Deputy General Counsel James Baker had “vetted” the Twitter Files, causing delay and occurring without “knowledge of new management,” said journalist Matt Taibbi.

“We can now tell you part of the reason why” there was a delay, Taibbi posted. “On Tuesday, Twitter Deputy General Counsel (and former FBI General Counsel) Jim Baker was fired. Among the reasons? Vetting the first batch of “Twitter Files” – without knowledge of new management.” “The process for producing the “Twitter Files” involved delivery to two journalists (Bari Weiss and me) via a lawyer close to new management. However, after the initial batch, things became complicated.” “Over the weekend, while we both dealt with obstacles to new searches, it was @BariWeiss who discovered that the person in charge of releasing the files was someone named Jim. When she called to ask “Jim’s” last name, the answer came back: “Jim Baker,” Taibbi continued.

Elon knew about James Baker since at least April. Curious?!

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How can Tarrio have a fair trial? He wasn’t in DC on Jan 6. Unlike a lot of FBI agents.

Fight Over Officer Testimony Roils Proud Boys Sedition Case (AP)

A legal fight has erupted over a Washington D.C. police officer who was communicating with Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio in the run-up to the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol attack that could shape the outcome of the upcoming trial of Tarrio and other far-right extremists. Metropolitan Police Lt. Shane Lamond’s testimony is crucial for the former Proud Boys national chairman’s defense against seditious conspiracy and other serious charges stemming from the attack, Tarrio’s attorneys say. But Lamond plans to invoke his Fifth Amendment privilege against self incrimination if called to the witness stand after prosecutors warned the officer he could be charged with obstructing the investigation into Tarrio, the Proud Boy’s attorneys say.

They have accused the Justice Department of trying to bully Lamond into keeping quiet because his testimony would hurt their case. Prosecutors have vehemently denied that charge. The legal skirmish is unfolding two weeks before jury selection is supposed to begin in one of the highest-profile cases the Justice Department has brought since the Jan. 6 insurrection. Prosecutors charge Tarrio and four co-defendants conspired to forcibly stop the transfer of presidential power from former President Donald Trump to Democrat Joe Biden. The Proud Boys trial will be another major test for the Justice Department, which secured a major victory last month in the seditious conspiracy convictions of two other far-right extremist group leaders: Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, of Granbury, Texas, and Kelly Meggs, who was the leader of the group’s Florida chapter.

Tarrio’s far-right, male chauvinist extremist group that seized on the Trump administration’s policies was a major agitator during earlier pro-Trump protests and at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Tarrio wasn’t in Washington when the riot erupted, but authorities say he helped put into motion the violence of that day. Shortly before the riot, authorities say Tarrio posted on social media that the group planned to turn out in “record numbers” on Jan. 6, but would be “incognito” instead of donning their traditional clothing colors of black and yellow. Tarrio was arrested in Washington two days before the riot and charged with vandalizing a Black Lives Matter banner at a historic Black church during a protest in December 2020. Tarrio was released from jail on Jan. 14, 2022 after serving his five-month sentence for that case.

[..] Tarrio told Lamond that Proud Boys would not be wearing their traditional colors of black and yellow in order to protect themselves from possible attacks from antifa activists. Tarrio told the officer they planned to watch Trump’s speech, protest the results of the election “and later that night they planned to party with plenty of beers and babes,” Tarrio’s lawyers wrote. “He told me they are trying to go incognito this time,” Lamond told fellow officers in one message, according to Tarrio’s attorneys. “Even if they aren’t wearing their colors they will stick together as a group so we should be able to identify them. Not to mention they won’t be head to toe in black with makeshift shields!”

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“..inflammation of the heart tissue due to an autoimmune response triggered by the vaccine..”

Report: Those Who Died Suddenly Likely Killed by the Covid Vaccine (Jones)

A major new autopsy report has found that three people who died unexpectedly at home with no pre-existing disease shortly after Covid vaccination were likely killed by the vaccine. A further two deaths were found to be possibly due to the vaccine. The report, published in Clinical Research in Cardiology, the official journal of the German Cardiac Society, detailed autopsies carried out at Heidelberg University Hospital in 2021. Led by Thomas Longerich and Peter Schirmacher, it found that in five deaths that occurred within a week of the first or second dose of vaccination with Pfizer or Moderna, inflammation of the heart tissue due to an autoimmune response triggered by the vaccine had likely or possibly caused the death.

In total the report looked at 35 autopsies carried out at the University of Heidelberg in people who died within 20 days of Covid vaccination, of which 10 were deemed on examination to be due to a pre-existing illness and not the vaccine. For the remaining 20, the report did not rule out the vaccine as a cause of death, which Dr. Schirmacher has confirmed to me is intentional as the autopsy results were inconclusive. Almost all of the remaining cases were of a cardiovascular cause, as indicated in the table below from the supplementary materials, where 21 of the 30 deaths are attributed to a cardiovascular cause. One of these is attributed to blood clots (VITT) from AstraZeneca vaccination (the report was looking specifically at post-vaccine myocarditis deaths), leaving 20 from other cardiovascular causes.

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“..we’d have to assume that this is now the baseline, there’s going to be 145% higher mortality..”

Analysis Shows 26% Worse Mortality Among the Vaccinated (RVM)

‘COVID-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work and Possible Causes of Injuries’. That’s the title on the agenda today (December 7, 2022), as Senator Ron Johnson holds a roundtable discussion of doctors, medical experts, and researchers in an effort to shed light on the current state of knowledge regarding the Covid-19 shot. An enlightening speaker today was Josh Stirling, a highly-recognized insurance research analyst. And what he brought forth was “the one chart that tells the entire story.” Here it is: “The UK Government, until this summer, was reporting a data series that showed the relative mortality rates for the vaccinated and unvaccinated by the number of doses of the vaccine,” stated Stirling.

“We’ve done what we think is really professional work with this. And we think it simplifies down to a conclusion that says that through the last available data set, the people in the UK who took the vaccine have a 26% higher mortality rate. The people who are under the age of 50 who took the vaccine now have a 49% higher mortality rate. And worst of all, the people who only took one dose of the vaccine at approximately 145% worse mortality rate.” “That last data point is on its face confusing.” “It just doesn’t make a ton of sense unless you realize that what’s going on with this really is that the people who took the dose, the first dose in the United States — that’s about 12% of people — but then stop taking any other doses, those people, through their choice to stop, disproportionately [were] the ones who are harmed,” explained Stirling.

“And so, what we’re concluding is that if you happen to be an unlucky person who was in some fashion, even moderately injured [or] with a minor injury [and] have decided not to continue, the statistics, the best statistics we have show that you’re gonna have, at least through today, maybe it’ll get better … but if that doesn’t happen we’d have to assume that this is now the baseline, there’s going to be 145% higher mortality. And if you were to take these numbers and just apply them to the United States, that ends up being something like 600,000 excess deaths per year in the United States from this higher vaccine-induced mortality.”

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Australia Concerned As People Dying At ‘Incredibly High’ Pace (Benzinga)

Australia’s peak actuarial body has asked the government to urgently investigate the country’s “incredibly high” 13% excess death rate in 2022. What Happened: An analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data by the Actuaries Institute showed that an additional 15,400 people died in the first eight months of the year in the country. Actuaries said that number includes around one-third of those having no link to COVID-19. 13% was an “incredibly high number for mortality,” and it was “not clear” what was driving the increase, said Karen Cutter, spokeswoman for the institute’s Covid-19 Mortality Working Group.

“Mortality doesn’t normally vary by more than 1 to 2%, so 13% is way higher than normal levels,” she said. “I’m not aware [of anything comparable] in the recent past but I haven’t gone back and looked [historically]. They talk about the flu season of 2017 being really bad, and the mortality there was 1% higher than normal. So it’s well outside the range of normal,” she said. This came after Australia’s latest mortality data released in November showed that there had been 128,797 deaths from Jan. 1 to Aug. 31, which was 17% higher than the historical average.

Edward Dowd

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At this point, how dare you even talk about it?

COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters For Young Adults (BMJ)

In this paper, we integrate a risk-benefit assessment of SARS-CoV-2 boosters for adults under 30 years old with an ethical analysis of mandates at universities. Our estimate suggests an expected net harm from boosters in this young adult age group, whereby the negative outcomes of all SAEs and hospitalisations may on average outweigh the expected benefits in terms of COVID-19 hospitalisations averted. We also examine the specific harms to males from myo/pericarditis. We then outline a five-part ethical argument empirically assessing booster mandates for young people informed by the quantitative assessment.

First, we argue that there has been a lack of transparent risk-benefit assessment; second, that vaccine mandates may result in a net expected harm to individual young adults; third, that vaccine mandates are not proportionate; fourth, that US mandates violate the reciprocity principle because of current gaps in vaccine injury compensation schemes; fifth, that mandates are even less proportionate than the foregoing analyses suggest because current high levels of coercion or pressure may create wider societal harms. We consider possible counterarguments including potential rationales for mandates based on a desire for social cohesion or safety and summarise why such arguments cannot justify current COVID-19 vaccine mandates. We suggest that general mandates for young people ignore key data, entail wider social harms and/or abuses of power and are arguably undermining rather than contributing to social trust and solidarity.

Rod Stewart lost his 2 brothers within 2 months earlier this year. He’s a vaccine promoter.

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“..we should not delude ourselves into thinking that eliminating emissions would have a noticeable impact on weather and climate extremes in the 21st century..”

The Faux Urgency Of The Climate ‘Crisis’ (Curry)

For the past two centuries, fossil fuels have fuelled humanity’s progress, improving standards of living and increasing the life span for billions of people. In the 21st century, a rapid transition away from fossil fuels has become an international imperative for climate change mitigation, under the auspices of the UN Paris Agreement. As a result, that transition is now dominated by stringent targets to rapidly eliminate carbon dioxide emissions. However, the recent COP27 meeting in Egypt highlighted that very few of the world’s countries are on track to meet their emissions reductions commitment. The desire for cleaner, more abundant, more reliable and less expensive sources of energy is universal.

However, the goal of rapidly eliminating fossil fuels is at odds with the urgency of providing grid electricity to developing countries. Rapid deployment of wind and solar power has invariably increased electricity costs and reduced reliability, particularly with increasing penetration into the grid. Allegations of human rights abuses in China’s Xinjiang region, where global solar voltaic supplies are concentrated, are generating political conflicts that threaten the solar power industry. Global supply chains of materials needed to produce solar and wind energy plus battery storage are spawning new regional conflicts, logistical problems, supply shortages and rising costs. The large amount of land use required for wind and solar farms, as well as transmission lines, is causing local land use conflicts in many regions.

Given the apocalyptic rhetoric surrounding climate change, does the alleged urgency of reducing carbon dioxide emissions somehow trump these other considerations? Well, the climate ‘crisis’ isn’t what it used to be. The COP27 has dropped the most extreme emissions scenario from consideration, which was the source of the most alarming predictions. Only a few years ago, an emissions trajectory that produced 2 to 3C warming was regarded as climate policy success. As limiting warming to 2C seems to be in reach, the goal posts were moved to limit the warming target to 1.5C. These warming targets are referenced to a baseline at the end of the 19th century; the Earth’s climate has already warmed by 1.1C since 1880.

In context of this relatively modest warming, climate ‘crisis’ rhetoric is now linked to extreme weather events. Attributing extreme weather and climate events to global warming can motivate a country to attempt to rapidly transition away from fossil fuels. However, we should not delude ourselves into thinking that eliminating emissions would have a noticeable impact on weather and climate extremes in the 21st century. It is very difficult to untangle the roles of natural weather and climate variability and land use from the slow creep of global warming. Looking back into the past, including paleoclimatic data, there has been more extreme weather everywhere on the planet. Thinking we can minimise severe weather by using atmospheric carbon dioxide as a control knob is a fairy tale.

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“Julian’s case is coming to the end of all possibilities of getting a fair solution through the court proceedings.”

Wikileaks Editor-in-Chief Warns Assange May Be Extradited “Within Weeks” (WSWS)

Julian Assange could be extradited to the United States within weeks, WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson has warned. He told journalist Glenn Greenwald that Assange was “running out of time” and that legal avenues in London to challenge his unlawful extradition were being exhausted, “he will never get a fair trial there”. Hrafnsson’s urgent warnings came during an interview in Brazil, published Monday on Rumble. He told Greenwald, “Julian’s case is coming to the end of all possibilities of getting a fair solution through the court proceedings. He is fighting extradition in London. Within weeks he could be extradited.”

Assange has been charged under the Espionage Act (1917) for WikiLeaks’ publications exposing war crimes by US imperialism in Iraq and Afghanistan, and anti-democratic conspiracies of the US government and its intelligence agencies throughout the world. If found guilty, the 51-year-old journalist and father of three faces 175 years in a US federal prison. He has already spent more than a decade in detention in the UK, including three years without charge in Belmarsh maximum security prison. Hrafnsson was appointed WikiLeaks editor in 2018 after Assange’s communication with the outside world was cut under pressure from the US government, a prelude to his seizure from the Ecuadorian Embassy in April 2019.

An award-winning journalist in his own right, Hrafnsson worked with Assange to verify WikiLeaks’ most famous release, the Collateral Murder video, travelling to Iraq in early 2010 to interview relatives of civilians killed by targeted airstrikes launched from US AH-64 Apache helicopters. Speaking last week in Brazil, Hrafnsson said legal channels for Assange to appeal his extradition are fast closing. In June, then UK Home Secretary Priti Patel approved Assange’s extradition after the High Court overturned an earlier court decision barring it on medical grounds. The High Court accepted worthless assurances by the US government that Assange would not face oppressive treatment, ignoring overwhelming evidence that the CIA plotted to kidnap and kill Assange.

Britain’s courts have mounted a legal vendetta against Assange, approving the extradition request in violation of his fundamental legal and democratic rights as a publisher and journalist.The High Court and Supreme Court have handed down rulings aimed at speeding his dispatch to his would-be assassins. In March, the High Court refused Assange’s application to appeal its earlier ruling to the Supreme Court. His lawyers have since appealed the Home Secretary’s extradition order.

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“quiet diplomacy”

Julian Assange’s Family Pleads For Unity (AAP)

Julian Assange’s family wants supporters of the imprisoned WikiLeaks founder to politely advocate for his release, rather than “disparaging” the Australian government. Endorsing the approach of “quiet diplomacy” and thanking Prime Minister Anthony Albanese for a supportive statement in parliament last week, Mr Assange’s mother Christine called on backers to unite in their support of the government’s efforts to bring her son home. Mr Assange is facing espionage charges in the United States and remains in London’s Belmarsh prison, where he’s been since 2019 while fighting extradition. Ms Assange asked advocates to “support and not thwart or disparage the efforts of the Australian government in their diplomatic efforts to bring Julian safely home”.

“Diplomatic negotiations at this level are not easy. They require a high level of skill, experience, understanding, mutual respect, time and patience,” she said in a statement on Wednesday. “Please continue to politely inform your politicians, media and the general public of the facts of Julian’s plight to raise public and political support for the Australian government’s diplomatic efforts.” Mr Albanese has previously opted for quiet diplomacy in his efforts to secure the 51-year-old Australian’s release, but told parliament last week he had raised the matter personally with US government officials. “My position is clear, and has been made clear to the US administration, it is time this matter be brought to a close,” he said.

“This is an Australian citizen … what is the point of continuing this legal action, which could be caught up now for many years into the future.” Ms Assange thanked the PM for the government’s commitment to bring the “12-year legal stalemate and suffering to an end”. “His simple but compassionate statement ‘enough is enough’ resonates with the hearts of people around the world,” she said. “I endorse quiet diplomacy as the Australian government’s preferred path for reaching a resolution … to date all other methods have failed. “The involvement of diplomatic teams negotiating at a high level is the most appropriate and historically the most successful way to resolve the detention of Australian citizens overseas in political cases.”

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Fossil fuels









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Golden crowned Kinglet





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    Re: Extradition proceedings of Julian Assange.

    The English language is notoriously flexible, new words are made, other names are substituted or new meanings are added to existing. e.g. Oh! the dog Priti Patelled on the yard; I need to take a Priti Patel; That’s a large pile of Priti Patel; the late queen’s seventy year reign amounts to a Priti Patel for not pardoning Julian Assange. Being has consequences!


    Japan is off to the races – again!



    Notice how the baseline deaths are higher than previous baselines.
    Not good.


    “Secondly, let’s not kid ourselves. The very reason the Russian government opted to release convict volunteers into the custody of Wagner rather than form penal units ran by the state is so that erring convicts could be dealt with in the legal grayzone with informal, ad-hoc measures by Wagner, rather than them having the full protection of Russian citizenship and the rule of law. It’s a similar situation as when during GWOT the CIA outsourced its torture to Third World client states.”

    Dr. D

    “Germany Arrests Dozens Accused of Plotting to Overthrow Government”

    So are 13 of 15 of them German police?

    “G-7 Offers $15 Billion To Vietnam, Up from $2 Billion, to Transition to Renewables Months atfter Country Snubbed Climate Ambassadors”

    WTH? With MY money? And after Sri Lanka, they have the gall and cheek to open their gobs to anyone? Well at least Sri Lanka — 99% ESG rating — shows why they want the same end for Vietnam. Murder, death, and misery spread widely. Btw, what’s been happening over there? Collapse into cannibalism, or just muddling through like Argentina?

    “End of an Era: Final Boeing 747 Rolls off Assembly Line

    Again with all our planes being 50 years old. All things get old. But where’s the new one? A plane a generation, a revolution ahead in technology? At the same time as Russia has supersonic vehicles underwater? Nowhere? Then what is the Space Plane that was in orbit for a year? Does that exist today or is that only on odd-numbered days that it exists?

    “Merkel Confirms Ukraine Ceasefire Was a Ploy (RT)”

    Free Speech. Never stop it. So we’ve heard Putin has called off peace after the U.S. bombing of Russian Nuclear Bases. How do you think this will end now?

    When one side NEEDS a broad nuclear exchange to burn the robbed casino and hide the evidence? Surely you exaggerate, Herr Docktor. Why bother? Hillary said she would start WWIII by Jan 2017 as soon as she was elected. They’re off schedule. When they’ve written for 30 years they DO? However, if you are Russia, and all the goal of the West is to nuke, cause nukes, make you defend yourself with nukes, how do you de-escalate from a literal madman? Out on the street you put the attacking madman down, to the extent of homicide in self-defense. However, nations are not people and cannot be killed, along with their corresponding ideologies.

    So what do you do?

    Okay, put another way, Nuland is part of a tiny minority and unlike Ukraine, Americans do not support her war. So Who acts here? Some half of the Pentagon? NSA Rogers? The Supreme Court? Ex-Presidents? Since some of those power-blocks certainly don’t support it, how do they respond, they being much closer and better suited to attack the madman and de-escalate?

    “the Cold War never really ended because Russia was basically not at peace,”

    So: from 1991 to 2001 in the colonial murder and dismantle era Russia was both subject to Hermitage Capital, no Russian Army, pocket nukes were being sold daily, WMD bases were dismantled and unsecured, East Germany was being absorbed without resistance, yet Russia was ALSO attacking Germany and Poland? Uh-huh.

    You know who really was NOT at peace? The United States. Anyone want to count the wars we started from 1990 to 2010, because I don’t have enough hours to name them all this morning.

    She also said “NATO “should have reacted more quickly to Russia’s aggressiveness” in 2014.”

    Cheney said the same thing. If they didn’t pro-actively nuke Russia in the 90’s, they would lose their chance. Cheney may be insane, but he wasn’t wrong. Every day since the Berlin Airlift has been a day to position first-strike nukes on Russia’s border to get position enough to push the button. Speaking of the Berlin Airlift’s President, that’s why Russia moved into Cuba, and the concession JFK gave to prevent it: removing our first-strike nukes from Turkey and Italy. Then he went after the madman, Dr. Strangelove, in the CIA and Pentagon who had arranged it all. We know how that went.

    Not long after, they attempted the same thing with K-129 in 1968. Either accidentally or intentionally, that nuclear attack sank the sub instead, and recovered with a fake Howard Hughes Glamar Explorer “Magnesium Nodule” project. Yes, an official conspiracy theory for the largest, most expensive secret effort ever. (or ever yet revealed). Fun fact: at this time Russia had cracked the code of the Pacific fleet and knew everything about the U.S. Navy, and would for 10 more years.

    (“Seymour Hersh of The New York Times uncovered some of the details of Project Azorian in 1974, but was kept from publication by the action of the Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby.” –Wikipedia That is, both a Conspiracy Theory, totally true, and a NY Times-Government merger cover up)

    The point here is that maniacs are always trying to nuke each other and kill all of us, and we need to both expose them with appropriate oversight, and halt Dr. Strangelove back to reason. We have all abdicated our responsibility. Both to our nations, our children, to ourselves, but also to such mentally ill so they don’t harm themselves and others.

    “Germany Says Ukraine Can Strike Inside Russia (RT)”

    Again: Who? Is this where the U.S. is running things and Europe is a poor wee wictim, or does it make sense that the EU — which is German, the 4th Reich (ask Greece) – is the one really attacking Russia using a “NATO” which has no Europeans in it, but is a free bully on paid contract from America? Which makes more sense? America gives $100B in 9 months to collapse themselves for no reason? Or Europe needs to attack and conquer Russia or die trying? Sounds like Europe is the only motive, so I look for the crime from there, even if they hire muscle to do the dirty work. Germany’s actions here suggest this.

    “the US distanced itself from Ukraine’s drone strike at two – Nuclear – air bases”

    Yes, but guess what? They did the distancing 2 days BEFORE the nuclear attacks. “Redacted” has a good presentation: WaPo (I think) has a video “We’ve been permitted rare access to Ukrainian military…” Rare? Really? Why? It’s all my money and your whole war is run exclusively as a PR campaign. But TODAY, this ONE day, you give international access. Go on…

    “With U.S. HIMARS. These HIMARs have been de-tuned so they cannot go more than 80km…” Huh. And you publish that you don’t trust the Ukrainians, your allies, and you know better than them, so give them the kiddie toys because they are but untrustworthy children, Slavs, Untermenschen really, and won’t give them real bombs? You DO know they will watch this “rare” international news video, right? That insults them all to their face?

    So…why you do that? Tell them and the world it’s impossible U.S. missiles can reach Russia? …A DAY before two missiles strike DEEEEP inside Russia?

    …Yeah, it’s because you knew, they knew, we all knew, it was all pre-planned and given the express okay by Victoria Nuland on her visit. …But we’re not in the war.

    In general point of law, though, Germany is correct: Ukraine was invaded and (presumably having declared war) can attack anything they like anywhere in Russia. The U.S. can’t. Because we never declare war, so our every action since 1960 is painfully illegal under international law and a human rights violation. Including our present embargo of Russia, which is also an act of war. And impeachable without Congress signing it.

    “Washington and its allies insist they are not a party to the hostilities, but continue arming Kiev.” Huh?

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has pledged to invest much more into his military, so that Berlin can become “the guarantor of European security that our allies expect us to be, a bridge builder within the European Union.” Bridges are generally built using bombs. And Germany is in charge of those poor other European peoples who aren’t really people, can’t be trusted, and don’t know any better. Like Greece.

    “However, German media have noted that it will take until 2026 to hit the NATO-mandated goal of spending 2% of the GDP on the armed forces.” So you’ll barely have an army even 4 years from now. By using the Trump Plan. Got it.

    “Putin: Risk of Nuclear War Rising, Ukraine Operation to Be “Long Process” (ZH)”

    This is dangerous, as the above. By the time Russia reaches the Polish border, Poland and Germany actually WILL have an army? I don’t like the sound of that.

    ““Russia does not have tactical nuclear weapons in other countries”

    This was one of Infographics’ categorical signs of weakness. Russia only uses rail, and can only defend itself. Um, isn’t that a GOOD thing? And shows you are the aggressor? 6,000 miles away? And that Russia is INCAPABLE of being Offensive? Offensive = Good, Defender = Bad.

    “This British volunteer fighting for the Ukrainian army reports of truckloads of military aid going missing because of rampant corruption in Ukraine.”

    But all the corruption is on the Russian side! Ukraine is a squeaky-clean, multi-cultural LGBT-loving free-speech Democracy! So says the NY Times, a week after also reporting the #Opposite.

    (P.S. there is NO corruption in the U.S. Military, their contractors, or Congress. None. We are also a squeaky-clean, multi-cultural LGBT-loving free-speech Democracy and D.C. is the cleanest, most crime-free city in America.)

    the European Union will be able to participate in these processes on an equal footing when it realizes that it doesn’t have to say 100% ‘yes, sir’ to the United States.”

    Hmmm. Russia is driving a wedge between the U.S. and Europe, but wouldn’t that have different meaning if it’s the EU/Davos who is the senior partner? But are lying about it? Publicly being forced to reject the U.S. will gravely complicate and injure the control of the U.S., Neocons, who control the U.S. CIA/Army against the will of the American people. AND their own, European citizens. Notice how long it’s been, but Europe/Germany/Davos won’t give up, back up on it even a little? Even after they’ve been bombed? Are being frozen and bombed? What does that tell you?

    They’re not mad about it at all. It’s their plan too. Or since the U.S. people also oppose it, it’s their plan exclusively.

    “The East Route is part of a $400 billion, 30-year agreement between Russia’s Gazprom and the China National Petroleum”

    Apparently we have 30 years of Carbon. There are many other pipes and contracts. No peak oil. “We” being the Human Race, as in Asia, not “The Anglo Countries”. Therefore “We hates it forever and ever”

    “On Wednesday, Twitter CEO Elon Musk revealed that important data in the Twitter Files releases was “hidden” and “deleted,”

    Yes, by FBI-Plant Baker. Almost certain this was allowed to happen exactly for this reason, to demonstrate FBI interference in real time. Undeniable. And also make it too tempting, too necessary for Baker/FBI not to try.

    “Something Flipped in 2021 by 8 points’: Ed Dowd”

    2021, not 2020. 8 Points, that’s 6-Sigma. But I’m sure 100,000 year anomalies happen all the time for no reason.

    “Rod Stewart lost his 2 brothers within 2 months earlier this year. He’s a vaccine promoter.”

    And he always will be. There is no end. How can I know? It ALREADY happened. For a year.

    “Wikileaks Editor-in-Chief Warns Assange May Be Extradited “Within Weeks” (WSWS)”

    “Can’t we just drone this guy?” –HRC

    It’s not safe for Julian to be extradited until Republicans own Congress and some other levers of power like his transportation. That’s what’s taking so long, esp having to back up and “concede” the ‘20 election to be firmly over the 80% support level. Now is he really in Belmarsh as advertised? (Probably) Or is he being given the “Goodfellas” treatment? (Probably not, Britain is the head of the snake and our main enemy)

    ““this idea that we owe reparations is a total injustice.”

    It’s just an extortion racket. If saying these mouth-sounds makes you give me money, I make the mouth-sounds. This isn’t hard.

    Generally I just say, “So if a guy is half and half, does he pay reparations to himself? How does this work, exactly?”

    There is no logic in them. Only fee-fees.

    As the man says: “Ow, Ow, Ow, Feeeeelings….

    Dr. D

    Poll, from the Internets: “Years ago, in what feels like another life-line (a.k.a “Before Covid”), I was supposed to be writing a book”

    What the h—l is he talking about? It’s the same bulls—t as always. Do other people feel this way? Proving I can learn something, I thought/felt the same thing about that building fire in NY and needed to respect that other people can be made irrational about nothing sometimes.

    So what’s the feeling here? Have we left the normal? We can’t go back? Is this because, although it’s been there all along, this is the first time they’ve been knocked upside their heads hard enough to notice?

    I thought this was some advertising slogan for their stupid goals (of the person paying for the ad, who wishes to topple/alter government, etc) but like ‘01 seems to be getting internalized, right on command.

    Figmund Sreud

    Here we go folks: NEW YORK, Dec 7 (Reuters) – Blackstone Inc Chief Executive Stephen Schwarzman said on Wednesday that redemptions in his firm’s $69 billion non-traded real estate income trust (REIT) were driven by investors roiled by market volatility rather than dissatisfaction with the fund.

    Yes, Blackstone Inc. :…
    … it’s a beginning, “Accelerating Growth” no more. Financial crisis imminent, …



    Post Death Vaxx.

    “Celine Dion has revealed she been diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), a rare neurological disorder with features of an autoimmune disease.”

    “…the condition makes her muscles spasm uncontrollably.

    We’ve all seen those vids of folks exhibiting uncontrollable spasms post vaxx.
    Play stupid games ….. win stupid prizes.



    If this is the first week, just imagine what’s coming!
    This is EXACTLY what one would expect with an immune-wrecked population.

    Flu and other viruses pile pressure on NHS as waiting lists hit new high

    “Viruses including flu, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and the winter vomiting bug are putting extra pressure on the NHS in England in the first week of winter while waiting lists reached another record high in October.”

    “…data showing another jump in the number of beds required for flu patients last week, up 49% on the previous seven days.”

    “…772 general and critical care beds were occupied by flu patients in the week to 4 December compared with just 34 beds in the first week of December 2021, a 22-fold increase.”

    “Every day we hear horror stories of patients dying whilst they wait for help to arrive or to be admitted into hospital. The public are left asking: how has it come to this?”

    How indeed!
    We know how.


    Figmund Sreud

    You may be aware that our food industry is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, to the point that it takes about 10 kcal of energy input to deliver 1 kcal of consumed food. The enormous energy multiplier is due to extensively mechanized plowing, harvesting, processing, and delivery of food; fossil-fueled fertilization (via methane feedstock); refrigeration and preparation; then of course food waste. In olden times, when all agricultural energy came from muscle power that needed to be fed, the system would collapse (i.e., starve and fail) if energy inputs exceeded energy ingested.[…]”

    Finite Feeding Frenzy

    Finite Feeding Frenzy



    Why all the new IRS agents? Here’s a utube video that helps explain it.


    Today’s rattle has finally got to me. It seems we are just ignoring what’s happened, what’s been done to us, with this virus and these vaccines. Isn’t it obvious at this time how harmful it’s all been? I know a lot of people, and don’t know anyone who died from covid. I am 2 degrees away from many people who either died suddenly or unexpectedly (all under the age of 60) or have died or have become suddenly very sick from cancer or other “unknown” problems, again all under the age of 60. It seems people really are very sick, a lot.

    And wtf is going on with Russia/Ukraine? And this FTX fiasco. And The Twitter insanity?

    But no one really cares. Everyone seems to be in a fog. Including me I suppose.

    My wonderful little town that I love has been rocked by a horrific multiple murder recently. The world is crazy, it’s now cold and dark, and there’s a dark cloud hanging over us. But what can you do but just keep going? Be grateful for health, friends, pets, being safe and warm, for now. While I appreciate the ranting and raving and anger, I miss the more philosophical posts. I come here every day to see what’s going on, sometimes I don’t know why or what the point is, but this is my morning routine now. I guess I’m just waiting to see the tide turn, to see all the articles about people waking up. Unfortunately it looks like today is not that day.


    This interests me. Worries me a bit too:

    News about oil ships, Oil tankers


    Today’s Yogi tea tag says: Sometimes a perfect blessing will arrive in the disguise of a mischievous intruder.

    Relevant song: But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for


    “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall.” R.W. Emerson


    The Xmas floggings will continue until morale improves:

    Mormons Do Symmetry Extremely Well

    Gotta love it when the organist floors the pedal to the pipe organ at 2:37.


    Mother Christmas:


    I read references to the “violent” Jan 6 riot, and the thousands of Capitol police officers “assaulted” and I think…hunh? Is there something about the Jan 6 event that I missed?

    So I do a quick search on Google — knowing that the result will be propaganda — but I’m looking for actual video footage from Jan 6, footage that will briefly explain to me why the words “violent” and “assault” and “heavily armed” are being used. I found this:, I turn off the sound, and there is a warning about graphic language and scenes.

    As I watch I think: this is some type of sick joke, right?

    What violence? I mean, sure, I can see how viewing that great mass of people marching towards the Capitol would induce anxiety. Yes, as the crowd pressed towards the Capitol, it did resemble — towards the front, where the people were determined, rather than sightseeing — a military assault upon a fortified place…except that the crowd had no weapons. The only actual weapons displayed were in the hands of Capitol police: a gun at an officer’s hip, batons being used to beat on protestors, and use of pepper spray. The closest thing to a weapon in the hands of protesters was a baseball bat. Yes, there were protesters with flag poles and walking sticks and sign posts and selfie-sticks, and water bottles, and phones, etc. — when Capitol police obstructed protesters and hit them with batons, the protesters used what they had and hit back. (…Because the protesters had no actual weapons with them…suggesting that they didn’t intend to attack anyone.). There was a protester group with clear plastic shields, which suggests that there may have been a few protesters with prior thought about disobeying Capitol officers, expecting baton blows, and preparing for them.

    Violent? The BLM riots in the summer of ‘20 were more violent. There is more violence on the shows streaming into televisions and devices every minute of every day in the US.

    Officers assaulted? A few protesters technically assaulted officers with sticks and fisticuffs and the like. Such things happen at protests sometimes, there would be bruises to nurse, maybe a broken nose or broken bone. So…prosecute those who committed the assaults, just like would be done at any other protest.

    Protesters heavily armed? Were the protesters’ own arms “heavy” with thick coats and all the water bottles and signs that they carried? I saw no formal weapons in the hands of any protesters — they only questionable item was a baseball bat (no legitimate reason to bring it to a protest,) but there was no footage of it being used as a club.

    This was specially compiled footage, designed to make me feel outrage at what happened. They wanted to convince me that the protesters committed violence, and this was ALL that they could come up with?? I’ve been watching The Witcher with my daughter lately — we like the fantasy storyline, but we dislike the graphic violence, looking away during those scenes — which is much more violent that the cited 11 minute video. Instead, the Jan 6 video compilation makes me feel like the people pushing the Jan 6 narrative are a bunch of pansies, and that most of those in the crowd were essentially duped into participating in something that was not what they thought it would be.


    For Kassandra:

    I think that one of the most reliable forms of happiness is pondering the miracle that creature experience felicity in the first place. If one believes that life is something designed by a god, this turns emotions into biosoftware artifacts. Comforting to think this way in some respects, and it’s my favorite model for interpreting reality. But if one believes it’s something that arose through the undirected meanderings of evolution, it’s proof positive that the violent struggle, through which inconceivable numbers of creatures — from microbes to blue whales — have eaten each other, typically alive, with little if any regard for the other, can also produce states of emotions so fine that this struggle seems worth it to beings with reflective consciousness: humans. That’s also mighty divine, imo.

    It’s a real thing, this happiness. For beings with above-cited reflective consciousness, with mirror neuron structures that allow most of us (sorry, psychopaths) to experience rough simulations of the emotional states of other beings, the meaning is obvious: he is happiest who does as much to increase the happiness of others as himself.

    Politically, this is expressed in the concept of socialism, in which All For One and One For All is he defining principle. Capitalism, uh, not so much. Capitalism is each man for himself. As an economic method, capitalism is awesome. Capital must be acquired and employed to generate prosperity. But as a political system, it fails from the onset, since politics is a group struggle to produce harmony and group prosperity, and capitalism is the opposite: an individual struggle to produce personal wealth regardless of its effect on group harmony. It’s a miracle modern political capitalism has gone so far as it has, but the answer is largely found in the enormous amount of resources this planet offers tool-making monkeys like ourselves. We’ve about used up the fattest portion, whose uber-abundance lets so many live so lavishly compared to the conditions most humans have lived in throughout history. But that fat is about burnt up and then we’ll be forced to cooperate and care for each other as *part* of each other, because politically and economically, that is exactly what we are.

    But no political -ism works on a large scale. Socialism is a disaster on scales larger than Dunbar’s Number, likewise capitalism or any -ism you apply. (Anarchy at least has the decency to end with a ‘y’ not an ‘ism’.) What works is you and the person next door looking out for each other.

    “Friend good.”

    Also, my son sent me this link last night. The music itself isn’t exceptional but the attitude of humble participation between the musicians is a joy. Like watching your parents and grandparents play cards on a Saturday night back when families still lived nearby:

    Alex G: Tiny Desk Concert


    The Covid scam is gone
    Now its Flu + 2

    (respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), Omicron)
    New normal
    • Analysis Shows 26% Worse Mortality Among the Vaccinated (RVM)
    higher vaccine-induced mortality
    Compromised Immunity System – Immunodeficiency, also known as immunocompromisation, is a state in which the immune system’s ability to fight infectious diseases and cancer is compromised or entirely absent.
    Further reading
    Pain travels slowly in idiots. Pain is coming.
    So far more than 1,200 individuals and 118 entities connected to Russia have been sanctioned, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and his inner circle.
    “But no one really cares. Everyone seems to be in a fog. Including me I suppose.” – Kassandra


    @ Bosco
    I don’t know if you can hear the difference, but Mack Wilberg is an amazing conductor and has vastly improved the tabernacle choir….


    “But no one really cares. Everyone seems to be in a fog. Including me I suppose.”

    If you are inebriated, but consider what a reasonable sober person would do, you can still model that and then do it, which is weird, because if you JUST made a decision while inebriated, it would be an inebriated decision, but you can model sober behavior while inebriated and do that instead.

    Imagine yourself at your non-foggiest, your canniest, your shrewdest. What does your sharper, braver, more ruthlessly principled, confident self do, if you ask yourself, what would I do if I were that?


    8 Dec, 2022 06:45
    Restoring energy system ‘impossible’ – Zelensky
    Ukrainians should accept rolling blackouts as part of their lives, the president suggests

    It is also impossible to restore Ukraine as it was before.
    Live with it until the war ends.
    Military are foreigners,
    Ukrainians have emigrated or gone on extended vacations.
    Their air force is decimated, every Soviet-era tank Ukraine has been destroyed.
    Their “mechanized” infantry travel around in Hondas!
    Request to NATO. Forget the guns, send diesel generators and don’t forget the diesel fuel.

    Mr. House

    “The Witcher with my daughter lately”

    Check out the books, much better in my opinion. I tried to watch the 1st season and thought it was god awful television.

    Figmund Sreud

    … just trying to post – once again – Keen’s latest interview to no avail. Perhaps following will work: Blockworks Macro guy interviews Steve



    Yesterday afternoon finally got my head around the current name of the land mass I was born on and the current name of the land mass I am living on.

    Airstrip One and Airstrip Five.

    Airstrip One: Angle-land -invaded, conquered and established as a base for global looting and murder in 1066.

    Airstrip Two: The Trans-Atlantic Colonies, invaded in the early seventeenth century, and where most of the indigenous population was murdered to facilitate looting and establishment of slave-camps. Re-incorporated a few decades after a portion of the populace had rebelled.

    Airstrip Three: Canada-plus (Canda being a genuine name for a region near the large eastern river, I believe), where a competing subclan of the Normans had established their base for looting but were booted out in the mid-1700s, and where most of the indigenous population were murdered or incorporated to facilitate looting.

    Airstrip Four: Uthuru/Barna/Biik/Kurrek, the Great Island Landmass, invaded in the late 1700s, and where most of the indigenous population were murdered to facilitate looting

    Airstrip Five: Aotearoa, the Southern Ocean Landmasses, where the indigenous population were tricked into signing away most of their rights, and were largely exterminated when they realised, too late, what was happening to their land and culture.

    Oceania is a war with Eurasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia (well, it has been at war with Eurasia since the late 1700s).

    Two Minutes of Hate will be delivered every day.

    Party members are required to view their telescreens at dawn and during special broadcasts.

    Great news, comrades! The chocolate ration has been increased from 25 grams per week to 20 grams per week


    Oroboros, prev. thread. 🙂

    In France Macron’s nick-names don’t make those historical comparisons, that would be too grandiose, flattering. ( -> was to Napoleon and Alexander)

    Some exs., a selection,

    Jupiter my favorite, it was invented by those who worked on his first campaign -> imperial, dominating..

    The small powdered Marquis (by another pol, meant to be insulting)

    The Mozart of Finance Odd? as Macron is v. poor at math wasn’t a successful banker …. except at convincing ppl by charm, etc.

    Play on his name: Micron, ok; Macrotte (my shit ball), Macaron (sweet, sort of hard outside and soft inside), etc.


    Airstrip Five: Aotearoa,


    On arms sent to Ukr. Mentioned in top post.

    I listened today — to Xavier Moreau, his latest bulletin, in F. from Donesk, he is mostly outraged at the bomb damage on schools, etc. but he had nothing to say about Arms though that is one of his areas of competence.

    — To radio France Soir, featuring Jaques Baud (some of his pieces have been posted here, see Postil magazine, ex, link below) and Francois Martin, in F,

    Where what happens to the arms sent to Ukr. was brought up.

    Ukr. has since 1991 been a huge arms seller. When the USSR dissolved, all ‘atomic’ capacities were returned to Russia, but all other arms, be it stocks, manufacturing capacities, patents, etc. became the property of the new ‘regions.’

    Post 1991, Ukr. sold huge amounts of arms that they had in stock, for mega profits (Oligarchs, greed.) This trading in arms is a staple of Ukr. commerce, and continues, the imports (aka gifts) from the ‘collective west’ are sold on, to Russia (in first place, unsurprising, they are close by and can pay), to Albania, W. Africa, and gangs in Finland, to quote some exs.

    An estimate put forward was that light arms (including anti-tank) only 30 – 40 % reached the front line in Ukr. All the rest is sold off left and right, v. cheap.

    interview with J. Baud, ex. text in eng.


    If you can stand nasty images, there is an image of the Piranha-Scorpion here, sans makeup and photoshopping. (Also Fatguts)

    The creature is having problems coming to terms with resistance to its evil agendas.

    ‘What was the most challenging? The Prime Minister can’t go past the Parliament protest.

    “I think that was for me one of the most challenging parts of the year. I think if I was picking one that really stands out for me that was incredibly difficult,” she said.

    “It was very volatile and obviously we all ultimately saw that it did turn to violence and you could feel that in the lead-up.”

    She is used to a security detail, but no one at Parliament felt safe.

    “I had to do things a bit differently. Seeing that spill over to other people was very upsetting.”

    We see that it is still memorising and delivering its script quite well, though, considering that it is a psychotic sociopath actress (some say actor)..

    The Markster

    January 6 was a political protest not that much different than the Kavanaugh nomination protests. Everybody peacefully filed out by 7pm and Congress did their business. No fires were set, no statues were pulled down and destroyed, no art was defaced, and even the Capitol Police eventually admitted that officer sicknick died of a separate heart issue. The only protest-relayed death was an unarmed white woman who was shot by a black police officer whose name was withheld for months.

    Riots and armed insurrection are a description of what the Antifa and BLM organizations did in 2020+, funded with tens of millions in corporate support from the likes of Chase Manhattan Bank, Nike, Intel, and the Ford Foundation.

    And 2.5 years later, the Federal Courthouse and City/County Justice Center in Portland, OR are both still boarded up or fenced as if undergoing a military coup or siege. All we have to do to see the world is use our eyes, think, and recognize that Western legacy, social and corporate media is an irredeemable tissue of hatred, destruction and lies. ☮️


    “I don’t know if you can hear the difference, but Mack Wilberg is an amazing conductor and has vastly improved the tabernacle choir….”

    I suppose I can, insomuch as my increasingly bad ears caught much of the finer texture. An d then, of course, are the nearly perfect acoustics of the Tabernacle. Personally, I think it is Mormondom’s finest thing-at-large/group effort. No proselytizing, just people singing their hearts out.

    It is interesting that the MTChoir is perhaps the single greatest current example the old Catholic tradition of exhilarating acoustic spaces and vast choral music. But then, I think of the LDS church as the New Catholicism. Major differences, yes, but also major similarities.


    From the “You Can’t Make This Shit Up” department:

    Pfizer and BioNTech Receive U.S. FDA Emergency Use Authorization for Omicron BA.4/BA.5-Adapted Bivalent COVID-19 Vaccine in Children Under 5 Years

    Approved in just two days.
    Tested on zero babies.

    Read it through.
    The language is unbelievable.


    Convicts are usually used to fight wars. Many ‘volunteers’ are convicted criminals given a choice of jail or war.

    The Dirty Dozen comes to mind as a Hollywood example.

    This song also resonates: Got in a little hometown jam so they put a rifle in my hand Sent me off to a foreign land to go and kill the yellow man Letra:

    As for using the Wagner Group: of course. One doesn’t put criminals in the same lines as citizen soldiers.

    Newsflash to Redneck: this is a war Russia is fighting, not a lesson in ethics and loving kindness. Don’t like how they kill? Go kill ’em back. That’s how war works. As for propaganda and pointless blather, we’ve had ample lessons from you. Maybe you could go teach someone else?

    Here we can watch people argue about the meaning of Xmas within the meaning of a song about the meaning of Xmas. THe poo, of course, gets flung.

    Xmas Song Discussion


    “And 2.5 years later, the Federal Courthouse and City/County Justice Center in Portland, OR are both still boarded up or fenced as if undergoing a military coup or siege. All we have to do to see the world is use our eyes, think, and recognize that Western legacy, social and corporate media is an irredeemable tissue of hatred, destruction and lies.”

    I haven’t visited downtown Portland for over three years although I live in Portland. It reminds me of this line from my fave Borges miniature:

    “In the Deserts of the West, still today, there are Tattered Ruins of that Map, inhabited by Animals and Beggars; in all the Land there is no other Relic of the Disciplines of Geography.”


    @ Kassandra – “I am 2 degrees away from many people who either died suddenly or unexpectedly”

    Me too.

    Including dinner with my closest friend just last night.
    He recounted how his sister-in-law is currently hospitalised and is receiving blood transfusions due to sudden catastrophic organ failure. SHe is not expected to survive.
    Her 32 year-old daughter was found dead on the floor of her bedroom less than a year ago.

    My own brother’s daughter hasn’t worked for over 5 months.
    They’re calling it “Long Covid” – she most likely has Amyloidosis.

    I know at least 10 other previously healthy people who are dead or sick.
    It’s incredible.


    If you want to know what is really going on in Ukraine, this superb dual presentation fills in a few missing pieces.

    In summary, Russia is operating a very successful ‘meat grinder’, for which the Ukos and NATO provide the ‘meat’,

    Whereas at the start of the SMO Russia had a 2:1 advantage in artillery, that has now increased considerably and may be as high as 12:1 at this stage. Losses in personnel are approaching a similar ratio.

    As long as Ukraine and NATO keep delivering ‘meat’ into the ‘meat grinder’, Russia needs to change nothing and is quite content to take territory at the rate of 100 metres per day, since the agenda is not to occupy large tracts of territory but to continue to deplete the enemy’s capacity to fight.

    With the capacity of Ukraine-NATO to fight eliminated, Russia can take whatever territory it wants at virtually no cost.


    Not hearing much about death-by-jabbing here in/on Airstrip Five but hearing a lot about people who have been jabbed getting sick with what-ever-it-is. That includes affluent rural folk who have plenty of fresh air, sunlight and good food. Heard about two more yesterday, sick with what-ever-it-is, both repeatedly jabbed.

    I’m not sure what the current state of affairs is with the child taken from its parents by the corporation to ensure its [the corporation’s] fake covid and fake ‘vaccine’ narratives are upheld, whatever the consequences. The public face of the corporation needs to be maintained, whatever the cost.

    It’s just another day of corruption and lies in/on Airstrip Five, really, much as it has been since 1841.

    (I know, planes were invented till the early twentieth century; I’m just using the current designation for these land masses.)


    Climate instability in the extreme! Overheated Artic Seas and completely buggered Jet Streams! And this is just the start of the meltdown!

    Policial, military, economic, financial and social ‘apocalypse’ coming soon.


    By the way, I hate today’s artwork. Too much blue-and-yellow. Thoroughly sick of blue-and-yellow


    Why are so many people invited to the Clinton’s…late?



    Hi Kassandra,

    Appreciate your post. I also experience a form of “fatigue” from negative events in motion everywhere. Don’t want to run or hide from the truth of what’s happening, just acceptance and the ability to move on/through gently would be nice. Oasis anyone?

    My small town pop. 3,500 was also rocked by a tragic event 2 weeks ago. An young man (born and raised up here) with a traumatic brain injury (from his youth) and unstable mental capability took the lives of 2 (also locals) and himself. Sad and tragic. The shooter struggled and his struggle was known; he slipped through the cracks. Hard to do in a small town like this. Perhaps his family was fatigued from their inability to reach/help their brother/son?

    Very much appreciate your remedy: “Be grateful for health, friends, pets, being safe and warm, for now.”

    Grateful for every little thing….since the “oasis” is in the Heart, your act of being grateful – when practiced/lived with LOVE – makes oasis possible/accessible.

    I can’t stop seeing those “off to work” sunrise/sunset soup kitchen on wheels photos from Ilargi’s weekend post. The entire submission will make your Heart sing (hope you caught it). Hit the street with purpose, joy, and LOVE – look what happens! Life on a wing and a prayer.

    Automatic Earth in Athens Winter 2022

    If you are still contemplating this one from a few weeks ago:

    “Faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking.”
    ~ Khalil Gibran….here’s your opportunity.

    Turn down (not off) your head and turn up some heat with Heart and Hands. Be grateful, hit the streets with a giant soup pot (or find the people with a giant soup pot and put something in it), hug the dog (and or cat) on your bed, cozy up the cabin/build some mighty fine shelves/remember to pause – to watch a pair of moose, go to the garden and dig in the dirt with your hands, plant flowers, imagine/dream sharing a bottle of fine red wine with oxy, sing Phoenix style + hang at home with your kids, sing and hang with your kids at home, make a casserole/grab a hammer or garden tool and head over to Dr John Days homestead to cheer on the avocados, decorate for Christmas and channel Father/Mother Christmas, pull one of mom’s old recipes and make it, if the art moves you in any direction – say something, dance around the house, share inspiring quotes/thoughts/rhymes, make us laugh NY style, zero in on sumething, keep the stats/facts/summaries coming – they keep us honest and smart. VP/Gary call home.

    Yes, no end to the possibilities. Oh and guys, promise you won’t wear those super-thin PJ bottoms out to the store and we gals will try to keep our transparent yoga pants at home or under a tunic top.

    GRATEFUL for the many enlightening contributions each day. Dr D forever in my Heart, you give us yours with every post.

    LOVE to ALL who drop in here.

    John Day

    Our planet has been cooling for 50 million years and CO2 levels have been falling in that time, probably causing that cooling trend (as in the graph above).
    India did it, by impacting Asia, and driving the Himalayas up into the sky, where acid-rain from CO2 hits them, reacts with calcium, and forms calcium carbonate, which flows down to the bottom of the Indian Ocean and sits. The CO2 blanket has been pulled by India, and won’t return any time soon (except for us, for awhile, and that’s problematic in the short term, the term of our lives, but so are other things).
    India hits Asia,rapid%20uplift%20of%20the%20Himalayas.


    Hi Folks,

    Here’s one reason why energy systems don’t come back quickly: – and that’s the stuff that’s relatively easy to explain, don’t even start with phase/load balancing and power factor correction, or a host of other less tangible issues:

    Also, most likely why Russia wants to keep the nuclear plants up and running as black start primers. If they go, it’s game over, pretty much; and it’s not just in the obvious places either; any grid system that comes under pressure from raw energy material supply/demand increase will see similar issues. Welcome to the beginning of the end of hyper-complexity; all hail Kunstler et al.

    Dr D Rich

    In no particular order

    Griner for the Merchant of Death

    Glomar Explorer

    Mitchell & Jessen Associates were paid at least $81 million to ‘reverse engineer’ SERE and train U.S. military MEDICAL personnel to torture. That’s not quite outsourcing to another country under deep state supervision.

    None other than Sy Hersh (yeah that’s how Seymour and I Are) traipsed around the country, publicist for the CIA/MIC that he is, selling the credulous proles like us all on the theory/policy that military doctors are/were not bound by the Hippocratic Oath as limit to their participation in torture because my/our duty was to the defense of the Nation.

    How many of you were threatened by the likes of Hersh for exposing the illogic of what Seymour, Elspeth Ritchie, George Bush, David Tornberg, William Winkerwerder et al thought was a brilliant strategy to work around a lack of enthusiasm by physicians to torture “folk”.
    It took this simple question of Hersh to rock his world and ruin mine:
    How do you square your theory that the Hippocratic oath should not be a suicide pact for the nation when the Constitution says Title X U.S. Code requires military physicians and chaplains to abide by the Geneva Conventions?

    Hersh’s reply was swift, thorough and in keeping with the Bush administration. “Neither is the Constitution a suicide pact, but stand firm and watch your back.”

    To give you an idea how this turns out. A small VA hospital here in western Pennsylvania rejected my application for an entry level job in 2018 but paid William Winkerwerder $9.6million to “run” Highmark HS out of Pittsburgh in 2014 alone. That same small VA hospital hired a Navy Chief hospital corpsman to be their CEO.

    the sergeant never commands the regiment.

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