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    D Benton Smith


    I’m not so much bitter and emotional about the stuff guys like Murphy write as I am just plain bored by their sophomoric pseudo logic dressed up in ever fancier costume, but still the same old lies. It is devoid of actual thinking or fresh idea. It has been churned out for decade upon decade, and the purveyors still make no sense whatever. Go ahead and waste a day carefully unpacking, unraveling and understanding their word soup and it always comes back to the fact that they don’t even understand what they’re parroting. They’ve been selling the same lie and same solution since forever, and frankly they’re not as good at it as they think they are and will continue to lose until the have lost, at which time everyone wins.

    I checked out your included link to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and Maslow himself. Not too bad for a city boy of limited breadth and range of personal experience, but his theory was a long long way from maturity, and it’s a pity that he died so young and didn’t really finish it.

    John Day

    Sawatdi Krap

    D Benton Smith


    Hello to you, too, but who are you specifically addressing?
    (my son-in-law is Thai)


    ‘Not sure what crime entitled you to go to New Zealand though.’

    The crime of being poor but also of having a useful trade and being ambitious and wanting to get out of the cold concentration camp.

    Or already being extremely wealthy via criminal activity and willing to help loot the place.


    ‘A question for you, as you’re obviously well acquainted with the UK: would you advise, in this day and age, living in the UK or remaining in the land of the scorpion? We’re inclined to go back, but suspect things are deteriorating there, even if freedoms, for the moment, may remain in place longer than here in Aotearoa. It’s a hard call!’


    Since the future welfare of most people will be largely determined by the average ambient temperature and the ability to stay warm in the winter, the availability of locally-grown food and the number of people competing for locally-grown food there really can only be one answer.

    Bear in mind that resistance to the Scorpion is building by the day, and every move she/it makes to crush resistance increasingly exposes her/it for the tyrant she/it is, and increases the resistance.


    AFXXX said

    Climate instability in the extreme! Overheated Artic Seas and completely buggered Jet Streams! And this is just the start of the meltdown!

    Call Batman, maybe he can help you to calm down and be rational?


    Dr JD said

    Our planet has been cooling for 50 million years and CO2 levels have been falling in that time, probably causing that cooling trend (as in the graph above).

    Which is why people don’t trust medical doctors because they keep on showing us that they don’t know fuck.


    AXXXX said

    Actually, there is a lot more to it than that.

    The earth (it’s not ours) has been cooling since it formed 4.5 billion years ago. It most of the surface water froze solid around 700 million years ago.

    God, we have our own sewer inlet feeding TAE with completely fabricated garbage, sort of NZ home made shit. Go get an acting job, maybe they will let you screw Amber Heard!

Viewing 8 posts - 81 through 88 (of 88 total)
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