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The Evil Israel Does is the Evil Israel Gets (Chris Hedges)
Iran’s Raisi Asks Putin To Support Gaza Action – Putin Is Evasive (Helmer)
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Zelensky Sees the Writing on the Wall – Scott Ritter (Sp.)
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Hunter Indictment Designed Specifically To Avoid Joe Biden (Turley)
Hunter Is In A Lot Of Trouble (@willscharf)
Hunter Biden Claims GOP Is “Trying To Kill” Him (Sp.)
Hunter Biden is a Case Study of the Perils of Legal Gluttony (Turley)
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Is Truth Becoming Valueless? (Paul Craig Roberts)






The day before yesterday, Refaat received a phone call from the Israeli intelligence about locating him in the school where he took refuge. They informed him that they were going to kill him. He left the school not wanting to endanger the others, and at 6 p.m. his sister’s apartment was bombed, where he was killed, his sister and her four children



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“The wars do not end. The suffering continues. The Palestinians die in the tens of thousands. This is by design.”

The Evil Israel Does is the Evil Israel Gets (Chris Hedges)

I knew Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi, the co-founder of Hamas, along with Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Yassin. Al-Rantisi’s family were expelled to the Gaza Strip by Zionist militias from historic Palestine during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. He did not fit the demonized image of a Hamas leader. He was a soft spoken, articulate and highly educated pediatrician who had graduated first in his class at Egypt’s Alexandria University. As a nine-year-old boy, he witnessed executions in Khan Younis of 275 Palestinian men and boys, including his uncle, when Israel briefly occupied the Gaza Strip in 1956, the subject of Joe Sacco’s magisterial book Footnotes in Gaza. Scores of Palestinians were also executed by Israeli soldiers in the neighboring town of Rafah, where tens of thousands Palestinians are currently being forced to flee now that Khan Younis has come under attack.

“I still remember the wailing and the tears of my father over his brother,” al-Rantisi told Sacco and me when we visited him at his home. “I couldn’t sleep for many months after that…It left a wound in my heart that can never heal. I’m telling you a story and I’m almost crying. This sort of action can never be forgotten…[T]hey planted hatred in our hearts.” He knew he could never trust the Israelis. He knew that the goal of the Zionist state was the occupation of all of historic Palestine – Israel seized Gaza and the West Bank in 1967 along with Syria’s Golan Heights and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula – and the eternal subjugation or extermination of the Palestinian people. He knew he would avenge the killings.

Al-Rantisi and Yassin were assassinated in 2004 by Israel. Al-Rantisi’s widow, Jamila Abdallah Taha al-Shanti, had a doctorate in English and taught at the Islamic University in Gaza. The couple had six children, one of whom was killed along with his father. The family’s home was bombed and destroyed during the 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza known as Operation Protective Edge. Jamila was killed by Israel on Oct. 19 of this year. Israel’s genocide in Gaza is rearing a new generation of enraged, traumatized and dispossessed Palestinians who have lost family members, friends, homes, communities and any hope of living ordinary lives. They, too, will seek retribution. Their small acts of terrorism will counter Israel’s ongoing state terror. They will hate as they have been hated. This lust for vengeance is universal. After World War Two, a clandestine unit of Jews who served in the Jewish Brigade of the British Army, called “Gmul,” – Hebrew for “Recompense” – hunted down former Nazis and executed them. “I and the public know/What all schoolchildren learn,” W.H. Auden wrote. “Those to whom evil is done/Do evil in return.”

[..] The Biden administration has little to gain from the leveling and depopulation of Gaza, indeed it is alienating huge segments of the Democratic Party, especially as it attacks protestors calling for a ceasefire as “pro-terrorist.” Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer led chants of “We stand with Israel” and “No ceasefire” at a pro-Israel rally on Nov. 4 in Washington D.C., despite a Reuters/Ipsos survey indicating 68 percent of respondents believed that Israel should implement a ceasefire and negotiate an end to the war. That number rises to 77 percent among Democrats. Biden has a dismal approval rating of 37 percent.

On Friday, the United Nations Security Council voted 13-1 for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and unconditional release of all hostages. The U.S. voted against the resolution. The U.K. abstained. The draft resolution was not adopted due to the U.S. veto. Biden’s real base is not disenchanted voters but the billionaire class, corporations, such as the weapons industry, which is making huge profits from the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, and groups such as the Israel lobby. They determine policy, even if it means Biden’s defeat in the next presidential election. If Biden loses, the oligarchs get Donald Trump, who serves their interests as doggedly as Biden. The wars do not end. The suffering continues. The Palestinians die in the tens of thousands. This is by design.

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“The war has to be economic and infrastructure suffocation [of Israel],” a Moscow source says. “Yes, that’s the only way to beat the beast.”

Iran’s Raisi Asks Putin To Support Gaza Action – Putin Is Evasive (Helmer)

An Iranian-Russian initiative on the Gaza War was tabled when Iranian President Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi met with President Vladimir Putin for several hours on Thursday. For the time being the Kremlin is doing its best to hide it. According to Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, speaking after Raisi had returned home, “a significant part of the negotiations focused on the Palestinian issue and Russia is thinking about an initiative on Gaza. The two sides stressed the need for an immediate cessation of the war and genocide in Gaza and the West Bank, he said, noting that the presidents of Iran and Russia also called for stopping the forced migration of Gazans and the immediate opening of the Rafah border to deliver massive humanitarian aid to Gazan people.”

There was a one-on-one session between Raisi and Putin at the commencement of the talks; a session of the two presidents with brief public statements; and then closed delegation presentations and a supper. Altogether, the talks lasted five hours. There were no press briefings at the conclusion. There has been a blackout on the talks by Russian Defense Ministry, the military bloggers, and Moscow media like Vzglyad which has been taking a pro-Israel line. No Russian official will clarify what Abdollahian meant by his claim that “Russia is thinking about an initiative on Gaza” – except to point out that Abdollahian’s wording does not mean that the “initiative” at this stage was initiated by the Russian side. Vedomosti reports that “Iran would like Russia to more actively express the pro-Palestinian position within the framework of public discourse, which would correspond to Iranian rhetoric. From the point of view of the North–South economy, of course, Tehran has a priority, it’s just that against the current background it, like any Muslim country, cannot demonstrate that it can have something more important than the situation in the Gaza Strip.”

According to the Kremlin communiqué, Raisi told Putin “the events unfolding in Gaza” are “surely genocide and a crime against humanity. It is lamentable that more than 6,000 children have been killed by the hands of the Zionist regime. Even sadder is the fact that all these crimes have been supported by the United States and Western countries. What is even more regrettable is that international organisations and the human rights organisations have lost their effectiveness… One of the issues that I would like to discuss with you, Mr Putin, is Palestine, as well as the challenges faced by the oppressed but strong Palestinian people. According to statistics, one child dies every ten minutes. Bombing must be stopped as soon as possible. This is not a regional issue, but a global issue, and a solution should be found promptly.”

Putin replied by changing the subject. “Mr President, I will definitely take you up on your invitation [to visit Iran]. And I should note that we will keep working almost through the end of the year. We have scheduled the signing of an agreement on creating a free trade area between Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union in late December. It will create additional opportunities for expanding our interaction.” The Kremlin has published the names of the Russian delegation accompanying Putin at the talks but refuses to disclose the names of their Iranian counterparts. “Wait for additional materials on our website”, the spokesman said. Although Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was the second ranking member of the Russian side, Iranian sources confirm there was no military counterpart on their side.

Privately, Russian sources believe the two sides are discussing the protracted, long war strategy of Hamas and Hezbollah and the parallel engagement from Yemen and Iraq. They are also discussing ideas for breaking the Israeli blockade of Gaza with massive humanitarian aid in which the Arab states and China are also engaged in the planning. “The war has to be economic and infrastructure suffocation [of Israel],” a Moscow source says. “Yes, that’s the only way to beat the beast.”

Putin 2024

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I’m afraid they’re crazy enough to try.

Flooding Gaza Would Be War Crime – Russia (RT)

If Israel is truly considering flooding the “Hamas tunnels” under Gaza with seawater, this would be a clear-cut atrocity, Russia’s first deputy permanent representative to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, said at the Security Council meeting on Friday. China, Russia and the United Arab Emirates called for the emergency session, given the deteriorating situation in the Palestinian enclave after the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) resumed military operations at the start of December. “In recent days, shocking information has spread about Israeli plans to flood underground structures in the Gaza Strip with seawater,” Polyansky told the council. “According to publicly available information, the IDF has already built a system of pipes and pumps designed to pump seawater, and is currently discussing with the United States the practical possibility of such flooding: will there be enough water, will the ‘topography’ of the tunnels allow it, and so on.”

“Such a step, if taken, would constitute a clear war crime”. Polyansky explained that the flooding would be indiscriminate and the equivalent of ordering “take no prisoners,” while the sea water would contaminate the groundwater in Gaza and make the area uninhabitable. Documents published in mid-October suggest that the Israeli authorities would like to displace all of Gaza’s Palestinian population into Egypt. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on Hamas after the Gaza-based militant group raided nearby Israeli settlements on October 7, killing an estimated 1,200 people and taking scores hostage. Since then, more than 16,000 Palestinians have died in Israeli operations in Gaza.

After a week-long “humanitarian pause” at the end of November, Israel has launched a “more brutal and bloody phase” of its operation, Polyansky told the UN, with the scale of destruction indicating “indiscriminate” use of force and striking of targets considered protected by humanitarian law. “The brutal Hamas raid on October 7 cannot justify Israeli crimes against humanity,” the Russian diplomat argued. “Failure to respect humanitarian law by one side does not relieve the other from the same obligations.” Polyansky added that he doubted the International Criminal Court would do anything, as it will not act “against its Western masters.” The ICC is likely to “forgive” Israel just as it turned a blind eye to Western atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, he added.

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But “I just have to run.”

Dozens of Democrats Could Beat Trump – Biden (RT)

President Joe Biden has claimed there are dozens of Democrats who could defeat Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election, but has insisted he must be the one to do so. Some sections of the Democratic Party and the media are already treating Biden as the default nominee for next year’s presidential election. The party’s Florida branch has refused to place any other names on the ballot for its primary vote, while the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has refused to organize debates with other contenders. Biden was asked by the media on Wednesday whether he thought there were fellow Democrats who could defeat Trump. “Probably 50 of them,” the president responded, declining to offer any names. “I’m not the only one, but I will defeat him.”

Questions about Biden’s willingness to run for a second term were triggered by remarks he made at a campaign fundraiser in Boston on Tuesday. “If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running,” said the incumbent leader. Again citing the challenge from his predecessor, Biden later told journalists outside the White House that “I just have to run.” Biden overcame Trump in the 2020 presidential election, and a likely rematch has been touted by the Democrats as an existential battle against the Republican frontrunner’s supposed authoritarianism. However, Biden’s approval ratings recently reached a low of just 37%, according to a CNN poll published on Wednesday. Last month, a New York Times survey predicted Biden would lose to Trump in five of six battleground states. Critics of the Democrats’ strategy claim that the party would rather risk losing to a man it has branded a unique threat to democracy, rather than make Biden contest the nomination fairly against potentially better candidates.

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“..the counter-counter offensive..”

Zelensky Sees the Writing on the Wall – Scott Ritter (Sp.)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky must face the “writing on the wall” after the failure of his summer counter-offensive, says a former UN weapons inspector. In an interview with YouTube host Danny Haiphong, Scott Ritter, a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer, Ritter gave a stark assessment of the notoriously botched Ukrainian counteroffensive that began in early summer of 2023. “The counteroffensive is over. It’s been a strategic defeat for the Ukrainians for the collective West. And what I think we’re going to see now is that the Russians, having absorbed the Ukrainian blow, are going to slowly go on the counter-counter offensive and begin to put pressure on the Ukrainians,” Ritter stressed. “The Russians will be on the initiative from now on. And eventually the Ukrainian line is going to collapse.”

Ukraine’s inability to secure any sort of tangible success on the battlefield will lead to political turmoil in Kiev, the pundit argued. Eventually, Zelensky will face the rage of his soldiers. “They feel betrayed by his incompetence. Especially when it becomes clear how corrupt he is, and how corrupt his government is. Everybody knows it,” Ritter pointed out. “There is a growing resentment over this. There are people who aren’t getting their pensions paid. People who aren’t getting the healthcare they need because of the corruption.” Ritter noted how the US is funding the entire country, paying salaries to civil servants, military personnel and healthcare workers — Washington completely disregards the same needs at home.

“As an American I take umbrage at this. If you’re going to do that there, first, do it here. Let’s take care of the immigration problem. Let’s take care of the dirty water up in Flint, Michigan. Let’s take care of the homeless problem. Let’s take care of all those junkies on the street of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Let’s take care of America before we start taking care of Ukraine,” he concluded. Recently, the Ukrainian media have given substantial coverage to rising tensions between President Zelensky and Ukraine’s top general Valery Zaluzhny. In the interview with British magazine the The Economist, the Commander-in-Chief admitted that the Ukrainian forces had reached an impasse. Zaluzhny came under fire for that statement, with Zelensky rushing to refute it.

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“He said he disagreed with the notion that the operation “not going as far as people wanted reflects some degree of Ukrainian failure.”

White House Touts ‘Year Of Suffering’ For Russian Troops (RT)

The White House wants to keep funding Ukraine in its conflict with Russia because it believes that in a year Moscow may be willing to concede to Kiev’s demands, an aide to Jake Sullivan, the US national security adviser, said in an interview on Tuesday. Jon Finer, Sullivan’s principal deputy, discussed the White House Ukraine strategy at an event hosted by the Aspen Institute, an influential US think-tank. On Wednesday, President Joe Biden’s request to allocate over $110 billion in foreign security aid, including for Ukraine, was blocked from a vote in the Senate. Finer made a case for releasing the funds despite Kiev’s inability to secure any major successes on the battlefield during its summer counteroffensive. He said he disagreed with the notion that the operation “not going as far as people wanted reflects some degree of Ukrainian failure.”

If Washington keeps bankrolling Kiev’s war effort for the next year, the Ukrainian government will maintain “a degree of parity” with Russia, he promised. “Another year of funding and another year in which Russia will have to suffer on the battlefield is fundamentally a better position than we are in today without that funding,” Finer said. “I think there is no way to dispute that.” By the end of 2024, Western nations will have ramped up arms production and be helping Ukraine do the same, the White House expects. Then Russia will have to either “come to the negotiating table on terms that would be acceptable to Ukraine” or face a stronger opponent, according to Finer’s expectations.

Kiev’s demands for peace include full control over pre-2014 Ukrainian territory, war reparations and a tribunal for the Russian leadership, as detailed last year by President Vladimir Zelensky. Moscow has dismissed it from the start as detached from reality. Moscow has cited NATO expansion in Europe and the promised inclusion of Ukraine into the US-led military bloc as a threat to its national security. Preventing that outcome is imperative, senior Russian officials have said. In the first weeks of hostilities, Ukraine and Russia came to a preliminary agreement on a truce, which would have seen Kiev drop its NATO aspirations and pledge neutrality. Then UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Kiev to “make war instead,” David Arakhamia, who led the Ukrainian delegation at the talks in Istanbul, confirmed in a recent interview.

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“ American president has ever “extorted so much money for a minor country that is in the process of collapsing..”

Medvedev Warns Of Direct Russia-NATO Clash (RT)

Moscow and Washington are tiptoeing on the precipice of a hot war, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said, adding that the last similar crisis in relations dates back to the height of the Cold War in the early 1960s. Writing on Telegram on Friday, Medvedev, who now serves as deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, weighed in on what he called US President Joe Biden’s “primitive blackmail” of Congress. He was referring to the American leader’s recent plea to lawmakers to approve a $111 billion security package, which included funding for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. To convince Republicans – who have been reluctant to support the measure due to a dispute over border security – Biden warned that Russia might not stop at Ukraine and go on to attack NATO countries, leading to a direct clash involving the US. His plea, however, failed to impress the Senate Republicans, who blocked the funding.

Medvedev said the Biden administration’s ploy “is nothing new.” According to the official, many US presidents in the past have said, “Give the money to our guy (fill in the name), or you will have to fight the Russians.” The difference, Medvedev added, is that no American president has ever “extorted so much money for a minor country that is in the process of collapsing,” which is also connected to a corruption controversy involving both the sitting US president and his family members – in reference to allegations that both Biden and his son Hunter accepted bribes from a Ukrainian gas executive. The former Russian president went on: “Never since the Cuban Missile Crisis has the threat of a direct clash between Russia and NATO leading to World War III been so real.”

The 1962 crisis brought the US and the Soviet Union to the brink of nuclear war after Moscow responded to Washington’s deployment of missiles in Türkiye by placing its own atomic assets in allied Cuba. The two superpowers narrowly managed to defuse the tensions by withdrawing their missiles from both countries. Medvedev predicted that despite the gridlock in Congress, both the administration and its “cowering fosterling” in Kiev would get the money sooner or later, allowing all parties involved to continue profiting off the conflict. Russia has repeatedly warned the West against sending arms to Kiev, arguing that doing so will only prolong the conflict while making it a direct participant in the hostilities.

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How do you withdraw $1.6 million from an ATM?

Hunter Indictment Designed Specifically To Avoid Joe Biden (Turley)

The 56-page indictment of Hunter Biden for tax evasion makes for racy reading, with the special counsel describing a four-year criminal pattern directed at maintaining Biden’s “extravagant lifestyle.” That lifestyle included massive expenses for strippers, sex clubs, fast cars and other distractions. The steps taken by Hunter to evade taxes are impressive, but not nearly as impressive as the efforts of the Justice Department to evade any direct implications for his father, President Biden. In that sense, the indictment itself is a marvel of evasion. There are three glaring omissions in the indictment that tend to shield critical payments and conduct that implicate the president. First, the special counsel only indicts tax evasion that occurred in recent years. That’s because the long “investigation” into Hunter inexplicably allowed the statute of limitations to expire on the most controversial payments from Ukraine gas company Burisma.

Recent testimony from IRS whistleblowers suggests that wasn’t an accident. Investigators were stonewalled, they claimed, and the Justice Department was previously moving to reject any charges against Hunter Biden. Exploring those earlier Ukrainian payments opens up questions about Hunter’s influence peddling and would have highlighted the conflict in his father’s extraordinary move to force the Ukrainians to fire a prosecutor investigating Burisma by holding back a billion dollars in aid for the country. There is still no explanation why special counsel David Weiss would allow the statute of limitations to run out. But this recent indictment keeps the focus squarely on taxes not paid, not how the money was “earned” in the first place. Also missing in the indictment is any charge against Hunter Biden as an unregistered foreign agent.

Recently, the Justice Department added a charge to the indictment of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) that he ran afoul of FARA, the Foreign Agents Registration Act. FARA also was used to go after Donald Trump associates such as Paul Manafort. The problem with charging Hunter with FARA is obvious. It opens up questions about the millions of dollars going to the Biden family from foreign sources, a topic that Attorney General Merrick Garland has spent years avoiding. In the second indictment, Weiss spends more time detailing the salacious use of this money rather than how and why it was given to the Bidens. He just matter-of-factly describes millions flowing through these accounts from China, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and other countries. By focusing on tax evasion alone, Weiss again avoids any direct reference to the focus of the influence-peddling used to raise these millions of dollars.

Even without mentioning the president, the implications of the indictment are devastating for the narrative and denials of Joe Biden. The president has continued to maintain that he had no knowledge or interaction with these dealings. Those statements are clearly and knowingly false. The president also maintained that his son has “never done anything wrong” and never accepted any money from China. That is also untrue, according to the Justice Department and Hunter himself. Yet Weiss continues to avoid any need to address the person who was the selling point of the influence peddling. It was the same person who repeatedly called in to dinners and meetings, repeatedly attended events, and held meetings and photo shots for these clients. Instead, Weiss indicts the failure to pay taxes on the proceeds of these dealings without addressing that underlying corruption. It is akin to arresting a bank robber for speeding away from the crime scene without mentioning the reason for his flight.

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X thread.

Hunter Is In A Lot Of Trouble (@willscharf)

I have reviewed the new Hunter Biden indictment. As a former federal prosecutor, and someone who has followed the Hunter saga quite closely for years, here are my initial reactions:

(1) Hunter is in a lot of trouble. With the sweetheart deal previously offered to him now off the table, Hunter is in an awful lot of trouble. He is facing four counts of willfully failing to pay his taxes for tax years 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, and two counts of failing to file a tax return for tax years 2017 and 2018, all in violation of 26 U.S.C. § 7203. He is also charged with one count of tax evasion and two counts of filing false and fraudulent tax forms for tax year 2018, in violation of § 7201 and § 7206, for chalking up hundreds of thousands of dollars of fake business expenses. These fake expenses included payments for: hotel rooms that he turned into crack dens, payoffs for his girlfriends, strippers, escorts, luxury cars, a sex club membership, porn sites. He also tried to claim his daughter’s law school tuition as business-related legal expenses. He tried to hide income, and made numerous false statements under penalty of perjury. If he were to go to trial and be convicted of all of these counts, based on my calculations, the advisory federal sentencing guidelines range for him could easily reach 4–5 years’ imprisonment. Even if he were to plead guilty to these counts, his guidelines range sentence would likely be around 3 years. That is a lot of prison time for the son of a sitting president.

(2) Weiss appears to be playing this straight. I said after David Weiss’s appointment as special counsel that this was going to go in one of two directions: Either Weiss was going to continue the concerted effort to cover up and clean up Hunter’s long history of criminal activity to protect Joe Biden and the Biden family. Or Weiss was going rogue, and would hammer Hunter with the full force of the law. My assumption was cover up, but based on this indictment and the previous firearms indictment, I can’t find fault with his actions thus far. He is appropriately and vigorously prosecuting the tax and gun crimes that we already knew about. The real test will be what comes next. Will Hunter be offered a new sweetheart plea deal to sweep this all under the rug? Most importantly, will more indictments follow? Foreign money laundering? Failure to register as a foreign agent? Bribery? Only time will tell, but I am hopeful that maybe—just maybe—we will see some justice here.

(3) Joe Biden is a liar. If the facts in the indictment are proven, and based on Hunter’s previous abortive plea deal I believe they can be and will be, this indictment is further proof (as if we needed more) that Joe Biden lied repeatedly to the American people during the 2020 election. “My son has not made money in terms of this thing about, what are you talking about, China.” That was Joe Biden at the presidential debate on October 22, 2020. That was a lie. Biden denied that Hunter had made “a fortune in China, in Moscow and various other places” at the presidential debate on September 29, 2020. That was a lie. I could go on, but the point is made. Joe Biden needs to answer to the American people for his lies. They implicate him in criminal conspiracies abroad involving the shadiest of foreign actors, and cut to the heart of his fitness for office.

(4) More egg on the media’s face. As if mainstream media credibility could fall even lower . . . The mainstream media was an active participant in Joe Biden’s lies in 2020. The media actively ran cover, burying Hunter Biden stories, showing a startling lack of interest in the Biden family’s web of foreign business interests, and insisting — insisting! — that there was nothing to see here. The blackout on reporting about Hunter’s now-validated laptop was the pinnacle of this all hands on deck effort. I want to hear from the journalists who participated in burying these stories, who wrote fake “explainer” pieces on how the Republicans were conspiracy theorists, who lashed out at Trump for attacking Joe over the Hunter scandals. Who decided that getting Joe elected was more important than uncovering the truth. Is that what they taught you in journalism school?

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Playing the victim appears to be Hunter’s second nature.

Hunter Biden Claims GOP Is “Trying To Kill” Him (Sp.)

Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, sat down with the Grammy-nominated musician Moby for a podcast interview that was released on Friday, detailing that the GOP is harassing him as part of an effort to tank his father’s 2024 reelection bid. The 58-year-old musician explained at the beginning of the “Moby Pod” interview that he had previously met Biden at one of his art shows while the two had been recovering from an addiction. During the interview, Biden claimed right-wing attacks against him were not actually “about” him, but are instead part of a broader approach to attack his father’s presidency. “They are trying to, in their most illegitimate, but rational way, they’re trying to destroy a presidency,” Biden said on Friday. “And so it’s not about me, and [in] their most base way, what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to kill me, knowing that it will be a pain greater than my father could be able to handle.”

“They decided that the one way in which they would be able to certainly just undermine my dad’s confidence and ability to continue to campaign and move forward – particularly after the death of my brother – [was] to think that he could lose his son that he just had regained from an almost-death, through addiction,” said Biden. During the interview, Biden also lamented his challenges with drug and alcohol addiction following the death of his mother, sister and his brother, as well as his shame at feeling like the “f***-up” in his family. He acknowledged it’s difficult to maintain sobriety when he’s the focus of “a hatred and an intensity that is both specific and global.”This is the first time Biden has spoken publicly on the topic since his memoir was released in 2021. Since then, he has allowed public statements to come from his attorneys. During the podcast, he said he was speaking out (after being advised to keep a low profile) because he wanted to help others suffering from an addiction.

“One of the reasons why I’m gonna survive this – and I’m gonna survive it clean and sober – is because I am not gonna let these motherf****** use me as just another example of why people in recovery are never gonna be OK, never to be trusted, they’re all degenerates – I’m just not gonna let that happen.” He later described being doxxed by the New York Post, which he said led to Trump supporters wearing MAGA hats, shouting through bullhorns outside his house when his wife was eight months pregnant. During the podcast, Biden also mentioned feeling sorry for Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who he said are “not healthy people.” The two lawmakers have been some of Biden’s toughest credits, with Greene holding up posters displaying him in graphic and sexual photos during an Oversight Committee hearing in July. The photos had come from the infamous scandal-ridden laptop belonging to Biden.

“The second thing that I realized is that these people are just sad, very very sick people that have most likely just faced traumas in their lives that they’ve decided that they are going to turn into an evil that decides that they’re going to inflict on the rest of the world,” Biden said.

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“..why ask for a sweeping immunity deal? The answer was why not. That all came crashing down when Judge Noreika just cleared her throat in court.”

Hunter Biden is a Case Study of the Perils of Legal Gluttony (Turley)

Five months ago, exasperated Biden defense counsel Chris Clark snapped at federal prosecutors to “just rip it up” after a plea bargain hit a snag in a hearing before Judge Maryellen Noreika. They did and, for the first time, Hunter could be facing a real chance for jail time. The six misdemeanor charges and three felonies carry a potential sentence of 17 years for alleged tax evasion and filing a false return. It could have been worse. The Justice Department inexplicably allowed the statute of limitations to run on the most serious allegations involving payments from years going back to 2016. Those are mentioned in the narrative of the indictment but not charged as separate offenses. None of this would have happened if Judge Noreika did not ask a very simple question about the plea agreement and a sweeping immunity provision buried in its language.

Many judges would have likely flagged through the agreement and given Hunter the sweetest of sweetheart deals. Noreika noticed that the deal seemed to give Hunter immunity for any crime going forward and asked the prosecutor if he had ever seen any agreement like this one. He honestly answered “no.” It was later learned that there was a push within the Justice Department to have no charges at all brought against Hunter in an investigation that was heavily laden with special treatment, according to IRS whistleblowers. The investigation by the House has shown how Hunter and his counsel allowed their appetite for special treatment to turn into a raging disorder. The Justice Department reportedly gave Hunter a “heads up” about planned searches and interviews, scuttling those efforts. Even though the Justice Department had an agreement to “toll the statute” to prevent the early charges from expiring, the Special Counsel just let them die without any rational reason.

In this “all-you-can-eat” legal Smorgasbord, it is little surprise that the Biden team would demand an unprecedented immunity deal and just two misdemeanors after years of tax evasion covering millions from insider trading. After all, Attorney General Merrick Garland had refused the calls of many of us to appoint a Special Counsel to look into the corruption scandal. The scandal was capped off legally and the media was running cover for Hunter.The laptop was falsely denounced as Russian disinformation and the media largely dismissed influence peddling claims. Whenever new allegations surfaced, the President and the media would literally run to the nearest ice cream shop to discuss the President’s favorite flavors. In other words, why ask for a sweeping immunity deal? The answer was why not. That all came crashing down when Judge Noreika just cleared her throat in court.

As the prosecutors struggled to explain the absurd immunity provision, the Biden legal team was obviously shocked at the notion that they might have to exercise portion control. After all, the President himself has declared “no one f**ks with a Biden.” That is when they told the prosecutors to “just rip it up.” Those are the four most dangerous words that a criminal defendant could utter in a hearing on a plea deal. They could have immediately narrowed the immunity deal and even added a few misdemeanors to salvage the deal. Instead, they shredded their client. What followed was performative and frankly a tad pathetic. To the thrill of some in the media, the Biden team promised to get aggressive with witnesses and critics. They started to make demands as if they still controlled events, including saying that they would only comply with a congressional subpoena on their own terms.

It won’t work. A bill has come due. While Garland is still protecting President Biden from a Special Counsel, Hunter Biden is going to have to face these alleged crimes and corruption. Even the media is now admitting that he was influence peddling, though maintaining a final line of defense for the president. The last defense is that it was corrupt, but merely illusory because it did not actually influence Joe Biden. In other words, Hunter is rapidly becoming expendable.

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“To go from being, like, a well-paid street corner schizophrenic to, like, a politician – it’s just kind of hard to envision..”

Tucker Carlson Comments On Running As Trump’s VP (RT)

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has stopped short of ruling out becoming former US President Donald Trump’s vice presidential running mate in 2024, suggesting that he would need a directive from God to take the job if it’s offered to him. Carlson, who has attracted millions of viewers to his channel on X (formerly Twitter) since being fired by Fox in April, made his comments on Thursday night in response to a media report that he was the potential VP candidate favored by former First Lady Melania Trump. Asked about the report after he gave a speech at an event in Washington, Carlson said, “God would have to yell at me very loud” to accept such an offer. Independent media outlet Semafor was first to report on Carlson’s response. The political commentator noted that he doesn’t really know the first lady.

He has repeatedly insisted that he has no interest in running for elected office. “To go from being, like, a well-paid street corner schizophrenic to, like, a politician – it’s just kind of hard to envision,” he said on Thursday. However, Semafor reported, there were cheers from the audience when he didn’t fully rule out joining Trump’s 2024 ticket. Axios reported on Thursday that the former first lady was advocating for her husband to pick Carlson as his running mate. “She thinks Carlson would make a powerful onstage extension of her husband,” the outlet said, citing an unidentified person close to Trump. Trump is polling as, far and away, the leading Republican candidate to face Democrat incumbent Joe Biden in next year’s presidential election. He also faces 91 felony charges in four separate criminal cases filed by prosecutors in Washington, New York, Florida, and Georgia.

Carlson has said that he became an avid Trump supporter after the FBI raided the former president’s home in Florida last summer. He has vowed to vote for Trump and lead protests if the ex-president is convicted of a crime and jailed: “You cannot allow the regime, the president of the United States, the Justice Department, to knock the frontrunner out of the race. You can’t do that.” Other potential Trump VP candidates include Senator J.D. Vance, Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Representative Byron Donalds, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake, according to the Axios report.

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“Many misinterpret 1984 as a warning against Stalinism and Nazism, but George Orwell was predicting the future of the Western world. That future is here.”

Is Truth Becoming Valueless? (Paul Craig Roberts)

In America and its Western puppet states, there is today no greater crime than to be a truth-teller. Despite habeas corpus and due process enshrined in British law and the US Constitution, Julian Assange has been illegally detained for a decade for telling the truth. Reiner Fuellmich, the Germany attorney, who was about to file charges against the pharmaceutical companies for deaths and injuries from the Covid “vaccine,” was kidnapped in Mexico by the German government and placed in solitary confinement in Germany on obviously false charges in order to prevent the lawsuit. Barry Young, the New Zealand Covid database administrator who released the official data showing that the alleged “vaccine” was a deadly killer, has been arrested for revealing the truth. Be sure you understand what I am telling you. Those who tell you the truth are being arrested and treated worst than mass murderers. Murder is not a threat to the corrupt ruling establishment, but Truth is.

All truth-tellers have a target on their backs, including me. For reporting accurately on Putin’s hopes for reconciliation with Washington, I was labeled a “Putin agent/dupe.” This was just the beginning. George Soros, who Elon Musk said “appears to want nothing less than the destruction of Western civilization,” finances “fact checkers” and “verification” sites, the purpose of which is to discredit those who tell the truth. The State Department, the FBI, CIA, Mossad, and any number of government agencies and official organizations in the West work overtime to discredit truth-tellers. Wikipedia labeled me an “anti-semite” for quoting WW II historian David Irving in a book review. A truth-suppression website–NewsGuard–financed by who?–describes my website, which is read in every country in the world, as “A Conspiracy-oriented website that regularly publishes falsehoods about US election, the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, and other issues.”

It is extraordinary that after describing me as a disinformation artist, NewsGuard accurately describes me as an Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, a presidential appointment which requires confirmation by the US Senate in order to take office, as an editor of the Wall Street Journal, as an author of books published by Harvard University Press and Oxford University Press, highly prestigious publishers who required credibility on the part of their peer-reviewed authors. So here I stand, with numerous top secret security clearances over many years, confirmed in a presidential appointment by the US Senate, a Wall Street Journal editor, a Business Week columnist for a dozen or more years, an academic at Stanford University and occupant for a dozen years of the William E. Simon Chair for Political Economy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University, and all of these front line institutions appointed a “conspiracy theorist.”

I have the French Legion of Honor signed by French President Mitterrand, the US Treasury’s Meritorious Service Award, the US Treasury’s Silver Medal, the International Journalism Award from the Press Club of Mexico. I have been in Who’s Who In America and Who Who’s in the World for decades. I have Who’s Who in America’s Lifetime Achievement Award. I have been on boards of multi-billion dollar financial and manufacturing institutions. I have been an adviser to J.P. Morgan Guaranty Trust and other large money managers. I have endless endorsements from distinguished Americans. And a dismal unverified hired gun organization called NewsGuard declares the entire journalistic, academic, business, and political establishment to have appointed a “conspiracy theorist” to the highest positions in the society.

No, I am not bragging on myself. I am pointing out that NewsGuard has no shame. The organization declares a truth-teller who has the highest honors to be a liar. Every corrupt, evil, material interest has money to demonize the truth. NewsGuard is one of their operatives. These are people devoid of integrity, but these sorts of sites are plentiful online, and given the insouciance of the American people, these sites might have more influence than truth-tellers. It raises the questions: can truth prevail when endless money can shout truth down? Can truth survive when people show scant interest in supporting truth and those who tell it? If you look objectively with open eyes at the news and at the indoctrination that passes for education, you will see that you live in a world of lies constructed by official narratives. Throughout the Western world police powers are being used to enforce the official narratives–every one of which is a lie.

Think about what this means for science and scholarship when Big Pharma-paid shills can shout down and discredit honest independent scientists, when educators can turn fiction into fact and fact into lies, when we live in Orwell’s world where Newspeak and Doublethink prevail: “War is peace,” “Freedom is slavery,” “Ignorance is strength.” Many misinterpret 1984 as a warning against Stalinism and Nazism, but George Orwell was predicting the future of the Western world. That future is here. Stand with me or soon you will find that you cannot stand at all.

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JOHN LENNON was taken from us 43yrs ago today. Every year on the anniversary of his death, the National Trust leave the bedroom light on in John’s childhood home, all night.





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    Bernini The Vision of Constantine 1670   • The Evil Israel Does is the Evil Israel Gets (Chris Hedges) • Iran’s Raisi Asks Putin To Support Gaza
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle December 9 2023]

    Dr. D

    “Senate Votes Down Resolution to Withdraw Troops from Syria: “Another Regional War Without Debate”

    Shows the state of where we are: Nope. Not yet. Not even a super-easy call like this one. Guys: are you in or out? If you’re in, go in. We say this about all wars. But they Waaaaaaaaaant to fight a war and win Syria without putting any men or having it cost anything or change anything, like they Waaaaaaant an Oompa-Loompa.

    And also the other branches can all all impeach each other if they neglect their duty. If Congress refuses to have actual war resolutions, who impeaches Congress?

    “US Mulls Military Action Against Houthis After Officials Angered at Lack of Response

    Aaaaaaand again. Do we have a declaration of war against Yemen now? Such that when they attack ISRAELI ships who are somewhere in our vague general area, we have to invade them? See how the little lies, the little bit over the line, the “hey let’s bend the rulz” turns into a tangled rat’s nest of no order, no strategy, no limits?

    Get BACK to the rules of Law, Loretta. Then we can discuss and respond in an orderly and functional manner. That would be #Logos. Your sole nemesis. Your heartfelt soul enemy.

    “US Is Lone Veto of UN Security Council ‘Humanitarian Ceasefire’ Resolution

    Okay fine. But are we in or out on this? No peace, then what? ALSO no war? Pick one. I’m getting a sense of deja vu I already wrote this about some dumb WH comment in Ukraine.

    Anyhoo…. You can see from Ramaswamy’s debate the Black Hats are on the run and getting kicked in the balls everywhere. Ramy takes up no less than:

    Nikki Haley and the Neocons.
    J6 as an clear FBI setup.
    911 in 12 different ways
    Fake 2020 Election
    White Replacement theory, aka “The Democratic Platform”, as advertised on TV longer than I can remember. 15 years or more now?

    Aaaaaaaand what happens? Is he withdrawing from the race in flames? No? Got into a small plane crash while suddenly getting cancer? No?

    Nope: Nothing. They shut their d—n Stupid-holes and let him talk on national TV.

    So what does this have to do? So what do you think the White Hats are doing, needing to stop a US Civil War that would Capital-flow back to Europe and turn us into an African colony? They need to bring us together, THROUGH the process. PROVING the American system of “Letting guys talk” works. Why? BECAUSE IT’S HARDER. And thus over in our 20 Obama wars like Syria, what are we doing?

    Okay, fine, you want to still print for Syria and Yemen, we’ll raise rates. See what I mean? Interest is about to be a TRILLION dollars. Congress arranged with the Fed to get a blank check. Maybe 1990, maybe 1970, but way back. That Blank Check is rescinded. WHO IS IN CONTROL? WHO IS IN CONTROL OF GOVERNMENT?

    WE ARE. The American People, the American Economy, and therefore the American Bankers. No American system, no American Economy = No American Bankers. So all three of us are pulling on levers reaching to the moon to restrain Congress, the Federal Government, and change their direction. It’s hard, it takes time, but they’ll bloody well come to heel. They’re gonna, right now. Almost there.

    AFTER we can fight amongst ourselves about the banks vs the People, that is, who is servicing whom, but right now we have to survive this window.

    Ramaswamy and Pharmaceuticals: that should be a bleeding minimum. First off: Federal immunity is dead Unconstitutional, just as Hillary’s “no bankruptcy” is unconstitutional. You don’t need a President to reverse it, it was never a legal law to begin with.

    But what have we here, in the landscape now? Stand Waaaaay back, and look:

    3, 5, 10 flawed candidates. RFK, Ramaswamy, Trump. And they’re getting up and saying what they ACTUALLY think. And the media, bought and owned? They are now COVERING it. They took Ramaswamy’s dialogue right up the -ss like a champ. Where’s your Overton Window now? Where’s your 40 years of careful, seamless, glasshouse propaganda that “nobody dun nothin’,” Nothing’s going on, you’re just crazy”? Boop. Gone in 60 seconds. Like it never was.

    Over in Congressland: Congressman, completely removed, in Long Island. Another, From NJ. All the fake “Warren Commission” committees on J6, all exposed as cover-ups. FBI, DoJ, IRS, all exposed as cover ups. Warmongers, outed. Proving ANYONE, but especially Israelis, are so far ahead of the American people, you can’t even see the American Welfare from here.

    Judges are outed as non-nonsensical, and processes slowly swing into place for exposure, ridicule, and removal.

    Hunter Biden is charged (again) so we can watch the DoJ play more games to keep him from Congressional Testimony (again). Yet day by day he is more outed and day by day, charges come closer to drowning him.

    War in Ukraine: lost. Russia is or will be, reunified. The Neo-Cons main initiative since they were born in the 90s, ruined. Their main Flagship, NATO, sunk. Power devolves to the Nation-states. War ITSELF is discredited, through them, and worldwide. With it the plans for World Domination, gone, and without it, their certain collapse and defeat.

    What sort of America did you WANT to see, did you EXPECT to see? Because I assure you it’s very messy and always has been. American Democracy looks like a total f—k up every day, but it can endure because IF we f—k up, we can reverse the laws and change it. We have a PROCESS. The Process either is, or isn’t working.

    Right now the Process is working again. Hesitantly, tentatively. It was before, when the Process WASN’T working that we needed to worry. “Those who make Peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable” –JFK. That we now CAN voice our opinions again, CAN out and expose corruption again, CAN remove leaders again, CAN debate wars and march in the streets – even with bad violent ideas – THAT is the American Process WORKING.

    Do you see what I’m saying here? Now don’t get complacent, there’s lots to do but in contrast to how everything is BROKEN right now, we’re all fighting, I’d argue for the first time since I can remember, something is getting fixed and WORKING again. Try to take some good cheer from that.

    “The White House wants to keep funding Ukraine in its conflict with Russia because it believes that in a year Moscow may be willing to concede to Kiev’s demands,”

    As usual with their projection, just reverse the two names: RUSSIA is out of shells = WE are out of shells. Russia is “Human wave” attacks = Ukraine is human wave attacks.

    So in a year, the US and all NATO = Europe will be ready to unconditionally surrender to Moscow. (up to the Polish border)

    “Even without mentioning the president, the implications of the indictment are devastating for the narrative and denials of Joe Biden.”

    As above. We have gotten this into normal news stream as a “well all know”, unemotional topic. Now we can ACTUALLY discuss, decide what to do, and follow that process to a normal, intelligent solution.

    Hunter’s Spending Spree:

    Yeah, Millions gone and he’s still ugly, worthless, and miserable. Did his money get him anything? The money exists to MAKE YOU HAPPY. If not, why did you bother having it? But you’re almost the most miserable man on earth I’ve ever seen. Why? Like “W” he was born into a mafia family of open rape and abuse (sister’s diary) and has “no choice” but to run numbers for his family, this wing headed by the local Capo, his Dad. If he leaves, he’ll be arrested for the LAST crimes he committed, he’ll have no “protection” racket: he can’t go straight. His father will have him killed like the other children.

    So again, what GOOD did any of that money get you? None. There are modest broke people all over the nation happier than him. That’s a better advertisement against corruption and unclean living than any I could invent. Suppose you’re DoJ middle management, a freshman candidate to State Elections: you think, well I COULD steal $25 Million dollars using my job here. Should I? And looking at Hunter you’ll say “What would I do with the money? Buy cologne? Get a hooker for one night? Maybe a hundred nights? Then What???”

    Then. What.

    I’ll pass. Yo go home to your wife and the life you created that’s real and not hung over by an endless deadly fear of exposure. Send your kids to college. Mow the lawn. Don’t be Hunter.

    “In America and its Western puppet states, there is today no greater crime than to be a truth-teller.”

    Yet we won’t shut up. We talk more than ever. Make. Me.

    When J6 happened, everyone just cowered in fear and fell silent, right? No? Gosh that must suck for you to use your nuclear option and have us all not notice. Just like SWIFT system, $150 Billion and all NATO to the “World’s Greatest Offensive” and about every other thing these limp, worthless morons have done in the last 20 years.

    “Can truth survive when people show scant interest in supporting truth and those who tell it?”

    Well we can’t be better than we are. WE must learn to not be fooled by this thin sauce. WE must have work and diligence. Nothing else will do. Suppose DoJ stops trampling all human rights? (crazy, I know) Then what? Without US stopping them, someone will just capture them and start again tomorrow. WE are the immune system to that disease. WE must see. We are the government, and also the Nation. Us, not “some other guy.”

    “can truth prevail when endless money can shout truth down?”

    Fix the money. However as we’ve long known, it’s financial terrorism. They have financial Mutual Assured Destruction: STOP our money and everybody dies. Everybody, as that’s the entire modern system. There are no self-sufficient farms anymore. No one in the country—not even the bug out beards in their cabins — will survive. Okay, so we just re-capture the system then. How? First expose it.

    How’s that “Endless Money” working for Disney?

    Failing Failures who Fail. Greatest failures in the History of History. We handed you everything, every 1984 system, every Brave New World system of pron and drugs, and you still couldn’t accomplish a simple task of making Americans shut up. Guess who writes those history books now?

    Dr. D

    Kultsommer: I don’t understand. Do I look like a go-along to get-along kind of guy to you? If we’re going to criticize “Capitalism” feel free, but nobody’s asked me to do that yet. They just make up a definition of “everything” in their heads, then say “that’s the bad thing.” WHAT is? WHAT is the bad thing, SPECIFICALLY?

    Aw man, don’t you know I had to put up with this in college for years and in our Marxist public schools for a lifetime before that? I’ve heard it all.

    Again, WHAT is the definition of “Capitalism”? I don’t care, we can make up any definition you like, “Capitalism is badgers in a basket”. Anything. But then when we use your definition we’ll know what we’re talking about and discussing and what parts we like and don’t like.

    I’ll start: Socialism killed 100 Million people in the 20th Century. Rebuttal: Yeah? And how many did Capitalism kill, down on the factory floor? See? Easy. Nobody asks. They don’t stick to the argument. It’s “you’re a poopy-pants and wrong.” Okay, WHY am I wrong?

    It’s okay and expected if what you disagree with isn’t “Capitalism” narrowly defined, but “the larger system we have right now.” Me too! Just call it Cay-PITY-ALL-System so we know it’s not the same as Merriam-Webster, Economic Textbook definition of the thing. Then we can figure out what SPECIFICALLY is wrong with “the larger system” and agree on fixing it.

    Just like this, why not bring up what the USSR was good at? Even if it had costs? Westerners do nothing BUT bring up what they’re good at while ignoring every downside and hardship here. As you say, Orlov pointed out that the entire system was functional and remained so. There were no meters in the apartment blocks, so you literally couldn’t shut off anyone’s heat. There were no cars, (so to speak) so you literally couldn’t short and stop the bus system. There was land everywhere, so I guess they COULD stop people from their local garden allotment, but why would you and who would bother? As Kunstler points out, every possible arrangement in Suburbia is arranged the opposite, for maximum tollbooths and minimum production, and every resident is trained from birth to resist, extract, and squeal. Yeah, I know: I live here. You know what else I know? It’s not Capitalism. It’s also not our history. Think New England Norman Rockwell, Western Cowboy ranch, or whatever. This system is alien. To US. It’s a bunch of Alien Ant Farmers, colonizing US. It’s not a natural expression. It’s not the natural, logical conclusion of what we were always doing, what we always believed. How do we get back to the natural expression, Capitalist or otherwise?

    The only thing I see, every day, every where, every person, walking around? We have lots of problems. But we have lots of people jumping in to stop all the problems. THE GOVERNMENT THEN STOPS THEM. A guy is poor, sells some BBQ on the street? BAN! A guy hires some guy off the street to fix his roof? BAN!! A guys tries to fix his car in his driveway so he can inspect and license it? BAN!!! A guy grows some plants and shares/sells them? BAN!! A guy loans money to a pal? BAN!

    What part of Capitalism is “You can only do what the Government tells you”? We will stop all motion, all action, all solution unless it was specifically invented and authorized by us? Even in the sloppiest definition, Capitalism must mean, “People wobbling around like honeybees making their own messy, failed, solutions” INSTEAD of “Centralized government (or other structure) controls all things.” Right?

    The system we have now is the latter. Not just in America, but the whole West.


    • Hunter Is In A Lot Of Trouble

    No he’s not

    Pedo Jo-Joe will simply pardon him

    Even for murder and raping minors

    The Presidential Pardon can not be over ridden.


    Suck on that for a minute.



    You know the difference between Snowmen and Snow-women?

    Snow Balls

    Woke Karen melting down




    Alex Jones predicted 9-11, in detail and on camera, months before it happened.

    How did he do that?

    And why did the government decide to destroy him after he did?

    He looks so young here


    Once seen can never be unseen








    Some days a girl just can’t get a break


    Ritual Humiliation

    It never goes out of fashion.



    My reflections for today.
    The enemy is within

    • The Evil Israel Does is the Evil Israel Gets (Chris Hedges)

    living ordinary lives v.s. lust for vengeance ,

    eternal subjugation or extermination, conquest, depopulation, competition, winner/losers, destroyed, genocide, enraged, traumatized and dispossessed, hypocrisy , sham

    making huge profits from the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, and groups such as the Israel lobby.

    Flooding Gaza would be war crime – Russia

    Polyansky added that he doubted the International Criminal Court would do anything, as it will not act “against its Western masters.” The ICC is likely to “forgive” Israel just as it turned a blind eye to Western atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, he added.
    • Zelensky Sees the Writing on the Wall – Scott Ritter (Sp.)

    Eventually, Zelensky will face the rage of his soldiers. “They feel betrayed by his incompetence. Especially when it becomes clear how corrupt he is, and how corrupt his government is. Everybody knows it,” Ritter pointed out. “There is a growing resentment over this. There are people who aren’t getting their pensions paid. People who aren’t getting the healthcare they need because of the corruption.” Ritter noted how the US is funding the entire country, paying salaries to civil servants, military personnel and healthcare workers — Washington completely disregards the same needs at home.

    “As an American I take umbrage at this. If you’re going to do that there, first, do it here. Let’s take care of the immigration problem. Let’s take care of the dirty water up in Flint, Michigan. Let’s take care of the homeless problem. Let’s take care of all those junkies on the street of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Let’s take care of America before we start taking care of Ukraine,” he concluded.

    Kiev would get the money sooner or later, allowing all parties involved to continue profiting off the conflict.

    I want to hear from the journalists who participated in burying these stories, who wrote fake “explainer” pieces on how the Republicans were conspiracy theorists, who lashed out at Trump for attacking Joe over the Hunter scandals. Who decided that getting Joe elected was more important than uncovering the truth. Is that what they taught you in journalism school?
    Can truth prevail when endless money can shout truth down? Can truth survive when people show scant interest in supporting truth and those who tell it? If you look objectively with open eyes at the news and at the indoctrination that passes for education, you will see that you live in a world of lies constructed by official narratives. Throughout the Western world police powers are being used to enforce the official narratives–every one of which is a lie.




    Kultsommer: I don’t understand.

    That’s what I think too.
    You do have admiring audience, so keep writing your nonsense.


    The question, “Have you skipped a meal in the last month because you had no money for food,” is a curious one in the way that it is used. It has happened to me rarely — usually because I didn’t plan well, or life didn’t go according to plans when I was out of my home, I had brought no food with me, and a store where I could use food stamps was not available. I made a very specific choice — ignore my hunger in the present, for a very short while, because the cost of food is more than I wish to spend, and I can eat later at home. There has always been plenty of food at home. (I was raised Mormon, and the indoctrination to keep food on hand stuck.)

    Is the question being asked more about poverty or about a person’s value system? Or how well someone plans? (Both of which are also influenced by present poverty, background, personality, and life experiences.)


    CH – pop. 8 million.

    *Recruits lack breath* (have breathing problems.)

    Link is to begin summary in F of MSM article behind paywall.

    1 recruit / 5, aged around 20, presented breathing difficulties ..

    About 95% young men in CH are conscripted. (That doesn’t mean that they serve, they may be excused, refused, do social service instead, opt out using various dodges, etc.)

    Each year tens of thousands of conscripts are tested for ‘aptitudes’ (skills) ‘education’ and various physical performance indicators. A thorough, simple, easy to log, measure of the physical fitness of young men who are not in some ‘special’ category.

    The general performance tests of the CH army recruits show a loss of strength and endurance of 6 to 7 % (statistically significant) in various physical tasks, since 2021. E.g running with a heavy load, high jump without running up, push-ups, leg-ups, walking at a fair speed uphill for some time, etc. An average, so it obscures all kinds of interesting findings.

    Agility is stable. E.g. smooth, constrained in space, movement; balance skills; manipulating machinery, etc.

    This is the first time a drop in performance is noted. It went up (even if only by point 1 or 2..) each year since the measures began.

    This is anecdotal for now > haven’t grabbed the original data.

    Attributed cause. > COV / long COV.

    Deaths. There were no excess deaths (all cause mortality) in under-64s during the whole COV ‘pandemic’ in CH, and none since then. In CH, for this age group, even a red dot (on the graph posted below, third in the text) is tricky, because the numbers are so small. One bus filled with teens falling off a mountain, or a ‘bad’ avalanche on a village of 500 ppl, can be ‘excess’ (one sigma +)

    All the excess mortality one sees logged for ex. on Our World in Data for CH is in over 64’s. Sure, for all cause mortality, the cause may have shifted, for ex. from suicide (1st cause of death males 15-24) to ‘heart’ – idk about that.

    What about Vax? Official stats show that the age 20-29 population was 73% vaxxed (compare, 80+ = 93%), for under 20s, even lower. But.. CH is trying to look good and VAX stats are based on having had ONE dose.

    So, around 30% of recruits were, are, vax free.

    Without breakdown vx / no vx / other details, one can’t say much more.

    Cover-up is much the same as in other countries, see the below article. The +++ info is cancer meds from a big insurance co., Helsana.

    D Benton Smith



    @NumerousOthers (you know who you are)

    While we are all so earnestly engaged in heated debate over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin (Capitalism? Socialism? Communism? Etc……. REALLY?) there is a reality taking place all around us that could really use some immediate attention.

    Get back to the task at hand you guys. In other words, get back to work instead of getting back to your favorite hobby horse abstract distraction. I’m as guilty as anyone probably, but that’s no excuse for anyone either.






    @Dr D:

    You say you have a basket of badgers? I have some money. I’d like to buy your basket of badgers, but I’m concerned it is a limited opportunity to purchase badgers. If we contract for a fair price just a little above the objective value of badgers, you can save a little to build infrastructure, the purpose of which is obtaining more badgers. I’m sure I can find some surrounding farms whose owners are also interested in badgers, so maybe we can form some kind of limited cooperative to buy your badgers. We will only need enough badgers to establish a good breeding population in our neck of the woods, so this would have to be a short-term charter…a…’corporation’ of our common needs into a single body.

    I’m only half-kidding.


    A Different Point of view ( not from Israel) of Gaza and War
    Saturday – December 9, 2023
    Go and Sample the videos
    Palestinian Resistance Continues Heroic Confrontation with IOF in Gaza for 64th Day
    Israeli media announced death of five more Zionist soldiers in Gaza, which raises the toll to 98 since the start of the aggression.

    Al-Qassam Brigades declared on Friday evening that their fighters had successfully destroyed 21 israeli military vehicles across all fighting axes in Gaza. They also thwarted a rescue attempt for the captured Israeli occupation soldier, “Sa’ar Baruch,” resulting in his death, along with several other Israeli prisoners being injured due to the brutal bombing of Gaza areas.

    Al- Qassam resistance fighters targeted the Israeli occupation forces and their vehicles penetrating concentration and positioning sites with anti-fortified shells and anti-personnel devices. They engaged in close-quarters combat, causing significant casualties among the enemy ranks.

    Footage of resistance clashes with Israeli occupation vehicles penetrating the Gaza City frontiers.

    Additionally, they destroyed tunnel openings and homes belonging to enemy soldiers while bombarding military concentrations with mortar shells and short-range missiles. The resistance intensified their attacks by launching intense missile barrages towards “Tel Aviv” and other strategic targets within the occupying entity.

    Al-Qassam Brigades released footage capturing their fighters engaged in clashes with Israeli occupation vehicles infiltrating Gaza City. They also shared scenes depicting the thwarting of Israeli attempt to reach the captured occupation soldier, “Sa’ar Baruch.” Al-Qassam revealed that the special forces carried out the operation by infiltrating in an ambulance and disguising themselves behind humanitarian organizations.

    The released footage showcases the captured Israeli occupation soldier, as well as the equipment seized by the Al-Qassams from the attacking Israeli occupation force. The images also include a picture of the deceased prisoner.

    In a powerful statement, Al-Qassam distributed a flash card bearing the title, “Tel Aviv is burning… and Al-Quds will be liberated.”

    Meanwhile, the Al-Quds Brigades announced that their fighters are engaged in fierce clashes with the Israeli occupation forces using machine guns and anti-armor shells in the eastern advance axes of Khan Yunis and Deir al-Balah.

    They confirmed that their fighters have successfully targeted nine military vehicles, two troop carriers, and a Type D9 military bulldozer in the northern Gaza Strip, as well as Gaza, Deir al-Balah, and Khan Yunis. The brigades also carried out missile attacks on occupied cities, settlements, and Israeli occupation military sites.

    To further emphasize their successes, the brigades distributed footage capturing the targeting of Israeli occupation vehicles on the front lines of Gaza City.

    The Palestinian resistance’s unwavering determination in the face of the Israeli occupation forces showcases their heroic struggle for freedom and justice. As the days progress, their resistance remains strong, leaving no doubts about their firm resolve to achieve liberation for Palestine.

    Source: Al-Manar English Website and Agencies


    Hamas Foils Israeli Attempt to Rescue Israeli Captive in Gaza

    Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas resistance movement announced on Friday it has repelled an Israeli attempt to rescue an Israeli captive in Gaza.

    In a statement shared via the group’s Telegram channel, Al-Qassam said it has inflicted military casualties upon the occupation troops engaged in the rescue operation, adding that the Israeli captive also died.

    “Our fighters discovered a special forces unit mounting a rescue attempt and attacked it, killing and wounding several soldiers,” the statement said without specify the location of the incident.

    The Israeli captive, named Saar Baruch and holding the card number 207775032, was killed during the operation, the statement added.

    Earlier, Israeli media reported that an Israeli helicopter gunship mistakenly fired on a building while occupation troops were inside, killing one of the soldiers.

    Meanwhile on Friday, the Israeli occupation military announced that two of its troops were killed, raising the death toll of soldiers killed in the Gaza ground battles to 91.

    “Messengers of Truth”: Journalists Honor Fallen Colleagues in Gaza, Renew Allegiance to Palestine

    Areej Fatima Al-Husseini
    In an emblematic display of international commitment and alliance, the Islamic Radio and Television Union (IRTVU) orchestrated a conference of solidarity in staunch support of journalists operating in occupied Palestine amid ongoing Israeli aggression.
    Entitled “Messengers of Truth,” the event transpired on the evening of Wednesday, December 6, at the Coral Beach Hotel in the Lebanese capital of Beirut. It was attended by ministerial and parliamentary dignitaries and eminent figures from various political parties. In addition, representatives from both national and International television networks and news agencies joined forces to amplify the message of solidarity, reflecting the collective strength of the journalistic community, and echoing commitment to press freedom.

    The conference included impactful visual media and expressions of solidarity for the Palestinian people enduring two months of brutal Israeli aggression. Tragically, over sixteen thousand civilians, predominantly children, have lost their lives.

    National and International Media Outlets Attended
    National and International Media Outlets Attended the Conference
    Amidst this sea of unity, the Al-Manar English website conducted interviews with some of the attendees who showed profound respect for those who have paid the ultimate price for their dedication to truth.

    Al-Manar TV Persists Despite Sanctions

    Al-Manar Channel’s Director General: Western media perished in Operation Al-Aqsa Flood Hajj Ibrahim Farhat, Director General of Al-Manar Channel, had a remarkable speech at the conference, assuring that “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood and its civilizational and cultural claims collapsed.”

    A Lebanese Journalist’s Resounding Message

    Mariam Saleh, a seasoned senior correspondent for Press TV, voiced her support for journalists working amid tough circumstances in Gaza, not to mention that she also patrols the Lebanese-Palestinian border, covering current confrontations with a heroic attitude.

    Ali Yahya: Journalists are Protected by International Law

    International relations consultant Ali Yahya elucidated the intricate nuances of international legal frameworks that bolster the cause of press freedom, shedding light on the pivotal role these mechanisms play in safeguarding the rights of journalists operating in challenging environments:

    Yemen’s Minister of Information Participated

    Dhaif Allah Al-Shami, Yemen’s Minister of Information, emphasized “the importance of media unity on the cause of Palestine, as well as military and popular unity,” emphasizing “the importance of the sincere word, the firm position, and clarifying the full vision of what is happening and the crimes in occupied Palestine.”

    Yemen’s Information Minister Dhaif Allah al-Shami addressing the audience
    Yemen’s Information Minister Dhaif Allah al-Shami addressing the audience
    Al-Shami emphasized in a video message to the audience that “the targeting of media professionals and journalists, whose number exceeded 70 martyrs of reporters, journalists, and photographers, provides ample evidence that the Israeli enemy is directly targeting these press crews.”

    Bin Jeddou Hails Al-Manar TV’s Persistance

    During his speech, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Al Mayadeen Media Network announced the formation of the “Global Media Network for the Defense of Humanity,” revealing that “the first nucleus of the alliance will meet next month in one of the Latin countries.”

    Ben Jeddou remarked eloquently about the sacrifices made by young journalists, such as Al-Mayadeen correspondent Farah Omar and cameraman Rabih Maamari, who were martyred as a result of Israeli bombardment. He also shed light on the immense efforts made by young journalists in Gaza, as well as the great sacrifices made by Al-Manar TV on this sacred road:

    The “Messengers of Truth” conference resonated with a powerful commitment to press freedom amid the harsh realities faced by journalists and civilians in occupied Palestine. The diverse voices and expressions of solidarity underscore a collective determination for a world where truth prevails despite Israeli tyranny.

    Source: Al-Manar English Website


    Work around/liars/hypocrites
    U.S. government uses emergency authority to provide tank shells to Israel

    PUBLISHED SAT, DEC 9 202311:15 AM EST
    The Biden administration has used an emergency authority to allow the sale of about 14,000 tank shells to Israel without congressional review, the Pentagon said on Saturday.

    The State Department on Friday used an Arms Export Control Act emergency declaration for the tank rounds worth $106.5 million for immediate delivery to Israel, the Pentagon said in a statement.

    The shells are part of a bigger sale that was first reported by Reuters

    on Friday that the Biden administration is asking the U.S. Congress to approve. The larger package is worth more than $500 million and comprises of 45,000 shells for Israel’s Merkava tanks, regularly deployed in its offensive in Gaza, which has killed thousands of civilians.

    As the war intensified, how and where exactly the U.S. weapons are used in the conflict has come under more scrutiny, even though U.S. officials say there are no plans to put conditions on military aid to Israel or to consider withholding some of it.

    Rights advocates expressed concern over the sale, saying it doesn’t align with Washington’s effort to press Israel to minimize civilian casualties.

    U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken determined and provided detailed justification to Congress that the tank shells must immediately be provided to Israel in the national security interests of the United States, according to the Pentagon statement.

    The sale will be from U.S. Army inventory and consist of 120mm M830A1 High Explosive Anti-Tank Multi-Purpose with Tracer (MPAT) tank cartridges and related equipment.

    “Israel will use the enhanced capability as a deterrent to regional threats and to strengthen its homeland defense,” the Pentagon said, adding that there will be no adverse impact on U.S. defense readiness as a result of the sale



    #Yemen Ansar Allah:”Effective immediately. No ship carrying merchandise or goods, regardless of their flag, to the Zionists (Israel) will not be allowed to cross the Red Sea or the Arab Sea unless food and supply are delivered to #Gaza”.


    What does it mean?
    BREAKING: Israel’s Channel 12 reports that Netanyahu told Biden and Scholz, ‘if you do not act against the Houthis, we will act militarily’.

    TAE Summary

    Shine, Perishing Republic

    While this America settles in the mould of its vulgarity,
    heavily thickening to empire and protest,
    only a bubble in the molten mass
    pops and sighs out, and the mass hardens;

    I sadly smiling remember that the flower fades to make fruit;
    the fruit rots to make earth,
    out of the mother, and through the spring exultances,
    ripeness and decadence, and home to the mother.

    You making haste, haste on decay; not blameworthy;
    life is good, be it stubbornly long or suddenly a mortal splendor;
    meteors are not needed less than mountains;
    shine, perishing republic.

    But for my children, I would have them keep their distance
    from the thickening center; corruption
    never has been compulsory, when the cities lie
    at the monster’s feet there are left the mountains.

    And boys, be in nothing so moderate as in love of man,
    a clever servant, insufferable master.
    There is a trap that catches noblest spirits, that caught—
    they say — God, when he walked the earth.

    Robinson Jeffers, 1925


    First I just want to say – I saw Gozilla Minus One today. It was really good. Not “good” the way the new Top Gun movie was said to be good, but ACTUALLY very good, which was shocking in a modern movie.

    The “abstract hobby-horse, angels dancing on a pin” is the luxury of people with money or people who are retired or people who are geographically removed enough. Or old enough to know they will die before the true consequences are felt.

    If marxists wanted to go buy 40 acres, make their utopia BY THEMSELVES, you know, SHOW us, and then have their belief spread due to imitation of success, I’d have zero problems with them. And forget cavemen, fucking monkeys on an atoll could do it. HAVE done it.

    But they infested my job, interests, entertainments, hobbies, the libraries (I loved libraries all my life), educational institutions, my local, state, and federal level governments, various (practically all) corporate entities. They demand we all have to believe together. And sorry, I am an atheist. On moral grounds. So sorry.

    And the one thing they find revolting, sneer at above all others would be the idea of leaving everyone else alone and proving their concept themselves before bugging the rest of us. Or even just cleaning their rooms.

    It’s great for those who got theirs and are out of the rat race. Have enough money or little enough time to dodge the realities, but I am not in that situation, and I have enough of a brain, a spine, and a heart to not be totally numb to the fate of following generations. When the now-inevitable time comes to sacrifice for them, I fucking well will. (no, not terrorist shit, you stupid fucking stupid 3 letter agencies)

    I apologize for my vehemence, but I cannot deny anymore – the other side of this doesn’t intend any civility, general respect for the lives or opinions of others, common sense. Live and let live. You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you. Once you finally learn that lesson, you cannot unlearn it.

    It’s like grasshoppers vs locusts. Grasshoppers are individually going about their lives, just another part of the world. I’m FINE with people believing in socialism, inventing their weird abstruse stupid socialist marxist academic concepts, being professors, having the good life while doing nothing of value for everyone. While never actually making it work. FINE. But when grasshoppers metamorphose into creepy armored giant destructive locusts and act collectively, I’m sorry, they aren’t here to invite you to a tea party, have a discussion, any of that. They’re not here to listen to you and they don’t give a damn if they are cutting their own throats, they’re here to do what they do relentlessly. Go back to being grasshoppers then, if you don’t like anticommunism. I was a leftist until you grew horny protrusions, gathered in numbers, and stripped what I like bare. While claiming it was YOUR thing not mine. I learned from YOU.

    If any of them could demonstrate the ability to be civil and have a discussion, that would be something. but it’s “stop sucking marx’s dick” or “keep writing your nonsense” re-framings and imagery evocations devoid of content. But then civility is something to sneer at, and discussion would be part of civility.


    When the time comes, you say to the marxists:

    Ash: “Woah, woah. Waitaminute. Waitaminute. You gotta understand, man, I never even SAW these assholes before. Henry! You gotta tell em you don’t know me. We never met! Tell ’em!”

    Henry: “I dinnae think he’ll listen, lad”

    Ash: “Look, I’m telling you, you got the wrong guy”

    Non-transferrable, non-dischargeable group/collective shame/guilt. “To the pit with them!” Those are your terms and what do you expect in response? What if they say “your terms are acceptable”? And do you think merely saying it will make it so? And as “materialists,” do you believe you will somehow live on, have a smidgeon of continuity, when you are wormbait and your Faith “wins” for 1-70 years. And then fails. Just like the USSR’s failure. Communism’s failure. Marx’s failure. Socialism’s failure. (I’ll try spinning/phrasing as possessive, that’s a good trick…)

    Your faith makes so much of “identity” and so little on actual continuity. How do you have identity without individuality? Identity = ONLY as a self-less part of a blob? Square the circle for us so we can actually see.

    but hey man. I wasn’t against you just leave me alone. Please. I don’t want to be involved.

    Michael Reid

    Why can’t we all just get along?

    Economic Changes in the World – Jeffrey Sachs, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen


    Russians are innovating the new rules and technique of modern 21st century combined arms warfare.

    Drone in the air are being complimented by drones’ on the ground.

    In this case old T-55 Soviet tanks taken out of moth balls, packed with modern ultra high explosives and then driven remote controlled into Ukronazi strong holds.

    They have thousands of old T-55s. Much like having ten og thousands of old conventional aerial bombs retrofitted with wings and drone controls to convert them into highly accurate munitions.

    Insane Explosion of Russian T-55 Kamikaze tank that was packed full of explosives then sent to Ukronazi dugout.

    Adaptive techniques for modern warfare.

    The Empire of Lies proxies liquidated


    New Arrivals

    Billions for Israeli’s borders

    Pocket change for the Empire of Lies border.


    The video link above about the Russian T-55 did not post right on any browser I tried. I reposted it by itself and it displayed correctly wtf


    The Cubans Are Joining in Numbers to Fight with Russia on the Good Side


    Hunter Biden in Not In Trouble:

    I just have to laugh when I see a stupid “somebody” say since a special prosecutor has been appointed to look into Hunter Biden, that he is in serious trouble.
    No, he is not in any trouble at all!
    Congress just awarded Hunter Biden a “free stay out of prison” card!

    Appointing a special prosecutor is a trick congress plays on the American people, over and over!
    The sheep never learn.
    Nobody ever gets convicted of anything when a special prosecutor is appointed!
    That is the whole purpose of appointing a special prosecutor!
    It is an “off ramp” from the legal system.

    Dems or Repubs In Trouble With Their Voters:

    Again I have to laugh at these Dem/Repub public statements.
    Neither side of the Uniparty, gives a fig about their voters.
    They don’t care how the people vote.
    The people only have two choices, Dem or Repub, two sides of the Uniparty.
    That is why the people are allowed to vote.

    The Uniparty is only concerned about pleasing and serving their masters.
    The people’s concerns are not the concerns of their masters.
    The people can complain all they want.
    But speaking truth about your masters, will quickly get you killed.





    Ya gotta lov’em for entertainment value



    Garden Plots:

    If you want to see why socialism doesn’t work, just socialize garden plots.
    Once garden plots are socialized, everybody will be waiting for the other guy to do all the work.
    The other guy will also be waiting for you, to do all the work.
    The garden plot will remain bare and uncultivated.

    That is why socialism doesn’t work.
    There is nothing positive in it for the individual.
    If you are stupid enough to do all the work, then you will be the first to die from the lack of nourishment and physical exhaustion.
    Everybody will notice your fatal mistake and not repeat it.


    Just thinking
    Life is energy.
    Death is the sucking of that energy out of life.
    There is still residual life energy after death.
    Our civilization is built on the use of the concentrated residual life energy in coal, oil and compose.

    Background ref.

    Self-replication (or reproduction, in biological terms), the process that drives the evolution of life on Earth, is one such mechanism by which a system might dissipate an increasing amount of energy over time. As England put it, “A great way of dissipating more is to make more copies of yourself.”


    @ WES
    another example on “why socialism doesn’t work”

    Don’t work hard, Work smart.
    Let/Get the other person do the work


    Climate Copout 28Virtue Signaling



    Life is everywhere because entropy increases and life increases entropy.

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