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    Edgar Degas At the Milliner’s 1905-10   • Biden Tells Bibi: US Will Not Support A Counterattack Against Iran (ZH) • Washington Worried About Pote
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    John Day

    WES complimented my summary of Michael Hudson’s interview last night at the opening of my “Expertly Destroying Life Support Systems post

    Eleni sent this interview with Michael Hudson about the conduct of the war against Palestinians, which is patterned as the war against the Vietnamese people was patterned during that war, based upon the systems analysis paradigm of Physicist, Herman Kahn, who was the inspiration for “Dr. Strangelove” in that movie, and explored the theory of “winnable” nuclear war, as well as the “Strategic Hamlets” initiative in Vietnam.
    Kahn was a founding member of the Hudson Institute, and also worked as a military analyst and strategist at the similar Rand Corporation. Michael Hudson was brought into the Hudson institute after the publication of his expose book, Super Imperialism in 1972. This was adopted as an operations manual for US global currency policy, as it portrayed the $US as being supported more by the necessity of buying oil and other trade items in $US, than by the gold backing, which had just been “suspended”, as the US ran out of gold.
    Hudson, therefore attended many high level strategic meetings with Kahn over a period of several years. He describes Kahn’s analysis of the interventions necessary to destroy the system which supports people in a society. This included removing people from communities and putting them into tightly controlled compounds, “Strategic hamlets”, which Israel has done with Gaza, and also the isolation of West Bank Palestinian communities from each other.
    “Killing all of the journalists” was a lesson learned by the US during the Vietnam War, when diffusion of actual knowledge of the horrors of war ruined societal support for the war. (“Hey, hey, LBJ, How many kids did you kill today?”) This is being carried out in Gaza and the Palestinian West Bank villages. Destruction of hospitals and of food supplies is critical. The message to humanitarian organizations to “go back home” was very effectively conveyed by the killing of 7 aid workers by 3 waves of drone attacks, until they were all dead and burned. Ships turned around. The mission closed down. Aid Workers, Hospitals and Doctors are at the “top of the target list” with Journalists.
    The US promptly stopped funding for UNRWA, based on a few tortured confessions from UNRWA workers in Israeli prisons, and has blocked it until 2025, despite that background being revealed.
    All of this is to make it impossible to live in Gaza, and to enforce death by starvation, which is less dramatic than bombing, upon all the Palestinians who will not leave.
    Israel is the US/Western “aircraft carrier:” in the oil-producing Mideast, which LBJ (and others) have said “would have to be invented if it did not exist”.
    Hudson explores the threat to global oil supply and prices, if Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz, and how the US/Israel/West might be able to prevent that, such as by developing a pretext for massive attacks upon Iran, perhaps nuclear. Currently, Iran is being careful to avoid providing such a pretext for nuclear attack, after the provocation of the Israeli bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus Syria last week.
    The upshot is that this is the same coordinated policy as in Vietnam, and has been continuous in Israel/Palestine since the meetings Hudson attended during the Nixon administration in the early 1970s. The window-dressing for the American and western public is propaganda, and it is not effectively overriding the actual images people see, but it is delaying any real action to stop the genocide, while the starvation, bombing and destruction of all support-systems grinds forward.
    Hudson points out that the only currently anti-war candidate running for POTUS is the Green Party Candidate Jill Stein MD..
    He discusses the plans to convert Gaza to an Israeli luxury development, with piers for yachts, installed by Americans. These purport to carry in food, but that is not happening.
    Hudson reports Israeli deals with India for construction after the expulsion of Palestinians. He reports that the lack of money in supporting Palestinians helps drive the genocide.
    The imperial project, as he lays it out, is the successful financialization of Genocide.

    Israeli occupation forces on Friday targeted a group of journalists, in the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip, wounding three of them.
    Medical sources said that Israeli occupation warplanes targeted multiple journalists in Nuseirat camp, causing causalities among them.
    The sources identified the journalists as Sami Shehahdeh, whose foot was amputated due to the attack., Sami Barhoum, and Ahmed Harb.

    The Israeli occupation continued its brutal aggression against the people in Gaza on the third day of Eid al-Fitr, Friday, as its warplanes launched a series of airstrikes on various areas of the territory, resulting in horrific massacres against civilians.


    • Mobilization Law Is ‘Point Of No Return’ For Zelensky

    • New Order Reveals Scale of Sabotage and Desertion in Ukrainian Army

    Listen to this video

    Listen to this man

    This is what a serious man sounds like.

    If you are a member of the Ukronazi Rada you should be very afraid.

    They know your names and addresses, even the foreign addresses and they will be hunting you down.

    If you want to really diminish someone’s Manhood, you tell them you are going to kill his son and the rest of his family too.

    You tell him you are going to kill his Legacy

    Ukrainian militant Veteran threatened the entire Ukrainian parliament and government for the last conscription law

    This is want the Hungarians did to their government representitive when given the brief chance to 1956 to show how they really felt about it.

    This will be Nazilensky and his family

    This will be members of the Ukronazi Rada



    John Day

    Doctorow says the wealthy Belgians at this resort town have not yet gotten the memo about bad-times:

    Is the West hopelessly overwhelmed by “Satanism” as Russian media suggest?

    Is the West hopelessly overwhelmed by “Satanism” as Russian media suggest?

    What else is a beach bordering the cold waters of the English channel good for if not staring out at the sea or at the digue strollers with a mug of beer and some chips or peanuts ready to hand? My grandfather, who came from Lithuania, often repeated that ‘there is no bad beer.’ I don’t quite know what he had in mind, but here in Knokke it remains true that the Belgian beers remain enormously diverse and of exceptional quality. And there are hundreds of people seated each afternoon at cocktail tables in concessions managed by restaurateurs who are quaffing the beers and socializing.

    In conclusion, I strongly urge RT or Russian state television to send a crew here to Knokke to see that the end of the world is not nigh in Western Europe. And also to see that Belgian society is not ‘tired of the Ukraine war,’ as the Russian ambassador recently commented to the press. Leaving aside Prime Minister De Croo and his politician buddies, Belgian society is utterly indifferent to the war and focused on its own pleasures and challenges.

    John Day

    From No Disease to Stage IV Colon Cancer in Four Months: A Case Report (Vaxx status not mentioned)!/

    Colorectal cancer remains one of the most common cancers in the population. Meanwhile, steroids or other immunosuppressive drugs are usually given in rheumatological diseases as a treatment for flare-ups. Herein, we present the case of a 61-year-old female diagnosed with metastatic colorectal cancer merely four months following the commencement of glucocorticoid therapy for a recently diagnosed rheumatologic condition, despite a clear colorectal cancer screening colonoscopy conducted four months prior. …

    ..Upon confirmation of the diagnosis of metastatic colon adenocarcinoma, the patient was referred to the oncology team for further management. A multidisciplinary approach was adopted, and the patient was initiated on FOLFOX (folinic acid, fluorouracil, and oxaliplatin) chemotherapy regimen combined with bevacizumab, a monoclonal antibody targeting vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). The patient tolerated the treatment well initially, with no significant adverse effects reported during the initial cycles of chemotherapy; however, she had a progression of disease and unfortunately passed away recently.


    • Ukrainian Troops Accuse Command of Treating Them ‘Like Livestock’

    The Ukronazi line is cracking

    The Russians fake them out by massing troops to the north, the Ukronazis try to herd their ‘live stock’ to the north to counter with their crippled delayed transport ‘system’.

    Then the Russians attack to the south.

    Rinse and repeat.

    A hundred times a day, times a week, times a month……

    Meanwhile the Russians keep upgrading their vast tank fleet..

    T-72B(X) series with upgraded engine is pushing 72km/h

    You can move a lot of amour from here to there at that speed.

    The Ukronazis only have donkey carts without their trains having no electricity.


    This morning.
    Amazing numbers.

    Israe received over 300 guided missile, and suicide drones from Iran and their proxy.
    Interception was 99% and only one 10 year old child was wounded.

    USA will not participate in offensive actions.

    “You got a win. Take the win,” Biden told Netanyahu.
    Let’s get copilots take on the Iranian attack.

    how far is it for drones to go from Iran to Israel
    the web

    Iran launched more than 300 drones and ballistic missiles towards Israel in the early hours of Sunday night, marking the first time Iran has directly targeted Israeli territory. Let’s delve into the details:

    The two countries’ borders are more than 1,000 miles apart.
    The slower-moving drones were expected to take around nine hours to arrive in Israel.
    Iran’s cruise missiles should take around two hours to reach Israeli territory, while high-speed ballistic missiles would take approximately 12 to 15 minutes12.
    The majority of the drones and missiles were shot down by Israeli, American, and other allied forces before they reached Israeli territory1.
    Attack Details:
    Iran launched over 200 drones and dozens of cruise missiles as part of what it called “Operation True Promise.”
    The first wave reached Israel at around 2 a.m. local time, with sirens blaring across the country and visible explosions in the sky.
    Commercial capital Tel Aviv, the disputed city of Jerusalem, and Dimona (home to Israel’s nuclear plant) appeared to have been targeted.
    Most of the missiles launched by Iran were intercepted outside Israel’s borders, with only a limited number falling inside the country’s territory.
    The attack caused minor damage to an Israeli base3.
    International Involvement:
    The US and UK reportedly helped Israel shoot down Iranian drones over Jordan, Iraq, and Syria to prevent an uncontrollable escalation.
    Royal Air Force fighter jets and refueling aircraft were also involved, taking off from bases in Cyprus.
    Their role was to fill in for the US air force in sorties against the Islamic State and intercept Iranian drones if they entered the UK area of operations3.
    Israel’s Response:
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israel was ready to strike back.
    The US, France, and Britain expressed support for Israel’s self-defense.
    Israel’s government ordered schools closed, and citizens were urged to heed alerts and seek shelter.
    President Joe Biden emphasized the US commitment to defending Israel and warned Iran not to escalate further3.
    In summary
    Iran’s unprecedented attack involved a significant number of drones and missiles, but Israel’s defenses intercepted most of them before they reached their target. The situation remains tense, and international efforts are focused on preventing further escalation312.


    And just putting on my engineering hat, the Russians have finally acted on taking out the Ukronazi electrical generators, leaving their cities with no power or water treatment or water pumps.

    By the by, the Ukronazi electricity is not coming back in the Fall or next Winter

    Let that sink in a moment.

    Hard to run a “country” with NO ELECTRICITY

    Even harder to run military logistics with NO ELECTRICITY

    Ukronazi attempts at attacking Russian oil refineries and energy facilities gave The Putin the Perfect Excuse to permanently destroy Nazilensky’s electrical grid.

    This will make Ukronazi cities unlivable


    Smooth move from the Empire of Lies Military Mafia ‘strategic planners’ and NATO/ZATO clowns.




    ‘Serious escalation’: World reacts to Iran’s drone, missile …

    Al Jazeera
    Here is how the world reacted to Iran’s retaliatory …

    2 hours ago — The latest: Iran warns of further attacks if Israel retaliates. Netanyahu vows to achieve victory. Israel reports modest damage.

    2 hours ago — Israel’s three-man war cabinet is weighing the country’s response to an unprecedented overnight barrage of drone and missile strikes from …

    Al Jazeera

    2 hours ago — Israel says more than 300 drones and missiles launched at it from Iran, Iraq and Yemen, adding that the vast majority of them have been …

    Iran strike live updates: Israel says over 300 drones …

    NBC News

    1 hour ago — Follow NBC News’ live coverage as Israel says it shot down most drones and missiles in Iran’s retaliatory attack, and President Joe Biden …
    Iran warns Israel against retaliation, global powers urge …


    40 minutes ago — Israel’s Channel 12 TV cited an unnamed Israeli official overnight as saying there would be a “significant response” to the attack. Iranian …

    Dr. D


    What are we when we can now do fun cartoons about this?. Ishida is criticism, but still…

    “U.S. is ‘considering’ australian request to drop case against Julian Assange”

    Yes but like Joe Biden, we just “Consider” to prosecute him or not until he dies of old age. …And yes, that’s extortion. If you’re GOOD, we keep “Considering”, if you’re BAD, and aren’t a “Pal”, we prosecute. Before you commit any crimes if necessary, it saves time.

    “U.S. is ‘considering’ Australian request to drop case against Julian Assange”

    They drive with them both pushed all the way down. As I’ve said the only way to be cured of this is to stop being their codependent. Take your foot off the brake and let the passengers choose.

    “Cuck Chair” I think somebody’s been watching too much pron. I see a endless meme of stepbro too. Like, whatttssaaa? Both halves: Whyyyy? And Whyyyy memes? I just assume they’ve been paid to destroy all society, and they’re doing their job admirably.

    “I don’t think they had a strategy… the Israelis don’t always make the best strategic decisions..”

    Or usually, I guess? For years they’ve taken the short candy while their position erodes. That’s okay because somebody else is paying. …Until it isn’t.

    “• Biden Prolongs Ukraine Crisis To Avoid Admitting Failure – Ron Johnson (RT)

    “Biden kills half a million men and wipes a culture from the earth to avoid admitting failure” Fixed it.

    “citing soldiers who say they feel “fooled and used” and are being used as “slaves.”

    I’m a little lost why most soldiers don’t feel that way. But I don’t trust the civilian politicians.

    Like conscripting the U.S. or France, it’s way easier to shoot YOU than the enemy. You’re right in front of me. And you’re yelling at me. The Russians haven’t annoyed me yet, why would I shoot them? I haven’t even met them.

    ““All Ukrainian men between age 18 and 60 will have to register, including those abroad. Failure to do so will count as evading military service..”

    “It’s Over” as the clickbait says. “I’m done.” “This one weird trick for losing a war and having your culture erased.”

    ““It’s better to surrender than die in such a ***** manner for who knows for what and why,” a third added. “Our commanders don’t care about us.”

    True from the beginning, and true since 1990 when you were born.

    “..and we will be able to resume the counteroffensive in 2025..”

    …Because we just finished that time machine and are aging 5 year olds to age 25 in just 12 months…

    Mention of France, where the entire French military (they can deploy) is like one month, and this is while Russia is taking it easy on them.

    “He really could not get his head around the idea that Ukraine was an independent state.”

    Yeah, me either. That’s because he’s a pragmatist.

    “It is unclear from the excerpt printed by The Guardian”

    If it’s unclear, it’s a lie. He may also be putting you on. I would. I’d say it to make them present a short case as to what justifies our, and their, actions there. Not that I don’t know the legal reality. But he might not.. I just don’t care. YOU killed 600,000-1 Million people. HE killed zero with his question and in fact might have been saving them. So…check yourself. If he was an idiot, like “Being There” I’d rather he were President than someone who’s all in for killing 1M Ukraine + Gaza and start 5 new wars because it’s “The Norms”. That it never occurs to you is how I know you’re a violent psychopath who should be committed.

    “I can’t even have a recorded video of me played at German events.”

    That’s not Nazi behavior at all! Totally normal free “European Values”.

    “So let’s be clear: if Jews were under attack, anywhere in the world, I would be the first to canvass for a Jewish congress in which to register our solidarity. Similarly, when Palestinians are massacred because they are Palestinians I shall wear my keffiyeh and offer my solidarity whatever the cost,”

    Don’t kill people. Don’t be “Killin’ some folks”. My God told me that’s bad. Too hard? Too soon?

    Aristotle: so wouldn’t the Present be infinite thick? If there’s no Past = 0 no Future = 0, then the only object in existence is the Present. So that must be the Sum total, 100% thick. Or because of comparison to zero, Infinity thick. Just saying, I don’t think it works like that.

    We did find Zeno’s paradox, that a turtle walking somewhere must go half that distance, and half that, and half that. Such that he either travels infinity distance or none at all. Therefore: motion is impossible, QED. Let’s go get a Pita. It’s an excellent expression, but it is means or requires that there is a quantum level. Things JUMP from one location to another and appear there without having traveled the distance. This is std quantum physics. We now use the better metaphor of Film Frames and frame rate. Our frame rate may be trillions per “Second” but there is one. Thus Zeno is solved, but helps explain why Newton only works in our general area and not Big, Small, Hot, Cold, or Fast.

    Yeah, wolves in movies, not an exaggeration for show. And the speed of longer legs. Dogs are fast? How about dog x 30%?

    “Just 10 streams carry 95% of all river-borne plastic into the ocean”

    None of them are in America or Europe. Although I would prefer we return to long-term reusable Coke bottles in wood crates – and so does everyone else, they have a strong, wonderful reaction to them – you need a society not made of psychos who can behave themselves. We can keep plastics for key uses, like medical.

    ““Expertly Destroying Life Support Systems”

    They are. They are shutting down all food production, the farms, the cows, the rail that delivers it, and the electric that stores and sells it. On purpose. Could not POSSIBLY more on purpose if you tried. Then the Ring-cities are uninhabitable and they come out and rove and destroy the farms while the rich engineers that set it up hide in castles with private security. …They think.

    Um: you might notice your addresses and maps are on Google now? I wrote them all down by my gun safe in case the power goes out. Sleep tight, sunshine.

    He’s discussing Gaza and rightly so, but I’m not traveling there so I’ll have to defend here against the identical plan and behavior.

    Driving out the poor to steal their land and put up condos? Exactly the same as here. And in Holland with those yummy 500-year-old seaside farms. How dare you have cows in Holland? And the same method: cut off money, introduce drugs, halt the police, prevent all justice, attack any plan that works, like local businesses or development. Just kill them. NYC 1977. That’s how all the “Right” (black) real estate all happened to get burned in the Summer of Love, 2020. Wot a coincidence!

    So I’m busy with my own genocide right now. Sorry Gaza, but I’m sure you understand. They didn’t fly out to help Haiti, and I’m not flying out to help Raffah. I will be happy to stop funding Tel Aviv though. In fact, I demand it.

    Hungary: so sad that ultimately we can punish them so little. Oh well. We will do this and think of them no more. Fine living is the best revenge.


    On ‘Biden tells Bibi US will not support a counter-attack on Iran.’

    1st link at top post.

    The BidAdmin / those in charge at present / do not want war with Iran, do not want a widening of the present conflict, because serious war in the ME Region will lead to devastation and defeat of the USA. See, the Elites power, comfort, etc. Plus, the destruction of Israel, in the sense of the loss of that landing strip..

    Of course, other forces itch for confrontation, never mind the outcome.

    From Europe. When Macron announced he aimed to, wanted to, was proposing to (what formulation? as there were many!) send French troops to UKR to defend the Valiant Ukro-Nazis and fight Ugly Blood-Thirsty Russkies – the expressions used are ‘defense of democracy’ etc. – both Germany and the US shut him down immediately.

    The ‘main’ NATO powers (actually there is only one, the US, but D is second; **btw about 1/3 of arms send to Isr. come from D**) would never support France in this folly, he was on his own, etc.

    D = Deutchland

    Dr. D

    Cartoon: Have a Coke and a smile. I’m lovin’ it.


    The most significant result of last night might be the number of antimissiles that got used up.

    “Jordan” shooting down all those missiles would be the US shooting off a billion dollars worth of missiles from Patriot batteries or something, for instance.

    And certainly Israel has used up a lot.

    Probably the value of the antimissiles far exceeded the value of the drones. So precious finished goods WERE destroyed, probably in the billions

    I always thought in WW2, a better plan for B-17’s would be to double the guns and upgun to 20mm-40mm or quad or sextuple 0.50’s. Leave the bombs behind – the most valuable thing you could destroy would be the sophisticated finished goods flying around (fighters) and their irreplaceable pilots.

    There are now a LOT less antimissiles out there for Ukraine.


    What about tomorrow?

    Israel blows off 100s of air defense(AD) missiles costing 25-100 times more than the drones sent by Iran and can’t resupply. Soon Israel will be like Ukraine air defense, just a few random systems.

    Oh, they used F35 to shoot down drones they claim? But a sortie costs same or more than an AD missile and soon the delicate complex f35 and f16 planes just won’t fly any more. No more parts or techs to fix ’em. No more AD and no more air force. Soon the US navy and air bases will also use up all AD and air forces in the Levant. Logistics will be sketchy. Then the US will do an afghanistan style occupation collapse in Iraq, Syria, etc.

    Just drone the air ports and sea ports so the IDF divert f35, f16 to other US air bases? Then they cannot fix the planes, they can’t fly. The US logistics, techs can handle only a few planes. A month and the occupier / imperialist air forces are down to a few trainer aircraft.

    Meanwhile the Israelis are migrating from Palestine.

    Posted by: John Law
    Price of oil will go up.
    Inflation will go up.

    While some crow about Israel/USA/Jordan downing all the drones and cruise missiles, that is exactly the whole point. Waste millions of dollars a pop to down relatively inexpensive drones that Iran can manufacture at scale to show Western interceptor “prowess” while burning up expensive missile stocks that are probably in short supply anyway. This is no doubt asymmetric and each missile that is used up on a drone is a missile that now cannot be used in Ukraine/Taiwan/SK/NK,etc. This demonstration was no doubt coordinated with Russia/China and perhaps even NK.

    This was just a demonstration that was telegraphed and communicated days/weeks in advance but the West still had no option but to burn up their AD missiles, it was powerless to stop Iran from doing said demonstration. This is a big moment without active commitment of the USA in the ME, Israel is done in its present form.

    Pay attention to the statements coming out of DC from Biden and company they don’t want to take on Iran, they have accepted Iran cannot be taken on without massive losses to military power and prestige. We have now transitioned to the kinetic stage, don’t be surprised if NK/Russia/Yemen/China call the next US bluff.

    Posted by: silverdog
    Explainer: How did Iran’s retaliatory military action against Zionist entity unfold?
    Sunday, 14 April 2024
    Will the American bases be used by Israel to attack Iran?

    Dr. D

    I’m quite sure they painted up the Isr Air Defense systems to examine them and run them out on $$ and attrition. That allows the PR win for the West they are so hyperactive about. I hope someone real in the West understands this. — Or not. I guess I don’t care since they shouldn’t be there or doing it anyway.

    What I mean by “White Hats”, if I were one of them, I’d nod my head and say “Yes boss” “you so smart, we beat ’em” knowing what’s happened. Let them lose money, empty AD and collapse. Only way they’ll learn I guess I can go back home to Ft. Dix, where Americans ought to be. Fighting the Enemies foreign AND domestic.

    They’ll need a couple cycles of this, while note they are also boa constrictor on supply ships, now doubling Red and opening Hormuz as a front. All they need to do is knock it off, and I told them, so fine I’m done telling them.

    Just like Ukr grid, so many reasons, none of which they’ll admit. One is NOT to take out civilians in the winter. They also will cause a nuclear meltdown by hitting the grid bc power goes out AND IN to Nuke plants. You can’t drop the grid around a nuke plant safely. So they hit and explored and used Ukr AD up, attrition, until they understood the grid enough to reduce it so THEY took down the nuke plants. Safely. (Quotes). Now city is empty, they are amassed, all missiles stocked up, no air force or air defense anywhere worldwide.

    Did that work out badly? Mr. PCR? Was that the wrong way? Seems about equally fast by a month or two but far safer. These guys refuse to arm, make Air Defense, or respond to anyone else’s tactics (bc they’re psychotic delusionals). So? Let them. If they ever address your first act, move on and make annother. Not til then when you’re winning. Same with Trump. ONE play for 3 1/2 years. Only one. And? You fell for it, did he NEED more? Now he has 2 1/2 plays and you fall for them. Does he need more?

    Mister Roboto

    All I have to say is, I expect James Howard Kunstler to be a special kind of unhinged tomorrow morning.

    John Day

    Israeli sources have confirmed that Iran has hit Nevatim Air Base in the south of occupied Palestine with 15 missiles early on Sunday.

    Sources reported that following this attack, this base was severely damaged and is now inoperable.

    Nevatim air base is located in the south of the occupied territories in the Negev desert region and near the city of Be’er Sheva which is the main base of the F-35 fighters of the regime.

    The IRGC Air Force had practiced a missile attack on a simulated example of this air base last year. This base is about 1100 km away from the western borders of Iran.


    Kind of tells you who is paying Jimmies bills.

    Dr D Rich

    Courtesy Eric Striker “source of jewish power”:

      When independent actors decide to play the money game according to the stealth rules of the winners — trickery, speculative conspiracies, pump-and-dumps — suddenly Jeremy Bentham’s “Nightwatchman state,” unable to restrict or fight the power of rapacious oligarchy, nevertheless remains strong enough to crush its opponents.

      One recent anecdote where this was exhibited was the 2021 Gamestop stock ordeal.

      The incident began when a Jewish financier, Gabe Plotkin of Melvin Capital, invested $6 billion dollars to collapse the stock of a struggling company, Gamestop, and consume its carcass.

      An individual spotted Plotkin’s big move and took to social media to call on small time traders using the RobinHood app to take a counter-position.

      Soon enough, the internet driven Gamestop pump began, wiping out 50% of Melvin Capital’s money and redistributing it to the workers, college students and unemployed taking part in the financial campaign.

      Rather than accept the new players in the market casino, the Securities and Exchange Commission launched a direct intervention. Jewish SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, who worked at Goldman Sachs prior to joining the federal government, stepped in on behalf of the Jews of Melvin Capital to threaten the app for allowing minnows to come together to fight back against the whales and had the stocks hurting the investment bankers delisted. The SEC then passed new rules to prevent the new broader access to the market provided by apps and chatrooms from allowing this type of challenge to Jewish finance from ever materializing again.

    Another common objection to anarchism is that private defense and court firms would tend to represent the interests of those who pay them enough

    Don’t you think the immediate aforementioned statement is The Status Quo in These United States?

    The essence in Bentham’s premise is “the State providing citizens with the military, the police, and courts, thereby protecting them from aggression, theft, breach of contract, fraud, and enforcing property laws.

    So the apparent situation IS anarchy with a twist. Historically the military and police were “occupied” by the Irish and the Catholics. And the courts, well, Dr D and deebs knows who occupies that venue.

    None dare call it a conspiracy.
    None dare call it treason.
    None dare name names.
    None dare say corporations, courts, and a certain monied class enjoy exclusive right to protection from aggression, theft, breach of contract, fraud, and enforcing property laws

    Doc Robinson

    Aristotle’s thoughts on time were of course updated by Einstein’s theories, whereby the passage of time is affected by velocity (time dilation).

    Zeno’s paradox, IMHO, is a misdirection based on how it’s framed. If you constrain time to smaller and smaller increments, approaching a stoppage of time, then of course the motion will approach a standstill. If time is allowed to proceed unconstrained, then of course the runner will reach the tortoise, etc.


    Netanyahu called off retaliatory strike on Iran after call with Biden – New York Times
    Today, 3:43 pm

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls US President Joe Biden from IDF’s Kirya military headquarters in Tel Aviv on April 14, 2024. (GPO)
    US President Joe Biden dissuaded Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from greenlighting an immediate retaliatory strike against Iran after it launched around 300 attack drones and missiles at Israel last night, the New York Times reports.

    According to the report, several members of Israel’s war cabinet had been in favor of launching a response attack, but the lack of serious damage caused by Iran, in addition to Netanyahu’s conversation with Biden, led to it being called off.


    Just 10 streams carry 95% of all river-borne plastic into the ocean

    As long as we know where the blame lies. Of course, you could argue that the people who invented plastic are to blame, or the people who buy the plastic then ship the plastic waste to Asia for “recycling”, but that would point to the west, so that would be no good.


    This is looking deliberate on the part of the wests handlers. 15 minute cities, no travel, no farms, no cash, social credit score? The rise of China not just allowed but assisted by whom? Starting when? Putin as a WEF young leader but now disavowed? Maybe? Europe neutered? NATO? Long game?!

    Attrition? Expensive?
    France’s Aquitaine-class FREMM frigate Alsace has turned tail from the Red Sea after running out of missiles and munitions repelling attacks from the Yemeni armed forces, according to its commander, Jerome Henry.

    “We didn’t necessarily expect this level of threat. There was an uninhibited violence that was quite surprising and very significant. [The Yemenis] do not hesitate to use drones that fly at water level, to explode them on commercial ships, and to fire ballistic missiles,” Henry told French news outlet Le Figaro in an exclusive interview published on 11 April.

    “We had to carry out at least half a dozen assistances following [Yemeni] strikes,” he added. The commander of the Alsace also revealed that, after a 71-day deployment, all combat equipment was depleted.

    “From the Aster missile to the 7.62 machine gun of the helicopter, including the 12.7mm, 20mm, or 76mm cannon, we dealt with three ballistic missiles and half a dozen drones,” Henry adds.

    According to the French commander, the Franco–Italian Aster missile – each carrying a price tag of up to $2 million – “was pushed to its limits” by the Yemeni armed forces, as the Alsace had to use it “on targets that we did not necessarily imagine at the start.”


    As I stated yesterday, I could not see why Iran would want to actually attack Israel. Now today it looks like Iran slapped Israel’s hand while satisfying the Iranian people that something was done. It will also have been a very informative exercise; a trial run that informs Iran of the capabilities of the Israel defences – I am sure they knew this already, but more data is always useful – and the political will of Jordan to fight with the Israelis.

    It is a smart move, in that it calms doen the situation, puts Iran into the position of “adult in the room”, ties Israel’s hands when it comes to retaliation in that any retaliation will now be seen as unacceptable by most normal people. The Iranians are much better off waiting for the economies of the west to continue to self implode rather than providing the west with an excuse to start a war. The west must be getting very pissed off at the moment as all its efforts to start WW3 seem to be failing, nobody is taking the bait. Maybe the next target will be Taiwan, the west will try to goad China into fighting them.

    I am also interested to see where capturing Jew owned ships will take the Iranians, it seems like a much more profitable strategy.


    Dr D said

    I would prefer we return to long-term reusable Coke bottles in wood crates – and so does everyone else, they have a strong, wonderful reaction to them – you need a society not made of psychos who can behave themselves.

    The difference between glass and plastic bottles is that the glass bottles require a majority of up-front cost to manufacture with a minority of post-use cost to destroy. The plastic bottle takes a minimum of up-front cost to manufacture and a majority of post-use cost to destroy. In addition, governments have taken it upon themselves to pay the post-use costs, so the company uses plastics and saves money. When the company was using bottles, it made sense to collect the old ones because the company was paying the costs, but once government got involved, the whole system fell apart and now we, as tax payers, pay for the disposal of Coke bottles.

    Of course, there are other aspects to this; the shipping from the local bottling plant will be cheaper for plastic bottles as they are lighter. Of course Coke is not shipped around the world, it is made and bottled locally. It is an easy problem to solve, if there was a will, but the only will the government has is to make more profits for Coke, so we pay for the recycling collection centers, we pay to ship the old bottles to the fake recycling centers that actually just burn 99% of PET bottles rather than actually do recycling.

    Good old government, fucking it up for everyone, unequally.

    Michael Reid

    Government & Media Pretending Massive Health Crisis Not Going On – Ed Dowd

    Government & Media Pretending Massive Health Crisis Not Going On – Ed Dowd

    Video Evidence Shows Several Iranian Cruise Missiles Scored Direct Hits

    SUNDAY, APR 14, 2024 – 11:35 AM
    Both Israel and the US have declared a ‘victory’ in defending against the overnight massive Iranian drone and missile attack

    The videos purport to show several missiles scoring direct hits on two key Israeli military bases in the south of the country: Nevatim Airbase and Ramon Airbase (locations on map above).

    First, the Nevatim Air Base, which is one of Israel’s largest. The below footage appears to show clusters of munitions raining down above the base – possibly decoy bomblets, before several ballistic missiles make impact on the ground.

    Video of ballistic missiles slamming into the Nevatim Air Base in the south after passing through a swarm of anti-air interceptors:



    Zerosum said

    The videos purport to show several missiles scoring direct hits on two key Israeli military bases in the south of the country

    If Hezbollah can hit Tel Aviv, then Iran can hit anywhere in Israel. Israel cannot help but lie about it. I particularly liked the “10 year old boy” story, I thought that was a nice touch, but who is dumb enough to believe it? Israel trying to make out that it is the victim and not the bloodthirsty tantrum child.


    Building from azpnaz comment, How is it that the poorest on the planet wash the most plastic into the sea. I am sorry, they just cant. I think they are living on top of a land fill for the rich.

    Michael Reid

    Iran has demonstrated that if you attack them the cost will be extraordinarily high, says Scott Ritter.
    In the case of Israel it could be terminally high

    D Benton Smith


    I think you will greatly appreciate how well Scott Ritter articulates what you’re trying to say, and he pulls no punches on what he thinks of the Zionists and their Bible thumping cheer leading for genocide:

    (but also note that he doesn’t exactly throw ALL Jews under the race bus either. Evil is as evil does. Use your higher rationality..

    Michael Reid

    For freedom, peace and common sense.

    But there is fascism in the west


    This video provides a list of all types of Iranian ballistic and cruise missiles capable of reaching Israel:

    – Sajil: 2000-2500 km.
    – Khorramshahr-4: 2000 km.
    – Emad: 2000 km.
    – Shahab-3: 2000 km.
    – Gadr: 1950 km.
    – Pave: 1650 km.
    – Fattah: 1400 km.
    – Khaybar Shekan: 1450 km.
    – Hajj Qassem: 1400 km

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