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    Edward Snowden did a critical public service by revealing that our government had been spying on millions of us, law-abiding citizens, in violation of numerous laws.

    RFK Jr proving his Democrat KKK credentials once again, saving the white Snowden but letting the brown children of Gaza be murdered with his support, while he runs “Childrens Health Defence”. Easy to spot the coward, he is selling his “principles” (if you believe he ever had any) to the Jews. That said, Trump sold out to the Jews a long time ago, the USA democracy (if you could ever call it that) is in the laps of the money men and the most active money men are the Jews trying to support Israel, so the American attrocities will continue as the Jews drag the USA down to their level; both are seen as scum by the rest of the world.

    Dr. D

    You’re barking up the wrong tree, Citizen. My point was, the ARTICLE said Israel did this. Sooooo….pretty well established. Did I deny it? No. Do I criticize Israel near daily? Yes. Do I directly declare them committing a genocide near daily? Yes. Do I eport on the 50 ways International law is broken by them, generally as not seen since the 1400s? Yes. Do I actively go find cartoons lampooning them, even in strong off-color ways? Yes. Is that considered Anti-antisemitism? Probably, but DGAF. Genocide is as genocide does, change my mind.

    But my point in continuing the Article’s very simple sentence is: ISRAEL is not doing this thing. YOU are. If you are in Europe, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and especially America, YOU did this. YOU provided the bombs. YOU gave the $6B/year for 50 years to someone who attacked and sank a US Navy ship, stole the keys to all Intel and sold it, then gave nuclear tech to Pakistan, and thereby North Korea. When they bombed a nuclear power plant, and now embassies, YOUR country Loves it! They just give more! Heck, even China loves it, wouldn’t lose a nickel in trade over it as I said last week.

    But this is magic, so congratulations. No only do you hate and fight all Pro-Jewish people. Not only do you hate and attack all indifferent people. You hate and attack all generally anti-Zionist pro-law people like me. The ENTIRE WORLD is your enemy. All 8 billion of us, unless we want to sneak into Jewish houses in the middle of the night and smother their Jewish babies in the cradle. What is that, just Celtic, Aspnaz, and you? A whole three people on earth are you allies? To make any sort of meaningful change?

    And best part is: It’s ALL THE JOOOOS’ FAULT. You hate from morning ’til night, get nothing done, everyone backs away slowly, and it’s THEIR fault. Yes! Let the hate flow through you! More hate is the answer!

    So am I a hypocrite? Sure, I’m a human. We all are. But I know who I am so your weird made-up things that happen a couple times a month now don’t bother me. Am I going to slap myself on the head like all 2016 Obama voters and say “What am I DOING? I FORGOT I’m a white supremacist!” No. The guy who directly calls what they’re going an Apartheid state similar to the native annihilation since I was a child, the guy who simply and directly calls what they’re doing a genocide, the guy who makes fun of their ridiculous position and the butt-sucking politicians who support them, Um…MIGHT not be an Apologist for Israel?

    Where DO you guys get this stuff? “We just MAKE IT UP!!!” Had a thought: now it’s true! I MADE IT UP.

    Well, as an adult, that only shows who YOU are, not me. Because I know who I am, my position, and the limits of my influence on the issue.

    Cut off the world money to Israel and they’ll have to sink or swim on their own. That’s my basis, and they’ll sink, trust me. They might have been able to make a major change years ago, but not after this. So why don’t you go talk to YOUR government about it. I’m already talking and voting to mine. Doesn’t that make us allies?

    This is me. Eeeeeeeevery day.


    You might have noticed, it’s been all year this year.

    So, as they said, what critical topic of bringing everyone together, really getting to the root of the control grid, were you just distracting us from? Helping Israel and Mossad that way?

    Ah CitizenX. No greater ally to Mossad on the boards. Man, if you want to engage, I’m going to need a royalty off the checks Mossad is sending you. Divide and Conquer, my man. Stir the pot. Peace is the only enemy; togetherness the only sin. That’s why the Prince of Peace is verboten, in your home and favorite nation, Israel, and for your employer, Mossad.

    Give Nutsy a big wet kiss when you see him for me.

    Dr. D

    Aspnz, did you fret all day on this thing? Only you could make pardoning Assange and Snowden on his first day into a BAD thing. Slow down there. Take the win.


    ‘”Isreal is not doing this thing, you are.” Doc, you stack up words like bricks, but you’re a shitty mason, with sandy mortar.. Citizen X, Aspnaz nor me are killin kids. Shitforbrain intellectuals like you run this satanic jew government.. Take a look in the mirror, your mask is off now. Verbiage does’nt mean intelligence. Full of shit assholes are a dime a dozen.


    It’s said they must signal their upcoming actions.
    So, look to Ukraine, where they practice their crimes.
    For their schemes to succeed there must be warring factions,
    For billions can’t fit into simpler times.


    With Netanyahu it was always transactional. So in the last decade or so he developed his own vile version of “replacement theory”: The majority of evangelical Christians will replace the vast majority of American Jews. Since it’s all about numbers, the evangelicals are the preferred ally

    More bullshit pretending that it is not the fault of the Jews. The Jews have been enabled by the Evangelicals since I was a kid, there is nothing new there, but the Evangelicals did not place them into the positions of power that they currently dominate.

    D Benton Smith

    (and I suppose @aspnaz and @CitizenX should pay attention, too.)

    You have wandered into the wrong sandbox, which you might never realize, because there are several things about this particular sandbox that you did not notice because you do not yet understand because you cannot see. That’s fine with me. Your errors are an opportunity to learn, and it costs me little or nothing to learn things at your expense.

    Here’s an example of something that you do not see, and consequently won’t understand. You don’t see that Dr D, and me, and most others on this forum are NOT the “shit for brains intellectuals” that you insinuate that we are. We simply aren’t, and that fact is plain to everyone who has frequented TAE (for many many years in most cases) because if they felt that way about it then they wouldn’t keep coming back to read what is written here.

    You also don’t see that most of us long timers have been around the block a few times. We’ve witnessed our share of trolls, narcissists and Gas Lighters in our day. So, in addition to being at least moderately smart (“All Above Average” as Garrison Keilor liked to say) we are also pretty good at spotting them when we see them, and not caring very much unless the asshole in question crosses the red line of common manners and starts to make a real nuisance out of themselves.

    One last oversight on your part is that those of us who have been here for the long haul are here for what is to us, at least, a legitimate and important reason. We want to promote truth and remove ignorance. That’s why we tolerate so much misbehavior and it’s why I am taking it upon myself to keep trying to persuade you into being less of a belligerent and needlessly offensive dickhead. I’m trying to educate your ignorance instead of just blasting you for it. I have no interest in making you wrong, especially since you have been “almost right:” about so many things. BUT, enough is enough. Stop being a jerk when it isn’t necessary.


    Will a 7.3 earthquake require the resetting of the precise chip making equipment?
    Japan, Taiwan, Philippines issue tsunami alerts after major earthquake
    Japan Meteorological Agency warns of 3 metre waves (9.8 ft)after 7.7-magnitude quake.
    Strong earthquake hits eastern Taiwan, impacts on the industry remains to be observed

    John Day

    For DBS: Tranhumanists Are Worried About ‘AI Inbreeding’ – Here’s What That Means…

    Tranhumanists Are Worried About ‘AI Inbreeding’ – Here’s What That Means…


    I think I wandered into the wrong room there.

    D Benton Smith


    Yeah, that “AI Inbreeding” thing is ALREADY a problem because even at this low level of functionality the AI modeling is ingesting all of the available human generated data that exists in the whole world and are STILL so short of that vital resource (i.e. organically generated real human data) that they must generate FAKE human input data. What could go wrong, hey?

    Where are they going to get that absolutely necessary ingredient resource from when an exponentially EXPANDED AI system then needs an order of magnitude MORE raw data? You guessed it. They ain’t gonna get more when they’re already getting it all. Brick wall.

    Same goes for electricity and “compute” (their slang for computational and storage capacity and speed.

    That’s why the hyped up sales job. They know that there’s a brick wall and they want to to scam as much money and power as possible before they hit it.

    P.S. I think they’ve already hit it. AI is topping out, and the days of exponential expansion of functionality are over. Despite all of the cheerleading from the salesmen.

    D Benton Smith

    It must be true that we humans are created in God’s image. We even have a replication of His belief that our self is the benchmark of everything, and the irrepressible desire to create something (such as “artificial intelligence” for example) which can mimic doing what only we can do.


    Solar Radiation Storms cause several impacts near Earth. When energetic protons collide with satellites or humans in space, they can penetrate deep into the object that they collide with and cause damage to electronic circuits or biological DNA.

    Was the Covid vax caused by solar radiation, coz it has the same effect. The Covid vax mimiked ionising radiation … nice!


    Baltimore Bridge Collapse: New Underwater 3D Images Show “Sheer Magnitude” Of Salvage Operation Ahead

    Maybe they should get the Nordstream crew on to it? Either that or get the Chinese to donit; they will have it up and running again in a few months. But I respect the fact that people are setting the stage for quotes in the 100s of billions, you got to try, after all the USA is the most stupid country when it comes to money.


    It appears that when any country, such as Ukraine and Israel try to implement Biden policy, Biden comes out of his basement and denies all involvement. This seems to be Biden’s latest jape to fool the masses. Seems to be working, good job Biden the genocidal Jew loving child molester.


    Dr D said

    Aspnz, did you fret all day on this thing? Only you could make pardoning Assange and Snowden on his first day into a BAD thing. Slow down there. Take the win.

    You too eh, more focused on Assange and Snowden than the victims of your precious Jews. No thanks, I am not a Dr D quiter, I will hold out for the millions of Gazans being saved. America is the way it is because of people like you, deluded into believing that Jesus of the Bible supports mass murder. You lot are deranged; I say that kindly because you seem to want to understand and believe your Bible but discard all the lessons provided by your God. I guess you will all have plenty of time to discuss it in hell. Bizarre.


    Celticbiker said

    Verbiage does’nt mean intelligence. Full of shit assholes are a dime a dozen.

    If you can’t express yourself concisely then you are not worth reading. I haven’t read a full post from John Day or Dr D for a long time. Not that what they say is necessay wrong but I am a busy man, I have things to do.


    oxymoron, up top, to add, the most ‘dire’ predictions of population collapse, reduction, was by Deagel, it made a splash at the time, now is forgotten…

    All W countries decimated. On what the prediction was based has afaik never been stated.

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