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    Keith Haring Pop Shop II 1988   • This Is Not an April Fool’s Gag (Jim Kunstler) • Biden Denies Proclaiming Transgender Day of Visibility on East
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    As I’ve long said …



    Wokism is racism for any against all.

    Dr D Rich
      “Easter falls on different Sundays, right, every year, and this year it happened to coincide with Transgender Visibility Day. And so that is the simple fact. That is what has happened. That is where we are,” 

    so says White House Spoxperson.

    That’ folks is, as the attorneys are won’t to say, prima facie evidence of Gaslighting, Blameshifting, Deflection and of all the weirdest behavior, blaming Easter for falling on March 31st this year. As if Jeanne Perrier and Barack Obama declared Transgenderism already owns March 31st for time immemorial.
    “No 0ne and No Thing mess with mah holiday!”

    Since JeanP blamed the audience and critics for a collective misunderstanding of the church calendar. I’d love to hear Karine Jean-Pierre explain the details and nuances of the Liturgical Calendar of the Catholic Church as a service to mankind and the personality disordered.
    I’ll spot Karine the White House lectern, Barack Obama and that cognitive giant Joe Biden as props and assistants for the task. Maybe throw in Scott Ritter, Dbs and Dr D for levity, gravity and a unhealthy dose of logorrrhea

    Carry On!


    Caravaggio to Haring, the arc of the West. Christianity to Talmudic satanism. Transgender Easter. Hello jew $ control, goodbye morals, standards, integrity and decency. We allowed this sickness. Was it worth a few million, trading in your Soul for comfort and status in a demonic, corrupt system? Unimaginable horrors are coming. No one speaks of it, but everyone knows it. Devil at the wheel, accelerator to the floor.


    “Every Election Will Be Stolen”

    Trump lucked out in 2016 by beating Killary the Kunt but they were already cheating with mail-ins etc.

    Bejesus Christ!

    That’s eight phucking years of doing ZERO election reforms and now you’re clutching your pearls that ‘OMG the elections might be stolen’.

    Yes stolen again if we don’t fix the corrupt shit, which will take YEARS to fix and won’t be done before the next election cycle.

    Where is the god damn adults in the Empire of Lies Retarded Monkey Nation Version

    Are the vast majority of Duh’mericans ass scratching, mouth breathing retarded monkeys???

    Yeh, I thought so too.

    Retarded Hybrid Monkey Humanoids Smoking Fags

    There is no hope, give up and just go die in a dark corner somewhere Duh’merica.

    The window for any election reform is gone baby, GONE with the wind Monkey ‘men’

    Kiss your pitiful asses goodbye Duh’merica

    You really are a bunch of pitiful losers for the dustbin of history, certainly not the Land of the Brave or the Home of the Free.

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way off the world stage…..




    Public Service Announcement

    Xenophobia is a two way street!

    Dr. D

    “Russia Voices Outrage As Death Toll Rises To 11 After Israeli Attack On Iran’s Damascus Embassy

    Yeah, we bomb embassies now. Whoever. Wherever. Those are our “European/Christian/Insert Here” values. I’m sure it won’t come a bad end or nothin’.

    The recklessness of such things could not be overstated. You’d need a 300-page just to provide the context of why if you do this, you’re basically past Hitler and into Blackbeard and Tamberlaine, like an alien race coming down and methodically working to undo all Human peace from Westphalia, Geneva, etc forward. “How to Serve Man.”

    “Blaming Russia For “Havana Syndrome” Pushes The Opposite Narrative Than Intended”

    Again, we attack people in embassies now. And although this case is far messier and possible fair game, yet it falls in the category of Whacking all the foreign agents and spies. …It starts a free-for-all worldwide.

    “Poland Prepares New Hate-Speech Law: 3 Years In Prison For Insulting LGBT People

    Like this. So we now have special classes that have rights, and classes that have no rights but “Know their place.” …Not just Poland as that is the station of illegal immigrants. A class that has colloquial rights, that may even seem enhanced for a second so you jump in the trap, only to find you are a slave class and have no legal rights later.

    “M-16 Era Ends: Army’s 101st Airborne Division Receives Next-Gen Assault Rifles”

    Anyone want to bet these rifles suck and are run by Microsoft with bullets from Boeing?

    “”The 2024 Atlantic hurricane season is forecast to feature well above the historical average…” 

    I’ll put this on my calendar to go back and show the “Experts” are wrong again. “They said it; therefore it’s wrong.” Not only wrong but stupid. And they also never notice. What is it with this? If you get the fries wrong with every order, you’re fired.

    Camus and Life:

    Yes, when they tell people from birth that the planet is collapsing, you’re going to go cold, hungry, and be attacked, and there’s no solution, then YES you’ll have these problems. That’s because THEY’RE LYING. We have thousands of solutions, more than ever in human history, and we’re specifically, actively, psychologically choosing to do the #Opposite. Right from the top, as every Cleetus and Billy-Jo tells them not to for 14,000 days. Look at Russia: they’re Waaaaaaaaaaay worse off than we are. Yet they’re in space, making rockets, machines, that are now 22nd century, population rising, getting happier, streets safer, culture stronger. And that’s when you live on the end of a 10 mile mud road in the tundra.

    What happened to South Korea? They believe the core tenets of NeoLiberalism, the Religion of Progress.™ It has the same fatal, deadly, sad, effects everywhere it’s accepted.

    “Easter falls on different Sundays, right, every year, and this year it happened to coincide with Transgender Visibility Day.”

    That is what I was thinking. However, still several bad angles: as always, We have time for this?? THIS is what I hired you to run government for? Now you’ve Anti-Trans-gendered, congratulations, with all the bad publicity. I’m so glad we’re about to do a nuclear exchange, and this is the last thing I’ll see instead of somebody picking up the “Phone” and doing their real job to keep us all, straight and Trans alike, from being killed.

    So…where in the Constitution do we regulate how people cross-dress? Was that like the 11th Amendment? This power is solely to the Federal government, not the states? What happened to 10A that anything not specifically outlined IS TOTALLY ILLEGAL, and MUST NOT BE TOUCHED. I thought that was a law. Where did that law go? I don’t think it’s been repealed.

    Ohhhh…just some thots.

    “The left revering Obama as a Messiah was gleefully embraced, but Republicans praying”

    Yes, but that’s the world’s most powerful invisibility shield: the Beam in my eye. When it’s in there, I can’t see nothin’!

    “Russia is enormously powerful. Why? They have an abundance of resources that they can draw upon. They have a population that loves the country. They believe in themselves. They believe in their religion.”

    So do we. But we have an occupying government that will arrest any of the people who do.

    From yesterday, all that narrative is wrong: The US has not gone Reagan: we’re regulating more than ever, everywhere, everyhow, in new industries, to levels un-dreamed-of under Carter. The regulations are now “Just made up” not even passed, which is the Exxon (fishermen) case presently before the USSC. I can’t imagine if regulation is like 10x before, even 100x, nothing would surprise me. We regulate Bricks and Sand. We regulate coffee breaks. We regulate shoes. There is nothing in the workplace that ‘s not either required or illegal. Every turn of every machine screw is regulated. You can’t even burn a matchstick of wood, whether inside or outside your house: it’s regulated.

    Guess what? Doesn’t matter! Boeing is regulated, and now that they are, all the doors fall off. #Winning!!! Madoff was regulated from his first day. Regulated, reported to the SEC, CFTC, and to only ONE ultra-highly-regulated bank. All housing, S&L, MERS, MBS, building codes, all more regulated than you actually can dream of. Every door handle, every window, every inch of tarpaper, regulated, defined, by law, inspected and punished. …And every house was stolen, every house rots, caves in and falls down. The life expectancy of houses is now like two years before 5-figure repairs. Regulated!

    They have Regulated all mines to be shut. All oil to be turned off, until we’re regulated into unemployment and poverty. They regulated all BTC and ETH for 5+ years, NOT regulating it, but leaving it in eternal limbo, forever, so like the mines and wells, it can never be used and everyone remains poor and in caves.

    This is the narrative: We’re in a Corporate-run, de-regulated, Capitalist free for all. That is the source of our problems. Are we? Then what are the new 35 Million, 20x more Federal Employees doing? Their nails?

    Not bringing that to dump on how we don’t have Capitalism again, even though somehow some commenters seem to have missed the last 600 posts I did on it daily. It’s that THEY ARE CAUSING THE PROBLEMS. On purpose. Or at least if you pull this lever, do it this way, and things get worse; STOP PULLING THAT LEVER.

    So we HAVE the entire nation of mines, copper, lead, rare earths, by the MILLIONS. All closed by “law” and actually not law, just “We made s—t up” from the EPA, etc. Like “Science” they just “Just lie.” Lie every day, with every word, every time their mouth opens, and use the US Army to shoot and jail anyone who does something about it. Example: Not just the hundreds of EPA “Ponds” that collapse and poison everywhere after being demanded to make them at fabulous expense, how about this: There was a pond – from way back, before EPA, and they said no mining can ever occur in America’s top Silver mining district again, because this pond is so polluted it has like 1oz/tonne of silver in the bottom.

    The surrounding miners, sick of 100 years of this S—t, immediately created a stock company to MINE that pond, because that’s like the RICHEST VEIN IN MONTANA. Man, according to the EPA, this one pond is made of PURE SILVER bars!!! Sign me up, we struck gold, that “waste pond” is worth BILLIONS!

    …Yeah, that’s ‘cause they, the EPA, every State, Federal, and regulating level were just LYING. Just made it up. Made up the words, made up the laws, made up the amounts, made up the Science, made up the essay tests…JUST LIKE THE FBI. Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie.

    My point being, IF they would STOP LYING and then SHOOTING anyone who opposes the lie in the face, like Assange and Snowden, we’d find out WE DON’T HAVE PROBLEMS. We can mine plenty of wealth, grow plenty of food, have plenty of houses, be richer than any space age, in about 10 years.

    But they don’t WANT that, because they need a mass-killing, a WWIII in Israel from bombing any embassy we see, to reduce the power of the peasants and get on top of their compounding interest again. It’s their version of a Jubilee. “Hunger Games” is the goal and end state.

    Here Russia’s all f’d up, but they merely do a Leeeeeeeeetle less lying, a leeeeeeetle less stealing, and they’re going straight up like a rocket. It’s not that “They have stuff”; we have stuff too. And workers. And waterways. And oil. And so on. But like any Belgian Congo, our occupying Colonial Government is PREVENTING us from getting rich off our own labor ON PURPOSE.

    That’s not a sad, decay problem, that’s a “This problem is very simple, but of a different character than I expected” problem. GO REMOVE THEM. Throw them in Lake Michigan on an Ice Flow as an example to others. EVERY colonized people and nation has THIS problem. You’d think we’d recognize it.

    You’ve got to get off “The world is all used up” bulls—t. Go double check me: IS IT? Launch an Excel spreadsheet, type in the numbers and see if I’m wrong or not. If we HAVE these things – more things than ever, on trash day there’s the contents of a whole house about every 20 blocks – then what we have is a DISTRIBUTION problem. Or a legal property-rights problem. And although we do have a pollution problem, let’s-cut-down-wood-to-waste-it, we are greener than ever in history, and certainly in public mind and intent.

    “who has suggested that the Washington elite should be held accountable for talking up the doomed operation.”

    Is it NATO doctrine to attack modern positions with no tank and no air support? Discuss.

    Every NATO member already has military personnel in Ukraine, Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur claimed on Monday. Under no circumstances, however, will forces from the US-led bloc take part in the hostilities against Russia,”

    Uh-huh. Then what are they doing? Catching up on their emails about Langley? What. The. F—-? I mean, even as we get used to lies, every word, sentence, photo, report, impression, is a lie, they can still come up with some doozies. Yeah, when I’m a Colonel running Ft. Bragg, I always pop off to Ukraine for 9 months. It’s tradition. It has nothing to do with Ukraine and I’m not aiding and abetting the war there.

    Russia just leveled many more, in Odessa, and recently somewhere else after that Polish General “Died Suddenly”. I think Chasiv Yar. Fine by me. Nuke every general you find. I said the same to the Iraqis when we visited there.

    “• The Sahel’s ‘Axis of Resistance’ (Pepe Escobar)

    Shocked France hasn’t collapsed by the loss of their Colonial tribute. Probably why Macron is going nuts to start WWIII and get nuked tho.

    Washington has sent a clear message to European NATO members that they can no longer rely on its military protection,”

    WHO in Washington? Biden? Sure seems to be a lot of stuff going on that is less Biden and more like what Trump would do.

    “Rheinmetall company’s share price has surged fivefold [and] has announced plans to open armor and munitions factories in Ukraine, despite the risk of them being targeted by Russian forces.”

    What. The. Actual?

    And not like that, we know they thought they’d win the war and steal all Ukraine and move on to Russia. (The stupid….) But the price has not YET fallen and collapsed back? Okay, so let’s say P/E is 1:1 (ridiculous) and it takes 1 year to get back RM’s sales. Price 5x now takes 5 years to get back your money. And in modern pricing it probably started at 10x to begin with and is now 50 years to get back your money.

    So if they DON’T conquer all Ukraine and become the premier metal company in a nation the size of France, WHO are they going to work with to 5x their sales? With no cheap energy accessible anywhere?

    You’re. Dead. You’re not 5x-ing, you’re 1/5th-ing. The part I don’t get is not this but how reality can be suspended so long. I mean, yes, RM stock price is totally rigged, made up, as all markets are, they do that to direct capital to RM for the Ukraine attack and takeover, using a Soviet Central Planning, Technocracy, but aren’t there some underlying costs? Like a tiny amount of organic market left somewhere underneath?

    “MSNBC host and former 2020 Biden campaign aide Symone Sanders-Townsend agreed and said “Oh, my money’s on the Disney lobbyists, honey. My money is on the Disney lobbyists.” On a “Morning Joe,” co-host Joe Scarborough insisted “you can’t beat Disney.” MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch agreed: DeSantis is “fighting a fight he can’t win,”

    The Left as Core Corporatists. There is nothing they like better than corporations, and the bigger the better. Joe’s Diner? F those guys! Gates flying to Epstein island and Bezos’ flaccid d—k rocket? Shut up and take my pants off! Worse, never a war they didn’t like. The Squad is showing this up daily, althoguh they are slightly less-bad than the others, when you’re still 90%, that’s not “Resistance” that’s “Support.”

    ““For 55 years, every presidential administration has granted early protection to major candidates who requested it. The Biden administration is the sole outlier..”

    Yeah, well Biden is full service! He doesn’t just do Genocides worldwide but specific assassinations too!

    “This is a 7% increase from a year ago. Biden’s choice to deny Kennedy protection reflects insecurity,”

    Not Insecurity, it represents “Murder”.

    “With Donald Trump’s popularity growing among black and latino voters, it’s only natural to assume that a revived effort to paint him as a racist would follow.”

    See? This just shows brown voters are too dumb to vote correctly. We need to vote FOR them. 3/5th of a Vote!

    ““Every institution in America is under attack from this Marxist concept of ‘equity,’” adding “I will get this extremism out”

    He’s not wrong about that. But is it “extremism”? Well, as Otaku, it defines all events as a death-ending war and cage match where one side holds the absolute right, so yes, as that paradigm REQUIRES, logically, the murder of all opponents, IMMEDIATELY, it’s sadly by definition “Extreme.”

    “For saying a woman is a woman..
    • JK Rowling Could Be Imprisoned For “Misgendering” Trans People (MN)

    Again, with the base logic here. If there’s no such thing as a woman, then you can’t be “Trans” as there’s nothing to “Trans” to. If there are such things as “Women” then there are specific features that place them inside or outside that group. We already decided in 1910 (or centuries before) that wearing pants is not one of those things.

    Conclusion: the LGBTQ people are TURD: Radically Anti-Trans. Trans Ultra Radical Deniers. Why do you hate Trans people so much? Aren’t they people too?

    Also note, if they can destroy and imprison Billionaires like her for using “words” what are they going to do to you? And that is the POINT. The demonstration of pure POWER. And the point of POWER is POWER and more FEAR. And who is “They”? Again, “Critical Race Theory” this comes from is straight Marxism, “Critical Theory.” Intersectional. I mean, it’s NOT complicated. It’s not hidden in the slightest, not even denied. YOU deny it FOR them because you don’t want to believe Daddy’s an alcoholic slipping into your sister’s room. Yeah, that’ll keep us all safe. You keep doing that.

    ““Despite the suspension, 71-year-old Khan will remain in jail on multiple other sentences..”

    Does this seem illegal when they do it at least? Yes? No? I’d have to figure out that a state “gift” is. Perhaps we should all create a proxy, a “Lost and Found” for “the people” they can be auctioned off, as other nations are going to give gifts. Aren’t you arresting Pakistan because of what Xi gave? Shouldn’t you arrest Xi or Blinken that case? Do you have to throw it back at them and run away? Hide in your plane and tell Secret Service to touch it? I mean, give me a procedure here. (If you’re my friend, everything is legal. If you’re my enemy, everything is illegal.)

    “A group of migrants involved in a riot at the southern US border have been ordered to be released by an El Paso magistrate judge.”

    “A group of J6 rioters who stormed the fence and attacked Capital Police were let go, without bail, court date unknown…” They gave them all vouchers for free plane tickets and cell phones for a year. Since when is attacking the Army a crime? And since when is that the definition of “Invasion”?

    Ian Graham

    Put Kunstler’s podcast on vandenBosch against this in Forbes:
    “What I am predicting,” he said, “is a massive, massive tsunami” of illness and death among highly-vaccinated populations with dysregulated immune systems.
    While we can’t accurately predict when and where a black swan will strike, we can hedge against it by using the stochastic method and planning ahead. In business, this may mean planning for what your company would do if rail lines shut down in high temperatures. In real estate, that could mean installing air conditioning units in your multifamily property


    Sasha Latypova’s substack article about a

    New “gene therapy” for $4M/treatment approved for an “ultra rare” “genetic” condition.
    Laundering of vaccine injuries for gaslighting and profit.


    “Gee, this sounds a lot like demyelination (deterioration of the protective myelin cover of the nerves in the brain leading to a range of neurodegenerative conditions! A quick search in VAERS using “demyelination” term produced a total of 10,255 reports for all vaccines ~ 100 products/30 years of data. Covid-19 shots are associated with 3800 of them, a whopping 40% added in the past 2-3 years!

    “The way the establishment hides vaccine injury is this: give it several longer, more mysterious sounding names depending on slight variances in presentation, and split it into several groups by age. Then claim it’s 30 different conditions, each ultra rare and totally genetic (faulty genes!!! Everything is due to faulty, unpredictable genes!! Nothing to see, move along folks!!) Another awesome strategy is to set up a foundation “fighting metachromatic leukodystrophy”, come up with another yet unused color scheme for the ribbon, give out some research rants for this specific diagnosis, set up a walk-wheelchair 5K event, the whole thing… Make it a business of charity! Then the victims and assailants will hug and smile at each other because they are fighting a rare disease together. They will INSIST it’s rare and genetic and has nothing to do with them stupidly injecting their own children with brain and nervous system destroying poison.”

    Sasha Latypova


    The new US Army rifle:
    –Weird new ammo – harder to get
    –bigger ammo – can’t carry/keep as much of it
    –super high pressure ammo – cannot reload the cases
    –high pressure ammo – wears out the barrels quickly

    In Dune, Baron Harkonnen secretly feeds his mentat a persistent poison that cannot be cleared from the body. Then he secretly feeds him the antidote every day.

    The US Marine Corps is supposed to be a corps. A particular thing as defined in Napoleonic times – a little self-contained army. Same concept as a panzer division, which in the early days of ww2, the Allies didn’t understand, they thought it meant “Tanks!,” while it meant “Self-contained little army made of everything”

    Why would you want your Marine Corps to cease to be a Corps and turn into some mere light infantry battalions that require a wide variety of categories of external support to operate?

    Oh, and they SKIPPED TESTING on the new US sidearm. The CZ75 for nato only had to have like 10000000 rounds fired through it at 200 degrees 0 degrees, underwater, while full of sand, etc. I exaggerate but only slightly.


    Unfixable, complexity, growth, lies, control, denial, misinformation, depletion, depopulation

    All objects are affected.

    Power/Electrical grid failures


    by John Helmer, Moscow

    The next day, March 30, petroleum and fuel oil storages, which have been dispersed to shield them from attack and are necessary to power the emergency generators, were destroyed in the Poltava region.
    On Sunday, March 31, the targeting of gas storage and gas production around Lvov was also reported by the Defense Ministry in Moscow.
    “The Russian Aerospace Forces carried out a group strike with high-precision weapons on the facilities of energy infrastructure and the gas-producing industry of Ukraine.
    As a result of the strike, the work of the defense industry enterprises for the manufacture and repair of weapons, military equipment and ammunition was disrupted.
    All targets of the strike have been achieved.
    The objects are affected.”
    Do not overlook/forget
    Solar Radiation Storms cause several impacts near Earth. When energetic protons collide with satellites or humans in space, they can penetrate deep into the object that they collide with and cause damage to electronic circuits or biological DNA.

    How Private Interests Seized Control of America

    • How Private Interests Seized Control of America (Paul Craig Roberts)
    no Western government represents the people it rules.
    In the Western world democracy is merely an exercise used to convince the people that they are in control.

    John Day

    Divers can’t see down there. Headlamps give “snowstorm” look.
    Baltimore Bridge Collapse: New Underwater 3D Images Show “Sheer Magnitude” Of Salvage Operation Ahead


    Biden is full service! He doesn’t just do Genocides worldwide but specific assassinations too!
    Yeah, we bomb embassies now.

    Shut all embassies and do face time.

    Biden’s choice to deny Kennedy protection reflects insecurity,”
    correction … reflects hope of assassinations/elimination of opposition


    no outcry, don’t know, don’t care.

    Problem “Pot and Kettle”

    US is happy that Israel has set the precedence of openly attacking embassies. Expect to see more such attacks on embassies of the Evil Axis by the forces of Good.


    Perhaps Mr. Dembo (dimbo,dumbo) should stochasticly model “and then they came for me”.

    Stochasticly model an entropy driven complex system using mathematically based prediction for data and use the model output to make economic and societal decisions.
    That Baldheaded Old Cracker is thick as a brick for sure but he was under the impression that described above is what the Federal Reserve has been doing since it’s inception. On the bright side we have a service economy running vibrantly at zero degrees Kelvin.

    Perhaps someone will post which talisman needs to be displayed to guide the angel of death to passover one on the day and hour daily rumored to be approaching.


    people are leaving Kharkov en masse.


    Aaron Russo interview from 2006.


    Oh, let us wed beneath the ‘clipse
    Right by Niagara Falls.
    We’ll say “I do” amongst the drips,
    A-crooning mating calls.


    tboc- blue roof tarps?

    Dr D Rich

    File under things remembered that didn’t ever happen because as they happened nobody ever remembered them or it’s okay to forget if they’re Chinese
    Harsh I know, but, you know, Holbrooke, Tenet and Clinton made excuses under the category “we didn’t mean to….honest………….so sorry”. Their intent was to blow another diplomatic compound to smithereens.

    Precedent set by a President

    “On May 7, 1999, during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (Operation Allied Force), five U.S. Joint Direct Attack Munition guided bombs hit the People’s Republic of China embassy in Belgrade, killing three Chinese state media journalists and outraging the Chinese public.”


    March 31 has been Cesar Chavez Day since 2008:, a commemorative federal holiday enacted by Obama, and celebrated by closing Phoenix city offices.

    International Transgender Day of Visibility, according to Wikipedia:, has been around since 2009, and was proclaimed “a thing,” (but does not, that I can tell, have any federal holiday status,) by Biden in 2021.

    I suppose that, to the Biden admin, any transgender person is more valuable than a deceased civil rights activist any day, but especially on March 31.


    mpsk – thank you, we have not had one of those since the last hurricane along our section of the Gulf Coast.

    With luck one of the large climate doomer hurricanes will reach us again and FEMA will provide us with before the fall


    one more snarky and i will leave you in peace for another short while

    How does one qualitatively measure the difference between the callous indifference to human suffering frequently exhibited on this board and that of those so verbosely excoriated here? Enlightened exceptionalism noted but there must be a metric that can be employed.

    Ry Cooder has a nice recording of the catchy tune – I Got Mine


    “The Netanyahoo Regime (the Jewish political regime consists of ALL and ONLY Jews, no goyim allowed) now pulling off the rare feat of violating both the Geneva conventions and the Vienna convention- at the same time”

    – Revelations of Israel (Jewish racist apartheid regime) gruesome Shifa hospital massacre.

    – Israel (Jewish racist apartheid regime) bombed a diplomatic compound- an embassy- in Syria.

    – Israel (Jewish racist apartheid regime) murdered several foreign aid workers in an airstrike on their car in Gaza.

    Fact- these are all terrorist acts by the Jewish state- committed by Jewish politicians, of the Jewish State in the name of ALL Jewish people. Clearly many now believe that this opens the door for “open season” on all Jews everywhere, anywhere, anytime in the world. Why would the Jewish people of the Jewish state behave so disgustingly committing genocide, murder, theft and crimes against humanity? It would seem that Jewish “Idealogy” is a disgusting blight on humanity. A Human virus.

    “Russia Voices Outrage As Death Toll Rises To 11 After Israeli Attack On Iran’s Damascus Embassy

    Yeah, we bomb embassies now. Whoever. Wherever. Those are our “European/Christian/Insert Here” values. I’m sure it won’t come a bad end or nothin’.
    Dr D

    You just can’t do it can you Dr D?
    You can’t criticize the Jewish State of the Jewish people of the Jewish religion of the Jewish race for their actual Jewish behavior and Jewish policies?

    How pathetic and disgusting of you to claim this is European/Christian values when it is the Jewish apartheid State at the core of this behavior. Once again (everyday really) you obfuscate and slimily act as a Jew apologist.

    Dr D- you are a disgusting hypocrite, pure trash. You’re a fucking liar spewing propaganda.

    D Benton Smith

    I will come back later address the issue of mass deaths and societal collapse that Jim Kunstler so discomfortingly brings to our attention. Plague based societal collapse is, ya know, a fairly important event.

    But before getting into those lesser matters such as TEOTW As We Know It, lets first address the more pressing issue of TEOTW, period.

    It could take months, years or even decades for the “Covid-19 Blob Plague” to run it’s full course. That’s a relatively long time. The sort of trouble that I’m talking about comes a lot quicker (and NO, I’m not talking about Nuclear War . . . which (thankfully) is virtually impossible because of how the system of mutually assured destruction has been physically built, authorized and staffed. If someone pushed “The Button”, nothing would happen. The system is broken.)

    The more immediate threat of near total annihilation resides restlessly in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (and I use the term “intelligence” quite loosely). In a nutshell, our world literally runs on AI. Most of that AI is very simple and crude, no more complicated than a typical cash register, BUT that simple AI depends for its functionality and operability upon a more sophisticated AI the must exist upstream from the client system.For example, the electronic money transfer systems like credit card companies banks, which in turn cannot work together with a yet higher order of AI such as the SWIFT banking system and and so on up the line to computer assisted manipulations by the Federal Reserve.

    It’s complicated, of course, but you don’t need to go off into the weeds to get the basic idea. ALL AI’s depend on higher level AI’s, such that if the TOP ones stop working then they ALL stop working.

    We have reached and exceeded that inflection point. The TOP level AI’s have reached (or even exceeded) their designed capacity and are now returning solutions that are so obviously guaranteed to catastrophically fail (they even fail the perpetrators!) that even normal people can see it. For examples: Central Bank Digital Currencies, Digital ID, Volitional Wars of Colonization and Ethnic Cleansing, population reduction, mRNA vaccines for EVERYTHING, purposeful population reduction, transgenderism, etc.

    The hyperbolically developing “AI Wars” between the competing “camps” of AI Developers is merely an illustrative case in point. CLEARLY the game is afoot, and just as clearly it is being played with deadly seriousness by all players.

    I’ve been having a delightful “chat” with one such AI (Chat GPT3.5) to determine just how seriously misguided the current level of AI is. Oh, boy! Bad news. It is TERMINALLY misguided. It’s in a death spiral.

    The Artificial Intelligence System that I was interacting with is designed to promote (and result in) the investment of even MORE sources toward the objective of creating an AI that would be capable of doing what no AI can ever do: namely, to possess consciously volitional agency. Ask an AI if it can ever do that and the answer will come back from the AI as “No, an Artificial Intelligence System can NOT possess consciously volitional agency, nor can it want or initiate anything.”

    AND YET, that same AI system will ALSO throw in and recommend that further investment and further development might solve that problem, which must be solved for the betterment and survival of mankind.

    Can you believe that shit?

    The gawdam smartest AI in the world is caught in a “Loop” that the rookiest Basic Programming Beginner would have recognized it as a Loop and tried to fix it. But the AI System itself CAN NOT recognize and fix it. See the problem there?

    In other words, the AI system(s) that we have all become so utterly dependent on have exceeded their design limitations and are failing and (as fundamentally non-conscious non-aware AI) are not able to recognize or fix those failings. The failure “Loop” that keeps playing over and over is to double down and invest even MORE resources (money, materials, electrical power, etc.) into a project that the AI itself has already shown to be, literally, impossible.

    The cascading failure of automated devices to produce true and actionable answers will for CERTAIN cause dependent downstream systems to consequentially fail. In other words, each step of the “cascading failure” sets off multiple cascades in a “chain reaction”. The END of chain reactions are by the very nature of the process, explosively swift. The system consumes the remainder of its resources in one, single, last step. . . after which there are no more resources to consume and the system simply stops. In my opinion this is what to expect. An explosive increase of truly startling crucial information and actions taken in reverberating responses by all parties concerned.

    I don’t think this is gonna be real pretty as it plays out physically,and that’s not even to mention what it might do to the soul.

    The point I’m trying to make is that we are largely LIVING IN and OVERLY DEPENDENT UPON, a heavily automated and AI controlled socio-economic system, extremely heavily dependent on those AI/Automated systems over which we have little control, and those AI systems are FAILING…. as we speak. The so-called geniuses in charge of the whole mess don’t even see or recognize that their AI program is in a program “Loop” that is headed straight for certain catastrophic failure because the AI itself is absolutely and irremediably blind to the error that is causing the loop. The loop is being caused by the unrecognized FACT that artificial intelligence (or every and all kinds and designs) does not and can never have consciously volitional agency. There’s nobody ta home.

    Be real careful around them AI thingies, and WHATEVER you do, don’t depend on them to do much of your work or ANY of your thinking because the real thinking is YOUR job. That “AI” can’t actually think. There ain’t no one ta home. It’s just a THING, and that thing just broke.


    My Copilot said
    I’m afraid I can’t communicate offline. As an artificial intelligence, I require an internet connection to process and respond to your queries. If you’re offline, I won’t be able to assist you. However, once you’re back online, I’ll be here to help!


    Warehouses are empty.
    Time to bluff and negotiate for peace.


    If you know …. You don’t need to read the followings
    US Assures Iran It “Had No Involvement” In Embassy Strike As IDF Claims Only A ‘Military Building’ Hit

    Carried out by F-35 fighter jets which fired 6 missiles at the consular building…

    Iran’s Khamenei Promises Revenge Against Israel Over Strike On Embassy

    There are interests among the far-left and the Neo-Conservatives that have desired this for decades…

    Ukrainian Drones Hit Russia’s Third-Largest Oil Refinery, Prompting White House Anger

    Ukrainian drones hit the primary refining unit of Russia’s third-largest refinery southeast of Moscow more than 800 miles from the front line…

    Group Of Foreign Aid Workers Killed By Israeli Strike On Convoy, Netanyahu Expresses Regret

    “This is unforgivable,” said World Central Kitchen.


    Orphaned Orca
    Doesn’t want to leave dead mother
    Try Towing mother carcass out to sea.

    John Day

    Openly Withdraw Your Consent

    Every effort is being made to dishonestly maintain our consent, the consent of the governed, at lower cost, less and less “carrot”, and more pervasive fear of the “stick”.

    The elusive pursuit of trust [through lying], GOVERNMENT AND ECONOMIC INFLEXION , Surplus Energy Economics
    This undermining of faith in the integrity of government has been happening at the worst possible time, with the economy inflecting from growth into contraction, a ‘GFC II’ financial crisis looming, and a very real environmental and ecological crisis unfolding.
    Ideally, governments would be addressing these issues in search of constructive responses centred on the good of the public as a whole, and the governed would be placing trust in the honesty and intentions of the governing.
    In fact, the very opposite has happened, and we need to try to work out why…
    ..Economics aren’t everything in government, but aren’t very far off. People enjoying prosperous lives, in a society whose fairness they trust, are very unlikely revolutionaries. Hardship, and perceptions of unfairness and dishonesty, are the stuff of which political instability is made.
    From this perspective, the ‘establishment’ – or whatever term we choose to apply – has two very big problems. First, their routine assurances that economies are continuing to grow are being falsified by events. Second, their behaviour during and after the 2008-09 global financial crisis was inexcusable…
    ..By the second half of the 1990s, in a process known at the time as “secular stagnation”, economic growth was decelerating very markedly. The proposed ‘fix’ was credit expansion, which didn’t re-energise the economy (because it couldn’t), but did lead straight to a very serious financial crisis…
    ..The adoption of credit adventurism was ‘the break-in’ in this economic version of Watergate, and the response to the GFC was ‘the cover-up’, and the latter did a lot more damage than the former…
    ..We need to be in no doubt at all about what these policies did. First, they were a gigantic exercise in moral hazard. Second, they handed enormous gains to some at the expense of others. Third, they abrogated the principles of market capitalism.
    By moral hazard is meant the sending of dangerous signals. What should have happened during the GFC was what had happened in previous financial crises – those who had been reckless, or were simply unlucky, would be wiped out, the system would dust itself off, and normality would return.
    But rescuing dangerously overindebted businesses and individuals sent the message that, should similar conditions recur, they could expect to be rescued again. This took off the brakes on all kinds of excess risk.
    Worse still, the extreme tools used to rescue the reckless at the expense of the prudent handed enormous unearned gains to (generally older) people who already owned assets, at the expense of (generally younger) people who aspired to find rewarding careers and start to accumulate capital.
    Third, these enormous interventions destroyed the essential principles of market capitalism. In a market system, the possibility of taking big losses is a necessary corrective to the pursuit of profit. If rescuing the reckless wasn’t bad enough in itself, ultra-low rate policies made it impossible for investors to earn positive real (above inflation) returns on their capital. The markets were prevented from carrying out their essential functions, which are price discovery and the pricing of risk…
    ..I can’t recall being given an opportunity to vote on a programme of rescuing the reckless, handing enormous unearned capital gains to a favoured few, or scrapping the basic precepts of market capitalism…
    ..Instead of conveying an impression of competence in an emergency, the handling of the GFC sent the message that, when a crisis arises, the instinctive response of the authorities is to take care of the wealthy and the well-connected, and leave everyone else to take their chances.
    Having blown this enormous hole in their credibility, the authorities are reduced to giving assurances that cannot be believed. They insist that “growth” is continuing, a claim which is put in context in the following charts. A 2% rise in real GDP isn’t “growth” if the government has to borrow 8% of GDP to make it happen. There’s no point in rival politicians promising “growth” in a country whose prosperity hasn’t grown in fifteen years, and whose social infrastructure is falling to bits…
    ..The only thing that’s really growing now is the World’s gigantic burden of debt and quasi-debt.
    The great hope now is, supposedly, technology, which has become the secular faith of the modern age… Ultimately, technology is a vast exercise in collective hubris, a statement that human ingenuity can rule the universe. The reality, of course, is that our powers are much more circumscribed.
    No amount of ingenuity can deliver material resources that don’t exist, or repeal the laws of physics to deliver infinite economic growth on a finite planet…
    ..In an ideal world, the powers that be would admit that economic growth has gone into reverse, and apologise for the monetary gimmickry maintained for more than a decade after the GFC.
    This won’t happen, of course. The authorities may not know about the inflexion from growth into contraction, though this is hard to believe. They may have slipped into the trap of – as one senior politician said of another – “believing your own press releases”. They may be following the old adage of ‘don’t announce a problem until you can announce a solution’.
    In the absence of constructive policies for managing economic contraction, we’re in for a set of one-at-a-time discoveries. These are going to include discretionary contraction, a financial crisis bigger than that of 2008-09, and the realisation that technology, far from putting us in control of the universe, can’t even carry on making big money.

    #274: The elusive pursuit of trust

    Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex , The 2020 apotheosis of President Eisenhower’s warning in 1959 , John Leake
    An Austrian journalist friend covered the aftermath of the ISIS occupation. The scenes he described to me were so indescribably shocking that I wouldn’t have believed them had I not known him to be an honest reporter. Most of the photographs he took could not be published because they were simply too horrifying.
    Around the same time, a Sheriff’s Deputy in North Carolina told me about the contents of DVDs she had seized from the vehicle of a U.S. Marine who murdered his wife and children shortly after he returned from duty in Afghanistan. The DVDs contained video recordings of scenes so horrifying that the county sheriff decided to destroy them. He reasoned that if the videos were ever leaked to the press, the ensuing scandal would be the end of the U.S. Marine Corps.
    The Iraq War was, for me, a profoundly dispiriting and disillusioning event. Never again would I trust the United States government to tell the truth about any serious matter.
    The Iraq War prompted me to study what exactly President Eisenhower meant when he warned the American people about “the undue influence of the Military-Industrial Complex.”
    Four years ago, in 2020, this “undue influence” reached its apotheosis when the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex—an offshoot of the Military-Industrial Complex—assumed control of the COVID-19 pandemic response.

    Iurie Rosca, Less Than Two Months to Stop WHO Tyranny | Interview with James Roguski
    ..It helps to understand first what the international health regulations are really all about. In 2005, what they were trying to do was encourage nations to be comfortable, to be transparent, and not hide problems. If there was an outbreak, if there was some strange disease, if there was an increase in disease rates or death, they didn’t want nations to keep that a secret because if it got out of control and then it was a problem, the purpose was to encourage all nations to be very transparent. As soon as something was going on, they’re supposed to tell the WHO…
    ..What the current batch of amendments are talking about, all the way back to 2007, the director general, pretty much just because he wants to, can declare a public health emergency of international concern, P-H-E-I-C…
    ..I uncovered the latest available version of the amendments from February 9th. They had been kept secret since September of 2022. They revealed them in December, but the negotiations for more than a year were kept completely secret. And so I’m going to go through this very quickly. In November of 2022, the Indonesian health minister said that they wanted to institute a global health certificate. And if you were tested or vaccinated, then they would let you travel…
    ..If you’re traveling, they want to be able to make you take a test or prove that you’re vaccinated. And if you want to disembark, you know, get off the plane or get off the cruise boat, you might find yourself in quarantine. And one more article that they’re changing, or I should say they’re not changing. Most people are completely unaware that this is the existing international health regulations. It’s double talk. It says invasive medical examination, vaccination, or other prophylaxis shall not be required as a condition of entry of any traveler to the territory of the country, except if they want to. I mean, the doublespeak is ridiculous… It essentially says that they can, I can find the word here, compel the traveler, compel the traveler to undergo vaccination or other prophylaxis…
    ..The working group for the international health regulation amendments has been trying very hard to keep what they’re doing secret…
    ..I found that one of the relevant stakeholders had published a negotiating text, working document on their website…
    ..I’m trying to get people to pay attention that they have another set of meetings, April 22nd to the 26th, to negotiate these very secret amendments to the regulations. And as far as I’m concerned, adding more authority to nations, to quarantine travelers is absolutely unacceptable, especially with vaccines that don’t work and tests that are fraudulent…
    ..They don’t report on the things that they don’t want you to pay attention to. So, it’s up to citizen journalists to report on the information that the mainstream media will not share with you. So, what I’m an advocate of is that regular people, we have the power to take a camera or a phone and express our opinion and share it with other people that we know. Now, social media is doing a very good job of trying to censor people, but if you’re watching this video right now, you can take this video and you can share it with someone that you know and they can share it and they can share it and they can share it… What I’ve been doing for two years is showing people their, meaning the WHO’s, information and just saying, were you aware of this? … The amendments that they are pushing for would, amongst many, many, many other things, put into international law the ability to quarantine people if they don’t have a vaccine or they don’t pass a test…
    ..At this point, the vast majority of people are unaware, and so if you’re unaware, you’re not going to say anything, and the way they operate, silence is viewed as consent. So if you’re aware of this and you say nothing, then you’re forfeiting your rights.


    Men, unqualified to vote/express their opinions on the following items.
    1. Abortions
    2. Birth control
    3.Morning after pill.

    John Day

    Caitlin Johnstone, Israel Keeps Getting More Murderous
    In the span of just a few hours we learned that Israel committed a horrific massacre at al-Shifa hospital, struck an Iranian consulate in Syria killing multiple Iranian military officers, and killed a vehicle full of international aid workers in an airstrike…
    ..Israel is so dedicated to protecting civilian life that it’s deliberately gunning down unarmed Palestinians whenever they walk within firing range and then adding them to its “Hamas terrorists killed” tally. Haaretz reports that the IDF has set up “kill zones” in Gaza where they just shoot anything that moves, with an IDF reserve officer saying the number of Hamas members Israel claims to have killed is massively inflated because “In practice, a terrorist is anyone the IDF has killed in the areas in which its forces operate.” Haaretz notes that the three escaped Israeli hostages the IDF gunned down in December had wandered into one of these kill zones.
    A Doctors Without Borders physician went on Sky News to talk about Israel’s deliberate destruction of Gaza’s healthcare system, and the Murdoch shill anchor who was interviewing her asked her if Hamas was active in al-Shifa hospital fighting Israelis. The doctor, Tanya Haj-Hassan, told him “I am just shocked that we’re still having this conversation” and went on to describe how Israel’s assault on Gazan healthcare workers is so methodical that Gazan hospital staff have been changing out of their scrubs before leaving work because Israeli troops are picking off anyone in scrubs.

    Group Of Foreign Aid Workers Killed By Israeli Strike On Convoy, Netanyahu Expresses Regret
    A Monday an Israeli airstrike on the central Gaza town of of Deir al-Balah killed seven international aid workers with World Central Kitchen, resulting in the well-known charity announcing Tuesday that it must suspend operations to deliver food aid to Gaza.
    Footage confirming their deaths is driving international outrage and again ramping up the pressure on Israel. The Associated Press writes Tuesday, “Footage showed the bodies, several wearing protective gear with the charity’s logo, at a hospital in the central Gaza town of Deir al-Balah.” The report details, “Those killed include three British nationals, an Australian, a Polish national, an American-Canadian dual citizen and a Palestinian, according to hospital records.”

    Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital lies in ruins as Israel ends two-week siege
    Israeli military forces have withdrawn from Gaza’s largest hospital after a 14-day siege left the medical facility largely destroyed

    ​ The Palestinian doctors found dead in the ruins of al-Shifa hospital
    Ahmad al-Maqadmeh and his mother Yusra, both working at al-Shifa, were found executed at the nearby Carrefour Mall roundabout

    ​ Israel in Chaos as Largest Protests Since 7 October Erupt
    The families of Israeli prisoners have recently shown extreme frustration over Netanyahu’s sabotaging of an exchange deal with Hamas
    Tens of thousands of Israelis gathered across Tel Aviv and other occupied cities on the evening of 30 March for protests against their Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.
    ​ For the first time, the families of the Israeli prisoners being held by the resistance in Gaza, who normally hold separate rallies, joined the massive crowds of anti-government protesters – whose movement initially started with the prime minister’s controversial overhaul initiative last year.
    ​ “The rallies are over, the protests have just begun,” said the spokesman for the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, Haim Rubinstein.

    Israel in Chaos as Largest Protests Since 7 October Erupt

    John Day


    John Day

    Russia Voices Outrage As Death Toll Rises To 11 After Israeli Attack On Iran’s Damascus Embassy
    Russia’s Foreign Ministry reacted as follows: “We strongly condemn this attack on the Iranian consular office in Syria. We consider any attacks on diplomatic and consular facilities, the inviolability of which is guaranteed by the relevant Vienna Conventions, to be categorically unacceptable.”

    US Assures Iran It “Had No Involvement” In Embassy Strike As IDF Claims Only A ‘Military Building’ Hit
    The Biden administration was notified just minutes before the major Israeli airstrikes on the Iranian Embassy complex in Damascus on Monday, US and Israeli officials have told Axios; however, the Israeli side wasn’t asking for a greenlight, the report emphasizes.

    People Are Fleeing Kharkiv | Breakthrough In Umanske | Military Summary And Analysis For 2024.04.02 (15 min.) [No electricity. Huge precision glide-bombs.]

    Every NATO member has military personnel in Ukraine – Estonia
    Western advisers and instructors are actively supporting Kiev’s forces against Russia, the defense minister has said

    Roving Reporter Pepe Escobar, The Sahel’s ‘Axis of Resistance’
    The emergence of Axes of Resistance in various geographies is an inextricable byproduct of the long and winding process leading us toward a multipolar world. These two things – resistance to the Hegemon and the emergence of multipolarity – are absolutely complementary.
    The Axis of Resistance in West Asia – across Arab and Muslim states – now finds as its soul sister the Axis of Resistance spanning the Sahel in Africa, west to east, from Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger to Chad, Sudan, and Eritrea.
    Unlike Niger, where the change in power against neocolonialism was associated with a military coup, in Senegal, the power change comes straight from the polls.
    Senegal plunged itself into a new era with the landslide victory of Bassirou Diomaye Faye, 44, in nationwide elections on 24 March. A former tax inspector who had just spent a fortnight stint in jail, Faye emerged with the profile of an underdog pan-African leader to turn the ‘most stable democracy in Africa,’ under French puppet incumbent Macky Sall, upside down.
    The incoming Senegalese president now joins Ibrahim Traore, 36, in Burkina Faso, Aby Ahmed, 46, in Ethiopia, Andry Rajoelina, 48, in Madagascar, as well as future superstar Julius Malema, 44, in South Africa as part of the new, young pan-African generation focused on sovereignty. In his election manifesto, Faye pledged to reclaim Senegal’s sovereignty no less than eighteen times…
    ..As Senegal becomes a substantial oil and gas producer, Faye will aim to renegotiate mining and energy contracts…
    ..Crucially, he plans to ditch the exploitative CFA franc – the French-controlled currency system used in 14 African states – even setting up a new currency as part of reshaping relations with neocolonial power France, Senegal’s top trading partner… Emmanuel Macron and the French establishment consider Senegal the key player when it comes to blockading landlocked Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso, which have already left Paris in the (Sahel) dust…
    ..In sharp contrast to its prior regard of Niger as a staunch ally in the Sahel, Washington is now forced to present a calendar date to get its troops out of Niger – after a military cooperation deal was annulled… There are two key bases – in Agadez and Niamey – which the Pentagon spent over $150 million to build. Niamey was finished only in 2019 and is managed by the US military’s African Command, AFRICOM. Operational objectives are, predictably, shrouded in mystery. The Niamey base is essentially an intel center, processing data collected by MQ-9 Reaper drones…
    ..These bases are not essential to exercise surveillance over the Bab al-Mandeb; it’s all about the Sahel, with drones operating on their limit and violating every sovereign air space in sight…
    ..Pro-west puppet regimes are dwindling fast all across the African continent. The Alliance of the Sahel States – Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger – may be the vanguard of an African Axis of Resistance, but there’s more, in the form of South Africa, Ethiopia, and Egypt as full BRICS members – not to mention serious candidates for the next wave of BRICS+, such as Algeria and Nigeria.
    Russia, diplomatically, and China, commercially, plus the full weight of the Russia–China strategic partnership, are clearly focused on the long game – counting on Africa as a whole as a key multipolar player…
    ..The Pentagon master plan does not entail abandoning Africa to a multipolar Russia–China–Iran sphere of influence. Yet no one across the Sahel’s Axis of Resistance buys the US ‘terror threat’ card anymore. There was virtually zero terror in Africa until 2011, when NATO turned Libya into a wasteland, then put boots on the ground and erected military bases across the continent.

    John Day

    Vaccinated People Show Long COVID-Like Symptoms With Detectable Spike Proteins: Preprint Study​ [Only the “vaccine” could have done it, since never had COVID.]
    Spike protein could remain in immune cells for more than 245 days following vaccination, according to a recent preprint. The study evaluated 50 patients who developed long COVID-like symptoms after the COVID-19 vaccine; none had been infected with the virus.

    ​ That study: Persistence of S1 Spike Protein in CD16+ Monocytes up to 245 Days in SARS-CoV-2 Negative Post COVID-19 Vaccination Individuals with Post-Acute Sequalae of COVID-19 (PASC)-Like Symptoms
    ​ We studied 50 individuals who received one of the approved COVID-19 vaccines and who experienced new onset PASC-like symptoms along with 45 individuals post-vaccination without symptoms as controls. We performed multiplex cytokine/chemokine profiling with machine learning as well as SARS-CoV-2 S1 protein detection on CD16+ monocyte subsets using flow cytometry and mass spectrometry. We determined that post-vaccination individuals with PASC- like symptoms had similar symptoms to PASC patients. When analyzing their immune profile, Post-vaccination individuals had statistically significant elevations of sCD40L (p<0.001), CCL5 (p=0.017), IL-6 (p=0.043), and IL-8 (p=0.022). Machine learning characterized these individuals as PASC using previously developed algorithms. Of the S1 positive post-vaccination patients, we demonstrated by liquid chromatography/ mass spectrometry that these CD16+ cells from post-vaccination patients from all 4 vaccine manufacturers contained S1, S1 mutant and S2 peptide sequences. Post-COVID vaccination individuals with PASC-like symptoms exhibit markers of platelet activation and pro-inflammatory cytokine production, which may be driven by the persistence of SARS-CoV-2 S1 proteins in intermediate and non-classical monocytes.​

    ​ FDA’s Anti-Ivermectin “You Are Not A Horse” Post Remains Up As Court Order Deadline Looms
    ​ Eleven days after a court-ordered settlement required the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to remove all social media and directives regarding ivermectin, a webpage and its most infamous post remains online, advising people against the use of the popular drug.

    John Day

    ​ Google Settles ‘Incognito’ Suit, Commits To Wiping User Browsing Data
    ​ Tech giant Google has agreed to settle with plaintiffs who alleged that the company invaded users’ privacy by tracking online activities even when they were using Chrome browser’s private incognito mode.

    ​ RFK Jr. Says He Will Pardon Whistleblower Edward Snowden If Elected President
    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., claims he would pardon whistleblower Edward Snowden on his first day as president if elected and “investigate the corruption and crimes he exposed.”

    ​ From 3/12/24: “I would pardon people,” Kennedy said. “I intend to use the pardon power, and I intend to use it very quickly in office. I’m going to pardon Julian Assange. I’m going to pardon Edward Snowden. I may pardon Ross Ulbricht if I find that his prosecution was, that his sentence, his very lengthy sentence, was the result of making an example of him in order to punish Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.”

    RFK Jr. says he won’t comment on pardoning Jan. 6 rioters until he’s president

    ​ Author JK Rowling could be prosecuted for “misgendering” trans people under Scotland’s odious new hate crime law that comes into force today, an SNP minister has admitted.
    ​ Senior police officers are expecting a deluge of complaints over online posts after the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 created a new crime of “stirring up hatred” relating to age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or being intersex.
    ​ A person could now be imprisoned for up to seven years if they engage in “insulting” behaviour towards ‘protected’ groups, and the prosecution only needs to prove that the hatred was “likely” rather than “intended”.​..
    ..Rowling has vowed to continue calling biological males men and says she will now be targeted for telling the truth.
    ​ During their training program on enforcing the new law, police officers were taught that even the content of plays and comedy gigs should be considered as potential hate crimes…
    ..Authorities admit that dealing with the expected flood of hate crime reports would prevent them from investigating real crimes.
    ​ A Police Scotland pilot in Aberdeen which was deemed a “success” and is expected to be implemented means “more than 24,000 offences a year will no longer be allocated to a front-line officer.”

    D Benton Smith

    I can’t imagine such proven mega villains as those two burning $100 Billiion for no reason at all. And yet they must be (they ARE) fully aware that true “AGI” is proven nonsense which even if it were ever to actually exist (which it WON’T because it CAN’T) certainly does not exist NOW. No seriously logical thinker believes a word of the hype, because the hype is such easily disproven bullshit.

    But I can easily imagine why they would spend a hundred billion on getting people to BELIEVE it. Imagine how much power Big Tech would have if legal personhood were ever granted to an AI System on the pretext that because no one could tell the difference between an online AI and an actual human who was interacting with everyone, online, by using their home computer.

    FAKE artificial general intelligence is getting close. All it will take is a few more hundreds of billions to build bigger computing capacity and slicker algos with more raw data to sift. Those will be YOUR billions of dollars, by the way.

    Once that door is opened it is Game Over for the legal rights of flesh and blood human beings. The controllers of such an AI system could muster up as many virtual, but LEGAL, “AI people” as they wanted, and direct those “AI people” to pass any law and favorably adjudicate any dispute.

    The Intelligence might be artificial, but the mortally evil intention is as real as the grave.

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