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    Francesco Queirolo Il Disinganno, Naples, Sansevero Chapel 1753-1754   • Trump: “There’s A Level Of Passion… And Hatred I’ve Never Seen” (ZH) •
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    I was right in 3 of 4 new BRICS members, Saudi, Iran, Argentina. But not Indonesia (275 million people), which was on my list. Also no Nigeria (215 million). But Ethiopia (120 million) and UAE (9.3 million) made it. Not easy to figure out motivations.

    Dr. D

    If you hadn’t caught it, everything is a lie. Weiss was not a Trump appointee, they just report it because it’s a lie. The kernel, which doesn’t even count this time, is that Cheeto didn’t actively replace him when he could have.

    DeSantis just keeps dropping, now firmly behind Ramaswamy. So all the political expense they took allowing him to look like a good guy in Florida apparently just means they lost. Allowed medical reality, took hits to not amputate children in school, all that. Now, when they arranged to have him knock out Trump on the Republican platform that isn’t so RINO, the people are aware from the first word and go around him. How’s that work? Fox has Koch brothers strategist in the “random” voter group so he can get air time puffing Ron.

    Authenticity is currency” boys. It’s something they wouldn’t understand. Now I don’t think Ron is in on this much, he’s just a previous-level politico. But they laid off him like a light switch a while ago, got him in the spotlight non-stop, then worked his ego about how great he is. As they got him to run, then inject moron RINO Leftist managers into his campaign and mostly surrounded by them. If you didn’t know, this is how they vote-rig too. The candidate must remain blissfully innocent of all the skullduggery, which is the job of the campaign manager to hire vote stuffers who fill their cars with ballots and get 100 votes per mailbox in apartment blocks like we saw last time. …All caught and all nothing happened to any of them. That’s what we pay campaign managers for, and why you can’t do without them as the OTHER guy has them too — you’ll never get elected without rigging in a rigged system.

    That’s why they can’t look at the vote btw and are “as of one mind” about it. Unless your IQ is 80, after a campaign or two, you’ve seen enough to grasp that’s what every campaign manager is doing. So why won’t Kemp look at wild, obvious, open voter in GA, or McConnell in KY? And every other Republican anywhere? Because they all got elected via vote rigging too, and always have. They’ll all be removed if anyone looks at Trump’s allegations, so they’re not going down, career ended, to save ol’ orange face. They’ll circle the wagons and defend fraud and crime to the death. Against every word and principle of the Republic. …And he knows it, of course, but perhaps not the level.

    That’s the point though: how can you have a McConnell, where his own people boo him in his own district? Because no one likes him, he was never voted in in the first place. As with Schiff, Pelosi, Feinstein… Because the selecting, not electing is done on the soft like this, that’s how an AOC can get it sometimes, in which case they dust off a 500-page, 200-year old playbook and capture her within 6 weeks and she gives Pelosi a tongue bath on camera, then votes pro-war.

    “Federal Judge Sides With Christian Activist Banned by University for Calling Transgender Student ‘Male’

    Again, if you’re not trans and I call you “Buttercup” and “Sissypants”, it’s all fine. Because SOME animals are more equal than others. We have a special, protected class. And if you’re very, very good and say just what we want you can be special too! That leaves only ONE group that isn’t protected…

    “During the Cold War, the CIA compromised some 400 American journalists under Operation Mockingbird.”

    Don’t be silly, that’s a conspiracy theory, which is why it’s in Wikipedia as true, official reality, citing open Congressional testimony under oath. Both. Neither. To have cognitive dissonance, you’d have to ‘cognate’.

    “Ukraine is failing in its offensive and they’re looking for somebody to blame instead of blaming themselves,”

    Look at what is not happening, the dog that didn’t bark. If Ukraine was a country, and if they believed in this, their grim resolve would be focused on how they can withstand and maintain their nation in the face of certain defeat and Russian occupation. That Ukraine, being eternal, can outlast them as they did under the USSR. And if they keep believing in God and the justice of their cause, they must prevail. …You know, like Ireland. Or if France were to be overrun, or America…

    But they’re running around like Pop Warner kids, or rather their sport parents, wondering who to blame. That means Ukraine is not a country, and doesn’t have a cause. How do you win then?

    It will be different.

    “American hegemony is in decline, and that a more multipolar world – in which Washington must treat “rising” powers like China as equals – is emerging.”

    Never forget this is also being fought for at home, they have a rebellion in the ranks here to end the US Empire and NeoCons. We’re not being passive actors of history we just couldn’t get the upper hand on them before.

    • Rand Paul on Return of COVID Measures: “These People Have No Shame” (SN)

    People finally noticing. ZERO CASES. = Mask mandates. WTF? And the few cases elsewhere, somebody had? Zero news on the death rate, so I assume it’s also Zero. So we’re locking down for a disease that isn’t here, and also doesn’t do anything, no one can even tell if you have it, including the ‘patient’. Because “authority” a huge % will still support it but…

    Prigozhin’s plane. Okay, here’s a hot dog vendor who made every general in NATO look like an idiot for a year, lost them the war, then his group’s very existence shut off $100B in French colonialism yesterday. Who’s your prime suspect? Okay, is this the WAY Putin would have killed him? Since the above, remember he can’t retire either, nor go anywhere, NATO will be whacking him worldwide, never rest. So the only way to call up Putin immediately, get the $6B from the Idiots at Langley, then move troops to Belarus a mile from Kiev while having a loyalty test that sends the others to Africa, and to live to enjoy your money, is to fake your death and retire to Ken Lay island.

    I’m not saying this DID happen, but this is spy stuff, keep your mind open. One key to me is CNN was all over it from the first moment. That only happens when they know beforehand because otherwise they need to stuff their heads up Langley’s *ss to get “Orders”. It takes +24h for them to release “The Memo” if they didn’t know it was happening.

    I don’t understand Maui. They shut off the water, and got the conditions right with the wind. So just have a $5k hitman use a box of matches, a cigarette butt, a mylar ballon in the power lines. It’s still all planned, all sanctioned by the State, but couldn’t be easier and you wouldn’t create all this.

    Okay, not saying that to be dumb, that’s an honest question. Why? Because the Derp State is losing like the losing losers who lose that they are. So they are talking to the White Hats saying “We still have this thing and are happy to use it, don’t F- with us.” For example. We’ve seen the White Hats stop things, like the rappelling down in downtown L.A. on Oscar night was one of them it seems. Several labs get in the news, Gate’s lab, the CA lab, not just Ukraine.

    But they’re Hydra, and you can’t know or stop all of them. In a war people get killed, don’t be a child. I don’t need to speculate on this or how, we know a wide variety of agreed-on facts, such as stealing the land and the Vegas police chief stopping evacuation that I’d rather explain first.

    The Spam filter is as Day describes it, it hits all the time but I have no problems to log out and back in again for years. The only stupid thing is it says “Add the two numbers. 7″ Add seven? Is it…seven?


    Pedo Joe is a Dog Faced Pony Fucker



    Shame, shame on You!


    I find this Putin hit idea – all over the internet, including Scott Ritter – hard to swallow. This isn’t The Godfather Part Four nor an episode of The Sopranos. The simple test is that anything the western MSM is saying is likely the opposite of the truth.

    They could have put Prigozhin and the traitors on trial two months ago. There is still Rule of Law in Russia(unlike the West). I’m disappointed that people so easily attribute Clinton ethics to Putin. Must be the Western Mind – even in the general population – to project our immoral behavior on others.


    Love that pony phony Joey!

    . Joe


    Prigozhin’s plane was thoroughly search before takeoff including dogs, nothing found.

    But then being who he was, a case of very expensive wine was loaded at the last minute after the security check

    A lot of people had ‘issues’ with this ‘late’ oligarch.

    The dozen or so Russian Air Force pilots Wagner killed during the ‘revolt’ had families and brothers in arms too.

    Shit Happens

    Just sayin’


    And what morning would be complete without the smell of a Burning Bradley

    The smell of Victory

    Russian FPV drone spanks the Empire of Lies Miliary Mafia

    Dr. D

    Weird cool things from the past: Did you know Joseph was like 30 years older than Mary? And apparently he won her in some weird Jewish sex (or in this case, marriage) lottery I don’t understand. So it was an “arranged” marriage, arranged by luck, which is weird since her mother Anne was right there and they were pretty well off. He was extremely quiet, extremely shy, extremely mild guy with no ambition and everyone picked on him, which explains how he wasn’t married with a Jewish mother at the age of 45.

    Anyway, you know what they say: older parents, church patriarchs, real mild “Spare the rod” types who think their-son-can-do-no-wrong: Well they have rebellious sons who act out, get in trouble with the law, and come to a bad end, that’s what.


    Bankers are paying/getting rich/pulling the strings?

    “… coup d’etat, (against democratically elected gov.), was carried out in that country, (Ukraine), and then a war was unleashed, (by Neo-Nazis), against those people, (who voted to leave Ukraine), who did not agree with that coup.”
    “This brutal war, a war of extermination, (depopulation), had lasted for eight years, (2014, Before Russia helped),”
    Putin emphasized.

    “There are many civilizations and development paths in the world, and this is how the world should be,” – Xi

    “BRICS countries should practice true multilateralism, uphold the UN-centered international system, support and strengthen the WTO-centered multilateral trading system, and reject the attempt to create small circles or exclusive blocs,”
    Xi said, calling for increased trade, financial, and development ties between the five-nation group.
    • Joe Biden’s Ukraine Defense Falls Apart (Turley)

    Corruption and interference.
    The demand for the replacement of the equivalent of the attorney general in another country is an extraordinary move.
    We give massive amounts of money to countries with rampant corruption and authoritarian records.
    But Biden decided Shokin had to go and used public money to make that happen.
    Need a bankers to move/transfer the money
    Listening to bankers
    Money talks louder.
    • Rand Paul On Return Of COVID Measures: “These People Have No Shame” (SN)

    This defies all logic.
    It defies science,
    and it defies common sense.”
    “To see this coming up again, these people have no shame,”

    Which bankers paid for this to happen?
    Update(1605ET): At this point it’s looking like the entire top command of Russian mercenary outfit Wagner Group was aboard the private plane that was downed northwest of Moscow hours ago. Wagner itself is confirming Yvgeny Prigozhin’s death, with Wagner-affiliated Telegram channel Grey Zone calling it a “murder”.

    “The murder/assassination of Prigozhin will have catastrophic consequences. The people who gave the order do not understand the mood in the army and morale at all. Let this be a lesson to all. You always have to go to the end,” the Wagner channel statement reads.


    There was a report on RT a few months ago where Lukashenko expressed worry about the build-up of Polish troops across the border from Belarus. He feared an invasion.

    Since then Russia has sited nuclear missiles in Belarus, moved Wagner troops there, and I think they declared that an attack on Belarus was an attack on Russia.

    Poland made the first move and Russia responded.

    This is what makes me suspicious of Prigozhin’s revolt. The end result was that Wagner troops ended up where Russia wanted them, it flushed out some quislings, and Prigozhin may have received CIA money.

    Against that is the story that the Wagner group downed several Russian fighters. This is slightly suspicious as Russian fighters do not seem so weak against MANPADs or their effect in Ukraine would be greatly reduced. I would like to know how much hard evidence exists.

    Prigozhin was not jailed and had at least one meeting with Putin afterwards. The Wagner group seems quite useful for Russia as it means they can put troops in countries where putting Russian military would be a problem.

    In short, I can’t see this being a hit by the Russian government.


    BRICS Officially Accepts UAE, KSA, Iran, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia as of Jan 1 2024

    A swift eye watering kick to the groin for the G7, Eurotardistan and the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation.

    Better put some on that Klaus, the swelling is gonna really hurt!


    From Andrei Martyanov

    Someone with a lot more contacts and expertise in Russian affairs than most talking heads

    Keep In Mind.

    When speaking about Prigozhin’s death. Two facts:

    1. Wagner’s “effectiveness” was primarily a figment of imagination and PR by… Prigozhin bought media. Wagner losses, especially among former prisoners of law, have been appalling.

    2. Bakhmut affair which was in effect a PR move by Wagner and their “council of commanders” which completely fucked up Russia’s MoD plans and forced it to support Wagner.

    Now, ask yourself a question, especially against the fact of Prigozhin and Wagner being in fact a totalitarian sect, which also started the mutiny–how much longer could this org be allowed to exist in any state, AND how many people had some serious accounts to settle with Prigozhin and his military enablers from this “council”.


    Everyone is working for death.
    If Wagner is mercenary for Russia then Ukrainians are mercenaries for USA/NATO.
    The paymasters are the forces of depopulations.

    John Day

    B R I I C S S U A E E is getting kind of cumbersome.
    Prigozhin had so many enemies. They might have cooperated a little bit. Nobody is claiming credit.
    Reminds me of somebody we all liked better…

    Carving that fishnet out of marble?! How many mess-up-start-overs?

    trying yet again really-not-spam


    If Ukraine win. It loses
    Their citizens will be suffering for a very long time as the whole country will be sold off and all income from lands/minerals/resources given away to foreign countries/investors/businesses to repay massive debts and trade deals.

    If Ukraine loses. It wins
    Russia wins and winner takes all which means NONE of the financed debts are repaid.

    D Benton Smith

    Prigozhin always had size 10 balls and a size 5 hat. He played his cards very well insofar as they served his own personal interests and won him a ton of money and powerful negotiating position, but he overplayed his hand when he got into a “me first & most” game with guys like Putin and Russian High Command, who placed RUSSIAN NATIONAL INTERESTS above personal interests in matters of existentially VITAL importance to the nation and its people.

    The Russian Federation is about to go no-holds-barred with the Collective West because Russia is about to take physical possession of Ukraine. Russia does not want to do that because of the storm such an act would create, but it is being forced by circumstances to do so anyway. Because if it DOESN’T take Ukraine then the Russian homeland will be attacked and annihilated by the Western Cabal (which has been explicitly relentless in clearly stating that is what they intend to do)

    The Western Cabal, on the other hand, can not survive the event of losing Ukraine, which has long been indispensably valuable to the Collective West in a number of indispensable ways, including (but not limited to), food, energy, minerals, geographically strategic position, money laundering, human trafficking and bio-weapons development.

    So, for the short-list of reasons as stated above, Russia SHALL take possession of Ukraine and a storm SHALL ensue as that occupation transpires. The only question remaining is about how rapidly or slowly that process takes place.

    Don’t be fooled into believing that there is some “faction” in Russia that doesn’t want that re-possession of Ukraine to happen. Baloney. There are only TWO factions in Russia. The hard-liners who want to get it over and done with quickly, and the soft-liners who want to do it more methodically, by means of economics and diplomacy within a firm structure of national and international Law (backed up by military force only when actually necessary to preserve the Motherland.)

    Priogozhin (secondary to being a self-serving oligarch) was decidedly a creature of the hardliners, but at the same time was totally not above playing footsies with CIA/NATO, and thought himself to be smart enough to play both ends against the middle (wrong on that one, boyo). Self serving betrayal and sharp dealing was his DNA, although it must be acknowledged that he WAS very brave, clever and good at what he did for a living, which was to WIN.

    A card as wild as Yevgeny Prigozhin can not be depended upon when a nation is about to escalate into unrestricted war with a firmly entrenched enemy who has revealed time and again that it will be satisfied by nothing less than your total extermination as a nation, people and culture.

    So, Prigozhin had to go. To be bluntly frank about it the only thing I personally lament about his death is that a human being had become so despicable that his total removal had become necessary so that far more loyal, fair and deserving people could live.

    In further good news, having now lost Prigozhin as their foil (and having received such a clear message about what happens to traitors in Russia) the hardliners must now take second seat to the softliners (led by Putin) who intend to bring this war to a more distant but VICTORIOUS close with less further loss of life, liberty and property.

    The end of this internecine conflict is just beginning, and yet already the Western Cabal is so desperately terrified of the inevitable conclusion (that they DO see coming, which is why they’re so intent on killing us before we can get our hands on them!) that it is using its previously hidden “ace-in-the-hole” high tech weaponry right out in full public view, in such a way that ordinary citizens with reasonably developed living skills have already figured out about half of it, and are openly talking about it all over the pace. I mean hard to believe super-toys like weather manipulation, targeted earth quake generation, directed energy weapons, a clunky sort of mass mind control (needs some bugs worked out), and desktop-designer-viruses. To name a few.

    The first thing about those malignant atrocities that needs to be pointed out, by the way, is that weapons are just “things”, and things can be defeated with other “things”, so weapons (no matter how “space opera” fancy they seem at first) are no kind of guarantee of victory in the medium to long run. When surprizing and unforseen new weapons are brought into play, defenders quickly design counter-measure “things” to nullify the weapon “thing’ and the game simply goes on developing from that point.

    And the second thing about such “weapons” is that they pretty useless in a REAL war. Their primary effectiveness are only as “Terror” weapons against defenseless civilian populations (who are not the actual warriors in a REAL war). They can be used as a threat to bully ill equipped leaders, but hurting civilians just pisses off the warriors and induces them to fight harder. It seldom determines strictly military outcomes in kinetic battles (the FIRST two atomic bombs being the rare exception.)

    Anyway, back to the point. The bad guys are scared so shitless that they are presently “un-secreting” their best and most secretest “secret weapons” by deploying them in full public view. I reckon that 80% of that population are not capable of believing their own eyes and go dormant, BUT roughly 5% that “public” are not quite that brain-dead and will recognize the threat immediately and go straight into designing and deploying counter-measures without skipping a beat.

    And the most important and effective of all possible counter-measures is to wake up as many of the 80% as possible to the awareness of what is going on all around them so that they come to their senses in time to engage in protecting themselves.

    Long story short: this story is going to get longer, not shorter.

    Shockingly surprising phenomena such as the liquidation of a traitor in the daylight sky above Moscow then indirectly triggering the use of heretofore “Above Top Secret” weapons systems to burn down a city in Hawaii, are going to become so commonplace that such events will barely garner attention. More and wilder are on the way.

    Few to none of those effected are going to have the time or luxury to “deep dive” much of it as events unfold at such an accelerating pace. There’s not enough time in the day, and even less luxury. There’s just too much, too fast, to keep up with and the cause-effect relationships between the lies, liars, schemes and atrocities will be so In-Your-Face-Obvious that “deep diving” won’t really be necessary anyway. It will just be too damned obvious who dunnit and why.

    Up until recently the lies and secrets regarding these attacks on humanity have been obsessively stringently “compartmentalized” and hidden so as to keep the “power-wielding” operations secret, and avoid corporate and personal legal liability in the event of exposure.

    Our job, therefore, is to “de-compartmentalize” those intricate lies and secrets and sufficiently explain the scams and consequences to the intended target victims so that they see what’s going on and stop contributing to it or supporting it through their compliance with the incessant orders to…. basically…. kill themselves.

    The best way forward that I can think of is to continue working hard to keep up with the facts as fast as we can, wise up as fast as we’re able, and to spread what we know to everyone who will listen. If some of it seems too “out there” or Woo for your personal acceptance level, then just drop back a notch or two and concentrate on whatever you DO recognize as true enough to be considered real.


    Died suddenly.


    First Covid deaths were fully vaccinated, Queensland Government records show


    Jeffrey Sachs Says Post-American World Has Begun

    Planting a Big Wet Kiss of Death

    on the Empire of Lies and it’s yappie little lap poodle Ukrotardistan

    Ah,ah,ah……no tongues!


    Let’s do a Vulcan Mind Meld with Ukronaziland and Covid

    Donbass Researchers Have Startling Findings About Pfizer Vaccines In Captured Biolabs

    Ever wonder what all those dozens of bio-lab were doing in Nazilenskyland?


    Interesting documents were found on the territory of the infamous PharmBiotTest biolab in Donbass showing the evidence of testing of Western COVID vaccines made by Pfizer and AstraZeneca on Ukrainians

    I already told you about this place ( before. The lab had close ties with pharma corporations from the EU and the US. A wide variety of drugs were tested here for a low fee. Fatal cases are known. Residents of Rubezhnoye and the area were just cheap biomaterial for Western pharma giants.

    The documents, as well as the testimony of prisoners of war, demonstrate that, among other things, vaccines from COVID-19 companies Pfizer and AstraZeneca were tested on Ukrainians.

    These drugs have a negative reputation due to severe side effects. Unfortunately, ordinary Ukrainians, with no other way to earn money, were among the first to be subjected to deadly experiments.

    Burn these monsters at the stake


    A New Pro-Trump Group Emerges

    Pedo Presidementia Joe is losing the black vote

    Veracious Poet

    The best way forward that I can think of is to continue working hard to keep up with the facts as fast as we can, wise up as fast as we’re able, and to spread what we know to everyone who will listen. If some of it seems too “out there” or Woo for your personal acceptance level, then just drop back a notch or two and concentrate on whatever you DO recognize as true enough to be considered real.

    DBS, do you really think the dumbed-down-to-succumb TikTok kiddos would/could spend the time necessary to read/comprehend/categorize enough blow-by-blow “facts” requisite to develop a cognizant position re: Info-Wars?

    What percentage would/could spend more than 15 seconds to peruse the ramblings of forumites on some backwater forum?

    Nah, the lost souls are FAR too busy playing video games, texting, running down their next “fix”, hypnotized by pron to even be bothered…

    In 1996, before the proliferation of the mind-suck of the WWW (followed up by “smart” phones), it was beyond obvious to me (while trying face-to-face) that The People would/could never wrap their half-wit minds around real reality; Seek the Spiritual Sanity to vitally needed to untangle the *con*, not when self-centered trances were all the rage 😐

    Now we have the syndicated nonstop UniParty/media bread & circuses persecution of Cheeto, an unfathomable malefaction that once-a-upon-a-time in “America” would/could have *never* been allowed to proliferate, the wet dream of gen pop leftists that are giddy like hood rats to witness a rich, white celeb get da beat down up by TPTB/TBTF “muscle”…

    I was wrong when I proclaimed “America” as The Empire Of The Child, in reality America in 2023 has morphed into The Empire Of The Hood Rats, where the status quo is There’s No Shame, Anything Goes 😐

    All hail Emperor Biden!!!

    Today KTLA ran this graphic for a story headline:

    Trump is surrendering for a fourth time this year. Here’s where all the cases against him stand:

    The hood rat mentality must have caught the attention of the word monkey’s bettahs, as I just noticed the incendiary pic got yanked off the story (now no graphic, just grayed out), along with this graphic in the “story”:

    A protester on the left, chants against a supporter of former President Donald Trump, right, near the Fulton County Jail, Thursday, Aug. 24, 2023, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

    Prolodyte word monkeys doing what they do best; Race baiting to shore up “their” base & smear their political opponent du jour (Orange Man Bad)…

    Roll out the monsters!!!

    The devolution of The People is *unraveling* faster than a street junkie nodding off after unleashing the belt ~ Next stop, *major* BREAKAGE of critical *civil* infrastructure.

    Get ready for The Purge




    Veracious Poet

    Closing the barn door after zombies have eaten all your livestock…

    IN-DEPTH: States Unite to Protect Minors From Brain-Altering Pornography:

    Graphic, violent, deviant, and harmful online pornography that can permanently affect brain development can be easily accessed by children.

    And the federal government is doing little to stop it, experts and lawmakers told The Epoch Times.

    Although showing pornography to children is illegal under federal law, federal rules don’t require porn websites to verify the age of users.

    But recently, bipartisan efforts in state legislatures have intervened to protect children in a handful of states.

    It’s important—and urgent—because watching violent porn damages children, therapist Jon Uhler and psychologist Amy Sousa told The Epoch Times.

    It takes a WWW village ~ Billary

    Semper Fi my ganstas ~ Prez O!

    God help the innocent.

    Veracious Poet

    Y’all keep on hammering out the epitaph for Western Civ, someone’s gotta do it 😉

    John Day

    Here is something from Real Raw News about “white hats” arresting FEMA on Maui. (Real or Fake?)
    Marines Arrest 67 Maui Perpetrators
    As the August 8 inferno scorched the tropical landscape and residents and tourists sought guidance from island officials, Maui’s top emergency management official, Herman Andaya, had only one key responsibility: sound the island’s 80-siren alarm system, a blaring klaxon that would have encouraged confused and injured islanders to at once flee the fire-ravaged areas. He could have triggered the warning from any of the island’s civil defense shelters or with a single phone call. But while Lahaina burned, Andaya was 100 miles away in Honolulu, where he and FEMA Mission Support Associate Administrator Eric Lecky enjoyed poached swordfish and pricey alcohol—as if to celebrate a victory—at Blue Ocean Seafood & Steak.
    That repast would be among their last as free men.
    United States Marines under Gen. Smith’s command arrested Andaya Tuesday on treason charges, days after he resigned amid public criticism for not sounding the alarm. Andaya defended his decision by saying he feared the public would mistake the siren for a tsunami warning.
    Andaya was apprehended at Dillinger Airfield on the northwest tip of Oahu while awaiting the arrival of a Cessna 310 to ferry him to Kaui for unknown reasons. He reportedly tried to abscond on foot but was quickly subdued and arrested.
    According to our source, White Hats have videos showing Andya and Lecky meeting in Lahaina on August 6, two days before the blaze. Real Raw News reported previously that hundreds of FEMA personnel began arriving in Honolulu on that date, suggesting the diabolical agency knew that parts of Maui would soon be set ablaze.
    “The footage is definitive. It shows Andaya giving Eric Lecky a tour of Lahaina and advising him where to set up barricades to keep citizens trapped in what would become the disaster zone. Most of what we have comes from citizens who escaped FEMA’s blockade,” our source said.
    Lecky, he added, was apprehended Tuesday night outside the Grand Wailea Astoria Hotel, where he and 65 subordinates were enjoying a taxpayer­-funded vacation in $1000/night hotel suites and boozing it up at expensive bars far from the charred remnants of their hellish handiwork.
    FEMA, our source said, had commandeered several luxury hotels and evicted legitimate guests to make room for what seemed like a never-ending stream of armed agents, many of whom shed their uniforms, disguising themselves as beach-going tourists, once word spread that United States Marines captured Lecky in the parking garage.
    The Marines, though, had photographs of each FEMA employee to have arrived in Maui since August 6 and were able to identify and catch 65 federal goons trying to flee the hotel by every available exit and crevice. Marines suffered no casualties, though several FEMA sustained superficial injuries resisting arrest.
    Marines, our source said, are determined to incarcerate or otherwise deal with all agents still on the Hawaiian Islands.
    “We know at one time FEMA had 2,500 in Maui. Some we got, a lot were killed in action as enemy combatants, and a bunch escaped on airplanes back to the continental U.S. There’s still plenty more there, and they know they’re being hunted,” our source said.
    In closing, our source confirmed that Armed Forces loyal to the criminal Biden regime have arrived in Maui to support FEMA.
    “This is a bad development, and it seems inevitable that more bloodshed will follow.”

    Marines Arrest 67 Maui Perpetrators

    John Day

    ​ The above story, held in abeyance, seems to refer to this context of an annual FEMA meeting on Oahu.
    ​ Maui fire investigation: Maui’s top emergency officials were on a different island for a disaster training as flames flared and did not join response call until five hours after the deadly wildfires begun
    ​ The annual FEMA disaster meeting was held on August 8 in Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, on the island of Oahu – a 30 minute flight from Maui
    While Hawaii’s top emergency coordinators were meeting, wildfires were breaking out in Maui, with the Upcountry Fire reported around midnight
    Lahaina’s fire flared up later in the morning: a school was evacuated at 6:40am and it was declared contained by 9am – only for evacuations to begin at 3:30pm
    ​..’There were consultations about the fires among local, state and FEMA participants,’ said FEMA spokesperson John Mills.
    ​ It was unclear when the Maui officials made the decision to return home and deal with the disaster, or who was in charge when the fires broke out.
    ​ Those attending the conference included Herman Andaya, the then-director of Maui County Emergency Management Agency, who defended the decision not to activate emergency warnings.
    Andaya resigned on August 17, nine days after the wildfires, citing his health.
    It had emerged he had no background in disaster response: Local news site Maui Now reported in 2017 that he was hired over 40 other qualified applicants.
    ​ Also at the conference was Major General Kenneth Hara, director of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HIEMA); James Barros, administrator for HIEMA; and Don Aweau, executive officer for HIEMA.

    D Benton Smith


    John Adams famously said that the American Colonists were roughly divided into even thirds of staunch Royalists, staunch Patriots and determinedly neutral. Later serious studies show him to be more than a little bit optimistic about that. Real numbers were more like 20% Patriot, of whom only a small portion did anything substantial about it, and a very small fraction of that actually took up arms.

    Over the 7 year course of the war eventually 231,000 men served in the Continental Armed forces, though never more than 48,000 at any one time, and never more than 13,000 at any one place. Most official estimates place the percentage of participatory patriots at 3% . . . but THAT is over the course of the entire 7 years, including the end (when we were winning). At the START however (1776) it was a mere 27,000 who stood up and said “I will” when invited to the dance. Out of a population of just under 3 million at the time that pencils out to a rather unimpressive three quarters of one percent. The Brits must have been shaking in their jack boots.

    The fact is, the vast majority of any population are either too young, too old, or too engaged in the birthing and raising of children or other necessary tasks to engage in that kind of fight. Of the remainder not all are cut out to be either warriors, nor scholars, and that’s probably a good thing because there are many other vital works to be done. In any case, I am not a qualified judge of whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’s just THE thing.

    Personally I find it more than a little offensive to listen to carping non productive denigration of the victims of foul play, when the helpful and more beneficial action would be either to inform them into a better state of mind or fight on their behalf so as to go back and help them recover later, or both.

    If our younger generations have been decimated by evil then whose fault is that? Certainly not the children.

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