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    Pierre Bonnard Nude in an Interior c1935   • IDF Resumes Gaza Strip Bombing, Says Hamas Violated Truce (Sp.) • US Lectures Israel Over Gaza War –
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    @jb-hb #147623
    Spot on commentary. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make any money at it!

    “You purposely put out product you knew people didn’t want, but which you thought they OUGHT to want, sir. Or you thought the unwanted product could force them to want the unwanted product or something. But you don’t have any way to force them to agree with you.”


    “You will own nothing” almost everyone i speak to who has heard that phrase considers themself happy. Divide the value of your debt by the value of your free and clear assets (true net worth). Are you happy?

    “Useless eaters”, a happy term spread by the Wicked Messenger, might easily be one of the most misunderstood phrases since it came upon the stage. Almost everyone i know thinks the laborers and the poor are the “useless eaters”. In a deindustrialized world just exactly what is it the lower through lower upper level managers manage? A world driven by financializtion and digital wealth extraction has no need for main street managers. Most of those “will not work” people are unemployed managers. They have never actually worked and they have no commercial potential. There is a point, at which time all of the collateral that has been the basis for the debt of the middle class will be captured. Superfluous is a nice way to say “useless eater”.

    At the top of this page are three links to videos. The sages bringing us their deep wisdom and insight are company men. My interpretation of their message is; if this doesn’t stop it’s going to fuck up my gig. The two of them are high level assistants to murderers of the innocent. Killing children on the sly is much more profitable than killing children and having it broadcast live around the world. Ask any corporate shill about “proprietary information”. The two of them are knowledgeable men in the ways and means of terror, murder, humiliation, extortion, subjugation and wealth extraction. Do you have any doubts concerning the popularity of their videos? When you watch one of their videos you looking into the face of William Calley.

    Are you sure you want to save the village?


    From las night – yes VP I’m aware of Juice Media and their angles but this one was over the target so why not?

    Mr House, thanks for the link to Fabio’s piece – reposting here in case anyone missed it – brilliant.
    Welcome to ‘Low Energy Capitalism’; or, Proletarians of the World, Wear Facemasks!

    Welcome to ‘Low Energy Capitalism’; or, Proletarians of the World, Wear Facemasks!

    Birds and marsupials eating my food forest and giving me the shits. Hate Nature sometimes! Fuck. Netting and fencing next week! Cherries are secure as are the persimmons and nothing eats citrus thank God. The honeyeaters are leaving some of the blackberries, raspberries and Loquats to me. Also what is so yummy about plum tree foliage? I swear it is Crack cocaine to black wallabies. If the gov and rules based order shifts in darker times I am gunna eat my problems. Wallaby and red wine reduction with pepper berry and thyme crust.
    No possums on this old gold mine site yet.
    Busy. Busy.

    Dr. D

    “China Leads ‘New Axis’ In Harvesting DNA From Pregnant Women, Fetuses: British MP

    Are you kidding, we’ve been doing this since 1971, that was the whole point? You don’t think cloning was on TV at that time whole movies like “Boys from Brazil” because we didn’t know nuffin?

    That’s why they’re nutso on it now, and how – somehow – they’ve gotten all American women to support murder and organ harvesting. …But only if it’s in service to billionaire corporations and MiccMac. That’s where they draw the line.

    “Gun Control Advocates Flood Comments Section in Support of Proposed ATF Rule to Restrict Gun Sales

    We only follow laws that are never passed. There would be no “Comments section” of a LAW, passed by CONGRESS. Yup, that’s life: Hammer Time! For every law that ISN’T passed, No Time for breaking every law that IS passed. Like Bribery.

    Virus Watch: “We cannot allow the CCP to block the CDC from accessing the information it needs to protect Americans,” the Republicans wrote.”

    That’s funny: I don’t realize all of China was the 51st state you had jurisdiction over. And all the Parties IN that State. And al the PEOPLE of all the Parties, of all the States that aren’t us.

    Let me put it this way: Suppose – I – have information regarding a virus and I don’t wanna tell you. MAKE ME. That’s called “Plead the 5th”. Now would you like to try again more nicely? A: they don’t know how. All things on earth are either compulsory or illegal. All actions must be at my express command and no action may exist outside it. For I Am God.

    “Texas Sues Pfizer for “Misrepresenting COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy” and “Conspiring to Censor Public Discourse”

    That seems like a lock. No matter what happens, Texas can sure fill that budget hole with Pfizer’s being a dick. They ask why us normal people don’t do the same: well it takes 4 years and several million dollars. Probably get a good return on investment to sue everyone, but it’s not like you can get a business loan for it.

    Trump Quote: The only jury that matters is us.

    Carlson really is headed for VP here it seems. Backup plan 14B.

    3rd Winter of Death: And still scared and under attack, misspelling key trigger words.

    Aspnaz on “batches” excellent point as I had Covid (I think) and still don’t see the vaxxed dropping dead in numbers as advertised. Yet that’s in the stats. So they “Batched” to Arizona and Texas but not Tel Aviv? I can’t prove otherwise, but they certainly whack’d England.

    “• IDF Resumes Gaza Strip Bombing, Says Hamas Violated Truce (Sp.)

    Bombing civilians with zero regard is NOT a violation. That’s just Wednesday in Israel.

    “But Israeli military and intelligence officials dismissed the plan as aspirational, considering it too difficult for Hamas to carry out”

    It is. ...Unless the Prime Minister personally calls a national military stand down for them. “Not a grain of rice can cross the border” one IDF soldier said. …Yet somehow ALL people crossed and nobody knewd? Just that one hour? Like Epstein every camera broke at the same time, every guard was sleeping, and every check was missed…just that one hour? Not in one cell block but over the whole country?


    So is conspiring with Hamas to help kill several hundred of your own people treason?

    “what can individual Arab nations do to support Palestine, and why haven’t they done these things already?”

    An excellent question. We’re past the surprised and patient period. The Arab PLAN is to do nothing? Explain because I don’t understand it. THEY can be patient and wait for Israel to hang themselves, but all of their PEOPLE will unseat them for it.

    “We reaffirm the commitment made in Vilnius that Ukraine will become a member of NATO”

    Blinken demand Russia take all of Ukraine permanently. Thanks! It’s nice to be able to do that with no blame.

    “Dwindling public attention to the Ukraine conflict will be “fatal,” German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has said,”

    Oh well then, too late. I’ll take your word for it then. Since we lost according to you, next issue?

    “Ukraine and members of the bloc are developing “a roadmap for Ukraine’s transition to full interoperability with NATO” – that is, switching Ukraine from Soviet to Western weapons and military tactics.”

    Great, great. Cool. With what men? Training who?

    “Western media has reported numerous complaints by Ukrainian troops that the training they receive from NATO states is not applicable to the conflict with Russia.”

    Yes all their gender identity and racial sensitivity training. That’s about 80% of all time spent in the military I hear. That and browsing catalogs of what gender you want to be, free of charge.

    “Our deal is very fair. You give us all we need, we fight.”

    Boy are they f’n stupid. So we send one rifle at a time, with a promise of another, and get you killed because of the trickle-in problem. Then killed because of arms integration problem. Then killed because of training problem. Then killed because of tactics problem. Like no air support. And you say “thanks”??? No wonder Russians mock Ukrainians as retards. Stupid is as stupid does.

    If you think I’m being hard on them, we’re still “Protesting” here that hasn’t worked in 50 years. We’re still “a-gonna get ’em in that next election” and have revolutionary change. This time is different! While we sell out for 50c and all stab each other in the back. Stupid is as stupid does.

    “Germany is being bossed by its Western partners because it lacks sovereignty,”

    But only for 80 years. Actually it’s more complicated. They’ve been hijacked by the Green Party, who is AntiGreen being hijacked by the WEF and Derp State. Arcana in their system means a micro-minority party can rule in the right positions.

    Since the Greens are clearly AntiEnvironmental in every way, and totally Pro War, I want to know who’s running them, since that’s just not plausible, and “they” only need to buy out a few weak players to make it happen.

    Putin is being too nice still in not saying Germany is buying all the gas from Russia anyway. And lying about it. They’re just paying more.

    “Lavrov says U.S. destroying Europe on purpose to get rid of competition”

    Great, great. So…who’s destroying the United States then? ‘Cause it sure looks like the same people to me. We’re taking all this time and trouble of getting rid of our competition so we can fail faster than Europe? Pancake, Bunny. Your argument is invalid. Let’s talk about what’s really going on, ‘cause this ain’t it. See Luongo.

    ““A money laundering investigator for a bank raised serious concerns in 2017 about a $5 million loan that the Biden family received from the arm of a Chinese energy firm..”

    2017. And nobody cared then, and nobody cares now. The IRS, FBI, DoJ, all spend fortunes on defending it and avoiding enforcing the law. Even to the extent of shutting down the nation’s oldest newspaper, founded by Alexander Hamilton himself. So. Proud.

    So who’s going to act on this? Not Congress clearly. Not the DoJ. Not the States. Wake me when any of you are serious and become adults.

    “One vaccination site, had 253 reported deaths from just 837 Covid vaccinations”

    Speaking of “And nobody cares”. At this point I’d assume 100% of all people died, you’re watching them get drug out by their heels, and there’s a line out the door and Black Friday fights breaking out to get jabs…for their infants. Change my mind.

    “All of the videotapes of all depositions are gone..”

    Oopsie!!! We just lose ALL evidence, EVERY time. It wuz ur accident!

    Okay, wow, so sorry about that: You’re all Fired. And investigated for which there is jail time and losing your pensions. All people whose cases depend on this are freed. Bye. Next? Nope. No one, not Congress, DoJ, their own departments, any State AGs, no one will lift a finger. Too soon? Is 100% of all evidence not enough evidence lost yet?

    I’d guess not: 100% failed competency rates weren’t enough to change Maryland schools, so why should this be?

    “why was it okay for a Democrat-run House of Representatives to have unredacted documents but not when there’s a Republican committee that’s looking into this.”

    And why do you mope around and take it up the crapper getting mud-f’d in your eye instead of doing something about it? Are you waiting for Congress? Someone with subpoena power? Maybe you’re waiting for the group that can defund them? Or maybe the people who can impeach. Boy! If we ever find those guys, you sure will be in trouble mister!

    Puh-lease. Spare me. If you’re not in charge, tell us and we can all stop pretending. And stop paying you…for doing absolutely nothing.

    s pointed out with Twitter this week, you have to cut off the Money. Don’t cut off the money and nothing happens. As the quote goes, “I care not” and “I will re-write it into existence with the flip of a pen”. But as Austin Fitts says, No one will push the Red Button. But Muh Pension! Dude: YOUR PENSION IS ALREADY GONE. We’re trying now to save your LIFE. Get a grip.

    I’m curious about those #Wilde boots.


    Wow, I knew our “leaders” are stupid, but this is “can’t make it up” stuff …

    In fact, the dismissed Paraguayan official was not the first to fall for the ‘United States of Kailasa.’ In January, Newark, New Jersey signed a sister-city agreement with the fictitious entity. When the local government found out in March that they had been duped, they rescinded the accord.


    Ireland Declares Asking An Immigrant To Stop Stabbing You A Hate Crime.

    Via The Babylon Bee


    DUBLIN — “Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar announced that under the nation’s new hate speech laws, asking an immigrant to stop stabbing you will now be considered a hate crime….

    Prime Minister Varadkar also announced that for next Saint Patrick’s Day the government will hand out stickers to citizens reading, “Kill me, I’m Irish.”


    Ah, the bright electric future….

    I came across a very instructive video about your future inevitable EV car when it gets into an accident.

    There seems to be a few issues in electric car batteries after ‘fender benders’ to consider before you by into the dream…..

    It’s about a minute.

    I’ve got a little minute
    Sixty seconds in it
    Forced upon me can’t refuse it
    Didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it…..
    Just a tiny little minute
    but eternity is in it.


    Wow, it looks and sounds like a war zone


    BREAKING: Senator Dick Durbin just BLOCKED Senator Marsha Blackburn’s request to subpoena Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs!

    Well, Dick the Durbin probably is afraid of those videos of him screwing five year olds, that’s why he blocked Epstein’s pedo logs, most likely half of Congress is on those logs.

    From the artist Jacob Epstein: St. Michael subduing the devil (1959)




    Someone sure is sneaky

    Nothing to see here, keep moving



    D from your post: “For I Am God”. As western minds turned to Eastern religion and mysticism western finance and management turned to TQM. The girl and boy genius could not fathom either. The concept of a drop in the ocean of consciousness, that the individual is a facet of the divine, was just a little too deep for western intelligentsia. This same strata of western intelligence could no more grasp TQM than they could grasp Eastern mysticism. The idea that the entire organization had to improve every moment as an organism is out of their ken. How does one improve perfection? Maharishi Mahesh Yogi says I am God, so there you have it, improvement is for you. There really is delicious irony in watching would be monotheists worshiping at the feet of the pantheon of intelligentsia.

    “The highest good is like water, it flows in places men reject” – Lao Tzu. There are some who consider that the Colorado River did not cut through the terrain but stayed in place as faulting and folding progressed. Try to explain to anyone you know “nothing is done and yet nothing is left undone”. I bet you the God you are speaking to does not have the power to process that thought. “Destroyer of worlds” is the work of lesser gods.

    John Day

    Russia’s Supreme Court Designates The “International LGBT Movement” As An Extremist Organization – Here’s What’s Next For The LGBT Movement In Russia

    BREAKING: Russia’s Supreme Court Designates The “International LGBT Movement” As An Extremist Organization – Here’s What’s Next For The LGBT Movement In Russia




    I’m no financial genius or nothing but….

    Is that what an iceberg looks like..

    Or a signal from a higher plane of consciousness

    Unrealized loses, sounds very spiritual



    Paths to peace in Israel
    What Arab states can do to punish Israel
    A unified OPEC stance to defy the US and reduce oil production levels gained Arab leaders global clout.
    So too would a unified stand against Israel’s Gaza carnage.
    Karim Shami
    NOV 30, 2023
    Arab states can be categorized into three main political groupings – each influenced by non-Arab actors: the US, Turkiye, and Iran.

    (INTERFERE: influence, mess, snoop, intervene, poke, meddle, intrude, butting in, barging in, meddling)
    1. to prohibit the use of regional US military bases
    2. to prohibit/impede to supply arms to Israel,
    3. suspend all Arab relations with Israel,
    4. and impose an oil embargo against the occupying entity.
    5. or blocking airspace to Israeli and US aircraft.

    Egypt can block Israeli ships in the Suez Canal, open the Rafah Crossing to Gaza to flood the besieged territory with essential aid, and halt intelligence cooperation – today, and bloodlessly.

    Jordan, which shares the longest border with the occupation state, lacks substantial means to counter Israeli influence. However, Amman could cut ties with Israel and threaten Tel Aviv that it will loosen its border controls – potentially allowing foreign fighters and weapons to infiltrate into the occupied West Bank – a scenario that Tel Aviv fears greatly.

    Qatar, the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), could significantly impact global gas markets, causing energy-dependent Europe to rethink some of its dated policies against Palestine.

    The crucial solution is for Arab nations to overcome internal divisions and forge a unified front to collectively exert influence to halt the Gaza war. Just as key Arab OPEC states developed oversized clout when they defied Washington to cut oil production, they are likely to find that a hard, collective stand against Israel will only confirm their strength on the world stage.

    Paths to peace in Ukraine—expert-1115285850.html
    “Now that it becomes evident that Ukraine is going to lose this conflict, Stoltenberg prepares the allies, especially European public opinion, to the fact that this condition of strict neutrality of Ukraine that has been continuously demanded by Russia since the early 1990s will have to be applied.


    Texas Sues Pfizer For “Misrepresenting COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy” And “Conspiring To Censor Public Discourse”
    THURSDAY, NOV 30, 2023 – 02:20 PM
    November 30, 2023 | Press Release
    Attor­ney Gen­er­al Ken Pax­ton Sues Pfiz­er for Mis­rep­re­sent­ing COVID-19 Vac­cine Effi­ca­cy and Con­spir­ing to Cen­sor Pub­lic Discourse
    The pharmaceutical company’s widespread representation that its vaccine possessed 95% efficacy against infection was highly misleading.
    When the failure of its product became apparent, Pfizer then pivoted to silencing truth-tellers.

    a vaccine recipient’s absolute risk reduction—the federal Food & Drug
    Administration’s (FDA) preferred efficacy metric—showed that the vaccine was merely 0.85% effective.

    First, duration of protection:
    created the false impression that its vaccine had durable and sustained protection,

    • Second, transmission:
    Pfizer instead engaged in a fear-mongering campaign, exploiting intense
    public fears over the year-long pandemic by insinuating that vaccination was necessary
    for Americans to protect their loved ones from contracting COVID-19.

    Third, variant protection:
    The vaccine performed remarkably poorly against the Delta variant, and Pfizer’s own
    data confirmed this fact. Nonetheless, Pfizer told the public that its vaccine was “very,
    very, very effective against Delta.

    Granular data collected by governments worldwide revealed that upon Delta’s introduction, the number of deaths among the fully vaccinated spiked for months. Indeed, certain jurisdictions reported negative vaccine efficacy in late 2021 and early 2022—meaning a greater percentage of vaccinated persons contracted, and even died from, COVID-19 than unvaccinated.


    About Elon Musk’s “Go Fuck Yourself!”

    Uh, yeah. First of all, Disney, you aren’t the New Catholic Church in the New Dark Ages, sent to tell us all the One True Thing to believe, which you will be the sole arbiter of, via your media content.

    You’re a dancing monkey I throw money at to entertain me. A dancing monkey wearing a pope hat to an organ grinder backdrop WAS funny for awhile, but 10 years down the line it does get old. DANCE, monkey.

    EVEN MORESO, it is not Disney’s job to order other companies to autocratically tell me what I can and cannot say FOR Disney.

    I’m not going to give you money to blackmail twitter to police me on wrongthink according to your stupid whacko ideas that generally amount to that you hate me.

    Other things in the catagory of Stuff I Won’t Pay You For:

    Entire Board Of Major UK Charity Sacked For Being White

    After offing the entire board based on their skin colour, remaining staff have been mandated to to undergo training in ‘racial justice’ and ‘white supremacy culture’, according to the report.

    White staff were reportedly separated from black, Asian and other minority ethnic staff and given separate training on “the different characteristics of racism born of Britain’s colonial history, as well as the white supremacy culture that prevails”.

    The charity, founded in 1955, conducted an internal “anti-racist review” overseen by interim director Raji Hunjan (pictured above) and issued a press release describing the move as “a journey towards a better understanding of the history of racism”.

    A statement by the Tudor Trust noted “We recognise that we live in a society that is shaped by white privilege and racism. We also acknowledge that being a family Trust has given rise to a trustee board that is almost entirely white and privileged. While the profile of the staff of the trust is more diverse, we recognise that, throughout the organisation, most of us do not have experience of what it means to be discriminated against because of our colour.”

    holy fuck, a charity in England was made up of English people – get that trash out of here!!! Everyone know show profane and disgusting THAT is. Ew. Ugh. Gonna vom.

    PS you are living in a mccarthyist fantasy/past. nothing is happening.


    WES posted:

    I haven’t commented much on the Gaza war because everything happening there is obvious and there is nothing new happening. Same 100 year old plus stuff happening inside.

    But outside something has changed.

    So, US navy carrier assets in the Mediterranean are positioned well out of the reach of Iran’s proxies in Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria.

    But, US navy carrier assets are well within range of Iran!

    What does that tell you? So who is winning/losing?

    Some comments, additions..

    In the past 2 years:

    The war in Yemen ended, more or less. MBS called it off (?) Sure, see footnotes, not a happy jamboree.

    KSA has effected *rapprochements* with Iran, Quatar, and Syria. Turkey and Syria have also been in touch.. (Idk the details. Bashar Al-A. is now welcome all over the ME.)

    In the ME, efforts to re-stabilise the Region, via aliances, accords, agreements, to render it resistant to *divide and conquer* moves by the USA (effected via corruption, funding of XYZ, military moves, social manipulation..) is taking place.

    This shifting geo-pol landscape spurred Hamas attack on Israel. Planned for a long time, one of its aims was to provoke the support for Palestine we see now.

    The US loosing power all over the world is the primary cause. See Afghanistan, Biden a senile stumbler, and more, all this makes Israel fragile, their Super Protector is kinda leery of going all out as that might inflame the whole ME and waken Iran.

    Ok that was a potted analysis…


    to paraphrase Mr. Ron White
    if you come down here and hate me I’ll hate you back

    will leave you to your peace for the day

    Susan C

    Every so often I’m on the point of being fooled by some piece with a dubious quote. Maybe it’s just me and everybody else recognizes these things as jokes long discounted by those in the know. If so, I apologize for noticing and mentioning that the above quote attributed to Henry Kissinger is false.

    Here is the body of the speech he made that day in a transcript from The Atlantic Council:
    There are any number of legitimate reasons to despise the man for what he actually did say and do.

    TAE is so valuable because we can trust the information found here. Thanks for all you do and to your knowledgeable commenters.


    I did search for the source on that Kissinger meme yesterday, and the extraordinary thing was the search results – the entire internet, the entire universe appears to be screeching, screeching, screeching in a single voice “DEBUNKED!!! NOOO! HE NEVER SAID THAT!!!!”

    And he HAS been a proponent of depopulation.

    So I take the meme to be like a political cartoon, a caricature summing up his attitude. Like when the Babylon Bee does a humorous satirical story that nevertheless is bitingly true at its core – the best jokes are – and CNN and the New York Times exclaim that it is fake news and debunked.


    This isn’t a misquote



    The Professional Managerial Class (PMC) are Insects

    We could easily grind them all up in an industrial wood chipper and add them to the protein component of the human diet.

    They would probably be more nutritious and better for health than Soylent Green


    Igor points out the next bugaboo of the …oh, I don’t even know what to call them anymore.
    If laughter is the best medicine, I guess it will have to be banned.
    Clown world. Scary, Gacy clowns.


    Elon’s meme is spreading



    20 years ago…: Ali Abunima. 28 Oct. 2003. Electronic Intifada.

    Because of the Oslo process, the basis for a viable and minimally fair two-state solution has been completely destroyed. The Israeli “peace camp” and the Palestinian leadership ought to have learned from the calamities they helped bring about and changed their ways. The so-called “Geneva Accord,” an informal agreement prepared by Israelis, led by former Labor Justice Minister Yossi Beilin and other Oslo-era luminaries, and Palestinians close to Yasser Arafat, demonstrates a determination to repeat the tragic errors of the past. (…)

    Oslo allowed Israel to double the number of colonists on occupied Palestinian land, while the PLO transformed itself into a Palestinian Authority whose mandate was to protect Israel from the victims of the ongoing colonization.



    This piece was written in November 2019 by Lara Marks and Jakrin Bamrungthai with generous input from Martha Clokie, Antonia Sagona and James Soothill.
    Phage therapy
    Phage therapy involves the use of viruses that attack bacteria to treat pathogenic bacterial infections.
    The advantage of such viruses, known as bacteriophages or phages, is that they selectively target and destroy certain bacteria without harming the host organism or other beneficial bacteria, such as gut flora, thereby minimizing the possibility of complications. Most therapies use lytic phages, which take over the machinery of the bacterial cell and then destroy the cell.

    The diagram shows how a phage infects a bacterial cell. Once a phage infects a bacterium, it takes over its cellular machinery to shut down its defence mechanism and synthesise new phage particles. The number of phage particles synthesised eventually reaches a point where they rupture the bacterial cell which allows them to be released into the environment to infect a new host.

    Phage therapy is now seen as a major alternative treatment to the use of antibiotics.
    Spurred on by the rising incidence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in recent years, phage therapy is now considered an important means to treat various bacterial infections not amenable to antibiotics. With AMR predicted to cause up to 10 million deaths by 2050, far exceeding any other infections or even cancer (O’Neill), phage therapy is one of several approaches scientists are intensively exploring to treat bacterial infections. Indeed, as Table 1 shows phage therapy offers some advantages over the use of antibiotics.


    Lavrov Destroys Zionist Dog Yair Lapid


    Desantis “Goes There” in Humiliating em>Gavin Nuisance with a chart in Fox Debates

    Desantis holds up a plotted map from a smart phone app that plots the areas of San Franshithole with the most human feces on the sidewalks.


    This is the caliber of Duh’merican presidential debates.

    They are both Turds in the Punch Bowl

    But Desantis floats and Gavin Nuisance sinks!



    Another Fourth Reich Leopard II tank snuffed out like a Candle in the Wind


    Not all middle managers are bad.

    I had a middle management team back in Nextel that established a glossary of company terms, which they ruled with an iron fist. Then they had a set of policies based on those terms, phrased with no wiggle room. And they would sit down in a cubicle and take calls periodically.

    This left weasely middle managers no wiggle room to manipulate performance stats – “deliverables” They knew what was happening, they cared what was happening, and they recognized their own responsibility to intervene in what was actually happening. You did specific measurable things that mattered or bad things happened – it was awesome.

    1 merger and 1 outsourcing later, I found myself under a supervisor obsessed with moving up into middle management. All she dreamed of. Total slavedriver, but of total chickenshit. She would fuck over 1,000 customers and her employer to make ONE particular deliverable stat to go up so she could claim “I’m duh bestest at duh _____ thing” She’d even invent HER OWN deliverables that no one asked her form so she could then claim being the bestest at THAT in her next review. Her demands created weird, surrealistic, nightmare situations in which we would be trying to explain the irrational and unexplainable to customers over and over – like, why can’t you do the obvious right thing? Well, you see, there’s this useless chick 6 feet directly behind me that’s been gunning for a middle management position for 6 years straight and never cares about anything else, I can feel her eyes boring into the back of my neck right now, sir? How do you embezzle from the company when you don’t have access to their accounting? Like this. Get raises based on screwing over the customers, employer and your underlings.

    Had a dept manager who revised all our processes just to offload credits to other cost centers while re-imagining credits to her bosses as “expenses.” No you dumb shit, when we credit something, we are wiping out a charge we should never have charged in the first place.

    But she managed to offload a whole bunch of functions – and then lock us out in our system profiles from doing it ourselves – to force other departments to do all the credits our dept was supposed to be issuing as part of our normal customer care job. And of course other departments, deluged with our requests and benefiting not at all, would play all kinds of passive-aggressive call center mind trick games – the work couldn’t get done through requests and we couldn’t do them ourselves. But in the all-hands, she proudly presented graphs our our dept budget compared to other budgets, with “credits” displayed as an “expense”

    You’re supposed to be negating erroneous charges you dumb fuck. It is probably THE primary function you were supposed to fulfil.


    Instead of weakening Russia, the Empire of Lies has made it into one of the most stunning efficient, innovative and powerful armed forces in world history.

    And Russia is going ‘balls to the walls’ trying out new creative weapons systems under live test conditions.

    One of their genius innovations is taking old aerial ordinance without any ability to steer or guide to the target and outfitting this old ordinance into ‘glide bombs’

    Strapping wings, and now small jet engines to 250, 500,1000, and 1500lb aerial bombs and making them able to glide 100km from the release point to the target within a 5 meter accuracy.

    Russia has ten of thousands of these old bombs in storage and can now make them into incredibly accurate weapons for very little addition adaptive cost.

    Meanwhile the Empire of Lies Military Mafia cant pull it’s thumb from it’s ass with any weapons system.

    The F-35 Lardbucket, the ‘Patriot’ missile Putz, the list goes on and on and on……..

    New Russian Glide Bombs Unveiled


    They think it’s like a TikTok video post

    It’s not

    An Increasingly Common Sight in Ukraine


    Our overlords are the Bear, hopefully hopefully we can be as brave and calm as the Dog What a wonderful example from Nature/God in how to deal with malicious intent.

    Dr D Rich

    Debunking a lie about the antichrist, Hank Kissinger, is such an important waste of time.

      Taking the time to debunk a lie about Hank Kissinger The Antichrist to protect the reputation of this The Automatic Earth website IS priceless.

    Dr D Rich

    Here’s a few thoughts from the past which help explain why The Hank Kissinger Protection Project is so unnecessary and the process opposed is belated and was necessary a long time ago for Hank, The Monumental Schitt.

    Mimetic desire vs Mimetic rivalry leads to violence

    Doesn’t have to precipitate violence, but it does often enough. Memetic versus Mimetic…so close. Think Berne’s Alcoholic Games theory.

    Scapegoat Mechanism is the process by which group hostility is transferred onto a single VICTIM-SCAPEGOAT and group unity is restored.
    Unite around a Common Cause to eliminate the cause of all divisive violence from the group. Equilibrium is restored.
    Problem is it’s Temporary

    It’s about time Hank Kissinger Antichrist was Scapegoated AND eliminated for time immemorial.
    Right, Dr D? There’s no harm in telling lies about dead people. After all scapegoating is all about the big lie and Antichrist Hank was spared it while alive for reasons Dr D will explicate or not.

    Obscurantism exists JUST TO MISLEAD and CONFUSE…

    What say you about the ‘obscurantists’ Dr D?
    Are these the guys like The Spellbinders that Lobaczewski predicted in political Ponerology would reach a concentration detrimental to the entirety of Mankind?


    MoA/Down South – Skewered Facts

    Grift is Ukraine’s biggest national industry.
    Laundrymats are just the political money cleaning operations of their grift!

    The latest grift is the sudden Ukrainian desire to go on the defensive and build a new defensive line called the “Zelensky Line”. The name has a nice hollow ring to it, does it?

    Obviously “grift free” peace doesn’t stand a chance in the Ukraine.

    Macron is busy trying to sell the Ukrainians the slightly used Magnot line instead. But Israel is offering their newer failed defensive line cheaper!

    So don’t be surprised to see your government leaders falling all over themselves in excitement to fund this new grift with your money!

    Sadly, Russia will be forced to preload all their drones with images of shovels, bags of cement, portable cement mixers, concrete trucks, backhoes, and bulldozers! Now Ukrainians will die trying to make cement shoes!

    The only thing the Ukrainians don’t need are shovels! They have plenty of these from all those under-armed dead Russians who fell, bringing a shovel to a gun fight.

    Of course the Russians can be expected to help by laying down minefields wherever the Ukrainians decide is a good spot to build their “Zelensky Line”. Can I recommend Switzerland?



    It comes as no surprise that Israel is agreement incapable.
    The only question is who is the little/big brother in this, Israel or US?


    Good find about phage. I had never heard of this field of study before.

    Dr D Rich

    Regarding the heartbreaking post on Ukrainian women in uniform, here’s the heartwarming Antithesis in the U S. Military, Lisa Franchetti and my very own Michelle Howard, that Michelle who ranked me dead last in her USNA platoon when my academic performance 4.0 in chemistry and no.1 rank professionally placed me at the top in the class. So, you can see that “talent” was always in her 4′ 10″ #150 body…Machiavellian elimination of competition. A Catholic white guy she suspected some time in the past enslaved her ancestors.

    Who’s to argue with success!
    I present Lisa and Michelle, defendresses of freedom.

    Veracious Poet


    From las night – yes VP I’m aware of Juice Media and their angles but this one was over the target so why not?

    “Why not”?

    When you lay down with dogs, you wakeup covered in bloodsucking parasites (see Dr. D Rich’s above comment).

    Something “Americans” still haven’t learned regarding the DnC/GoP duopoly…


    Our overlords are the Bear, hopefully hopefully we can be as brave and calm as the Dog What a wonderful example from Nature/God in how to deal with malicious intent.

    Wow, you’re actually unable to read a situation at all, aren’t you?

    Clearly “the Bear” is domesticated, probably raised from birth with the older dog, it’s Alpha 🙄

    That’s the only scenario where a dog would be *superior*, and not threatened, by “the Bear” (even that young), outside of a pack

    That cub most likely has never seen another bear, is only accustomed to youthful play with canines & possibly humans, would never intentionally hurt another “family” member.

    Interesting no one else has grokked the “situation”, or commented on the video, implying inability of many (most) to counter the implied meme where super dog shrugs off the “wild” alpha predator diegesis 🙄

    Not surprising, not in the least…

    Facta, Non Verba.

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