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    Veracious Poet

    Speaking of Facta, Non Verba…


    Aren’t the waters muddied enough, The Problem beyond sufficiently intransient & complex, without the “trusted” host posting truther-porn fictions?

    There are seriously *malignant* folks out there that obsessively create such disinformation, as a crutch to aid their propaganda/voices-in-the-head (eg It’s Da Joooz, Agent Provacateurs, Cultists, Anarchists, ad nauseum) 🙄

    This crap serves no *logical* purpose, is not funny, unless you’re a Storm Front psycho, or some other type of misanthrope that wants to see chaos reign and/or it *all* burn…

    I realize sometimes we all need some “light” entertainment, but perhaps you should stick to the cutesy animal world, science oriented, brain teaser memes after Calvin & Hobbes?

    Just a suggestion so might one might be prepared for the sporadically ever-present unconscious biases rampantly dispensed as real reality information…


    John Day

    The bear wanted the dog to play, but the dog was not in the mood to play.

    Dr D Rich

    The Ukrainians AND Russians will not put women in charge.
    You think there might be good reason why West Point and Annapolis don’t graduate nurses or journalism majors like Lisa Franchetti. The promotion of Lisa to the summit and before her Michelle Howard to the penultimate position INVALIDATES everything the service academies promote and pushes polity and Machiavellianism to the forefront.
    Under a female leader all men beneath her are chosen for their lack of competitiveness and ambition. Instead she selects tame, obedient, likeable fellows.
    None of those Boat School engineers found Michelle the least bit capable. Lisa never demonstrated the self-determination to take on a Math or Chemistry major.

    Catholics and Quakers and Sikhs and Mennonites and Mormons don’t select such unaccomplished MEN to lead. Perhaps, the intent is too humiliate and emasculate


    “real reality information”
    Many believe that they can control/direct/avoid the depopulation future and survive as one of the entitled ones.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)
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