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    John French Sloan Backyards, Greenwich Village 1926   • Medvedchuk Sees No Prospects For Minsk-3 (TASS) • US Officials Basically Admit They Blew
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    If you watch Lira’s vid and substitute your own govt. (in my case Australia) for Germany and you substitute Nord Stream for Vaccine you are even more on the target of what is going on. A play for world domination through a little old thing called Reset. Or Build Back after first Burning Down.
    Or Killin’ folks

    I wish people would listen to the fools on the hill


    Look who is least and most targeted by the Wuhan strain.

    Hee hee hee …

    ACE2 coding variants in different populations and their potential impact on SARS-CoV-2 binding affinity

    Think this happens by chance.
    Thank again folks.


    Dr. D

    ” Medvedchuk Sees No Prospects For Minsk-3 (TASS)”

    His point is worldwide: a leader who only pretends and represents half of his people, while ignoring and repressing, even actively killing the other half. Is there a nation where this is NOT happening? State of the Union was a good example.

    US Officials Basically Admit They Blew Up Nord Stream – Lavrov (RT)”

    What? Again? Nuland already did after both she and Biden promised they would on camera. …But saying something on camera, then having it happen is a conspiracy theory because – I – know what they really meant and Daddy would never hurt me. They didn’t mean what they actually said: I use my PutinTelepathy to know.

    “attracting private capital for a new investment fund to rebuild Ukraine’s infrastructure that has been destroyed in its war”

    The poster child of “Disaster Capitalism”. The “Broken Window” isn’t a fallacy if I’m the window repairman. It’s straight profit. It’s a loss for “society”, the Commons, but who cares about that?

    “ever since Prime Minister Viktor Orban refused to align with the WEF Western Democracies”

    These are power groups with aligning interests. I represent them as cohesive, but always even one side’s generals disagree and have different priorities and styles. So they are WEF-run in a way, but also follow London’s MacKinder. It’s not that it’s false, it’s part of their wider worldview that they agree on. That’s why the WEF/CCP twinship is disturbing. …Neither of which is actually communist, if you please, although both widely claim they are. The new improved, kinder, gentler version, “Social Equity” or whatever dumb s–t I have to say to get you to do what I want, work for nothing, get hosed, and I take your money for free.

    Orban should say they are coming to murder all Hungarians and to prepare. As they will shell it non-stop now, he should express in the gravest terms to buy all the food, fuel, etc, they can and get some militias going. Arming every Venezuelan by buying 200,000 AKs seemed to work for them. No invasion.

    “Starlink remained available for military communications in Ukraine, even though as a private company SpaceX had the right to switch the terminals off.”

    Private companies superseding governments, having their own armies, secret services, etc. This is the prototype and beta test and is going well. As they say, BlackRock owns Ukraine. Or rather the reverse: they are the “same people” in both chairs with interlocking interests: they get your money, you die in a hole.

    “The Starlink system was hailed by US officials as a gamechanger for the Ukrainian military,”

    Whenever I hear the word “Gamechanger” my brain shuts off because it is never, ever, ever, never true. As it wasn’t this time either, AND the author knows it, AND still wrote it. “Bombshell! Walls are closing in!”

    “Musk and Shotwell had only two options: they could either be on Ukraine’s side and not seek “ways to do harm” or be counted as pro-Russian.”

    Really? According to who? People who nobody cares about and don’t matter? Wow, I’m super worried about what the Economics minister of the Seychelles thinks about my new car. Aren’t you? And so with Ukraine. Who? Is that a country in Europe or something? GFY and Make Me.

    “Big Oil Rakes In Record Profits (RT) “

    Okay. Are they? What I’ve seen previously, and my memory may be faulty, is that they make the profits of a grocery store, like 8%, for years and years. Congress then screws around with them, changes permissions and taxes so they “Control the means of production” and they lose billions in sunk investments. Then comes a year when they actually make some money—which is mostly unreported inflation which is running +15% and not 5% – and Congress then cries “Windfall profits!!!” Yeah, over the previous 12 years you were dicking them you added from 8% profit you can barely get the stock market to pay attention to you, and it becomes 9.5% Super-wow. How about I just close all the investments, stop drilling and see how that feels for ya? Why don’t we get AOC and McConnell down here with some coveralls on in -10F in North Dakota and tell me how everyone makes too much money?

    What they need is STABILITY. Predictability. And they have intentionally poisoned the well long-term for that, insuring high prices, not low ones, and prices which will kill everyone but especially the poor, the supported (no longer actual) DNC base.

    A thing to think about. The only thing worse would be to nationalize it, which is/was Germany’s plan, taxing at 99% rate, as not only do they suck at everything and have never had a program work in 250 years of trying, but we know for a fact are openly advocating killing everyone by shutting off their heat. I don’t know about you, but when my neighbor says he’s going to burn down my house, goes on and on about it every time we meet, it gets my d—n attention. Especially when I’ve been seeing matches and brushfires lately.

    “• Ray McGovern Comments on Sy Hersh (Garland Nixon) “

    Since race is the foremost and only important characteristic of humans, Garland Nixon is a Black Conservative. There, I finally paid attention to it and didn’t forget. That means what he says is true and important because: melanin, so you now have no choice but to obey, that’s racial #Equality.

    “A fairer economy would avoid excessive exploitation and extremes of inequality;”

    Great! What does that mean? “Good things are good”? No: what happens next is “–I– am the arbiter of what is good and bad, what is equality and inequality, who is the “extreme” or the “excessive”. You must all shut up and do what I say.” I am super smart and good and you are all stupid and evil.

    How about this that is much easier to prove: IT WAS ALL AGAINST THE LAW. Laws on bribery. On theft. On registering purchases. On paying taxes. On fraud and misrepresentation. On monopolies, on racketeering. On unequal application of the law. THAT I can prove and has a 1,000 year body of history. That’s not “greed”– whatever that is. Like “Drunkenness” it’s going further than –I– think is modest and right. We don’t have to navel-gaze and wonder if it was “extreme” or “exploitative”, it was merely illegal under 1,000 years of law and custom.

    Now would someone like to bring that case and start arresting now?

    And THAT is why you’re going to get a violent denouement.

    “‘secret’ discussions designed to navigate a path out of various economic and strategic problems posed by Brexit,”

    May already destroyed this. The whole point of Brexit was to relieve regulation, get their resources back (like fishing grounds), lower taxes, and employ people. Ireland already demonstrates this works. May destroyed any momentum from private investment to take advantage of that, so they get the worst of both worlds: All the regulation and corruption of the EU, but without any representation (not that there is any there). MissTruss re-proved this is the top 100% A-1 priority to the powers of Britain as she tried a very boring, moderate, limp attempt at that, and they went nuclear and deposed her. Just like before WWII it is “We obey Europe against every last Briton or die trying.” The combined intelligentsia and political class against all the people. ..And just like WWII, the People were right again. Although dumber than a post, they are STILL leagues smarter than Eton.

    Romanian Senator: I guess we’ll find out if that’s all a conspiracy theory or not. Who can say at this point? P.S. Iran has and earthquake only when bombed by Israel. Ukraine weather experienced a miracle and didn’t freeze for the Russian advance. Huh. Meanwhile, doing that has caused the entire polar cold to end up in Boston and New England to be colder than Mars. Died of coincidence, I’m sure. None of that existed just like we have no space plane, no biolabs and no underground bases.



    Germ, if they are really going there they still gots ta be careful with messing around with nature as DNA mapping has the Ashkenazi Jews as only 3% middle eastern and all the rest European and Turkish. Karma will always level out the playing field. I mean we all die anyway.


    The new improved, kinder, gentler version, “Social Equity” or whatever dumb s–t I have to say to get you to do what I want, work for nothing, get hosed, and I take your money for free.

    Made me laugh. You are the bestest buddy.

    Also I think we are more argumentative on here lately because we are more fucked up emotionally by the complete insanity of our fellow man. It’s a venting that you just can’t do out there, but can, (sort of) in here – but it is tiring because the effects of 5th Gen warfare make you tired and upset and grumpy.

    I don’t care – I fuckin’ love you guys.


    A Yale economics professor

    Stopped there, when was the last time someone qualified in economics got something right? Looks like NYT managed to fit one more crazy into their role call. And people wonder why I delete the links they send me when they are NYT links. Don’t encourage them, they are crazy.


    “Ukraine has practically ceased to exist as a state.”

    Ukraine was stolen by the Americans and their Jewish puppet a long time ago. The Jewish puppet has done his best to terrorise the real people of Ukraine with war controlled by his puppet masters, the USA, the Democrat party controlled by his Jewish brothers. You may as well describe the Ukraine as the golden state of the USA, what other state receives so much cash stolen from the US tax payer?


    He’s selling his country by the pound.

    They pretend to be fighting for Ukraine but they are really keeping the war going to steal everything that can possibly be stolen from Ukraine until the country does not exist any more. A massive theft operation – the same as they are still planning to happen to Russia – teamed with the Jewish FTX and their Democrat untouchable crooks, organised by the Democrat tribe in the USA, the one that will get funding from Israel to out campaign any anti-Israel candidate. The party that makes anti-semitism a special crime against the chosen ones, who make holocaust denial a special crime against the chosen ones, that have the tribe in Twitter to censor the anti woke, yet some on here still believe there is not such thing as groups …. ask Israel about groups, they will explain.

    They stole Ukraine like they stole Palestine and now they want to steal Russia. Same project.

    That Bloke

    Introspection: Examination of one’s own thoughts and feelings. Introspection is the key that opens the door to discernment. “Man know thyself”

    Discernment: The act of perceptive insight. To measure information and assign value. Discernment is the key that opens the door to logic and reason.

    Judgement: The capricious abandonment of information, utterance of an opinion. Ignorance wrapped in arrogance.

    “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see,” Mark Twain

    Please allow me to join upstate and voice in the appeal to kindness.

    That Bloke


    Good to see Malhotra putting Monbiot in his place. I hope George likes crow because he’s going to be eating a lot of it even if he is a vegetarian.


    • Homo implacatus (Jotwani)
    A competition ensues among ‘scholars’ to show who is cleverer, or which hoary books have been proved right. Madness born of greed gets classified as ‘a higher form of civilization’.
    War, money, ideology and democracy, neo-Nazism, intimidates, threatened with repression, criminal prosecution, torture and
    violence, conflict, death
    “The vileness of Western politicians is well known,” Lavrov continued, suggesting that “the plan, which is now being implemented through ‘inciting’ Ukraine against Russia and waging a war by the entire West against Russia by means of Ukraine, is to a large extent aimed at preventing a new rapprochement between Germany and Russia.”
    Read more …

    • The Pain of Listening To Twitter Censorship Testimony (Naomi Wolf)

    THEY did not need to claim, let alone prove, that I was actually wrong in any concrete way; all they had to do now — and they did this repeatedly, clearly, as we see now, at the behest of the government involved – was to repeat the phrase replicated around the world, and embedded into posterity via my Wikipedia bio:

    “Naomi Wolf was banned from Twitter for misinformation.”

    Will we let these cultural functionaries — who operate just like those petty tyrants of the cultures of Berlin and Munich not so long ago — take up space, with impunity, in the heart of our America?

    Or will we drag America back into daylight and sunlight again, and force these equivocating wretches to face their own degenerate crimes — crimes against freedom of speech and the Constitution?

    I just want a peaceful place of my own in the sun.
    Your fucked up. Fix it






    Central Bank Digital (cashless) Currency.
    From Edward Dowd.
    “Listen very carefully.”


    Dr D
    How about this that is much easier to prove: IT WAS ALL AGAINST THE LAW. Laws on bribery. On theft. On registering purchases. On paying taxes. On fraud and misrepresentation. On monopolies, on racketeering.

    But I thought capitalism works best “laissez-faire,” no regulation, no government interference, only the “invisible hand?”

    I disagree with “greed is good.” It is good when people shoulder up responsibility for themselves, for their dependents. People need to be responsible for themselves because only they can truly understand what their own needs and wants are. Self-interest does not need to be “enlightened,” it is practical. But “self-interest” exists on a continuum. We are humans; we are social. We need other humans, we need the natural world, we need economies to meet our needs. Individually, we are also parts of larger groups, and our survival also depends upon the survival of these larger groups. We need balance between between meeting our own needs and promoting the well-being of the group. “Self-interest” becomes “greed” when it is championed at the expense of others’ well-being, at the expense of the greater whole. Healthy self-interest also promotes the well-being of the whole. Groups can also trample on the well-being of individuals, urging them to act in ways that do not respect individual needs (like the Covid and subsequent vaccine debacle.)


    Why are there reports from news medias that officials are urging people to leave Russia and Belarus as soon as possible?




    How does the above make any sense – when the next Covid wave is coming in super death vaxxed Australia.
    They are insane!



    We don’t watch TV at home but are in a hotel and turned it on. Pfizer has a commercial where 4 celebrities talk about their increased risk of Covid 19 because of their comorbidities (asthma, diabetes, being overweight and depression … the depressed celebrity was Michael Phelps). The commercial directs you to the website It looks like a public service announcement but near the bottom there are a bunch of Pfizer disclaimers and a tiny Pfizer logo. The money line is
    “This form can act as a handy checklist if you test positive for COVID-19. Fill it out now and, if you test positive, use it to discuss with your healthcare provider whether a prescription for an authorized COVID-19 oral treatment is right for you.”
    They are hoping that of all the many authorized COVID-19 oral treatments out there you will choose Paxlovid. /sarc


    The same reports to flee was previously reported February 14, 2022
    Ukraine’s oligarchs fleeing the country

    By Cameron Jones in Kyiv
    February 14, 2022

    Ukraine’s richest men are fleeing the country with their families as the number of private jet charters jump after the possibility of war spiked in recent days, according to flight traffic information posted on social media on February 13.

    Michael Bociurkiw, an analyst at the Atlantic Council, tweeted on February 13 that, “Ukrainian oligarchs and business folks were leaving Ukraine on charter flights, with about 20 charters and private jets departing from Kyiv on Sunday alone.”

    He linked an article from Ukrainska Pravda to the tweet, which used the website Flightradar24 as their source for citing the 20 chartered flights.

    Switzerland, Austria and the south of France were the most popular destinations for the charter flights.

    Ukrainska Pravda stated that such an exodus on charter flights hasn’t been witnessed in six years of observations. The publication reported that planes belonging the country’s top oligarchs, including Rinat Akhmetov, Viktor Pinchuk, and Boris Kolesnikov, as having left the country. A private plane for 50 people was also ordered by Igor Abramovich, another top business figure.

    Some, such as Vasiliy Khmelnitskiy, founder of holding company UFuture, announced they have left for business reasons only, with Khmelnitskiy adding that his children remain in Ukraine. Kolesnikov also stated that he himself was in Kyiv and would remain in the city this week. Rinat Akhmetov has been out of the country since January 30, leaving for Zurich on business.

    The mood on the streets of Kyiv and Kharkiv remains calm but public concerns on the looming war was fuelled after it was announced that flight insurance will no longer be issued to airlines transiting Ukraine from February 14. All commercial air traffic through Ukraine may be halted as a result.

    The government pledged $590mn guarantee to cover premiums over the weekend to keep the airlines running, the Kyiv Independent reports. Richer Ukrainians were simply hiring their own planes to leave.

    The coming week will see major Russian military exercises ongoing in Belarus and Russian naval drills in the Black and Azov Seas. Fears of a war soared after a briefing by White House national-security adviser Jake Sullivan on February 12, who said that an invasion of Ukraine could happen “any day.”

    Many have speculated that these drills are in fact cover for an invasion of Ukraine by Russia and Belarus. Russia denies it will attack Ukraine and has accused the West of hysteria.

    But many of the well off are making prudential preparations. bne IntelliNews sources confirm that two residential English tutors, both British citizens, working for an MP and a businessman respectively, will leave for the south of France this week. Neither confirmed that the flights had anything to do with increased fears over an invasion, as both families travel regularly with their staff for work holidays. Even last month, when the war drums began to beat more loudly for the first time, tutors and teachers working at private schools in Kyiv reported a large number of children absent, away on holidays.


    New Sorli paper: “The results obtained confirm that the mortality of the vaccinated coronavirus-infected groups was 14.5% higher on average than the mortality of non-vaccinated coronavirus-infected groups.”

    -> Death Vax INCREASES your risk of death from COVID.

    Forgotten “Primum Non Nocere” and Increased Mortality after Covid-19 Vaccination


    TVASF (they, really, really are – follow the Science)

    The Buildup To War In Ukraine – February 13 2022
    In early 2022 Ukraine had finished the preparations for an overwhelming attack on the renegade People Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk (DPR and LNR).

    Half of the Ukrainian army, some 120,000 men recruited and trained during the last 7 years, were stationed near the ceasefire line and ready to go. On the opposing side only some 40,000 men were under arms. They would have little chance to withstand an onslaught.

    Russia could not let a Ukrainian attack happen. If Ukraine could regain the renegade provinces it would have been able to join NATO. Russian public opinion was decisively on the side of the Russian speaking DNR and LPR. It would surely demand an intervention. Since the 2014 coup in Kiev some four million Ukrainians had already moved to Russia. There are lots of family ties between the two countries. In sight of this Russia had put some of its own forces on alert and had moved weapons and munition to assembling points near the Ukrainian border.

    The U.S. had for months warned of an upcoming Russian attack on Ukraine. It could do that because it knew the Ukraine would attempt to regain the republics by force. It knew that Russia would have to respond.

    On Sunday February 13 2022, after a phone call with U.S. president Joe Biden, the Ukrainian president Zelensky gave the final order for the planned Ukrainian attack.

    That the decision had been made was immediately leaked in London as well as in Kiev.

    In its summary of the day the Guardian listed a lot of activities that were consistent with the imminent start of a conflict. Diplomats and foreign military were moved out of Ukraine. Weapons flew in.

    Tipped off by its government the British insurance conglomerate Lloyd stopped reinsurance services for anything Ukraine:

    Anatoliy Ivantsiv, head of Ukrainian insurance firm Expo, told Interfax that British reinsurance giant Lloyds announced it would temporarily cease all conflict risk insurance over Ukrainian airspace from Feb. 14.
    When the news of the attack order leaked in Kiev, its ‘elite’ oligarchs and some parliament members were ready to leave. On February 13 and 14 they fled the country:


    Charles deserves to wake up to that face.
    Image what IT looks like first thing in the morning!

    Queen Consort Camilla has Covid, says Buckingham Palace



    Amish Communities and the Train Wreck


    ‘World’s First’ Unvaccinated Dating Service

    TVASF (and can Fuck Off)


    But I thought capitalism works best “laissez-faire,” no regulation, no government interference, only the “invisible hand?”

    “laissez-faire,” no regulation, no government interference = oppressive actions?

    ie. capitalism = rampant unchecked oppression?

    So basically you’re saying – here’s your capitalism and aha, there’s the oppression?

    the basis of capitalism is freely trading value for value without coercion

    so what square do you circle to implicitly argue that it is lawless oppression?

    you go back to Hammurabi, as far back as you can find any written law – which would reflect previous custom – and you get a whole bunch of rules limiting coercion – doing violence to people, killing them, lying, cheating people. Whether the society was democratic or not.

    A typical scenario in human society is that someone DOES out-compete everyone else for power. That someone then OWNS what they conquered. Unless they are an idiot, they manage it. Part of that is crushing all the competing predators. And then doing the things that make the sheep prosper- which incidentally would make them happier. You don’t come home from work, smash all your dishes, and emit an Evil Villain laugh for having established Full Spectrum Dominance of your kitchen – it’s yours. Same as a shepherd would do for a flock of sheep.

    And you can see when someone like that takes over – Augustus, Claudius, and so on – everyone is happier, more prosperous, there’s a flourishing of the arts and sciences. Yes, even the slaves of Roman times had improved lives under Augustus and Claudius, because it was obvious that society and therefore the ruler was LOSING value due to how slavery was being handled -and of course the ultimate end of the road on that line of improvement is total end of slavery. Just like making all the Italians Roman citizens and then making everyone in the Empire Roman citizens.

    An incredibly valuable book – The Arms of Krupp by William Manchester mentions that the Krupp forced labor camps were WORSE than the official government ones. Worse! There’s a bit where Hitler actually objects to how bad Jews are being treated in the Krupp camps. (holy #%^&) How are they even going to manufacture armaments they way you are treating them? Not to say Hitler wasnt so bad – not at all, but when Hitler is putting a hand on your shoulder going “bro, not cool” you KNOW you’ve entered a really, REALLY bad place.

    But the logical outcome along that reasoning is that those forced workers become full citizens not being treated any differently. Your actual Krupp non slave workers are putting out more material of better quality you idiots. Make MORE of those.

    And doing Marxist stuff like persecuting the persecutors and punching down at the punching downers and all that – not necessary. All that is necessary is that you extend the citizenship franchise – which just so happens to be EXACTLY the solution that has always worked and EXACTLY in line with bare-bones capitalism. We’re all better off when people can trade value for value without coercion.

    Marxism says there is oppression and the solution is coercion – but coercion IS oppression.

    The extent to which you can – in the real world, always imperfectly – allow trading value for value freely without coercion – is the degree to which societies thrive.

    Various democratic/republican institutions are just trying to replace a ruler with a constitution, figuring you might get a Marcus Aurelius, but you might get a Caligula, so it’s better to create a kind of structured, balanced “ruler” that we swear allegiance to defend instead, a ruler that – like any GOOD human ruler – tries to maintain the ability of human beings to, of their own free will, trade value for value – or refuse to – without coercion.

    I will say I think the marxists were really onto something

    I was talking with a chemistry phd friend of mine complaining that canning jar lids only last a certain amount of time. I was theorizing various things -vacum sealing them, maybe with oxygen absorbers? He observed that something IN the lids itself perhaps would cause the breakdown. The seeds of its own destruction were there inside of it.

    Clearly Marxism as historically practiced for 100+ years doesn’t work, because they always resort to slavery rather quickly, and that slavery lasts until they collapse. So that’s a non starter.

    BUT they are onto something. They’re working the problem. Capitalism degrades to a point where people AREN’T freely trading value for value without coercion. Is the seed of destruction of Captalism WITHIN it? Is it like a barbarian invader?

    Marxists need to stop trying to do the same thing again with slightly different vocabulary/rebranding. Same way Republicans need to stop saying “we wanna do that Reagan Thing again.”

    If they backed all the way up, really looked all their mistakes in the face as THEIR mistakes (rather than blaming the working class, society, The System, etc) REALLY examine their mistakes, take what they have, and progress from there, they might come up with something amazing, useful, groundbreaking, workable.

    But then they would probably no longer be Marxists. They would be some new, awesome, better thing…. but no longer Marxists.

    There’s a thing in Dune about a man will let himself die rather than be forced to become something else.


    Germans 40-49 are dropping like flies.



    I just caught up a little on the Ohio chemical spill. Holy @#%$^ing #$*@(%.

    I saw one tweet saying “where are all the environmental activists?”

    oh sir. I am so sorry sir.

    For the NEW environmentalists, killing humans is good. So when a cloud of chemicals kills animals in a 100 mile radius and there’s humans around, that’s a good thing.

    If you were prospering and being happy, clearly having self-esteem and pursuing goals you chose yourself, accomplishing things, they’d show up to protest the things they’ve pinpointed as being necessary to that

    At the very least you should be alive but sullen, inactive, depressed, un-vibrant. But better than that is you dead, so no protestors for Ohio, sorry.

    Mr. House

    “The depressing short-sightedness of the left was particularly painful to observe as the recent global health emergency unfolded. COVID-19 was not the Bubonic plague of the new millennium, but a financial coup enabled by the largest and most spectacular brainwashing operation ever experienced by humanity. It served to hide the fact that the system was infected by terminal sickness, not the global population.”

    An excellent article:

    Senile Economics: Bubble Ontology and the Pull of Gravity


    Hey Democrats, mainstream media, you care about things that are bigger than Pearl Harbor and 9/11. That’s really important to you. So you’re all over this, right?

    Trailer for White Noise, a new Netflix film from 2 months ago about a derailed train chemical disaster. hm.


    On what was to become Airstrip Two, The Curse of the Corporations began to emerge in the early nineteenth century, when boatloads of poor people were loaded onto ships in what was to become Airstrip One, and dumped on the shoreline, to ‘develop the land and facilitate extraction of resources and transfer them back to what was to become Airstrip One.

    The chemical fire that has been releasing hydrochloric acid into the air in February 2023 is just the latest of a long history of extraction of resources, conversion of resources into toxic shit and release of that toxic shit into the environment, which started to get into high gear when Rockefeller set up primitive oil refineries in the 1860s and poured the unwanted byproducts of refining into the nearest stream because it was more profitable to operate that way.

    On what was to become Airstrip Five, The Curse of the Corporations began to emerge in the early nineteenth century, when boatloads of poor people were loaded onto ships in what was to become Airstrip One, and dumped on the shoreline, to ‘develop the land and facilitate extraction of resources and transfer back to Airstrip One.

    The carnage associated with the remnant of Cyclone Gabrielle in February 2023 is just the latest of a long history of extraction of resources, conversion of resources into toxic shit and release of that toxic shit into the environment, which started to get into high gear when Rothschild Banking Empire set up loans for the New Zealand Company to construct a rail system to extract resources. in the 1870s and pour the unwanted byproducts of resource extraction into the nearest stream because it was more profitable to operate that way.

    The really clever aspect of the corporations’ plan was to get the ignorant Proles to love the corporations and defend to the death the activitiesof the corporations.

    That is The Ultimate Curse of the Corporations: Proles defending the activities of the coprorations because they love the corporations.

    The corporations are Big Brother.

    What Big Brother says, goes.

    Except when Russia, China and Iran are involved.

    The War is Peace.

    Profit is Everything.


    Obviously, severe storms raise remediation costs and to the extent they are insured, insurance companies pay those bills. And with reinsurers wary of taking on more risk, the insurers themselves face higher risk. Premiums are rising. By just how much was revealed by IAG in some public filings today. In New Zealand they raised premiums by +10.1% last year and said that was “largely due to rate increases” rather than winning new clients. As a consequence, they report their “insurance margin rose to 15.2%, up from 11.4%”, although to be fair that was before these latest rise in ‘perils’. They used the general ‘climate change’ narrative to bolster margins significantly, and from a dominant market position. Given that front-running, it is their turn to absorb the current spike in claims costs in 2023. They will do that, however they will undoubtedly use these events to hike premiums aggressively again. Front-running is a wonderful position for a dominant insurer. Oh, and by the way, IAG said its after tax profits rose +170% from the first half of 2021 to the first half of 2022.’

    As per the Alien movie: Crew expendable. -as seen in the Airstrip Four video of jab deaths.

    How dare the Aussies not love their abusers!!! Stockholm Syndrome and all that.


    @ Mr. House

    Fabio Vighi is interview regularly on TNT radio.

    Perspective with Jesse Zurawell

    Quite the mind.
    Here’s his latest:


    @ jb-hb

    White Noise – It’s called “Predictive Programming” – Duckduckgo it!
    Happens with all major events:

    Look at Neo’s passport in the Matrix

    Or look at how the Simpsons ‘predicted’ 9/11


    from the current zerohedge article on the topic

    Despite the inherent risk that comes with transporting chemicals like vinyl chloride, the US Department of Transportation approved a rule to expand the scope of what hazardous materials can be transmitted by rail. The rule made it permissible for liquefied natural gas to be shipped by train without additional safety regulations. This enables freight trains to transport 100 more tank cars with up to 30,000 gallons of the natural gas extracted from shale fields.

    2012 It’s A Disaster – 8 friends gather for brunch. While there, a large toxic cloud – probably nerve gas – gets released nearby and starts blowing towards them. The group dithers, tries to shelter in place, changes their minds, dithers some more.

    …and the real thing. This is massive.


    How a Nation Dies

    D Benton Smith

    So if Black Rock owns Ukraine (and I have no doubts about that) then that explains why the United States is fighting so hard for Ukraine. It’s because Black Rock (i.e. it’s largest investors) which is well known to own the U.S., is simply using it like a junkyard dog to defend Black Rock’s investment property in Nazi-Land.


    Biden Needs Money (spending cap)
    Biden Suddenly Orders Release Of Another 26 Million Barrels From Strategic Oil Reserve

    Russia cutting oil production Prices will be sure to rise.

    “Welcome To The Endgame” – Rubino Warns “Everyone’s About To Realize There’s No Fix For This”


    Russian warlord Proghozin has the legal right to pardon Russian convicted criminals and also the legal right to murder them without trial FOR PROFIT!
    What a country! I bet all the TAE’ers are fighting hard to immigrate there ASAP! You can become a Russian citizen and fight against the West , what is holding you back?

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