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    The rapidly collapsing Ukronazi front

    Nazilensky has burned through three stages of grief.

    He’s on stage 4, Depression mixed with a lot of cocaine.

    Usually Acceptance is the 5th stage but for Nazilensky it will be Death.


    From today’s Duran Zelensky reset, as front collapses

    Duran Duran – PSYCHO KILLER. cover

    Dedicated to Nazilensky


    Without Jews, there would be no Zionists.

    But the point that I would make is that you could just as easily wager that 90% of Zionists are NOT Jewish, and win that bet, too.

    I don’t give a fuck about “winning bets” or splitting jew hairs.

    The Jewish State, of the Jewish homeland, for the Jewish chosen people steal land and are committing genocide against those they steal from- then it is a JEW problem. The teeny tiny percentage of Jews that speak against these actions- “not in our name” are calling out Jew policy right?

    So Gaza has nothing to do with Jews eh? Are you fucking retarded?


    When I call out Americans for the fucked up complicity in American Govt war crimes- few have a problem with that truth. God forbid you say anything about Jewish policy in the Jewish State of Israel – and suddenly you’re an anti semiitic racist?

    So you want to split hairs and distract from the Jewish State committing Genocide, murdering and torturing, by claiming most Zionist are NOT Jewish? Fuck off with that bs.

    Jews have been playing victim and committing atrocities since Jews have existed. They have described themselves into a corner- Race, Religion, Nation, Ideology…. I sure as hell am not going to make excuses for their actions. This is a Jewish problem, period- Trump and RFK are both compromised by Jews in favor of the Jewsish genocidal State, period.


    to secure our borders we (americans) need to fund the Jewish States Gaza genocide AND the Jewish led Ukraine Wars.

    Right- Jews have nothing to do with Ukraine OR Gaza, or US foreign policy or 911 or the US border. sarc

    Zionists are Jews or Jewish supporters of Israels theft.
    The ‘deep state’ are Jews, Federal Reserve- jews, MSMedia- jews. Pharma- jews. Entertainment- jews.
    Bidens cabinet- jews.

    The US govt has been taken over by Jews that the US govt is now beholden to- partly by a Jewish run child raping blackmail operation.

    Maybe now is not the time to be giving a tiny % of Jews a break when they should all be called out so they can get their shit straight and behave like decent human beings? Jew or Zionist Jew or supporter of anything Jewish?

    What has Judaism actually brought to the world in terms of positivity? Maybe every Jew and supporter of should look in the mirror and ask themselves that? Can Jews fix their own behavior? Does not seem so.

    Then someone should step the fuck in and stop the Jewish genocide- like the rest of the world, rather than cowering to Jew assholes.



    Contrary to popular belief, the DC politicians do not write any of the laws they pass.
    All the laws are written by lobbists/special interest groups like the Chamber of Commerce.
    Many incomplete laws are passed with final details to be written/hashed out later.

    That is why you hear expressions such as “You will have to pass the law to find out what is in it!”
    It isn’t a joke but the truth!

    Congress hasn’t written a law in decades.


    Is it just a random co-inky-dink that RFK, Trump, Biden, Clinton, Gates and co. are all avowed Jew-Zionist supporters- and all of them have ties to Epstein Jew child raping Lolita express friendships?
    Biden the hair sniffer of children and incest showers? What a creep.

    Seriously? Who was/is Epstein?

    How random- that it all circles back to Jews of Israel is it not ?

    D Benton Smith


    Tone down the hostility and disrespectful stuff directed at me personally, Bub, or I will take a direct run at YOU, and I assure you that you will not like it. Last warning.


    Breaking news
    The interview will be posted Thursday, according to Justin Wells, head of programming at Carlson’s streaming network. It’s not known what was said in the interview.


    MNSBC is already calling the interview “misinformation”, disinformation. lies.



    I just finished a long detailed reply to your storage question and then hit send to only see it disappear into WordPress, likely never to be seen again! Sigh!

    I have no experience with private vaults in Switzerland but suspect they are fine. I am not likely to ever be in that league! In Canada there are bank safety deposit boxes but in the US many banks don’t allow this. But then banks maybe closed when you need it the most. Metal detectors make burying risky. So there doesn’t seem to be a good answer. Sadly each to his own.

    Dr D Rich


    They’re only words on a webpage.

    I also add that when the reckoning comes for Americans or Catholics or Jews I’m certain a few innocent people and quite a few allies will be unjustly, unfairly targeted, but expect me to fight back either way.
    Until then let’s hear what you have to say to citizenx.

    John Day

    Mostly Controlling The Words

    Celia Farber, You Need Only Read One Article About The Liberty: James Perloff’s
    It Solves The Entire “Mystery,” And It Reveals A Blueprint For How and Why Nothing “Makes Sense” When It Comes To US-Israeli Relations
    “The Liberty’s survivors maintain a website, , from which I have drawn most of this information, and which I urge you to visit.
    “Now the paramount question: Why attack the Liberty? This was, in all probability, to be another Maine, another Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Tonkin Gulf. The plan was to sink the Liberty with no survivors. That’s why the Israelis even machine-gunned the lifeboats. They flew in unmarked planes because, if successful, the attack would have been blamed on the Arabs. The intention was probably to then bring the U.S. into the Six Day War on Israel’s side, guaranteeing victory.”
    From Remember The Liberty, by James Perloff

    Thanks for sending this clear historical explanation of the Revisionist-Zionist Project, from inception until the present day, Eleni.
    The veil is being torn: the hidden truths of Jabotinsky and Netanyahu , by Thierry Meyssan
    The group that murdered 25,000 Palestinians in Gaza is not representative of Jews in general. It is the heir to an ideology that has been committing such crimes for a century. Thierry Meyssan traces the history of the “revisionist Zionists” from Vladimyr Ze’ev Jabotinsky to Benjamin Netanyahu.

    “Israel” blocked 56% of humanitarian aid to northern Gaza in January, OCHA
    According to the report by the office, In January, Israeli authorities prevented the arrival of 56% of humanitarian aid convoys to northern Gaza (34 out of 61) and prevented 25% of missions from reaching the central part (28 out of 114).
    The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) also announced that the Israeli navy, which controls the waters off the Gaza Strip, targeted a food aid convoy in Gaza.
    Earlier, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported that 75% of Gaza Strip residents (more than 1.7 million people) have been displaced from their areas and face severe shortages of water, food, medicine, and housing.

    John Day

    IFRC: 300 people, including elderly, are stuck inside Al-Amal Hospital in Gaza
    The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) confirmed on Tuesday that about 8,000 people were evacuated from the besieged Al-Amal Hospital in the southern Gaza Strip. The IFRC said that “about 300 people, including the elderly, are still stranded inside Al-Amal Hospital.”

    Al-Ezzi: Approximately 300 US and British airstrikes were waged on Yemen
    Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein al-Ezzi confirmed that approximately 300 US and British airstrikes were waged on Yemen.
    In a post on his X account, he stated that “America is the one attacking us and cannot escape punishment.”

    Moon of Alabama , New York Times Defames Iraq’s Militia As ‘Foreign Elements’
    The New York Times engages in a mischievous attempt to depict Iraq’s popular mobilization forces as an element that is foreign to Iraq and under Iranian control…
    ..The Iraqi PMF groups were founded by the Iraqi government and are under its control. Some of them are Shia and some may have an ideological affinity to Iran.
    In 2014 and later many of these groups, Shia as well as others, received equipment and training from Iran to fight against ISIS. This help was delivered following requests from the Iraqi government.
    That does not make those groups into an Iranian element or into something outside of the Iraqi security forces. They are an integral part of the Iraqi state.
    To depict these as ‘Iran-backed’ outside groups comparable to the unwanted U.S. occupation forces in Iraq is pure falsehood designed to allow for attacks on those groups even when such attacks are in fact attacks on the security forces of Iraq and condemned by the Iraqi government.

    Israeli Lawmakers Move to Punish ‘Denying’ or ‘Downplaying’ October 7th With 5 Years in Prison
    “Israel’s Knesset approves a bill, which punishes the denial or ‘downplaying’ of the Israeli narrative of Oct 7 by up to 5 years in prison,” the Palestinian Quds News Network reported.
    “The approved bill is one out of three bills that included the expulsion of families of Palestinians who resist, imprisonment for those who deny Israel’s narrative on October 7, and compensation for notorious ZAKA organization.”
    The ZAKA unit is notable for pushing some of the most ridiculous atrocity propaganda about Hamas beheading babies and cutting the baby out of a pregnant woman’s womb…
    ..No doubt they want to use this law to jail journalists from Haaretz and other Israeli news organizations which debunked much of the atrocity propaganda Israel put out after Oct 7.
    The Times of Israel last week ran a piece arguing that questioning Israel’s narratives on Oct 7 is a form of “Holocaust denial” and insisting that Big Tech should do more to censor such “unacceptable” speech.

    ​ Hamas Responds To Ceasefire Offer With 135-Day ‘Truce Plan’, But Israel Pessimistic
    The Israeli plan envisions a 2-month ceasefire, during which time there would be hostage/prisoners swaps in multiple phases, by the end of which all remaining Israeli and foreign captives would be set free. On Wednesday Hamas finally presented its more detailed response to the Israeli plan. “Hamas proposed a ceasefire to quiet the guns in Gaza for four-and-a-half months [or 135 days], during which all hostages would go free, Israel would withdraw its troops from the Gaza Strip and an agreement would be reached on an end to the war,” Reuters writes.
    The proposed Hamas plan, which Israel now says it is studying intensely, would be implemented according to the proposed stages:
    Phase one: A 45-day pause in fighting during which all Israeli women hostages, males under 19, the elderly and sick would be exchanged for Palestinian women and children held in Israeli jails. Israeli forces would withdraw from populated areas of Gaza and the reconstruction of hospitals and refugee camps would begin
    Phase two: Remaining male Israeli hostages would be exchanged for Palestinian prisoners and Israeli forces leave Gaza completely
    Phase three: Both sides would exchange remains and bodies…
    ..The above remains somewhat vague, and perhaps for good reason, given a key point of disagreement has centered on just who gets released from Israeli prisons…
    ..”The fact that Hamas is asking for a cease-fire for Israelis to withdraw its forces, that’s something that Israel will never agree to,” the Netanyahu official told NBC.
    But Netanyahu has consistently said that the operation will not finish until Hamas is wiped out. He has pledged “absolute victory” over Hamas which could in reality take many months if not years. According to fresh Wednesday reports.


    It’s worse than you think WES. Laws come out of thintanks and NGO’s It’s corporate and global. Every country is enacting the same totalitarian shit. Congress is irrelevant, has been for decades. The $ is good for putting on a show. We got sold down the river before we were born.

    John Day

    This is a hardened position from before 10/7/23. The Kingdom seeks legitimacy: Saudi Arabia: No diplomatic relations with Israel without Palestinian state
    The statement by the foreign ministry said Riyadh was steadfast on Palestinians obtaining their legitimate rights.
    “The Kingdom has communicated its firm position to the US administration that there will be no diplomatic relations with Israel unless an independent Palestinian state is recognized on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital,” the statement said.

    Israel-Hamas Deal Is Dead As Netanyahu Dismisses ‘Delusional’ Terms, War To ‘Expand’
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that caving to Hamas’ “delusional” ceasefire demands won’t lead to the release of the hostages still being held in Gaza, but instead to another attack like the one the militant group committed on Oct. 7.
    It was the first time Netanyahu commented on Hamas’ response to a recent hostage deal proposal since it was given to Israel on Tuesday. While dismissing Hamas’ demands, Netanyahu didn’t close the door to negotiations, however.
    Netanyahu has reportedly also told visiting US Secretary of State Blinken of Hamas’ “crazy” conditions that “The continuation of military pressure is a basic condition for the release of the hostages.” He is vowing to not stop the military campaign until “total victory” is achieved and that this would happen “within months.” Netanyahu emphasized, “We won’t settle for less.”

    John Helmer hosts an anonymous financial expert, who explains how to track gambles/investments related to prospects of Israeli victory. Markets are currently manipulated.
    The Axis of Resistance — that’s the Arab militaries with Iran and in the background, Russia – knows how to wage economic warfare against the US and its proxy, Israel. The Houthi sanctions on shipping, for example, are showing more effectiveness in stopping Israel-bound or Israel-linked vessels in the Red Sea than US sanctions have been to block Russian oil shipments.
    In attrition war, on the economic front just like the Gaza and other fire fronts, the Axis of Resistance wins by maintaining its offensive capacities and operations for longer than the US and US-backed Israeli forces can defend…
    ..How to measure if this is happening now to the Israelis in the international money markets?
    An international currency and bond trader answers by providing, first, a primer for each of the market indicators, and how to read them; and then a ready reckoner for the damage being done to Israel’s economic resources as those who operate in the money markets gauge their opportunity.
    For making money, you see, the opportunity of capitalizing on Israel’s defeat may soon be more profitable than investing in its success. When the markets see this chance at profit-making, usually long before the politicians and their captive media acknowledge it, there is an inflection point in the flow of money. That does its damage, not by hitting the Israelis and Americans in their bunkers with bullets and bombs, but by moving the money the US-backed Israeli entity needs out of reach, and cutting them off, both the US and Israel, from market confidence that they can win their war, genocide or not.
    The writer of this primer and money-market assessment has requested anonymity.


    The Pentagon has released a report admitting that 59 percent of the weapons the US has supplied to Ukraine are untraceable. Thanks to Western arms supplies, Ukraine has become the number one supplier of the international black market for weapons.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has finally announced that the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General Valery Zaluzhny, will be replaced – and he is not the only one, UnHerd reported.
    During an interview for the Italian Rai TV, Zelensky called a cabinet reshuffle a “reset” and a “necessary new beginning” particularly considering the country’s leadership, emphasizing he meant “a series of state leaders, not just in a single sector like the military.”
    Ukraine’s army chief had warned that the country must prepare itself for another year of significant casualties as the war nears its two-year mark later this month.–reset—confirms-zaluzhny-to-b

    John Day

    Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev believes that Lvov is set to become Ukraine’s new capital city.
    His conclusion is based on the fact that a new USAID-Ukraine project for the construction of a railway connecting the EU and Ukraine has Lvov and not Kiev as its endpoint.
    In December 2023, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and a major Ukrainian railway company signed an agreement for the construction of a 75-kilometer section of the European-gauge railway. The railroad will be part of a larger trans-European project (Mediterranean Corridor) starting in southern Spain and finishing in Lvov…
    ..”It looks like the first confirmation that Lvov-Lemberg will be the new capital of Ukraine within the borders of the Lvov region… It’s just that business is much more prescient than politicians,” Medvedev wrote on X [Lvov-Lemberg is the old name for the city from when the region was part of the Austrian monarchy.]

    Andrew Korybko, (Thanks Eleni) Analyzing The Mediterranean Corridor’s Provisionally Planned Extension To Lvov
    Putting everything the together, the case can thus compellingly be made that the Mediterranean Corridor’s provisionally planned extension to Lvov is a pilot project that doesn’t presage the bloc’s intent to prepare for relocating the Ukrainian capital to there, even though this scenario could still transpire. Medvedev’s take wasn’t wrong per se since there’s a cogent logic behind what he wrote, but considering the facts that were shared in this piece, it appears to be more akin to wishful thinking than anything else.

    Carlson reveals Musk’s Putin interview pledge , The X (formerly Twitter) owner will not censor the American commentator’s much-hyped sit-down with the Russian president

    EU Lawmakers Want To Sanction Tucker Carlson Over Putin Interview
    In 1941, American journalist Pierre Huss interviewed German dictator Adolph Hitler in German-occupied Russia as part of a reporting staff orchestrated by CBS News’ Edward R. Murrow. He won the George Polk award in 1951 for war time reporting…
    ..Guy Verhofstadt, a former Belgian Prime Minister and current member of the European Parliament who has called for the EU to impose a “travel ban” on the former Fox News host, told Newsweek that Carlson is nothing more than a “mouthpiece” for former President Donald Trump and Putin.
    “As Putin is a war criminal and the EU sanctions all who assist him in that effort, it seems logical that the External Action Service examine his case as well,” he said.

    John Day

    ​ Words that kill: How Western spin doctors dehumanize select peoples to justify war
    Carefully chosen words and turns of phrase serve as lubricant for US-backed military machines
    ​ Since the Second World War, the US has been directly and indirectly involved in dozens of wars and coups d’état alongside innumerable covert and overt conflicts across the globe. Given the vast resources required to perpetuate this aggressive global mechanism of influence, it’s important to recognize that the taxpayers being asked to fund these “forever wars” may never have gone along with them without the assistance and covert alignment of a client media.
    ​ Language and terminology are, of course, a central and fundamental element when you need to portray a war as morally acceptable. This is glaringly obvious when we examine how Western media are portraying the current escalation in Gaza. American and British media subtly portray victims on one side as more expendable as opposed to the other, for example, by referring to Israeli casualties as having been “killed” while Palestinian ones are described as having simply “died”, while minors held captive by Israel, who have been detained without trial in some cases for several years, are referred to as “prisoners” while Israelis held by Hamas are referred to as “hostages.”​ …
    ..Anyone watching the ebb and flow of Western coverage of the Ukrainian conflict will notice the emergence of a centrally formed, “fact-light” narrative that suggests Ukrainians are utterly blameless, in a conflict which did not, in fact, begin on February 24, 2022, but with a CIA-back coup in Kiev in 2014, powered by ultra-nationalists and the far right. Its roots stretch even deeper, decades back, to the attempts at the destabilization of the Ukrainian SSR by Western intelligence agencies.

    ​ America Is Undergoing Genocide​ , Paul Craig Roberts
    ​ It is not a conspiracy theory that the 300,000 immigrant-invaders (official count) entering the US unopposed each month are recruits organized by NGOs and not refugees from political persecution. The NGOs that are underwriting the invasion provide maps of the routes along which food and shelter are provided. Roads and bridges are being constructed to aid the invasion.
    ​ One of the NGOs is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), of which the current director of the US Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, himself a Jew, was a board member until December 2020. According to an article on substack, HIAS has received $100,000,000 from the US government in the past three years.
    ​ Mayorkas is foreign born and himself an immigrant-invader. Yet, he is the director of Homeland Security for the United States. On January 31, the House Committee on Homeland Security voted to approve articles of impeachment of Mayorkas for “willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law” in enforcing border policy and “breach of public trust.” There has been no investigation of whether it was Mayorkas who gave $100,000,000 of US taxpayers money to a Jewish NGO engaged in the organized invasion of the US.
    ​ According to the report on substack, HIAS has a processing center in the Darien Gap used to collect the immigrant-invaders and to send them on their guided and provisioned way. Apparently, Mayorkas is aware of this, and possibly is helping to finance it. But don’t expect Congress to investigate anything that might reflect unfavorably on a Jewish organization.

    America Is Undergoing Genocide

    ​ Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan revealed on X that the White House was directly involved in the censorship campaign. That includes a 2021 email from one Biden official asking to discuss “the high levels of propaganda and misinformation and disinformation of [sic] Amazon?”
    ​ Amazon in turn appears to ask only how high the Biden White House wants it to jump on censorship: “[i]s the [Biden] Admin asking us to remove books, or are they more concerned about search results/order (or both)?”
    ​ After the meeting, Amazon confirmed in an email that it was actively doing what the government demanded in suppressing sales by not promoting disfavored books: “As a reminder, we did enable Do Not Promote for anti-vax books whose primary purpose is to persuade readers vaccines are unsafe or ineffective on 3/9, and will review additional handling options for these books with you.”​…
    ..In 2021, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) objected that people were not listening to the informed views of herself and leading experts. Instead, they were reading views of skeptics by searching Amazon and finding books by “prominent spreaders of misinformation.”
    ​ Warren blamed Amazon for failing to limit searches or choices: “This pattern and practice of misbehavior suggests that Amazon is either unwilling or unable to modify its business practices to prevent the spread of falsehoods or the sale of inappropriate products.” In her letter, Warren gave the company 14 days to change its algorithms to throttle and obstruct efforts to read opposing views.

    Why Burn Books When You Can Bury Them? The White House Pressured Amazon to Target Dissenting Books

    John Day


    BREAKING: Heartland Institute Releases Report – Based on Rasmussen Results – PRESIDENT TRUMP WON THE 2020 ELECTION

    ​Steve Kirsch, (Is this the “X formerly known as Twitter”? This is “digital currency”, right?) The “TransferX” project
    I have a clever way to modernize the transfer of authentication, value, and information. It makes what we do today look like we are in the stone age.
    ​ It’s always bothered me that Canadian truckers had their bank accounts frozen by the Canadian government. That’s not right.
    ​ A week ago, an idea came to me that will enable us to create a parallel economy that is resistant to such abuse. And the beauty is that it makes the existing mechanisms for:
    identify,​ transfer of value and​ transfer of information​ obsolete. It’s a way better solution.​
    Perhaps the single best idea I’ve ever had in my life (according to people I’ve disclosed it to).

    ​ Steve Kirsch, Large geriatric practice reports 3X increase in deaths AFTER the COVID vaccines rolled out
    ​ Deanna Kline, an RN with 35 years of experience, has the case histories of everyone who died. They were all vaccinated with the COVID vaccine and the excess deaths were attributed to the shots.

    ​ Study finds 1 in every 99 COVID Vaccinated Toddlers require Emergency Care or Hospitalisation
    ​ A study conducted by scientists from several respected institutions across Germany & Switzerland has discovered that 1 in every 99 Covid-19 vaccination children aged 5 and under require emergency care or hospitalisation.
    ​ The scientists also found that the risk of children requiring emergency care or hospitalisation following Covid-19 vaccination was 117% higher than the average risk following vaccination with any other type of vaccine.

    Study finds 1 in every 99 COVID Vaccinated Toddlers require Emergency Care or Hospitalisation

    Comparative Safety of the BNT162b2 Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccine vs Other Approved Vaccines in Children Younger Than 5 Years
    ​ According to the results of the study, 1 in every 99 children aged 5 and under required emergency care (ambulatory) or hospitalisation (inpatient) following Covid-19 vaccination. This compares to 0.46 in every 99 children requiring emergency care or hospitalisation following any other type of vaccination.
    ​ This means the risk of children requiring emergency care or hospitalisation is 117.4% higher following Covid-19 vaccination than it is following any other vaccination.​

    D Benton Smith


    While it’s true that they are only words on a web page that web page is one of my few remaining and cherished links to the great circle humanity that resides outside beyond the confines of my community of old German farm families here in semi-rural Missouri.

    My real gripe with CitezenX and the other vociferous Jew Hater cheering section over there in the cheap seats is that their knowledge of history seems to start at the Old Testament, as if “Jews” suddenly popped into existence as the source of all evil out of nowhere like Aristotle’s “spontaneous generation” of salamanders from mud.

    The stone cold psychopaths that run the Jews would just be delighted if the world vented its ire on that old Fall Guy, AGAIN!, which is why they nurture the anti-semitism so hard. Hey, it’s perfectly okay with them if the Jews take the heat and get mowed down. Go for it! Keeps the heat off the real bad guys.

    John Day

    Celia Farber just now posted this:
    Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview Will Air In Five Minutes—EU Seeks Travel Ban on Carlson, CNN Anchor Nearly Weeps, Ukraine Puts Carlson On Kill List and Many Pundits in US Call For His Arrest
    Is This The Most Important Interview Ever To Be Broadcast In The History Of US Media?


    Dr. D said

    Aspnaz is black pilled this morning, but what process would you have?

    Excuse my ignorance but I don’t understand all this “pill” stuff and don’t intend to learn as I suspect it is more nonsense handed down from Hollyweird.

    As for what process, I don’t think the Americans are capable of achieving a process, they have for a very long time allowed their federal government to do whatever it likes without any real pushback from the people. Sure, there are elections, but we have known they have been dishonest since at least the George W days, but the people do not come out in numbers and insist that their vote be counted honestly, they just let it go and have done for years. Yes, you will probably reference J6, but a few hundred people doing stupid shit is not the same as the people protesting en mass for their right to a valid vote.

    It is in the American’s nature to acquiesce and basically ignore what their government is doing as best they can. As a result they end up with a totally over-regulated mess that is designed to help certain vested interests yet makes them globally uncompetitive. They are unlike other peoples, such as the French, who tend to declare their will on the government very readily. What is the process that the French use? Obviously there is a possible process because the French are able to do it.

    Maybe the Americans are just not as united as the French, maybe they are just too fragmented to be able to control the federal government, or maybe they are all thinking of themselves and really do not care about their country too much. Maybe they would rather enjoy today with their families than fight to save their country.

    Whatever the cause, their acquiesce has earned their destruction; if karma exists, their consistent murdering of various peoples over the last however many decades will determine their punishment.


    The war continues apace: German Court Bans Sales of Select Intel CPUs in Germany Over Patent Dispute

    Nothing fancy, mind you. It’s a very bland component, a voltage regulator. Doubtless it needs to be of certain precision/responsiveness or certain industrial processes don’t work without retooling.


    EDIT (since ‘edit’ did not work):

    Nothing fancy, mind you. It’s a very bland component, a voltage regulator. Doubtless it needs to be of certain precision/responsiveness or certain industrial processes don’t work without retooling.

    After the HAHA wore off, I read more carefully, and it looks like opportunistic strike at Intel. Old enough that it’s been in the shadows for a few years now. I’m going digging…very interesting.


    D Benton Smith said


    Tone down the hostility and disrespectful stuff directed at me personally, Bub, or I will take a direct run at YOU, and I assure you that you will not like it. Last warning.

    DBS, I tend not to personally criticise people on here as it is generally pointless, but you are getting tiresome. Please don’t threaten people, it is a display of weakness and is rather sad to see. You may still think you are tough but we can all see that your days of fighting are over, even with words on the internet, hence you revert to the old man waving his stick. You are basically rude and hostile and would do better to snap out of it.


    @D Benton Smith

    In the Nixon tapes, that ones he recorded without the permission or knowledge of the people being recorded, I recall Nixon talking to someone about Kissinger and he said [paraphrasing it] “..if things go really wrong its a good thing to have a jew boy around to blame it on…”

    Nixon is just a relatively contemporary example of centuries of practice by many ‘leaders’ who call the shots in their tiny temporary time and space. Most are forgotten and turned to dust now.

    The larger Jewish community is smart enough to know and recognize this historic pattern down thru the centuries, they are a people of historic memory and tradition, and yet continue to allow themselves and their “Brand” to be scapegoated by bad actors in their midst [like Catholic’s did with pedophile priest] and used as a ‘hate-sink’ (as opposed to a heat-sink) in troubled times.

    Why is that? The last thing they would ever do is claim they’re not smart enough to see the pattern.

    So something else is a foot.

    So what is the excuse of “poor white trash” in rural Duh’merica who seem to have a permanent population in near illiterate poverty for centuries, of being exploited by ‘the rich guys” but never rising above it? Do ‘poor white trash’ form a tribe of some weird type and pass it down to their off spring?

    Inbreeding? Willful ignorance? It’s still there in spades.

    Every ethnic and socioeconomic population on the Late Great Planet Earth since Eden eventually gets stereotyped as inherently inferior in some way somewhere in their history.

    But the tides of Time ebb and swell and over enough Time most groups overcome this one way or another.

    But ever since the Jews took on the Roman Empire at it’s Zenith in 73CE [really,really stupid move for people who think they’re so smart] and got totally stomped, like so bad they never got their act together to return to their promised land until 1948. That’s 1875 years. Kinda pitiful.

    From 732BC to 1948CE the Jews got Mass expelled from large regions and whole countries 60-70 times, like mass expulsions, not just small isolated instances which number in the thousands.

    That has got to be some kind of world record for getting kicked out of one place after another.

    So why?

    Even General Grant expelled all the Jews from Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky in 1862 for smuggling Confederate cotton. The formerly enslaved Jews helping the slave owning Confederacy keep going. Wow, that’s impressive.

    Jewish culture has no excuses for the bad actors in it’s midst anymore than other religions and professions.

    Catholic pedophile priests went on for centuries without punishment and it had to have been known by the Catholic hierarchy leadership. The Catholic church in the Collective West has taken a massive PR hit from this

    You gonna cry crocidile tears for them and give us a lecture on collective guilt is wrong, there are many good priests???

    Netanyahu is a psychopath plain and simple, and a criminal gangster.

    Still in power. That is the definition of collective guilt.

    Leaving a Psychopath in power to murder.

    He’s still there.

    Israel is finished.

    What they’ve done since Oct 7 will never be forgotten for thousands of years

    I’m with Dmitry Orlov, Israel will loose all their well heeled dual citizens who will wimp out and cut n’ run to greener pastures as it become clear that being in Israel will never ever be safe again, like NEVER.

    The Jews there will live in increasing levels of bone marrow fear until it no longer feels like living a good life and then split.

    The Jewish fertility rate in Israel will plummet from their dumberthandogshit Clot-Shot compliance rate. [in the phucking 95% range]

    The two, fertility and covid vaccines, alone will finish them off as a nation above and beyond the Eternal Muslim Hatred directed towards them for all time.

    The fact of not controlling the Duh’merica’s southern border because we don’t have any money left after giving Israel billions will translate into a renewed virulent antisemitism [outside the Big Shities and their suburbs] in the Empire of Lies.

    Wait for it, it’s coming.

    No Excuse for Geniocide

    Oh wait, there’s your problem



    IDF officer sniped by resistance fighter in Gaza supervising demolition of infrastructure



    Meanwhile back in Ukronaziland

    Well, it was only a matter of time:

    “Female AFU POW taken:

    Her husband is MIA, she has 3 kids, no job, and went into the army to pay the bills.

    Was sent to Krynki (Russian bank of the Dnieper), wounded, denied evacuation (not valuable enough), left to die, then finally captured and saved by the Russians.

    Veracious Poet


    Have fun yelling into the black hole of blogster no-thing-ness and/or being titillated by the latest “thing” ~ Perhaps you won’t notice how bad Real Reality has gotten until they force you to take your suicide pill…

    Use to skim, not even doing that anymore. It’s just too painful 😐

    All because *men* rejected Spiritual Sanity

    Enjoy the collapse.

    V. Arnold

    Medvedev Warns Russia Has ‘No Choice’ But To Unleash Nuclear ‘Apocalypse’ If Attacked By NATO


    More moronic B.S. from western “news” media and NATO minions…
    Keep ramping up the rhetoric guys; surely you’ll get us all fried…
    Do western “leaders” all have a death wish???????

    Mister Roboto

    Carlson asked Putin some salient questions, but I don’t think shit-libs will be too terribly wrong in characterizing this as a mostly “softball” interview.

    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz wrote, ” I tend not to personally criticise people on here. ..”

    That’s just bullshit, aspie. You insult and attempt to defame others on this forum on an almost daily basis. Frequently aimed at me. Why even say that you don’t?

    wrote: “Please don’t threaten people, it is a display of weakness and is rather sad to see…”

    There ya go, lying again. Lying is not valid argument. It makes the liar look like a liar. I did not “threaten” … “people”. I TOLD citizenx (AFTER he had an unprovoked “rather rude and hostile” go at me first) that if he didn’t stop doing that then I would retaliate. Now I COULD have just counter attacked immediately (he certainly deserved it at that time) but I considered it more civilized to issue a warning first.

    Is self defense and fair warning a threat or sign of weakness? That’s debatable. Opinions vary. In my opinion it’s just an occasional unpleasant necessity to dissuade an attacker from further aggression. Sometimes it works, and sometimes (such as in your case) it’s just a polite waste of time.

    And one more thing about that. Don’t say that you find it “rather sad” to see. That’s just another lie because you didn’t find it “sad”. Re-read what you just wrote, man! There was no hint of “sadness” in your snide admonishment. Pretentious hostility, yes, sadness, no.

    wrote, “You may still think you are tough but we can all see that your days of fighting are over…”
    Note by a longshot, you young whippersnapper. This old geezer has plenty of fight left in him! Why if I wasn’t stuck in this wheelchair by that damned oxygen hose I’d come over there and smack you with my walking stick!

    wrote, “You are basically rude and hostile and would do better to snap out of it.”

    Well, I’m not BASICALLY rude or hostile, but I can manage both fairly well when the situation calls for it. Fuck around and find out.


    One thing the Putin interview is revealing is that Biden isn’t giving any one on one interviews! He couldn’t handle a softball throw if his life depended upon it!

    And besides what Putin says actually makes sense! Nothing Biden says makes any sense!

    I suspect if the 2024 election was Biden vs Putin, Putin would win!

    I did an informal poll on Zerohedge and Putin won 18 votes to zero for Biden!
    Not even the anti Putin/Russia paid trolls seem to want to vote for Biden!
    Maybe voting for Biden is a bridge too far?

    John Day

    @Oroboros: I’m sorry the lady with 3 kids and a dead husband got sent to Krynki killing-field.
    I’m glad the Russkies saved her. Her kids still have a Mom.

    D Benton Smith

    Just in today from Scott Ritter’s Substack. (I lifted his first paragraph. The full essay is here:

    “The former Fox News talk show host-turned independent media phenomenon, Tucker Carlson, is in Moscow, where he has committed the mortal sin of interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin. The interview is scheduled to air at 6 pm eastern time on Thursday, February 8. Let there be no doubt—Tucker Carlson has pulled off one of the most memorable journalistic accomplishments in modern history, and when the interview does air, it will—literally and figuratively—break the internet.”


    Tucker Carlson has pulled off one of the most memorable journalistic accomplishments in modern history, and when the interview does air, it will—literally and figuratively—break the internet.”

    …. and He’s not even a Journalist …. ( so says the snobs)
    I’m going to wait at his web page

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