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    Claude Monet Houses of Parliament (Sun Breaking through the Fog) 1904   • Trump Immunity Denied By DC Appeals Court In Election Case (ZH) • Tucke
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    I’m going to find the common ground that unites us and then lead everybody over that wall and take back our country from the people who’ve stolen from us

    Sure you will, you are funded by the Zionists, so how will your loyalties play out, who will you support; Israel or the USA? No, you will find a compromise, a gray area, where you can let your Zionist sponsors do their stuff while you pretend that the USA is your number one priority. You have already expressed your support for the Gaza genocide, is this what America needs, another Zionist cheerleader.

    And exactly who has taken over your country? Could it be the likes of AIPAC who have ensured that every member of congress supports Israel? How can you take America back when you support the people who took control over America, the people who have corrupted the democracy of the USA by funding candidates to oppose any pro-neutral, pro-palestinian or even pro-USA members of congress? Your friends have destroyed American democracy but you are the guy to fix all that? Give me a break, you are another grifter and the Americans will find that out sooner or later.

    I can spot a liar when I see one and RFK Jr is a traitor in waiting.


    While Musk presented himself as a free-speech absolutist when buying the platform, X has significantly increased its compliance with government content takedown requests since his takeover, honoring 80% of such orders compared to 50% under his predecessors, according to a report published last year by tech outlet Rest of World.

    Fawning over the Jews has been accompanied by fawning over the USA’s Jew-led government. What a surprise, the world is not full of surprises, it is the same old shite; Soros’s backers are still funding the destruction of the USA that Biden is helping them to achieve.

    Tom Luongo’s romantic article, posted yesterday by Dr D, shows us just how delusioned people are, they are obsessed with the Hollywood movie ending, as if any civilisational destruction/collapse has ever had a Hollywood movie ending. The Americans are briainwashed into unrealistic expectations; this will turn bad and the people in power would rather close down the internet than let plebs get their own way.


    ”The guy with the gun usually wins and last time I checked Zaluzhny’s got more guns than Zelensky..”

    Everybody serves somebody, according to ((Bob Dylan)), so who do these two serve? Well, it looks to me that Lndon is running this show, Boris Johnson’s influence was quite remarkable at the start of the war, so I assume that the Biden regime is allowing London to do the micromanagement. In the light of that, Zaluzhny moving to London would be a promotion, he is nearer the seat of power, closer to the seat of power that Zelensky; and we all know that kissing access to the anal ring is key to career success.


    The NYT Jews are all Zionists that approve of geneocide? Wow, what a surprise. I wonder how many of the other Jews in the USA are Zionists approving of genocide? I am prepared to put money on it that well over 90% of USA Jews are Zionists. The Americans allowed the beast to grow, this has been the greatest era for the Jews, they have used the dumb Americans to elevate them to previously undreamed of heights. Let’s see how long their rabid behaviour will be tolerated by the rest of the world, how long they can keep it up until people start demanding an expulsion of the Jews from civilised society, the same story that has repeated itself throughout their history.


    “The federal government is being run as a criminal enterprise. . . .not just a little criminal, but a lot criminal.”

    But who’s going to stop them, the American people? Don’t make me laugh, they will run out of stuff to steal then they will disappear leaving the American people with the ruins.


    The US government has instructed some of its ambassadors to write a letter to congress begging for funds for Ukraine and Israel. This is the most transparent “hunt for credibility” that we have seen so far; the US government knows it has zero credibility, so it gets its ambassadors, whom it hopes are still seen as respectable figures, to write a letter about Ukraine, Israel and US credibility. Well, this tells us that even the limbs of the US government, the ambassadors, are totally corrupt; there is no credibility left, absolutely nothing.

    Dr. D


    This is what happens when you have “Mercy” but no “Justice.” Heaven and hell have different names because they’re different places with governing parameters. This is like Sesame Street: “Near” and “Far”. “In” and “Out.” For there to be an “in” there has to be an “out”. Or an up without a down. But that would be #Logos and we don’t do that.

    “Schumer Lashes Out At Trump some random civilian For Killing Open-Border Ukraine Deal

    If only Schumer were in charge, things would really change around here.

    “SEC Cracks Down On Basis Trades, Will Force Top Hedge Funds To Register As Dealers, Resulting In Collapsing Treasury Market Liquidity

    Huh? How is that not collapsing the T market and shutting off demand? Okay, who is in the “SEC”? Davos? Collapsing us before them?

    Because Europe is collapsing because of this? “$118B Ukraine Slush-Fund ‘Border’ Deal Dead In Senate Amid GOP Revolt

    “Was Zelensky’s Top General Just Whisked Off To Become Ambassador To UK?

    No, he’s going to sit in Britain’s version of the RAND corporation all day, trying to gin up London’s 300 year Crimean war with Russia. Later the government-in-exile.

    “• Trump Immunity Denied By DC Appeals Court In Election Case (ZH)

    DC, no surprise. Sun rises in the east, same trajectory. Good. Everyone needs to see this.

    ““But any executive immunity that may have protected him while he served as President no longer protects him against this prosecution”

    It does if any of the acts in question were between 2016 and 2020. We’ll see what the USSC says, but everyone is seamless in thinking one thing, then thinking the Opposite a minute later. That is, as we know, the definition of “Madness”. Supreme Court is no exception to the same society they come from and live in.

    “• Tucker Carlson’s Exclusive Interview With Vladimir Putin – Full Transcript (LM)

    Yesterday’s seemed to be in reverse order. Q/A pairs. As if off a transcriptionist? That’s okay, but it’ll be easier to read in time-order.

    “• NYT Fantasy: Germany Gearing Up for Military Confrontation with Russia (PCR)

    They will take several decades.

    “I forget what year it was that the New York Times ceased being a newspaper and became a shill for the military/security complex.”

    1895. The Spanish American war. But let’s just call it “2001”. Exactly as we all said, and exactly why we all pushed back on 912 and GWoT, and were told we were crazy, it wasn’t like that at all.

    “The notion that Germany would be capable of confronting Russia militarily is hilarious.”

    That Boris Pistorius can say this in public is also hilarious and demonstrates that Germany is a joke.

    “Germany’s only strength was its economy. Washington has taken that away by blowing up the Nord Stream”

    Yes, but LONDON brought Germany down to England’s absurd level. Desperate poverty. Kids white with hunger. Rape gangs in the streets. You’re safer in Hungary or Bosnia. London needs to export that to keep the rest of Europe at their level. HOwever, if they weren’t throwing Scholz down the stairs, the 4th Nordstream is still there and can be turned on any time. That is: it’s all POLITICAL. All hardship is a CHOICE.

    “US President Joe Biden has vowed to veto a Republican-proposed standalone aid package for Israel”

    I’m lost. Now he does NOT want aid for Israel? And clip yesterday with it being voted down, like 205 to 145, but FOR? Could you please try to assemble sentences that make sense even though the subject matter is insane?

    “The security of Israel should be sacred, not a political game,”

    Okay, then vote FOR it. Or not. I don’t care. You’re going to vote AGAINST Israel’s “sacred” security in order to get your rocks off about making a point? That’s the definition of “political game”

    Anyway, the combined bill is still finding new horrors in it. Not JUST guaranteed 2M unknown people EVERY year, not JUST all DC jurisdiction, but it’s not 5k/day, it’s 8,500. 3M/year? 20 new cities? There is no cap on “unaccompanied minors” – translation: anyone claiming, without proof, they’re 17. As little kids would be with their parents or trafficked, i.e. “accompanied”. So..infinity migrants, as we saw in UK 30 year old bearded men in 6th grade with little kids bc they said they were “11” and the State believed them. Oh what else? There would only be a “State of Emergency” after they see 8,500/day. …But only if they write them down. All the people that are missed are also free and ALSO don’t indicate a “Crisis”. The BP also has loopholes to determine “Amnesty” of any kind, at any time, for any reason, and issue a work Visa, forever.

    Too many more to name. Amazing, I know.

    Anyway, Boop! Like a light, we were now “Always at war with Estasia”. TRUMP opened the border and caused all this. Yupper, yessirrie! Starting 9am yesterday, MSDNC and the other outlets were calling the border “A Crisis” we need to solve. But the gosh-durned Republicans won’t talk about the border and won’t do anything about it!

    I got nothin’. Great, I guess? They’re in such a bad way, so certain to lose the election on this issue they flipped, but are so out of airspace and time their only thought is to pass this bill by claiming a “Crisis”. Like they can only think 24hours ahead now? …A Bill that in their dreams, as Schumer says, will fund Ukraine or else we’ll have to stop all those world wars. We’ll have to aid a genocide or else go home. Uhhhhh-huuuuhhhh. What do you think an auto mechanic in Greensboro thinks of that?

    And the border bill not only has this, not only has no money (1/3 less than Kiev and added in 1/10th the other issues) but it is built SPECIFICALLY to PREVENT Trump from being able to take any action whatsoever when he gets elected. –Because why are you passing it in the way of hampering power of future Presidents unless you think that’s what’s about to happen?

    The law is one-way. It LOCKS IN 2M – actually unlimited, as I said – forever. With auto-amnesty, auto-work visas, and auto-slavery as we retain the two-tier citizenship. So they’re pro slavery.

    At the same time, they’re trying to lock in and begin a hot shooting war so the next President can’t back out. Again, it appears because they think they’ll lose. Okay.

    “• Lvov May Become Ukraine’s New Capital (Sp.)

    “a major Ukrainian railway company signed an agreement for the construction of a 75-kilometer section of the European-gauge railway.”

    That’s a lock. They’re turning Lviv into Poland and Europe, not Russia. Sadly, Russia can probably live with that.

    “ Gold & Silver Fight Tyranny – Catherine Austin Fitts (USAW)

    Apparently not. A lot more tyranny for 20 more years and no increase in price. Hope it wasn’t your retirement or nothin’. Who would you sell to? Like 1934?

    I realize how this works now (Sigh). They keep the gold price down, which is no help, but they still want gold. Why? Because IF YOU’RE THE SPECIAL PEOPLE, you take 1oz and are a “bank” who can “Hypothecate” it 1,000:1. That is, for THEM the price is already $20,000/oz. For us it isn’t. Demonstration of how stupid I am I didn’t recognize that until now. That’s why the price never needs to go up. FOR US. Unless the whole system fails completely, in which case that will be the least of your problems. One system and pricing for them, a different one for us.

    “Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan revealed on X that the White House was directly involved in the censorship campaign.”

    Pretty tired of hearing about this. It’s a Human Rights violation. If there were an ethnic genocide going on you wouldn’t just sit around talking in committee. Oh. Wait.

    “• America Is Undergoing Genocide (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Oh. Wait. Stop.

    Well, that’s Republicans. And that’s what we risked getting arrested to elect them for!

    Oh noes! If the Republicans were to win the election and get in power, THIS would happen! Or as Obama said: “Basically my platform is the same as the Republicans’.” (Quote seems to have been purged, popular on Dore)

    “HIAS has a processing center in the Darien Gap”

    WTF would you need to “Process” them? And why 2,000 miles from the border? “Yup! You look like an immigrant. That way is north. (Pointing)” That means someone, everyone in the media is LYING.

    “It is unclear to me if there is enough of America left to be able to rescue itself.”

    Well that’s been unclear for some time. But no, we’re going to be fundamentally changed. But of what kind? Could be as this tuns, all the jerks and low lifes have their $1,000 cards shut off and get shot committing crimes with no jobs and go home. With help. The rest, hard workers, stat businesses and stay here. And that’s America! They become “Americans” or whatever that will mean then. Law. Constitution. Freedom. Options.

    “The Law of Right Living becomes less clear when you try to follow it” – Confucius

    That’s for sure.


    Aspnaz. I agree about Kennedy. I don’t trust him one bit now I know he’s been epsteined. I would love to be proven wrong but there are nasty people out there that don’t give a fuck and they move very close to people on the up.


    I have realized I am not human.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Reading the tea leaves, an interesting report found on Sputnik last night:

    Texas Bentley’s Top 10 Predictions for 2024

    The U.S. Democracy lasted about 50 years, five decades only. The Republic and its iconic constitution have been supplanted in its entirety, only the mirage remains having the substance o’-the-wisp coinciding with the abandonment of established law for ‘rules based order’. Laws are broken; rules are bent (to accommodate). The seeds have been well sown, the harvest season is nigh, and so is the whirlwind.. Brought to all by the combo of ‘Law and Order’ and ‘Moral Majority’. ‘Law and order’ subverted law enforcement and ‘Moral Majority’ destroyed regulatory authority; enjoy the results.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Hey Oxymoran, what evidence is there you have any standing for your opinion The constitutional rights of citizens do not pertain to those subjects from beyond the national borders. Know your place. Or get a sovereign constitution of your own.


    I owe PC Roberts an apology, he named the jew behind the curtain. Tucker talks about media propaganda neglecting to mention he’s just a different version of it. His face would’nt be all over creation if he was not an approved chessboard piece. Father was a spook, much like all the fantastic musicians and singers who appeared out of nowhere, all at once in Laurel Canyon. Kill the brain in school, then use theatre and entertainment to guide the sheep into the pen. Putin is the complete opposite of Biden, Erudite , masculine, calm, statesman like. Hegelian dialectic. The synthesis, unfortunately, won’t be pretty. They raped and robbed America, now, in complete control, they’re destroying it. Gaza, a microcosm of the world.

    John Day

    Steve Kirsch, (Which “X” id this, Steve?) The “TransferX” project
    I have a clever way to modernize the transfer of authentication, value, and information. It makes what we do today look like we are in the stone age.

    John Day

    Tboc (a human) restates Epimenides’ Paradox:
    ” I have realized I am not human.”
    Those crazy humans… 😀

    D Benton Smith


    D Benton Smith said

    the interview will be a world changing event

    Sort of Tucker Carlton’s “Jesus rising from the dead” moment? Do we all get to live happily ever after?”

    All of us except you, aspnaz. You get to live “adolescently sarcastic ever after.” Don’t be in such a rush to make me look silly. Wait until the film comes out. There will be plenty of time for you poke fun at me and make me appear wrong and stupid after the real Putin-Carlson interview is actually published.

    That weird and cryptic piece published in the French “Les Manchette” rag looks totally fishy. It’s choppy and full of non sequitur questions & answers, plus there is no accompanying video and as of this morning there is still no such interview published on Carlson’s own website or Twitter-X.

    What it looks like to me is that some ambitious would-be double-agent near the action received a partial transcript (probably just a teaser compiled of outtakes) and leaked it to make a little side cash and screw with the release of the real thing. Who the hell is “Les Manchette, anyway? Is there some sensible reason that they would get this material (sans video) before anyone else in the whole world?

    Let’s just see what develops over the next few days. You’ll have plenty of time to help me make a fool of myself after the smoke clears and an actual video-taped interview is published.

    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz (with a side call out to @citizenx and @CelticBiker

    I am prepared to put money on it that well over 90% of USA Jews are Zionists.” [end quote]

    And you would probably win that bet (although the percentage is more likely 75 or 80). But the point that I would make is that you could just as easily wager that 90% of Zionists are NOT Jewish, and win that bet, too.

    A lot of Jews work for the so-called “Zionists”, who both predate the Jews, outrank the Jews, and are more evil than the nastiest Shylock that ever walked the Earth. Don’t take the BAIT, aspnaz, go for the guys holding the hooks, lines and fishing poles.

    Dr. D

    Aspnaz is black pilled this morning, but what process would you have? Its been like this since London set up the attack of Germany on Russia, killing both enemies at once. FDR then said he wouldn’t close the banks, would keep us out of war, then had the Japanese code and made them bomb Pearl Harbor. At least since then, or when they imported the entire Nazi Party into the CIA in 1947.

    What other method could there be except that FIRST we know it, first they’re exposed, THEN we do something about it? So? We’re in the “We expose it” part. That’s going to LOOK the worst, of course. It’s also by definition not the part where we act. Because for the love of God you’d better know first before acting.

    So here we are. I don’t like it either, but it’s a process. If the things sine 1950 haven’t wakened them, then clearly it’s going to take a lot. This is the lot. But yesterday we have Joy Bahar, 50 Cent, and Michael Rappaport (as an example) go nuts on Biden, immigration and Israel now. Along with all of Chicago. — I — don’t need to change here. I’m already with the program; you don’t need to reach me and change my mind. It’s not me, it’s THEM. And does this seem to be reaching these last holdouts that stuck with TDS even through all Mueller, all Russia, all wars, all indictments? Not until THEY get punched do they care a little bit. All 330 million other Americans can all die in a box, but MY street in Long Island???

    So there you have it: we had the 80%, but not the 12 Blesse’d Cities who were doing the election rigging where all other 95% of counties don’t matter. Do we have them now?

    Sure, yes, the ELITES still are up there locked in the nuclear control center. They probably released a world bioweapon, probably earthquaked all Turkey, and definitely started an open shooting genocide. Two. But we just chewed upward the whole next layer, all the 6-digit PMCs and Blue Tower enclaves. It looks chaotic but step back: it’s methodical and necessary.

    FIRST we know, THEN we act. And we have to get over 80% or there’s a Civil War and they win.

    BTW RFK flew Epstein with his wife and family. Before this was all well known. Nobody knew at first, that’s what makes it a “honey pot” and not a “prostitute.” And when it came up, he admitted it like a man and a normal person. What can he do? So unless you’re proposing incredible levels of degeneracy, it has to be taken at face value. Epstein’s whole JOB was to get people exposed and involved. It always starts innocent, a “Dinner” becomes a “Party” becomes “Upstairs” becomes “The Basement”. And then when you realize and leave no one believes you. Don’t do their work for them, in a purity spiral. Act on the evidence we have.

    I don’t like it either, but that just means I’m cautious. Like you think Trump can’t get Coke in NY? MLK can’t have an affair? Jesus didn’t consort with prostitutes and wax on about assault weapons? Don’t be like they are: Take it as it is and verify.


    • NYT Fantasy: Germany Gearing Up for Military Confrontation with Russia

    The Ultimate Jewish humiliation of the Germans.

    Rub their noses in it



    Gold/Silver are strange commodities.

    Today their prices are controlled and set by “paper” gold/silver prices, not by physical good/silver.
    In the old days of yore, there was only physical gold/silver.

    Today there are two prices for gold/silver; “paper” and physical.
    As long as the current corrupt banking system holds, it is “paper” gold over physical gold.

    If the current “paper” gold/silver system fails, only physical gold/silver will survive.
    Nobody knows how many “paper” ounces of gold/silver are traded (hypothecated) for each physical ounce of gold/silver held.
    If you are a bank, hypothecated gold/silver is great!
    If you hold hypothecated gold/silver, in troubled times, you are in trouble!

    The Golden Rule is very simple.
    If your gold/silver isn’t in your hand, then you don’t own it!

    John Day

    John Helmer takes a detailed look at the various PR strategies of western companies which retain Russian assets, selling soda under local brands, but not “Pepsi” for instance. There is a lot of information here. Shell is neither invested in Russia, nor divested from Russia, Schrodinger’s shareholders…



    • Ukraine’s Top General Sparing Neo-Nazis From Frontline Slaughter

    NaZiluzhny has always been hard core fascist and he spares Kraken and Azov battalions etc.. because they are his private army, his very own SS.

    They are his Praetorian Guard and will kill any Ukronazi politician or leader who tries to sideline their Fuhrer NaZiluzhny.

    NaZiluzhny spares them from the Russian Meatgrinder, they return the favor.

    Palace intrigues during a war are the Kiss of Death for any country.

    Looks crypto ‘normal’ on the PR surface in Ukronaziland, ho-hum, onward and upward, nothing to see here, move along, move along …

    Wait for it…….



    • Lvov May Become Ukraine’s New Capital


    “Fearing an East Coast invasion the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation makes Kansas City it’s New Capitol.”

    At least Duh’merica didn’t relocate the Capitol to Atlanta



    • Sweden To Close Nord Stream Sabotage Probe – German Media

    I don’t understand, they were on a mission.


    John Day


    BREAKING: Heartland Institute Releases Report – Based on Rasmussen Results – PRESIDENT TRUMP WON THE 2020 ELECTION


    • NYT’s Friedman Hits New Low With Animalization of Arabs, Iranians

    Friedman is a giant among midgets



    Is that all that we don’t know!

    ”He’s been very careful to not insert the most ideologically driven troops – the Azov and the Kraken units – into the front lines where they get killed, because he wants to preserve them. Instead, he is sending the cannon-fodder guys.”
    – CIA analyst Larry Johnson has argued.

    Words that kill: How Western spin doctors dehumanize select peoples to justify war
    Carefully chosen words and turns of phrase serve as lubricant for US-backed military machines

    By Chay Bowes,

    Gold & Silver Fight Tyranny – Catherine Austin Fitts

    Gold & Silver Fight Tyranny – Catherine Austin Fitts
    By Greg Hunter

    More and more, we are seeing people say the ‘wrong things,’ and suddenly they find their bank account is shut down.


    The next step is to defund DHS. Pay Mayorkas a penny and see if he wants to keep the job.

    Heartland report- Don’t think those a-holes wouldn’t claim Trump DID win, and now can’t seek a third term.
    And LOOK what a mess he made of the border in his second term! /s


    Earlier, the Russian leader’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said that Carlson and Putin spoke on February 6. The Russian president’s interview with an American TV presenter lasted two hours and will be published “soon.” Read more in the Gazeta.Ru article.
    EU May Impose Sanctions On Carlson For Putin Interview

    Dr D Rich
      Instead, he is sending the cannon-fodder GOYS.
      – CIA analyst Larry Johnson has argued

      There, fixed it for you CIA Larry.

    D Benton Smith

    There are a lot of “opinions” flying around recently, according to a handful of dyed-in-the-wool goddam liars.

    Never mistake a lie as an “opinion”. When the so-called “opinion is obviously, documentably, transparently, tangibly, patently, KNOWINGLY actually false then it is not an opinion at all. It is a lie.

    Lies are deliberate, and they all have one thing in common. They are told to deflect from a TRUTH, which it is in your best interests to know as the truth. The liar doesn’t want you to know to know that particular truth because if you did know it then you would benefit and the liar would face justice. That’s why they lied. They knowingly want to ILLICITLY benefit themselves by HARMING you.

    Liars are therefore a lot more malicious and dangerous than they would like you to think.

    And that’s not just my opinion.


    Reports surfaced Tuesday morning that noted ham radio operators and mariners had been disrupted around the two targets.

    The long-duration flare was released Monday at 8:30pm ET and the solar storm reached our planet today shortly after 10am ET.

    NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center shows there is a 45 percent chance of more communication disruptions in the coming days.

    John Day

    Nikki Haley Just Lost A GOP Primary To ‘None Of These Candidates’



    WES: re gold storage
    All good points, but surely it’s risky to hold a moderate amount of precious metal ‘in your hand’. How do you feel about professional vaulting services in a place like Switzerland?


    Originally published Oct 18, 2023
    Liar Liar – by Mr. Fish

    Israel is sustained by lies. The lie that Israel wants a just and equitable peace and will support a Palestinian state. The lie that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. The lie that Israel is an “outpost of Western civilization in a sea of barbarism.” The lie that Israel respects the rule of law and human rights.

    D Benton Smith

    A funny thought just occurred to me as I was posting the previous comment. I’ve been posting stuff here on TAE for going on 12 years now, and the bulk of those essays (if read with an unfriendly eye) might come across as unsolicited advice (a thing that is seldom welcome). That would be too bad because it has never been intended that way. It has always been simply to share what I think I have found.

    In point of fact, my essays and comments have actually been just an elaborate way to record “Notes To Self” that others were welcome to read and consider if they wanted to. Who knows, maybe to think about or even use, if they were of a mind to. In any case, my attitude about what I write and share has always been that it was my duty to share information which I had personally found to be true and worthwhile.

    So, what may look to others as my advice to them is actually my advice to myself, posted here as a means of fully articulating (and keeping track of) those things that I need to know or remember and do.

    Judging from all that advice I’ve given to myself it seems rather conclusive that I’m a guy who needs a lot of improvement.


    @SeaBirds re: “…but surely it’s risky to hold a moderate amount of precious metal ‘in your hand’…”

    Will Uncle Ted accept your certificate for vaulted Swiss gold for a freshly kilt side of venison? There is always risk bringing the energy to the work. Gold in a vault is quite safe. Do you need the gold to buy your way across a border? Where’s your gold?

    Surfer’s game.


    This report is different. It is reporting that what goes up must come down.
    RBC-Ukraine reported in detail about the previous Russian massive missile attack.
    Today, on February 7,
    Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Drohobych under massive Russian attack: Consequences revealed
    Story by Liliana Oleniak


    We mostly focus on global big picture stuff here at TAE.

    A little perspective goes a long way



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