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    Georgia O’Keeffe New York night 1929   • Democrats Are Moving To Bar Republicans From Ballots Nationwide (Turley) • Federal Judge Dismisses Trump
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    V. Arnold

    A new year; 2024….
    I wonder, does it really matter?
    I think not in the least; war is our new forever reality…….
    …so the calendar is just a marker in time…….. 🙁


    i have the feeling there are two texts most citizens of the United States have never read
    1. 1984
    2. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

    it appears from what i read online that those same citizens FEEL it is better to fight among ourselves

    “than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    and this same group have apparently never heard of the write in vote, content to have their futures decided for them. I will be blunt, these are not citizens they are tax paying place holders. When one considers the number of these people who watch the alledged pagentry of the British monarchy on television self governance is not even an abstact possibility. One who will not govern themself personally is incapable of bonding themself to their fellow man and governing their community. Wanton hedonists complaining tirelessly about wanton hedonists.

    “If everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking.” Benjamin Franklin

    this same group has allowed the education system of their nation to become a base supplier of proganda within which a small group pimp their children out for social status. Within this mileau the would be citizens place more value on the outcome of a sports contest than the future of their nation, their own children.

    call girls looking down their nose at street walkers


    Dershowitz, Epstein, Netanahu…Gaza…clotshots. Time to wipe off TV glazed eyeballs and see the satanic nature of this evil race, hell bent on destruction, chaos and death. Profiting from all of it, be it beachfront Gaza property or cancer drugs for the cancer they gave you. If we dont create our own money and walk away from these inverted, perverse systems, we’re fucked. The hordes crossing into Texas and Arizona are gonna bring Gaza to you, your hometown. Time to face the JQ, its very late in the game. They control the money, media and every shitforbrain politician in a suit with a lapel pin. They dont own your soul, yet…or do they?



    Dr. D

    “Epstein List Hangs Itself Moments Before Release” –BBee

    “More Than A 3rd Of US Adults Say Biden’s Election Was Illegitimate: Poll

    That’s just the Republicans. That’s not very helpful. When we saw 50% of Democrats thought so too (this is true) in some fashion or other, then that stat matters.


    Which one I guess? 2000? 2010? 2012? 2016? 2020?

    “The climate grifters like Gore, Gates, Schwab, and the rest of the Davos billionaire cabal that fly to climate change conferences in their private jets and live in 25,000 square foot mansions with 13 bathrooms and multiple gas stoves, want to use this climate change tripe as the main thrust in depopulating the planet so they have it all and the surviving peasants own nothing.
    Climate change is the cudgel the ruling elite are using to increase their own power, control and wealth.

    It really is that simple.

    I believe throwing billionaires into volcanoes will satisfy the climate gods.” — Quinn

    An excellent idea! And with just as much Science behind it as their plan. 97% of my Scientists agree. It’s settled.

    “ISIS Claims Responsibility For Mass Casualty Suicide Bombings In Iran”

    Yup, it was us. Oh wait: is it not consensus reality that we the CIA runs ISIS and delivers their arms from Libya and trucks from Texas? Check in another 6 months, like every other theory the fact checkers deny.

    “Only 13 EVs Now Eligible For $7,500 Tax Credit Due To New Biden Admin Rules”
    Previously, the number had stood closer to 24 models, but for the new year the tax credit excludes vehicles that use battery components manufactured by Chinese companies.”

    I’m sorry: was this is a law, or did they just Make S—t Up? “Biden” cannot “Change the rules”. Only Congress can.

    “no one wants to hear that they have been mindfucked. People want to hear that other people have been mindfucked.” — CJ Hopkins. But that doesn’t mean YOU haven’t also been mindfucked, he continues.

    “It started with “the 40 beheaded babies” story and “the super-suicide Hamas rocket” story, and rapidly devolved into the (Israel probably killed everyone themselves story).
    I tried to comment on the story dispassionately, and was instantly set upon by both shrieking pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian fanatics. It seems I’m both a genocidal, atrocity-denying Israel apologist and a genocidal, atrocity-denying, anti-Semitic Hamas apologist! The neo-Roman orgy of hatred and projectile spewing of propagandistic vomitus is ongoing, as I’m sure you are aware.” — CJ Hopkins

    Yup. Got that here too. Picking on Israel almost every day of my life for exactly this same thing they’re doing now, means I’m a Jew loving shill. Like, wtf? Maybe I should just use a random word generator to write stuff. Or it already seems like that sometimes. If they’re just going to attribute random s—t to you, why bother writing? At least hate the things I actually DID say.

    For today: apparently the timeline has finally been released, so actions are allowed to begin again, Epstein is released, and Assange is on deck as part of this timing campaign. He can testify to Congress under oath and go on record.

    As part of the Epstein release, because there’s not a lick of truth in them, they are Anti-Reality, he new phrase is: “were they IN the Flight list?” Yes, there was a bunch. I hate to use Trump, but he’s a best example. Trump is IN the Epstein papers: his name is indeed there!!! As the lawyer asked the Witness “Did you see Trump there?” And the Witness said, “No, I never saw him there, in fact he kicked one of us out of his casinos for being underage.” Yup! His name is listed!

    Omg, does this ever end? Can I get at least a PRETEND “spirit of the law” out of anyone between the Atlantic and Pacific? At least PRETEND to care. PRETEND you’re trying to tell the truth. Apparently same with RFK: he flew in the 90s, only with his family on board, and then openly admitted it and described what happened when asked. Unless you’re going to some truly weird, evil, kinky s—t, that they’re all wearing lizard-masks, I don’t know what more you want from him. It was not immediately apparent Jeffy was a kiddie-trafficking blackmail op. Not ‘til later. Duh: Mossad wouldn’t be doing there job well if everyone DID know. He was just another rich idiot full of temptation back then. A Private School tutor that somehow was also a billionaire?

    I am curious again as these many stories re-break. Okay, first time out, even first trip, you just think you’re awesome, out for a lark, going to a rich guy’s island, only to find he has your passport and you can’t escape. The only way home is to slowly get drawn into banging dudes. Fine, okay, first time. What was happening after that? How were they “Being made to” after that? I’m not saying there aren’t obvious, violent ways, from a guy who can clearly run the police and FBI, I’m saying no one is talking about it. So at some level they were also into it? Rather than going back to Minnesota Band Camp and back on Food Stamps in St. Paul? That doesn’t make it not a crime, either, on two separate levels (ie, statutory) even if what I’m saying is TOTALLY true, I’m just asking, “Tell me how this works.”

    “Cernovich, working with Epstein defense attorney and accused sex trafficking participant Alan Dershowitz, sued to have Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s defamation lawsuit unsealed”

    Dershowitz is guilty, but he’s fighting tooth and nail to release the records? Funny world. Explain?

    ““we do know that the FBI has Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail files”

    I’m sure Comey and Wray would be Boy Scouts and never DO anything with those files, though, right? Trump would never fire him to open his office safe, right? And when BOTH sides have the same blackmail, what do you do with it?

    “• Democrats Are Moving To Bar Republicans From Ballots Nationwide (Turley)

    Please, please do this so the state-electoral system can pick our President. It’s probably the least-bad conclusion to create an “election to remember” to point at and say never again, but that’s why it probably won’t happen. It’s far too easy, and we don’t seem to be in a “far too easy” mood.

    “Jack Smith in contempt of court for pursuing activities related to his election case despite Chutkan pausing proceedings pending Trump’s legal appeals.”

    I thought it would be “Contempt” for impersonating an officer of the Court. He was never confirmed, never appointed, and therefore has no legal jurisdiction (authority). It would be the same as if I sat down and took his job. I can sit in the chair, the paralegals can humor me and bring me papers and coffee, but does that make me a prosecuting attorney? I hope we would say no, and that’s the same situation he’s in. Suppose I were a Federal EPA prosecutor from Alaska, and just took a “Spirit Air” flight, sat down in his chair and pretended I was the new guy like “Catch Me if You Can”. Same thing right? A: Yes, legally that is correct. An FBI agent can’t just fly from Dallas to Portland and pretend to take cases there cause he felt like it. If you “Just make s–t up” outside procedure and paperwork, it’s not legal. It’s just LARPing.

    (BTW, “Catch Me if You Can” is a work of complete fiction, the man was a petty con artist who never did a single thing he claimed, was on Carson for, or the movie was about. I mean, of course. But that was back long before we were all suspicious. The real con was he sold the rights to Spielberg 30 years ago, for a complete lie. Spielberg was the rube, then he shed that loss by making YOU the rube. If you built your worldview that “people are stupid and gullible” from 1,000 such lies, and you find out people aren’t THAT dumb and catch on to cons like Abignale more or less right away.)

    “Pressure in Congress to Determine If Bidens Got Defensive Intel Briefing (JTN)

    Excellent point, its often easier to prove the cover-up.

    “Israel Partially Withdraws From Gaza After ‘Listening’ To US – Politico (RT)

    No, you NPR reporters at RT: We are listening to THEM. Washington just said: you can genocide all you want, but keep it down. The plan is to endure this initial media shock, as they have, then take it down to a simmer that starves and kills the remaining 1.5 Million people more or less as usual. DC’s problem was Israel is a failing failure who failed, this all took too long, the fact that Israel themselves are responsible for most of the deaths, and it’s way worse on TV means Israel was unable to win anything and convert to the “Long Starve” strategy fast enough. DC wants every Gazan dead and provides the bombs, but they need it fast enough. Like Ukraine, Israel is failing in this regard, and it’s – gasp – embarrassing. Why? If your currency isn’t “Money” (Capitalism) it is “Social connections” (Party member Socialism) “Embarrassment” reduces their social capital and makes them poor and/or broke under their non-money system.

    ““..The insiders warned that the scenario of a wider conflict in the Middle East is “perilous” for Biden’s “reelection chances.”

    And that’s why. However, Who is running things? Not Blinken, he’s an idiot. Not Biden, he’s non compos mentis. Not Pelosi or Schumer it would seem. Okay, add this: WE ARE REMOVING ALL OUR CARRIERS as sitting ducks. Two I think are going home or to safety already. White Flag: we surrender. Rifle lightly used, never fired. There’s not a goatherder on earth the U.S Army won’t run away from.

    What does that mean? Sounds like Biden isn’t running things, Bibi isn’t running things, although they fantasize they are. The Pentagon and America First are running things, just like how no Abrams Tanks – aw shucks – ever made it to combat like the Leopards, burning on the Steppes (embarrassingly).

    Because the U.S. is withdrawing when Biden and Bibi are running things? When they’re all with Linsday Graham and want a larger war? Seen and the unseen. What sense would that make if we’re going in deeper? Okay: HOW would we land the troops, drop the bombs on Tehran without the Ford and Eisenhower? We’ll drop them via Amazon Prime?

    “..while the Pentagon is authorized to spend another $4.2 billion on weapons for Ukraine, the actual funds are not available and must be set aside by Congress..”

    What the what? That makes no sense. If it’s “Authorized” then it’s “set aside”. Welcome to a dissolved world of no meanings, law = no-law, yes = no, the desert hellscape of #AntiLogos. Okay, go on, explain to me how all this is perfectly legal and logical…(eyeroll).

    Speaking of Congress, though, we’re not on $1 TRILLLLLLLION /year for the deficit. There are previous bond rollovers happening, so it’s like we need $6 Trillion in the next 6 months? At 500% higher rates? Something like that – who can tell when there’s no longer accounting anywhere? So Congress “Raise the Debt Ceiling” um, yeah: to Infinity and Beyond last time. I think it’s like “Anything we feel like” is the ceiling right now because it’s TIME based and not dollar based? Did I get that right?

    Wot a coinikiydink. So…you think nothing will happen this time? Why not?

    ““…The world has growing concerns about the stability of the United States and our ability to meet our debt obligations.”

    Yes, it is rumored that all the bond sales are Powell loaning money to say, Saudi so they will buy our bonds, then buying them back from Saudi 12 hours later. That is: raw monetization, but with the requisite Anglo LIE in the middle. — Of course! They’re not going to tell you. Or rather this “Growing concerns” IS the way they tell you.

    “Were that not enough, now the Biden administration is contemplating a policy that cannot help but exacerbate de-dollarization.”

    Yes because it needs to collapse under Biden and the Democrats. You didn’t think “America First” were DNC members, did you?

    ““Pritzker, the billionaire Chicago hotel scion and former Obama administration official, was elected senior fellow of the Harvard Corporation last year, months after she had donated $100 million to the university. In her new position, she personally led the search committee that named Gay as president…”

    …If you wonder of the “March Through the Institutions” to take over the country. …Which again, I didn’t make up, this was a specific book or paper they — literal Socialists, literally card-carrying — wrote decades ago and have quoted as a good idea ever since then. Control Harvard, control the paradigm of all the lawyers in America, and the voting is irrelevant. We weren’t planning on voting anyway: you can “Vote” your way into Socialism but you have to shoot your way out. Because it’s really just Fascism, totalitarianism, of the Oligarchs, like always. But somehow even worse than here, the way we (used to) do it.

    “[..] “The point is that Russia is like every country on the planet: an oligarchy run by incompetent kleptocrats and cruel kakistocrats … The galaxy brains of the “BRICS will save us!” blogosphere play on the ignorance of the average American (or Canadian or Japanese…) about the realities of Russian politics to lure them into a hopium narrative about Putin and Xi saving the world from the very globalist policies that they are working so hard to put into place.”

    That’s a completely fair argument. They’re clearly barely better than we are, and some aspects of China might be worse. So what’s your plan?

    I look for this because their pressure is a chess piece that helps me win my plan in my area. I’m sure there are people in those nations with their own directions to steer them, just like us.

    Rembrandt: The same was true of his etchings, which can be tiny, like 4×4, 2×2. Every line is visible and you can’t hide anything, but every line is perfect, but also dynamic. I have seen them in person.

    TBOC: They can’t read at all. At least there are no competency graduations in Baltimore, Chicago, DC and almost any other (Blue) city… This is why the vote was give to landowners (of the day) because they were taxpayers with skin in the game. Same reason Federal Worker Unions were illegal: you just vote yourself candy. And like half the U.S. is too poor to pay taxes, same thing. I’m not saying that’s the solution, but that’s the principle of governance we should try to solve. How is it fair to vote yourself “Other People’s Money”? Won’t we run out of “Other People’s Money” pretty quick, and what then?



    ..but what about Hamas!.. Me too except if you’re a Jew

    Weinstein must have been a real piece of work if even the Jews abandoned him. I wonder what moral code he could have broken that the Jews would not break themselves? Maybe he was too friendly with the Goyim?


    Waiting for RFK Gaza, let the Zionist spill his guts and explain why Palestinian babies are not worth saving by Children’s Health Defence … sick hypocrisy, my guess is the man is a pedo. Anyone too busy helping children is usually a pedo; doesn’t care about the children, has an alterior motive.


    Former congressional candidate Gene Stilp, who’s made headlines by burning MAGA flags with swastikas outside courthouses, filed the challenge.

    How does an American end up equating Trump with Nazis? Retarded doesn’t do it, authoritarian does it, ignorant of your actions does it, completely stupid does it. Does this Gene Stilp not realise that at times like these it is best to keep your head down? Maybe this is the modern form of Darwinism, because although Gene may be forgotten for a while, it is likely to be surprised by a knock at the door, the last knock it ever hears at the door. Insane. I would only do this if my paymasters also paid for a full time security detail.


    No election means no outlet for peoples’ frustrations. The only alternative is violence, so obviously the Jews of the Democratic party want to start a violent exchange between various factions in the USA. I certainly hope that happens, it will be full-bore entertainment for the rest of the world, watching the Americans kill each other under the guidance of the Jews, as the Jews continue to kill the Gazans.

    It looks like 2024 is going to be a show and a half, the only rule is don’t buy into anything and you will not be disappointed. Don’t worry about Trump, the Democrat Jews will assassinate him before any election, or the SCOTUS will be threatened to ensure he does not appear on any ballot.

    Democracy in America is dead, the only question is how the Jews are going to persuade the American sheep that democracy is still alive and well. We shall see, I don’t care, it is all meaningless as America has not had democracy ever, it is all a sham.


    Disney has committed to a new Star Wars trilogy featuring – brilliantly – one of their worst characters. A mary sue with a plumber’s name – Ray.

    They’ve chosen a director who has only done a couple documentaries that have won awards for being woke. With ties to both the WEF and Hillary Clinton. Her stated desire is to inculcate self-hate in men – achieve a mental state in them in which, if they look in the mirror, they do not like what they see.

    Ma’am. Ma’am? How will you “make men uncomfortable” when they are out at the park throwing a frisbee back and forth and drinking brewskies instead of entering the movie theatre?

    She came from Pakistan to tell american men how MEN are awful?!!? Why aren’t you doing that in pakistan exactly, making men uncomfortable there? (don’t want to say…) But no gratitude to your new country? Is it kinda like how cops prefer to interact with law abiding people with jobs and addresses rather than criminals? It’s just safer telling nice respectful men that they are awful than to tell awful men?

    But anyway, it’s hilarious at this point. We’ve watched Disney assemble the most massive pile of garbage – as if they were obsessed with making a life size replica of Devil’s Tower – and set it on fire. Now they’ve piled into a 74′ Semi pulling a full tanker load of aviation fuel and are revving their engine, preparing to ram straight into their devil’s tower of burning garbage at max speed.

    Were you doomscrolling and listening to Taylor Swift through your Marketing 101 class, caught a fragment about Targeted Marketing, so now you figure you’re targeting the male demographic like a proper corporate girlboss???

    Rainbow lightsabers in the next Star Wars or I am NOT watching it. It’s TIME.

    Like, what American man hurt you, ma’am? The male doctor that gave you your diabetes diagnosis?

    “Shouldn’t we… sort of… start trying to hide the propaganda inside of the entertainment, the way we used to do?”
    “NO. I am stunning and brave.”

    Next in the news: Disney hires Andrew Tate to direct the next Sex in the City movie. Youtuber Taylor the Fiend gets a lucrative 5 year contract to oversee all Hallmark channel movies. Reboots of all movies previously featuring Susan Serandon, Meryl Streep, and Sigorney Weaver to be directed solely by men from the MAGA Red Pill Community.

    Every Amy Tan book to be made/reimagined into a movie featuring dudes doing cool shit with swords, guns, and motorcycles. Wait, that’s crazy the whole point of buying rights to a known Intellectual Property is to take advantage of the existing fan base….

    So there’s an infinite waterfall of money from somewhere to keep this going even NOW, when the accounting for Disney indicated they had maybe 300m in reserve, enough to make ONE movie? Yes, infinite money from somewhere.

    So Blackrock and Vanguard are pouring trillions into this bottomless pit? (not just Disney) But don’t they have all this money because they’re managing people’s 401k’s and pensions and IRA’s which they are “leveraging”?

    Isn’t there a Dumb & Dumber moment approaching when they open the retirement/savings briefcase and there’s just a bunch of paper scraps labeled “IOU” – that’s as good as money, sir?

    I was thinking 0% loans from the Fed but really??? It seems unimaginable at this point. Money printing though, but how, from where?!?!

    We’re already in a centrally managed economy. However much money has to be printed, it gets printed. Somehow. And it funds whatever wants funding. Rent-a-mobs, movies nobody watches, elections whatever.

    So MUCH printing that it finds its way into petty things, like niche nerd culture. (See what happened to Dr Who recently? D&D? They’re absolutely obsessed with murdering nerd culture and putting on the skinsuit – was this REALLY that valuable of a space to capture?!??)


    I think chemtrails provide the cover necessary to hide the weaponization of space. I think new satellites are very tiny, abundant, and will be used to cut communications (or aid privileged communications).
    In war, a commonly asked question is “what news do you have…?” Deprived of news, humans grow anxious. This situation is hugely magnified by “smart” phones.
    I think the US provokes wars to see what the other guys have (and will use). I think the US doesn’t care about “winning” them. I think it smugly waits for the right moment and believes it will ace it with “surprise!” depravity. When you proclaim your failures (hypersonic missile tests), you’re not weak, you’re following Sun Tzu.
    Hubris, thy name is US.

    Mr. House

    “So there’s an infinite waterfall of money from somewhere to keep this going even NOW, when the accounting for Disney indicated they had maybe 300m in reserve, enough to make ONE movie? Yes, infinite money from somewhere.

    So Blackrock and Vanguard are pouring trillions into this bottomless pit? (not just Disney) But don’t they have all this money because they’re managing people’s 401k’s and pensions and IRA’s which they are “leveraging”?”

    That is what the 2008 and 2020 bailouts were for and 0% rates for 15 years. I know i’ve stated this here before, but really think about it, do customers matter if you bailout failure?

    Mr. House

    “We’re already in a centrally managed economy. However much money has to be printed, it gets printed. Somehow. And it funds whatever wants funding. Rent-a-mobs, movies nobody watches, elections whatever.”

    Now you’re cooking with gas boyo (before it gets outlawed) 😉




    I was never interested in the ‘sex’ supposed trafficking, and ‘blackmail’ potential aspects. Rich men have courts of well-paid young women hanging aroung, nothing new there…(Of course I condemn the trafficking and exploitation of underage children/teens, of vulnerable women, young men, etc. …)

    The latest ‘revelations’ of Epstein ‘contacts’ are NOT new, all of them were known well before, from Epstein’s black book, from the flight logs, from official transcripts of court cases, and more, all available on the internet for years, even from MSM articles, etc.

    As a fan of locked room mystery murders re. Epstein dying in his cell did grab my interest, I came to some conclusions, whatever. To add to that dossier, his brother, Mark, has recently spoken publically for the first time in MSM (afaik), interviewed by Tucker C.

    Jeffrey Epstein’s Brother Reveals Everything He Knows. 25 mins.


    It’s been a long time ago since I lost electricity. Lucky me, Only 4 hours.
    It was a real eye opener to realize what stopped working because of no electricity.
    For example, New, since they put in “optic cables”, The land line stopped working.
    Opps! … am I the only one without a cell phone?
    When EV must be in every house, before 2035, I expect that the breakers will jump every night from too much demand.
    Hehehehe, “out of money”, Heheheehe, My banker doesn’t care.
    Leveraging is legal
    Titillating stories

    alleged payment for sex with minors
    who flew to Epstein’s private island
    or even the pedophile’s New Mexico ranch
    Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse
    the FBI has Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail files


    (cue the Christopher Nolan movie promo foghorn sound)

    THIS Summer! From the people who brought you 2Fast-2Furious!

    Chris Hemsworth IS Jing-Mei Woo IN Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club!!! (scene of Chris Hemsworth climbing onto a motorcycle, flexing while revving engine… giant explosion going off behind him)

    Scenes of delighted people coming out of the pre-screening

    “Man, when I saw that cgi young version of Rutger Hauer (playing Waverly Jong) holding that henchman off the ground by palming the dude’s head, deliver that awesome one-liner and then crush his skull before tossing him to the side and dropping a cigarette lighter on the trail of gasoline… the look on the final boss’s face as he realized it led to him before he blew up – that was …man, …that was #%#ing awesome”

    Dr D Rich

    Another couple verses from Ackman’s bible where the same is also the opposite.
    Hat tip Aack Man’s partner in criMedia Labs and current President of Chiba University Japan.
    Or breeders breed success.

      Bill Ackman, who played a key role in ousting the president of Harvard over plagiarism claims, is now desperately defending his wife who was just caught plagiarizing in her dissertation. The level of depravity and shamelessness of these scum knows no bounds

    It’s different and not so distant from the gift that keeps on giving. I suspect (is it Bill?) Ackman tore out a chapter, one of the 13 or 14 case studies from Hervey Cleckley’s “The Mask of Sanity” and declared (his internal dialogue) “I am going to live this case study of psychoparhy to the highest degree of fidelity!”

      Bill Ackman’s wife, academic celebrity Neri Oxman, plagiarized in her dissertation. Ackman just used plagiarism as a reason to push Claudine Gay out at Harvard.

    And now the Masked Man Aack Man is blowing it all up and tearing it all down, self-immolating really, by unnecessarily tearing off his own Mask.
    3rd rule of Fight Club Psychopathic version is never ever take down the mask of Sanity. The rubes have no other way to discern the man behind the mask and then you might have to endure their undivided unwelcomed attention.

    Obscurantists = Commentariat??

    Dr. D

    If only you were exaggerating…

    Dr. D

    I applaud Ackman. Now he’s brought down not one, but two plagiarist frauds.


    Did you hear
    Today Hizbullah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasralla has given another speech.
    On the longer than 100 kilometer front all Israeli military bases have been targeted, as well as its settlements, with a total of 670 operations.
    48 border posts have been targeted 495 times as well as 50 posts behind the borderline.
    17 settlements, where Israeli soldiers went into hiding, have also been attacked.
    Technical surveillance equipment with a cost above a $100 million has been destroyed.
    The resistance published 90 videos and photos that showed the destruction of Israeli tanks and other vehicles.
    Israeli media is silent about the resistance successes.
    The eight Israeli hospitals nearest to the border have taken in some 2,000 wounded soldiers.
    230-300,000 settlers have fled from northern Israel.
    120,000 Israeli soldiers have to stay in the north to secure the border.

    Dr D Rich

    Joi Ito AND The Ackman still ride large, very large however. Where’s the Justice!

    You, Dr D can’t inadvertently promote sexism in Justice any more than rest of us could ever hope to distinguish between religious bigotry, religious supremacy and hyper-religiosity.
    I mean, you can and you inadvertently did.
    Maybe Claudine is transexual.
    If so, then I withdraw the charge of sexism


    Did you see?
    Capital, Sana’a, is witnessing an unprecedented march of millions under slogan “Blood of free people… on path to victory.”

    Dr D Rich

    Spot the outlier:

    Claudine Gay…..president or something Harvard

    Adm. Don Arthur Navy Surgeon General

    Gen. Patty Horoho Nurse Army Surgeon General

    David Tam MD(A) Cee Eee Ohh Beebe Healthcare

    Kevin Amick, Chief HMC Cee Eee Ohh VAMC

    Neri Oxam (Ackman) Professor

    Randy Morey engineer, navy corpsman played doctor as in Dec 6, 1987 · Booked late Tuesday on suspicion of sexual battery was Randy Morey, a Long Beach resident Navy Hospital Corpsman assigned to Naval Hospital Long Beach
    Adm. Jeremy Boorda. CNO, V for valor

    Which A. one or B. all never passed the NBME or Pediatric specialty boards?

    Which A. One or B. All never engaged in a fraud or misrepresented their credentials?

    Dr D Rich


    I suppose the following settles the question for time immemorial.

      “…the Jews glommed on to this by providing the material and setting for the status seekers to perform their transgressions…”


    Support it,
    81% Jewish Americans vs 15% Israelis

    How can the question be settled if indeed those statistics are true?


    re: fog net, this was among the New Shiny in ’70s/’80s with other enviro things. Similar structure can be built rather large. Pick a nice a foggy beach, make a concrete frame 30m x 100m, line with vertical vanes of a conductive metal (aluminum, copper?) Drain into a cistern below. It’s completely passive, and will keep working until it falls apart…in a few hundred years after maintenance ends.

    Same principle feeds our SoCal coastal oak forests. They’re primarily ‘fog forest’ like the home of the guanaco in the southern hem. Live oaks collect and ‘rain’ the fog in a dispersion around the base. Too much soaked earth near the base of a live oak can kill it, and at the least encourage fungal growth.


    re: “No election means no outlet for peoples’ frustrations. The only alternative is violence, ”

    I’m sure you meant to say “…One of many possible alternatives is…”, right?


    You all know what is BS in the following

    JN.1 is Canada’s new dominant COVID-19 subvariant. Here’s what to know
    Story by Katie Dangerfield •


    Humanity, ya gotta love it

    Reinventing itself every several thousand years like clockwork, cuckoo clockwork




    On the Democrat and Republican sides of the Uniparty I have to wonder if there is a little bit of a struggle going on between the billionaires for who they want to be their next president.

    Obama looks like he is going to stick with Biden and Kamala since it looks like Biden will soon be repeating his alliance (you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me) as in the 2020 election.

    Republican billionaires seem to have refocused from DeSantis to Nikki as their presidential candidate.

    The irony in all of this is Obama is pushing for Kamala, a high caste Indian woman, while the Republicans are pushing for Nikki, another high caste Indian woman, as being a better replacement!

    The Uniparty is also trying to push a traitor vice presidential candidate onto Trump just like they did in 2016.

    Then of course we have the Uniparty’s Democrats trying to ban Trump and other Republican candidates from state ballots. I suspect banning Trump from as many states combined with JFK’s 3rd party run, is to ensure Trump can not get enough Electoral College votes (270) to win the presidency. This might be where Nikki comes into play, if the House elects the next President while the Senate e,eats the next vice president? Could we end up with both Nikki and Kamala?

    The only thing I am sure of is that Trump will never be allowed to become president again. Because of this, there is no way the Supreme Count will ever take up Trump being banned from state ballots. That is why more states will ban Trump.

    Everything we will see in the 2024 election drama farce, is merely theatre.


    The Absurd is taking over

    “Footage of cop cars swarming a Miami mall has sparked rumors of “8-10ft shadow aliens” being responsible for the massive police presence called to the shopping center. ”


    The Plebs brains are pretty conditioned by now.

    We already have an ‘Alien Invasion’ on the southern border, but graduating to an ‘Alien Invasion’ in a Miami Mall is a step-in-the-right-direction…


    Chaos broke out at the Bayside Marketplace in Miami, Florida on New Year’s Day after a large group of “unruly juveniles” sparked a riot at the open-air mall.

    The United Tards of Duh’merica


    Alien Mall Invasion OMG!



    Making fun of Duh’merica is like kicking kids in wheelchairs!


    Headed for Complete Destruction

    Ukronaziland is looking like a Zombie Apocalypse

    The astonishing Lies of the Collective West have piled up deeper than the Ukronazi dead (500,000+)

    Instead of a national debt in dollars, the western mediawhores have accreted a national debt of Lies so stupefyingly enormous it has generated it own gravitational field similiar to a Black Hole Event Horizon.

    The Western Mediawhores have killed and gutted the Trust Horizon so thoroughly and then substituted it with the stuffed corpse masquerading is Pedo Jo-Joe Bidet.

    Mission Accomplished!


    Clotshot Brain Damage talkin trash……



    The Flu View

    Joy Behar: “I have been boosted and boosted and boosted, so I got COVID. It does not prevent you from getting COVID, but you don’t die from it.”

    Stop, yer killin me…




    Jew theatre, are you enjoying the show? As they turn your country into shit?


    Where do I go when there’s nowhere to go?
    The exits are blocked and it’s on with the show!
    I sure didn’t want to be part of the play-
    So ham it up folks!
    I’ll just go my own way.

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