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    Visited Dave Collum at X


    “We accrued $1 trillion of sovereign debt in 15 weeks. That could be as much as $10,000 per taxpayer (minimum $5,000). Tell me how this is gonna work out?”


    “Haven’t you heard?

    We gonna grow our way out of that debt.”



    Chris “Adequate Citations” Martenson, PhD

    Flogging those Beta ‘males’ until they bleed from their ears……

    “I don’t really blame them anymore.

    You see, I was making a mistake.

    I was judging them like I’d judge myself.

    I’ve since settled into the idea that we are now led by midwits.

    As people raised during good times, they are doing their very best, but aren’t up to the task.”


    Nice T-shirt

    I can tell you don’t go for Beta Males



    You do cut to the chase. There is only one root cause. Money. The rest is commentary. The race is to take the money from the establishment before they can take away our ability to take the money from them. Jews, WEF, Uniparty, whatever. Commentary. We know enough now to make our own money. Money you can only get by making something useful. I am slow, but if no one else does it, I will.


    For nostalgia’s sake- and even a little pertinent. A favorite from way back when.
    (I had to go to yandex to find this.)
    Kikkoman’s!!! (ad from 200X?)

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)
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