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    Hieronymus Bosch St. Jerome in Prayer 1482   • The US and Hezbollah Want The Same Thing From Israel-Hamas War (Scott Ritter) • Iraqis Warn Of Wes
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    D Benton Smith

    The effect of equating Anti-Zionism with Anti-Semitism is that the incautious (unconscious?) minds of the world are being prepared to blame everything on the Jews, and to consequently take it out on them. . . again.

    The ploy is being implemented by Zionists, of course, and these so-called Zionists are no more Jewish in actual fact than is a stone. They simply use the words and other trappings as camouflage.. Before the last few millennia they used other words and other trappings and other camouflage, but the nature and purpose of these so-called “Zionists” has always been the same, and has never been good.

    By their fruits you will know them. If you try to identify them by any other measure you will be deceived, and of all of their other despicable traits (such as blood lust, boundless greed, insatiable thirst for power and deriving sexual gratification from child murder) it is deceit that is their most defining characteristic.

    To the Jews of the world (and especially to those who are most convinced that they are God’s chosen people) I implore and advise that you take heed of the obvious, and re-examine the very nature of deception, which in its most basic form is simply the holding of a false or misleading belief.

    You have been led (perhaps willingly, or maybe just through endless repetition or mental laziness) to believe that you are the chosen ones. You must ask yourselves, chosen according to whom, exactly, and chosen for what? Have you been deceived into a false belief?

    From the earliest recorded times the Jews have been known as The People of the Book, and that the Book says that God chose you to rule over all of the world and all of the people and things that are in it.

    But is that actually true, or have you been deceived by Zionists? The evidence is all around you, written in the blood of slaughtered children and spoken in the inconsolably anguished cries of their survivors.

    Don’t tell me what the inked words in a book MIGHT say (for there are countless interpretations). Tell me what God says.

    I say this because the Zionists are laying YOU upon the sacrificial altar, and there is not one God damned holy thing about it.

    Zeno’s paradoxes
    Space must be created to resolve the problems (expanding universe.)


    • The US and Hezbollah Want The Same Thing From Israel-Hamas War (Scott Ritter)

    ‘escalation ladder’
    • Iraqis Warn Of Western Plan To Move Gazans To Anbar Desert (Cradle)

    to create an “alternative homeland”

    Peace –
    “Everyone is ready for that except for Zelenksy, Biden, Blinken, Sullivan, Nuland, Senator Graham, and Congressman Schiff..” – negotiations with Russia

    • NATO’s Backfired Ukraine Strategy Built on Ideology, Bribery & Blackmail (Sp.)

    Russia fully intends to reach all the objectives of its special military operation.


    On EU state’s most popular party wants Israeli ambassador expelled. top post.

    Re. Ireland. It is not a member of NATO. Neutral in WW2 (could not be on the side of GB, though many individuals joined on that side.)

    IR was, is, a keen adherent in the EU, as that represented (imho) belonging somehow to a larger entity.

    Of course EU funds and the EU tolerance of exceptionalism re. tax laws, etc. were activated to give Ireland a ‘boost’ if I may call it that helped that adherence along. — Not to mention it created a foothold into the EU with plentiful educated English speakers for hire by Big US Corps like Apple.

    Plus, N. I. (GB) vs. Repub. IR conflict was ugly (Peace and Democracy are European values, cheers all round) and had to be stopped or at least contained. (> Blair, Good Friday Agreement.)

    Now, inevitably in a way, GB out of the EU, and Ireland keenly in, the calculation comes to a kind of clumsy fruition.

    Idk – I’d like to go there and see, talk.

    IR was extremely COV19 repressive (as reported by MSM, I have no direct experience) and pro-jibby-jab, right in line with EU endorsement of Big Corps, and other ‘developed’ eng-speaking ‘developed’ countries like Australia and NZ.

    Yet, IR retains support and sympathy for oppressed ppls, such as the Palestinians, via Sinn Fein, a ‘nationalist’, ‘for the people party’… -> first time I looked at this site – hmmm.

    Clare Daly is pretty good.. at the EU parliament. Here just 1 min.


    @ DBS

    So true…
    I found that to be glaringly obvious as well when the Israeli people were offered up on a platter to Pfizer. It is the same when Israelis are “settled” into illegal settlements, illegal because it is against international law for Israel to be colonizing occupied Palestinian territory. And also similar to how the IDF howls about Hamas using Israeli prisoners as “human shields” and then the IDF slaughters their own prisoners rather than negotiating for or rescuing them.

    A lesson to us: if a the world collectively ignores a country committing non-violent or less-violent violations of international law, such as Israel appropriating Palestinian land, settling on it, blockading Gaza, imprisoning Palestinians for mild or made up offenses, then, over time, the violations are likely to grow more bold, and become more violent, as has occurred in Gaza in the past three weeks.

    (And then I think about my own country, the US, and how it has violated international law in the decades of my life, growing bolder over time. This is a sorry trajectory.)


    Saturday and Sunday millions are drawn to their television sets morfphing their identity into that of a faceless crowd wearing a team jersey. Hour after hour multinational corporations pay to insure the identity loss drug is freely dispensed. James Taylor described a similar experience: “No I do not dig the big time rock n roll, sit in the dark be somebody else”. What a wonder is the satellite broadcast of faux pagentry and talk, nostalgia inducing sounds and talk and talk and talk at radio wavelengths. Please do not forget you are a profit center and the marketing arm needs your help. Proudly say to yourself, “I Am A Profit Center”. Careful! don’t injure yourself patting yourself on the back!!!!!

    The multinational corporations that dispense the identity loss drug and work assidiously to assure total lack of satisfaction might be compared to pin worms. What do these multinational corporations do with the profits so willingly provided to them? Profit driven, the sponsor of the intertainment you deserve invest in starving, maiming, poisoning and murdering children. C’mon man 10% for the Big Guy. This market has more potential than character assasination!

    Today’s game is brought to you by MERCHANTS of DEATH ™

    Enjoy the GAME
    get what you deserve – non-intuitive financial


    Three excerpts from Thierry Meyssan’s latest post:

    Contrary to what I wrote last week based on dispatches from Western and Arab news agencies filtered by Israeli military censorship, Israel’s attack on October 7, 2023 (operation “Al-Aqsa Flood) “) was not perpetrated by Hamas alone. Its triggering was decided by a unitary operation chamber of the entire Palestinian Resistance. Hamas, which is by far the main component, provided the bulk of the troops, but three other groups participated: 
 Islamic Jihad (Sunni and Khomeinist), 
the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (Marxist) 
and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-CG).


    In 2023, Iran hosted talks between the region’s various pro-independence forces, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas. They were held in Beirut (Lebanon) under the presidency of General Ismaïl Qaani, commander of the al-Quds brigades of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Their aim was to reconcile these actors who had fought a ferocious war in Gaza, then in Syria. These meetings were made public in May 2023. On this occasion the Lebanese press discussed the preparation of the unitary operation which was carried out on October 7. Iran is therefore responsible for reconciling the Palestinian factions.


    On October 5, the CIA warned the Mossad of a major operation by the United Palestinian Resistance. The United States was worried about its scale. However, according to the New York Times, the CIA reports (September 28 and October 5), still classified, did not mention the use of new combat techniques by the Palestinian Resistance. Israeli intelligence services then held a meeting to assess the threat. The Shin Bet (counterespionage) and Amman (military intelligence) participated.



    Why, at the moment of the Jews’ greatest ascendancy, with the Holocaust so new and intense in recent memory of the west, did Alfried Krupp walk out of prison after just 3 years, not to destitution, but one of the greatest fortunes in the world.

    If there are special jews and other jews, how did Krupp’s PEERS in power and wealth end up working and dying in his slave labor camps? How did a ROTHSCHILD end up having his entire industrial infrastructure looted by Krupp and end up in his camp? Not only killing jews in volume, but the most established important category we know of? And he walks out of that prison to a restored industrial empire?

    So do we go with the zionism took over the west or the nazis took over the west (paperclip) post ww2?


    according to the New York Times, the CIA reports (September 28 and October 5), still classified, did not mention the use of new combat techniques by the Palestinian Resistance

    Apparently not a single CIA or Mossad member plays Rust online and therefore hasn’t logged 100+ hours breaching heavily fortified locations with minicopters but Hamas has? But then the average age between the two sides must be vastly different.

    Dr D Rich

    dbs and jb-hb workin’ overtime today.

    aspnaz and celticbiker the ball’s in your court.


    Idunno I mean, there IS, revealed in 2020, top-down universal control over things like virtually all press/media, the entire health industry and international health organizations, scientific and medical publications, governments worldwide, etc.

    We have conclusive proof there IS most definitely a giant blob of some kind that brooks virtually no argument, debate, or questions, certainly no contradictions and has no scruples whatsoever. And if anything prefers to be super-shitty about everything constantly.

    Call it global marxism (the only kind of marxism other than the nationalist kind) the komintern/global marxism, globalISM… hm. Or call it what, corporate elites? Secret ancient bloodlines? Aliens? Secret societies, satanists, what have you? A weird hidden Gnostic/Hermetic religion using marxism as a skinsuit?

    CALL it “The Jews” and whether you are right or wrong, the Blob, whatever it is, IS still there. Not disproven if it’s just jewish people going about their day not plotting the overthrow of civilization and others being secret assholes. Even so, the blob is still there, whatever it is exactly.

    The 999,999% jabbed policy in Israel doesn’t look too good for jews. Legalizing firing on their own people doesn’t either. Stupid domestic and foreign policies leading to the ruin of Israel doesn’t exactly look good either. From what I am reading, there’s a crackdown on other points of view within the country, calls to negotiate or make peace, protests. Looking a bit like Ukraine if anything.

    Does Israel have a right to exist and what happens to all those Israelis if it does not? And international opinion is gradually turning into an absolute landslide against Israel. Which leads towards – no right to exist. “successfully” bombing bits of Gaza, ok. But their own policy is – overused word, but here it is TRUE – leading to an EXISTENTIAL moment for Israel. And all you had to do to keep surviving and existing indefinitely into the future was be not QUITE this bad!!!

    Unless they’re like the South on the eve of the US civil war, thinking “I can take him” and contemptuously going for it because feelz. Like if the South had a Putin in charge with his infinitely-fine-tuned meat slicer of escalation and a firm grip on local commanders, the South would have made it.
    There’d be a confederacy today. I’m not speaking to the desirability or undesirability of that, just that they fucked up and it was their own business not to. But even separated from the North, they couldn’t tolerate a humble destiny. Thought they could whip the northerners and lay claim to chunks of the West, get the North to agree the South gets a free hand in Cuba, Central America (the south invaded Cuba several times looking to create one or several additional slave states) My opinion is the US civil war was really about the west, future expansion, and spheres of influence

    What Israel is doing right now seems monumentally stupid in terms of the welfare of Jews and Israel. Unless they’re convinced they can whup everyone and settle things the way the want finally, Really Have It All (R.H.I.A) which I doubt they can do. Just for instance, I severely doubt Iran doesn’t have nukes.

    Israel could really use an Otto Von Bismark right about now.


    Look at what I found with references.
    Why depopulation of Gaza?

    Massive Oil and Gas Reserves Discovered Under Gaza

    Massive Oil and Gas Reserves Discovered Under Gaza
    Nov 4th, 2023

    Massive Oil and Gas Reserves Discovered Under Gaza – Israel Grants Development Licenses

    Massive Oil and Gas Reserves Discovered Under Gaza – Israel Grants Development Licenses
    Fact checked

    Four years ago, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) published a report on “the unrealized potential of Palestinian oil and gas reserves.” The report estimates these reserves could generate “hundreds of billions of dollars” for whoever develops them. It also criticizes Israel for preventing Palestinians from developing those resources as a way to alleviate their massive poverty. You can read it here.

    The Economic Costs of the Israeli Occupation for the Palestinian People: The Unrealized Oil and Natural Gas Potential
    This study was prepared by the UNCTAD secretariat, drawing on a study prepared for UNCTAD
    by Mr. Atif Kubursi, Professor Emeritus of Economics, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.
    This study seeks to stimulate debate on the research subject.
    Any references to dollars ($) are to United States dollars.
    In tables, two dots (..) indicate that data are not available.
    2019, United Nations

    first, Look at the two maps
    ISBN: 978-92-1-112947-2
    eISBN: 978-92-1-004076-1
    Sales No. E.19.II.D.10

    Acronyms …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. iv
    Executive summary ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. v
    I. Objectives and organization of the study …………………………………………………………………….. 1
    II. The legal framework: Historical precedents ………………………………………………………………. 3
    III. The economics of the occupation: A synopsis ……………………………………………………………. 6
    A. Israel’s exploitation of Palestinian natural resources ……………………………………………….. 8
    B. Resource transfer to Israel, neglect of the public sector and erosion of policy space ….. 10
    IV. The theoretical basis for estimating the costs of occupation …………………………………….. 13
    A. Welfare economics and the costs of occupation …………………………………………………….. 13
    B. Property rights, contested resources, losses and compensation regimes ……………………. 15
    V. Oil and natural gas in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and the Levant Basin ………. 18
    A. Gaza’s natural gas fields and Meged oil field in the West Bank ………………………………. 20
    B. Oil and gas in Israel: New discoveries ………………………………………………………………….. 26
    VI. Estimating the value of the oil and natural gas reserves in Israel: What is the
    Palestinian share of these resources? ……………………………………………………………………… 30
    VII. Conclusion …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 31
    Figures, tables and maps
    Figure The principle of compensation …………………………………………………………………….. 14
    Table 1. Exploration rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory …………………………………… 25
    Table 2. Reserves of oil, natural gas and shale oil in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
    (averages) ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 26
    Table 3. Oil production and natural gas production and consumption in Israel …………………. 27
    Table 4. Reserves of oil, natural gas and shale oil in Israel (averages) …………………………….. 28
    Map 1. Location of the three assessment units in the Levant Basin Province in the Eastern
    Mediterranean ……………………………………………………………………………………………… 19
    Map 2. Israel and areas of the Palestinian National Authority ………………………………………… 24


    Israel awards gas exploration licences to Eni, BP and four others
    By Ari Rabinovitch and Steven Scheer
    October 30, 20233:08 AM PDTUpdated 6 days ago

    The licence awards, which came as the Israel-Hamas conflict entered its fourth week, included one group led by Italy’s Eni (ENI.MI) along with Dana Petroleum and Israel’s Ratio Energies (RATIp.TA) which will explore in an area west of the massive Leviathan field, which supplies Israel with gas and is also used for export.
    A second group, involving Azerbaijan’s national oil company Socar along with BP (BP.L) and Israel’s NewMed (NWMDp.TA), will explore north of the Leviathan, the ministry said.

    “The winning companies have committed to unprecedented investment in natural gas exploration over the next three years, which would hopefully result in the discovery of new natural gas reservoirs,” Energy Minister Israel Katz said.


    Bob Hardage: Using seismic technologies in oil and gas exploration

    Using seismic technologies in oil and gas exploration


    This late in the game, if you cant see the jewthing, the money, the media, the pedophile coksuckers who prtetend to represent you…you are 1 dumbass motherfucker.


    Just as predicted, Hamas soldiers popping up from the tunnels in the rubble and snuffing one IDF armored vehicle after another.

    Boy that rumble is quite the camouflage, just like in Stalingrad.

    Michael Reid

    Celticbiker wrote:

    This late in the game,
    if you cant see the jewthing,
    the money,
    the media,
    the pedophile coksuckers who prtetend to represent you…you are 1 dumbass motherfucker.

    Celticbiker rconsider this:

    The evil is coming from the government.

    Forget about the jewthing.

    Deal with the evil government thing.

    And then perhaps we will have to deal with the bank thing, and other things


    Go find the contracts, and checks as proof




    Mike, hate to give you the bad news, jews are your government.

    Michael Reid

    Celticbiker I am sure there are many lovely beautiful souls among the jews.

    You just need to be selective when dealing with the problem.

    Otherwise that would be evil

    Michael Reid

    Even though I don’t believe in religion,
    I think Jesus and I would get along pretty good.

    I told my Dad last night I am Christian in much of my thinking.

    I also told him sometimes threats to the family need to be eliminated with deadly force.

    If that is not Christian then it should be

    Michael Reid

    Of all the many insults hurled at the pro-ivermectin camp
    during the pandemic—and believe me,
    there have been boatloads—my favorite has to be “grifter.”

    Because clearly people like Dr. Pierre Kory,
    the tireless researcher, brilliant physician,
    and fearless author of The War on Ivermectin—risk their lives
    and their livelihoods to promote
    a cheap,
    life-saving medication out of overpowering,
    arely-veiled greed.

    Michael Reid

    Makes you wonder what is realps://


    The evil is coming from the government.

    Forget about the jewthing.

    Bull fucking shit !

    It is a Govt that of/ THE JEWISH STATE . The JEW homeland for ALL Jews. Fuck off with your lies.

    Even though I don’t believe in religion,

    I told my Dad last night I am Christian in much of my thinking.

    You don’t believe in Religions- but you call yourself Christian ?
    Are you fucking retarded ?
    You can’t have it both ways- unless of course you indentify as half man half woman.

    – This is the JEWISH state, of the Jew religion committing genocide- the very same JEWS that play holocaust victims.

    America IS a Christian Nation. Look at the mother fucking dollar- what does it say ?

    IN GOD WE TRUST !!!!

    So in your fucked up mind a Jew is NOT a Jew- a Christian is NOT a Christian ?

    So no Religion is ever accountable ? Fuck off with that bullshit.

    Thanks Oroborus-

    Whats the difference between a BBQ’d UkroNazi and a BBQ’d Zionist Nazi ?

    Hahaha- ones a fucking JEW.


    Americans and Canadians hate truth- they just can’t deal with reality.


    You just need to be selective when dealing with the problem.

    Otherwise that would be evil

    Really ? So good does not triumph over Evil ?

    Good kicking the shit out of evil is evil ?

    Again I will call you retarded.

    Good ending evil is not evil… you can’t have it both ways. Maybe toughen up flower ?


    The USA has been supporting evil for a very long time, the people of the USA are guilty, regardless of how unwilling they are to take responsibility for the actions of the country they choose to live in. The Jews run the USA, they have brought their morality to the USA, the other Americans are now sitting in their homes watching their tax dollars kill babies in Gaza; but it is not their fault, what can they do?

    Americans really are hopeless, even the people of China have more control over their government than do the Americans; Americans ain’t leaving the sofa for anyone. The Jews have them by the balls and the USA Jews and Israel Jews are going to erdicate the Palestinians. Every single American will have to share the guilt with the rest of the west that allows its governments to pretend that this is not genocide; but duh, the American’s don’t do guilt. They are special, same as the Jews, they are the chosen ones, they can kill brown people without having to do guilt; they are sure God said so.

    I wonder if the Americans believe there are ten commandments especially for them too? Like the Jews have their own version where “thou shalt not kill” is replaced with “thou shalt genocide Palestinians”, maybe the Americans replace “thou shalt not nat have any god before me” with “thou shalt worship the Jews as your first God, I am just the backup”, or something like that.

    Religion would be a joke if it wern’t so destructive.

    Michael Reid

    citizenx wrote:

    Really ? So good does not triumph over Evil ?

    Good kicking the shit out of evil is evil ?

    Again I will call you retarded.

    Good ending evil is not evil… you can’t have it both ways. Maybe toughen up flower ?

    citizenx what you fail to understand is
    the facts of a person just being a citizen of Israel and / or a jew
    does not make that person evil just because of those facts.


    not all whites are evil
    not all blacks are evil
    not all jews are evil

    Smarten up citizenx

    Michael Reid

    aspnaz wrote:

    Every single American will have to share the guilt
    with the rest of the west
    that allows its governments to pretend that this is not genocide

    This idea of an individual being guilty of something because
    their country did something evil is simply stupid.
    Same with the idea of sharing the guilt.

    Seems pretty clear to me that the citizens of a country
    have little impact on the rulers of a country


    Why genocide?
    It’s not magic.
    It’s diverting your attention.
    Look at what is hidden in the white noise.
    Map 1. Location of the three assessment units in the Levant Basin Province in the Eastern
    Mediterranean ……………………………………………………………………………………………… 19
    Map 2. Israel and areas of the Palestinian National Authority………………………………………… 24


    Atif Kubursi
    Professor Emeritus, Economics

    Search results for ‘ Atif Kubursi’ Download Results Not the results you expected?
    Display Only


    I goto pause and “How to Remove Trovi Search”

    Dr. D

    Am I crazy or did everything I post vanish here? And I already had to try 3x and cut into 3 parts.

    And now a PSA from Europe. Europe, “The Garden People.”

    “The FBI created “a new category of extremists that it seeks to track and counter: Donald Trump’s army of MAGA followers,” Newsweek revealed.”

    Why is this in “Newsweek and Shill Report”? Before an election?

    “The FBI crackdown is following some of the most overheated political rhetoric of our era. Biden has denounced Trump supporters for “semi-fascism.”

    They may be right! Semi fascism is when there are Corporations, and there is a State, but they’re not merged. It’s a sad world where the FBI does not work for Amazon, Raytheon, and Taser.

    “Biden’s FBI views Trump supporters as a deadly threat to democracy, thereby justifying subverting or crippling Trump supporters’ ability to oppose Biden and other Democrats.”

    Great, great… One question: did they commit any CRIMES? We prosecute crimes, not feelings. We don’t generally prosecute intent because it’s unprovable. We prosecute criminal ACTIONS. Note the recent round of cases: Trump’s INTENT to defraud. J6 CONSPIRED to commit acts they didn’t commit, that is, they had THOUGHTS and may have even spoken on the thoughts. People SAID THINGS on Twitter, in Memes, etc.

    Introduce any lie an I’ll use it. Those “laws”, aren’t. But because we had a line, a gray area, they had to cross the line and break the area. No borders, boundaries, or rules. I THOUGHT. You FELT. That’s a crime.

    Adam Serwer: Yes, “The Atlantic.” They actually said something. Okay, so why? Why now? Is it because they don’t know which Narrative was printed on The Memo? They had to self-solve this equation? Does that not show terminal weakness?

    Ah Obama, the minimum of slick. Everyone is so meth-addled brain-damaged that even this normal minimum seems stellar these days. What was his opening word? “If there’s any chance of us being able to act…” You mean like not giving the $6-9 Billion dollars a year that allowed all this?

    “The US and Hezbollah Want The Same Thing From Israel-Hamas War (Scott Ritter)

    Very long interview on Haiphong

    “This notion might have remained confined to the realm of “conspiracy theories”

    …Except that a major government said that it’s real? Major governments and Presidents’, official releases = Conspiracy Theory. Anyone want to tell me what is NOT a Conspiracy Theory around here? Only CIA statements posted on Reuters? S—t TikTok influencers make up? Things ACTUALLY published by the US Navy ON their own website (e..g. “UFOs”) are “Not real.”

    Oh and in this case, identical to what was OFFICIALLY released as OFFICIAL agree-on, consensus reality of pushing them out to the Egypt desert. Obama eats Bacon! Trump Eats Bacon! Biden eats Bacon! RFK eats bacon? Pshaaah! You “Conspiracy Theorist”! There’s no evidence for that! Where do you get such deranged fantasies?

    “Israeli ambassador Dana Erlich “should no longer enjoy diplomatic status in Ireland,” Sinn Fein party leader Mary Lou McDonald said on Friday.”

    That awkward moment when the IRA wants you expelled for Terrorism…

    Anyway, while you guys were flapping your gums thinking about maybe holding a meeting, which might result in a resolution, to possibly look into consequences, 10,000 are dead because Israel has a longstanding plan to act fast. That is to say, basically you’re helping, at no risk of your own. Now 10k is only 0.5%, but that would be 1.2Million proportional to the United States. And like 500,000 children.

    ““Zelensky said the war between Israel and Hamas had also drawn attention away from Ukraine, and said that this was “Russia’s goal”. Excuse me, how does this work?”

    How? Putin is everywhere. Like Putin.

    “Putin is everywhere
    Putin is everything
    Putin is everybody
    Putin is still the king

    Man o man
    What I want you to see
    Is that the big P’s
    Inside of you and me

    Putin is everywhere, man!
    He’s in everything
    He’s in everybody…

    Putin is in your jeans
    He’s in your cheeseburgers
    Putin is in Nutty Buddies!
    Putin is in your mom!”

    And if you ain’t got Mojo Mixon, your store could use some fixin’.

    ““..There’s a growing sense that it’s too late, and it’s time to do a deal..”

    Actually, I’d like to take this time to thank Boris Johnson, and thank him from the bottom of all our hearts. If not for his blinding and senseless interference, Russia would not be in the position they are today, with Ukraine collapsing and falling almost entirely into Russian hands.

    Yes, if Boris hadn’t flown in and put a stop to it – while he wasn’t Prime Minister – Putin might have merely negotiated for Crimea, for a UN referendum on the Donbass, and stopped merely with Donetsk and Luhansk. Or possibly not gotten them at all, merely upholding the special legal status and tolerance of Russian language and religion. But Boris prevented all that! He, and he alone insured that Putin would take, conquer and control Ukraine in 5 new Oblasts, 9 million new people, plus what will at a minimum be 15 million by including Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, and Odessa.

    Boris, you da man!!! No Putin has ever had a friend like Boris, you were a friend. With a name like Boris, he must be Russian after all, right? So mark April 10th on your Calendar as Boris Johnson Day, the new day of Ukrainian absorption into Russia entirely, like 1776, the day they ceased to be. Ah BoJo, we couldn’t have done it without you.

    ““…There’s a growing sense that it’s too late, and it’s time to do a deal,” one former senior Washington official was quoted as saying.”

    Speaking of dinosaurs, so big that signals from their tail takes weeks to reach their tiny, tiny brains. Yes. That day was in April 2022. Back when Kissinger, the greatest warmonger of our miserable age, told you “Make peace, you fools.”

    “Kiev needed to take a massive technological leap to break the current “stalemate” in its counteroffensive”

    Ah “Technology”. The Progressive word for “Magic”. Wave that magic blue screen and say the magic word “Racism, racism, racism” three times, and anything you wish for is yours.

    Btw, there is no “Stalemate”. Russia is fighting a war of attrition, which means that when you have undergone adequate “attrition”, you lose. And they roll over you and do whatever they like for as long as they like. As bridge trolls like me and stoner comedians high at 8am like Jimmy Dore said from the first week. You’re not going to beat a nation 10x your size. …Unless the U.S. fully commits to WWIII which was the Euro-Davos plan.

    “NATO’s Backfired Ukraine Strategy Built on Ideology, Bribery & Blackmail (Sp.)

    Well, yes, because the whole WEST is built on nothing but Ideology, Bribery, and Blackmail. CNN report that “Support among American people for Ukraine drops”, there was never any support to begin with. Nobody knows who Ukraine is, where they are, nor cared if they lived or not. CNN and Rassmussen fabricate fake stories with fake numbers to make Congressmen THINK anyone cared. Americans don’t know who we fought in the Revolution or what nations were in the Franco-Prussian war. How do you care about a people you don’t know exist?

    If you do this, I’ll give you $10 Million for yourself and your campaign (astonishingly, legally the same thing). If you DON’T do this, I will primary you, make up slanderous felonies about you, and expose your blackmail files. So you can either get rich and screw 15-year-olds, OR you can die in prison. Free country! Your choice.

    And although it’s different, it’s not just politics. A people that is deeply, core immoral or a-moral makes similar decisions everywhere. From making tanks to selling cat food.

    “In effect, however, no amount of sophisticated weaponry worth however many billions of dollars would be sufficient to help Kiev in its counteroffensive. … “in each of these publicly stated objectives, if there was a strategy to do these things, it backfired and failed in all cases,” added the retired Lieutenant Colonel. Such “across the board failures” can only mean that “either the strategy was so bad it should have never made it off the table, or the aim had been to fail be destroyed,”

    In the long interview with Ritter he was able to get to the level of detail I usually pass over. That is, giving US weapons to Ukraine actively HARMS them. In 20 deep, slashing ways. How specifically, and the Pentagon knows this? Because Soviet weapons are built to be rugged, even if that makes them crude. But therefore, the ARMIES are logistically built and trained to that reality, that you put men in the field and they have X support, Y ammunition, ratio of X to Y logistics vs infantry.

    But US/NATO weapons are ALL support. And all support on entirely incompatable, different systems. Not JUST that an Abrams engine, a Bradley and a Stryker have different parts, engines, everything, but that they are different from a Leopard, a G-Wagon, a LeClerc, and a powered howitzer too. All anti-tank, different. All night vision, different. All tactics, parts, repairs, different. So you suddenly need 5x more back-end logistics to get a single bullet up front.

    So Ukraine got the TANK, the Bradley, but no Bradley repairmen? No full-form Bradley repair depots? No 10,000 parts? No 777 barrels? No ammunition transport vehicles?

    AND ! … As I just said, the ratio of support to soldier is different by 5x, 10x, 25x?

    Sir, you have just DISORDERED AND DESTROYED THEIR ARMY. Ukraine not only has no battle readiness, but CAN have no battle readiness in these conditions, until you fix these foundational issues. AND. THE. PENTAGON. KNOWS. THIS.

    Meanwhile, idiot-loons like Zelensky want F-16s. Saps and weasels like Klaus and Ursula are satisfied all is well with The Plan if we provide artillery THAT DESTROYS UKRAINIAN READINESS. Because: who cares about the details? That’s for the “Little People.” I’m much too important for that.

    Tell me how this can be an accident for the 10,000th time.

    “either the strategy was so bad it should have never made it off the table, or the aim had been to fail”

    Uh. Huh. Oopsie. All an accident. Always in the same direction.

    To end the Empire. America First.

    “The White House can sneak out, and blame Mike Johnson. Perfect for them.
    • Ukraine Aid Drying Up – White House (RT)

    Game. Set. Match. Screw you guys, We’re going home.

    See Kim Dotcom. Ouch.

    “Turley makes the exact same point I did a few days ago. Can you indict Trump for having bad lawyers? Sidney Powell and Lin Wood went way overboard after the election.”

    Did they? Howso? They got out with an AK and shot a crowd? Or did they “File paperwork” in order to follow the legal process of recount, etc, as the Constitution legally allows, and is a process actually followed without incident quite recently, getting redress in open court?

    That’s not Overboard, and we won’t know if they were Bad Lawyers until someone takes up the case somewhere, which has yet to happen.

    It’s nice to say so, but keeps the Overton window pegged on the Hard Left, out of view of the open corruption that has been arrested and imprisoned in several places.

    Carlson. Well at least somebody hasn’t forgotten Assange.

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