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    [SAMA] Episode 58: Discover the Root Cause of Autoimmune Diseases —

    The shot contains graphene oxide. I posted a link to a Robert de Rothschild chastising vaccine takers on a video that explains how graphene oxide destroys macrophages — he said the science exists and is available, but the vaccinated ignore it. In essence, he validated that graphene oxide is in these vaccines.

    So, what happens when macrophages are destroyed? Well, a LOT depends on what is sitting in their lysosomes (stomachs). If a person is ceruloplasmin-bound copper deficient, the ferrous iron from the dead blood cells gets stuck in the lysosomes. Ferro-oxidase (an expression of ceruloplasmin-bound copper) is required to oxidize ferrous iron to ferric iron because transferrin can ONLY carry ferric iron back to the bone marrow to make more blood cells.

    In addition, macrophages also eat LDL cholesterol, and it may well be oxidized in the lysosome of macrophages that have too much ferrous iron stuck in the macrophages. Oxidized LDL is the BIG BAD — everything else is nonsense. It is these iron and oxidized LDL cholesterol macrophages that convert to “mast cells” and stick to arteries causing them to plaque up. I’m not convinced this is a root cause, rather, it might be an effect of iron overload in the system in general, which drives cellular inflammation in the artery walls. Bottom line, iron overload in the tissues, low bio-copper, and low magnesium inside the cells combine to become BAD FREAKING NEWS!

    So, let’s add some graphene oxide into the mix, shall we. Some macrophages are killed, dead. Perhaps others are debilitated. What happens? Does the reactive iron leak out? Do other iron-laden macrophages eat them up and instantly double their iron overload condition? What happens to that oxidized LDL that is let loose and/or swallowed up by other macrophages? What damage does it do?

    CovFeFe — remember that? The name is orders of magnitude better than Covid-19.
    The calm before the [cytokine] storm? Remember that?

    Seems Rothschild financed quislings are paid to mock us just like the Rothschild mock us.

    Graphene Oxide Interactions with Innate Immune Cells… —

    The first comment under Eternal Blossom’s comment is from a Robert de Rothschild and reads as follows: “We have thé information and scientific data, the vaxxed wollow and drown in their own ignorance and stupidity.”

    I think Dr. D will recognize the consistent *spirit* present in all these “de Rothschild” characters. They’ve been trained to be consistent, that’s for sure!

    Veracious Poet


    Dr. D, The Money Power Monopolists deem themselves “righteous” before God. It is their RELIGION to make us look like flaming idiots. After all, only a flaming idiot would go get a jab that can’t legally be mandated based on a mandate that doesn’t even exist, right?
    And, if “survival of the fittest” is actually God’s Law, the UNFIT kill themselves, right? How many people here believe in “survival of the fittest” as a God’s Law? I don’t. It is a carnal/animalistic natural law, but not a superior “spiritual/moral natural law.”
    The point is, THEY control the money system, and THEY finance what they want. This is all done on purpose to suss out all the complete mindless idiots so they can CHOOSE to kill themselves at the behest of paid liars. This is EXPECTED, and NOT strange at all. It is how the Money Power works.
    “My people perish for lack of knowledge” is a prophecy the Money Power Monopolists believe they are obligated to fill.
    It is certain that all the mRNA reprogrammed masses “lack knowledge.” They don’t understand metallic iron filing overload (read Daniel 2:43), which is what puts people at risk to this bio-engineered virus and vexxine, both of which attack sequestered iron stores and releases reactive iron to drive oxidative stress, sometimes to the point of creating a raging cytokine storm!

    CovFeFe… calm before the [cytokine] storm… Fe-ar… all hidden in plain sight, but those who lack knowledge can’t see it, and deserve to perish (from their perspective, anyway).

    I read “my people perish due to lack of knowledge” and I work to increase knowledge.

    What a near thankless task that has bee going on 14 years now. I do it simply because it is right, although, I probably need to reassess how I do it do to a success factor that makes the CovFeFe death rate in young people appear gargantuan!!!


    BTW, how many people picked on how the Rothschild character provided EVERYONE with the perfect content for a religious exemption — even atheists? What is it? Why “natural law,” of course!
    An atheist can argue it is their belief that nature itself is the perfect teacher, and it provides all the solutions for each problem a creature can face! This is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE under Title 7.
    However, if you drink sodas with artificial crap with copper and magnesium chelating, and protein malforming glyphosate, along with copper blocking HFCS, well, you sincerity ought to be called into question, shouldn’t it?
    Then again, why are you CHOOSING TO POISON YOURSELF?
    Maybe NOW is the time to begin TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your nutrition decisions.
    PS — re-engineering one’s mRNA production is out of accord with “natural law” — and obviously so.
    No Jesus, no Buddha, no Muhammad required, but personal responsibility is required.

    Veracious Poet

    The finger pointing at the moon is not the moon.

    V. Arnold

    Sophist much?
    You’re arguing semantics for the most part.
    Vitamin C in pure form is ascorbic acid; pure V-C is, of course, not found in nature…duh?
    I’ll not waste more time on your screed…
    I will, however go with Nobel laureate Linus Pauling over your incessant ranting…compleo…


    Let’s see if the image posts


    I just want to note that the PubMed study referenced in this Debt Rattle is by the same authors who published very similar, if not identical, papers in a couple other places:

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