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    Paul Gauguin Contes barbares 1902   • Proof That The CDC Is Lying To The World About Covid Vaccine Safety (Kirsch) • The FDA’s BIG Mistake (Steve
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    Veracious Poet

    Dr. D: (Sorry, took the day off yesterday to laugh @ Klown World)

    That’s why we do not have a democracy, and was the government the founders feared/hated the most. Also why – although seeming mean – the vote was only for landed people, that is, the productive with something to lose.

    Sorry, but it wasn’t for no reason, wasn’t to keep the small people down, it was practical.

    Au contraire faux docteur, how do you think all those uber popular sociopaths like FDR, LBJ, Clinton, Obama were enthroned with power to misuse.


    Give the sheeple what they want, good & hard.

    Shakespeare was wrong: All the world’s a circus…

    You like Empire, no problemo Jose.

    Let’s suspend the Constitutional Republic ~ Let the looting commence!

    You want psyops against ALL the partisans you hate Karen?

    Here you go…Russia Russia Russia! The unvaxxed deplorables must die horrible deaths!

    You think everyone should have free socialized medical care Mr. & Ms. proglodyte?

    Here you go…Free death injections for everyone ~ Tis’ for the children you know!

    Also, here’s your free oxycontin ~ Call my MA in the tomorrow morning if you OD tonight…

    Is Greta your poster child? Think Western Civ immediately should shut down all currently usable/working energy sources, that you think cause global warming?

    Chairman Xi is laughing at you! All while da CCP regime sheeple pollute the planet 2-3X beyond anything western civilization could muster.

    Pay no attention to the PLA training to dig BIG ditches for all you AGW warriors ~ just another conspiracy nutter theory…

    Screw em’ good, kill em’ all & let President Chucky Cheese Schumer sort em’ out.

    Let’s give children the “right” to vote too!

    So, how’s it going with all those Natural Rights WE supposively have/had:

    Ooo, not to good I see 😉

    Laura Ingram reported yesterday it’s currently @ 44K hittin’ the streets, all with -0- unemployment insurance, of course. (Monde de faux clowns)

    Indeed, founding fathers & all that jazz!

    Like there are any real AMERICANS left in the USofA. lol

    V. Arnold

    How Long Are Colds Contagious? What You Need to Know About Spreading the Common Cold

    Ho boy; here we go…


    Watch the Q and A section from the 2:52:50 point –

    Very interesting comments about Ivermectin suppression and medical malfeasance


    I remember when some politicians and televangelists blamed hurricane Katrina on the “sinners” in New Orleans and crowed that they had gotten what they deserved. Now it’s the unvaccinated who are to blame for everything bad that ever happens anywhere.

    The deputy secretary at the US Treasury has put Americans on notice that the only way to end the plague of empty shelves around the country is for every resident to be vaccinated. The frank warning came off as a threat to many.

    Wally Adeyemo, the Biden administration’s second-highest official in the Treasury Department, appeared to publicly blackmail the still-sizable portion of Americans who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 during a Thursday ABC interview, seemingly blaming them for the ongoing shortages of consumer goods that have led many to mock the president as ‘Empty Shelves Joe’. […]

    While he praised the administration’s stimulus payments, he also pinned the blame squarely on the unvaccinated.

    ‘The reality is that the only way we’re going to get to a place where we work through this transition is if everyone in America and everyone around the world gets vaccinated.’ [he said]

    […] a growing number of Americans are demanding answers regarding the weirdly specific nature of certain products missing from store shelves. Some have even voiced doubt concerning whether the shortages are being introduced deliberately, either to gin up hatred against the unvaccinated or keep Americans economically off-balance as they grow accustomed to the wild disruptions of the pandemic.
    Adeyemo did the Biden cabinet no favors by adding fuel to the conspiratorial fire, explaining the primary reason Biden continued to push for everyone to be vaccinated was that only then could the White House “provide the resources the American people need to make it to the other side” of the supply chain problem.[…]

    Meanwhile, Biden’s cabinet has come across as woefully out of touch – White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, for example, pooh-poohed the issue of empty shelves as a “high class” problem earlier this week, eliciting criticism from both Left and Right. And Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been quietly vacationing on paternity leave since mid-August, leaving the country without even a semblance of logistical oversight as the cargo clog shows no signs of dissipating.[…]


    V. Arnold

    Paul Gauguin Contes barbares 1902

    Who is that guy in the upper left? Looks menacing….

    Dr. D

    The painting is a year before he died. The red-haired gentleman is his visiting friend.

    “China Coal Prices Soar to Record as Winter Freeze Spreads Cross the Country”

    China is aware. The problems are just too large. Too large at all perhaps, but certainly too large to centrally plan. Now if only they weren’t competing for coal with the U.S. and U.K. Oh wait: mission accomplished.

    “Flooding In West China Destroys Agricultural Production” As predicted.

    “Former Director of National Intelligence Issues Warning over Biden Buying Chinese Drones for Feds”

    We already know the drones are everywhere in our security state and they’re completely visible to the Chinese. Orange Man = China good though. Buying all our weapons from our enemies is NOT a dumb idea, because Orange Man. Having all chip factories only in Asia is smart and we wouldn’t want that supply and jobs here because Orange Man. See? It’s Orange Man’s fault when we all sit hungry in the dark this winter! He made us do it!

    Although they are/will try to prevent you, get a wood stove, fill the shelves, live humble, and therefore live local. You may need your strength later, so don’t waste it.

    Luongo: “For months now we have been openly threatened with having our lives taken away because we don’t have our party registration papers up to date. We’ve all wrestled, at some level, with our disbelief that things would degrade this badly and this quickly. The Olbermensch tells us we can be friends again after we just get the damn shot. What he won’t admit is that we know he’s lying.” i.e. Kieth Olbermann, home of the unhinged rant, famous for his 2 minutes of hate. …For you and all America.

    He follows Herr Docktor saying “The strike of the productive and the self-aware Rand envisioned is here” and “The Olbermensches are furious, openly lying about what happened and castigating anyone who says otherwise.”

    But lying and hurting people for their self-gratification is their way. Sadly, it only coddles the ego, it accomplishes nothing in the real world, being deeply counterproductive to life. If tyranny made the trains run on time, at least that would be something. But it made the trains, and the food, stop. “Alabama School Districts Hit With Food Shortage”

    “Everything rests on giving them your consent. The Olbermensches do not negotiate, they bully.”

    No negotiation. Submit or die. Submit to being a slave to ego – whatever it invents today – or I will physically, mentally, emotionally harm you. No pressure. Free choice, right? Pure love.

    “I didn’t really have much experience dealing with someone who would just go on television and lie.”

    “Here’s The Truth Behind Biden’s 24/7 Port Operations Pledge: Ships are already operating 24/7 whenever possible… The holes in this announcement are numerous…”

    I guess we finally found out. Only California, all other ports normal. California is adding plausible deniability rules to slow the entry of trucks into their key (Chinese-owned) ports, creating the artificial backlog. This is a military blockade and embargo of a nation trying to weaken us in 40 ways, and as we’ve seen, has paid off key officials from lowly professors, arrested for espionage, through Congressmen, sleeping with spies while on Security Committees, to making billions having their husbands (Pelosi) and wives (McConnell) invest in Chinese insider-trading companies, to the President himself, holding joint accounts with his son who received $1 BILLION dollars from China. Oh and did I mention they paid to have a bioweapon created then released it on us?

    So…if they colonize and take over your government, attack you with several hundred thousand opium deaths with Fentanyl, help fellow socialists burn your cities, pay billions to the NBA and Hollywood to create social divisions, blockade your ports, shut off your food, stop military supplies like chips, invade your intel both with personnel and digitally, with Huawei and drones, then release a bioweapon that kills your people, topples your freedoms and government, and leaves the food intact, are you at war with them? Asking for a friend. Because they’re listening to this channel and making lists. Lists held by the Vichy government in D.C. who are openly claiming to arrest all PTA/CRT dissenters, and sometimes are.

    CRT? Yes these lemon-sucking Church ladies say “pumpkins” now “marginalize people of color”. Not white color, because like Bernie says, 100% of white people are rich. Funny how he’s never traveled 20 miles in his state which is filled with the white rural poor, while they import fresh, cool people from Tibet they can help, not those dirty, uncool 200-year Vermont farmers crushed under their taxes. Yuck. God I hate the workers. “Working men of the world, Deplorable!

    Someone – I think Max Keiser – said “They are literally throwing their children in volcanoes to hope the cargo-cult money gods start printing again.” They’re even making perennial class clown Keiser lose his sense of humor, I’ve never seen him so serious, or serious at all.

    The only way to go back to normal is be vaccinated”

    Me: “You already said we’re never going back to normal.” Sounds good to me! Why would we return to normal when I can crush your NeoLiberalism and Centralized Power authority? Every day you do this is my favorite day. Every day you use freedom of speech to admit and demonstrate who you are, what you want, and who you work for is another day closer to victory for working men.

    Who do you think you’re hurting? Um, SouthWest Delta airlines, WalMart, NBA, NFL, Hollywood, Tyson, GM, Apple, Twitter, YouTube, Google, while we make other, more local plans. I don’t have to lift a finger. Thanks boys! I can keep this up all day!



    Thanks for the response. I will continue to work on my grammar, logic and rhetoric. But I’m not sure if that is sufficient.

    I think anybody who seeks the purpose of life becomes aware sooner or later that the object of their search lies entirely in the spiritual sphere.

    In regards to the Church, though you weren’t explicitly tagging them, I think you are basically implying that the “second coming” may be the biggest deep fake perpetuated by the “Prince of this world”. Which as heretical as it might sound coming from person of faith, I would agree.

    We may disagree on this point, but the Christian Zionist agenda is a key element and Trump was instrumental in advancing this.

    I have often wondered, do you think Mike Pence has a Baphomet alarm clock on his night stand?

    I will stick with what Christ said,

    “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”

    I agree with Rothschild in that things will get interesting, but pride goeth before the fall.


    Word games

    Grammar, logic and rhetoric

    A pandemic can only come to an end when sufficient herd immunity is developed to control the virus.

    Natural herd immunity
    Vaccine herd immunity

    The news media is trying to hide the damage
    The bloggers are trying to reveal the truth

    American life imploding at warp speed. Christmas presents!
    How about no food, no gasoline, no heat, no money, and no public safety?

    World social/economic systems are imploding at warp speed.

    Americans are not recognizing the danger and/or identifying the source of that danger.

    The artificial created demand for goods has surged.
    The artificial shortages of supplies have been created to maximize profits.
    Maximizing profits results in creating inflation

    Ivermectin suppression and medical malfeasance
    Prescription of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine as Off-Label Medicines for the Prevention or Treatment of Covid-19

    Bioweapons that kills your people

    Yesterday’s definitions
    Blue-collar worker refers to workers who engage in hard manual labor, typically agriculture, manufacturing, construction, mining, or maintenance. … Blue-collar originates from the common appearance of a manual worker’s attire: blue jeans, overalls, or boilersuits.
    Suits -White-collar workers are suit-and-tie workers who work at a desk and, stereotypically, eschew physical labor.
    White-collar jobs typically are higher-paid, higher-skilled jobs that require more education and training than low-skilled or manual work

    Tomorrow’s definition
    A higher-paid, higher-skilled jobs will be jobs that nobody can do or jobs that nobody don’t want to do.


    The Paul Gauguin Contes barbares 1902 is beautiful – including the interesting tension generated by the visiting man. What would this painting be without him? What is it with him? Yet still Paradise in glorious color and detail. A MOMENT in time. The native faces are serene and bodies spiritually entwined without touching. A Meditation in process?

    The second C&H strip, third frame says it all! Are we there yet? Kunstler (and many of you +me) hoping for a similar MOMENT of REALIZATION – the crescendo at last. We will sea….

    The Loggerhead sea turtle picture is purely magnificent. Miracles appear and disappear in the MOMENT. Looking at that amazing face. LOVE you!


    teri, I am having trouble finding Zout and oxyclean free (no dyes and perfumes)



    All you marvellous commenters and Ilargi: keep it coming. Every day I am awe-struck here at TAE. You are rays of sunshine and truth and showing everyone where the real beauty of life is.

    Maxwell Quest

    “This means of course that the FDA, CDC, and their outside committees are all incompetent in their ability to spot safety signals.”

    Let’s not sugar coat this. It’s not that they can’t spot the safety signals, they’re doing everything they can to suppress them. They’re not stupid or incompetent, just amoral, unprincipled, greedy, corrupt, evil. They see the signals just like the tobacco companies saw lung cancer and lied about it for years, using every trick in the book to extend profits, while hiding the fact that their products were destroying lives.

    Oh, the joys of corporate white-collar crime! We can make a ton of money to buy up our competitors and regulators, kill some folks, maybe have stockholders pay a small fine, and never have to face any personal legal consequences. So what if we have to double up on the Ambien to sleep at night, we’re rich!

    Meanwhile, the poor, fatherless, ghetto schmuck gets 10 years in prison for selling a bag of crack.


    @ chooch;

    “teri, I am having trouble finding Zout and oxyclean free (no dyes and perfumes)”

    Took me a minute to figure out why you were telling me that. At first, I was thinking, ‘why is this brother telling me about his laundry problems?’ Then, of course, the light went on – supply chain issues and quote I cited from the Treasury Dept guy. Duh. I had to laugh at myself because I was thinking you wanted me to do some kind of research on where you could find an emergency stash of non-GMO Soapy Suds or some such shit.

    Of all the things I ever lost, I miss my mind the most.

    Maxwell Quest

    “I think anybody who seeks the purpose of life becomes aware sooner or later that the object of their search lies entirely in the spiritual sphere.”

    The answer is, and has always been right in front of you, chooch. The purpose of life is to serve life. There is no need to seek for it on higher planes when it is all around you. Whether you occupy a higher or lower plane, the purpose is the same.


    So here’s an interesting thing. Some of the state Governors are calling on their National Guard to serve in hospitals, rehabs, or nursing homes as replacements for nursing personnel who have either been laid off because of vaccine mandates or left because they are simply tired of the stress and overwork after 18 months.

    Turns out the National Guardsmen do not have to follow the vaccine mandates that the active military does.

    Airmen in the Nat’l Guard have until Dec 2 to be fully vaccinated, Marine and Navy reservists have until Dec 28, and Army Nat’l Guard and reservists have until JUNE 30, 2022.

    Furthermore, “Officials in all services have said refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccine without an approved exemption for medical or administrative reasons, including religious accommodations, may be punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which does not apply to the Guard in a non-Title 10 status.”

    Title 10 status is when the Nat’l Guard is called upon by the President to serve in a federal active-duty role and can include overseas deployment. Non-title 10 is when the Guard is called upon by a state’s Governor to serve under the state’s orders, not the federal government’s. (Such as when called upon by their state to fight fires, handle hurricane responses, or in this case, to fill in as medical personnel.) So in the paragraph above, they are saying that the Nat’l Guards who refuse the vaccine and who are called to serve by their state Governor cannot be court-martialed, but active duty soldiers will be. (One can surmise that Guardsmen who are called into duty by the President to fulfill a federal role could also be court-martialed if they refuse the vaccine because then they are serving under Title 10.)

    So various states are laying off doctors, nurses and other hospital and nursing home staff for refusing the vaccine and replacing them with Army National Guardsmen who do not have to be fully vaccinated until next summer. Only about 40% of the National Guardsmen are vaccinated at this moment.

    You can read some official stuff about this here:


    Today’s humor: RCMP in British Columbia reported that an anti-vaxxer glued the doors to a covid vaccination clinic!


    V. Arnold

    Some time ago you mentioned that one of the vitamins C, D3, helps you with your allergies. I can’t remember which vitamin it was. I have noticed that the mucus in my nose has been unusually dry this summer, so I am kind of wondering which vitamin might be helping me?

    I do take an allergy pill everyday but still I usually get stuffed up frequently during the spring, summer, and fall. Especially on windy days. This summer season has been unusually good.



    That’s funny.

    I am trying to refocus on the life cycle of a Lipid Nano Particle and then a friend sent me this, which is creepy.

    Did Klaus Schwab and World Economic Forum Admit The COVID Vaccine Injects Traceable Markers? Their Promoted “COVIDPass” Blood Test Requires Them

    and my sister-law had sent me this recent patent filing earlier in the week. If you are bored and looking for a rabbit hole to go down this might be interesting. A bit creepy too. The inventor is a Jew nonetheless.


    Maxwell Quest,

    A little too new age for me, not that there is anything wrong with that. I was speaking more to the allegorical nature of scripture in the sense of having hidden spiritual meaning that transcends the literal sense of a sacred text. Even that has the scent of gnosticism about it and that’s not what I am alluding to either. In a simplistic sense the path to the tree of life passes thru tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So if you will, consciousness is the knowledge of good and evil. Which I guess could be categorized into planes or levels but that all melts all when you factor in the two greatest commandments of the Lord. Which is kinda what you said, but not quite.

    Dr. D

    “Homeless Spell out ‘Congrats, Gavin Newsom’ in Poo on the Streets of California” –BBee

    Bernie Retires As His Vision Of Making The U.S. Just Like Venezuela Has Finally Been Realized” -BBee

    “Biden: ‘Republicans May Have Standards, But We Have Double Standards’” —BBee. Sorry, too good to resist.

    “Dems Propose Fighting Obesity by Switching to Communism.” —BBee See? We have a plan: the empty shelves are curing Coronavirus.

    The dreadful, lying, pointless NY Times: “The skeletons move across a barren landscape toward the few helpless and terrified people still living. The scene, imagined in a mid-16th-century painting, “The Triumph of Death” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, illuminated the psychic impact of the bubonic plague. It was a terror that lingered even as the disease receded, historians say.
    Covid-19’s waves of destruction have inflicted their own kind of despair on humanity in the 21st century, leaving many to wonder when the pandemic will end.”

    Actually, I’m wondering when it will begin, since it has a sub 0.03% death rate for anyone not already near-dead. Who’s this “humanity”? I could care less. What destruction? 0.003%? Actually, all the problems of the pandemic have been caused by the NY Times and their War of Terror (II) on the world. Like the WoT I, their response is what was ‘terrible’, blew a couple trillion dollars, killed everyone, and lost the world. Crushing the U.S., the working man, and making the rich fatally powerful, while using tax dollars and suspension of law to do it.

    ““When the vaccines first came out, and we started getting shots in our own arms, so many of us felt physically and emotionally transformed,” said Dr. Jeremy Greene, a historian of medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. “We had a willful desire to translate that as, ‘The pandemic has ended for me.’” … “It was a willful delusion.” –NYT

    I’m lost. Does their vaccine not work? If it works – at all, even for them – how can the pandemic not have ended? Go on: make it make sense. Double-dare you.

    “The lingering psychological shock of having lived in prolonged fear…”

    Oh, so the New York TIMES is the disease! The one that created the fear and lingers in it forever. Got it. That I understand. Well, they’d go bankrupt, but as long as the Fed is printing trillions and pushing it out on fools, they can’t vanish and take the pandemic of unnecessary fear with them. …Unnecessary as, if their vaccine works at all, the pandemic was over 3-6 months ago.

    “If nothing else, the Covid-19 virus has humbled experts who once confidently predicted its course, disregarding the lessons of history.”

    Experts like the NY Times, and all the confident experts they quoted week after week. Don’t be a racist: go to the Chinatown parade! We insist! Don’t wear masks, masks are silly Trump symbols. And racist. (Like everything else, but…sayin’)

    “A pandemic like Covid-19 is a breach of the progressive narrative,” that medicine is advancing and diseases are being conquered, Dr. Greene said.”

    Huh. Remarkably perceptive and incredibly obtuse at the same time. So the reason this bothers you guys is because your weirdo religion – of Progress, technology, and the Star Trek TransHuman UniFuture, is completely shattered like the nonsense it always was? That you’re a part of that stinking, dirty Nature, and not apart from it?

    “In past pandemics, as today, strong anti-science movements hindered public health and the waning of disease.”

    Like the “experts” that the NY Times themselves said were completely, stupidly, scientifically wrong? The ones who said no masks, go to parades, keep the borders open? “15 Days to Stop the Spread?” The ones that said we wouldn’t have a vaccine, and they wouldn’t take it if they did? Those days, weeks, years of anti-science writers at the NY Times?

    “prominent experts declared at first that masks did not help prevent infection, only to reverse themselves later. Epidemiologists confidently published models of how the pandemic would progress and what it would take to reach herd immunity, only to be proved wrong. Investigators said the virus was transmitted on surfaces, then later said that, no, it was spread through tiny droplets in the air. They said the virus was unlikely to transform in a substantial way, then warned of the Delta variant’s greater transmissibility.

    We paid a heavy price for that,” Dr. Snowden said. Many people lost trust in officials amid ever-changing directives and strategies that weakened the effort to control the virus.

    Weird how when you’re an arrogant dumb-ass, telling everyone what to do and telling them totally wrong, somehow there are consequences. When you have the greatest failure in the history of all medicine, eclipsing thalidomide, people are disrespectful and fed up with your utter, ruinous failure? I mean, after all these years, who knew being totally, totally wrong every day for two years and killing everyone would be bad?

    Gina Kolata’s Pullitzer Prize conclusion? She has none. Science is totally, totally wrong, as she states. However, there will be no consequences for them, no comment, no reflection, no remediation, shame, or even adjustment. Nor for the NY Times. So do what you’re told, you stupid Neanderthal dum-dums. As you’re told by the NY Times and their Science editor who hasn’t been right in 20 years.

    See? There are consequences! When PMC Managers fail utterly, we increase the beatings and senseless beratings of the poor and working class! See if we don’t.


    Okay, Ilargi- check this out. Da Vinci Luna. 🙂

    V. Arnold

    @ Wes

    That would be the V-C…
    In larger doses (1,000mg or more) it has an anti-histamine effect.


    I have it on good authority that CBD is very good for seasonal allergies (assuming you live in a jurisdiction in which it is legal).


    V. Arnold:

    Thanks! This is the first summer that I have been taking 1,500 mg of vitamin C every day. I do think vitamin C takes a bit of time before one can notice the positive influence on one’s allergies. But then again I am slow!


    The endless vaccine adverse event anecdotes…

    My ex’s girlfriend is about 40 yo. Found out today that she has been suffering from health problems…since July. She is double-vaxxed. Not sure on dates of vaccination, but it wasn’t early in the roll-out. It was after 12 and up received EUA. Starting in July she has been diagnosed with glaucoma and multiple sclerosis. Hunh, what? She apparently has lesions on her brain. MS is an autoimmune disorder, of course.

    A few years ago, glaucoma was determined to possibly be caused by an autoimmune disorder.

    In MS, an abnormal immune response causes inflammation and damage in the CNS. Many different cells are involved in the abnormal immune response. Two important types of immune cells are T cells and B cells.

    T cells become activated in the lymph system and in MS, enter the CNS through blood vessels. Once in the CNS, T cells release chemicals that cause inflammation and damage. This results in damage to myelin, nerve fibers and the cells that make myelin. T cells are also important to help activate B cells and call on other immune system cells to participate in the immune attack.
    T regulatory cells, a type of T cell, dampen or turn off inflammation. In MS, T regulatory cells to not function correctly and do not effectively turn off inflammation.
    Cytotoxic or “killer” T cells directly attack and destroy cells bearing certain characteristics
    B cells become activated with the help of T cells. B cells produce antibodies and stimulate other proteins and in MS, these cause damage in the CNS.

    V. Arnold

    A Zen master was asked by a novice; what is the secret of/to life?
    Eat when hungry; sleep when tired…

    V. Arnold

    V. Arnold:

    Thanks! This is the first summer that I have been taking 1,500 mg of vitamin C every day. I do think vitamin C takes a bit of time before one can notice the positive influence on one’s allergies. But then again I am slow!

    I take 3 – 4 grams per day; as per Linus Pauling; relieves my sinusitis 99% year round…


    V. Arnold:

    Now I know why I like being at the sland cottage so much! I eat, work, and sleep when I feel like it!

    I am only grumpy when I have to leave the island for any reason other than food or supplies!

    V. Arnold

    V. Arnold:

    Now I know why I like being at the sland cottage so much! I eat, work, and sleep when I feel like it!

    I am only grumpy when I have to leave the island for any reason other than food or supplies!

    Boom! There you go… 😉



    Interesting graphic. I’m not sure what you want to say with it since you posted it without comment.
    Of vaccinated cases 2.6% were hospitalized and 0.23% deaths.
    Of unvaccinated cases 5.2% were hospitalized and 1% deaths.

    On the face of it, it looks like being vaccinated is a bonus in September.

    The CDC shows that of 2,500,000 influenza cases per year (average based on 10 years of data) 1.7% hospitalized and 0.12% deaths. COVID causes more grief than influenza.

    Wisconsin’s data, the “Rate of confirmed and probable cases per 100,000…” shows an increase in both vaccinated and unvaccinated cases, though vaccinated cases are fewer in number.

    My interpretation of this is vaccinated or not, we’re all going to get it. One can probably delay infection if vaccinated. If one wants to get vaccinated, they’ll get a vaccine and have the protection. If one doesn’t want to get the vaccine, one must take their chances with less protection and higher risk.

    Does that sound right? Did you have a different interpretation?


    @V Arnold
    My wife and I have been doing Pauling Therapy for 5 years now and haven’t had a cold of flu since we started. I assumed it was the vitamin C but now wonder if it is the lysine. Or both. Oh and our heart health is great.


    @cooch —

    Thanks for the response. I will continue to work on my grammar, logic and rhetoric. But I’m not sure if that is sufficient.
    I think anybody who seeks the purpose of life becomes aware sooner or later that the object of their search lies entirely in the spiritual sphere.

    Let me make a suggestion to run through your intellectual self-defense filter. The purpose of life is to learn that any form of selfishness (not caring for others equal to oneself) is doomed to failure when it comes to The nuance is that everyone thinks their own selfishness is cool. No, it isn’t. Most will resist. This life will put every one of those rejections into the realm of unreasonable. The nuance is that when one person decides what is good and evil, it has Pandora’s Box effect — it enables EVERYONE to do the same, and they will do so in ways that make sense to them. The narrow path, the eye of the needle, is care-for-others-equal-to-self (following the Golden Rule). In this life, we learn WHAT DOESN’T WORK. How’s that working out? lol BTW, this is what the Bible teaches — I stole it. I’m smart enough to figure this out from scratch.

    In regards to the Church, though you weren’t explicitly tagging them, I think you are basically implying that the “second coming” may be the biggest deep fake perpetuated by the “Prince of this world”. Which as heretical as it might sound coming from person of faith, I would agree

    Well, I’m not sure what you mean. The Money Power believe THEY are the Messiahs blessed by God. They don’t believe in a Second Coming of Jesus — they think he’s a joke, a carpenter schmuck inserted into the Bible by one of their ancestors to trick schmucks like us. Something similar MUST be true, lest the Bible condemn them (which is does, but they creatively flipped the script to rational global degeneracide, which is accelerating). However, they may try to pull something off because they think the masses are expecting it. We shall see what they choose to finance. I knew that Trump was the perfect setup to cover up the debt-based money bubble bust into The Greatest Depression, but I didn’t know they would DO THIS! I’m impressed with their operation… marveling in a way similar to John the Revelator.

    A big fraud, IMHO, is the rapture nonsense. It appeals to people’s selfishness, and causes these selfish people to roll and avoid taking personal responsibility. The Bible is all about care… that agenda appeals to those who don’t care. And it is NOT Biblical — it is nonsense.

    The Rothschild character said that the KEY question to ask in regards to “organized religion” is “who did the organization?” is EXACTLY correct.

    We may disagree on this point, but the Christian Zionist agenda is a key element and Trump was instrumental in advancing this.

    I would state it as the Money Power financed agenda being executed through those so programmed by their sophistic rhetoric, and, of course Trump is a Money Power Monopolist quisling. This is obvious. Why? A person ran for President and his #1 plank was to remove the power to define and create money from private families like the Rothschilds. He received $0 in free advertising. He was a threat. It is likely you have no idea whom I’m talking about. Exactly. Yet, Trump was given $2 BEEEEELYUN in free major media advertising!!! Uh, no, the Money Power did not give that dude $2 billion is free advertising because he was a threat. They did it because he was their operative that would control the vigorous opposition that was building — and it worked. They are smarter than us. It is what it is. And if one’s delusion is above thinking through that one data point and what it means, just note that “his pick” (lol) for Treasury was an ex-Goldman Sachs operative and SKULL AND BONES MEMBER. Yeah. BTW, we are living in Trump’s Great America he constructed over 4 years — THIS IS IT! The “beautiful lie” is strong wine for many.

    I have often wondered, do you think Mike Pence has a Baphomet alarm clock on his night stand?
    I will stick with what Christ said,
    “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”
    I agree with Rothschild in that things will get interesting, but pride goeth before the fall.

    As I read revelations, “the woman” eventually gets sacked due to the mass destruction that eventually gets blamed on them. I believe this includes the Rothschild bloodline — so they may “get theirs” before Christ Returns. But the SYSTEM in play will still be in play! The Rothschilds are just one family playing this “last bloodline standing” game, and the others are NOT telling us any more truth than the Rothschilds — in fact, they tell us much less (to my knowledge they have not gone public, except one person who wrote much less information than did the Rothschild character).

    WHO is ultimately doing this to us? Read Psalms 2 — it is right there, plain as day. My Spidey-sense is telling me that the bloodline that produces THE anti-christ comes out of the British Royal Family. One read of prophecy is that Jesus comes back to Earth and actually sits on David’s throne… meaning he has to kick off whomever is on it right now.

    Here’s another clue — the Rothschilds believe in British Israelism. Today’s Israel is made up of Judah and Benjamin — the other 10 tribes went “missing.” Rothschild believes they know where at least some of them went. Maybe they are right, maybe they are wrong, BUT THEY WILL FINANCE THEIR BELIEF SYSTEM, the rest of us can kiss off.

    Truth is truly stranger than fiction.

    V. Arnold

    @V Arnold
    My wife and I have been doing Pauling Therapy for 5 years now and haven’t had a cold of flu since we started. I assumed it was the vitamin C but now wonder if it is the lysine. Or both. Oh and our heart health is great.

    Great to hear…
    I started in the late 90’s and mostly have continued ever since; and ditto heart health…
    I exercise every other day on a stationary bicycle; I’m almost half way through my 76th orbit…


    In a simplistic sense the path to the tree of life passes thru tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So if you will, consciousness is the knowledge of good and evil. Which I guess could be categorized into planes or levels but that all melts all when you factor in the two greatest commandments of the Lord.

    To weld your point into place, I get into trouble with a Christian friend when I say that the Principle of Active Care (Agape Love) is SUPERIOR to YHWH Himself! I truly believe this. It is self-evident to me, but my friend takes issue with it. In practice, though, THE TWO ARE INSEPARABLE, so it is impossible to test my thesis through comparison. This is truly GOOD NEWS! The story of the fall of Adam and Eve tells us that Adam and Eve TOOK FOR THEMSELVES the POWER to decide what is right and wrong, and in doing so they tacitly REJECTED God’s Nature of Good as their guide.

    Like Pandora’s Box, once they opened it up, EVERYONE ELSE received the same POWER. And HERE WE ARE! This is the *fruit* of the ideology where everyone decides what is right and wrong for themselves. We are all guilty, too — every time you or I act out selfishly, we validate the right of others to do as well. You know, like the Rothschilds. Or the Royal Bloodlines of Europe and the Far East. They are just doing what we are doing.

    Hence, you can see why YHWH (as opposed the Gods people imagine into existence…) requires EVERYONE to repent of selfishness and commit to God’s True Nature of Agape Love.

    Salvation *is* this state of Agape Love, not some destination like an end zone where all you have to do is eek over the line to “score the touchdown.” NOOOOOO, you need a “heart transplant” — we ALL do.

    This is why I believe Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within us — the very foundational essence of God’s Kingdom is Agape Love in our heart, mind, and soul.

    What ought we be doing now? Praying for, and working on developing, Agape Love with the help of God’s Spirit within us.


    The liars running this system have b*stardized their case count to produce data that misrepresents what is actually going on. Statistics don’t actually lie, but liars will lie about statistics actually represent by occulting the statistical manipulations used to rig the data. For example, there were reports that unvaxxed PCR had more cycles used to find a “hit” than the vaxxed people. That is NOT like, like data, but will produce a result that makes it FALSELY APPEAR the unvaxxed are at a much greater risk than the vaxxed.
    “Until and unless we prove claimed “cases” either by Ct numbers under 25, which are likely valid and followed up with an antibody test at least for those with Ct >= 25 the claimed “cases” and all claims made on that basis, including alleged “reinfections” are flat-out bull****.”
    ~Karl Denninger
    You Can’t Use Cases —
    Socrates was murdered — the Sophists won.
    Deploying the Trivium Method of Intellectual Self-Defense is the best way to try and wade through oceans of Sophistic deceptions.


    I’m sorry this can’t be a headline — but the truth is often complex, as opposed to simple lies and deceptions:

    Lots of people are promoting ascorbic acid — note that ascorbic acid is not available IN NATURE to human beings! It is contrary to “natural law,” all rationalizations aside! A second point is that the Money Power Monopolists finance it into almost everything — and it isn’t because they care about you! They want you to hurt yourself! The narrative sounds good, and the emotional attachments are made! In most cases, LOGIC won’t work!

    Before explaining the damage that ascorbic acid does to the body’s most sophisticated enzyme that is critical to both energy production (it manages oxygen and oxidants — food anti-oxidants are joke compared to the function of bio-copper activated anti-oxidant enzymes), also note that ascorbic acid INCREASES THE ABSORPTION OF THE INORGANIC METALLIC IRON FILINGS ADDED TO THE FOOD SUPPLY under the cover of WWII. Not only does it deplete the cupro-enzyme that regulates iron recycling in the human body, it pulls more iron into the tissues, both of which increases oxidative stress and inflammation over time.

    Holmberg and Laurell used ascorbic acid to bleach the copper out of ceruloplasmin-bound copper — the most sophisticated enzyme in the human body!

    Read about it here: Investigations into Serum Copper [pdf] —

    Look at the text to the right of the chart on the top of p. 554. Read the last paragraph on the page — ascorbic acid is used to reduce — and deactivate — ceruloplasmin-bound copper. Interestingly, oxygen is able to reactivate — perhaps this is a key mechanism through which ozone and other oxygen therapies work.

    Ceruloplasmin is copper’s taxi protein — without it copper can’t be safely transported to every mitochondria in the human body. It is almost certainly the most complex enzyme in the human body with 1046 amino acids and up to 8 coppers (assuming it isn’t all being stripped out by ascorbic acid, of course!). The latest research indicates it only holds 6 coppers — apparently it has been so damaged/depleted over the last 80 years that it has lost the ability to secure all 8 coppers…

    Copper in the blood outside of it ceruloplasmin transport protein can reach toxic levels while ceruloplasmin-bound copper is simultaneously depleted.

    Ceruloplasmin-bound copper is no joke. In one study with 30 schizophrenics, ceruloplasmin-bound copper was injected and 13 had complete and total remission — poof, gone! Another 13 had significant improvements, and only 4 didn’t see much change at all. Empire, Inc. did what it does best — it then criminalized giving ceruloplasmin-bound copper to the two-legged rat populace. Don’t worry, though — the 4-legged rats can still get it. The pecking order is what it is.

    1. Ceruloplasmin injected into 30 schizophrenics in the 1950’s. 13 had complete remission. 13 had significant benefits. Only 4 didn’t see significant benefits.
    2. Ceruloplasmin was administered to rhesus monkeys put on LSD trips. The LSD trips went away once ceruloplasmin was injected.
    3. Ceruloplasmin injection also had a significant effect on histamine status. The discussion and research screenshots can be found at the links, below.
    Studies on the Role of Ceruloplasmin in Schizophrenia —
    This chapter presents the studies on the role of ceruloplasmin (cp) in schizophrenia. Ceruloplasmin given intravenously to acute, subacute, and chronic schizophrenics bring about a favorable modification in 26 out of 30 cases. Biochemical studies on clinical cases indicate that the clinical improvement can be correlated with the increase in serum copper level but not to the oxidase activity of ceruloplasmin in terms of ascorbic acid levels. Ceruloplasmin given intravenously to Rhesus monkeys and cats prior to, mixed with, or subsequent to LSD eliminates the biochemical changes caused by LSD and this is otherwise indicated by means of subsequent intravenous administration of psychotropic drugs. Premedication of mice with ceruloplasmin decreases the toxic effect of subsequently injected histamine. In vitro tests show that ceruloplasmin binds the psychotropic drug histamine to render it nondialyzable. The increased concentration of ceruloplasmin in blood is reflected by increased serum copper levels and increased oxidative activity in serum in vitro.
    – Search “Morley” and you’ll see screen shots from the actual research article on the following show notes page:

    Johnson & Johnson busted, HIV vaccine, GTF Chromium, Heavy metal detox, Iatrogenic disorders, Dementia genetics, Morley Robbins, Root Cause Protocol and MORE!

    – Morley’s discussion of the relevant information starts at 71:00 minutes in:

    If you want to reduce your ceruloplasmin-bound copper status — up that dose of ascorbic acid!

    Morley explains that ascorbic acid is the equivalent of a car body without any of the internal parts. Whole good vitamin C, the vitamin C compound that NATURE provides for human consumption, however, is the same car body, but it also comes with an interior, and engine, wheels, etc… In fact, every molecule of whole food vitamin C comes equipped with 4 copper atoms in it! The copper in whole food vitamin C actually INCREASES CERULOPLASMIN-BOUND COPPER LEVELS! Note that the Money Power DO NOT finance this natural form of vitamin C into the food supply.

    ^^^This is science, folks, not rhetoric. It is so important to the “Blue Bloods” who seriously value their copper status that they deployed the MOST POWERFUL FORM OF LIE — “Omission is the most powerful form of lie,” George Orwell. They just don’t talk about it.

    Does ascorbic acid have some positive effects? It appears it does. One commentor who is familiar with ceruloplasmin-bound copper calls it “vitamin C-mo therapy.” It has done some miraculous things, BUT IT ALSO DEPLETES THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE MOST COMPLEX ENZYME IN THE HUMAN BODY at the same time. The body has an amazing ability to adapt, but can’t do so forever.

    Am I saying to ditch vitamin C? Absolutely NOT! But I am saying to ditch the industrially altered one that the Money Power Monopolists want you ingesting, and follow the laws of nature by ingesting whole food vitamin C. Build up your ceruloplasmin-bound copper, don’t deplete it.

    Here’s a perspective from a doctor familiar with some key details…

    Ascorbic acid is not vitamin C. In The Calcium Lie 2, we call this the Vitamin C lie.”
    ~Dr. Robert Thompson

    The Right Supplements

    Be WISE as a serpent. The entire food system is structure to silently deplete bio-copper, magnesium, and to overload the human body with very toxic forms of iron.

    “What is important is that which remains unseen. Pay no heed to the noise and commotion…but SCRUTINIZE that which IS present but not comprehended.”

    “As the magician “tricks” by telling the audience where to focus attention, and, by extension where NOT to look…so the PCE’s occur for specific reasons and desired outcomes.
    THESE PCE’s are not the issue! It is the “grinding” which is taking place without respite that is causing your inevitable demise! Catherine Austin Fitts describes this “methodology” as the “slow burn”. Her advice, limited as it is, deserves consideration to those mired in the “present” reality.
    You have heard about the frog in the pot as the water is slowly brought to tempest!
    What distracts you are only circuses! The “death” is all around you and never sleeps. You need only open your eyes to see what your fate holds and estimate, with some precision, the exact circumstances of your demise….if that, for some reason is important to you!
    Laughing out Loud!
    Would your efforts not be better spent avoiding such a fate?”

    Inorganic iron overload, bio-copper depletion, and magnesium depletion are KEY silent weapon that fits the two quotes perfectly. That and the debt-based money fraud. Hopefully, more people can understand the “copper issue” more than the “debt-based money issue,” because almost nobody correctly prioritizes the latter.

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