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    Chris Hedges’ article highlights the pro-corporate bias among judges. The judiciary also seem to not want to overturn the draconian pandemic safety and health initiatives implemented by governments, presumably because losing rights is seen as necessary under the circumstances. For these reasons, I can’t see any realistic hope of going to court to fight against government covid policies – the chance of winning looks vanishingly small. What to do? Ineffective vaccines get buried in deceitful numbers. Chris Hedges has said that, because of the extreme power (and fire power) of police, getting police on your side is necessary, as imperfect as they are (I have vivid memories of protesting against the G20 meetings aimed at solidifying the control of Uber capitalists, and the police role was very clearly to protect these capitalists from the unwashed masses.).
    I liked JM Greer’s commentary on responding to a contracting economy by essentially rejecting employment in large institutions and focusing on producing things that are needed by oneself and one’s friends and neighbours. Almost all small organic farmers in our circle recognize the deck is stacked against the small fry, and have withdrawn partly from selling stuff into this crazy market. We fir the most part trade our produce with produce from other organic farmers – we all put sweat equity on the table to produce quality that we all value. Also a good way to build community with those who have capacity and are willing to do the kind of work that is shunned by most in the first world.



    That’s neat. Good to know. Thanks.



    A lot of things are absorbed by the human skin.

    Right now I have a bad case of poison ivy on my hands and arms! Obviously my skin absorbed the oil from the poison ivy plant all too well! My treatment method is when a spot gets itchy, to rip the blister raw until it bleeds and then wash the area with dish soap which can cut the oil, to prevent the oil from spreading, unlike mild hand soap. Then treat with hydrocortisone cream to dry up the affected area. Of course I do the opposite of what the doctors would advise, leave it alone! I have no intention of suffering for weeks when I can reduce it to mere days!

    When I was working with hydraulically driven machinery we used to apply a barrier cream to our hands to try and reduce the amount of crap obsorbed from the hydraulic fluid by our skin when working with hydraulic valves. I remember the company doctor going on a rant about all the bad crap in hydraulic fluids!

    John Day

    @Antidote and Thomasjkenne: Thank You,
    Not sleeping tonight.
    Big day at work today and another tomorrow. This is my month of saying goodbye and explaining, and doing everything that needs to be done.


    Luongo on the European Energy issue:

    “..What’s the goal? Chaos and the continued undermining of faith in politics, capital markets, energy production and seizing supply chains as we approach the winter in the Northern Hemisphere where susceptibility to pesky things like the flu, the latest iteration of COVID-9/11 and blatant political bullshit swells like a boil on the back of a government bureaucrat blocking a permit for some basic, but eminently important thing.
    That Putin came out and told the world he’s ready to work with Europe to do his part alleviating the energy supply problems in Europe I’ve not heard one encouraging word from those that would benefit from this the most.
    Their silence is deafening..”

    Seems like a reasonable working hypothesis to me.
    I think he throws in a misdirecting whopper or two though, just for fun: like the idea that voter preferences in “Germany” or “USA” have anything whatsoever to do with what happens politically.


    Also, the tendency seen often on the ‘net to call what’s being inflicted on the Many “communism”- Luongo does that, too.


Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)
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