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    John Day

    The JMG Ecosophia about people being pushed out of the over-intermediated cancer-economy is what is about to happen to me. I have wondered what the path to an alternative would be. I know it has to come from below (me) and not from above, ’cause that’s how it always has happened before.

    Dr.D: Did I catch that you are a Quaker a few days ago? Just wondering. Dick Nixon was, at least raised that way… My Great Grandmother grew up in a Quaker house in Ohio that had been a stop on the underground railway before she was born, her parents house.

    John Day

    Myocarditis Spotlight

    Cardiologist Peter McCullough MD et al look at myocarditis events reported to VAERS following COVID vaccinations in children.
    ​ ​We used VAERS data to examine cardiac AEs, primarily myocarditis, reported following injection of the first or second dose of the COVID-19 injectable products. Myocarditis rates reported in VAERS were significantly higher in youths between the ages of 13 to 23 (p<0.0001) with ∼80% occurring in males. Within 8 weeks of the public offering of COVID-19 products to the 12-15-year-old age group, we found 19 times the expected number of myocarditis cases in the vaccination volunteers over background myocarditis rates for this age group. In addition, a 5-fold increase in myocarditis rate was observed subsequent to dose 2 as opposed to dose 1 in 15-year-old males. A total of 67% of all cases occurred with BNT162b2. Of the total myocarditis AE reports, 6 individuals died (1.1%) and of these, 2 were under 20 years of age – 1 was 13. These findings suggest a markedly higher risk for myocarditis subsequent to COVID-19 injectable product use than for other known vaccines, and this is well above known background rates for myocarditis.

    My Med School housemate, Guy, sent this from his area. It’s hotly contested.
    ​…​When Santa Rosa police arrived at the teen’s home, they found him unresponsive in his bedroom.
    “The decedent had been in good health with no medical history and had received his second Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccination approximately two days before his death,” Verilhac wrote.
    The doctor determined the cause of death to be “stress cardiomyopathy with perivascular coronary artery inflammation, due to unknown etiology in setting of recent Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccination.” Verilhac then stated that, “There were no other significant conditions contributing to the death listed.”​ …​
    ​…​Despite the uproar, Sonoma County officials insist there is no proven link between the vaccination and the ​(15 year old)​ boy’s death.
    ​ ​“It’s a very sad and perplexing case, and our concern – and that of the family — is that the anti-vax community would misrepresent the facts in this case,” county spokesman Paul Gullixson said Tuesday. “The only reason that the vaccination was mentioned in the synopsis, and the only correlation to the death, was the timing.”
    ​ ​County health officer Dr. Sundari Mase acknowledged there have been demonstrated cases of blood clots in a small percentage of Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients, and an even smaller set of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) reactions in young people.
    “But in this case,” she said, “CDC found no relationship between the vaccine and the death.”

    County officials, social media posters spar over boy’s death

    SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination-Associated Myocarditis in Children Ages 12-17: A Stratified National Database Analysis
    ​ ​Results​ ​ A total of 257 CAEs were identified. Rates per million following dose 2 among males were 162.2 (ages 12-15) and 94.0 (ages 16-17); among females, rates were 13.0 and 13.4 per million, respectively. For boys 12-15 without medical comorbidities receiving their second mRNA vaccination dose, the rate of CAE is 3.7 to 6.1 times higher than their 120-day COVID-19 hospitalization risk as of August 21, 2021 (7-day hospitalizations 1.5/100k population) and 2.6-4.3-fold higher at times of high weekly hospitalization risk (7-day hospitalizations 2.1/100k), such as during January 2021. For boys 16-17 without medical comorbidities, the rate of CAE is currently 2.1 to 3.5 times higher than their 120-day COVID-19 hospitalization risk, and 1.5 to 2.5 times higher at times of high weekly COVID-19 hospitalization.

    John Day

    Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccine against Covid-19 in Israel​ (Pfizer)
    ​ Among 304 persons with symptoms of myocarditis, 21 had received an alternative diagnosis. Of the remaining 283 cases, 142 occurred after receipt of the BNT162b2 vaccine; of these cases, 136 diagnoses were definitive or probable. The clinical presentation was judged to be mild in 129 recipients (95%); one fulminant case was fatal. The overall risk difference between the first and second doses was 1.76 per 100,000 persons (95% confidence interval [CI], 1.33 to 2.19), with the largest difference among male recipients between the ages of 16 and 19 years (difference, 13.73 per 100,000 persons; 95% CI, 8.11 to 19.46). As compared with the expected incidence based on historical data, the standardized incidence ratio was 5.34 (95% CI, 4.48 to 6.40) and was highest after the second dose in male recipients between the ages of 16 and 19 years…

    ​Myocarditis After COVID-19 Vaccination in a Large Health care Organization​
    Among patients in a large Israeli health care system who had received at least one dose of the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine, the estimated incidence of myocarditis was 2.13 cases per 100,000 persons; the highest incidence was among male patients between the ages of 16 and 29 years. Most cases of myocarditis were mild or moderate in severity.

    ​Russian propaganda:
    Sweden halts use of Moderna’s Covid vaccine for younger adults amid concerns over rare heart inflammation side effect

    John Day

    I wondered what happened with “President Biden’s” UN COVID Summit last month. We got no news of it.
    It happened 6 days after the FDA expert panel advised for very limited use of Pfizer boosters. The plan was to “donate” a lot of the excess to Africans to benefit their parity with wealthier countries. The potential-beneficiary countries boycotted the get-together for some reason. (Losing Control Of The Narrative, perhaps?) Thanks Eleni.
    General boycott of Covid-19 Global Summit
    On 22 September 2021, President Joe Biden held a virtual Global Summit on Covid-19 on the sidelines of the 76th United Nations General Assembly.
    He had predicted the presence of at least 100 states and 100 organizations. In fact, only a handful of developed countries allied to the United States plus a number of assorted organizations showed up.
    President Biden has pledged to distribute an additional 500 million doses of vaccines to ensure that 70% of the population in every country is fully vaccinated…
    This is the first time that a meeting organized by the United States to hand out donations has been boycotted by potential recipients.

    The Wall Street Journal Publishes an editorial with the evidence supporting the case that SARS-CoV-2 is a lab virus, and concludes that to probably be the case.
    This implies to me that the dominant narrative is beginning to shift, but we do not see where the shift is going. How well is this being managed by our owners?
    How does social media like it? What’s a trending escape route for the ALL-VACCINE agenda? Is there one? (Merck’s new oral drug that’s less effective and more dangerous (and unproven over time) than ivermectin-based treatment? (Note “Science” in title, first word.)
    Science Closes In on Covid’s Origins
    Four studies—including two from WHO—provide powerful evidence favoring the lab-leak theory.

    “Evidence based medicine” has replaced individualized diagnosis and treatment, based on physiologic understanding and clinical practice experience.
    Only large , expensive trials are acceptable, and only as interpreted by experts, and only as accepted into certain journals. Pharmaceutical companies pay all the salaries, only study profitable products, and exclude other information and “lesser studies” as “not evidence based”.
    Get it? Nobody “thinks like a doctor”, as I was taught to do.
    Medicine is staffed by clerks and compliance-officers these days. Check only the right boxes.

    Covid-19 Response and the Tyranny of Evidence-Based Medicine

    Hey, this ain’t supposed to happen. I wonder if the mRNA vaccines can pull the same trick as the virus. They are a whole lot alike…
    Reverse-transcribed SARS-CoV-2 RNA can integrate into the genome of cultured human cells and can be expressed in patient-derived tissues




    Yellow buttons. I guess it’s been nearly 90 years but I did not think it was so easily forgotten. What’s happening in Germany and Israel is surreal, let alone Australia.

    Back when the local stores were requiring masks and had checkers at the entry, my wife went to a Trader Joe’s in the area. There was a line since they were limiting the number of shoppers in the store. She was maskless and when she got to the entry, they told here to mask up.

    She proceeded to school them on the law (as there was no enforceable law where we live). They then told her she would have to push around a cart with a tall flag attached to it. She asked “What is that for?” They said it was so the other shoppers could see her coming over the aisles. She was like, “and yellow stars sewn on my clothes are next?”. They seemed confused, to which she said “Hello, Nazi Germany, concentration camps, WW2.” Not only did she get to shop without mask or a flag, many other shoppers thanked her for standing her ground.

    There are only two wills active in the world. Most are unconscious to the one that will kill their soul. Today, I am getting that conscious Jew vibe int the 1930s, today I weep.


    Come on TAE. Find a solution before it too late.
    Your children will get vaccinated without your approval.
    Making your children vomit will not work at getting rid of the poison.

    “children rarely become severely ill” from COVID.

    Pfizer’s submission coincides with the release of new study data which appears to confirm that the protection provided by the Pfizer jab starts to wane after a couple of months – even earlier than many experts had expected.


    So is the latest Tokyo quake a warning to the White Dragon Society?


    I hear you Zerosum. I have to depend on the masses pressuring AZ governments and institutions and schools to resist the jab mandates in order to protect my kids. My coparent is “all in” for the vaccine. I can’t remove my kids from their schools unilaterally; he can’t unilaterally get them jabbed.


    IVM applied topically on the skin, has this been discussed?
    I got an email from a coworker about this. Is this alternative way to get it in the system?


    Happy ending:



    @AG re: current-situation fatigue, and your statement:

    Still, if she knew I was unvaxxed, I have no doubt she would have pulled her mask back up and backed away, calling for the store manager;^)

    This started as the far more effective angle, it protects others, not yourself. This was part of the psychological hook for masks. Without that ‘You’re a monster!’ pressure, most folks would have not worn them, for, indeed, most folks are not afraid of this virus.

    That has somehow flipped. I don’t watch any MSM, don’t use FacePunch, sort of a hermit married to a hermitess, I suppose. This, I don’t know if anything in media is flipping this, but now most folks commenting online about something mask-related have flipped it back to ‘protects self’. Is it now a prop to assist in fearing us unmodifieds?

    RE: Iver, HCQ, the new Phizer ‘black pill’, etc etc etc

    I am amazed at the collateral mania for some drug, any drug, to come along and save us from this bogey. My view is Trump was the wind-up, and the rampaging herd was diverted easily once flowing. Is this the same thing? Was the shot the wind-up? Are we now being diverted down the ‘less scary’ chute?

    Doc Robinson

    Germ: “Compare: Sweden and Israel”
    Booster shots in Israel were approved on July 30 for those 60 and older.

    There was a big jump in Israel’s excess deaths in August 2021, almost as high as the two big waves in 2020 and early 2021.

    Most of August’s excess deaths were in the highly-vaccinated 65+ age group. (For the under-65 group, excess deaths were in the “normal range.”)

    www dot euromomo dot eu/graphs-and-maps#z-scores-by-country


    @John Day and others being pushed out

    I’ve been perusing commercial-grade sewing machines lately. I’ve made/repaired/altered clothing in the past, fixed tents, backpacks and bike bags, etc. I was very surprised to learn how cheap a solid but bland machine actually is! Prices in US$150-$250 range for something that would suit me. I was ‘saddled’ with my mom’s old machine (Kenmore?) from the mid ’80s. It slowed to a stop some years back, but would still work fine if I could get it repaired. The last repair shop in my town closed last year. I’m a fair mechanic, but this is a ‘clockwork’ machine without a computer, and it can do dozens of stitch patterns, variable width/pitch, buttonhole, etc etc etc. I’d only break it if I attempted surgery.

    Anyway, the tools to survive outside the bubble exist. It’s just a matter of developing new patterns of commerce. I’m going to have a rough time of it, what with the “I don’t like people very much” and passive/aggressive issues. I can barely function as a ‘component’ in a larger system of humans. Establishing my place as a cell in a new system is shaping up to be the biggest challenge of my life.



    Way back when, when it first came out, well a couple years later,,
    I poured IVM on cattles’ back, seemed to work. I think relies on DSMO to go thru skin


    @ wdt
    Thanks. Its in my bookmark


    Thomas- remember to get LOTS of needles! (and thread…)



    IVM applied topically on the skin, has this been discussed?
    I got an email from a coworker about this. Is this alternative way to get it in the system?

    You can get it to de-worm birds (harker-mectin brand). I use it on the chickens. Not sure about it’s use in any other way.


    thanks, wdt, scrapper,

    Let’s try it this way, can a human apply it topically and achieve a therapeutic benefit?


    The Germans use yellow badges for the vaccinated in order to disarm any plans the unvaccinated may have had of doing the same and conjouring up images of Nazi Germany. They know they are Nazis but they are disguising themselves as Jews.

    Michael Reid

    Interesting that Sweden has been free to determine its own destiny. So I took a look at debt.

    Sweden seems to be able to repay its debt as it has not drowned itself like most of the western world. Additionally it is next door to Russia and if the lenders were coming after me the first thing I would do would be to merge with Russia in order to gain protection and save my family.

    Is it all about the western world being unable to repay the debt and the lenders are repossessing the assets. I wonder if that is the big picture.

    Veracious Poet

    You have to wonder, what is the point of falsifying these studies?

    Psychopaths, toadies & sycophants HELL bent on destroying anything they deem not normal, i.e. ABNORMAL like them…

    The proliferation of the ABNORMAL is blatantly obvious to anyone in touch with the Infinite within, perhaps it’s always like this when empires collapse…

    Examples of ABNORMAL:

    Women that marry death row convicts et al.

    Sad sacks that worship satan (a myth) in cults…

    Bored souls that are entertained watching ultra realistic horror films…

    Blood lust arses hunting poor old lions et al. in Africa…

    Disturbed masses that vote for clearly vane sociopaths & worse (like them?).

    TAE is the new way of doing Wikileak, being Assange, and doing whistleblowing.

    That was an unwise thing to enter into the internet…

    Once more:

    Misidentifying the threat makes you part of the threat, an unknowing accomplice.


    Posting this because the headline is so freaking funny. I’m absolutely sure Reuters (who published the original article) did not intend for anyone to find it amusing. But seriously – “COVID-19 infections dropping throughout the Americas, more vaccine needed, says health agency”. Sounds like, “Oh, no, infection rates are going down! We need more vaccines to get those numbers back up!” Well, maybe it’s just me.

    Anyway, I’ll post the entire article below (it’s short). The article actually appears to prove that the Americas in general are seeing an overall reduction in cases, despite some of the countries only having a 10% vaccination rate. So I am left mystified as to why the vaccines are so damn important; the numbers prove they are doing well enough without them.

    BRASILIA (Reuters) -The number of new COVID-19 infections has been dropping over the past month throughout the Americas, even though only 37% of the people in Latin America and the Caribbean are fully vaccinated, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) said on Wednesday.
    In the last week, 1.2 million people were confirmed with COVID-19 in the region, down from 1.5 million new cases the previous week.
    Alaska has the most serious current outbreak in the United States, overwhelming emergency rooms, and Mexico is reporting a jump in new cases, the health agency said.

    And while South America is continuing to see a drop in infections, Chile has had a surge in cases in the capital Santiago and port cities Coquimbo and Antofagasta.
    PAHO also said it has closed vaccine supply agreements with Sinovac Biotech Inc and AstraZeneca Plc for the delivery of 8.5 million doses this year, and with China’s Sinopharm Group for next year.
    Jamaica, Nicaragua and Haiti have yet to reach even 10% vaccination coverage, PAHO said.
    “We must focus our attention to close this gap as quickly as possible,” PAHO Director Carissa Etienne told reporters in a weekly briefing in which she urged countries with surplus vaccine doses to share them with countries in the region to save lives.
    PAHO is doing all it can to speed up vaccination in the region, by delivering doses through COVAX – the World Health Organization co-led vaccine access program – by supporting donations and by direct purchases of vaccines through its revolving fund, Etienne said.
    In the past week, 875,000 vaccine doses arrived in countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, though that is still not enough to protect the population, she added.
    The United States is donating 4 million vaccine doses to the Caribbean, PAHO Assistant Director Jarbas Barbosa said.
    Barbosa said donations are badly needed because COVAX will not be able to meet its target of providing doses for 20% of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean by the end of this year.
    He blamed manufacturers for the COVAX delays, saying they preferred to produce for clients who pay more for the shots.

    Michael Reid

    @ teri

    Why is getting the vaccine numbers up so important?

    I believe the answer to this question is:
    The goal is to kill as many people in the countries being repossessed by the lenders prior to repossession. The jab kills a small percentage immediately. It disables a small percentage immediately. It causes the immune system to become weakened and each additional jab fatigues the immune system more. Eventually the slightest illness will kill you. The lenders want their repossessed countries as free of nonelite people as possible.

    Dr. D

    A) Took the Vaccine
    B) Immediately died.
    C) = No relationship.

    Science! Their sole goal, on the sad, untimely death, possibly murder, of their young son, is exclusively that no one should use this real, actual fact for any medical purpose whatsoever. Ah, if only my parents cared so much. “Kid done died. If there’s any reason for it, I don’t want to know. The past is the past, what difference does it make at this point? Seems the least we can do for the world to deny it.”


    Why is getting the vaccine numbers up so important?

    assimilate · amalgamate, · blend, · combine, · commingle, · fuse, · intermingle, · merge, · mingle.

    Resistance is Futile
    The Borg wish to assimilate humans in order to get closer to perfection. With their popular Catchphrase “Resistance is Futile” – the Borg Collective travel the Star Trek universe assimilating different species.


    Doctors today remind me of the dentists in Nazi Germany, using prisoners to experiment with new dental procedures, effectively torturing people through dentistry. Unfortunately most got away as I am sure will be the case with the current lot of doctors murdering patients to support political ends, as cowards they will no doubt dust off the old “just following orders” excuse when the time comes. The NIH even have articles about the Nazi dentists in their online library …


    @John Day

    RE: The Covid-19 Response and the Tyranny of Evidence-Based Medicine article. I quote: “EBM creates an arbitrary hierarchy of evidence, with RCTs and metanalyses at the top and clinical experience, insultingly called ‘anecdotes,’ at the bottom. ”

    My wife nursed for our small town family practice doctor for many years. With the onset of electronic medical records and the whole health insurance administrative top load his business model started to come under duress. He succumbed to a buyout offer from Dignity health. Must have been a good one as from my point of view his lifestyle and personal asset improvement was substantial (to be fair that is only my observation). My wife and he remain friends today. One morning a couple months ago I rode my bike to work. My wife informed me it was doc’s birthday, ” why don’t you swing buy and say hi and happy birthday and check out his new Tesla”. I took the short detour and sure enough he was up early and fiddling in the garage. New Tesla in the driveway. I heartily greeted him and the FIRST thing he said to me was “are you vaccinated yet —- ?” I was taken aback and kind of hurt, there was no,” how have you been what a beautiful day?” In my face and very disturbing as I have known him for many years and he was my go to guy when I have broken or torn myself. I gave him my position and some of the science I became aware of thru TAE any many other sources. I read a lot and not only TAE. Science I have investigated and validated or invalidated thru many hours of research on reputable peer reviewed medical journals. He came to the part of his ‘speil’ when he started to bang on the stupidity of the ‘horse dewormer’ as a remedy. I tried to convince him that it was only the little people trying to end run around the clampdown on IVM and to actually take some control of their OWN health situation. He would not consider it, They were misinformed and buying into conspiracy theories and gullible conservative Trumpers. Wow! I was shocked! So I told him about your ( Dr. Day’s) experience at your clinic and the success of your treatment protocol for the last many months. He replied with a puff of breath and , ” well that is JUST anecdotal”. See above quote.

    As I rode off he had the gall to tell me he loved me after he dissed everything I had tried to express in our 20 minute *conversation*. I was depressed( and maybe a little angry too) about it for more than a few days.

    So when I saw the article above and the ‘anecdotes’ quote I thought of you. Adapt, create and endure as the old shoemaker used to say. Ivan Illich warned us of all this BS many years ago. I still strongly suggest reading “Tools for Convivality” as he delivers a very good way to deal with the manifested future he predicted.

    Through some crazy serendipitous coincidence I happen to know a VERY high up administrator for Kaiser Permanente. He is a doctor of medicine. He happens to sit on the board of directors for a VERY large pharmaceutical company( wink wink) I have know him for over 50 years. I had a long discussion with him a month or so ago. It started EXACTLY like the conversation I described above. Ended on a more amicable and respectful note and he told me he would give me a hug if I held my breath…We did.

    I am unvaccinated for Sars-cov-2


    deleted, double post.


    “..Monbiot is shocked by “leftwingers” being “lured” to the “far right” by “conspiracy theories” in the context of resistance to state measures in relation to Covid-19, including opposition to lockdowns, removal of basic civil rights, mass vaccination with experimental mRNA technology and the prospect of vaccine “passes” or even mandatory vaccination.

    In employing these terms Monbiot’s article is a distillation of the familiar techniques used to attack dissenting voices on Covid during the past 18 months and for a considerably longer time on other issues such as climate change, Brexit and globalisation.

    >> This form of attack –always in defence of dominant or mainstream narratives and the actions of governments and their corporate “partners” and always expressed in terms of “concern” – employs pejorative terms such as “far right”, “white supremacist” without defining them adequately or at all. <<

    We are never asked to consider what we understand by the term “far right” or how the label “conspiracy theory” – itself a category with a fascinating back story and history for employment by state powers to attack critics and deflect legitimate questioning – is being used and no attempt is made to define where the line lies between legitimate questions and analysis and more fantastical or “extremist” explanations of events..”

    George Monbiot’s Far-Right Projection

    It’s that third paragraph that gets to the heart of things: the “people-oriented” online set falling instantly and unquestioningly in lockstep with a ruling class narrative in March of last year.



    Vaccine activists and their politicians obviously are only pretending to respect peoples’ personal choices. You listen to them speak and their excuse for mandatory vaccines is that people are not making the right personal decisions: duh, the very fact that you make the decision for yourself makes it the right personal decision, do you not understand that duh.

    They are lying to us like all the other people involved in this scamdemic, they are only giving you a personal decision in order to ultimately reduce the number of people that they will have to strap into the gurney and forceably inject. That is where this is going. This personal decision stuff is all about them reducing their ultimate work load, not about helping you, they don’t give a fuck about you.


    Monbiot muddying the waters with real care, from the above Guardian link: “..While we might seek simplicity, we need also to recognise that the human body, human society and the natural world are phenomenally complex, and cannot be easily understood. Life is messy. Bodily and spiritual sovereignty are illusions. There is no pure essence; we are all mudbloods..”

    No thanks, sir.

    Michael Reid

    aspnaz wrote:

    They are lying to us like all the other people involved in this scamdemic, they are only giving you a personal decision in order to ultimately reduce the number of people that they will have to strap into the gurney and forceably inject. That is where this is going. This personal decision stuff is all about them reducing their ultimate work load, not about helping you, they don’t give a fuck about you.

    I believe this too

    Veracious Poet

    Is your friend wondering if the ‘pour on’ version will
    adsorb thru human skin the same as cow skin,, yes it will
    Will it help him? If it is the right dose at the right time,, yes
    Do be sure to use appropriate dose

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