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    Phoenix Voice: your disappointment with the political wannabes at anti-vax rallies resonated with me. Politicians going against the main COVID narratives seem to be taking this position a purely as opportunists. Examples: Randy Hillier was kicked out of our provincial Conservative party for making fun of parents of autistic kids. At the federal level, the only anti-vax party advocates for a pretty disappointing package including stopping sending money to poor countries, reducing immigration, ramping up the oil and gas sector, and allowing for privatization of healthcare. I don’t get a sense from either of these guys that they have a deep concern for health of the citizenry – they seem to be simply charging into a void to take advantage of the opportunity. This is really unfortunate.


    If you are the government and you want to cut spending on health care for the 99% masses, how would you go about achieving this task?

    Yes you would first label the health care workers you want to get rid of as undesirables, like unvaxxed.

    Now you can safely fire them to the popular applauds of the vaxxed!

    Now you can ration health care to the 99% as you see fit!

    All health care shortages can now be blamed on the unvaxxed!

    Mission accomplished!


    I see Germany now has a choice of either a Traffic Light or Jamaica coalition government. Confused?

    Traffic Light represents the red, green, and yellow coalition party colors.
    Jamaica coalition party represents the black, green, and yellow coalition party colors.

    Israelis are finally catching on that they need a 4th booster to be fully vaccinated! A rather slow bunch they are! You would figure after the 3rd booster they would have seen the government moving the goalposts!

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)
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