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    Mister Roboto

    For your listening pleasure, I now present to you the “New Normal” national anthem:

    Mr. House

    No conflict of interest here:

    madamski cafone


    That’s just a quickly tossed piece of draft, is all.

    “1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

    3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.”

    I’m still hovering over the waters. 🙂


    Deflationista: “One thing he stressed is that it is all about the data.”

    Just what data is Yuri stressing? The approved-for-public-consumption data?

    Refute what Yuri is saying? Raul and many commenters here have provided links to data refuting what Yuri is saying. Every single day.

    What is the purpose of your comments? To convert the people on here who are too dumb to see *reality*? We have access to the same approved mainstream information you have access to. All day, every day. We have chosen to look deeper.

    As House pointed out, no one is forcing you to TAKE ivermectin. In addition, no one is forcing you NOT to get vaccinated. Dr D begged just to be left alone.

    On the other hand, there are many who are being FORCED to get vaccinated and ivermectin is FORCEFULLY withheld as a treatment option (see court cases for proof).

    PS … I don’t listen to the Dark Horse podcast. What’s this focus on Brett Weinstein? This debacle isn’t at all about him. Not even close.

    madamski cafone

    “excessive faith in their immune system”

    Thanx for pointing that out, tjk. What is “excessive” faith in the ability of one’s body to fight nanoscale pathogens or, for that matter, spirits abroad at night? Do we include placebo factor? Hwow would it sound if it were reversed: a genuine effective vaccine against a genuine nasty virulent virus is withheld from people because they are told by TPTB they should have more faith in their immune system?

    One thing I like about logic is it shows how much bullshit we include with most everything we think or utter.

    I wonder if I have excessive faith in my ability to sustain an erection or should I be reasonably prudent and start taking Viagra just in case?


    @House: that link. Oh, that link. No conflict of interest here. Just this once I wish I could use that LOL emoticon that has tears running down its face on this site. (and my god is Yuri is creepy. Holy cow)

    Mister Roboto

    Actually, considering that I work in customer service in a busy big-city grocery store and I’m a t2 diabetic in his fifties who hasn’t had so much as a cold since the summer of 2019, I’m starting to think I must have an immune system like a bat’leth-wielding Klingon warrior (knock on wood, may this continue to be the case). And this is on top of my suffering from chronic middle-insomnia, which doesn’t exactly lend one’s immune system a helping hand!

    those darned kids

    dear, dr. fauci,
    well, you’ve got me kinda grouci,
    ‘cause you’ve locked me to my couci,
    with your bigbad, bigbad ouci.

    now, my heart is kinda slouci,
    and i want my life back nowci,
    but you’ve got your new cashcowci,
    fillin’ up your golden pouci.

    while we sit and watch thy holy thouci,
    you’re just watchin’ the ol’ dowci,
    cause for pfizer, you, sir, took a vowci,
    that they’d take that shot and howci.

    well, some of us here smell a plot,
    and so we say, sir, “thank you, not”.
    dear, dr. fauci, oh, please let us be,
    go tend your garden and set us free.


    Just what data is Yuri stressing? The approved-for-public-consumption data?

    Ummm.. He is refuting the actual data that people are blindly using to claim that Ivermectin is highly effective. He is analyzing the data from the various studies quoted here occasionally and used by people like Weinstein, FLCCC, BiRD in their meta analysis. Do you honestly think that Yuri is the only person ripping through this data? Would you prefer a source that tickles your toenails? I can provide them.

    Refute what Yuri is saying? Raul and many commenters here have provided links to data refuting what Yuri is saying. Every single day.

    Is that right? Because Yuri just did that video a couple of days ago. It is one thing to refute the data, but refuting the data doesn’t mean you just say that the analysis is wrong and then go ad hominem. It means you go through the studies, line by line. You read about how the study was conducted. You look at the data that comes from the study and you provide a conclusion. Making memes of fraudulent data with wrong conclusions does not amount to refuting. The British Medical Journal has an article of a study into the main sources on the internet who spread the data from these studies. Most all of the information you know about Ivermectin comes from the sources cited in the BMJ article: “Different websites (such as,,, among others) have conducted meta-analyses with ivermectin studies, showing unpublished colourful forest plots which rapidly gained public acknowledgement and were disseminated via social media, without following any methodological or report guidelines. ” I recommend reading why their data is shit.

    What is the purpose of your comments? To convert the people on here who are too dumb to see *reality*? We have access to the same approved mainstream information you have access to. All day, every day. We have chosen to look deeper.

    I’m not converting anyone. I noticed that my long time hero blogger, Raul, has been posting FLCCC and BiRD propaganda for some time and just thought I would point out in a passive sort of way that the information is not very solid. Yuri’s video was just very clean cut and easy.

    As House pointed out, no one is forcing you to TAKE ivermectin. In addition, no one is forcing you NOT to get vaccinated. Dr D begged just to be left alone.

    People can do whatever they want. As pointed out by the article I posted, the anti-vax campaign is nothing new. And it now has brought the Ivermectin crowd into its sphere of influence. The article does a really good job of documenting the history of their claims and the weakness of them.

    On the other hand, there are many who are being FORCED to get vaccinated and ivermectin is FORCEFULLY withheld as a treatment option (see court cases for proof).

    Great! ~100,000 people died from hydroxychloroquine treatment because last year it was heralded by similar, anti-vax forces to be a highly effective alternative in the fight against Covid. Maybe if people stopped relying on shit data, we could avoid killing more than will already succumb to the virus.

    PS … I don’t listen to the Dark Horse podcast. What’s this focus on Brett Weinstein? This debacle isn’t at all about him. Not even close.

    Weinstein is part of a circle jerk of doctors who have some weird agenda with Ivermectin. They have the same data as the rest of us, yet, their conclusions are completely opposite of standard analysis. Just basic things like regarding flawed, fraudulent studies as high quality trials and then using them as the cornerstone of their claims that Ivermectin is highly effective. I see Raul posting this group’s graphics here and on Twitter. I also see Nicole posting these claims on her social media. So if anything, these two great minds are thinking alike again. I just can’t believe that neither of them seem willing to criticize what is on its face, very, very bad data.

    Mr. House

    So what is the point you are trying to make? You don’t advocate for anything, you just don’t like bad data? Would you agree that the past year and a half has been one of force used by the authorities in the name of public health? Some doctors have used ivermectin and seem to swear by it, so? 100,000 deaths from HCQ? Where the heck did you pull that number from?

    Mr. House

    at this point i would let this person continue to post, but i wouldn’t pay any mind. 100,000 deaths from something even the mainstream media are truthful enough to not pretend happened.

    those darned kids


    perhaps before you quote more this or that, you should give dr. varon a call. he’s actually touched humans with covid. and then he watches them leave the hospital.

    give ’em a call:

    Dr. Joseph Varon,

    Dorrington Medical Associates

    2219 Dorrington St, Houston, TX, 77030

    (713) 669-1670

    madamski cafone

    Dr. Seuss is alive! Elvis never left the building!

    madamski cafone

    I don’t recall any of the doctors I know who prescribe/promote Ivermection citing Weinstein or Heying. Never hoida duh guyz. Rebutting errant propaganda is all fine and good, but that does not itself equate to Ivermectin being ineffective or dangerous.

    Dueling narratives. Ah, how TPTB love them. Keep we the people caught up in a ping-pong match.

    We must use as much energy/time/concern as possible telling others what view of this or that we believe is right, rather than doing what we think is right, cuz this is a democracy: freedom of speech; everything else is ex-pen-sive.


    Meanwhile, I still wonder what “excessive faith” in my natural state of health is. Has a witch cast a spell on me? Was I born under a bad sign? Did a black cat cross my path? Has a virus got its beady little spikes set on me? Should I be watching over my shoulder for a nearly albino Swede wearing a famous Ingmar Bergman flick? Is there something in the air (or do I just smell funny)?

    Well, something smells funny.


    This is not to say that deflationista, whose style in fact I rather admire, is the source of said smell. Just sayin’ that the nose knows.

    Mr. House

    @ upstate ny-er
    “And what do these stats say about the efficacy of the vaccination if only 50% of people in attendance were vaccinated?”

    Without knowing whether or not the unvaccinated have already had covid…it’s hard to say.


    I have watched too many interviews in the last two days. I will attempt to locate the source for the hydroxy claim. I will say now that I am sorry for just throwing that out there without the source, but I am on the move and was ranting. I know whoever said it was referring to world wide numbers. It may have even been Yuri. I will try to figure it out. The point was that we should avoid potentially killing people with more unproven treatments because of some antivax narrative.

    Mr. House

    “The point was that we should avoid potentially killing people with more unproven treatments because of some antivax narrative.”

    You do realize how easy that is to flip right? VAERS shows around 12,000 deaths since December. Some believe it might be around 45,000 within three days of the jab. This all burns down to: Do you believe that hierarchy and .gov should tell everyone what to do and how to live? Or do you believe that you are the best answer to most of lifes problems? I got the TDAP shot last july, i’m not anti-vaxx. I’m anti rushing into something when the source of information has been extremely fishy from the getgo. Honestly none of us really have first hand exp. with the drama the media tells us about everyday. We just try to parse out what we can from what is around us. All the more reason not to jump to any conclusions.

    TAE Summary

    * First hour of the long interview with Yuri
    – Yuri has been doing drug testing for 10+ years (for whom?)

    Slide 1:
    – Vaccines are dangerous (FALSE)
    – IVM I as effective (FALSE)
    – IVM is safe (UNPROVEN since no one has taken IVM long term)

    Slide 2: Debunks Caravallo IVM 100% effective study, non-randmomized, non-controlled
    – Debunking this paper is his main point and he puts a lot into it
    – 100% effectiveness is unbelievable (but he makes this claim for the vaccines)

    Slide 3: Shows list of IVM trials with between 50% and 100% efficacy. Average is 85%
    – To really get at the truth one would need to take a deep dive into all the studies. (I will do it if someone will pay me a lot of money)

    Slide 4: Caravallo study problems: non-randomized, changed dosage, too good to be true

    Slide 5: Shows studies with lower efficacy, 50%, 54%, 73%, 83%
    – He discredits the average by showing there were results below average: Note to Yuri: mean = sum of numbers divided by number of numbers

    Slide 6: In good studies IVM is ineffective or mildly effective
    – He is saying the below average studies were the good ones but prevents no evidence

    Slide 7: IVM might make things worse. In one study hospital patients had to be put on a ventilator 5 days earlier
    -This study only gave a low dosage of IVM for two days and lists its limitations as “Low percentage of hospitalization events, dose of ivermectin and not including only high-risk population” (As Clint says “A study’s got to know it’s limitations”). Also of 500 participants only 7 (1.4%) went on ventilators. The fact that he uses a crappy study to make a poorly supported point while accusing others of the same kind of thing wrecks his credibility IMO

    I expect in the last half he shows how safe and effective the vaccines are so why are we dithering around with Ivermectin? Don’t know if I’ll watch it.

    * Yuri also writes on Medium and says
    – Kids get lots of vaccines so why not this one: Poor argument.
    – Covid may turn into the worst pandemic ever: Conjecture, Hyperbole, Fearmongering
    – The vaccines are our only hope of stopping Covid: How does he know this? Did his spirit guide tell him? Decidedly unscientific.
    – Only 4500 deaths have been reported in VAERS that potentially could be caused by the vaccines: He does not address claims that VAERS is vastly under-reported. He is not the only one to ignore inconveniences, but it doesn’t recommend him.

    * Yuri mentions the smell test in the Quillette article. We have all seen where “science” can be wrong, especially when there is a lot of money to be made. As a kid we used to chase the DDT truck and try and stay in the cloud as long as possible because DDT was a safe and effective insecticide. Women were once told that formula was superior to breast milk because it had been scientifically formulated. Cigarettes don’t cause lung cancer. Nuclear down winders need not worry. Round up is harmless to humans. Ulcers are caused by too much stomach acid. Opioids are safe, effective and not addictive. Does a guy who works in the drug industry and who has never treated a patient telling us that a relatively new medical procedure is the end all be all in curing a disease while doctors who do treat patients are quacks pass the smell test? You decide.

    D Benton Smith

    My wife, Ruey, summarized the vaccine insanity in one sentence, “If I’m protected then why should I act like I’m not protected ?”

    Mr. House

    Exp. quite a few of those though. Numbness, rash, itchy. I believe my body and my eyes, and none of what i’ve seen confirms anything that the news/.gov has been peddling for the past year and half.


    @ madamski: Thank your link, BTW, do Buddhists pave roads?

    @ deflationista: Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it saves me time seeking in finding points of view that prevail here.
    @ Mr Roboto: Thank you for sharing Pfizer’s theme song, formally Klingon. It’s scary that it lasts so long. Do you have the theme typically played when Spoc does his mind meld? It may come in useful for our next national health policy “adjustment”.

    Mr. House

    Thank you TAE summery, i do believe you have once again summarized what the consensus here has been thru the efforts of Raul and Doc Robinson.

    Mr. House

    ” Only 4500 deaths have been reported in VAERS that potentially could be caused by the vaccines: He does not address claims that VAERS is vastly under-reported. He is not the only one to ignore inconveniences, but it doesn’t recommend him.”

    This is another sticking point i’ve had. Remember how anyone who died within 28 days of testing positive was C19, but with jabs we can’t conclude anything. That’s just more Fing bullshit and people who continue to believe those who use that kind of logic are a few fries short of a milkshake.

    Mr. House

    More god dang do as i say not as i do, i summed up the entire god dang debacle with that. 2020: THE YEAR OF DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO


    Does a pandemic need to kill people?

    There are still a lot of old, obese, people with diabetics that have escaped from covid.
    Death rate of covid is a mere 0.26% of those infected.

    Visualizing the History of Pandemics
    By Nicholas LePan

    June 30, 2021 Update:
    Due to popular request, we’ve also visualized how the death tolls of each pandemic stack up as a share of total estimated global populations at the time.

    Mister Roboto

    If you’ve been on the Internet for as long as I have (more than twenty years), you probably know that somebody like deflationista showing up sooner or later was as inevitable as water in a hurricane. I say let them continue to post for the sheer entertainment value. Seriously, I can’t help but be reminded of an unctuous version of the telescreen from George Orwell’s 1984.

    And that will be all I have to say about the matter. I will let other commentors more astute and capable than I am continue to repsond to dee if they think the endeavor worth their while.

    those darned kids

    “nothing yet, sir. just need a moment to recalibrate..”

    lieutenant jensen felt nervous. it had been 5 days since their last catch, and quotas are quotas. this stupid mall was the last place you’d find novaxx, and he wondered if the “brains” down at central had sent him here on goose chase just so he’d take a hit on his pension.

    “ok, sir, looks like we’re good to go.”

    “whatever, let’s get this over with.” jensen wanted nothing more than to sit down and have a coffee in the food court. novaxx were getting hard to find, not like the early days when bonuses and paid vacations were the norm.


    “ok, zenick, start the scan”. and on they went.

    nothing. whatever.

    “well, i…”, mumbled zenick. “lieutenant, sir. looks like we got three right over there.”

    “no way. show me. shoot. good work, zenick. everybody ready? ok, let’s go”

    the stunsticks were always jensen’s favourite part.

    it was a good day for isolator team 3, omega. a good day for all.


    Dear Mr. House:

    Here is the interview I heard with the claim about hydroxy. It mention Catherine Axfors study. The entire interview is outstanding and I posted it earlier.

    But here is the clip I am talking about. It is a tweet from Yuri that highlighted the clip of the interview I am talking about:


    So I watched a significant chunk of deflationista’s recommended youtube video.

    They make the point we have heard before that Iverectin data is unreliable because of the lack of large, double blinded, high powered trials. They dismiss the smaller observational trials and cite publication bias. They reject meta-analysis, arguing that new drugs can never be approved based on meta analysis.

    I do not find this to be a sound argument. Sometimes you need to go with the best available evidence. To use an analogy from law, the best evidence might be an video and audio recording of the crime. But sometimes that evidence is not available. Sometimes you might only have eyewitnesses, but witnesses have poor memories and are unreliable. Sometimes you might not even have an eye witness. But does the lack of an AV recording mean that you throw out all the other evidence? Of course not. When all of the evidence points to the same conclusion, that means something. If there are 57 trials that say Ivermectin is effective, these two will break those down one by one, and they argue “garbage in, garbage out.” But I do not buy this. In the aggregate, they still say something.

    They claim publication bias because the 57 trials were not preregistered, suggesting that there may be failed Ivermectin studies out there that were never published because the results were bad. That’s speculation.

    I disagree with their premise that the same standards should apply to new drugs and repurposed drugs. For new drugs, we need data that the drugs is both safe and effective. For repurposed drugs, we have a better undertstanding of the safety profile from the outset. As long as the drug has a good safety profile, why not experiment? They say that there is a risk that this could do more harm than good. But here is where the mindset of the clinician and the ivory tower academic diverges. A clinician will naturally experiment, altering doses on a patient by patient basis, increasing a dose if it does not seem to be working o a particular patient, or reducing a dose if a patient has side effects. These guys are opposed to that, and seem to be saying that no medicine should ever be administered unless supported by a double blind randomized control trial, and even then only in the doses in the trial. In my opinion, this is “evidence based medicine” at its worst.

    These guys dismiss FLCCC, but how many papers have they published?

    These guys criticize observational studies, but then rush to embrace a single researcher’s speculation that hydroxycholoquine killed ~100,000 people. That seems to be a contradiction to me.

    Mr. House

    Ok so MRNA vax with even less studies is A OK (which Yuri seems to be a cheerleader for) and something that has existed for quite some time which we know wayyyyy more about is a killer. UH HUH. Here is all that matter deflationista: DO YOU THINK ITS OK TO FORCE PEOPLE TO DO SOMETHING AGAINST THEIR WILL?

    Mr. House

    Ha your post doc from stanford is sponsored by the zuckerberg chan initiative. This is pathetic


    An error

    Visualizing the History of Pandemics

    Visualizing the History of Pandemics


    With FDA approval looming, I may have to illegally immigrate to Mexico.


    It’s really important to ram this home now with the general public. People seem to be OK with taking a risk with their own health as they can rationalise that it won’t affect them, they seem to be more pissed off by being sold a faulty and dysfunctional product. I’ve seen this first hand in agriculture when discussing round-up with conventional farmers (I’m biodynamic). Not hammering that their products are very bad for you, rather that they are very expensive and don’t work as advertised. Herbicides created super weeds and now there are a plethora of plants that are resistant to them. Plus the patented seed and accompanying chemical suite is becoming more and more expensive every year. It also shifts the narrative from being scared of a big bad corporation to laughing at the hubris and mistakes of said corporation.

    From talking with those who have had the jab over the last week it is resonating far more thay they don’t work than when I would bring up that they are untested and dangerous.

    Doc Robinson

    Yuri says “HCQ actually KILLED up to 100,000 extra Covid patients worldwide.” [Twitter]

    The “evidence” for this claim apparently are some shaky extrapolations supposedly based on a meta-analysis (by Axfours et al.) which relied heavily on the flawed RECOVERY trial of HCQ in the UK.

    My earlier comment about that RECOVERY trial (the one with very high doses of HCQ given too late), from the June 6, 2020 Debt Rattle:

    That drug trial was done on patients who were already in bad enough condition to be admitted to a hospital in the UK, before the HCQ was started. By this point, the patients were sick enough that their mortality rate was around 25% (with or without HCQ).

    “No clinical benefit from use of hydroxychloroquine in hospitalised patients with COVID-19… There was no significant difference in the primary endpoint of 28-day mortality (25.7% hydroxychloroquine vs. 23.5% usual care…”

    Of course, HCQ is supposed to be given sooner (with zinc), before the symptoms get so bad.

    The Axfours meta-analysis, which was based mainly on that flawed RECOVERY trial outcome:

    Mortality outcomes with hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine in COVID-19 from an international collaborative meta-analysis of randomized trials

    We present a rapid meta-analysis of ongoing, completed, or discontinued RCTs on hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine treatment for any COVID-19 patients… Results for hydroxychloroquine are dominated by RECOVERY and WHO SOLIDARITY, two highly pragmatic trials, which employed relatively high doses and included 4716 and 1853 patients, respectively (67% of the total sample size)… We found that treatment with hydroxychloroquine is associated with increased mortality in COVID-19 patients, and there is no benefit of chloroquine.

    madamski cafone

    I’ve suspended judgment on the claims/ideas deflationista presented ntil now. When he posted the brief Twiiter video clip, I decided to examine this Yuri guy.

    I watched his first sentence and the same crap detector in me that despised Fauci from the first time I saw him speak about covid (never knew he existed before then) kicked in here. His first sentence was such a pointless straw man remark, and his facial registers were so off, those of a deservedly unfamous supporting actor, I felt no interest or need to explore him further.

    It reminded me of Iphigenia in Brooklynn which is music so bad that it, to quote George Bernard Shaw, “smells bad to the ear”. Yuri smells so much like fresh dogshit on hot summer afternoon asphalt, I could hear how bad it smells

    But I admired his effort, and he used some top-notch sophistry in some parts.

    As for deflationista’s performance:

    Ratings (1-5 scale):

    Entertainment 3.5
    Engagement Strategy 4.5 (he hooked us but didn’t land us)
    Building of Argument 3 (great opening gambit but fizzling follow-through)
    Presentation of Data: 1
    Capacity to Convince: 1

    Total: 13 Good enough for me to want to hear more.

    Why should NSA profile algos have all the fun? 😉

    those darned kids

    hcq is given to lupus patients on a regular basis. these people aren’t the toughest. why ain’t they dead?



    I like what you wrote but I think Engagement Strategy and Building the Argument should be lumped together into some superseding tactic. Averaging those numbers gives a 3.75 rating and thus a total of 9.25 out of a possible 20. Do you still want more of it?

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